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The Prius v, everything but power seats.

The Prius v is a reliable, efficient vehicle perfect for quick errands or long road trips. The Prius v seats are easy to get in and out of and the floor board is low and spacious enough for people and pets with limited mobility. Switching from a vehicle getting 15 mpg to the Prius v getting 45+ mpg was the best choice for a budget conscious family. The Prius v has the great fit and finish you'd expect by Toyota. If I had to come up with a complaint, the Prius v has almost every tech feature wanted in a new car except power seats. The seats in the Prius v are heated and have lumbar support but have manual adjustment bar to move it. Strange option not to have. Overall the Prius v is a dependable, efficient vehicle.

- Melissa H

Prius V's have a lot of room to move in and still get wonderful gas mileage.

I love that my car gets great gas mileage but is not cramped on space. I have a large back-seat area that I can fold chairs over in. That gives me confidence and security because I like that I have the option to pack my important belongings in my car and drive away. I do not like that my car is so low to the floor and this makes it hard to see past taller vehicles when approaching an intersection/stoplight. Also, there is a terrible blind spot in the front of my car where the side view mirror attaches to the vehicle. This makes some tight turns a bit frightening.

- Madison B

The Toyota Prius V is the Best Hybrid Family Car

I love the gas mileage especially about town. If I have friends or family with me and stop to visit someone else, I can leave the car running to keep the cabin cool or warm for my passengers while I visit without using a lot of fuel. I also like the look of my car. A hatchback was not my first choice, but it does come in handy when hauling stuff. It is a 5 passenger, but not the 5 people in my family.( all three of my boys are over 6'2") I also love that the seats in my car don't sit as low as normal cars of Its size, giving everybody more leg room.

- Carey H

It does and performs as advertised.

I like that my vehicle is energy efficient. I like how it handles on the road. I like that the back up camera works well, and still works well after years of using it. I like how the driver's seat adjusts both up and down and front and back. I like how I can easily remove parts to clean them, detail them. I like that oil changes, and maintenance stuff isn't horribly expensive, and parts are usually easy to find.

- Kate w

I love my roomy and gas efficient Prius v!

I have never had any problems with my Prius V. It is very comfortable with plenty of room in the back seats and trunk. I never spend more than $30 at a time buying gas. The car does not have a lot of get up and go unless it is in power mode, but that is not too important to me. The back seats do not get as much air, which can be uncomfortable for passengers until the air has been running for a while.

- Abby N

Toyota, red with tint, and spacious.

The vehicle is sturdy with a spacious back, a full tank of gas lasts about a week with commuting approx 50 miles a day, and has big windows. The issues with the vehicle, like all cars gets recall notices for repairs or upkeep for the computer. Also when I bought the vehicle there weren't any tint on the windows which would have been nice to have it on in the first place.


Reliability is amazing and resale is awesome.

We have had the Prius v for 6 years and have had no issues. There was a computer issue that was fixed under warranty. We have almost 95000 miles and had to replace the tires once. Nothing else has needed repair. We have always completed regular maintenance required. The car is very efficient on fuel and we love it. I cannot say enough great things about it.

- Virginia L

Fuel efficient vehicle for any we're in economy.

Haven't had to change the brake pads in five years, saves gas, really, not too many problems if you keep up with the manufacturer's maintenance. Very good mileage in the city and on the highway. Normal wear and tear on the wheels. Love the part that tells you when you are crossing a line on the highway, sensor to tell you are too close to another vehicle.

- Lane V

It's a wonderful car that helps the environment and saves money at the gas station.

I like that it uses less gas so that I spend less filling the tank. It's roomy enough to put lots of things in. It's very quiet. What I don't like about it is that the steering wheel feels like a toy wheel (cheap plastic) sometimes when I turn fully. The mats in the back shifts very easily and tends to cover up the vent because of this.

- Jeanie W

Room of a crossover drive if a compact car.

I love driving my Prius v. People are always surprised by how much room is inside. It is very comfortable to ride in. I e taken it on several little my trips. It handles like a small car and is easy to park. I have had it over a year and haven't had any issues other than standard maintenance. It has almost 150k miles and drives great.

- Dana R

The mechanisms to turn it on/off and start are different than traditional cars.

It is my mom's, not mine, but I like the rear view camera that lets me see what's behind me while backing out. It is also very comfortable and spacious. Honestly, my biggest complaint is that the Bluetooth or whatever automatically starts playing my phone's itunes playlist when I just want to charge the phone.

