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Yaris is dependable, fuel efficient and compact.

I love my car! My last two cars have been both been a Toyota Yaris. My first was a manual and I really preferred the manual transmission compared to an automatic transmission. The car I have now is an automatic transmission. I love that it is a hatchback, that I get excellent gas mileage (30 miles to the gallon or better), it is compact, has a great turn radius, and has lots of compartments and cubbies on the interior. The only issue I have had with this car is the brakes. They just respond very differently than any car I have owned before. They seem to take longer to engage and seem to stop my car less efficiently than other brake systems I have had in previous cars. Overall it is a very reliable, fuel efficient and compact car.

- Laura T

Under performance, sluggish, not a safe car for long distance highway driving, extremely Loud engine and no so called amenities.

I don't feel comfortable driving my car on the highways. It has no pickup, getting on/off ramps, hills, very sluggish and can't get out of it's own way. The engine is extremely loud, seats are uncomfortable. I had to take the passenger headrest off as it blocked my view when looking over my shoulder. The size is small for the interstates and highways with large trucks and SUVs. Gets blown around. There are no luxury, special features. Hand crank windows and no auto door locks. I would not recommend this model unless strictly for around town driving and you definitely need added features to help make this car more enjoyable to drive, one positive ism it is good on fuel.

- MaryLou L

A well made vehicle for its age.

I do not know much about any vehicle, but the Yaris drives smoothly most of the time. I have had to replace the tires and belts a few times, the brakes once, and have had to repair the undercarriage of the car a few times due to how low it rides. My only read complaint with it is that it is easy to damage it on speed bumps even when going slowly due to how low it rides. Even some dips can do damage if the dips are drastic enough. However, it is still in fairly good condition for a car that is over 8 years old. It is fairly reliable, definitely comfortable to drive and does not break down every few months.

- Echo L

Toyota Yaris is a good investment!

For a small, basic sedan, this vehicle is comfortable, economical, sturdy, and reliable. The a/c cools well, even in the southwest desert. The one issue I have found is one common to small cars, and that is difficulty with visibility on crowded fast-moving freeways. See and being seen can be a difficulty in a small vehicle, and a danger, so responsible, defensive driving practice are important. I bought this 2010 model in 2011. It had been a rental and had low mileage. I have never had a breakdown and have only had normal maintenance costs to pay.

- Margaret P

Reliable, Toyota Yaris for a long time.

Battery problems otherwise it is very reliable. The dealership has provided all of our service needs. When we purchased the car we had free oil changes for the 1st 75, 000 miles on the vehicle which just recently expired. We are very happy with the durability and reliability of this vehicle and will be passing it down to our son once he turns the age of sixteen and will be able to drive. We trust that this vehicle will continue to be reliable in its later years with our son, it is the perfect car for a starting new young driver.

- Richard N

Great car with minor setbacks.

I have not really had any real problems with the vehicle. Minor problems include many recalls. There have been about four of them so far. There was one for the airbags and they had to give me a new airbag module, there was one for the handle under the passenger's seat, there was a mirror switch problem and there was also something wrong with the engine but I did not get the full details.

- Greta G

It gets great gas mileage and that is about it.

It is too small for my liking other than that is not to bad. It has great mileage and runs fine. The size is really the only problem I have found l, you can barely sit more than three people comfortably and forget putting car seats in there. Also the donut that come with the car is way to small for the car, I needed up having to buy a different tire to use as a spare.

- Helena A

Toyota Yaris 35 miles per gallon.

I get about 35 mpg which is really nice because I drive so much. Just wish I had cruise control. I am able to put the back seats down and sleep in the back when I am on a road trip. I put a new sound system in, and the only downside is that everyone outside can hear it. I do not have automatic windows which can be difficult when I want to roll the passenger side down.

- Emily M

It is a small two door hatchback with a surprisingly large interior space.

Gets great gas mileage. Has quite a bit of room on the inside. Lots of cup holders and storage cubbies. The back seat fold up easily and makes for a large cargo area for such a tiny car. I wish there were some attachments for rope or straps to secure the trunk of hauling large items that keep trunk from closing. Also I wish it was easier to change the headlights.

- Noah S

Please get a Toyota! It works great!

The only issue I had with this car so far was a belt that needed to be replaced. Other than that is drives great. It is small and compact which I like. It is good on gas, which is fantastic! I wish it had a back up camera like newer cars or a built in GPS but its a 2010 so it was a requirement when I bought the car. I needed something not expensive that worked.

