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Toyota tundra great truck the rear window rolls down to. It cool to watch.

The things I love about my tundra are it is very roomy, the back seats give extra leg room a lot of extra legroom. The seats are very comfortable especially for long trips. You can have your cell phone hooked into the truck system itself and answer calls with a touch of a button. It has cruise control it has a very smooth ride even over speed bumps.It's a big truck which makes me feel safe. It's not like little trucks where you are so close to the ground. I would not trade my truck for anything. The not so great things are it's a gas hog, parts are hard to find for this truck body shops have to special order parts. The truck bed itself is only 5 and a half feel long. Its shorter than others. But all and all I think this is a great truck.

- Cindy C

The truck is dark grey, double cab and cloth seats.

The truck is a great truck but just a little out of date. Instead of being able to play my phone through the radio or connecting my phone through Bluetooth, I have to use the AUX cord. If I do not have the cord then the radio it is. The truck is smooth driving with a big bed on the back. The thing I do not like about the truck is the gas mileage. The gas mileage is not worth much. I drive 20 mins to work everyday then 20 mins back home. Six days a week I am driving to work and have to fill my gas tank at least twice. This is what kills me about gas and trucks.

- Austin A

My vehicle is dependable on winter roads and useful for off-road type work.

It's big enough and powerful enough to pull a trailer. We live in the country and utilize the truck bed for many things. It's also 4 wheel drive which is important in our area because we get snow and winter weather about 5 months out if the year. The only dislike about the truck is the interior, I wish it was "tougher", it always seems dirty and is difficult to clean, between little kids and living out of town it gets pretty messy.

- Laice D

Beautiful gray/silver car with 2 front seats and 3 back seats.

My vehicle is great for many reasons. The first reason is because I just over all love the way it looks. My second reason is because I love the way it drives. It works very well, and the miles on it are also fantastic. It even has a TV on the back which makes it perfect for long trips. This summer I even drove it to Arizona with the family. Overall I really recommend the car.

- Arie G

Very reliable and strong engine.

It has been a very good truck. Reliable and strong. Purchased the basic interior. Vinyl floor and seats no added electronics. Very comfortable seats and interior. Also, strong engine. We have hauled a lot with this truck and it has never let us down. We plan on keeping the truck and will purchase another Tundra in the future.

- Susan S

The limited addition has the emblem of whatever state you buy it in.

I have never had any problems at all with my truck. It has been a very good one. It is a limited edition I just wish they came in any color besides silver. If you are making a long trip it's perfect because it's great on gas mileage it can be a standard are an automatic and the back seat has a lot of room.

- Lisa . C

Rock solid reliable truck you will love.

My Toyota tundra is super reliable. You can always count on this truck to get you to and from home safely. It always starts and runs well it is the old tried and true and we love it! I would certainly recommend a Toyota tundra for anyone looking for a truck with excellent reliability and resale value.

- Sandy J

The dependable pickup truck.

My vehicle has a decent amount of space, not only for people to fit into it but also for equipment. It runs well with regular maintenance and has had no major issues. It's a great vehicle to use for work. Not too big and not too small. Even with fairly high mileage it still performs awesome.

- Amanda M

Looks tough and also acts tough.

No problems at all, very reliable love the backup camera, seats are comfortable, has a lot of get up and go. Only gets about 15 miles to the gallon city. I am tall and do not have a problem getting in the cab. Shorter people would probably like to have the extended step to get in.

- Nan M

Why to buy a Toyota tundra.

Really a great truck. Excellent vehicle support from the dealer. Would buy another one tomorrow if I needed it. Great driving, reasonable fuel mileage. Really great towing and hauling capacity. This vehicle is a great value for the money. It is never given me any trouble. .

- Clement P

It's a great truck and safe, and decent gas mileage.

Very reliable, very safe, it's fun to drive, great in the snow and bad weather, bought my first Tundra in 2001 and I have owned one ever since, myself and my wife and daughter an son-in-law own Tundra, I know someday my son will buy one, I love the black one I have.

