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My Toyota highlander. I love my vehicle and the servicing is great.

I haven't really had any problems beside getting use to a new vehicle after 12 years of another vehicle. A lot of it was learning how to use all of the features. It is very comfortable and I love the heated front seats. The back up camera is a blessing. I do not know how I did it before. I love the navigational system. One thing I did learn is to type in where you want to go before you drive the car. You cannot punch any information in once the car is moving. I love the phone feature. It keeps my hands where they should be while I am talking to someone on the phone. Its reliability is great. We have not had any issues with that. It took me awhile to learn how to get the second row seats to fold down. It is really easy but it was something new. My husband does not like the head rests on the seats. I do not mind them but it hits his head wrong. It must have to do with the person's height.

- Colleen P

Good family vehicle without it being oversized & great on gas.

Pros: It's reliable, comfortable, good gas mileage, 3rd row seating, good for people with children, easy to drive, affordable, safe, nice looking interior, different colors for exterior to pick from, electric windows, air conditioning, navigation, sun/moonroof, option to put a rack on top of the vehicle, safety lock feature for children, usb plug, Sirius satellite compatible, hands free phone connection, hands free voice command, digital touch screen, comes with rear window sun protectors, compatible with baby car seats, roomie trunk, push button to open trunk with keyless remote, or button located for automatic open & closing on trunk, keyless entry( no key needed) push start, light sensors for problems : I.e. low gas, low tire, door open etc., Cons: everything is electric so it's a ripple effect when one electric issue happens, when 3rd seat is open the trunk space is smaller

- Erika L

It has important safety features.

This vehicle has all the safety features I wanted. . . Until the auto braking system was added. Traveling on freeways in California requires a driver's wits, good reflexes, and a car with updated safety features. The 2014 highlander hybrid has airbags in the front and back and side. It even has one in front of the driver's knees, which also influenced my purchase. It has a v6 engine which is necessary for getting on freeways when rude drivers will not let a car in front of them! To get on the freeway, you have to have the power to get on quickly or you will not get on at all! This highlander allows the driver to zip onto the freeway at the surprise of other drivers; since it is a mid size SUV, it would seem that it would not have much pick-up-and-go, but it does. It was too expensive for my wallet, but worth the money.

- Debbie C

Great gas mileage, reliable, and comfy!

I absolutely LOVE my Toyota Highlander!! It has three rows which is perfect when we want to bring friends along, but can also fold the third row down for an amazing amount of space in the back for hauling things. It rides extremely smooth and has great gas mileage. We are all y'all people in my family and we have plenty of room for our legs! I have owned my car for over two years, as I purchased it used and have had zero issues with the motor or any other aspect of the car. I will definitely look into purchasing another Highlander in the future when we are ready to get something new!

- Jackie H

Glad the highlander has a third row. Wish we could actually use it.

Have had no problems with it. It is very reliable. Love the features. Comfortable in the front. Second row does not have room for three people but that is not the fault of our vehicle, we have two car seats in the back, thus the person who has to ride back there is really cramped. Third row might as well be non-existent. Cramped, tight, even a short person has to bend their neck the whole trip if they ride in that row. Waste of space. Cup holders are hard to get to in the back seat. Front cup holders could be bigger. Not all fountain drinks, coffee cups fit in there that great.

- Jennifer H

The one most important thing people should know about this car is that it's durable and reliable. It gets me where I need to go in the snowy climate on Michigan without issue and runs very smoothly doing it.

I find the dashboard camera that shows me what's behind me when I'm reversing incredibly helpful, especially for parallel parking. I also appreciate the spaciousness of the trunk and that it can convert into up to 8 seats, and the car is pretty gas efficient for an SUV. I dislike that there isn't a compass, preferably on the middle rearview mirror, as another older Toyota (Camry SE) I had, had this feature and it makes sense for a new one to have it. I also dislike that there isn't a compartment for a spare inside the vehicle.

