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The Toyota sequoia a versatile vehicle for family use and power.

The Toyota sequoia is a powerful and comfortable car. This car is great for a wide variety of people. Powerful enough pull trailers or tow boats and handles off road quite well. It's good for family use as the availability of middle and rear seats the sequoia can hold up to 8 passengers. Some of the downsides are the cars low gas mileage mean that trips to the gas station are more frequent than other cars. Another downside is that the vehicle is very large and that means a poor turning radius and difficulty parking. With the seats removed I use my sequoia for comfortable car camping and one of my favorite features is the power back window that allows you to open and close it. This is a great car that I will use until it dies.

- Aidan F

2001 Toyota Sequoia - A fun, reliable, and comfortable vehicle

My Sequoia has over 140k miles and I've never had any major problems with it. The performance is great, a lot of power and I'm able to tow my travel trailer. The seats are comfortable and the driver's seat is adjustable to the exact spot I want it. Both front seats are heated which is nice for the cold winter months. I love the sun roof/moon roof combo. The 3rd row of seats is nice when I need to haul more than 5 people around. The rear door opens all the way up, but I can also just roll the rear window down so I can easily grab items out of the back. Off roading is great and the push button 4x4 makes it so easy!

- Heather T

Sequoia smooth buy pricey

I love that the Sequoia has lots of space. It's super comfortable on long trips. The seats fold completely up making getting in and out easy. Also you can remove the back seats to increase storage space. What do I not love? Gas mileage! It's expensive to drive since it has a V8. Also, it's huge so it can be difficult to maneuver in and out of tight spaces. The verdict? Toyota reliability but prepare to pay for that comfort!

- Sarah V

Terrible undercarriage. Rusts too easy.

It runs very well. The body has issues with rust on the frame. The undercarriage rusts so bad that it affects the ball joints, rack and pinion, and the axles. It still is a smooth running car, but everything else under it is terrible. The power steering box started leaking and it's a terror to steer. It costs me 2 quarts of power steering fluid daily, just to drive to where I need to go. Generally, just 10 miles.

- Christie M

2001 Toyota Sequoia. Not the prettiest car, but the most reliable.

It's an extremely reliable car, runs great, has few to no issues other than simple maintenance which we are able to take care of ourselves. It is not beautiful considering it is older and has over 200, 000 miles but it's comfy, safe, and extremely reliable. There are no bells and whistles, just a plain and simple 2001 truck/SUV. We will absolutely be buying another Sequoia once this one is not drivable.

- Grant F

I love my Toyota Sequoia AKA Big Greenie.

I love my Sequoia. It has been the most reliable car ever. It is roomy, has a great ride. This car seats 8 people very comfortably. The only issues I've had is with a little rust on the frame. Regular maintenance is an oil change. It is getting a little older so there have been some repairs that are expensive, but, the repairs are much less than a new car. I love my Sequoia.

- Nicki L

Reliable time tested performance.

My Toyota sequoia is very reliable in performance. It is roomy for all our travel needs and is comfortable for long trips. As a 17 year old vehicle, it is still very dependable and has had very few maintenance issues over the years. I would easily make the same the vehicle decision again if I am in the market for a new vehicle.

- Carol J

Very comfortable vehicle and great for families.

It has been very reliable. I enjoy the space it provides for me and my family. Seats are very comfortable for long trips. Lots of legroom in the back. I enjoy that you can take out the third row if you need. We haven't had any major problems and we drive it often back and forth from work to home and on long trips.

- Tara J

Toyota Sequoia, fantastic vehicle to own on a long-term basis! Super reliable.

Had my Toyota Sequoia for several years. It is solid with performance and handling. This one currently has 373 thousand miles on it, and I intend to drive it at least $600,000 miles. Very minimal major problems. As with most vehicles, you have to keep up regular maintenance diligently.

- Donald W

Love my Toyota Sequoia 💯😍.

It is a great family car. Specially because it is roomy and very comfortable for long trips. We do lots of Disney trips. The seats are leather and clean easy. You can make room by removing the back seats. The car has lots of room for bags. It is very high and you feel safe.

- Linda G

it�s a charcoal grey 2003 Toyota Sequoia

Usually a good smooth ride occasionally run into problems with the key not turning itself and the steering wheel locking up. Other than this it's a pretty good drive besides the mileage it gives you with gas. Money is spent A LOT trying to keep gas in there

- Chris G

It fits 8 very comfortably.