- Aubrey L

Centre console is very easy to get used to

I really enjoy this car overall. It gets amazing gas mileage and handles very well. The control panel is in the centre of the dash, instead of in front of the wheel. It takes a little getting used to but honestly I don't even notice anymore. I do wish that the car had cruise control and a back windshield wiper, but those aren't deal breakers or anything.

- Tim B

My Toyota Yaris. Is low maintenance.

My vehicle has a squeak when I first start it up it performs well. It is very reliable. I get an oil change every three months. I have not had any major problems. It if very comfortable for me, because I am basically the only person that drives it, and I rarely have passengers. The only thing I do not like is that it does not tell me the temperature.

- June W

Functional and budget friendly.

The Yaris gets great gas mileage and it hardly needs maintenance. I have driven it 70,000 miles, I bought it used with 25,000 miles, and have just had to replace the alternator belt and battery just recently. It is roomy and is a good car for traveling. I drive approximately 80 miles to and from school every day. This car has never let me down.

- Danielle T

The most important thing others should know about my car is that I have had it for over 8 years and it has been a wonderful investment.

I love the size of my vehicle and the fuel efficiency. It also has been a very good car. I haven't had any major issues with it. It's very low maintenance and super reliable. The only issue I have had is with the air conditioning. Sometimes there is a very funny smell that comes out of it. The dealership has not been able to resolve the issue.

- Alysia M

Reason why I want a new care.

I always get flat tires. My tires are very bad. The car is very small and not manly car. What I do like about it is the gas. If I put 20 dollars today, I'll be good for almost for a week. But I still do hate the fact that the car is very small my head always touches the ceiling. The car is also very slow not that I want to speed.

- Zakaria A

A very reliable car that has good gas mileage. Seats are comfortable.

We have the basic edition of our Toyota vehicle so there has not been any electrical problems. We have not had any mechanical problems and it has been very reliable. The front seats are adjustable and are comfortable for long trips. The back seat is comfortable as well. Our car is just a basic car and it has good gas mileage.

- Mar B

Built great, little to no problem with it.

I bought my car brand new in 2010. I have never had any issues with it and it just surpassed 100k miles. I love the fuel efficiency and the small hood of the car, which makes it easy to navigate tight spaces. I dislike that because it is the base model it does not have power locks or windows and does not have cruise control.

- Kurt r

Great small vehicle with good visibility.

Vehicle is small, can park anywhere basically. Light touch for pedal and brake which is nice. Great view for side and back to switch lanes and such. The dashboard is weird and in the middle of the front of the car and the gas gauge is not an odometer which is annoying because you don't know how many miles a block of gas is.

- Maxx B

Toyota Yaris is a good starter car.

A lot of call backs but other than those nothing for 8 years. I have not replaced any parts except for oil changes and brakes. I do not have any special equipment in the car. Its a vehicle to travel with and it does just that. I have never broken down anywhere and just starting to hear weird noise when car is cold.

- Joshua M

Taylor’s Yaris 2010. I love that it is a compact car and it is pretty safe.

I love that it is compact and saves me a lot of gas. Great mileage. The only problem is that it touches the bumps a lot because it is close to the ground. I love how easy it is to use and it is functions inside are pretty easy. Though it is small and has a little disadvantages so far it has work just fine for me.

- Gracie F

Cheap and very efficient on gas.

Very reliable car and very excellent on gas. Gets about 30 miles to the gallon on a small tank, making it very efficient on gas. It is your basic car and features with radio and CD player so it is nothing fancy but it is just fine for getting from point A to point B. Been very happy with this car.

- Bill R

I get great mileage on my Toyota Yaris.

My 2010 Toyota Yaris is the best car I ever bought great on gas nice leg room trunk is large I can put lots of grocery bags in it when I go food shopping or it will hold lots of luggage s when we go traveling grand kids think it's a cool car like to take a ride when they come over for a visit.

- Tynes L

Good for people living the city.

My car is old and has lots of mileage, however, it is easy to drive and compact so I am ok with it so far. If you live in the city where it is hard for you to find a parking spot, this might be worth to buy it. Also Yaris has good fuel economy ratings so you might be able to save some gas.

- Erica F

Yaris you'd be wrong not owning one.

It is a really convenient car and great on gas. The only setback might be lack of trunk space and on this certain car the belts can squeal even after being replaced other than that i'd consider purchasing another. Either new or used as long as the oil is maintained it will last you years.

- Dex D

It's a compact car but great for commuting. Not intended for a large family.