- Gary H

Spacious and comfortable Toyota tundra.

Interior is very spacious and is capable of being a family vehicle because there is ample room for car seats. Adults will not feel cramped if sitting in the back alongside a car seat. Makes long road trips very comfortable. Handles well in inclement weather.

- Jose A

From my experience Toyota tundra's are the most reliable trucks on the road.

I like how smooth my tundra drives. I really like the back up camera and caution sensors that help when backing up into tight spaces. I really do not have any complaints about my tundra. I have driven it over 150, 000 miles and haven't had a single problem.

- Mark P

Tundra pickup truck is a genuine workhorse.

Although offered only as a half-ton model, our 2012 Toyota tundra full-size pickup is a very capable machine, with horsepower and towing. This pickup is the ultimate people-hauler and can easily carry 6 adults. The tundra will hold excellent resale value.

- Cheryl E

It is sometimes difficult to see all surroundings -- especially in confined situations.

It's great for hauling stuff. Can get all of our camping gear into the bed. It's been very reliable -- no major mechanical issues. As easy to drive as a car. Gas mileage could be better. It is a tight fit in our garage.

- Ken O

It is in great shape in every way. Strong and appearance are good

The truck is a great trailer puller, comfortable, and easy to drive. Moving a year and a half ago was helped by the truck. On the other hand, parking is sometimes a bit difficult due the size and gas seems to go faster

- Bob M

Toyota Tundras are the best built trucks on the road!

Nothing but love for my truck. It sits up high and rides super smooth. The interior is roomy, quiet, and comfortable. The build quality is excellent; no service issues at all...80000 miles and only oil changes!

- Adam M

It can hold a lot in the bed and is very useful for doing projects because of this.

The truck looks good and has held up well. The lock on the passenger side no longer works with the key fob. It was already fixed, yet is not working again. Other than that, the truck is still good.

- Jamie K

Toyota Tundra is the way to go if you want comfort!

I love this truck! It's the best vehicle we have ever owned! VERY spacious front AND back seat and very comfortable, even on the long hauls! There is nothing about this vehicle to dislike!

- Deanna M

My truck is very reliable, spacious and comfortable.

No complaints about my Toyota tundra. It runs great, has a lot of room and is very comfortable. Best thing about my truck is it is also a 4x4 and we can take it anywhere.

- Michelle P

It runs great and is is easy to handle on the road.

I've always wanted a truck, so when I retired, I bought one. It's fun to drive and handles great. Only thing I don't like is that it is hard for my wife to climb into.

- John C

That although it is a truck it can still work as a family vehicle.

I like that there is enough room for my children in the backseat. They fit comfortably. I don't like how it goes through gas so fast. Other than that I love my tundra.

- janell c

Size, dependable, and reliable vehicle that is a beast in Maine winters.

I love the size of the vehicle, that its dependable, and reliable. The only dislike is the price of the truck. No complaints at all and would buy another in a second.

- Amy S

Toyota Tundra used vehicle review

My truck has run very well since I bought it 3 years ago in a used car company lot. Other than new tires and the occasional tune up I have been very happy with it.

- cesilia n

The best vehicle for your money.

I have not had any problems with my truck. It runs great and gets great gas mileage. the only thing I can say negative about it is the airbags are locked.

- samantha s

It is a reliable vehicle.

The vehicle is spacious, which is good for moving comfortably. The vehicle is reliable, never fails us. The vehicle is really nice! We really love it!

- Brenda G

Its a truck that stands up to the competition and an engine that delivers.

I like the body size and mature look I prefer all the different storage options and deep storage consoles. I don't like the fuel economy of the truck.

- David D

dependable, solid mode of transportation that is comfortable

dependable, solid truck that i've never had an issue with. comfortable to drive and ride in. would be very nice to be more fuel efficient.

- wrhww5 y

Good car for not really going anywhere bad for long travels.

