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Great car for newly wed couples.

The interior of the car is black with modern leather details with blue stitching. The front seats are comfortable, small in width, but there is plenty of legroom. There are four different places to store your beverages. Two cup holders in the center console and a plastic pocket on the drivers side and passenger side door to hold a water bottle. The rear backup camera is a life saver in cramped grocery parking lots! The glove box is very large and is a perfect size for storing necessary car information. It's also perfect for hiding those fast food napkins from the rest of the world. The back seat is less to be desired for. There is virtually no leg room and feels very cramped. Four adults cannot comfortably fit in this car and I would not feel comfortable putting a car seat in the back for fear of squishing the baby in the event of a car accident. Great car for a newly wed couple who take their tween aged nephew and niece for ice cream, not for a family with a new baby.

- Katie D

Toyota Yaris excels with it is sport mode and easy touch screen.

Everything about my Toyota Yaris works great and I have never had a problem with anything about it! My gets great gas mileage being 33 miles per gallon and drives very smooth. It is comfortable and spacious, having two front seats and three seats in the back. The trunk it huge, big enough to fit a bicycle. The only con that I can possibly think of about the car is that compared to most cars, it does take longer to accelerate and get going. However, the car does have a sport mode that when turned on, accelerates very quickly. I have owned the car for a little over a year now and now once have I had a problem with the brakes, engine or tires and I spend an average of 2-3 hours driving my car a day. One of the nice features it has is a touch screen. You are able to click and control Bluetooth, music, navigation, language settings, etc. The Toyota Yaris is great for families under 5 people of all shapes and sizes.

- Emma B

Toyota Yaris features do well.

The vehicle drives well as an automatic but doesn't accelerate smoothly. Bluetooth, auxiliary cable, radio, and CD are all included as audio features. The sound quality is a little to be desired but there is an option to boost sound levels in order to customize it to your liking. This model does not include cruise control. One additional feature that serves well is the automatic high beam that turns on when roads are especially dark. I have had the car for almost 6 months now and it's served me well with a few oil changes and tire rotations, I haven't had any major problems.

- Jacqueline K

The Toyota Yaris IA makes an excellent first-time buying car.

My experience with my vehicle so far has been great. It has good gas mileage & is a small car (which is what I wanted when I purchased it). However, the only problems I experience with it is the fear of crashing due to it being a small car. Also, my car does not have a CD playlist which I enjoyed with my previous car because I still own & buy CD's. The performance is really good, drives smoothly, and is comforting for a person who is considered petite. A Toyota Yaris IA makes a great purchase for first-time car buyers.

- Arlene A

Looking for a small yet, good vehicle the 2017 Toyota Yaris IA is for you!

The 2017 Toyota Yaris IA is a good car for a small family or a couple due to the size is compact. The features are great the back up camera is amazing, having a low air pressure light that shows up on the dash is very useful. The most amazing thing in my opinion about this car is the gas mileage u get is absolutely amazing which is good for long road trips. It gets about 34 mpg to 40 mpg. If you're looking for a small, good on gas vehicle with amazing features this would be your perfect fit!

- Tiara D

Toyota branded Mazda the Yaris ia

Already have 40k miles on the car and I feel like it needs new shocks. Wish it had a cd player. Hate that the radio is integrated into the maintenance engine light so even if I wanted to change the radio it is not really possible. Also the car is very loud on the road with wind coming in around the door rubber. Synthetic oil, and odd sized tires make routine maintenance expensive. Don't like that there is no temperature gauge just an engine cold light.

- Kandy Y

Toyota Yaris is the subcompact car for you.

This the perfect car for those who like driving small cars. It has comfortable bucket seats, and even has a sports mode option. The car can go, and so far, there has not been any issues. It has a touch screen, and controls in the center between the front seats, which is very convenient. The trunk is a good size, and the back seats fold down, allowing additional room. Over all, I love this little car, and would recommend it to anyone with similar taste.

- Sarah M

Great compact sedan for a great price.

Great on gas. I commute to work and get 38 mpg normally. Small gas tank so I fill up once a week. Color is gorgeous, but paint is thin. Easily chipped and scratched. Windshield also easily cracked. Great sound system. Wish apple play would work on system. Fast once you get going but slow to get started. Back up camera. Back seats fold down for extra trunk space. The infotainment system works well 90% of the time. Great compact sedan for a good price.