- Gracie S

Prius v: the best a man or woman can get?

No problems yet with this vehicle. The ride is smooth and quiet, the stereo system is pretty decent for being stock, it could use something to block more outside noise and when you roll the windows down, it makes the radio have some kind of echo that pisses me off but, other than that, not a bad vehicle.

- Scott M

That the car is very fuel efficient and doesn't require frequent fill ups.

I like that my vehicle is fuel efficient. I only have to fill the tank once every 2 weeks. I also like that it drives smoothly and is very quiet. I also like that it's quite spacious on the inside. I don't have any complaints about the vehicle. There isn't anything that I particularly dislike.

- Maiko H

Very reliable transportation.

The performance of the Prius v is not for anyone who wants muscle. The Prius v is very comfortable and with the seats folded down has the most cargo space in its class. Very economical, 40 to 50 mpg depending on how you drive. Very reliable, I have only had to do routine maintenance.

- Rich H

Prius v. . . Serenity now. . . Keeping the peace.

Prius v is comfortable, quiet ride, safe and reliable. Versatile with fold down rear seats, economical and great for the environment. Great mileage and comfortable in both driver and passenger seating. Smooth ride and maintenance has been relatively simple so far.

- Linda R

Ride in style while saving the earth!

I love my Prius v! I can fit tons of people and stuff and everyone is really comfortable--the back seats even recline! It has great features like navigation system and stereo. My Prius saved me tons of money on gas and, most importantly, helps the environment.

- Liz G

Amazing Toyota Prius pros and cons.

The gas mileage has seemed to decline over the last couple years. The seats are very comfortable. I really enjoy driving the Prius. The sound system is very good. Some of the downfalls of the Prius is the amount of passengers and cargo you can carry.

- Amanda W

It is extremely reliable and safe.

This car benefits me in many ways. I never have to pay a lot for gas and it gets me where I need to be in the safest of ways. This car is very smooth and fast when needed. I truly love this car and recommend it to anyone.

- Mckenna S

It is very comfy. Back seat is super roomy.

We love the economy and comfortable ride. We can go to California and back for about 300. We have always done maintenance and love everything about it. Going to need new tires soon and then we will go cross country again.

- Marcia H

That is is very good on gas mileage and will help the environment (and your pocketbook)!

I love that there is very little gas that I need to put into it. It rides very smoothly and there is a lot of space for my things. It is low enough to not be bumpy and for my dog to jump in and out of without a problem.

- Sonja N

Prius V gets great gas mileage and comfortably fits a family of 4.

I love most things about my Prius. The gas mileage is good, fits a family of 4 comfortably and has been reliable. The front seats are pretty comfortable but the curve of the back feels off from the shape of a human back.

- Tamarah S

Head gasket failure Toyota does not have recall, many people online have said manufacturing defect as many have same problem with the same car

Head to replace engine and catalytic converter at 96000 due to head gasket failure, and head gasket at 160000 again on 2nd engine, Toyota does not have recall, and many people online with same car have the same problem

- Charles A

It's expensive to fix and it doesn't get the gas mileage promised.

I like the potential for high gas mileage and I like the capacity to fit a lot of things in it. I don't like the hybrid system because it's too expensive and quirky. And, we've never gotten the gas mileage advertised.

- Kelly F

The most important thing is that you can get 45 miles per gallon in fuel consumption which saves you money and the environment.

I really like the fuel mileage I get driving. It is about 45 mpg. It is very spacious on the inside and has lots of storage space in the trunk. I feel safe when driving it. There isn't anything that I dislike.

- Christine M

It has a lot of power, get up and go, for a hybrid

Gets 42 + miles to the gallon. Still has plenty of power. You wouldn't think it was an economy car with the power it has. It's so quiet, people who have never been around one are amazed just how quiet it is.

- Wise L

Reliable 2012 Toyota 2012 Prius-V

My Prius is incredibly comfortable and reliable. I love having all the extra space that comes with the V model. I've had no issues with it. And the only part I've had to replace in nearly 7 years is the battery.

- Beth G

Prius V - best of all worlds

The gas mileage is great (about 45mpg) and it has plenty of room. I don't care about sped, but it is quick enough, especially in Power mode. No problems, just wish it were a little higher off the ground.

- James H

Eco-Friendly Without Sacrificing Handling and Comfort

Fantastic card! Comfortable ride, easy handling, and kind to the environment. I bought it for the hybrid feature (45 miles per gallon, virtually no polluting air emissions). It truly is my dream car.

