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Toyota Yaris is well recommended because of it reliability and performance among others.

Good - reliable, starts first time in all weather, no rattles or annoying faults like I have had with other new cars. Easy to park, large touch screen with reverse camera and light steering makes it a doddle in tight spaces. Can seat four 6' 4" adults in comfort plus dual level boot (option) makes loading easy. Rubber mats well fitted and easily removed for cleaning. Flat floor in rear (no transmission tunnel in way) leaves room for even big footed passengers. Really comfortable front seats, no back ache after motorway driving for 3-4 hours. Feels like it will last a long time. Sports mode makes for improved handling and very willing acceleration but still not as good as a 2009 Fiesta I had. Fuel consumption is a lot better than my auto fiesta which was enough to make me cry. I am heavy footed as I live near fast roads, but still average 40 mpg. I really like the lever inside cabin that unlocks the fuel cap. No having to fiddle with a key with cold hands. Bad rubbish headlights, really poor on unlit roads. I drove through the New Forest on a dark night, no moonlight, and had to use front fog lights to see animals in road. Nearly ran over a pig.

- Murry A

Great all around vehicle for all!

Performance is great! Only thing is I have been conferences about is all the constant recalls this car has. But Toyota is really great at sending these notices out first thing and being consistent on reminders to bring in your car to fix the recall issue at hand. So far recalls were for airbag, seat track assembly as well as seat belts. This car is perfect size! Small and convenient to get around in. Good on miles and gas! Haven't had any major issues-as long as you treat it right and pay attention to maintenance the car will take good care of you for years to come! I've had the car for almost ten years and no problems at all! Trunk space is pretty spacious-a good size to fit all your necessities and then some! Feel this car is very reliable inside and out. Comfortable as a car can be-interior has held up really well over the years and no major downfalls in that department!

- Sierra S

Basic Toyota Yaris well designed commuter vehicle.

My car is a basic standard shift economy car. The car is inexpensive to maintain and to drive. When I purchased the car it had about 83,000 mile on it and now has about 98,000 miles. During that time it has not required any repairs and only regularly scheduled maintenance. The interior of the car is functional, but not fancy. It is well laid out in that all controls are exactly where you would expect to find them. The front area is roomy; the rear is cramped. The trunk is roomy and the rear seats fold down to increase room for cargo. Handling is good and predictable. While not powerful, the engine/five speed transmission work well together. The car does not do well in snow. Overall gas mileage has been about 35 mpg for a combination of city and highway driving. The best use for the car is as a one or two person commuter vehicle.

- Tod L

The Toyota Yaris is a very economical car with very few flaws.

This car has great gas mileage. It's very economical. It is small and super easy to drive through busy cities with small streets, which I love. It's the perfect car for someone who commutes because of the gas mileage & the size. It is small, but surprisingly roomy, especially if you fold the back seats down, you can fit a lot of stuff in it. Some cons for me are that, because it is so low to the ground, taller car's headlights beam right into the dashboard. I don't really like how the speedometer, time, gas gauge etc. are located in the very middle or the dashboard. It took some time to get used to, but it is ok. I do not like how the headlights always seem to be on but that might be a pro if you forget to turn your lights on.

- Melissa J

Perfect car for living in a city.

No major problems since I have had the car. It is starting to show it is age and makes noises now, even while idling. I cannot complain about the gas mileage, it is a very economical car. It is comfortable enough for carrying four people, and even though it has seat belts for five, it can be pretty tight. But what can you expect from a small car? The size is especially helpful for parallel parking though - I can fit it almost anywhere. Overall, it is been a good car that is relatively comfortable even while driving all day.

- Bill J

The Yaris, great car. It is small but roomie. It has a lot of extras.

The Yaris in my experience has been very reliable. I have never had issues with it. It is good on gas. It is compact enough to get great parking spaces but roomy enough for comfort. I love my compartments. There is glove box above the steering wheel and 2 on the passenger side. There are several cup holders and door compartments. Although I have never had issues with my car and do know that there have been some recalls on this model.