- Page P

It is cheap, gets good gas mileage, and is very reliable.

The Yaris IA is an affordable car that gets very decent gas mileage and is very reliable. It is a very practical car with a spacious trunk and ample seating. It is, however, not a very distinctive or interesting car. The engine is not very powerful and the exterior is almost indistinguishable from other sedans. I would definitely recommend this car to anyone on a budget who wants a car that will "get you there" for years to come.

- Mary R

This car is reliable and it is not very expensive.

It is very reliable, the gas last long. The interior of the car is amazing. The tires are amazing and firm. The car battery is very good it last very long also this car only needs two oil change per year. With this car there is no need for repairs this can car can last up to 5 years without needing to go the garage.Lastly, since this car is a Toyota you get free service up to a year from the first time you purchase it.

- Wayne D

It is very economical but does not feel cheap.

The Toyota Yaris IA is a compact sedan that gets good gas mileage, about 35-39 on average (driving in town and on the highway several times a month). There are a lot of tech features including Bluetooth, jump drive access, and you can opt for navigation if you want. The car features a backup camera and has in town collision avoidance system. The car is easy to maneuver and can accelerate easily.

- Ashley H

The bright blue color is known in our hood.

The only problem has been with the touch screen radio and phone, sometimes it works and sometimes it does not. Otherwise the car has been perfect. It is just the right size for me, performance is great, it is very comfortable and perfect for city driving. Enough room for hauling all my dogs around as well as the junk I pick up. There's not too much technology in this car which I like.

- robert S

Blown tire, blown vacation.

Back seat has no leg room. Only one size tire fits this car and they are not readily available. This left me stranded when no one carried the odd sized tires, the spare donut, and 200 miles to go. This includes all the normal tire shops and dealership where the car was purchased car. Cable chains for that size tire are not readily available, nor have I found a manufacturer that does.

- Carolyn O

Visibility of display. Mpg 35+. Safety features: backup camera. Bluetooth. GPS.

For a small interior it is very comfortable. Plenty of head space, driver's seat easily adjustable. The console and the dashboard are well designed. Excellent mpg consistently 35+, sports mode is a great feature. drive is smooth, and maneuvers well. The only drawbacks are the display for GPS and stereo can get overheated in the hot months, and it did not come with GPS chip.

- Jami C

Comfortable, compact, and cool.

This vehicle has had no problems, it is a highly reliable vehicle. This model comes with a lot of handy and modern features such as a rear camera, bluetooth access, and a push start. This vehicle is relatively small but surprisingly spacious. Passengers love riding in the back seat as it has plenty of leg space, and the trunk is more than big enough for our groceries.

- Katie F

Toyota cars and why they are amazing.

I have always went with Toyota and once again they did not disappoint and I am very happy with everything about this vehicle. I like the interior a lot and I really enjoy how much space is in the hatchback, even though it does not particularly look like it is. The seats are very comfortable and very adjustable to everyone's needs in the car.

- Angel P

Others should know that it is a pretty small car and it looks pretty nice.

What I like about my vehicle is that I can connect my phone to the Bluetooth that is has and put my own music instead of listening to the radio. I also like the fact that it is a small car and if there is no parking my car can fit in a small space. The air conditioning inside the car is amazing, especially when it gets really hot.

- Nancy E

An interesting detail is that there is no CD player or anything else for music.

I love my Toyota and the dealership supports us. The vehicle is new still so reliability is good. It is comfortable to drive and the car lets you know when there is a problem. I love the little screen that lets you know things and the wheel has buttons so you can drive and do the same things without taking your eyes off the road.

- Paula H

My car is white very good on gas and no problems Toyota is the way to go.

I really like my car its good on gas only put 20 to 25 and it feels it up to 228 miles it has a camera to see how far to back up it stops the car when to close to another car it's got apps like navigation Pandora satellite radio USB connections an AUX and Bluetooth connection so far no problems and really safe for us to drive.

- Dana F

Awesome little car with backup camera.

