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Overall good car but not without some design issues.

I enjoy this car generally. The size of the car is good. There is a large trunk space. Although the car generally is large enough, when the back seats are put up for the third row, problems begin to arise. The third row is very tight and allows for little leg room. In addition when the back seat is put up, it makes the trunk very small as well. If the back row is not needed then the car works well for space. Apart from the size I enjoy the acceleration on the car. It is easy to navigate and drive. The only other issue I have with the vehicle is the blind spots. I find the way in which the car is designed leaves many blind spots while driving and attempting to change lanes. This is increasingly dangerous because there is no rear or side cameras. Besides these issues I generally like the car. It was easy to use and does well on gas.

- Amanda M

Comfort, reliability, versatility and 4-wheel drive in a good-looking vehicle.

My Toyota highlander is quite spacious. It has a 3rd row seat available if needed, for people that can be laid down to provide cargo room. The front and second row seats are comfortable for long, cross-country drives. My highlander is easy to get into and out of following any type of joint replacement, as my history has proven... Having had a knee and hip replaced last year. It has a backup camera and now I am hooked on this feature! I use it whenever I am backing out of my driveway, or pulling out of a parking space at the grocery store, etc. The moonroof feature is helpful to both enjoy the night air or to quickly get rid of hot air during high temperatures.

- Cynthia H

Great vehicle for anyone!

The Toyota highlander is a great SUV for anyone. It's a smoother ride than the 4runner with better gas mileage too. I've had some trouble with rain flooding. There was a leak in my car and when it would rain really hard the floor boards would flood. It has since been fixed, but occasionally there will still be moisture on the interior. Otherwise, it runs well, great for travel, lots of legroom and trunk space. The interior has held up nicely and I always feel safe driving it. Toyotas are great, long last cars and I intend to keep mine for as long as possible.

- Lindsay P

safe, comfortable SUV that isn't the most exciting

I love the comfort of having a large vehicle. I like that I can fit a large amount of people in the car. However driving such a big car is annoying when I'm driving to work alone and have so much extra space and have to park this big car. It is also so safe and feels safe on long trips. Because it's a big car it also needs a lot of gas. The base model is basic and I wish it had a sunroof and maybe leather seats and other bells and whistles. It is a smooth drive though and I feel very safe driving it

- Sara R

The heated driver and passenger seats feel like a true luxury.

I have no issues with the performance of my Toyota highlander, it handles well on the highway; it does not have a lot of road noise. I love the cruise control feature, it makes maintaining good gas mileage much easier. I enjoy the heated driver and passenger seats as well as dual temperature settings. The only problem I have experienced has been with the driver's seat. There was an issue with the mechanism that moves the seat back and forth but it was addressed and repaired by the dealership.

- Nicole H

Great Family SUV and great SUV for trips

I purchased my vehicle used. It does have a continuous AC problem that is difficult to repair. The gas mileage is great. I can fit 5 adults & 3 child in my vehicle comfortably. We have driven long distance and up mountains and it's not a 4x4 & it's handled winding roads and everything perfectly. My vehicle doesn't have all the high tech features of newer vehicles but it's a great reliable SUV. The Toyota Highlander has plenty of cup holders, third row, and comfortable seats.

- David G

My Toyota highlander is a reliable car that I have enjoyed driving for the past 8 years. This is the longest that I have ever owned a single vehicle.

I like my car because it is comfortable, reliable, and drives well. It has third row seating that is perfect for my active family when we either need to add that one extra person, or need the extra cargo room. I do wish there was more cargo space when my third row is in use. It has run very reliably and I will feel comfortable handing it down to my kids, knowing it is a safe and reliable vehicle. And I will look forward to getting a new highlander for myself.

- Chris R

Great car ~ dependable and comfortable!

We bought this car used and it has been a good dependable vehicle. We did a cross country trip from NY to California with no problems. It is very comfortable and flexible with the various seating configurations. I really enjoy the heated seats! With the seats folded down you can really fit a lot into this vehicle. The gas mileage is pretty good also! The car handles very well. If this vehicle ever conks out I would definitely consider buying another one.