- Yahya H

Riding in class with children

The 2014 Toyota Highlander is an outstanding classy family option. It has the room of a minivan with 7 or 8 passenger options, with the feel and control of an SUV. Gas Mileage is reasonable at 21.3 miles to the gallons. Leather interior is lovely. And easy to clean especially with children.. we have this model to be very reliable and well built, little to maintenance until about 8 years old. We'd recommend this well priced SUV to all who want quality and trustworthy vehicle.

- Leah G

The Toyota Highlander is a stylish comfortable smooth driving car.

I like it most because it has a real smooth ride. The steering and braking is very responsive. The car is great on gas and the trunk space is deceptively roomy. What I dislike most is the visibility when looking behind you. Your blind spot seems magnified due to the design of the car. I also don't like the temperature control. Especially when air comes out of the vent even when the air is off.overall it's been a nice reliable car and I've enjoyed driving it.

- Ann S

Hybrid highlander, saving you gas and heating and cooling your rear.

I will never own another car. The drive is smooth, the seats are heated and cooled, I've never had a single mechanical, or electronic issue! This ride is smooth the gas mileage is outstanding, it is the eat on long road trips and it has multiple features like built in sun shades, awesome navigation, dual power leather seats, and blind spot notifications. The rear view can makes parallel parking so easy! There are auto adjusting and meteor seats,

- Rebecca B

It's very reliable and safe making it the perfect family vehicle.

I love that my car is a great size and comfortable to ride in. I love the features including the automatic bright lights, heated steering wheel, blind spot monitors, panoramic and navigation. It's reliable and I know it will last. The only thing I dislike is not having a tow package - it's convenient to be able to tow bigger things that won't fit into the car and it's a convenience I do not have anymore with my highlander.

- Kristen J

My Toyota Highlander has comfortable seats.

My Toyota Highlander is the most reliable vehicle I have ever purchased. The quality of the car has not changed even though we travel a lot and it has a lot of miles. Overall I am very pleased with my Toyota Highlander. It has kept me safe through many travels. It is very durable when taken out to the mountains. My Toyota Highlander can get through the toughest situations and is one of the best 4 by 4's I have ever had.

- Maya G

Toyota highlander-the ideal family car.

My Toyota highlander is a great vehicle. I enjoy the look of the outside and the interior. The leather seats, captains chairs, and third row seating option make it a great family car. I do wish the trunk had more space when the third row is in use. It would also be nice if this vehicle had four wheel drive. I do enjoy the dashboard features such as Bluetooth capabilities, hands free phone, and directions features.

- Jane B

Mostly excited about the heated seats.

Performance is great and ride feels very smooth. Safe comfortable seating. The height of a car like this is great for visibility overall. Without the bulk that a massive SUV may have. My husband is a carpenter and has made excellent use of the sample space in the back. we've have minor electrical issues with lights coming on but literally no major mechanical work other than our check ups!

- Leslie P

Enjoying comfort and reliability.

I love my Highlander for its comfort, size, and reliability. Unfortunately, the previous owner must have lived on a rough road because it has a lot of rattles - which I would have discovered had I tested it properly before purchase. Having owned other Toyotas, I know this is very unusual. Traveling is a joy because of the comfort, back seats as well, and cargo space.

- Shanna C

All leather interior. Seats 7

The only issue I have with my SUV is that the radio system will completely shut off and restart on occasion when using my Bluetooth on phone calls. All the seats are wonderful. We can fit 7 in the vehicle. I wish there were more room in the back for extra luggage when going on vacation. We usually bring both vehicles on vacation due to not having enough space for luggage.

- Brandy M

Downsizing Into Luxury: The Highlander Limited Platinum

I was in the market for something smaller than my 4Runner, something more comfortable for an elderly parent to get in and out of. I was so impressed with the feel and performance of the Highlander! It handles like a dream, is comfortable on cross-country roadtrips, and roomy enough for moving lots of cargo. But in the driver's seat, it is the lap of luxury.

- Kelly M

Great family SUV with lots of features and comfortable for everyone!

My Toyota Highlander is very reliable and extremely comfortable. It is a great family car, with room for everyone. My husband is very tall and he has plenty of legroom without taking space away from our kids. I have not had any performance issues since we purchased this vehicle. I highly recommend this car for people in search of a good family SUV!

