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A great truck with fantastic reliability from all systems.

The Toyota Tundra is a full size pickup truck with a 5. 7 liter v8 engine. It has 4 doors and a sliding window as the rear window. The bed is treated with a rhino type spray on bedliner. The tailgate has gas shocks to slow the dropping of the tail gate which prevents the tailgate from becoming damaged when dropped. The truck is also equipped with a towing package which includes oil and transmission coolers. The Toyota Tundra with the v8 engine and tow package is capable of towing over 10, 000 pounds without any modifications. I purchased this vehicle as a replacement for my prior truck which was a 2008 Toyota Tundra. This new truck was the same model as the older model but came with some enhancements. Like Bluetooth connections to the entertainment system for the phone and music. The first 2008 Toyota Tundra I drove for 4 years and I had not one problem with the truck. I changed the oil on a regular interval and it was still running strong when I traded it for the new one. I have now been driving the new Toyota Tundra for 3 1/2 years and have not had even the slightest problem with this truck. The only thing I have had to replace is the worn out tires.

- Shannon C

Can't beat a made in America Toyota Tundra

I love my Toyota Tundra. It is very comfortable to drive. It handles very well. It has a lot of features to make any trip easy, from going to the grocery store to towing a camping trailer across the state. The 4 wheel drive and antilock brakes also make it very safe on any road condition you encounter on those trips. With the full crew cab the passengers in the back seat have plenty of legroom. I just wish that all of the passengers could enjoy the adjustable lumbar support that the driver has and that the rear passengers had better air flow. Two tiny little air vents really doesn't cut it.

- Laura C

Great family car, fits 6 people including 3 car seats/boosters in the back seat. Very spacious and reliable.

I love my Toyota tundra! I love that we can fit our 3 kids in the back and still can fit me and 2 other people up front. It is comfortable and spacious. We get use out of the bed of the truck a lot. It's perfect for our family. It is very reliable. We have not had any issues with it since we have had it in all the three years. We just recently replaced the brakes and tires but that's normal wear and tear.

- Melissa C

If you want a excellent driving truck that hauls like nothing is behind it.

The Toyota tundra is a comfortable riding truck. Handles really well in all types of weather. The tundra holds its value. Gets average gas mileage for a truck. We have towed a horse trailer as well as a regular utility trailer with a good size tractor on the back, load of mulch, the tundra towed like there wasn't anything behind it.

- Shelly S

Roomy back seat - enough for 3 people and Labrador retriever to comfortably ride.

Very comfortable, rides great, wonderful features and very sturdy. We have enjoyed having the open bed to haul and transport different things. The leather is very nice quality and we love the seat warmers. Our favorite feature is the size of the back seat. There is a lot of legroom, we can fit three people and our dog no problem.

- Lynne S

The truck has wonderful luxurious leather and great leg room.

The truck is super comfortable and has a ton of leg room in the back seat. It has a covered bed that is helpful for hauling. It rides nice and smooth and has luxurious leather in it. The nose is rather long and sometimes that makes it hard to park. It has a rear view backup camera that is helpful. Overall this is a great truck.

- Melanie H

Room for the whole family!

My Toyota tundra is very comfortable and spacious. It is very durable and can be used for work and fun. The only thing that I wish was better is the gas mileage. We are a family of six with my four children and my wife. The tundra allows us to travel as a family with great comfort. I love my tundra.

- Jacob D

If you want a vehicle that is good on fuel this is not the vehicle for you. However if you like quality Toyota is bar none.

Towing capacity and comfort have to be my most favorite part of owning this vehicle. I bought in mind for long trips while having the capability to haul a travel trailer. My least favorite issue with owning such a large vehicle is the fuel economy; I average 13 mpg in town and 16 on the highway.

- Barry S

Why I love my tundra and would never get another vehicle.