- Jodi A

This is a great family car!

This vehicle has been a great family car. I enjoy the wood trim and the hybrid feature keeps the gas guzzler to a minimum. The 3rd row seating has really helped transport our extended family on several road trips. I like that you can have only half the 3rd row seating up at a time. This still gives you the ability to pack things in the spacious back. Another feature that I enjoy is the heated seats. I have used this everyday with our cold winters.

- L B

It is a heavy car so I feel that it is safe and because it is four wheel drive it is good in snowy weather.

I like the size and comfort. I like that it has a navigation system but the navigation system uses a dvd and we don't want to buy a recent one so it doesn't know current maps of streets. The hands free phone system is difficult to master and isn't very good. The air conditioning is good but you can't set it to a temperature that is comfortable and have it stay that way--it sometimes is very warm at a temperature that is comfortable sometimes.

- Susan A

Very small trunk when 3rd row seat is up. And the 3rd row is pretty tight and really only good for children.

My Highlander has been great! It's the perfect height so I don't feel like I'm driving a monster truck or a Flintstone car. The gas mileage is as expected with an SUV so no surprises there. Only significant negatives would be lack of usb or charger option in the back and the lack of a trunk when the small 3rd row area is in use. You'd think they'd desire the trunk to at least accommodate an athletic bag or small cooler but sadly no.

- Claire M

Storage area and cabin area.

No problems with is vehicle. Nice ride, comfortable seats, nice to sit up above other vehicles. I feel safe in this vehicle. Plenty of storage space. Able to pack for long trips with plenty of storage space leftover. Excellent dash and backup camera. Not a problem seeing outside the vehicle or backup camera. Mileage is very good for this size of vehicle. Cabin area has plenty of room for my husband who is a tall person.

- Kari I

Reliable, safe, smooth, attractive.

I love my car so much! It is very comfortable, reliable, love the body style, and it requires low maintenance. It drives really smoothly and I feel very safe. It has a lot of great safety features. I will keep the car as long as it lasts. I also love the unique pearl white color. The truck and backseat area is very spacious and the car provides lots of space to store bottles, water, etc.

- Allison H

Toyota highlander a used car perspective.

Purchased highlander used. It has comfortable seats but. Have had a few issues with inside driver armrest being loose on back of armrest. For how big the SUV is there is still not much room compared to Honda element. A lot of the paint seems to have chipped and windshield wipers seem to need frequent replacement even though I purchase expensive ones treated with rain guard product.

- Cheryl J

The Toyota Highlander is a great car for small families. It has three rows and easily fits three kids and has room for luggage when going on a trip.

We really love it. We like that it has a third row. However we do not use it a ton because then there is not very much room in the back. But just in case we need more seats it is nice. We have a light interior so it gets dirty really fast and can see every little spot. It is very comfortable though and nice to travel in. It also gets good gas mileage.

- Emery S

Reliable and perfect size Toyota highlander.

My Toyota highlander is very reliable. We have had it a year & a half and it has only required routine maintenance. It is a great size- extra 3rd seat but not too big. Drives smoothly. The 2010 is a great model with Bluetooth and rear view camera. Love the mid size SUV look. Also, it gets better gas mileage than a larger SUV. Great car!

- Renee W

Great vehicle for your family!

My vehicle performs really well! I love the convenience it offers as well as the smooth drive. It has been very reliable as long as I have kept up with the maintenance. It is really comfortable, although I wouldn't choose leather seats again. While the seats do have a heating features, I wish they offered a cooling feature as well.

- Caitlin W

My car is reliable and does not require a lot of maintenance.

I really like my vehicle a lot. I had one major complaint that I went back and forth with Toyota for more than two years. It was a defective part. Eventually they fixed it. Other than that, I am pleased. But the amount of time it took to get resolution does make me weary of buying another Toyota. I am car shopping now, so we'll see.

