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The Yaris has a tremendous amount of cargo space.

My Yaris is very comfortable if you are small. Larger people have a harder time fitting in the passenger seat. However, it has a large amount of cargo space. I am a reenactor and I regularly fold down the back seats, take out the trunk cover, and put 7 1/2 ft tent poles plus my entire campsite in the car. My Yaris gets about 37 miles to the gallon, although it has a very small gas tank. I also love that the car has a Bluetooth that can understand me. You do not have to yell for it to pick you up. Something that I do not like about it is that the front bumper is so close to the ground. I cannot even straddle a dead squirrel. A lot of times it scrapes going into parking lots or over speedbumps. I also do not like that the windshield wipers only have three speeds. The first one wipes about every five seconds, the second one wipes about once per second, and the third setting wipes about two times per second. Another thing that some people complain about is how you feel everything in the car. When you drive down the road you feel every bump and the whole car moves over the smallest cracks.

- Victoria S

Toyota Yaris is an economy sized gem.

I have had the car for just over a year and I haven't had any problems. The car handles really well and the brakes are super reactive. The only issue I have with the car is cosmetic and barely noticeable, the back panel of the car on the passenger side is slightly offset and protrudes a little bit. The car is super comfortable to ride in though I would recommend having anyone in the back seat for long car rides. The trunk space is lacking but if you fold down the backseat you are not going to notice a difference from any other car.

- Alex C

It is super fuel efficient.

I drive a glossy black 2016 Toyota Yaris hatchback. Although it is small, it can get up and go. It is an economy car so the gas mileage is wonderful. My Yaris gets 38 mph highway. Which is really good and affordable where I am at. I had some issues with the tires and I had to replace them right out of the get go, but I did purchase the car "quality used". Should've just purchased brand new honestly. But if you are looking to buy as student in college, perfect car for you. As a single mother with two kids. . . Not so much.

- Lindsey M

Great gas mileage without extra price of hybrid.

I have loved this car--it's reliable, sturdy, has good gas mileage, and fits a surprising amount of things for a small car. It is not fancy, nor does it have extra features, but gets the job done. It is been a solid, straightforward vehicle that is good for long distances and some rough terrain while camping. The car is perfect for someone of my height, but any friend who has driven it and is 6 feet tall or over feels cramped.

- Rosa S

My Toyota Yaris is roomy, reliable, safe, and is a very sporty car.

My Toyota Yaris is very reliable. It is fast, safe and although it may be a small car, it feels very roomy on the inside. It has comfortable room inside and the hatchback has a huge trunk that is covered with a privacy piece so no one can see what you have in your car. I think my favorite features about it are that it has one large front windshield wiper and has Bluetooth on the inside, which I use quite frequently.

- Caitlin C

Great economic care, minor issues

It's perfect to park into small places, but if you are on the bigger side it can be a little small at times. Compared to the older models this one feels a bit more roomy. One bad part about it is when you go through a dip, the front bumper hits the floor. I had a piece from the bumper come off. It's a little noisy when it's at a stop.

- Lucy P

Great car for city living!

I really wish my car felt safer. I love the small size. It is perfect for city living, but I do not feel very safe in it. I feel like any car could just take me out in one fell swoop. Forget about living if a semi truck even remotely touches it. Otherwise, I love the size, the zippiness, the look, the features, etc..

- Stacy T

Spacious, gas saving, small car.

It has a touch screen Bluetooth radio system, the seats adjust even in height and the gas lasts a really long time. The back seat goes down and I am able to load a lot in the back. It really came in handy when I was helping my fiancé move. I like that there's an option to see how many miles worth of gas you have.

- Brittany B

The fun zippy car I love! My 2016 Yaris!

I have never been happier to have this car. It has always been my dream car that was affordable. Since it was such a small car it makes it easy to squeeze into small parking spots and between trash can pinned streets. The Yaris also has such a great turn radius! I was pleasantly surprised U-turns are no problem!