I like the space and the ability to occupy 8 seats. My favorite part of this vehicle is that all my kids are comfortable with 2 seats unoccupied. I also love the moon roof. I dislike how much gas it uses. Also since it is older, you can see it inside.

- Reuben M

It is comfortable! Have taken it on several long trips and the large seats are very comfortable.

I like my 2001 Toyota Sequoia and have had no complaints about it since I purchased it new in 2001. The SUV is still current looking, has large seats, seats 7 plus driver, and is easy to maintain. Nice vehicle!

- Andrew D

Break system and abs system and cost

I love it! Only thing that has went wrong are the brakes abs system we replaced the front ones and rotors but still doing the same thing so guess we'll have to replace the back ones and see if that is the issue

- Rebecca B

Very solid and dependable. Also, because of Its size, it is a very safe vehicle.

Love my Sequoia. I have had no major mechanical issues. Starts and runs great every time. I do the maintenance as required and have even changed the timing belt. She is over 300k miles.

- Kevin s

That it is still running after 250,000 miles and runs great

I love how much stuff it can hold. I hate how much gas it uses and wish it were electric and less costly to maintain. I like how it drives. I dislike how the space is created

- Jahcobie C

My Toyota has room, comfort , and safety all rolled into one. Terrific vehicle for Rocky Mountain living.

Love my Sequoia. Over 300k miles and runs good. Always stars, lots of room, goes anywhere, and very safe. I don't have to worry about my wife driving in Denver traffic.

- Kevin C

It is paid for and I feel safe in it.

I love the reliability of Toyota. I feel safe in this vehicle because it is very big. My only dislike is that it cost a lot for gas. Also, I wish I had a newer one.

- Marsha C

She may be old, but she's well maintained.

She's huge and comfy. I love to brag about how many people I can fit and how many cup holders there are. She takes a lot of fuel but it's worth it!

- Angela D

I love how big it is. There is tons of legroom and cargo space. But, it drives like a car and turns on a dime.

I love the size and that it seats 8 people. I love how it is higher than most vehicles and very durable. I just wish it had better gas mileage.

- Michelle M

It's huge, but will take a lot of gas because of that.

For the most part, it is a great vehicle. I love the power and the size. The biggest downside is the gas mileage. Other than that, It's awesome!

- Matthew A

Very poor gas mileage and is way to underpowered for it is size.

Uses too much gas expensive to repair, is not a truck, too many cheaply made plastic parts that break easily, do not want an SUV any longer.

- William C

It is a great family car, used it for vacations, soccer games & tournaments, lots of travel.

I love my Sequoia, it has been very durable & long lasting. It has over 200,000 miles on it & I plan on keeping it for as long as I can.

- Debbie D

Known issues with the back hatch getting stuck.

I love the 3rd row seating and extra room. I also like that it is not a huge SUV. The only thing I dislike is the back hatch jams.

- Lisa D

It has a sunroof heated seats and a great sound system

I love my Toyota sequoia it is very roomy it is great for when you go on trips it runs and drives great to be an older models

- Mya L

Luxury Vehicle with Top Notch Safety Features!

This is the first vehicle I've ever had where I can truly say that I feel SAFE...safe on the road with my kids and family.

- Sarah N

The most important thing about my truck is how long they last my truck is now 17 yrs old and run just as good now.

I love the way my truck drives, its is easy to handle and fits me perfect. I like all the room I have in my truck.

- Ashley R

it is super reliable and comfortable

I think It's a great vehicle that has lasted a long time. It has run great with a minimum amount of maintenance.

- Matt R

It big comfortable and suitable for family.

Its convenient to use comfortable , suitable for family especially if you have kids. But eat to much gasoline.

- May T

Only get it if you're wanting something that accelerates extremely easily.

I love the 3 row seating. Have had this car for over 10 years, has been a great car. Very dependable vehicle.

- Kris W

The gas mileage is not good.

My SUV has room for my entire family. It is comfortable to travel in. I do wish the gas mileage was better.

- Tracy S

This car is spacious but a gas hog

I really like the space it offers, however; it is a gas hog. It rarely breaks down and is very comfortable.

- jake n

Toyota is a very dependable and reliable maker of vehicles

It has been very reliable and trouble free in all the years I've owned it and it is still running strong.

- Missi T