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I love my Venza - great family car

2009 Toyota Venza

I love the look of my car. It sit up high enough I do not feel like I'm sitting on the ground. Great room in trunk for traveling and daily errands. The seats are very comfortable especially on long drives. The car gets great gas mileage, really only average maintenance and most people think its brand new even though it's almost 10 years old. Its white, so I wash it every week which helps keep the new car look. Very reliable, my daughter was taught to drive in this car. The car has a great sound system, heated seats, and great air/heating system. My husband has offered to buy me a new car, no way, I'm keeping my venza!!

- Tonya M

It is a great, reliable family car.

2009 Toyota Venza

When I was looking for a car the salesman asked what I was looking for, I said? I want a butt level car!? He looked puzzled. I explained I drove my in-laws around and I didn't want them climbing up into something or bending down into something. I wanted it to be but level. The salesman laughed and said he has been selling cars for years and it was the first time he heard of a? But level? Car, I made it up, but it defines what I was looking for. This car fit the bill. The leg room is incredible and my passengers are comfortable. It is easy to put in groceries. It is reliable. I am extremely happy with my car.

- Patricia C

Great Family Car - reliable and comfy!

2009 Toyota Venza 4dr Wgn V6 AWD (Natl)

This car is really easy to drive. Reliable! I have driven it a lot and it's always handled well. I've driven it in all types of weather and I know I'm safe. I drive my kids all the time and I know they are safe. It's comfortable and spacious. I even moved across country with this car and I was able to fit so much of my stuff in the back! It's just been a great car. I love the sun roofs, the heated seats, the center console. It's been a great car and I plan on having it for a long time!

- Isabella M

Reliable luxury with great handling.

2009 Toyota Venza

This SUV is a very comfortable ride for both the front a back passengers. The handling is the best that I have ever had in a vehicle. It has been a reliable car with almost 130k miles on the engine. The Bluetooth and in dash GPS are easy to use, but we have not been able to update the GPS, so this 2009 model has some outdated roads at the time. The leather seats are easy to keep clean. I would buy another Venza in the future for sure!

- Sarah W

The Toyota Venza is the most comfortable car I've driven

2009 Toyota Venza 4dr Wgn V6 FWD (Natl)

The Toyota Venza is very comfortable with all of the amenities including heated seats, sun and moon roof, satellite radio, and GPS. Haven't had very many problems with it and kept up on regular maintenance. When it is cold outside sometimes the transmission will slip when it is first getting started. No problems were found with it when taken to the shop. Other than that it is a great car and it holds up great for a lot of miles.

- Caroline R

Great vehicle! Would recommend this vehicle to anyone looking for a reliable car

2009 Toyota Venza 4dr Wgn V6 AWD (Natl)

I Haven't had many issues since we purchased the vehicle used in 2016. Although there have been some minor issues such as a rear axle seal leaking on the drivers side and the drivers sun visor broke and needed to be replaced. It gets great gas mileage for a crossover SUV that has large wheels and tires and is AWD. The maintenance has been manageable except for spark plug replacement.

- Lance M

Comfy to drive, easy to load groceries.

2009 Toyota Venza Base

Our Toyota Venza is the best car! The handsfree phone call option is a life saver, and the front seat is very spacious. The automatic door opener for the trunk is helpful when my hands are full with groceries and the baby. Just punch the button and it slowly opens! The only downside is that the tires are slightly larger than the typical tire, so it costs more to replace them.

- Olivia M

Toyota venza is a terrific car.

2009 Toyota Venza

It is a crossover SUV that has comfortable seats. Drives great, smooth ride. Very reliable, good on gas mileage. I love that fact that I can either listen to my own music through the radio or listen to Sirius xm. It has a CD player that can hold 6 CD"s. Great sunroom. The one in the front of the car opens then there is another sunroom in the rear seats that is just a window.

- Veronica S

My Toyota SUV is a great vehicle to own and operate.