- Cristina M

Low maintenance with great performance transportation girl.

The car was given to me by my daughter. In the last 9 years she drove it, the only thing she had to do was oil changes, tires and replaced a belt. The car still drives like a one year old vehicle. Her performance is sturdy and great. She still quickly speeds up when pushing the drive pedal. I would drive this car because of it is ability to perform very well at a long period of time. My daughter upgraded to the rav4.

- Pearl M

White Toyota, 2009. Absolutely love it!

It is a very reliable car. The air conditioning is absolutely wonderful inside of my car. The seats are very comfortable and the surfaces are very convenient to clean. The cup holders are in a kind of odd place but they can fold in which is very nice when I do not want to use them. The owner's manual that came with the car is very descriptive and useful.

- Hannah G

That it is good on mileage.

I like that it has lasted me for three years in high school, and for the first year going on second year of college. I travel many miles at a time, it is quality and gets good gas mileage. I do not like how small the trunk is. I also dislike the manual locks and windows. The car is an automatic except the doors and windows, I think that is a bit dated.

- Sally O

Toyota: best car manufactures?

I love the size of the car, it is perfect for a college student. It is a nice size, the inside is super nice and I like that it has an aux. I don't really like the shape of the car, it sort of reminds me of an egg because it is white. Gas is no problem at all, I get a full tank with $20-35. It lasts me a long time because I really do not go that far.

- Joanna C

The hatchback of your dreams.

The Yaris is basic transportation at its best. Great fuel economy, reliable starter and consistent performance. I have had to change the oil, tires, and brakes, and that is about it. I have had the car for 4 years with no issues at all. The suspension is better than average for a car in this class, and I have had four adults in it comfortably.

- Michael L

Perfect vehicle for around town use!

This is a car for around town. Not the best vehicle for long trips or much highway driving. It is perfect for back and forth to work or to and from the grocery store. It is amazing on gas and is very reliable. If you want a vehicle that will get you from point a to point b for a long time, then this is definitely the vehicle for you.

- Marc A

It gets great gas mileage and it is a very good choice if you want to help the environment while driving.

The vehicle is old with about 140,000 miles but besides that it still works well. I like it because it is good for the environment and gets good gas mileage although it is a little small, especially for my family but I bought it before I had a family. I would recommend a hybrid over it but if you want only gas it's a good choice.

- Tim B

Small care with plenty of space and is easy to drive and will last forever.

It's a good car for young new drivers and is very reliable and will run forever. It has ok gas mileage and handling. Took this car on many road trips and it will easily fit a family of 4 but any more than that and it will be cramped for space. Door insulation could be better and will leak after a while if it is a well worn vehicle.

- Joshua C

Small, reliable and great miles per gallon.

This car gets 30 mpg in the city, parks on a dime and is easy to drive. It was used when we bought it but has been very reliable. Other than regular oil changes, the only maintenance has been new tires and rear brake replacements. It is light in weight so travel in pouring rain on the interstate is not as easy as in a large SUV.

- Gloria P

My car fits my needs perfectly.

The vehicle is very reliable. It is 9 years old and not once in the past 3 years has it broken down on me. It drives very nicely for an older vehicle. It is a strong vehicle. The only issue is that it is slow in acceleration. It feels very safe and because it is an older vehicle, I feel very in control of the car's movements.

- Name S

A very reliable car for Its size

I like the small size, it makes it easier to drive around cities and find parking. I like the speedometer in the center of the dash. I like that it's pretty efficient with gas and very reliable. I dislike that it isn't ideal for New England winter driving (but it's probably more that I just don't like driving in snow.)

- michelle P

Good little car, gets the job done

Overall a decent car. Small outside but bigger inside with seats folded down. Fit a treadmill inside 2dr hatch with the rear seats folded down. No reliability problems. Drive it 90 miles a day round trip to work. Enough power to get the job done since it's so light. Handles well. Good winter traction with snow tires

- Mike E

I really love my car that I will try to keep.