I absolutely love the backup camera. Phone calls and text messages coming through my car is a terrific feature. The back seat is kind of small but I normally do not travel with anyone besides my child who is old enough to sit in the front seat anyway so it does not bother me. The trunk is a very nice size. Great on gas.

- Tanya B

This car is very cost efficient. It averages 34.6mpg currently on city driving.

I love this vehicle. It's small so it can fit into any park space and I don't have trouble with maneuvering through traffic. I especially love the fact that it's cost efficient. It currently averages 34.6mpg. What's more is that it has a manual transmission so I'm not very worried about anyone stealing my car.

- Olesa A

2017 Toyota Yaris IA review.

I love that the gas is super cheap and with less money I fill my tank up pretty fast. My car is small but it's perfect for me I can get in and out of anywhere and park easily. I have no problems with my car at all. It helps save more gas when you use cruise control for traveling for a long distance.

- Marissa S

Prince gas saver very efficient has a lot of bells and whistles.

The car runs wonderful haven't had any problems with it only thing I wish they change was the charging dock for your cell phone it only fits small cell phones I have a Samsung galaxy five and it is too big for that doctor charged but you do have other little charging things you can plug into it.

- Lisa I

It has a huge trunk space and it seems to be a great gas saving vehicle.

I am very satisfied with my vehicle due to its gas saving features. It is also easy for travel and it have a huge trunk space. The design of the rear is quite okay, too round in my opinion, but that is just cosmetic. The performance great and no issue for the past 2 years that I have owned it.

- Cathleen Mae S

Safe, reliable, great car!

This car is perfect for on the go! I personally love small cars. This car is comfortable to drive, I love the features it has( rear view camera, navigation, Bluetooth, just to name a few. It's rated to be a very safe vehicle. I have not had any major problems with this car! Very reliable

- Tami P

Great gas mileage to save money.

I had the car for about a year now. I will sometimes experience a glitch on the screen and if my phone is connected to the Bluetooth it will just restart it. I wouldn't recommend if you have kids it is on the smaller side. If you are single it is great. You get great gas mileage.

- Marisa K

Midsize Toyota hatchback review.

I love this car. It is small and gets great gas mileage, and can fit into any spot in the city. However despite its size, I have never had an issue fitting all of the gear I need (I am a musician) in the back. With the back seats down, there is plenty of room. A great purchase!

- Nick W

Affordable with comfort and style.

Great options for the price. Comfortable drive. Runs great. Feels like you get a bit more than you paid for which is always nice. Toyota always offers great warranty packages which I also purchased and has come in handy at least twice thus far. Very happy with my purchase.

- Brenda L

Great gas mileage, sleek design.

No armrests, smooth ride, great mileage, rear view cam, roomy trunk, I really like how smooth the driving is. I like the add port mode and cruise control. I like that I can link my phone and playlists to the radio, and can use my phone Charger. I like the power steering.

- Ray G

Great commuter car that does the job!

The car is super gas efficient and easy to drive, but when driving on the freeway you do hear a lot of noise. Parking is always easy because it is so compact. The trunk is surprisingly more spacious that it initially appears and can actually hold a good amount of stuff.

- Eileen S

Terrifyingly slow and utterly untrustworthy.

This is the most sluggish, tiny car I have ever owned. The acceleration is so slow I have had to reroute my trips in order to have enough time merge into fast moving traffic. Also, the car rattles at freeway speeds. This model is more like a toy than a Toyota.

- Monica N

Toyota Yaris IA thoughts and critiques

The new Toyota Yaris is a small car, perfect for driving short distances. It has a wonderful back-up camera and nitrogen tires. The downside is it is a light car so driving in the rain and wind can feel unsafe. I would recommend this car for young adults.

- Kristyn C

Hands free Bluetooth works great.

It's small but great on gas. Good technology up to date. Navigation system installed. Bluetooth ready. You can choose to drive automatic or manual your choice does both. Had the car for 2 years no major problems. Just basic oil changes and break changes.

- Nicole W

Impressive MPG gas vehicle

It is a small vehicle which means limited passenger space. It is great on gas mileage for a gasoline only vehicle. The bluetooth connection is easy to set up and it saves multiple devices for ease of switching between them. Drives good for a small car.