The Yaris has been a great purchase for me. I bought is used at the end of 2015 with about 75k miles. I used the Yaris as my commuter car. I only drive it about 50 miles a day and I've never had a major issue. I routinely do the maintenance work and feel like the car will last forever.

- Amalfy C

Smaller car bigger on value. . This auto gets great gas mileage with comfort.

My car maybe smaller than most, yet it holds a great deal. The best part is the gas miles you get. Runs great and is comfortable to ride in. Looks great on the road and does the job of a larger car. I am glad I bought this vehicle, as it also keeps up with the large cars on the road.

- Constance M

Reliable and low gas mileage.

Acceleration is fairly quick. The car rides smoothly. This car is very reliable. Since this an older the features are very basic. No extras like heated seats or satellite radio. Due to lack of upkeep the car makes a funny noise when turning or when starting up the car.

- Christina G

Gray seats cloth seats AUX port power windows powers locks ac.

Great car. Great on gas. Cheap parts. Long lasting. Compact car. Cheap oil changes. Runs great, reliable goes up to 120 mph nice color nice size ac blows great stays nice and warm in the winter power windows and power locks tint on the back windows and windshield.

- Alexis A

Great car, built to last.

Extremely reliable car, easy to drive and comfortable for the whole family. This car is best suited for small families with 1-2 children. When well taken care of this car can last for years. Although the brakes make noises at times, maybe that is just my car.

- Faye J

Great mileage! Reliable, good looking car.

Great mileage. Beautiful midnight blue color. Love the design features. Great visibility. Lots of trunk space. We fit car seats easily in the back seat for our grandkids. Have driven the car for 9 years with very few repairs needed. The paint still looks new.

- Jennifer S

Your basic reliable transportation

It is a very reliable car. In eight years, I just recently did any type of repair work. Gas mileage is excellent. But it doesn't have cruise control which I miss on day long drives. And it's not the most stylish of cars. Interior is somewhat flimsy.

- Deborah E

Good vehicle an valuable for everything.

Is a good car cause is stable an reasonable and convenient for my kids and for whole the family. Is cheap and have many good reviews of it is comfort for my work cause u\I have to drive so long from home to work and do many trips during the weekend.

- Anne D

Great gas mileage and can carry more than one might expect.

My Yaris hatchback can carry more than expected. I've fit two bicycles into the back with the seats folded down. It also gets great gas mileage, as high as 45 miles on one trip. The biggest drawback has been lack of cruise control for longer trips.

- Janet S

Right gas mileage, squealing belt.

I enjoy the gas mileage and size of the vehicle. I do not enjoy the the issues with the belt that causes it to squeal whenever i turn my car on (several mechanics, including dealership ones say that this is normal for Yaris' after so many miles.)

- Chris Y

Overall the car is a great car and great on gas mileage.

The car is great on gas mileage. It is a comfortable car and drives smooth. The only problem I had with it so far is I had to replace the alternator and I found out that the parts are very expensive for this car. Overall the car is great.

- Heather R

It is a great commuter vehicle!

I love that it is reliable and gas efficient and the hatchback gives more room than you would expect for loading. However now that I have a child and a large dog I wish I had bought a bigger 4 door SUV with towing capacity for a camper.

- Amanda S

The most important thing others should know about my car is that it's stellar reliability is due to the car's simplicity.

My car has been reliable ever since I bought it 6 years ago. Not a single mechanical problem and great gas mileage. Only real con is size. As I have 2 children, a two door hatchback is no longer practical for this phase of my life.

- Zach K

It is mine hands off nobody else gets to use it.

I love having a hatchback, it makes it so much easier to get groceries in the car. I love the size of the car I can get around a lot easier. It is somewhat of a speedier car I have to be careful of going the speed limit.

- Lynne H

It has great gas mileage and maintenance is quick and easy, as well as affordable.

It's small and compact, so it fits anywhere I need to park. It has great gas mileage and gets me to where I need to go. Because it's so small, it only has two doors, but I'm usually the only one using it, so it's ok.

- Kiara M

It's mostly worry free as long as you do the maintenance.

I've had this Yaris for about 5 years now and I would highly recommend it. Have had very few problems. Recently replaced air conditioner fan and tires. No real mechanical problems ever. I do regular maintenance.

- Beverly D

A very reliable car to have if you do not want any troubles.

I like the car because it lasts a long time. There has not been mechanical issues with it since buying it. It is reliable and very little work has been done on it. I do not have anything that I dislike about it.