No issues and economic gas sever and I will not replace this car I really love my car I have not put any money on the car and it is still running like new I will buy another Toyota I think I will buy another Toyota soon for my family since it is grown I will need something g bigger and that will be another Toyota.

- Maria M

That the car is pretty old and the only regular maintenance I get on it is oil changes and tire rotations but it still runs great. The only major repairs I've had done is replace my brakes, new alternator belt and tires.

I've had my car since I was 15 and it is almost 10 years old. It was a great car when I first got it. It's always ran good and I've never had any major Issues with it. The main dislike I have for my car is that it's way too small. However, it's been very reliable and I highly recommend Toyota's to everyone I know.

- Michaela C

Sport option Toyota Yaris onyx.

Great gas mileage. Fits into tight spaces. Comfortable. Very reliable, hatchback two door the car was recalled though for airbag. I do not know what else to say- racing stripe on side and ergonomically it is not fast but does not need a lot of maintenance other than to change the oil every 3, 000 miles.

- Judy M

Toyota Yaris is a solid car.

I have had no problems. It does not have much power, but it good on gas. It is reliable and all I really need to do is give it an oil change every five thousand miles. It is not that comfy, but also not uncomfortable. Regular seats, no leather. Power windows and locks. Air conditioning. Not too much else.

- Matthew S

For a being a small vehicle... It is runs great in the snow.

Headlight casing problems. Lots of belt squealing. Is very good on gas mileage. Roughly 30 mpg. Drives good in rain and snow. Had hubcap issues. They have broke a lot. Had to buy replacements. Interior is very durable. Very roomy for being a compact vehicle. Lots of get up and go for being a 4 cylinder.

- Brent C

Toyota 2009 black on black red stripe chrome wheels.

Great performance very economical on gas mileage. Very comfortable seats not too fast on acceleration 4 cylinder engine the color is black with grey interior special edition onyx model less than 1,000 were made in the year 2009. I'll have the stripe on the side of the car chrome wheels sporty edition.

- Judy N

Gets you where you want to go.

Basic car, reliable, inexpensive, good gas mileage, low maintenance. No extra features, has plenty of room for a compact size car. No major problems, safe and reliable transportation. No major or expensive repairs, regular maintenance is not costly or inconvenient. I would buy another similar vehicle.

- Ellen W

Reliable, comfortable, affordable sedan.

No problems, great on gas mileage, comfortable to me. . . Not so much my tall husband, driver and passenger seats can easily run into car seat in the back, love the flip-out cup holders, wish it had a console/cup holder between driver and passenger seats, could have a better placement for AUX outlet.

- Kristin S

Basic car to get from A to B

I haven't had any major repairs to it and the car is 10 years old. It gets good gas mileage for a car that age and it works great for what I need, which is just something to get from A to B. It's pretty basic and doesn't have any of the tech features that come with new cars, but I don't really mind.

- Jenna S

Great gas mileage, little bit tiny on the inside.

Car is great on gas mileage but I am quite a tall fella and I feel a little cramped in it. So for my long drives it can feel a little pressing to get out of the car more and I feel like this is my main down point of the car. However, for anyone who is just under my height it would be a perfect fit.

- Brandon T

The Yaris may be small, but it is reliable, spacious and gets the job done.

The Yaris is a great car. It has a decent amount of pick up for being so small, it is fairly spacious and has a lot of trunk space for a small hatchback. The gas mileage couldn't get much better, though the speedometer and gas gauge are in the middle console and it can be hard to pay attention to.

- Madison N

Great inexpensive beginner car.

The car is almost 10 years old and has given very few minor problems. Overall, the performance is great. It has less features compared to other cars, but that is expected from the model. Only downside right now is that the low tire pressure light is always on even when fixing the tire pressure.

- Jean O

This car has amazing gas mileage and will get you where you need to go.

My car has great gas mileage, but was made with cheap materials. I feel like it will stick around for a while, but some interior accessories (fabric panelling on doors) are wearing out. This car can go fast, but you have to push it pretty hard. It's a good car for the average American.