- Taylor R

Huge gas saver practical and comfortable Yaris

This car is great on gas. As a salesperson that is sung in gas is huge. It seems small but it is surprisingly spacious. The back seats fold if you need to make space. The drive is comfortable. Car is Bluetooth enabled, and has extra cup holders on the front doors plus one behind the manual break.

- Sandy L

The raid is freaking awesome!

The Yaris has been very reliable after my first year. No issues just standard maintenance. It's not the fastest but it's great for around town great turn radius. The radio in it is amazing has a touch screen and links with your phone. Great gas mileage and cheap fill ups.

- Bart M

Great safety features for a small car.

Very reliable! The back up camera is great and it drives very smooth. It is a small car but ranked very high in safety features! I feel very safe in this car. The gas mileage is unbelievable as well! Great for someone who does not have a family and just needs a small car!

- Victoria E

It doesn't drive that well in the snow or the rain.

The best thing about my care is that I can park it anywhere, especially in parallel spots downtown. The annoying problem is that the brakes squeak during the first few minutes of driving after the car has been turned off for a while.

- Liz S

Mileage can't be beaten. Not a head turner but reliable and affordable.

The Prius is a no-frills, reliable car. It has good gas mileage which is its major draw. It is small, but with the hatchback and the back row of seats coming down it can fit a surprisingly large amount in it.

- Hannah G

The Yaris Is Pretty Much The Best

I love this little hatchback. It's great on gas, drives really smoothly, and is super dependable. It also sits up kind of feeling like you're driving an SUV when really it's a tiny, fuel efficient hatchback.

- Mollie W

Nice, small, compact car. I really liked that the interior has 2 layers of color making it a bit more sporty. The bluetooth and backup cam are some great additional details as it's just the normal car when I bought it. Not limited, or Luxury. It just comes like that.

I haven't really had any problems with this compact car. Everything about it is good or has been good thus far. I am sure other people will differ but since I have had it, it has been good!

- Freddy G

It's great on gas.it's a good size.

It's great on gas. It's a little slow. The size is great. It feels like a normal size compact car even though it is smaller. I love it.

- Ashley B

The smart key technology is amazing and also the push to start button is very convenient.

It's a very fuel economic vehicle, very compact and nice. It's very good for a single person, but it can also be used for a family.

- Cristina P

Great mileage and handles ok, but don't expect to win any races.

It's a compact car with great gas mileage but it doesn't have a whole lot of power. It gets me where I'm going and that's about it.

- Garrett F

The car has a rear facing camera.

It is a wonderful car. It is very good in gas. The paint is awesome and it has a lot of safety features like a rear facing camera.

- Kristina C

Very comfortable vehicle and can save in fuel with it

Excellent performance, very comfortable but small. Needs some modern updates and new technology. It would be nice leathers seats

- Adriana T

It is a automatic car so it does not require stick shift. It is red.

Good size good fuel economy and a great overall car. Cheap to run as well and very cheap to insure compared to my jeep.

- A T

Fits in the smallest of parking spots and is easy to parallel park.

I live in Chicago. I need a small, zippy car to get around and be able to park anywhere. The Yaris is perfect for that.

- Stacy T

I like the size of the vehicle. I like the capability to put the back seat down to have a larger space if needed

That it is a simple, yet practical car, and is a great option for a smaller car that doesn't feel cramped

- Marisa O

Small car with plenty of space and good gas mileage.

Good gas mileage. Compact Hatchback with plenty of room. Front grill falls apart easily.

- Connie M

It's small and has good gas mileage

It's newer and runs well for a small car. But it has had electrical issues

- Jakq D

gas efficient smooth drive

There is nothing I dislike about my vehicle..very good...dependable

- Jeff C

that although it is an old model it is of good brand and it is also very comfortable to drive it.

it's very comfortable It is easy to handle it's a pretty model

- george w

The most important thing would be that it gets great gas mileage

I like everything about and there is nothing to dislike

- Cornelio C