- Jamie M

My family and I absolutely love the Toyota highlander! It is very spacious!

I love the Toyota highlander. It gets pretty good gas mileage for an SUV. It is very spacious! We can fit our family of 4 comfortably and then if we want to go somewhere and take our full grown German shepherd, she fits comfortably in the back. There is also a back row seating that we could use if we wanted to fit 3 more people.

- Casey R

Great family SUV for the adventures and for the road traveler.

Love it, just the right size SUV with third row seating. It is perfect for families that love to take road trips like mine does. It is spacious in the inside have great leg space for all passengers and the driver. It is luxury in a small SUV. It also drives very smoothly on the highways and it will help you save money on gas.

- Melissa L

The Toyota highlander is a great vehicle for active families.

I have a 2010 Toyota highlander, 4-cylinder automatic. The Toyota highlander is a very comfortable vehicle. It has a third seat and can seat eight passengers comfortably. It has several USB ports to power electronics for the family. It has front and rear air conditioner controls. My highlander is very reliable and economical.

- Betty J

2nd Highlander We've Owned

I love the style of the highlander! It runs great and haven't had any issues with it! This is the second highlander we've owned! It is trustworthy and roomy! I do wish it was easier to clean the interior but other than that it is a fantastic car! The third row could use additional foot room also. We love our car!

- Casey R

2010 Toyota highlander hybrid.

At 8 years old it is still a smooth ride and very sharp looking. It is extremely reliable, and is comfortable to fit all seven members of our family. We have taken it on a long road trip and everyone was happy with all of their space. I have had three adults in the back seat and they couldn't get over there leg room!

- Jennifer V

It's an ok vehicle if look past the not so fancy interior.

It is not the most luxurious vehicle for the times. I could use a more appealing interior, and aesthetics. The looks of the interior would benefit a care made in 2004 or older. The recent recalls have been a headache for me. It does not have onstar. The leather is not easy to clean for someone like me with kids.

- Audrey D

My vehicle is extremely reliable and great for long distance travel.

My Highlander is extremely reliable, especially for long distances. It is so comfortable and spacious. It's smooth drive makes long distance travel extremely comfortable and easy. The leather seats are easily cleanable and the speakers are great. Overall the details in the car are perfect for large families.

- Julia M

My Toyota highlander. Best car I have ever owned and bought it used.

I bought this car used and it was 6 years old. Only had 36000 miles on it. This car has never been a problem and looks like it's brand new. Bought it from a Toyota dealer used car lot. Rides great and no major mechanical problems since I got it. To day it is 8 years old and still drives good and looks new.

- Kerry S

Toyotas are the best of the best!

I love Toyota vehicles. I had have them for over 15 years and never had any major issues. I will continue to buy Toyotas from here on out. They are very reliable vehicles. My children will drive Toyotas too so that I know they are driving a safe and reliable vehicle. I highly recommend them to everybody!

- Ashley H

Good SUV for family of 5 to 7 people

I really like this vehicle, it has a third row, so enough space for family of five. The gas works really well for an SUV. One plus is that the middle row has an extra seat to put in the middle for an extra person. One drawback is that when the third row is sitting up your trunk space is very limited.

- Morgan S

Good on gas! Spacious comfortable and dependable

I wish there was a USB port, but overall the car is really great for a family if you have children there is a lot of room. It is also great for someone who doesn't have a family as well, you can fill the car up with friends and family and take a road trip or just go out for a night out in town

- Flo P

Keeps on trucking - this vehicle may take a beating, but it keep running.

Very comfortable, easy ride. Maintenance is low - not many failures, just regular maintenance such as oil change and turn ups. It was in several minor accidents and still runs like a champ. The vehicle is a little large for my personal taste, but overall, I would highly recommend this vehicle.

- Kevin M

The best family car you could find.

It is simply the best family car you can have. It is very spacious and it is performance is absolutely amazing. I feel safe driving this car because is big yet comfortable when I am on the road. It has space for 8 people and a spacious trunk. It is overall a very ergonomic and functional car.