- Angela S

Well Maneuvering Vehicle and Smooth

This car drives really well, it is smooth and easy to maneuver. Blind spots have not seemed to be an issue. There is plenty of trunk space especially when the third row is down. Everyone that has been a passenger in the third row has said that they had plenty room. I do have cloth seats and they seem to stain really easy even from water.

- Betsy S

The epitome of comfort and style.

I love everything about my Toyota highlander limited - from the heated/cooling seats to the remote start feature. It is extremely comfortable and rides and drives very smoothly. The touch screen provides various services including navigation, satellite radio, and weather. The hands-free capabilities of the car are very easy to use.

- Ashley A

Car feels expensive but it�s not relative to other cars in its class.

Comfortable seats with plenty of legroom. Sits high above traffic so it's easy to see. Very reliable. Only one issue with reach hatchback that was easily fixed with replacement shocks. Lots of storage and room for gear. Comfortably seats 7 but the two in the rear seat can't be very tall. Shocks started squeaking a little.

- Juliana M

More space, no problem. Travel comfortable and safe to your destination.

My vehicle runs smooth. It's great for road trips and family vacations. It can accommodate up to eight people. It has leather seats, navigation, and adjustable seating. You can connect your Bluetooth to listen to your favorite music or make calls hands free. Its has V6 engine, powerful enough to haul a trailer or small boat.

- Thomas R

Dependable Toyota Highlander

Drives amazing! Heat/air conditioned seats, storage on dash, great display, no serious issues. Maintenance light is annoying. Comes on every set number of miles and is difficult to turn off. Not too much leg room in the third row and no way to clean under third row seating. Seats fold down easily but are not removable

- Christen T

Great dependable SUV with roomy 3rd row.

Very reliable with no major issues at 110, 000 miles. The 3rd row seat is roomy and back seats slide easily for easy access and adjusts for more legroom. The only issue is the navigation system seems to reboot regularly and disconnects from Bluetooth connection. Overall the vehicle is a good value for its features.

- Crystal C

Comfort and Reliability of a Highlander

I have been extremely blessed with my vehicle. I have recently been having to travel about 250 miles every 2 weeks for my new job. It has been extremely reliable. It usually only takes about 1.5 tanks of gas to get me there. The ride is always smooth and comfortable. I have not had any issues with my vehicle.

- Laura Z

Perfect SUV for families with children.

I have had no problems. My vehicle is very reliable and comfortable. I love that it has a third row and also a sunroof. The Bluetooth feature also comes in handy when driving and receiving a phone call. I would recommend this vehicle to any family with children or multiple children as it is so roomy.

- Kimberly R

One thing I really like about it is that it has a backup camera.

I drive a Nissan Altima it drives very well. The only problem that I have had with it is that the drive side door handle broke recently. I have to roll down my window and open the door from the outside before I turn the car off and get out. It is a big inconvenience but other than that I love my car.

- Kaitlyn N

buy used and never pay full brand new price. These cars are very expensive. It's worth looking around for a good used deal.

It has leather seats, which I would not have picked, but in order to get the features I wanted I had to get them. It is better than the previous 2007 Highlander I had, but it still has a bit of noise when you are going down the road and roll the back windows down. It is very roomy and comfy though.

- Idella A

Smooth and safe and a great family vehicle.

Reliable, comfortable. Has over 100,000 miles and have never had an issue! Smooth highway driving too. Lots of room for husband who is 6'4' despite the two rear facing car seats we have for our daughters. Smooth and safe. Speakers are awesome! Would recommend this to anyone looking for a family car.

- Jenny T

I absolutely love the heated seats and the moonroof.

It is big enough to hold a family of five, but difficult to store luggage and items when going on a trip. We are looking at adding a roof storage. Very comfortable vehicle with great safety features. Like the ease of the functions in the car, but the Bluetooth is sometimes awkward to use at times.

- Kim F

Great midsize SUV all around

It is roomy with the third seat, drives through snow and ice, love the backup mirror, and gets good mileage for an SUV. The back seats lay flat for big items like a television or Christmas tree. The paint colors are great and the cloth seats are cool in the summer. Nice price for the vehicle too

- Phyllis T

I love the screen that gives the one a full view when driving in reverse.