It performs awesome. I love driving it and seeing over other cars because I so high up. I love the 4 wheel drive so when it snows I am not stuck and still can go to work. It is high cost but they keep their value more than other vehicles. My husband loves to drive it because it as a hemi engine.

- Danny B

It is perfect for my farming, hunting, and fishing needs.

Toyota Tundra are amazing! They have a smooth comfortable ride while driving with lots of room to stretch. They also tow wonderfully for your everyday needs with no issues. I have to commute to work and for a bigger truck, it has good gas mileage compared to even some smaller trucks.

- Nicole F

My Toyota tundra and just some of threading I like and recommend it.

Rides better than any other comparable truck I have ridden in. Gas mileage is better than I expected it to be for a larger pickup. Has a large cab with plenty of room for 5 people to comfortably ride in. I would definitely look into purchasing another Toyota tundra in the future.

- Todd L

Toyota tough is the way to go.

I love my Toyota tundra because it is very tough and with 4 wheel drive you can go basically anywhere with it. Also what I like about it is the fact that it actually has a CD player,most new vehicles don't come with that and that is so annoying. This is a very reliable vehicle.

- Christina R

Toyota tundra- extended cab.

Great ride, high up and lots of power. Ride is smooth and hauls a large load. Spacious interior. Only negative is the gas mileage. Traveling long distance allows for comfort and a lot of room to pack things. Low maintenance requirement so far. Very safe vehicle.

- Shelley C

Runs good fest nice color break address.

I love it what’s a good truck drives great would not trade it for anything would recommend my Toyota to anyone and everyone just amazing trip good on long drives daily use the only thing is it didn't go out again so anyway it is a great vehicle loaded to get.

- Timmy S

Never has had a problem and I keep it regularly checked up with what is stated in the owner's manual

It has enough room with comfortable seating. Solid dashboard with enough storage and tech for music with my phone. Good storage in the bed and comes with truck bed covers. The mpg is not the best compared to a car but since I need to carry a lot it's great.

- Robert P

No regrets on my Toyota tundra purchase!

I absolutely love my Toyota tundra! It has the extra large cab and is so roomy! It also has a very smooth ride than what I was expecting! I love the sunroof and really like that the back window slides down as well! Definitely would make this purchase again!

- Michelle A

It makes me feel bigger than I am and more safe than I would in a small car.

I like that it's big enough to transport passengers and products. I like the backup camera in it which helps me stay safe. In addition, I like that if I were to get into an accident, I'd probably be safer in a big car than a small one.

- Janey J

Great everyday truck that can do it all.

My truck is a mid grade vehicle. Absolutely no problems or issues. I have pulled trailers and hauled a ton of rocks and the truck does both with no issue as well. It is a great truck with great quality and reliability.

- Matt M

The most important thing to know about my vehicle is the amount of legroom in the back seat is perfect for both children and adults.

I love this vehicle. It has plenty of room for my family to sit comfortably. We added a bed cover during our purchase and it has made traveling a breeze. It also has a great style, so I love the look of it as well!

- Elli W

It is very dependable. It will get you from point a to point b in comfort.

I love the sizing of the vehicle and the Platinum features. It is a very dependable truck. I have had 2 in my lifetime. My previous one protected my family well in a accident. I would not buy another vehicle.

- Matthew G

The fact that it is made with very dependable parts and material.

The space inside the vehicle is comfy. You have a lot of space to use in the back of the truck to haul. Great engine for harder hauls. Handles really well in steering and power for any terrains.

- Joshua S

Headlights are not very good when driving at night.

Headlights are not great at night due to design of housing. TRD Pro trim comes with road tires. Truck drives great and definitely FEELS like a truck. The larger 5.7 engine is a must.

- Jacob S

Great value! I would definitely buy again!

No problems, Comfortable ride, Great in snow, Plenty of power, Tow haul mode is an amazing feature, Reliable, Interior is beautiful, Plenty of room for passengers.

- jessica p

It is well built and only regular maintenance is required.