- Leann K

The one thing I like about this car is gas mileage. Need cruise control.

My Yaris is a reliable car. It is very good on gas mileage. It is hard to control in wind. It seems to me that it is not built particularly sturdy. The mechanical construction is very good. Driving it is easy for me and it is easy to get in and out of.

- Darcey K

This car is amazingly fuel efficient and the least hassle I have ever had with a car.

The vehicle is very fuel efficient and modern enough to have a rearview camera and basic amenities that made it a worthwhile buy. It is on the small side but feels very safe nonetheless. The handling and basic vehicle parameters are excellent

- Matt B

Small car: Great for saving gas but not comfortable.

I bought the vehicle to save on gas, but then I had a baby. The vehicle is much too small for myself, my husband and baby to all be comfortable. We have very little room. There is no middle console. The vehicle was not designed for comfort.

- Alyson W

It's a safe car. Its small but has all the features you need.

I like how small it is, I can park anywhere. I also like safe it is for example it won't let me read my text messages if I'm driving. The only thing I dislike is how small the space is between the passenger's seat and the driver.

- Ana T

Overall in love, tire pressure sensor is quite sensitive.

I have had this vehicle for about two months now. So far no problems, only thing I have noticed is the tire pressure sensor is quite sensitive, so just make sure to check your tires and do not let the sensor freak you out.

- Sophie W

It doesn't burn gas that fast so it is not that expensive to use.

I love my Yaris. This is the 2nd Yaris that I have owned. I like its compactness. The model I currently have has automatic windows, doors that lock automatically. It is keyless. There is also a button to open the trunk.

- Jeanne K

Toyota yaris: pros and cons

The toyota yaris is a reliable car that gets you to point a to point b with ease. It's a small car which makes it easier to maneuver and park. The camera is good quality making it easy to back out of parking spots

- Isabella G

Be careful it's in the shop for everything I wouldn't buy this car again.

I like that it has a touch screen. I enjoy being able to change the radio station or use Bluetooth. I like that it is automatic. I dislike its gas mileage. That it was said to average 27 but I get 20 at best.

- Amanda N

Lovely little vehicle with bells and whistles

Every once in a while the car will be weird about starting up or give me trouble about connecting to the bluetooth, but otherwise it is a lovely car. Runs well feels spacious even though it is a smaller car.

- Sarah H

The engine is a Mazda engine even though the car is labeled Toyota.

$15 fills my vehicle up with regular unleaded gas. It has a great radio and allows connection to digital services via Bluetooth. It also has USB ports as well that you can use to play stored mp3 files.

- Kevin K

Back seats fold down so you can still put something long in the trunk.

It has a big trunk. Its a 4 door car. Roomy in the back seat and it has great gas mileage! The only bad thing is when we had new tires put on the original hubcaps didn't fit. This car is very reliable.

- Lori S

It drives nicely and has a lot of room in the trunk.

The back seat does not have enough room. There is not a console between the seat in the front to put stuff in. The car does not have a DVD player. The car drives nicely. The trunk has a lot of room.

- Judy O

Cramped but in very very good condition.

The car is fine, in general but the inside and the back is too small. It feels cramped. It runs perfectly. It can go on the freeway with a sports button and it has tied me over so far.

- Will T

Excellent value. This car was actually the Scion iA, but when Toyota closed the Scion brand, they kept some of their cars to add to their own models, and Scion had excellent value for your money.

I own a Yaris iA, not a Yaris, but it wasn't an option. I love this car. It drives great and gets great gas mileage. My only complaint of it is there not being an armrest.

- Edward G

It is a great car for someone who needs a modest sized car that will hold up well and isn't too expensive.

I like that it is big enough to transport what I need but not too big. It gets great gas mileage. The color is great and it rides smoothly with little maintenance needed.

- Maddie T

My car runs without paying too much in gas. It has an excellent air conditioner and the Bluetooth for calls is a must have.

I like that people comprehend things more easily than they do now. We need a world of peace. I dislike the politicians of my country and the contamination using plastics.

- Efren a

Its small and compatible. Its is a wonder for those who like to save on gas.