- Dariann S

My car may be small but it sure can pick up and go!

I love how compact the Yaris is, and that parking is never an issue. The cup holders I feel are in such a perfect place! The car may be small but I can pick up and go. One thing I dislike though is that it's so light that when it's windy the car is pushed all over the place.

- Jennifer W

I absolutely love this car!

I love my car! I think it is extremely reliable and I have not had any problems with it so far. I have owned this vehicle for almost three years. It has an automatic transmission. No power windows or fob but it does have a CD player. It has a hatchback that has tons of space.

- Andrea B

It gets 40 miles to the gallon.

It is easy to handle. It gets good gas mileage. I have had no issues with it so far. I feel comfortable in it and driving it as well. I would buy it again. I like the security lock key. My elderly mother feels comfortable in it and has no problem in getting and out of it.

- Kim B

Great mileage. Practical transportation.

Reliable. Great gas mileage. Not bad for comfort for being what it is...A small car. Has good engine power and can get up and go if you make it go. Seats a bit hard at times, could be a bit more comfy but they do fit your seating well. All in all, a good around town car.

- peter W

A very Spacious Compact Car

I have had zero issues with my car. It has a lot of room for a compact car. With the speed and gas readings in the middle it takes a while to get use too. I have had this car for almost 10 years, and it has been very good to me. I've traveled all over the country in it.

- Lauren E

Toyota Yaris, not a family car.

The Toyota Yaris is a great first car, it's got lots of little cubbies and runs awesome on very little gas. Only negatives are the amount of recalls and it is not the best family car. Does not give much room for a car seat, but is great for a road trip without the kids.

- Brooke J

Toyota features; great gas mileage, reliability.

I really like this car; the gas mileage is good and it has lasted a very long time with no repairs other than routine maintenance. The gas mileage is good; I would say though that not having connectability to my devices is a negative, as well as the small trunk size.

- Lesley N

Great small car, but exterior wares fast.

The car is honestly great the biggest problem is the paint. The clear coat on the paint is almost completely gone and the paint looks horrible and the car looks like it is ran down. The performance is fine. It runs great no major issues, it is a very dependable car.

- Erica M

There is not much interesting about my car.. It is just simple and efficient.

No problems so far with the car.. Very efficient and simple. Drive nice. Little maintenance and great fuel economy. I currently have 107k miles in it and have only changed oil and tires. Easily met my expectations. I expect it to last at least another 100k miles.

- Jordan B

It is not ideal if you are super tall / larger because it is a small vehicle.

I like that my car is compact, and easily fits into parking spaces. I love the gas mileage it gets - 40 miles per gallon. It is also the "newest" vehicle I have ever owned, and the first car I outright owned (paid off) before it needed to be traded in / junked.

- Angela C

It has a really good turning radius because of that it is really easy to park and get around and narrow streets and in construction

I like that is compact. I really like that gets good gas mileage. I also like that it is a hatchback. I wish it was easier to get in and out of the backseat. I would have liked for the hubcaps to stay on longer as we have lost all of them already.

- Stephanie G

It is great on gas both in town and on the highway.

I love how great my car is on gas and all of the compartments it has for storing things. I also love the features like the aux cord and charger port. The only thing that I maybe dislike is that my car is pretty small so it can be cramped at times.

- Julianna G

Compact but spacious interior

Although it looks small, interior is spacious including trunk. Since the car is small, it's easier to park anywhere. The only problem is since it is very light, if you get in an accident, the damage may be more severe compared to heavier cars.


That it is comfortable and efficient even though small.

I like the fact that it gets good gas mileage. It is also quite roomy for it being such a small car and the layout inside is comfortable and accommodating. That being said it is still a small car which makes it hard to haul large items.

- Joshua G

That it is a very safe car and even so to wear your seat belt.

I really love my Toyota yaris because it is great on gas mileage. I also like it because it is so compact I can fit into almost any parking spot. The only I dislike about it is it feels too light when you are driving on the interstate.