Gas mileage is awful depends on how much I drive which I drive a lot so I need an economical car other than that it is a really nice truck.

- Zach M

Why the Toyota Tundra is a great vehicle.

It is very reliable. It is roomy and comfortable for up to 4 people. 5 people total can for in it. It is powerful and is capable of towing.

- Stephen C

Plenty of room for the family.

Very dependable truck. The cab has a ton of space. My family of 5 fits in truck with plenty of room. The bed is big enough for my needs.

- Kurt H

It came equipped with a remote car starter, which I love in the winter.

I love how tall the tundra is, I love the color, I love how it handles no matter the road condition.. I have no dislikes or complaints.

- Sheila S

The Tundra handles rugged terrain well and is comfortable on the road.

I like that it is comfortable inside and has a stiff suspension. It handles well in snow and ice. The gas mileage isn't great though

- michelle m

Great truck! 10/10 would recommend.

I absolutely love my truck! Very roomy and comfortable. Great on gas. Performance 10/10. Never had any problems with this truck.

- Ally C

Very Dependable good looking truck

Dependable and durable. The truck has help up with little repair cost I've enjoyed driving it. Comfortable and smooth ride

- Alan L

This is all that I drive . We own two Tundra trucks.

good truck very dependable good on gas and easy driving truck and we haul a lot of material.and it was reasonable price.

- James A

It is a reliably vehicle from a great company that stays with you

I like the dependability of the vehicle. I take cares of all my daily needs for vehicle plus when I need the extra pull.

- Kent S

Toyota's last a long time. They're very dependable and usually not as expensive to fix

My vehicle has been perfect. Never had anything wrong since day one. I would highly recommend Toyota trucks to anyone

- John H

Quality and craftsmanship, details of the interior and comfort.

I like the comfort and roominess and body style I only wish it had better gas mileage but that is all I do not like.

- Darlene M

Reliability and comfort I have peace of mind.

Great truck, it is large powerful and it gets great gas mileage for its size. It's easy to maneuver and comfortable.

- Bill G

I like my truck! Toyota makes a great truck!

The power window switch gives problems. Other than that, it's great! Gas mileage is okay. Even with the big engine.

- Robert P

It drives great and is extremely comfortable.

I love my truck. It is very roomy. It is also family friendly. My dogs and boyfriend love it. I have no complaints.

- Michaela B

Great looking truck with comfort all around.

I love my truck. Roomy, comfortable with heated seats. Pulls our toys nicely, lots of power and looks great too.

- Breanna B

The center consul pulls up and there is a sixth seat.

Works great. Has a middle seat so the truck holds 6. Turning radius is good. Gas mileage is not bad for a truck.

- Melissa M

I really like that I can haul or move easily.

I really like my vehicle. The only thing is filling up the gas tank is a little hard on the wallet sometimes.

- Laura G

It is reliable and comfortable.

I love that the back window goes down but do not really care for the color black it just shows dirt easier.

- Sonja T

It is a reliable vehicle and plenty of room for projects or to travel with 6 people.

Roomy size truck that can accommodate a family of 6 with still plenty of room. No dislikes or complaints.

- Amy N

It is dependable and long lasting.

I like the versatility. I like the comfort and roominess of it. I like the dependability and reliability.

- Marcy T

The retail value of the tundra is of high value.

The vehicle is made well but the gas mileage is below expectation. The interior noise level is too high.

- Richard C

It is just an all around awesome truck. It is also very safe and it is very good on gas.

I like how much room it has. And the radio and Bluetooth. I also like the backup camera.

- Melissa G

It's got me all sorts of terrain.

It's a quality vehicle that is very durable and has never let me down.

- Jared G

Love the ride. Love how it handles. Love how it looks

It's very reliable. It's very comfortable. It handles well.

- Jennifer A

expensive to service and has an occasional electrical problem

it is easy and fun to drive but expensive to maintain

- Bob B

it works for me, does all I need.

nothing to dislike, has been very good truck

- jim R