- Michelle P

Very quiet and very fuel efficient.

This car is extremely quiet, and easy to drive. Extremely fuel efficient, which is good for me considering my last car cost $75 to fill the tank. Very comfortable, easy to use controls. Plenty of room and extra car seats in the back if needed. Always prefer to use this car for long driving.

- Shereen D

White sun roofed Toyota car with few fixes needed

Nice and comfortable but brakes and windshield need to be fixed. Reliable for years. Holds five big people in it. Nice white paint job on it. The seats are a creamy white tan color. Automatic windows on it in a very spacious trunk in it. Nice comfortable seats also and a sunroof up top

- Jessica J

My minimal problem car. I am very comfortable driving this car.

Toyota highlander - I have been using this car for three years and I have had minimal problems with it. It's easy to handle especially for females who are not used to driving taller cars. It has developed an ac problem but I am willing to pay to fix it rather than get another car.

- Beth A

Dependable family vehicle.

My 2010 Toyota highlander is very reliable. I bought the car used at about 70k miles and have not had major issues other standard car maintenance. The car drives smoothly and has a lot of space. It is very comfortable. It is a very good all around vehicle especially for families.

- Kim P

Comfortable and reliable with the nice quiet ride.

This vehicle is very family friendly and business travel friendly as well. I feel this car is reliable with great performance. It has great comfortable and features that are durable. I really am happy with my vehicle. I really like the leather seats that are also great quality.

- Gina V

A smooth, slick ride that will keep you satisfied and happy.

The Toyota Highlander is such a good car. It is a smooth ride and very slick, it's very spacious and the seats are comfortable. I love that there is a camera on the back of the car so when you are backing out you can see what is behind you. Very convenient and reliable.

- Alexis J

My favorite part about my car is how spacious it is.

Its big and spacious and reliable. Very comfortable and performance is great even on the standard models. Gas mileage is amazing also even with my 2010. I would like to upgrade into the newest model hopefully in the future. The car is amazing and you will not regret it.

- Warren N

Very reliable and modern car.

Very reliable and has great gas mileage. Being a hybrid allows the car to have great performance and minimal problems with the car. It is super comfortable and spacious. Has a great sound system. Stylish interior and exterior. Somewhat modern technology. GPS navigation.

- Ally D

Good car, 10/10. Would recommend to a friend or family member.

Good car. 10/10 Would recommend. Simple and easy to use. Never wrecked it and very safe. Incredibly spacious. Good for large families. Amazing trunk space. Comfortable seats. Seat heat is to die for. Nice "wood" interior. Plenty of storage. Lots of legroom in the back.

- Kathy H

The seating capacity is not as bad for family trips.

Love the highlander. It does nice on the highways, but I'm getting about 12 mpg in the city. For just getting around it make the perfect car. It has yet to fail me. The cost on the maintenance is low. It's very comfortable for a long drive, gas mileage is not as bad.

- Bob T

Back up camera is a great help and the snow assist is awesome

I got it used and it was in immaculate condition had very low miles on it, but I love it. I'm really scared to drive in snow but being in this vehicle makes me feel very secure. The gas mileage is good and the extras that come with it make the drive super enjoyable

- Ravin L

Black, great gas mileage. Power windows and door locks, TV, DVD player, seating

Plenty of room. Option to go from 4 to 7 seats!! TV which is great for kids, also had DVD option and headphones so you do not have to listen to the TV. power windows locks. Middle bucket seats or can turn into a bench seat. Great gas mileage and great trip vehicles

- Tiffany H

I love driving my highlander.

I love being up. The heated leather seats keep me warm and it gets through the snow in the winter. The third row is good and when the second and third rows are down there is plenty of room to haul stuff. There was a recall on the rear door but was taken care of.

- Tracey G

It has a high safety rating.

I like my highlander because it can fit at least 7 passengers in it. I also like that it has a camera so I can see where I am going when I am backing up. The only thing I do not like about it is that when the 3rd room is in use, there is literally no trunk space.