- Brittany H

It is a very gas efficient, reliable little car.

I love the fact that my Yaris is economical, gas saving vehicle -- it is a "stripped" model so it would be nice to have electric windows and remote key entry but I am used to it and like that it is paid for and just keeps on going!

- Marcia R

This car has great gas mileage and is fun to drive.

I love my little car. It has great gas mileage. It fun to drive and handles very well. I bought it new and haven't had any major repairs. The only thing that would make my standard vehicle any better is if it were electric.

- Pam F

It is great on gas/mileage.

The car is great on gas. Easily maneuverable. Minimal car problems aside from normal maintenance issues. Decent space and legroom on the inside despite it being a smaller size economy sedan. Overall, love this car.

- Monica W

I think that it is comfortable, it takes a bit to cool off, and then when you are trying to fill it up it won't stop when it is filled up

I love my vehicle, it is a 4 door hatchback, and holds my family well, as well as gets fantastic gas mileage. The only complaint I have would be that sometimes the gas doesn't stop when it is filling up

- Karrie L

My car is very reliable since there have been no problems with it.

My Toyota Yaris is compact, reliable, and gas efficient. Even though it is small, the interior is comfortable. The only problem is that the dashboard meters are in the center instead off to the side.

- Brendan S

Toyota Yaris are great cars

My car is very reliable. It has great gas mileage & is very economical. It's very comfortable although it isn't spacious. if you need more room, you can pull the backseat down which is a great plus.

- Melissa J

10 year warranty or 100,000 miles. Best there is.

Neither like nor dislike. The car suitable for me, I had hatchback version, easy to parked at any place, economical on gas but limited space and comfortable if we travel as a family, very cramped.

- El E

Plenty of cargo space with the back seat down.

I like that it has manual windows and locks. You cannot get a car without electric doors and windows anymore. I dislike not having any ashtrays, I have to use ashtrays that use up the cupholders.

- Barbara G

It may be small, but its powerful.

It's a compact car that is reliable and efficient. It is perfect for someone like me who just needs a basic car to get from point A to point B. It us very small however,but it works for me.

- Martha E

Love my Toyota Yaris Great Gas Mileage

I love my Yaris. I recently hit 100,000 and have had no major issues outside of typical maintenance. It gets almost forty miles to the gallon which makes it really inexpensive to drive.

- Brooke P

It works and gets me to where I need to go and more.

What I like about my vehicle is that it runs pretty smooth and has tinted windows. What I dislike my vehicle is that it seems a bit outdated and does cause some inconvenient problems.

- Sarah N

Great on gas and Great car company

I haven't had any problems with it as of yet, it is reliable and great on gas and the comfort level is normal, its not high class or anything, but its a smooth ride and easy to drive.

- Adam y

This is a small and reliable car.

I haven't had any big issues. The AUX has a short after about 2 years and sometimes only 1 speaker works. I have had some issues with the starter and only 1 issue with the battery.

- Mary B

Toyota was right: it is a car!

Definitely its best feature is being so small, because we live in a crowded city with challenging parking. Being able to squeeze into small parking spaces has saved us many times.

- Em M

It get almost as good of gas mileage as any hybrid on the market but it is not a hybrid.

This vehicle is great to drive to work and errands when I don't have my grandkids or a lot of passengers. It has amazing gas mileage and has been and still is a great little car.

- sherry g

That the gas mileage is really nice!!.

I love how compact, yet comfortable size of the Yaris. I like the good gas mileage it gets. I do not like how the speedometer and gauges are in the center of the dashboard.

- Brendan S

It gets very good gas mileage.

I like how reliable it is. It gets really good gas mileage and it has only started breaking down lately. I dislike how old it is and that it is now starting to break down.

- Mercedes R

People always make fun of small cars, but my car can run circles arounds yours. I get 40 miles to the gallon and I can fit it in literally any parking spot.

Love it! Plenty of room for a small sedan. I've had it since 2013 and have had zero issues (knock on wood!) I'm already eyeing a new Yaris for after I graduate college.

