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One of the most important things is the reasonable gas mileage.

The matrix has been good to us so far, but I am not used to such a low profile car. I have hit curbs because I am unable to see them. So far, it gets decent gas mileage and has been reliable. The back seats easily fold down making room for larger objects. People who have driven with us have said the back seat is spacious. We have had trouble with our CD player. It continues to read error or say there is a CD in place were there is not so it does not accept another CD. We use our AUX cable to listen to music on our phone or have a movie playing during distance driving. Lastly, when driving distances, it is very noisy inside the car. It makes having a conversation or listening to the radio quite difficult. We sometimes have a movie playing, but incredibly hard to hear even on maximum volume on the device and car.

- Lauren W

Minimal blind spots make it safer to drive.

It has little in terms of blind spots. The side mirrors are of good design. The shifter is positioned further forward and higher than most manual transmissions making it more comfortable. The transmission shifts well. Service and maintenance costs have been reasonable these past 9 years. The passenger and cargo area are designed well and can accommodate a variety of cargo. The passenger front seat folds down making room for longer items of cargo. It has good pep and gets good mileage. My only complaint is that some interior trim comes off easier than desired if bumped.

- Edward W

They should know that this is a reliable, and safe car.

I love everything about my vehicle. As every Toyota I have ever had, it is safe and reliable. Seldom have a spent money on this vehicle with anything other than maintenance. I do dislike that this is my first Toyota, in many years, that has had several recalls. I also dislike the fact that it seems to consume too much gas. I have been told that this is due to the fact that it is an all wheel drive vehicle but, I am not sure that alone explains the high consumption of gas.

- Mario P

Grocery getter. Ok for short trips around town.

Door handles all broke. Wheel covers lost on three wheels. Very little power in traffic. Poor mechanical quality overall. Radio has very poor reception. Average approx. 30 miles per gallon for overall driving. Should get at least 35 miles per gallon based on small engine size and weight of vehicle. I would not recommend this matrix for long trips. It is not comfortable on long trips but recommend as a grocery getter.

- Frank W

A review of my Toyota matrix. I call it the blue torpedo.

This has been an overall reliable vehicle. I have never had a major problem with it, & I bought it used. It is quite comfortable. It is also quite versatile, being a hatchback. I have hauled a vast array of things in it, & a good amount. . . Ranging from belongings during moving, trash, lawn equipment. The ac works well & will keep you cool on a hot day; inversely, the heat also works well.

- Craig B

Spacious and versatile vehicle - just watch out for blind spots!

Overall it is a great vehicle. There is an incredible amount of space. It is got a good amount of pep. I have the AWD version so the gas mileage isn't super great. My only other really complaint is that it has pretty bad blind spots. The doors also seem a bit hollow and are noisy when you close them. All this aside it is still a great and reliable vehicle. I love it for camping trips.

- Matt M

Knowing about the airbag recall.

Overall, this vehicle is very reliable. The pros of this car would be that it is AWD, has plenty of storage space when the back seats are put down, decent gas mileage for being an AWD car, and the comfort of the interior. The cons of this vehicle would be that it is not a very quiet ride, there was an airbag recall for this vehicle, and there are only cup holders for the back seats.

- Dustin S

Great family car and for daily driving.

The 2009 Toyota matrix is a good gas saver. It has good trunk space especially with the seats down. Hardly any problems with it if you keep up with maintenance. Car sits pretty high from the ground so you have good ground clearance if you need to go through the dirt or gravel. Note, this is not an off-road vehicle. Overall a great car for daily driving and for families.

- Nathan F

Comfortable for the driver and passengers while being a relatively compact vehicle.

It is small and easy to maneuver but with the back seats down, a small kayak fits in! It is also great for carrying my two small dogs in the way back. The back seat is large enough to be comfortable for passengers. The hatchback is easy to see out of. The only thing I dislike is that when you open the door, snow on the roof will fall into the car onto the seat.

- Kathleen H

Matrix-stylish hatchback!

I love my matrix! I knew I wanted a hatchback, as it gives it a sleeker appearance. Love the ease and convenience of using the trunk and how the back seats fold down flat with trunk! Although it is a car, the inside feels spacious and not too tight / cramped like other cars! Overall, I am super pleased with my matrix and bummed that Toyota no longer makes them!