- Heather K

It is very spacious and has dual air.

I feel that it could sit up higher, it does ride hard sometimes and the driver side master window control panel has a manufacturer's warranty on it. The sun visor is cheap and breaks really easy so you have to be super gentle or you will most definitely break it.

- TB B

I would recommend a Toyota Highlander.

It is comfortable and roomy. It drives well at high speeds. It, however, it sways and leans a lot while turning. It is a good family vehicle. I love the 3rd row seating. I would possibly buy a newer model if given the opportunity. My family is comfortable in it.

- Kirsten T

It feels safe and after eight years of having the car, it still runs great and has very minor issues.

Overall, I like all of the features of this vehicle. It is very easy to drive, there aren't a lot of blind spots, it is comfortable, and I love the option of having third row seating. There is plenty of storage space and I can fit a lot of people in my SUV.

- Jamie B

Great family car or car in general.

The car is very comfortable with a lot of space for passengers and storage. It is very gas efficient, runs well and is a very reliable car. In case there is a need to repair pieces are affordable and easy to obtain. A great family car or great car in general.

- Kathy R

Very easy car to handle, and has plenty of cargo space, also can carry 8 passengers with the 3rd row of seats

I like that it is well built and doesn't require much in repairs. Engine has 170,000 miles and still going strong. The only thing I have against it is the rear door keeps setting off the door ajar alarm when it gets hot or if I make a left or right turn.

- Jim K

Amazing car: love at first drive.

The performance is outstanding. It does not have sat navigation or bluetooth. It has been very reliable and super comfy. It has a smooth ride and turns on a dime. It has third row seats, leather interior, heated front seats, lots of storage and a moonroof.

- Courtney W

The size of the interior is the best thing.

We has a Toyota Landcruiser for almost 13 years this has been one of the most reliable cars we has in a long time. The 2010 highlander is only better because of the 3rd row seating. Even in the winter time this car gets us to where we need to be any time.

- Michelle K

It has overall a great performance and reliability rating. I'm hoping to get a couple more good years out of it before trading it in.

I had a P0015 sensor issue I had to resolve as well as a leak in my evaporator coil that also had to be repaired shortly thereafter. It's a base model, so I wish it had more whistles and bells, but it's been perfect for what we'd intentionally bought it.

- Ashley E

It's a good quality car, but there have been a few manufacturing defects that we have had to repair, like the latch on the back hatch door and the sun visor.

I really like it in general, I wish that there was a little more cargo space in the back when the 3rd row seat is up. The one weird thing that irritates me is having to push a load button to put in a CD. So overall it's a good family vehicle.

- Elizabeth R

it is very comfortable to ride in. Leg room is great, and the seats are adjustable for increased comfort.

The mileage is not as good as our previous vehicle (Toyota Prius). It has a lot more room, and is much more comfortable to ride long distances. I especially like the many seat positions. I has plenty of power to travel at interstate speeds.

- Norman L

Good lasting car. few repairs

The highlander rides good. No problem with the car. I keep the maintains up. This is my second highlander. the last one was an 2006. If I need to buy another car the highlander will be my first choose. The trunk space is smaller.

- Doris M

No major issues with 135,000 miles!

Things I love about it, for being 8+ years old it still looks good and I have had no major issues. I have over 135,000 miles and again no major issues. Only negative is no Bluetooth, but I purchased a device to help with that.

- Stefany S

Reliable! Love the look! Toyota’s hold there value. Very comfortable!

It rides smooth. I have been lucky I have had no problems with it very reliable. I love the fact it can fit 7. I only wish the “jump” seat was same size in the back. Trunk size can be a little bigger when all seats are up.

- Ann D

Amazing for the winter time.

I purchased this car used in 2013. It has by far been the best most reliable vehicle I have owned. It has been amazing in the winter time. It goes with no problem in the snow. This is the only vehicle I will ever own again.

- Christina H

It is versatile and reliable.