The highlander, while a bit pricey for the deluxe package, is well worth the money that one would otherwise be spending on mechanics, towing, etc. It is very high performance, and I have had no problems, mechanical or electrical, for 4 years. Routine maintenance has been the only way expense.

- David H

This car is a great family car.

Toyota is the most reliable brand I have ever driven! I love the space inside with the 3 rows. It is a perfect family car if you do not wish to purchase a van. The only issue is the screen on the car. If you make multiple calls back to back, it goes black and restarts the screen.

- Santana G

Toyota highlander is the SUV to buy this year.

Large SUV with great performance. It has comfortable seats and all the features that make a wonderful smooth ride. Lots of cool colors make this the ride to own. Gas mileage is not bad for a large SUV. a must have as it is available on my model. Smooth leather seats are a must.

- Janice M

Those with kids? Great option versus a mini van on space.

I love the room. We have two kids and I really do not like minivans. This gives me the option of not having a minivan, but still having room. I love that I can rely on it starting and running when I am traveling all over to pick up kids or go to work. Gas mileage is not great.

- Heather L

Wonderful safety ratings! Having a few dogs and a growing family, amazing safety features are really important to me.

I love the reliability of Toyota. I recently purchased a highlander as my husband and I plan to start a family soon. I love the heated and cooled seats, nav system, exterior and interior colors, and everything being automatic. I do with it was a little more spacious though.

- Kait C

The Toyota Highlander meets all our needs as well as being comfortable and economical.

This vehicle is the perfect size for us I am able to carry all the gear we need when attending our grandson's baseball games, and can take our grandson and a friend of his on vacation comfortably. It also gets quite tolerable gas mileage so I am quite satisfied with it.

- steph e

Love the keyless entry and push button start.

Leather on both interior doors is coming loose. Also the radio constantly freezes when using the Bluetooth feature. Other than a couple problems it is a very roomy, reliable vehicle. I love the back window that opens so the whole tailgate doesn't need to be open.

- Melinda L

It has sport mode. It can go on all terrains. It's easy to drive, brakes good.

The car is very spacious and very comfortable. It's pretty easy to drive and is a very safe car. I absolutely love this car! I'm incredibly happy with my purchase and anyone else that drives this car also tells me how easy it is to drive and that they also love it.

- Natasha P

Great vehicle and reliable.

Never had a problem and I love my vehicle it is very roomy and rides smoothly. It is just the perfect size for me the sunroof is big and spacious!! Third row seating is a plus!! Bluetooth works perfect and great gas mileage!! The best vehicle I have had in years.

- Kris G

Toyota highlander honest review.

The water pump went at 50k miles. The wheel bearing went next. It's a gas guzzler. It is a safe car, roomy and handles well in the snow. I like that my kids are separated during long trips. The voice amplifier is a nice feature for talking to kids in the 3rd row.

- Michelle S

I love it so much that I would never sell it

My vehicle does not have any problems except that there is a small bump at the front door but that is all and it is also grey. It also takes a bit of a time to start up but I don't mind it since its a bit old. I had it for 3 years already now and I still love it.

- jessica R

Toyota highlander very comfortable. Great family car. Easy to drive.

The highlander is a 4 door which works great for our family. The seats fold down in case we need to carry large items. It is very economical to drive. As well as very comfortable easy to load and unload groceries. If we have to transport the dogs plenty of room.

- Tricia W

Great vehicle with tons of space.

The Toyota highlander is the best family SUV I have ever had. I did not want the van but I did need three rows. It was affordable and it is totally reliable. It is not only a great car for kids it is a great car when you have other adults in the back as well.

- Tana H

Comfortable and practical SUV

Have had no problems with the vehicle. We don't use it all that often, but have never had any issue requiring repair. We use the vehicle to drive to and from New York City, and it comfortably holds a family of four and a dog. It definitely serves its purpose.

- John M

Toyota Highlander: great ride and amazing style.

