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Vehicle has great mileage, it is durable, and reliable.

It is a good vehicle for carrying furniture and other things, if you have a need for it. I am not particularly in need of a pickup truck, but it is a reliable vehicle, it is durable, it lasts, and it gets the job done. With the size, it is not too big to drive, and it does not feel ridiculous when driving it out on the rode. It depreciates like any good vehicle, but the depreciation does not make it work any less efficiently than it should and it is usually easy fixes and it is back to being good as new.

- Megan R

Handles towing up to 10 thousand lbs.

We bought the tundra for towing purposes. The tundra is great for towing a camping trailer, handles it with ease. It is also very roomy inside. Plenty of legroom in the backseat for passengers. Love that it has 4 doors, for ease of people getting in & out. Plenty of room in the truck bed for hauling extra camping supplies. This truck has been perfect for us!

- Rachel S

120,000 miles, and going strong!

I've had my Tundra for 8 years, and it still looks great. I have had very few problems with it. The only time it's been in the shop for other than routine maintenance was this past year, when I had a tie rod come loose. Not too bad for 8 years and over 120,000 miles. My friends all love to take trips in "the big truck" too, so I'm usually the driver.

- Kellie H

I have not had a good run through with this truck.

It has the best gas mileage ever but the one problem I have is the breaks and the oil always leaking out. And the brake lights not always coming on when you break at a stop light. That is why these trucks are not the best. But the good parts are they have heated seats good radio and extra leg room.

- Amy M

good but could be better. need better gas mileage

My wife loves the high view of the vehicle, and i love the 12 inches of ground clearance. i wish the rear differential ratio was more suited to better gas mileage. i have installed 275.65.20 tires to improve gas mileage. it's still not good enough

- joseph p

It runs good on highway, good fuel for mile

I like the engine power of it, it can pull good, it has a sharpening design and a good size rear storage with tie downs and a covered bottom for protection

- Melissa W

Black 4x4 Toyota Tundra. Baddest truck on the road. Just awesome.

Best truck I have ever owned. Powerful dependable and plenty if space. Faster than most cars and definitely than any stock truck I have owned


I love the dependability of my truck, the way it rides and the comfort in the cab. The roominess allows 5 people to sit comfortably and I can haul many items for projects. Overall, an excellent vehicle. Even the gas mileage is better than an older truck I had that was smaller.

Great value for the price. This truck is great for families and for business people that need a dependable vehicle that can tow.

- Chris S

Radio stereo car Wifi games.

I love the car even though it is old I think my car needs support it is a computer and a whole new radio.

- Thomas O

Very economical, looks great

I love the ease of driving it and the fuel economy

- Margaret M