It is dependable mode of transportation. I have never had any major issues with the quality... Love the way it handles and for a pickup, it get good gas mileage..

- Sherry W

I have always wanted Toyota and think they are one of most dependable trucks on the market

It is very comfortable for a truck. It does not have as much back room but enough. It does have a V8 but does like gasoline. Well worth money for Toyota brand.

- Donna P

It is strong and durable. Excellent in winter weather.

I love the safety that it provides. It is comfortable, practical, spacious and very useful when shopping for large items or going skiing. Love this truck!!!

- Delia J

Toyota Tundra extended cab.

Our Toyota Tundra is sturdy, reliable and beautiful! We can fit the whole family in the extended cab and pull out camper too! We will always buy Toyota!

- Emily J




Not driven nearly as much.

I like the comfort, the power, the seats, durability. It is low maintenance. It hauls what we want to haul...... I wish it had more options.

- Chris D

Tundra's are excellent vehicles

I love my truck, it saved mine and my daughters life in an accident. If we were in another vehicle we would've been severely hurt or worse.

- Rebecca M

The capability of towing.

Dependability, and room in the back seat is unbelievable. The safety for the truck, the mileage is great for a full size truck.

- Kelly R

It's super reliable and nice.

I love almost everything about my Tundra except for the gas mileage. I wish Toyota can do something with the terrible mileage.

- Bill C

There is a lot of room in the crew cab. The back seats fold up for convenience.

Great mileage, reliable vehicle, lots of room in the crew cab, back seat folds up for even more storage for cargo or pets.

- Carol T

Have dual exhaust and it's the off road edition love the sound of them. Best truck I've ever heard.

Truck is amazing performance is great have no issues with anything. It's very reliable. Have all the bells and whistles.

- Mark N

It rides well like a car but has the performance of a car

I absolutely love my Tundra it has been the best truck I have owned , it rides like a car but does well in the winter

- Krissy W

It's worth every dime you pay for it! Great gas mileage, it hold its value, and nothing ever goes wrong with it. I have people everyday saying that they love my truck! It's beautiful!

I love that it has enough leg room for everyone. The seats are big and comfortable. And the interior is beautiful!

- Cheryl H

Great performance and reliability. Also has great resale value.

Great performance and mechanical reliability. Poor fuel economy and outdated technology but will keep forever.

- Marion S

My vehicle is a tough and comfortable vehicle.

I like my Toyota Tundra because the bed has enough room to haul what I need and the interior is comfortable.

- Michael M

My truck was $15k cheaper than any other comparable truck, brand new.

My truck is lifted and black/black paint. The gas mileage is great and Toyota is a trustworthy auto maker.

- Larry M

It fits me perfect, I have no problems, I feel you know the car or truck when you see it I did.

I have no complaints about my truck, this is one of my bucket list of things to do before I retire.

- Cheryl M

It is large and has a lot of space for many things.

it is large and has plenty of space. It is a good durable car. It allows me to do what I want.

- matthew c

It drives well. We have over 100k Miles in the truck and haven't had any reliability issues. It's comfy for the family and does all the truck stuff. I do wish it had a little more power for towing.

The trd package makes it sound super sexy. I get compliments often from strangers

- Sarah H

It has a lot of power. It has a lot of room for stretching

I like the towing capacity I like the power I like the size I like the room

- Thomas F

Looks great and has lots of power. Really hauls ass

I love it. Lots of power and drives smooth. Can haul almost anything in it

- Seth A

Dependable and rides great

I like everything about my truck The only dislike is the gas mileage.

- Ron B

Toyota's are built to last forever. Its a low maintenance vehicle. I do not like the gas mileage on my truck.

The most important thing about Toyota Tundra's are they are reliable.

- Lori W

Its super reliable and has great stability in snowy conditions

I love how big she is, how safe she is, how shiny she is!

- Jordan W

good acceleration and good pickup

great engine. great look. great acceleration

- anup D