This is a large SUV that performance is the best. Great seating for lots of people with the fold down third seats. Gas mileage is not bad for a large SUV. It has all the features you will ever need for a comfortable vacation or just going to grocery store.

- Janice J

Drives super! Highlander is awesome.

Drives great. Very comfortable. Excellent features. Good radio. Seats are easy to move. Controls are all in the right place. Drives great. Very comfortable. Excellent features. Good radio. Seats are easy to move. Controls in the right place. Drives great.

- Beverly S

Good family car of 6, spaces and run good.

Love it, the backspace, fix 6 kids. Back seat has good feet space. If you're looking for a family car but don't like van. This is really nice car those who are like us. If I can turn back I will still purchase this one but instead get the 4 wheel drive.

- Stacy S

It has a good radio and good gas mileage

Car is great. It works well. Never had problems. Good on gas. Comfortable seats. Enough room for all. Have a three year old and it has enough room for his seat. It's blue. And has a nice loud big screened radio. It is very big. Very smart. Very helpful

- Lynn E

Highlander Pre-owned Mixed Feelings

I purchased my car pre owned with 36,000 miles. The door locks turned out to be faulty and do not lock automatically. The car now has 70,000 miles and the body seems to be deteriorating quickly. It drives nice and if fuel efficient. No blind spots.

- Brian M

Great family car with space for everything you need!

This is the perfect family car. It is large enough to seat 7, although the back row is a bit small for three people--definitely a better fit for kids. I love the captains seats in the middle row. The car is reliable and I have not had problems with it.

- Heather W

It's expensive to purchase, even used, but after 2 years of ownership, I can say I'm glad to have bought it.

I like the looks/body style. I like that it's reliable. I like sitting up a little higher off the ground, which makes it easier to get in and out of with my achy knees. I previously had a large minivan, so I am still adjusting to a smaller cargo area.

- D D

The reliability of the car as well as the overall comfort.

I love the space and the various features of the car. My entire family is very tall, but even in the backseat my 6'5" relatives have enough space. It's very easy to use, it's a car made for the driver. Safe, and the GPS system is fantastic.

- Laine B

I haven't had any maintenance issues with it.

I love everything about this car, it is attractive on the outside and the inside. It has decent gas mileage for an SUV. It has bucket seats and a third row to carry more people or I can put them down if I need to store things.

- Megan W

Good fuel economy. Lots of cabin space. Less cargo space. Rear view cam.

It is an affordable midsize SUV with a smooth ride and comfortable seats. It has good fuel economy with a lot of cabin space. The steering wheel is very well weighted and responsive but it has less cargo room than rivals.

- Edith E

I love the backup camera.

Wish it had more cargo space. It has bucket seats in the second row. Wish it had the option for a center seat in the second row so all three kids could sit there so that we'd have more space in the back for longer trips.

- Dawn W

Comfortable and Great Vehicle

I have really enjoyed the car. It handles very well and the seats are very comfortable. I receive great comments from everyone that rides in the car, everyone feels like they are riding comfort. No complaints!

- Drew P

The roominess of the vehicle and the comfortable seats

It is a medium sized sedan and great for family and friends. It is very roomy even if you are sitting in the second row of seats. I love using the bluetooth to play music and follow my navigational directions.

- Arleene A

The vehicle drives great and he accessibility of all seats is unmatched

The toyota highlander is great because it has 3 rows and can fit 7 passengers. I have the captains chairs in the second row making it super easy to get to the 3rd row with my 2 car seats in the second row.

- Lindsay V

It just works. I've never had any major issues, and it drives wonderfully.

I love my car because I feel it is very reliable. I've never had any major issues with any of my Toyota vehicles, which is why I continue to purchase them. I never worry about getting stranded somewhere.

- Vanessa P

Tight with car seats in the middle captain's chairs.

We have the model with captain's chairs in the middle row. It is really tight to try to squeeze anyone in the third row with two car seats. I think once our kids are older this will be a better vehicle.

- Ashlee C

My car gets great gas mileage and easy to navigate.

I have not had a good experience with the dashboard instrument panel, I have had consistent issues. I also do not like the wear of the leather seats, they are showing wear marks after only 4 years.