What I like about it is that this is my first car. it's a gas saver! It gets me where I need to go. I can have the freedom to get up and drive without asking for rides.

- Michelle L

It is a sports car so you could switch the way you want it.

I love my car because it is small and the perfect size for me. It does not take a lot of money to fill up the tank so it is very economical. It also rides very smooth.

- Ash M

The Toyota Yaris is a great value car for anyone looking to get a good car at a good price.

The things I like about my vehicle is that it was very inexpensive and easy to maintain. I don't like the acceleration. It takes a little while to get it going fast.

- Kevin D

It is a Toyota and they are very reliable.

I dislike that it is small and very compact. I love that it has a back up camera and Bluetooth. I love how easy it is to drive. Just hard to load a lot of stuff in.

- Tori K

How much I love it and how economical it is. It is really fun to drive.

I like it is sporty looks and handling. It is very versatile and economic. I have driven Toyotas for more than 20 years. I find them to be the most reliable make.

- Joseph A

My new Yaris IA is an all around winner!

I love my new Yaris IA! It is so easy to drive and has so much power too! The interior is upscale and is very comfortable. It has put the fun back in driving!

- DeAnn L

Great on gas, if you only use a car to get to and from work, this would be the car for you.

Reliability is there for the car, its great for commuting and good on gas. I fill up usually once every 2 weeks. Back seat is very tight for any size passenger.

- Mike A

The most important thing to now about my car is that it si assemble by the Mazda company.

One of the things i liked about my car is that i can easily connect my phone via bluetooth to speak hands free. I do not like the motor, is a little slow.

- Kiara C

Great gas mileage. Affordable car.

The car has great gas mileage. The front seats are quite uncomfortable on long trips. It could have a little more speed especially going over mountains.

- Sharon T

It is has a lot of safety equipment.

I do not have any complaints about my car. I love my car. I love everything about my car. It has so many safety things about it what's there to dislike.

- Jamie H

Bluetooth, smaller sized car for you

This car is has a smaller inside space, with a back camera for reverse, bluetooth, and a spacious trunk. It comes in three colors; Black, Blue, and Red.

- Jordan B

Yaris iA great starter vehicle

Great gas mileage. Would be great vehicle for new driver, college student, etc. Lots of trunk space. Love the back up camera and infotainment features.

- Jennifer B

It gets great gas mileage and it's a Toyota, so it's safe.

I love my car. It gets great gas mileage and can fit into any parking space. It's easy to drive. It makes me feel young (yeah, I bought a red one).

- Tam B

Bluetooth to call using the phone.

I like the cool things in my car. It is equipped with a Bluetooth and a screen to see the back of the car. The car is cheaper and to put gas also.

- efren S

The most important thing other should know about my car is that it is an awesome money saver on gas.

I love that my car saves a lot of gas. I only put $20/week on gas. It has built in city traffic.i dont like how there's no factory cd player.

- Christina L

Better gas mileage than Prius and much less expensive to buy.

I have no complaints. I love our car. It is easy to park and drive. It gives fantastic gas mileage. I wish they would continue making it.

- jane r

My Yaris is sporty for an economical vehicle. It seems more like a sports car than a "cheap on gas" car!

I love my Yaris IA. It is sporty and economical. It is comfortable and classy. I have no complaints about my Yaris. I really do Love it!

- Debra N

That it has good gas mileage and Bluetooth.

Too small and I do not like the body shape of it. I do not like the color or the way it drives either. I wish I had kept my other car.

- Amanda R

Toyota is recognized to be a trustworthy brand.

After one year of driving I found that the only problem with this car is not to have CD player and I love to hear CD's while I drive.

- Angeles D

It is economical for driving to and from work. Good mileage and handles well.

Fuel economy is perfect. The back up camera is a great safety feature. It has two USB ports. There is nothing I really don't like.

- Tim S

It is reliable and runs great. Low maintenance and provides a comfortable ride.

I like how the vehicle drives smooth. Also like how there's no keys, it's a push to start. Only dislike is that the vehicle is small.

- Benjamin S

It drives very nicely and it is quiet.

I like the height of the car on the road. I like the gas mileage. I do not like the gas tank size. There is no music either like CD.