I like the gas mileage and the ability to pick up am stations from my hometown a few hundred miles away. It handles ok on gravel and rough terrain but not as well as my old car. The seat could be a little more adjustable.

- Trevor S

Toyota vehicles are made tough and can go forever!

I love that it's all wheel drive with additional road hazard safety features. I feel that my family is safe and that it is dependable. I have, however, had ongoing issues with the brake system and transmission.

- Christy M

good size (not too big and not too small)and well-designed

I like that it's a hybrid, and I'm essentially happy with it. Only two complaints: uncomfortable for my dog since seat belt hooks in back seat are basically immovable, and the built-in nav system is horrible.

- Evelyn M

The other SUVs in this class size are a little bit wider and harder to drive. We've rented Yukons for example when traveling and the car is different size.

I love the small profile of this suv. It is spacious but also the right size to be very easy to drive and park (even without the camera's assistance). The car is a hybrid and gets good gas mileage, as well.

- Sara G

It is large enough for necessities and animals with cool air for all passengers

My van seats up to 7 people and there is a flip down which also accommodates my service dog. The air is in rear control as well which is helpful in the heat! This is an all around comfortable and needed van.

- Kristina D

Amazing Highlander Limited. Ready for the beat car you'll ever own?

Not a single problem and I just hit over 100,00 miles. The interior is roomy. So much so that we've used it for camping. I have seriously had 0 issues. Perfect car. Good tow capacity and mpg.

- Jessica D

It hasn't had any issues and is reliable. It is dependable.

The turning radius is too large and it's harder to park but the seats are comfy and it's very roomy. Also, I can carry a lot of cargo. It also hasn't had any issues and has about 100k miles.

- Step H

Very attractive SUV highlander.

Very reliable. Drive smoothly. In the past 8 years, there is only one mechanical problem about the engine. There is plenty of space inside the SUV, and very suitable for a family with kids.

- Wen Z

It is a good make, so it will last a long time.

I love that it has a sunroof and leather seats that are heated. I don't like that it's not a newer model, that it has a small trunk, and that my kids no longer have enough leg room in it.

- Nikiah W

It is reliable and has great mileage.

The highlander has been a reliable vehicle for me and my family. It has plenty of space for long trips and runs very smoothly. It is mileage is okay, but relatively good for its size.

- Sam V

This car has wonderful safety, dependability and resale value.

I love all the features. Like a easy to use snow button. And the climate control and that is seats seven. I don't have any complaints other than I wish I had better gas mileage.

- Lidera K

Toyota Highlander works for carrying up to 9 people, and it is so reliable and has great gas mileage. Comfortable traveling!

I like the reliability of my Toyota and not needing many repairs since I bought it. It is very comfortable to drive and seats 9. I have no complaints about this vehicle.

- Vikki C

I love the safety features in it. It has steel bars/beams down the sides for impact. With children I really liked this. It also has great pick up with the engine. When I need it to move it does.

It has been a very easy car to maintain. This says something seeing as I have had it for quite some time. We have had to put very little money in it and it runs well.

- Danielle T

It is dependable and reliable with quality workmanship to make it trustworthy

It is very comfortable and reliable. We have not had any repairs that have needed to be done. It is great for long trips and has an extra third seat to fit more people

- Donna K

Reliable and easy to drive.

It is a reliable and dependable car. Very comfortable and is an easy drive. It is also very safe. I do not have any complaints. Very happy with my purchase.

- Allison H

That it is very comfortable to travel in when going on long trips.

Like the roominess of the car cabin. It rides well on the road. I like the performance when I am in traffic and need to change lanes. I have no complaints.

- Audith N

It is reliable and comfortable. It has had very few problems outside of routine care.

My Highlander is reliable and comfortable. I am a little disappointed in it's fuel economy since it is a hybrid and only gets around 24 miles per gallon.

- dan g

It has great performance. It has 3rd row seats, a sunroof, and it looks great

I love my car. It runs smooth, has great features like leather heated seats, and looks great. I wish it had an automatic opening trunk and bluetooth

- Courtney R

It's A Hybrid and is fuel efficient for the air.