- Michele G

It holds its value over time.

My Highlander is an efficient vehicle. It has plenty of power when I need quick acceleration. It has all the modern conveniences that I like including Navigation. It is comfortable to ride in.

- Ken C

It extremely roomy and comfortable and the 3rd row is great

I really like my truck but there has been issues with the sunroof that needs to be fixed and with the radio/ satellite cutting in and out. But fish has a smooth ride and plenty of space

- Cristina W

It feels like a higher end vehicle without the price tag.

Love the space and versatility of the seats. The reliability has been excellent so far and gas mileage is great but not as good as my previous minivan. It is very quiet and feels solid.

- Erin D

It is still very hard to fit more than 2 car seats in the back.

Prior to this one I had a 2013 which had the fob activated liftgate, heated seats, and a sunroof. I miss those options. I do like the way it drives and the way the third row folds.

- Li Z

Comfortable to be in and comfortable to drive

Like the comfort, easy driving and navigation system. I dislike that my phone will not stay connected to the car. I have to reboot my phone every couple days to relink it to the car.

- Barb A

Downsize from the Toyota sequoia. Awesome choice. The highlander is great.

Easy to handle, great gas mileage, comfortable ride, plenary of room. My husband and I are both tall and enjoy traveling. Just the right size for us. I would recommend this car.

- Julia L

It's a nice car with lots of features. Pretty decent mileage also.

I like all the features it has on it like cruise control, adjustable seat (not manual), heated mirrors, auto car lock. It's a little big for me...I wish it was a little smaller.

- Marie B

It is good on gas mileage and fun to drive.

It has all of the technology that I want and is fun to drive. It is good on gas mileage and easy to maintain. When I buy another car I will likely buy a newer model of this one.

- Kevin G

The highlander is a car that can dish out with any car, even jeeps

My vehicle is a reliable mode of transportation, throughout the years it has survived ruthless days in North Dakota, North Carolina, Wisconsin, and the busy streets of Chicago

- Tiger Y

How are we supposed be going on a little bit early today or are we still at the school meeting at five. It's a little is

It's a good app but I don't know how to use it. It's been an awesome night to see how I can help with my hair. It's not like it's just a little bit it's a little too easy.

- Sergey K

It rides well and is extremely reliable. It is very comfortable and has all wheel drive.

I love my Highlander. It is reliable, rides really well with very little noise and it is reliable. My only complaint would be the back gate lift is a little sensitive.

- Lisa K

It is a great ride, comfortable, and great trunk space.

I don't really have any dislikes. I like the trunk size, I like the acceleration. I like the GPS and the center display. I like the whole look and feel of the vehicle

- Frank s

3 rows of seating and fits up to 7

It's a good size and fits my family comfortably. I also like to AWD and has nice features like heated seats and V6. I wish it would have front view camera as well.

- Cindy H

We chose the car for the High safety rating and ranking for family friendly vehicle.

Love the size and family friendly style of the Highlander. I have no real complaints. Third row option is nice, rides great, have had no issues with its maintenance.

- Patti D

I love the comfort of the 3 rows.

The bands on the sides of the window on the roof get broken very easily. I had to replace the sound system. The back door makes sounds and sometimes does not close.

- Gigi C

It is reliable and easy to handle.

I love the comfort, roominess, technology, reliability. I like the service that Toyota provides. I wish it had more room when traveling with a group of people.

- Susan C

This car is the only car in my family.

The seats could be more comfortable. The car has been through a lot of maintenance and has been in a few accidents. This is vehicle mainly driven by my father.

- Jenny H

Its reliability. Toyota is known for its durability and low cost maintenance.

I like the power. I like the ride. I like the options. I like the way it handles in the snow and rain. I really like the way it tows my boat with o problems.

- Ron A

The Toyota Highlander is a dependable car with 3 rows.

I love my Toyota Highlander. I've had no issues with it in the past 4 years. It drives nicely and has plenty of interior space. It's a reliable and fun car.

- Andy C

It's reliable and for an suv fuel economy is decent.