- Sara M

Others should know about the vehicle's reliability.

I can truly say that I love my vehicle.It has proven itself to be thrifty and reliable.During the time I have had it, it has had only one problem -a faulty water pump.

- Julian G

Just because it's at the bottom of Toyota's product line doesn't mean it's a problem car.

It's simple & reliable. Instruments are easy to read & controls are easy to operate. Very little maintenance is needed. It's comfortable & easy to get in & out.

- granville e

For a small car it can hold a lot of stuff.

Reliable, inexpensive. Good gas mileage. Sometimes a little cramped, but has a surprising amount of storage space. Not very comfortable and it is nothing fancy.

- Ellen D

It has no cruise control. This is very important on the highway and I find it to be a really big downfall.

I like the gas mileage and that it is Toyota. I have really liked every car I have. I wish the car had more technology like power windows and cruise Control.

- Kaytlen A

Economical, reliable, and fun to drive. Reasonably comfortable.

Fun to drive, economical to operate and dependable car especially with the manual transmission. Has proven to be extremely reliable over the last 9 years.

- Ern G

The car is reliable. The car gets where I need to go.

Likes.. Is comfortable.. I like where the dashboard is.. Is easy to drive because is not too big.... Dislike.. It does not have a camera in the back.

- Luis J

This vehicle has great gas mileage. Gets over 40 mpg even after ten years.

Bought this car in 2009 and absolutely love it. We have over 200000 miles on it with no problems. Have only replaced shocks and serpentine belt.

- Norma B

It will keep on going for years without having to put money into it.

I've had it for many years and have never had an issue with it. It's very reliable and I know I can always count on it to get me where I need to be.

- Melissa W

it's very reliable, I've never had any major issues with it at all.

I really like the customer service that I get from Toyota. I also like how reliable the car is. My only complaint is that the car is not a hybrid.

- Logan D

Great for commuting from the suburbs into the city. Sips gas, easy to park.

Small and easy to maneuver and park, even downtown in the tiniest spots/garages. My only dislike is that the road noise inside the car is LOUD!

- Adrienne L

Its old but in good shape.

Its fuel efficient, and very sturdy. It does not have a lot of mechanical issues even after nearly ten years. However, the breaks need work.

- Lesley N

That it is great on gas as it's a small car. I Love it!

I like that it was useful at the time when it was only me. I love that it is excellent on gas. I love that it has an auxiliary port in it.

- LaRon B

Great gas mileage. Low maintenance.

I like the mileage and saving on gas going to and from. I do not like the room space and the air conditioning takes a while to get going.

- Justin S

The gas mileage is great the most I have paid to fill up is $27.

The vehicle is pretty good. Only problem I've had is belt problems. They are a quick fix though. Other than that the car runs amazing.

- Elizabeth P

Dependable vehicle, great gas mileage.

I love my Yaris because it has very good gas mileage. I have not had any major issues with the vehicle. It has been very reliable.

- Martha C

It gets great gas mileage and runs well at over 100,000 miles

I love that it gets great gas mileage and is dependable but dislike that it does not have automatic locks or Bluetooth connection.

- Gail B

It saves literally so much gas it's crazy. Even if the size gets in the way of some activities, the gas saving makes up for it.

I kinda dislike the size of the car itself. I enjoy the gas mileage and the feel of the car itself. The paint job is a nice blue.

- Brian T

40 miles to a gallon of gas.

Gets 40 miles per gallon, great space in the hatchback ??, I like that my windows are hand crank so no electrical issues to fix.

- Kathy A

It is dependable and gets good gas mileage

It has been dependable. It is starting to show Its age and have problems. The hub caps never fit properly. It is loud inside.

- Jeffrey m

It's bigger than it looks!

I love that it's bigger on the inside than it looks. I guess my main complaint is that it is not as up to date as other cars.

- Laurie C

Taking care and making sure everything is good with the engine and breaks.

Runs well. Sometimes hard to clean in the inside of the car. Easy to fix, but hard to tell what is the issue. Great on gas.

