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2010 Toyota matrix, a great little hatchback!

My vehicle (Toyota matrix) is wonderful. I haven't had any problems with it other than a recall on one of my airbags, but the Toyota dealership immediately contacted me and fixed it for free. It gets wonderful gas mileage, and drives very smoothly. The seats are adjustable and very comfortable. I am a short person, so I love that the driver's seat can be raised higher. The only thing I do not love is that the columns between the windshield and driver/passenger windows are a bit wide, so I sometimes have to lean to one side to get a good look at a turn. But I have gotten used to that. It has a nice amount of room in the back seat for passengers. And the back seats fold down, which I love! That, combined with the hatchback make it so easy to transport almost anything! My husband and I have even camped out in the back when we couldn't find a hotel room on a trip . It's a great little car.

- Kayla H

My Matrix is a very comfortable, reliable and good looking car.

I feel the car has been very reliable accept, the compressor on the air conditioner just had to be replaced at $1500, which seemed bad to me. Other than that the car has been very reliable. I think the look of the car is very appealing. Even though it is a 9 year old car it is still stylish looking. The car's finish still looks brand new even though the car has never been kept in a garage. I think that it is a very good car. I will always buy a Toyota. The car also feels roomy and comfortable considering it is not a very big car, it feels big inside. I very much like that it is a hatchback, I find that very handy to have. Overall the Matrix has been a very good car!

- kim M

It's Got the Get Up and Go!

It's an incredibly easy car to handle, both on the freeway with lane changes and back roads with curves and hills. Easy to park because of its size, and because of the hatch back, it fits a surprising amount of items. I've used it to move a few times, and it holds as much as some SUVs! The only issue that I am having is the paint top coat has started to turn white and the hood looks awful. I try and park it in places where others won't readily see the hood. I always try and be careful over speed bumps because it has high performance tires, but it's a small price to pay for how safe I feel driving it.

- Kari H

Great size! Small enough to fit in small spaces and good on fuel economy, yet roomy inside and comfortable even for larger adults.

Such a great car! Has AWD and handles great in all weather conditions. Comfortable for larger and taller folks. Fold down seats in back and hatchback allow lots of space when needed. Thoughtful cup holders in front and back and on doors for bottled drinks. Easy to access accessories, including volume on steering wheel. Front seat has lumbar control. Sunroof is a great feature and can be full open or just slightly ajar. Can't say enough good things about this car.

- Laurie T

2010 Toyota Matrix Sport Model.. Speedy, reliable and fun

At first I was off put by this car because for one, it is Orange and two, I had never heard of a Matrix. However it has been the most reliable car our family has had and I love that it is a Toyota. We have had it for two years in October and have had zero problems or repairs, it is speedy and slick and looks even newer than it is. It is also the sport model so it's a little nicer. We are already talking about getting another Matrix in the future

- kendra B

Toyota Matrix = Reliability The hatchback is large and carries lots of cargo

It is very reliable, easy to drive and comfortable. I haven't had any major problems with this car and it has never left me stranded. It has really good pickup and drives well in all kinds of weather: snow, rain, etc. I feel really safe driving this car. It is roomy also for several passengers

- Ellen F

Folding back seats so there's lots of room.

I have had no problems its a good car to get around town. That is all I can say no way can I get 250 characters long in writing about a car. No way, no way, no way, no way, no way. This is not a good question/answer nothing more to say it's just a car, just a car, just a car, just a car.

- Kim R

Toyota matrix is a great little car.

I love this car. It is compact and versatile. Has plenty of room for such a small size and is great on gas mileage. A con is that the seats are uncomfortable for your back when on long trips. I love the back hatch area. It is great for loading up gear and easy to clean.

- Jen S

Comfortable, reliable vehicle.

This car is amazing. Haven't had any real issues until recently. That problem is the muffler but it has over 70,000 miles on it. It drives really well and maneuvers great. It is also very comfortable and reliable. Love the fold down seats and there is a lot of legroom.

- Jeanette H

Reliable but limited trunk space.

I love my car!! I do wish it had all wheel drive for iffy weather conditions. I also wish it had more trunk space. Tough even for a day trip to the beach with boogie boards and coolers. However, zippy has been a reliable member of our family for almost 8 years now.

- Rebecca S

It has never broken or had major issues

Very reliable, only issue is it is only front wheel drive instead of wheel or all wheel. I would enjoy a 4 wheel car better because during snowstorms, heavy rainfall, or bad weather, it is more reliable. However, no major issues have ever occurred with this car,

- Cassie J

It is all wheel drive, but it still gets about 30 mpg highway!

I like that the car is fairly compact, but I still fit inside with a lot of room. It is a hatchback and the seats fold down, so I can also store a lot of cargo. The vehicle has all-wheel drive, which is great for the winter.

- Connor T

It is very affordable, with very low maintenance.

It does not have GPS. Otherwise, it is great on gas mileage, comfort, and easy to drive. Everything is accessible. It has very low maintenance. It handles very well and is excellent on ice and snow.