I like the style and size of the vehicle. It's reliable and haven't had many problems at all. Cost to maintain is lower than other vehicles I've had.

- Ty S

It's a great car for people like me.

Overall I like it love the way in drives on the snow. And the way it looks. And is very comfortable. Complaint maybe the three road seat two small.

- Ivette S

It provides a very comfortable ride. It makes a long road trip much more enjoyable.

My Toyota Highlander is a perfect family car. We have plenty of room for several people. There is plenty of legroom and the seats are comfortable.

- Julie H

It drives like a car. It is very smooth and handles well.

I love how smoothly it rides. I love the room in the second row seating. I do not like how little cargo space there is when the 3 row is in use.

- Kristie E

It is reliable you can always trust a Toyota.

It's efficient and it fits up to 8 people total. The disadvantage is that you have to choose people or cargo. Cannot do both. Great gas mileage.

- Laura S

It seats 7 people and drives very smoothly. It has a lot of luxury features too.

My highlander has tons of room. It seats up to 7 people. The only issues I've had are with the door actuators. I have had to have all replaced.

- Kathleen R

It is reliable and comfortable.

Smooth ride. Looks very nice. Reliable, never had any mechanical issues with it. Only wish is that it had more driver assist/safety features.

- Breana C

Great gas mileage for a large SUV.

I love the layout, very short person friendly. I also think it is good looking. I hate that I do not have captains seats in the. Second row.

- Kim S

There are so many good things that I wouldn't know where to begin

I have had nothing but good experience with this car, electrical or mechanical. I certainly can't say that about previous cards I've owned!

- Dave H

It's reliable and safe. I feel comfortable when I am in it and my family does too.

It makes me feel safe. It has all the features I need or want. It allows me to help my family and grandchildren do things and go places.

- Gail C

It has a lot of noise on the road.

I dislike the side mirrors. Blocks view and do not automatically fold in with power. I love that it is comfortable and has lots of room.

- Stephanie C

Perfect car for men and women.

Great vehicle, comfortable, smooth ride, inexpensive maintenance. Good gas mileage, lots of in-cabin storage space, and strong engine.

- Ari K

Great Travel Family and hauling vehicle.

I do not have any negatives about my highlander. I love it. Roomy, Safe & grandchildren love riding in it. Also great when we travel.

- Lorraine S

It has great quality and durability.

What I like about my Toyota highlander, is the style. It gets great gas mileage. I have not encountered any major problems with it.

- Rachel K

Best of both worlds. Car like in some ways, but still the size to carry things of a SUV. Great gas mileage and low up keep.

I love the size of the vehicle. It is large enough to carry 7 people if I need but still small enough to use everyday around town.

- Tami m

It tends to guzzle gas, especially off highway.

My only complaint is the gas mileage. Otherwise, is very efficient and dependable. No electrical problems at all. Also, very roomy.

- David H

It drives great and looks sleek. Plenty of room for a crew

I love my Highlander because it's Smooth and roomy. It has leather and heated seats for the winter. Third seat available if needed

- Tanya S

over all performance and maintenance cost is really affordable

the performance is really good and I love the comfort in driving the vehicle. So far didn't face problems and it is running fine

- Saranya V

Great styling - it still looks like a late model.

I love the styling. I love the economy for the size. I like the interior space. The power is great. The navi system is not good.

- Rich P

Great safety features for a family car with plenty of space to grow into

It is a great family car that drives well and has great safety features. I wish the entertainment system was a little better.

- Kyrie S

The most important feature is Safety. The backup camera helps tremendously.

Safety is my first priority. I also like the way it handles in high wind. I also like the roominess this vehicle provides.

- Corleen C

I don't recommend driving it on the expressway often.

It is primarily the front and what’s under the hood. It requires monthly repairs and cannot travel 60 miles per hour.

- Ryan W

It has all the bells and whistles anyone needs. A large family would have great room.

Love the color of the car, Pearl White. It drives good and has great safety features. It is a bit too large for me.

- Janice J

Safe and Reliable Excellent Traction Comfortable Dependable with good acceleration The remote starter easily has a problem

It is comfortable, reliable and fun to drive. It has a poor navigation system and poor visibility for left turns.