- Tara H

Reliable car, with flaws. Low gas mileage, blind spots on front corners.

Solid driving car, handles well. Hatchback has hard plastic which is durable, and seats fold down easily to allow for more cargo space. My son is 6 ft tall, and barely has leg room to sit in the front. Need to put snow tires on for winter for better traction. Gas mileage is way less than my Civic, seems like I am always at the pump!

- Sarah W

Buyers remorse. I should have brought a Volvo v60.

The seats are short. Large blind spots. Interior trim falls off easily. Factory installed CD player ate a CD and will not give it back. AUX cord connection is spotty. Paint is cracking and chipping. The hatch is difficult to open. Fairly good gas mileage. Dependable. It is paid for. I really thought I wanted it when I bought it.

- Sarah S

Reliable, durable car: ideal for the common commuter.

Durable car, gets me from point A to B, not fun to drive, heavy. Bought the car to get to work and school. It is spacious, a lot of room in the trunk for all of my sports equipment, friends feel comfortable in the car. Minor issues with engine and battery but maybe due to age. Toyotas are easy to maintain and affordable.

- Cynthia T

The vehicle runs very good but requires that you maintain the vehicle. Don't expect to skip oil changes or required maintenance and then complain that the car doesn't run well.

I like the vehicle very much mostly due to the equipment -- Bluetooth wireless, navigation, backup camera, etc. I also love the color, a bright shade of blue that stands out in just about any parking lot. Furthermore, I think the vehicle drives great, I haven't had any major issues with the vehicle in the past 9 years.

- Sally H

I love my Toyota matrix and all of its features.

There are no problems with my vehicle that I can see. It is very good on gas, it is fast, and I am able to drive long distances without any issues. The seats are comfortable and adjustable. I have a sunroof which is wonderful to have and charging outlets which allows me to charge my phone and other devices on the go.

- Olivia M

The 2009 Toyota Matrix gets great gas mileage and has a sleek look.

My Toyota Matrix is one of my favorite cars I have ever owned - we are looking to purchase a second one for my husband. The gas mileage and dependability is great. It is comfortable and has a nice ride. The only thing we do not like about it is an odd blind spot - but we are aware of it and use extra caution.

- Bonnie S

Buy a matrix and you will not regret it.

I have had zero issues with this car. I live in an area that gets a good bit of snow and it has done great driving in bad conditions. This car also gets good gas mileage and has a current look. It handles very well on both windy back roads and the interstate. It has also performed well on long road trips.

- Liz G

Toyota has been very good about getting recalls for defects out to the public and getting them fixed.

I downsized the a large SUV. With the hatchback & putting the back seats down, I can get a lot of stuff in the car. I love the mileage. I wish tho it had power seats. It does also have a lot of road noise. This is my 3rd Toyota & they aren't making the Matrix anymore so will have to consider the CHR.

- Carrie A

The most spacious mini car.

Car runs smooth and does everything I need. Seats are not good for long distance road trips. Does not take up too much gas if you use the right type. It is a good car for transporting big things, even though it is a tiny car. Lots of hard to reach places but everything is removable for deep cleaning.

- Christopher M

Good things about my matrix.

Car handles smartly and easy to drive. Easy to see out of. Easy on gas. Easy to do repair work myself. Saves money on gas. Comfortable sitting in, driving and parking. Ample room inside for both the driver and other passengers with ample space for storage in back for packages and or other items.

- Richard D

Great gas mileage and runs great, very reliable.

It is been very reliable, it is been a good family car for my family. We haven't had an big problems besides regular wear and tear from regular driving like brakes, alternator, tires etc I would certainly recommended it for a small family because it is nice size for that but nothing large.

- Sarah C

It's got plenty of room, and a nice sunroof that I hardly ever remember exists. The sound system is satisfactory and it drives well. It also has an AC plug, which is nice for charging stuff like portable game consoles.

It's a pretty decent car. MPG is fairly average, and it runs well for its age. I'm not particularly fond of the Bluetooth quality, but that's to be expected considering it's first generation Bluetooth technology. That has definitely affected my future considerations for my next vehicle.

- Paula N

I have a 2009 Toyota matrix.

My car is a white four door hatchback. It's great on gas. It is just a stock car, nothing special. It is missing one hubcap and needs tinted windows. It has no warranty. I have two more years on my lease. I love Toyota brand so far because I haven't had any major issues with it.