I like the size, the way it handles on the road. I don't like buying a new SUV then getting a recall notice, radio breaking, alarm disjunction.

- Donna B

Toyota vehicles last longer than other vehicles I have owned

I like the size and the dependability it has the ability to have third row seating. It comfortable to drive and gets good gas mileage for an suv

- Timi D

Its dependable and has a smooth ride.. City mpg is about 19 and highway is 32.

I can not say anything negative. I love my SUV. Only thing is I wish my GPS would automatically update. If I paid for update it would be $300.

- Daniel T

How roomy and comfortable it is.

Runs well with little worry about breaking down. Reliable good with gas. Easy with kids to fit car seats and large trunk for everything else.

- Mandi N

I love my highlander and would highly recommend.

I have had no problems with performance or reliability. My vehicle is comfortable. I have a base model so there are only standard features.

- Kim M

The engine and transmission and also it is time to oil change.

When I drive sometimes when I brake it make a noise but I really like my Toyota highlander it fit 7 people and also not cause to much gas.

- Juliana W

It's safe and I've had very few issues with it, very reliable car. I would prefer a newer one with more features.

I love the car and would get another one, It's reliable and has been a good vehicle, I don't like the limited cargo space in the back.

- Heather M

It gets good gas mileage and can fit 4 car seats at a time, which is impressive.

There is not enough "trunk" space. I also wish the middle seat was bigger. Other than those two things, I really love the highlander.

- Kate H

It is a very reliable vehicle.

It is a reliable vehicle with plenty of room. It runs perfectly. It is getting old so the interior & exterior is starting to mess up.

- Drew R

It has a fold up/down third row that can be used for additional seating but limits the trunk space.

I like the reliability and the trunk size. It's getting older so there are little things going wrong with it - as natural with age.

- Julie K

Gas mileage isn't as promised. There were also a few recall items that affected other parts of the car that were not covered by the recall.

The gas mileage, since day 1, has not come anywhere close to what it promised at the dealership, and I do mostly highway driving.

- Katrina M

Dark Gray 2010 Toyota Highlander with 110,000 miles

Reliable, 8 years old, has 110,000 miles, never been in an accident, has recently been tuned up, new spark plugs, and new brakes.

- Kelly H

It is a hybrid & quiet. You might think it shuts off when stopped but it is not.

Great gas mileage. Comfortable. Easy to maneuver. Drives fantastic in the snow! I have 4 kids-a little more room would be great.

- Jodi B

Having a towing package with this car is vitally important for towing my camper.

Outstanding vehicle for long distance traveling. Have had minimal maintenance issues and currently have greater than 160000.

- Sharon M

It's a car of great quality. It will last for a very long time in good condition.

We love Toyotas in general. It's extremely reliable and pretty low maintenance. High from the ground and enough room for us.

- Jennifer L

Dependable! Well built and holds up to daily use.

This car fits me with various adjustments, easy to drive, comfortable and easy to maintain. Good dependable cheap to own.

- Liz L

Reliable with high tech features. Drives beautifully multi-state. I take care of it and it takes care of me. No complaints!

This is my third Toyota vehicle. I always find that the safety features of the car come in handy living in New York state.

- Erica S

Super comfortable and easy to drive.

I like how smooth it rides and its dependability. I also like all the room. I do not like how slow it is to accelerate.

- Julie H

It gets good mileage and uses way less money for gas compared to other SUVs.

I absolutely love my Highlander! I love the room and style. I love that I am able to save on gas and get good mileage.

- Roshanda R

people should know that the toyota highlander is very good on gas

I had just got my car not to long ago and i like it very much. it is very reliable and has a very good safety rating.

- justin s

That it is a hybrid vehicle, made my reputable Toyota.

I like that my vehicle is a hybrid. It is a quality vehicle that runs smooth and reliably. It is safe and well made.

- D R

The engine is reliable. Manual care tends to not be a issue.

It gets me from one place to another. However, the a/c is constantly going out. The mileage is not very good either.