- Edith E

Love the amount of room for family trips

No real problems still enjoy driving my vehicle. Performance is as expected from a toyota as well as reliability.

- Jen T

The highlander is one of the top rated vehicles for safety.

Smooth ride. Great gas mileage. Safety features. Plenty of room to haul grandchildren or lots of groceries.

- Vicky F

Better handles and holders.

Do not have any problems with the vehicle. Only thing I do not like is the door handles and cup holders.

- Jennifer H

Third row seat is not very comfortable but is a great feature to have.

I wish it automatically adjusted mirrors based on seat position selection. Everything else is amazing!

- Lacy S

Very dependable and good on gas.

The car is dependable and very roomy. The highlander is good on gas and handles very well on the road.

- Anna L

It holds up really well to constan wear and tear on the inside and out

I love the space inside and how it handles. I also love being higher up in an SUV. No real complaints.

- Di P

Plenty of space for passengers and anything else we need. It has great gas mileage. And it is just a good looking vehicle with lots of extras.

We were able to get it as a certified used car because the previous owner took such good care of it.

- Bobby D

Pros - Good on gas, safety features and comfortable Cons - Loud and not as smooth a ride as expected

My 2014 Toyota Highlander is pricey but it holds its value, it is roomy, and has good gas mileage

- Carolyn H

It feels safe and is reliable. System works great and have new had an issue with anything.

width of middle row, can't fit 3 car seats across the row. Wish the vehicle was a little bigger.

- Diana K

Family car. Good for traveling with family. Family.

Like seats. Dislike spaces. Not too many room once all seats are up. Steering wheel peeling off

- Khanittha K

It is my opinion that the Toyota Highlander is overall a good car.

It is spacious. Entune Bluetooth not always reliable. Gas mileage a plus for Its size.

- nick k

The Highlander is a great all around family Sports Utility Vehicle!

It has lots of storage space. Good visibility. Enough power for my driving needs.

- Curtis N

As long as you do regular maintenance, it is less likely to let you down.

It's a reliable SUV. It has low mileage. It fits family and friends comfortably.

- Vanessa L

It's a smooth and safe ride.

I like that it's got all the bells and whistles. Dislike the gas mileage on it.

- John G

Lots of room for a family

Good size and the look is sleek. I like the V6 and moonroof. Lots of room.

- Mary V

It's price and they reliability and fun to drive

I love the ride. I love the handling of the car. Also it's cheap looking car

- Sergey m

Great reputation for a reason. I have 85K miles and have had no issues. Only routine maintenance.

Perfect vehicle for my lifestyle. Reliable, long lasting and retains value.

- Elizabeth B

The Toyota Highlander is well designed both on the exterior and interior. It has an incredible amount of space thanks to it's seating options.

The Highlander drives smoothly when maintain on a regular basis.

- Ben M

Reliable and comfy. It has nice handling and safety features.

It's reliable and roomy and is fun to drive. Nothing I dislike.

- Tim K

comfort durability dependable

love the ride very comfortable. i do not like the price of suv

- deb W

It gets great gas mileage. super family friendly and great services with the dealerships

Love everything about the car. IS a great car for families

- Courtney M

It handles well on the road & is comfortable.

Looks classy. Comfortable & roomy for driver & passengers.

- Deb K

It's absolutely amazing. No problems at all. I've never had to service it and I would buy another one.

That it's roomy and a great vacation vehicle too. Love it

- Stephanje K

Perfect size for small family. It also gets good gas mileage.

Having one child doesn't require a mom to have a minivan

- Theresa M

I can always count on my car to be dependable and it has room for all my family of 7.

It is Dependable and roomy and I like the looks of it

- Joann D

I really love the highlander. Very good vehicle. Smooth riding enough room for everyone in my family. Would recommend it to my family and friends.

very dependable vehicle. very comfortable and roomy

- Denise R

Like size and reliability. Also like that I can seat 3 grandkids in car seats. Very nice tech accessories.

Great mid-size SUV! Very comfortable and reliable!

- Carrol K