- Bebe R

The Prius V is a very fuel efficient vehicle and offers lots of versatility.

The Prius V is a versatile vehicle with great gas mileage. The look is a bit bland, but part of being a gas efficient car. It is reliable and so far no big repair is on the horizon. Would buy again.

- Marcus Z

It is spacious. It is great for the environment. Saves lots of money on gas. Is reliable.

I love my vehicle because the only problem that I have had with it so far is the tires. I have changed the tired multiple times. It is excellent on gas and I feel like I am helping the environment.

- Katherine S

Safe, comfortable, and efficient

My car has been very reliable and has not had any major issues over the 51,000 miles I've driven it. I feel very safe and comfortable driving it. I also save a lot on gas driving the prius.

- Karen M

My Non-Damaged Well Performing Toyota Prius

My vehicle is great! It has no problems and around 70000 miles on it is performing well. It is very comfortable and includes many modern features including bluetooth, extra cup holders etc.

- David M

2012 Toyota Prius V -Best Vehicle Ever

2012 Prius v We've had our car for five years, driven it all over the western us. Have had zero major problems. Just normal maintenance. Great gas mileage. Averaging 40 mpg. Love this car!

- Keely B

It can become expensive of repairs are required.

Excellent on gas mileage. When something breaks it can be expensive to fix. I had problems with my break system and had to take it to the dealership. It was almost $6000 dollars to fix.

- Kristen O

A hybrid has 2 batteries and uses electric as well as fuel power

has lots of features but needs babysitting when it sits more than 10 days while i am out of town. Very annoying as my friends are not near me locally.

- Rosalie J

The small back window blind spot. The lift up extra storage in the back.

The rear view window is not as wide as I would like. The blind spots are too big. I like the gas mileage and it has more cup holders than my last car. I love the blue color.

- Ruth M

The most important thing about the Prius V is that it gets great gas mileage, but also drives well and accelerates quickly.

I love that it shows me when my car is using gas or electric. Great gas mileage, drives well, plenty of features. The only dislike I have is that I don't like hatchbacks.

- Stephanie E

Roomy. Versatile. Good on gas. Love the sunroof. Nav is easy to use.

steering wheel does not telescope enough. Better than the regular Prius I used to drive. Mileage is better than the average car, but not as good as it was in my Prius.

- Jarvis B

Itis a reliable car and gets about 48/mpg.

I like the low gas mileage and that it is mechanically well made car. . I dislike that a lot of the parts are not metal. The fenders and bumpers are fiberglass.

- Helen L

Very spacious interior. Great reliability.

Very reliable and comfortable car. The interior is extremely spacious and holds a lot of cargo. No performance issues a all. Wish it had a navigation system.

- Tanya H


This is a wonderful vehicle. It gets great gas mileage. It is very spacious inside and allows us to carry many items to our son's house when we visit.

- rick D

It gets good gas mileage.

I like that it gets good gas mileage. It has a lot of room in the back for hauling stuff. It is comfortable to drive. I have no complaints.

- Karen C

Great gas mileage for a wagon

I like the gas mileage and the trunk space. The seatbelt buckles are very difficult to use with car seats. They sit very far down in the seat.

- Karen B

It gets good gas mileage and it is roomy and comfortable

I like that it is a hybrid and it is easy to drive It has good legroom if you are sitting in the back seat and it has plenty of storage room

- Bonnie H

Save money and save the earth!

Great car- easy to drive, fuel efficient to the max! Great cargo room that seats five people. Only need to fill up the tank once a month!

- Andy S

Great gas mileage. Good size trunk space.

Hard to see out back passenger window. Car seat does not seem to fit or lock in properly. Small back seat makes it harder to see babies.

- Meg C

Save gas and save environment, it uses much less gas, and won't pollute the air

Save gas, save my time to go to gas station. quiet, driving without big noise. reliable, already drove more than 120000, looks good

- Helen Y

Great gas mileage, goes fast.

Roomie - like.. Good gas mileage - like.. Good sound system - like.. Uncomfortable seats - dislike.. So many checkups - dislike.

- Lea G

The blind spots are pretty big. Also its a flimsy model and dents easily.

I like the cargo room. The seats gold down to allow more room. The nbn backup camera is extremely helpful. I save a ton on gas.

- Bree U

It is a very flexible easy to drive and maintain car.