- Noel C

The most important thing about the yaris is gas efficiency.

The yaris is very good on gas and reliable. I am not sure it is the most safe. Definitely not the coolest car ever either.

- Matthew J

The most important thing about my car is that is has great gas mileage.

I love that it has great mileage and compact. I dislike how basic it is. It has manual windows, no hands free calling etc.

- Kerry F

It is economical and reliable vehicle. Also very comfortable.

I love my Toyota Yaris. It has proven to be a very economical and reliable car. It is comfortable and has a great design.

- Margarita P

The fuel efficient Toyota Yaris

The Yaris has always been reliable and gas efficient. Drives smoothly and performs well. Haven't had any major problems.

- Sam J

gets about 42 miles per gallon on the highway

I love my car It's very reliable and gets good gas mileage. It's small for me at times but It's a manual transmission

- mgcini S

It's great on gas, keep the oil changed tuned up and you good

The car is good on gas, I can put $5 in my car and go to a whole different city. I have no issues with the car.

- Jade D

It is safe and reliable and will last a long time. It doesn't require a lot of work.

I like the gas mileage and low maintenance. It is a good size for me and still has enough space for packages.

- jamie k

It is a very dependable car. Stands up to the hustle and bustle of city traveling.

The car is very dependable. It has given me great service. No major issues except recalls that were assessed.

- Julio A

Best car I have ever owned.

This car is amazing on gas mileage. I put in $20 per month. No major repairs and it has 125,000 miles on it.

- kate n

Great gas mileage! Easy to drive.

Great gas mileage. Surprisingly roomy trunk. Not great in snow but very good for around town and road trips.

- Lydia H

Light and easy to drive. Parking is never a problem.

It's small and compact and can be easily parked anywhere. AC and heater work fast too. Good on gas as well.

- Neil W

it gets good gas mileage.

I like that it is compact but has a lot of room on the inside. It is good on gas. I have no complaints.

- Roberta C

fun to drive and easy on the gas bill

although it is a small car it is fun to drive.it accelerates fast and has plenty of room for passengers

- dennis L

Ac is faulty and expensive to fix and there was a consistent problem from.

It is now old but otherwise it's good. I had to fixed the ac a couple of times and that was expensive.

- Lisa L

This vehicle is very small and not good for families.

This vehicle is awesome! Perfect size car for my needs. Great gas mileage. This is a great first car!

- Elizabeth L

It is cheaper to purchase than most other cars that are similar.

I like that the car was a good deal. It is easy to maintain. However, I wish it was all wheel drive

- Becca B

The gas is really good on my car.

I like the gas mileage on my car. I have 2 kids so now it's kind of small for me . It is a good car

- Sam l

Toyota is the best because it lasts for a super long time.

Good on gas mileage. Quiet, when running it isn't super load. Fits it compact spaces.

- Ashly A

Is cheap on gasoline. Runs smoothly and its color is white

I like the color and that is comfy. I don't like that the lights aren't bright enough

- Sarai R

It gets great gas mileage and is small enough to park anywhere!

It get great gas mileage. It's small enough to park anywhere. It's paid for!

- Nope G

It's a gas saver and really efficient. It's small on the outside but roomy inside

I like that the car is very small and compact. I have no complaints

- Yen V

it didn't cost an arm and a leg and has a good resale value

i like the gas mileage i get with it and it is fun to drive

- dennis w

It has a lot of room for a compact car. Reliable transportation. No complaints.

The Toyota Yaris is an economical and reliable vehicle.

- Lee D

Good on gas. Great mileage.

Good on gas and compact. Blue color. Needs new paint.

- Sergio J

very reliable car and very reasonable maintenance cost

No problem; rasonable maintenance cost, very reliable

- Patricia B

Car was cheapest option for buyer.

It has air conditioning. It's nice. Ride is smooth.

- Shanna M

I have My car for almost 10 years and gas consumption still last the same

I like the gas economy,Vehicle Size,Trusted Brand.

- John A