- Mariah B

The most important thing that others should know about my car is that it's compact but a perfect first time car to have.

I just recently got this vehicle and so far I enjoy it a lot. It has many compartments for storage. I dislike that the passenger side air bag needs to be replaced because of a manufacturing issue.

- Jennifer S

The Yaris is a wonderful, economical, reliable compact vehicle.

I absolutely love my Yaris sedan. It has a very room trunk and backseat, wonderful gas mileage, and is durable as long as you keep up with routine maintenance and oil changes. Worth every penny!!

- Sarah A

Its very deceiving. It can fit so much more than you would ever imagine.

I have the hatchback yaris. I have hauled so much furniture in it. I absolutely love it. Its large enough to fit everything i need it to, but small enough to be fuel efficient and fun to drive.

- Heather M

It is built to last for a long time.

I like our vehicle because it's a good car to have. It is durable and it has lasted longer than any other car that we've owned. I have no complaints about it at all. No dislikes or anything.

- Mariah G

Great gas mileage both city and highway. It is almost as good as combo fuel cars and much cheaper to buy.

I love the gas mileage. It is easy to park because of Its compact size. Placement of the speedometer is wired but I have gotten used to it. It has a much larger trunk than you would think.

- Sharon N

That it has great gas mileage.

Love the fuel mileage. Can go 1.5 - 2 weeks between fill-up. Very economical vehicle to own. No dislikes about car but display gauges in middle of the dashboard takes some getting used to.

- Pat L

My Yaris gets great gas mileage and it looks nice!

I love the interior and exterior styling. It gets great gas mileage. It has held up well and the gas mileage has not decreased appreciably. I wish it were better at minimizing road noise.

- Phil N

Fuel efficient and cute - who could ask for anything more!

I like that my car is gas efficient and cute looking. I like that it has a little bit of get up and go. I like that it has given me very few mechanical issues in the past 6 years.

- Laura M

It is a reliable economic car.

I love it. It is low on gas and have never had major problems with it. It's has been a very reliable are. Have traveled to North Carolina with it and only filled up twice.

- Lillian M

It is good on gas, and a very safe car.

Efficient, compact car. Good on gas. Small but still enough room in the car so it is not crowded. Suspension is sensitive so you can feel every bump. But still a good car.

- Dara M

It has good gas mileage and the size makes it easy to maneuver.

I like the compact size and gas mileage of the vehicle. I dislike the various issues I've had such as recalls and malfunctioning window controls. Overall I enjoy the car.

- Rose G

Great fuel efficiency. In terms of value, this is a great car. Not top of the line, but really good for the cost and I'm quite happy with this brand.

I really like fuel efficiency, and how easy it is to drive. The cost of the vehicle was low to buy and to maintain. I dislike how how tight it can be on space at times.

- Adam C

The belt on this make and model of car does not function well, you have to start your car slowly in order to maintain the belt and keep it from squealing.

I love that it is small and easy to drive and that it gets good gas mileage. It is also very reliable and yet inexpensive. I do wish it had automatic locks and windows.

- Kaylyn G

my car is super dependable on the roads and great for road trips.

I love its size for as small as it is I can fit a fair amount in it. I love that I can fill the tank and go a long ways in it. I don't like how it handles in the snow.

- Kathy M

Do not touch anything, I have an outlet plug in the back seat.

My vehicle is reliable. The perfect size for me. Everything I need.... What I dislike a reputation for being unsafe. Not fast enough. Heat does not work so well..

- Jennifer V

The most important thing others should know is the engine.

It is very old car and always have problem. The car make noises and sometime it is hard to push the speed pedal. It has comfortable saying but it is ripped. The.

- Gagan S

It is a means of getting from point A to point B. It's not fancy but it's reliable.

We call the Yaris the clown car because it is so small. It gets great gas mileage. We usually take it on long road trips but it can get cramped after a while.

- Jennifer S

It's much roomier on the inside than one would suspect from just looking at it. People are always surprised by that when they get into my car.

I specifically wanted a compact hatchback. This was the perfect car, and I even got it for a really good price. It's relatively new and was in great condition.

- My T

My Toyota Yaris gets good gas mileage.

My Toyota Yaris gets good gas mileage. This really helps me because I am on a limited income. I fill the tank every two weeks but I mainly drive around town.

- Trena T

It's a basic, reliable family car, but doesn't have a ton of fancy features.