- Chelsea C

It although having a low front fender did a great job driving in the snow.

I have had the car for 9 years, all I have had to do with this car is replace a battery, tires and tail lights. It is a great car, yet, Toyota does not make them anymore. Terribly disappointing I would buy another one if they made one. I will have to upgrade to a rav4 next time.

- Cynthia K

Sporty little car that gets great fuel mileage.

Great sporty feeling and looking car. Has a lot of power for such a little car and gets great gas mileage. My only two complaints is I wish it had a rear window wiper and it is not easy getting a child out of the back seat especially on a car seat. Very reliable car though.

- Jeremy C

Toyota matrix 2009 review.

In my experience driving this car for last two years it has been the most reliable car I have had in the last 5 years. I have never had any performance issues nor have I ever had my car breakdown. It gets pretty sufficient gas mileage and the maintenance is very routine.

- Allison G

Fantastic car for the price. Roomy and reliable.

I really like my matrix. It is very roomy but not over-sized. I really like the space I get when I fold down the back seats. It handles very well and has great gas mileage. The only downside is the power. It is not great on hills. Otherwise it is a very reliable car.

- Karla H

Compact but big, economical, easy to maintain.

Small enough to park, good on gas, hatchback opens up wide enough to fit a washing machine. Plenty of legroom, plenty of acceleration, needs little maintenance, 10 yrs old never had a problem and Toyota set up the appointment to change the airbags. Like the color.

- Walter R

Reliable, speedy, and compact.

No serious problems with the vehicle. Very reliable, comfortable, but lacking in some features most likely due to the older year. I use my car to travel to and from college quite often throughout the year (90 miles one way) and the gas mileage could be better.

- Sydney E

Good things for the matrix.

I have had great experience with my matrix. No major issues or problems. For a small car it has plenty of room and has great gas mileage and rides well during travel. The backseat also has plenty of room and the seats laying down is nice for carrying items.

- Sarah C

Great car wish they had continued making them.

I need an all wheel drive and this car only has back wheel drive otherwise I really love my car and I would recommend it to anyone who does not drive in the snow. This car is very reliable and while I only have the base model if is very comfortable. .

- Naomi D

They stopped making them as of 2009 out more I was disappointed to hear that.

I love this car, it has had no real major issues and is a pleasure to drive. It has fantastic headspace and leg space for tall people. It is easy to maneuver and great gas mileage. Inexpensive to maintenance, I take it to the local Toyota dealer.

- Cindy K

It has 120,000 miles and oil changes were always timely.

My car is very outdated. I hate that i have already had to replace the alternator which ruined a couple batteries prematurely. I hate that it's all plastic and not sturdy like my first car in 2005, an old 1987 camry. The gas mileage is bad too.

- Sarah B

The Toyota Matrix is the perfect sized car for everyone from a single guy or girl to the head of a small family.

My Toyota Matrix has been very reliable. It has just enough room to fit the family and some cargo without being oversized or inefficient. I like that it has a sporty look and feel to the car. I don't even have anything negative to say about it!

- Paul B

It is a very reliable car.

My car is a wonderful car to own. It has very comfortable seating. Great features like power windows, sunroof, CD player, adjustable steering. Which I love because it moves back and forth. . . It is just a cool feature that not many cars have.

- Brandy D

It holds up well and we have mutual respect for each other

I love the color. Toyota calls it sunset Metallica but I call it pumpkin spice. I like that it is a hatchback and holds a lot. It has held up very well. Right now there is some sort of leak so water gets in when it rains My car stinks!

- Anne c

It is a great family car, and it gets great gas mileage.

Even though it's an older car, it gets great gas mileage, is easy to handle, has a lot of passenger room, and it's convenient to place big items in the back. The air conditioning is fantastic! I have no complaints about this car.

- Dawn O

It's got really good speakers in it, and the AUX port is a total plus!

Toyota, in my opinion, is the best and most reliable brand out there. The mpg on my vehicle is terrific. Its comfortable and I never have any serious issues with it. I love how it drives, it has a real 'get up and go'.

- Ashley T

There is plenty of space for friends to sit, so I can easily go places with friends.

I like that the seat goes down, it makes it easy to move. I also use that feature to transport sports equipment. Complaints are that it has an odd tire size, and replacing tires is time consuming and very expensive.