- Katherine K

The Matrix is a reliable modest Toyota. It has good features.

It is a reliable vehicle.. Toyota is a good car. I liked my Camry better because it was a more expensive car. The Camry I had for over 20 years. The Matrix is newer and I like having a smaller car.

- Anne m

It has been a very low maintenance car. I've had it for almost 9 years and have done very few repairs. Just regular maintenance like oil changes, tires, and brakes.

I love my Toyota Matrix. I like the hatchback style vehicle. It is easier for my dogs to get in and out of. I also like the way the rear seats fold down flat to give the dogs more room.

- Nancy B

It offers airbags and keyless entry with alarm but at high speeds it's handling is shakey

The handling is somewhat poor the miles per gallon are satisfying but the space it offers is unsatisfying to myself and the parking of my vehicle is good as far as parking spaces go.

- Charles C

It's interior is very roomy. the back seats fold flat, and so does the front passenger seat. you can create a lot o cargo space.

it is a compact hatchback. it is very roomy. i love that the back seats fold down so that you have a lot of space. we use it for camping. we can fit all camping supplies easily

- Rita B

How satisfied I am with the efficiency, space and reliability of this car.

It is reliable, has lots of storage room, and has had no major mechanical problems. Dislike, since I bought new tires the hubcaps keep falling off and I need to replace them.

- Varda H

The most important thing is the gas mileage. I get about 10 gallons or so for a full tank while riding on about 26 mpg

Vehicle has not had many required body shops visit. very reliable with great gas mileage city and highway. just has little to no pick up compared to other cars

- Ryan M

Reliable and fun car with a surprising amount of cargo capacity.

It's a great car with a lot of room inside for carrying cargo and virtually maintenance free. I don't like the sport suspension on my current model though.

- Tamara J

Flexibility in cargo space.

Flexibility in cargo space. It is peppy. Decent mpg. But still wish mpg was better. Needs stability and traction control or wad. Needs a fob feature.

- Greg B

Good car, hatchback is nice. You may outgrow it if you have kids.

It's been a good car but is now too small for my family. It's been reliable but sometimes I get random warning lights on the dash for no reason.

- Jill Z

Great on gas. And very fast. Perfect for first time drivers.

Space, and size. Comfortable but wish it was bigger. And higher off the ground. Not bad on gas a all. Getting work done is not that expensive.

- Camille H

The bumpers seem to pop out of one side frequently.

I really enjoy the compact of this car. The gas mileage is fantastic. The maintenance is simple. There is no need to go to a maintenance shop.

- Jennifer B

Is safe for everyone at home.

Very comfortable and very reliable. So cheap to me. Fits to my kids in so many ways. Fits to my work cause I have a long way to go.

- Carla A

Matrix: Fun Body Style and Zippy on the Road

On the whole, I really enjoy my Matrix. The only drawback for me is the lack of space: legroom and cargo room are lacking.

- Heather E

The gas mileage is good. Does very well in extreme weather

I like the gas mileage, good trunk space. I do have to change the brake pads more often than other vehicles I've had though

- Ty P

Blue Matrix 2010 Toyota car

Nice vehicle. It handles good and smooth. No big problems. Just replaced brakes and the tires a few years ago

- Jenny M

Toyota's last a long time with regular maintenance.

It runs well. It looks good. It's easy to drive. I like everything except it doesn't have the smoothest ride.

- Mary B

It's a Toyota! Very safe, good on gas, dependable and small.

I love my vehicle. It is very dependable, safe, comfortable. Good on gas. Small but holds a lot of cargo.

- Gina S

Very fuel efficient. I like the size of the car and the space in the trunk for travel. Only complaint is I feel that the car has worse blind spots than other cars I have driven.

A wonderful and reliable car. Perfect for a student on a budget as I find it to be very fuel efficient.

- Olivia F

It is very versatile. It is suitable for the almost all purpose.

Spacious for a small car, also very mobile. Good fuel economy. The performance is on the weak side.

- Blake T

Toyota doesn't make it anymore. The do a Scion now, but it just isn't the same. The new Scions remind me of the tercel

I would like it to be a little higher. I was used to a higher vehicle, but I do love the style

- lisa m

Reliable little SUV that can drive a family of four cross country.

It has lasted for 9 years. Travelled cross country 3 times. And is great on snow

- Guido C

It's incredibly safe and dependable. The repairs I've had done we're minimal.

Good gas mileage. Dependable and very safe. Tune like it did 9 years ago.

- John R

It car take a hit; low cost and fun for dog transports.

It's sturdy and fun to drive. Great car! Has been low maintenance.

- Floria V

Toyotas are a very reliable car that can travel long distances comfortably

We love our Matrix. It is not new but still drives like it is.

- hannah c



- Donna C

I plan on keeping it because it will last a long time and I like it

it's a different color than most and has lots of room

- earlene V

good gas mileage and can park in most spaces without trouble

It's a stick and it's hard to drive during traffic

- Monica L