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Convertible top issues, space availability.

A few problems a I have had with my car are my coolant reservoir cracked which caused overheating. Another issue I had with my car is the convertible top is no longer water resistance and when it rains water will leak through onto my seats. Performance wise my car runs well, the gear shifts are a little slow but it has not given me issues. It is a very small car but for the size it is very comfortable. The trunk size is very small and fits few things. I have only used the sport mode in my vehicle a few times and it runs very smooth. I would consider my car a very reliable vehicle considering the usage as well as age.

- Gels A

Fun but comes with challenges.

The plastic quality is horrendous, the electric system has huge flaws. For example, we cannot lock the car anymore because the alarm goes off just by itself. We have to leave the windows cracked a little, otherwise they keep going up and down. The fact that the trunk cannot be opened with the actual key is a problem, because the buttons on the keys do not work. But it is fun to drive. Not suitable for a family though! Somebody once compared the car to a puppy. Really fun but messes up every once in a while.

- Kristin T

A teenage dream, and adulthood nightmare.

The vehicle is so fun to drive, smooth, fast, and sporty. However, there are many problems that make driving it incredibly difficult. For one, if the gas gets below a quarter tank, the fuel pump does not function properly. The soft-top leaks when it rains, the back window is falling out, and the cover on the gear shift shattered and fell apart. All-in-all it was a great car when I turned 16, but I am looking for something more reliable.

- Kate K

It is really cute and nice in the summer with the top down!

I really love my beetle, it is super cute and easy to drive but I have been having constant mechanic issues with it, mainly the battery dying randomly overnight. I have even taken it into a shop and thought the problem got solved, but I am still having issues with it dying over night. And also when you feather the gas when accelerating, it kicks really hard trying to get into fourth gear and can sound kind of scary.

- Jenna W

She's a little rough around the edges. She drives good. Dependable. And holds a lot more than you'd expect

She's a light blue beetle bug, and despite her age, she's still holding strong. I'm not much about latest tech or anything, I just want something reliable, and she's been great. We've been to and from three different states, college, grad school, and moving several apartments. Her name is Jelly bean. I dislike that she needs some upkeep. I've been rough on her. I wish I'd known how to take better care of her.

- shekinah a

The engine was made to last.

I love the engine. It is continued to run since 2010, when I received it, and by 2010 it had already been used. What I dislike: in the summers where I live, the black interior and anywhere there is adhesive (the back lining around the window ) melts and dissipates, meaning much of the cosmetic element in the car falls apart. . . Literally. It was not made to withstand extreme heat and humidity.

- Bridget H

VW: cost effective or cost prohibitive.

My VW has good gas mileage; easy, comfort drive; recently have had to change brake pads. It is very difficult and complicated to work on this vehicle without taking it to a mechanic that works on foreign vehicles or you must take it to the actual VW dealership. Not so cost effective which causes vehicle maintenance to be an issue.

- Debra R

Red 2005 Volkswagen beetle.

Its a 2005 with 98k miles on it but it the 6 months that I have had it I have had to put in 2000 dollars worth of labor. The alternator needed to be replaced and there were a lot of wiring issues. It's a fast car and stylish but so far it has had a lot of problems in a short amount of time.

- Kylie A

Volkswagen new beetle review.

Lots of engine problems, some minor issues including that it is a gas drinker, is a reliable car as long as it gets checked regularly. Pretty spacious not too small perfect for a young new driver. Sits four comfortably and has room for a car seat. Sunroof looks nice.

- Sabrina T

Economically user friendly.

Standard shift, and very economical. Environmentally friendly. Practically maintenance free. Extremely good fuel mileage. Technologically reliable. A very reasonable price. Interior design is compatible with exterior design and color. Great trade-in and resale value.

- Gabriel A

There really is not any suspension on the car, you can feel every bump.

I love that my car has heated seats and an ready to work dashboard. There is much more space in the car and trunk than what's expected. The only downside is that is holds heat in the summer and holds cold in the winter, but the heating and cooling easily fix that.

- Dal M

Light blue bug with eyelashes.

It is a nice car with a very reliable engine. With a super cute blue color. It is a convertible top. This is perfect for sunny weather. My car is perfect to put eyelashes on. The car is tiny but roomie for sure. It is like a tiny little home. Or like a glass bowl.

- Abigail R

Beautiful car but poorly made and cheap.

Expensive to repair but poorly made. The car is beautiful and was well taken care of but every little thing is breaking. Transmission problems. Random radiator leak. Heated seats and window motors don't work. Buttons are breaking off and hard to find to replace.

- Sara P

If you want to have trunk space this is the car for you.

Well it is a convertible and the back windshield is starting to come unglued which I have heard is a very common problem. As well as the top has a hole in the top which is patched over. The only other major problem I have had was the axles at the front broke.

- Elizabeth L

Adorable Volkswagen bug!!

very reliable, comfortable, great gas mileage. This car is my daily driver and I drive at least 50 miles to and from work every day. Not only is it reliable and comfortable, but it is an adorable car and the soft top/ convertible is great fun for the summer!

- Megan L

2005 VW Beetle. Pale yellow color with black convertible top.

Car was totaled and fixed up before I bought it. Radio didn't work but got it fixed. Convertible roof and windows leak when it rains/snows. Occasionally locks itself. Has trouble going up hills but does okay mostly. Airbags don't work. Very good gas mileage.

- Emily B

My car takes some adjustments to get used to before driving.

I love how small my car is because it makes it easy to park and maneuver while driving. I also like the look of the car and color. I think the gas and brakes are too jumpy- they do not respond until you push down very hard.

- Taylor V

Labor costs can get a bit pricey when it needs repairs.

My only complaint is the cost of repairs can get a bit high. Otherwise, I love my beetle - it gets great gas mileage and is spacious enough that we have taken it on road trips and vacations.

- Dave B

the difficulty in trying to get to the spare tire.

i love the turbo. the leg room is amazing. i don't like the size of the trunk. i am used to having more room in a car. i also don't like the amount of gas the car holds.

- lance P

My car is a little beat up but from the previous owner.

My vehicle is q used car with minor damages that affect my opinions of it. This car has no ac and has wonky windows, but its my car and I like it.

- Logan B

Green is the best color and there is a small flower vase by the steering wheel.

My Volkswagen new bug has amazing gas mileage 10/10 would recommend. I have no complaints about my car even though 13 years old it runs perfectly.

- Allison H

Great car. Lots of legroom. Speedy little bugger.

I love the size. I also love the turbo and the feel of the engine. I dislike the size of the trunk but I expected that when buying the beetle.

- Melissa I

It is an orange volkswagen beetle convertible.

I like my car it is small but not too small. It gets good gas mileage & have not had any issues with it. I bought this car brand new in 2005.

- JoAnn B

Is a pretty speedy car & seems to have good control of the road & curves.

The side windows are not sealing well into the convertible top, makes driving on highway noisy. Small back window makes a big blind spot.

- Evan B

Mine is very reliable and have received lots of approvals on my added designs.

Good gas mileage because it is diesel, no major problems and can park anywhere. I have almost 200,000 miles and still runs like new.

- Kay S

Classic, cute & sturdy car.

Dislike that it is a stick. Like its classic. I like the color & convertible. I haven't owned it long.

- Penney V

Good gas mileage and fun to drive. It is small and will carry 4 people.

It is awesome to drive. It is a straight drive and fun. It also gets 45 mpg.

- Kim S

has a good safety record never had major problems with it

not very good in the snow. Love that it is good on gas fun to drive

- carol t