- Mel M

Has good gas mileage. I usually do not have to fill up not until after a week.

Before we had kids it was a good size. Since having a child and now a house we are looking to upgrade to something bigger. . . The cloth seats I am not to fond of since they get stained a lot more often than before.

- Katherine D

It's a nice solid vehicle, Very dependable and good on gas

I like the fact that toyotas are good solid, dependable vehicles. The only thing I don't like about my matrix is that it's too small and you have a big blind spot in the back. It's hard to see when backing up.

- Theresa w

It is a very safe vehicle.

I like how it is all wheel drive. It is very good on gas. Has lasted 9 years. All my siblings drove it and there are no serious problems with the car. It is a very good first car for your children.

- Samuel H

It is red, it is road worthy and reliable.

The car is easy to park and it is just the just the right size for my family. The car is also easy on gas, I go long distances on a full tank. I have not experienced any problems with the engine.

- Brenda H

It gets good gas mileage and is reliable.

This vehicle performs well and gets good gas mileage. It is manual transmission; however, it seems to shift rather hard and the clutch is really touchy. It has a sunroof and drives well.

- Marsha W

The seats are so comfortable. Most other cars do not have comfortable seats.

I love this car because it drives & shifts so smooth. The clutch is very easy to use. The seats are so comfortable for my bad back. It is been very reliable & low cost to maintain.

- Mary S

My toyota Matrix has been a good car. Never gave me major issues.

Toyota has always been a great vehicle for me. Good gas mileage. No major issues. It is getting slightly older so I have had to get things fixed but nothing out of the ordinary.

- Dexter B

Runs like a top, with no maintenance.

Dependable and they run forever. It is good on gas. Also very low maintenance. It is all wheel drive and handles well on bad weather. Also it is the perfect size for me.

- Sandra F

Not a comfortable car to drive.

Cheap to operate, cannot keep wheel covers on it. Good space for small car. Seats fold down. Not a comfortable ride. Has defective airbags. Poor suspension system.

- Frank W

They don't make it anymore because it was recalled so many times

It's still in pretty good condition for being 10 years old. But it also has a lot of problems, like several recalls and engine issues and the CD player is broken

- Megan F

The one most important thing about the car is that it has great gas mileage

It is a very dependable car when we are needing to go somewhere. It is really good on gas mileage. And is always kept up to date on the things that it needs.

- Tasha S

Toyotas are worth a little extra simply because they last so well.

It's starting to get old now, but I love how reliable it is. It's easy to park and good mileage. I wish it was a little higher off the ground sometimes.

- molly r

It's a reliable vehicle. Drives good in snow.

Besides oil changes, new battery and tires it has been easy on my budget. It is low to the ground and it would better to have an SUV due to the snow.

- Judy J

It gets good miles per gallon and rarely needs servicing.

It has a pretty ugly body shape to it but it has held up really well. The hatchback design is convenient and fits more than I would have expected.

- Brynn H

Great commute car. Not very big but with the seats folded down it can fit a lot of stuff

Manual Transmission synchronizers went out about a year ago but it's still a great running car at 160000 miles. Just change the fluids and brakes.

- Matthew K

It is a manual transmission in it and gets 33 miles to the gallon.

It has a manual transmission and gets 33 miles to the gallon. It is nice and roomy. It has a hatchback so it makes it easy to bring things home.

- Char Y

Affordable all-wheel drive

I love that my vehicle has all wheel drive. I like that my car is compact and small profile but still feels like it has a lot of interior space.

- Anita j

Great on gas very reliable. Thus car has good speed pick up and park it anywhere

This is one of the best ivy owned great on gas,no issues fun to drive west lay flat. Fit a 65 inch tv in box no issue. Highly recommend.

- Barbara D

It's super compact and runs smoothly for the most part

I love that it's compact and an all wheel drive. I don't like that you have to look down for the time and that I can't lift my seat up .

- Susan B

Its alright car wise. It drives well.

There are a ton of recalls on it. I like how small the car is, but it's kind of roomy at the same time. It's not too low to the ground.

- Ann J

that it is great on gas, and it is very roomy for a compact car.

it is great on gas, it is a hatchback, so there's a lot of room. It is not really good in the snow, because it is a light weight car.

- kelly j

It is all wheel drive, which surprises most people.