- Kasi W

It is safe and comfortable.

I like my vehicle because it has enough room to fit my family and then some. I like the whole style of the vehicle.

- Angie N

That it is a reliable vehicle.

It is a very reliable vehicle. It has lot of room for transporting yard materials or just moving kids to college.

- Angela N

It is a great family car, safe and good for kids

I like that there is a lot of space to haul and the height of the car. I do not like the gas mileage of the car

- Suren H

Dependable, long-lasting car

I find my car to be reliable, well-built, and I know it has the ability to go close to 200,000 miles if desired.

- Jen K

Will last a very long time if the owner makes sure to do the proper maintenance.

Decent gas mileage. Reliable. All wheel drive. Good space. Good features. No complaints about this vehicle yet.

- Peter K

Good car for driving around town but not powerful enough.

Extremely reliable. Large enough to accommodate anything I need it for. Low maintenance. Perfect for any trip.

- Nancy L

Family friendly, safe at all locations in the vehicle.

Very suitable for a family. Comfortable seating, spacious. Dependable, and safe. Steering has a great radius.

- Travis H

Dependable and reliable SUV

Great SUV, never had an issue. Lots of space, great for road trips and getting kids to and from activities.

- Melanie C

It also has a backup camera.

I love that my vehicle is a 4x4. I love that it has a 3rd town. I love that it has DVD players for my kids.

- Emily P

It has 7 seats, all of which are leather and well made.

I love the seat warmers. I really love how the AC quickly turns on. I also love how quickly the car moves.

- Josephine N

That it lasts longer, is spacious and very comfortable

It is spacious and being a toyota; lasts longer and does not break down easy. It is also very comfortable

- Mark A

Toyota Highlander review.

Seating is very comfortable, reliable, very low maintenance, features are great, average gas mileage

- Shannon A

Great storage for a large family. Can be converted to be bigger by removing or putting down the back two seats.

Small but spacious, great convertible trunk space. However, needs to be maintained rather often.

- nush m

Very smooth ride. Highlander is an excellent car to drive.

I like the reliability of the car. Ride quality is great too. Fuel efficiency could be better.

- Ram S

Very comfortable & reliable on road. I feel safe in it.

It a very reliable vehicle, fits perfectly my family need. Would prefer being less gas cost.

- Zulma P

That it drives like a dream and is so very versatile. It's great for a night out somewhere fancy and yet perfect for hauling things too.

I love my Highlander for it's comfy interior and that I have room for all four grandkids.

- Jana P

It's very reliable.It does use a lot of gas though

It doesn't take much maintenance. It has been very reliable. It does use a lot of gas.

- Beverly H

It is a reliable vehicle and I have had no issues with it.

It is a hybrid. For being a hybrid the gas mileage is not that great. Seats 7 people.

- Justin L

it's a nice sized suv and it it comfortable and safe to drive

I like the comfort, the size. I wish the leather seats were holding up better.

- n G

It has very low maintenance needs. is able to handle slow to fast speeds very well and is easy to care for

I like that it is a hybrid, that it drives well and needs minimal maintenance

- Heather P

It's a bit big. I would get the RAV next time.

It's been a reliable car. Some repairs but not too serious. Nice interior.

- Zada L

It is comfortable and rides so smoothly and is spacious.

I love the comfort, safety, and smooth ride. I dislike the gas mileage.

- Chris P

great for the family and has enough room

I have been very happy with my car. I just wish the screen was bigger.

- yolanda A

The third row takes up ninety percent of your cargo space.

It doesn't have enough cargo space. It rides great and feels safe.

- Nicole s

it's a very good car I will buy a new one it has a lot of good leg room

I like it a lot not a thing I don't like about it will buy again

- Terri B

It's a hybrid and has a sunroof. Visibility is good.

Comfortable, great size for road trips, reliable, smooth ride

- Linda A

Does not give you 27mpg the average mpg is 25

Dependable Roomy MPG is not what it was published

- Francisco P