The car is reliable, roomy, easy to drive and comfortable.. Could be a little faster of the line, but the mpg are outstanding.

- Alan G

It does really great on gas mileage.

Does great on gas. Easy to drive. Lots of storage space. Easy to find parking space. No complaints. Could be a little quieter.

- Sara W

It's a roomy and extremely fuel efficient car

I really like the fuel efficiency. The car itself is super comfortable with good room all around. It has a lot of back space

- Greggory E

Save gas, save environment

I like it, Oil efficiency, very quiet, durable. The only drawback is acceleration is slow, but that's ok for me, not big deal

- bi J

Really Awesome toyota prius V

My prius has been a great gas saving g, reliable vehicle. I have not had any problems with it and it is still going strong.

- Karen W

It gets fabulous mileage, even after six years and 72000 miles

Very spacious, comfortable ride, great mileage. Easy to clean, quiet ride. Still looks new after 6 years, low maintenance

- Maureen S

A Prius V has a great amount of storage .

My Prius V has been a joy to own.It drives beautifully and gets great mileage.It has a great amount of interior storage .

- Joan P

The gas mileage is very fascinating. In city like Seattle it must to have a Prius.

I use it for number only and to get around. I love how it saves gas. I do not like how its build like a family van.

- I E

If you are looking for zero to sixty in 7 seconds, this the Prius is not for you.

Very dependable. Great gas mileage. Comfortable ride. The Prius is our go to vehicle for long trips and vacations.

- Richard H

great car for anyone too bad they stopped making it

very fuel efficient and spacious hybrid. room for family of 5 on long road trips. golf bags fit; bikes on back.

- mary e

It is great on gasoline mileage.

It is comfortable, dependable and gets excellent mileage. I wish it had a better turning radius while parking.

- Linda H

Great energy saving vehicle

I like the great gas mileage. The only thing I don't Really like is how it holds up to the wind. Moves a lot.

- Monica B

The gas miser. Has a lot of room for a hybrid.

Good on gas. Lacks power. Brakes make noise. Very roomy and comfortable. Nice looking vehicle. Very reliable.

- Steven G

There is more space than you think.

Love the gas mileage and reliability. Would have like to have have more bells and whistle for the price.

- Lori K

It is half gas and half electric. It doesn't need to be plugged in

The love the look, comfort and gas mileage. It's not great in snow but I don't work so can stay home

- Joyce H

safe,get up and go like any car as a hybrid -good ok

I get excellent mileage, have had no problems-200,000 miles very small oil used-replaced brakes once

- Will K

Hybrid, good gas mileage 42 miles/gal

no problems handles the road well, great gas mileage 42 miles/gallon. Hybrid we truly love this car.

- Ronald H

It is one of the, if not the, best cars on the road for fuel economy.

I love my Prius. I get excellent gas mileage and save money. My car is comfortable and spacious.

- Moira M

It is very economic and efficient. It is good for the environment.

It is the perfect size for my needs. It gets really good gas mileage. I can park anywhere.

- Michelle P

It is a fuel efficient vehicle and don't have to change the oil as often.

I like how quiet the vehicle is. It gets good gas mileage. I like the look of it.

- Morgan P

It's a hybrid gas/electric engine

I like the fuel economy and dependability. I wish it had a better turning radius

- Linda H

I like that the vehicle gets good gas mileage and is very efficient. I do not like that there is only seating for 5.

The Toyota Prius is one of the most efficient gas mileage vehicles in the US.

- Tara L

Spacious, economical reliability!

Reliable, economical, spacious, no major repairs. No complaints whatsoever!

- Don H

I wish it were larger to fit my kids more easily. I love the gas mileage.

It's a reliable car, gets great mileage, and has lasted us for many years.

- Melissa T

Great for city driving and every day errands- not so good in bad weather

Love the fuel efficiency but not enough power to accelerate and go uphill

- Andre S

It's a good size and gets good gas mileage for the price.

Like the size. Dislike the color and interior. Dislike the gas pedal.

- Joyce F

Good looking vehicle with lots of space and great gas mileage.

It's comfortable to drive. Gets good gas mileage. Lots of cargo room.

- Robert S

Great gas mileage and easy to drive

Great gas mileage; navigation system; bluetooth; USB connectivity

- Shang H

Save gas, save environment, no gas smells, good to health

Easy to drive, save gas, school parking priority is high

- Lu S

excellent ratio of cargo space to gas mileage

energy efficiency; storage space; quietness

- Robert S