This is a very basic vehicle, nothing fancy. It's a good size for a small family. It runs well and seems pretty reliable. Its trunk space is a little limited.

- Megaera L

It is a great value for a reliable commuter car.

It is very roomy for a small car. It gets fairly good gas mileage. It lacks power on freeways with a significant incline. It isn't that comfortable to drive.

- Kyle s

Reliable and roomy. Love Toyota.

10 years old and still reliable. Makes a squeaking sound when the car turns on or I brake, and the problem has come back about a year after getting it fixed.

- Sarah K

My car gets great gas mileage. It is easy to maintain and reliable.

I like the fuel economy of my car. I don't like the look of my car. It is not an attractive car. I see this car as a car to get from A to B and nothing else.

- Angela C

It does not use too much gas.

I like that my car is economical and does not use up too much gas. The inside is small, which is good and bad but it fits everywhere. I like the color too.

- Reina S

It's really dependable and that's what I want from my car.

It is the best car I have driven. It's now old but still pretty good. No complaints whatsoever as it gives me a very good mileage, very low on maintenance.

- Gabis S

2010 Toyota Yaris 5 speed manual transmission.

I love this car! My Yaris is 8 years old w/ 150k+ miles and I have never had any problems. The only service my car has ever needed is routine maintenance.

- Ellen S

comfortable for sleeping and stretching out for hiding

good, no problem,very comfy ,easy access,drives good I have an interlock that was put in september off 2017 and I have to pay 96 a month for calibration

- Ericka B

It is a very safe vehicle and is great on gas. It has a lot of space for a small car.

I love how great my vehicle is on gas, I love all the space it has for a small car. I do not like that it does not have a lot of console storage space

- Susan W

The Yaris is absolutely fantastic on gas! I only have to stop a couple times a month to fill up.

I love my car! It is amazing on gas and it is a very smooth drive. I think it's perfect for me. I don't have any major complaints that come to mind.

- Kali R

It is wonderful and comfortable to drive.

Love the flexibility, gas mileage, ease of use. No complaints really. It is too bad they changed the model style. I would upgrade to a newer year.

- Suzette D

It is very economic and I have not have any mechanical problems.

I got my car new from the dealer. I have never had any problems with my car except for the normal wear and tear of the tires. It is very economic.

- Myrtia C

Car that works, a Toyota Yaris.

Hub cap fell off and had to replace a belt but other than that the car has been great. Much better than my old car with was a 2001 Toyota Solara.

- Aubrey L

It's very gas efficient, perfect if you don't have many passengers

It's a Hatchback. I like it because it small, and very gas efficient. I don't like it because there aren't that much space to store stuff.

- Brad d

Reliable economical vehicle.

Economical, easy to drive, easy to park because of its compact size. One drawback it does not accelerate quickly to highway driving speeds.

- Daisy D

Decent gas mileage and good ac.

Gets me everywhere I need to go. Great on gas and an awesome size. Has an auxiliary port. I like the color. It has a/c. And it runs great.

- Alexis A

When driving, whether short or long distances, I feel safe.

Great mileage--smooth driving--perfect size for me--well built--Toyota service department is top notch--feel safe in car when driving

- Eileen D

Great fuel economy and very good pickup as it's a manual transmission. Automatics in this vehicle tend to be sluggish.

Like the cost and economy of the vehicle. Very roomy for its size. Nothing to really dislike. A basic car that serves our needs.

- Fabian B

It fits everywhere, in San diego parking can be a problem buy my car can park in most spots and it turns on a dime

I love that it's a hatchback but I wish it was a little larger. The screen on the radio and the controls sucks with sunglasses on.

- Katie H

The little engine that did!

It is one of the best little cars around. Very good in reliability, performance, hardly any problems, good comfort and features.

- Suzette D

I get over 40 miles per gallon.

Instrument panel is in the middle of the car instead of in front of the driver's seat. You can easily lose track of your speed.

- Lisa S

Compact car with excellent gas mileage

The gas mileage is spectacular for a vehicle that is not a hybrid. surprising amount of room inside for such a small vehicle.

- Andrea S

Small and compact but gets you to where you need. It gets the job done.

The Toyota is small and compact. If I remember right, it's a 4 cylinder and it doesn't really have a lot of get up and go.

- Tayler H

It's excellent on gas mileage so I enjoy driving it everywhere I go.

Likes- It's small & compact, easy to park. Dislike- not enough room in the trunk for large items, CD player doesn't work.

- Karen C

It is easy to drive and take care of.