It is awd, gets good gas mileage and I have had zero problems with it. The only complaint I have is that it does not have Bluetooth.

- Liz B

It's very dependable and will get you where you need to go pretty fast but it's gas mileage is kind of terrible.

The only thing I do not like it has mileage. I have to fill up at least twice a week. At 20 dollars a fill up it's kind of stupid.

- Randi R

They should know that it's a Toyota.

It's tough and drives well. It looks pretty cool and gets decent gas mileage. I trust Toyota more than any other car manufacturer.

- Mark V

Very dependable and low maintenance. A pleasure to drive.

I love the size of it. Very easy to maneuver. Great gas mileage. I don't like that the seat upholstery gets stained by water.

- Lorraine R

It has good gas mileage. I love that about my car.

I love my car because it has air conditioning. It is very reliable to get my family places. My car is also good on gas.

- Amie F

Always check your car for oil.

It is small, good on gas, the car burns a lot of oil. I have to check every week to make sure the car has enough oil.

- Jessica B

The car is useful for many things.

I like the size and I like the gas mileage. No complaints besides the car is getting old and has high mileage.

- Melissa H

It is a reliable vehicle overall.

Great on gas, low maintenance. The airbags need to be replaced on it. That is the only thing I do not like.

- Carrie H

An SUV air mattress will fit in the back.

I can live in it. It rides well and has taken me all over the country. It is perfect. I have no complaints.

- Jessica D

It requires quite a bit of upkeep, but it is not usually too expensive.

The toyota matrix is a great and reliable car. It is small and compact, but it has a decent sized interior.

- Rachel R

it's small and filling the gas tank is less expensive than other cars.

it's small and easy to manage. It saves gas. It has been loyal for the past 3 years even for a used car.

- valeria d

Good family car with lots of storage.

Like the way it drives, and the storage space. Do not like large blind spots. Like also passenger room.

- Barb R

It's very good on gas and has plenty of room for people and luggage.

It is great on gas and very dependable. I've had no issues with it. Very easy to drive, plenty of room.

- Amber K

Not an easy clutch for a beginner. You really have to press the gas when starting off in 1st

Compact but still roomy inside with cargo space, good mileage, fun to drive, fits in any space

- Renna W

My car is very reliable--don't have to worry about repair issues.

I like the ease of driving it. It is hard sometimes to see out the back when I am in reverse.

- Joan C

It is a workhorse. It is good for day to day driving and also good for hauling and camping

I like the versatility of the hatchback. I do wish it had a bit more get up and go

- Carrie k

It's no longer manufactured.

It's all wheel drive. Gets decent gas mileage. Ride is good but somewhat noisy.

- Betsie N

Efficient and affordable with good space for size.

I like the gas mileage. I like the storage space. I don't like the blind spots.

- Erin M

Toyota runs forever. Mine is almost paid off and I plan to drive it for years to come.

Roomy for a small car. It's great on gas. Parts have been easy to find.

- Terra S

good speed, good mileage, great ride,little noisey

Love the performance, need more room, love a little better gas mileage

- Randy S

It's comfortable to drive. It also looks new and comparable to newer cars.

The stylings are perfect. The size is perfect. Great on gas as well.

- Don N

Reliable performance and good gas mileage

Great handling. Very reliable and durable with very good gas mileage

- Alan k

I haven't had any real problems with my car. I have all regular maintenance done. I love driving a stick shift. It shifts very smooth. It's has pretty good mileage. The lumbar support is great for my bad back.

Toyota doesn't make the Matrix anymore. It was/is a great car.

- Marti S

Reliable and dependable car gets me to work daily

I like the size of it and it's good to drive in the winter.

- Susan L

It's quite spacious and has given no problems over the years

I like it's features, it's spacious. Nothing that I dislike

- Nav R

Great gas mileage. Comfortable and spacious. Very reliable.

Very reliable. Great gas mileage. Comfortable and spacious

- Dam C

It is a dependable car. It gets good mileage. I like that it can hold large items. Sort of expensive to repair, but worth it.

When everything works properly, it is a very safe vehicle.

- Janet A

good gas mileage, great safety protocols

it's great, no complaints runs great! stops great.

- Lori D

It is dependable on going places and has good gas mileage.

I wish it was all wheel drive It is very dependable

- Naomi D

not made anymore so sorry suckers

fold flat seats storage space windows aux jack

- Carrie S