- Michelle H

Smooth ride and good on gas mileage. Very comfortable.

I love the camera to use when you go in reverse. The stereo system is good. I like the fact that you can hook up a gaps unit to it.

- Martha S

It is very economical on gas and a very low maintenance.

I have not had any problems with my car. It is very good on gas and very reliable. I like the reminders the car system has on it.

- Emma W

It's a good car and recommended if you have a family of 5.

I love the features, the simplicity, and the look. Only downside is the size of the car, not enough space for a family of 6.

- James D

The car is fast and good on gas.

I love the car there is nothing wrong, it's perfect for me. It's a small car and that's perfect so idk what else to say.

- Jazz R

Great gas mileage for small car.

My gets great gas mileage of over 40 highway and a combo of 37 on both highway and city. Couldn't ask for a better mpg.

- Ed N

The sports function on the shifting is not a good thing if one can not control their speed

I like the sportiness of the vehicle. It could have a little more trunk room for storage. I really do enjoy the vehicle

- Christine E

It is has been so far a very reliable vehicle. It runs great.

Like - small and gets good gas mileage. Also, it is a manual transmission. Dislike - slowest acceleration on the road.

- Amy N

My car is compact, small, easy to drive.

I like my car because it's compact, looks stylish and easy to drive. I don't like it because it only has three doors.

- Fugi S

It makes everyone car sick who’s riding in it.

It is to small, but great gas mileage. Makes me car sick even when I am driving. Does not handle well on snowy days.

- Amanda W

It gets great gas mileage and is inexpensive for the quality of the vehicle

My Yaris is the perfect size car! It gets great gas mileage, above 40 mpg. It drives smoothly and is comfortable

- Danielle M

The small size is great for me.

I like the size of my car. I like the color and gas mileage. I liked the price. I would have like more gadgets.

- Lynn B

Gas free inspection every 6 months.

Its fast and for a small family cool for vacations fast cooling air conditioning good low payments for it also.

- Alfa A

easy, comfortable, and it's a very fast car

It is a very nice car it is too comfortable easy to drive it has a lot of power the engine and a unique model

- Travis H

It may be a 4 cylinder, but the sports button is amazing.

Great on gas, but a little too small for comfort or travel. Drives smooth, and has a big trunk for storage..

- Christine W

It is an overall good quality vehicle.

Easy to drive. Small interior and trunk. Nice features, including back up camera and Bluetooth capabilities.

- Meghan K

It doesn't have a belt but a real timing chain inside the motor.

I like the fuel mileage and the durability of my car, great a/c with bluetooth and love the backup camera .

- Patricia F

Handles like a sports car

It handles very well and gets great gas mileage. It doesn't drive as smoothly as I would like sometimes.

- Jennifer L

The gas mileage is AMAZING! It's easy to park in small spots too!

My car is great on gas mileage. I'm averaging 40 mpg. I do not like that armrests do not come standard.

- Marissa J

Great car for a great deal!

The car is amazing! It gets great gas mileage, and runs super well. I would recommend this to anyone!

- Sarah I

It gets great gas mileage, is safe, and it looks rather good.

It gets great gas mileage. Because it's a Toyota I know it's safe and durable. It's a smooth ride.

- Tamara B

That it has a sports thing in the middle to make it go faster.

Love the back up camera & the touch screen. Dislike that it doesn't have an arm rest or self start.

- Vanessa T

which is a vehicle with a large engine and is very fast and easy to handle

It is a very practical, comfortable and very nice vehicle and I have no problem with the vehicle.

- Johnson o

That even with a very small engine it still can keep up to speed without sacrificing gas.

Is very Small, slow,but saves a lot of gas. Good safety features. Back up camera

- Jay C

which is a very comfortable and safe car and where the main mind moves me to all sides.

I do not have any complaints about my car because I like everything about it.

- andrew m

how dependable it is and how easy it is to driver

I like the dependability. I like the low cost. I love the technology too.

- tom U

the size for the parking and circulation in the traffic

I love the size I like the comfort i dislike the gas consume

- angela v

poor interior design. poor placement of radio controls on divider, should have been an arm rest instead

too small for family outings okay for single person

- cindy c