2009 Toyota Venza 4dr Wgn V6 AWD (Natl)

Performs well. Is comfortable. The rear hatch makes getting cargo in and out easier. The sound system is great. GPS and map are a great assist when travelling in new areas. Only problem I have had is the electronic compass in the rear view mirror has failed. Mileage is good. Heating and air conditioning work well. Minimal road noise.

- Bill C

Reliable, dependable, sensible vehicle not being manufactured now.

2009 Toyota Venza

My Toyota Venza is comfortable and reliable. Very quiet and smooth ride. Plenty of head and leg room front and back. Good cargo capacity. Very low maintenance, just oil changes and general parts replacement due to wear. Definitely worth the price paid and one vehicle has made this lifelong Chevy fan a loyal Toyota follower instead.

- Joann F

Bluetooth in 2009?! Who knew!

2009 Toyota Venza Base

My vehicle is very durable and reliable. I'm almost at 100k and I've had no true issues with the car, still drives like it did 10 years ago! It isn't the most comfortable for very long drives but I've driven in far worse. The fact that the car is Bluetooth capable for being made in 2009 is not only convenient but also impressive!

- Jamie G

Oddity regarding transmission

2009 Toyota Venza 4dr Wgn V6 AWD (Natl)

My car has been really reliable and the only odd issue has been with the transmission fluid. There isn't any to worry about apparently which actually bothers me. If I can't see it or monitor it somehow, it is a source of concern for me. I have over 85,000 miles and so far so good, but I am holding my breath.

- Kimberly C

Toyota Venza. If you can find one. . Buy it!

2009 Toyota Venza

What I like about my vehicle is that it is a combination of a SUV and a car. I believe it is referred to as a crossover. It good very good on gas and very reliable. I have a 2009 and would love to upgrade but they are very hard to find and I do not believe that they make them any more.

- Kim J

Venza-- why did Toyota stop making this car?

2009 Toyota Venza

This has been my most favorite car I have ever owned. It gets great gas mileage. I have 185,000 miles on my car and so far I have never had any problems. I do regular maintenance like oil changes, tire rotations and have changed all the belts, hoses and spark plugs.

- Tessa F

Summarize your vehicle or highlight an interesting detail.

2009 Toyota Venza 4dr Wgn I4 FWD (Natl)

It has a rattling noise that is a common problem for this car, which is annoying. It has leather heated seating, black floor boards and wood grain on side of door. No backup camera or touch screen, basic features.137k miles on it low tire pressure sensor is short.

- Rose S

Happy with our Toyota Venza base model.

2009 Toyota Venza 4dr Wgn V6 FWD (Natl)

Very comfortable, has been great for my family and even with two large dogs. Haven't had a lot of issues mostly wear and tear. On occasion have an acceleration issue. Do wish we had the AWD model but for the most part we are happy with our Toyota Venza.

- Callie H

The veenas are no longer being made.

2009 Toyota Venza

No problems with my veena. Just routine maintenance. Comfortable ride and size. Not too big, not too small. Like that it is a V6. It is unfortunate that veenas are no longer being made as I was planning to buy another one in the future.

- Nancy L

It is a very reliable car that would suit a middle size family.

2009 Toyota Venza

What I don't like about it is it is too big right now for the family. Family has decreased. Like it for the room and the smooth of the ride. Toyota is a very reliable care and is low maintenance.

- Danielle s

All wheel drive great in snow and on ice.

2009 Toyota Venza

Very reliable. All wheel drive. Keyless entry and ignition. Back-up camera. In-dash GPS. Good fuel mileage. Minor blind spots. Sport mode option. Heated seats. Front and back sunroofs.

- Scott B

It's great in the snow and very reliable, as well as lots of cargo space

2009 Toyota Venza

I like how reliable it is, as well as the comfort. I dislike the 4 cylinder I bought only because of lack of power. Wish it was more of an SUV than crossover.

- Holly W

Keyless entry. Lots of room.