I like that it is easy to drive. I like that it is small and easy to maintain. I dislike how it shakes on the highway.

- Danielle G

Good in space, size and gasoline usage

I like the size. Its comfortable and has good space between seats. Does not use a lot of gasoline so I can save money.

- Ivette L

It is a excellent car, economics in service.

The Toyota brand has some excellent vehicle economics in gas and maintenance. It is comfortable, designed for people.

- L L

It is easy to drive, easy to park, it is very economical gas wise.

I like that is a smaller car. I do not like that it does not have power windows, automatic lock and leather seats.

- Gilda M

Traffic-Hazard Taurus has a center display that is dangerous. One must move his head to see the speed, etc. I hate it.

The speedometer, etc., is mounted in the center of the dash. I have to move my head to see it, which is dangerous.

- Sharon B

It's dependable. And it was worth every penny I spent to purchase it.

The only thing I dislike about my vehicle is it's slow speed. However, great gas mileage is worth the slow speed.

- Amy G

Good Gas Mileage. Dependable

Nice car that gets me to where I am wanting to go. Like it because I get over forty miles per gallon when driving.

- Kris R

It is not hybrid or electric, like the prius. Wheels skid in the rain.

Very roomy although it looks small. Great on gas mileage. Manual operation, Windows, etc. Compact. Powerful.

- Curita G

Lots of compartments that tuck away. A very well designed vehicle that gets great mileage and zippy on the road.

A dependable car that gets great gas mileage, roomy and lots of hidden compartments. Perfect for smaller people.

- Jeane G

DON'T BUY. look at other cars instead the toyota corolla is a lot nicer better designed and less problems

its poorly designed cup holders block vent belt ALWAYS comes loose and squeaks The seat material rips easily.

- Susan A

My car is veto gas efficient! 40 miles to the gallon!

I love my car. It gets me from point a tip point b. Not fancy but reliable. But I still think it's cute.

- Jackie D

It is compact and saves money.

Its cool, fun and fuel efficient and gets good gas mileage. I haven't had any issues with my car too.

- Rachel F

It gets great gas mileage. Comfortable for long trips.

Very dependable, drives smoothly. Have not had any serious mechanical issues. Gets great gas mileage.

- Laura C

It is a great economical compact 4 door car

Iike the gas mileage,initial cost,mechanical reliability. dislike small cabin, too low to the ground

- Bill K

Front and side airbag equipped, drives well in inclement weather.

Ease in driving, fuel economy, easy to read gages, alerts when maint is required or fluids are low.

- Chanda B

great on gas and pick up.

It is a 4 door small sedan that gets great gas mileage 38-40 miles to a gallon . Fun to drive.

- Lee N

The no serious repairs needed thus far thing.

I like that it has not required any serious repair. I do not have any dislikes. Nor complaints

- Laurie S

Easy to get around with and park in high traffic areas.

Compact size, easy to maneuver, good on gas, plenty of storage space. Lacks cruise control.

- Christopher J

Never have any mechanical problems. It is a very dependable vehicle

Very dependable. Great gas mileage. Easy to drive. Roomy inside despite being a small car.

- deborah P

It is reliable and good quality.

I like that it is good on gas, reliable yet stylish. It is small enough to zip around in.

- Teresa T

It's better for the environment than bigger vehicles.

It's compact and nippy. Easy to park, good on gas. Comfortable to drive and a nice ride.

- Merrall P

Smaller and economical, but will last without troubles

Just a tad too small to haul large items at times. Overall amazing car for the value

- Alex W

It's a really good car people!

It's a nice simple car. I like driving it because I feel safe and comfortable.

- Cassie H

the capacity and duration of the engine............

my vehicle is comfortable, my vehicle is beautiful, my vehicle is special

- glenn h

Its reliable. It's fun, cute. It's great on gas and rarely needs repair.

Its reliable. Its economical, It's fun to drive, cute. No complaints.

- Laurie M

I got my Toyota Yaris used and I've had very little trouble with it. It's a simple car that gets me where I need to go without needing a significant amount of maintenance.

In my experience the Toyota Yaris has been a very reliable vehicle.

- Braden W

Gets me wherever I need to go and takes little maintenance

No complaints. Has an extended warranty and very dependable

- Lynn J




Reliable car. Good and dependable. Can count on it to perform well.

Economical, easy to maintain, and very few problems.

- Lyn P

Easy to park. Basic car. Don't need all the gadgets

2-door 4-speed 32 mpg fun to drive

- Fernando O