2009 Toyota Venza

All wheel drive. Four doors. Keyless entry and ignition. Two sun roofs. Back up camera. Bluetooth. Satellite radio option. Minor blind spots. Great in snow.

- Scott B

It is safe, and long-lasting.

2009 Toyota Venza

I like the style of my vehicle. It drives well, with quick steering and brake response. My car drives well in any weather. I wish it had Bluetooth.

- Caleb R

It's reliable and rides very smooth. Plus, it's a Toyota!

2009 Toyota Venza

I love my car because it's an SUV but isn't too big so it's easy to park. It rides smooth, is very reliable and best of all, it's paid for!

- Heather K

Highly reliable is Toyota Venza

2009 Toyota Venza

Highly reliable,smooth but noisy drive,below average mileage.i never had serious issue with this car and it is already pass 150000 miles.

- Anoop V

AWD on this vehicle in particular is terrible. Slip and slide constantly. No traction

2009 Toyota Venza

I like the comfort and hatchback and spacious interior. I do not like the lack of acceleration and AwD is crap in the winter.

- Jessica S

It is safe because it is a big Toyota.

2009 Toyota Venza

It is a v6, smooth, stable, and roomy. I love it for all these reasons. I do not want another car, Toyota is very reliable.

- Victoria K

They no longer make it which is sad.

2009 Toyota Venza

Solid car. No problems. Has kept me safe and sound. Con is that it is short and I bonk my head quite frequently.

- Amy M

Toyota is a great buy !!!

2009 Toyota Venza

I love my car not only is it gas efficient but I have not had any major issues. I mean come on it's a Toyota.

- Audrey P

It is a great car that handles well in all the pets of weather.

2009 Toyota Venza

I like my vehicle because it is comfortable to drive. I like the size. I like the keyless entry and ignition.

- Shari D

Heated seats are wonderful during the winter!

2009 Toyota Venza

Water is leaking into the car, I guess through the seals around the car! The seal on my trunk is messed up.

- Jill D

Great compact four door Toyota

2009 Toyota Venza

The Toyota Yaris is compact, and it also does great on gas. There is 4 doors, great spacious trunk space.

- Jessica L

The vehicle has a button to close the trunk, which is useful when carrying large items from the vehicle

2009 Toyota Venza

My car is very reliable. I enjoy driving it on the highway due to its speed and lack of blind spots.

- Kayla B

Gas mileage is great!! It is small and you can fit into tight spaces!

2009 Toyota Venza

I love the gas mileage. I love the small yet space of the car. It is classy, not elderly looking.

- Chris H

Hatchback access, can't decide if that is good or bad.

2009 Toyota Venza

There is a bad blind spot. Has to replace sun visor at 40k miles. Handles well, runs good.

- Cindy M

It's been very reliable and a great family car. It's comfortable for long drives and a roomy trunk area.

2009 Toyota Venza

I feel safe in it. It has lots of legroom. Seats are comfortable. Gas mileage is decent.

- Elle S

It's a SRV has a v6 engine. Has leather seats. Has a grey exterior. Has 20 inch rims and sport looking tires

2009 Toyota Venza

It's have a great look. Also has great power v6. I don't have any dislikes.

- James G

A great crossover car for 9 years and great service at the dealer

2009 Toyota Venza

Great innovative car for the time. No major problems with it over 9 years.

- Zita M

You'll never own anything else. Dependable and adorable.

2009 Toyota Venza

Best vehicle over ever owned! Smooth ride and great accessories.

- Bobby J

Stylish, comfort, luxury ride

2009 Toyota Venza

Comfortable ride, reliable, lots of room, good travel vehicle

- Pam H

I loved the vehicle when I bought it. I would love to purchase a newer model. Unfortunately, Toyota chose to discontinue the model.

2009 Toyota Venza

This is the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned!

- Terri P

It's a good car and very reliable

2009 Toyota Venza

No complaints at all I like my car a lot

- Deb r