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I would say Volkswagen beetle would be a less expensive choice.

Well, I have had no vehicle problems that have occurred by the vehicle itself. The car is quite low to the ground so straying of the road onto curbs or onto rough terrain. The car is pretty great on gas mileage and new tires are pretty cheap as well. The car also comes with Bluetooth to connect your phone for easy hand free talking. It also has a leather seat feel which handles most smells with easy clean up. It is small, allowing for easy handling. The seats are comfortable and have a wide moving aspect for small and bigger people. This only affects people who are sitting in the back. There are only two doors making it difficult to drive with more than one passenger because of such little leg space in the back.

- Alexis K

Beautiful and quick little bug.

I love my car, it is beautiful, reliable and efficient. It gets the job done. I've done many cross country/long distance trips and have never had any problems. I have owned my car for almost 4 years, I bought it used and it was in perfect condition and still is. It is pretty gas efficient as well. I do have to check my oil often because it can sometimes burn a lot of oil but other than that I love my car. The trunk has more space than you'd expect and so does the space inside the car. My headlights are a little dim but that is easily fixed. My car drives very smoothly, it is easy to speed. It is a turbo so it is fast and when put into sport mode can zip by pretty quickly.

- Emily E

Don't be afraid of bugs, you will fall in love with this Beetle!

I absolutely love my Volkswagen beetle. I love the way it hugs the road, it's smooth acceleration, and quick break time. I have had my car for two years, and have had no problems with it. It's sound system is amazing, and having the Bluetooth feature is such a plus! The car's heated seats and air-conditioning are amazing and so comfortable! As far as visibility goes, I would say make sure the headrests in the back are all the way down, because they can be a little bit of a hindrance for shorter drivers. Overall, purchasing my 2012 Volkswagen Beetle has been one of the best decisions I have made, I love my bug!

- Autumn S

Compact, Comfortable, and Surprisingly Roomy

My car is incredibly comfortable and honestly surprisingly roomy for a Beetle. It has excellent navigation, excellent speakers, I love the fact that it Bluetooth connects to my phone. I am a 4 foot 11 girl who has been driving this car since I was 16 and I have to use a cushion to be able to sit high enough to see everything. I originally wanted a Beetle because it would be like driving a bubble, everything is tight around me and I would have a very good judgment of how close I can get to things without hitting them.

- Bella B

Comfy, spacious interior; great gas mileage

It may have been a recall , but the steering wheel is weird. Sometimes you have to turn/jangle the wheel in order to turn the key. The car is super comfortable to people of all sizes - even someone who is 6 foot 6 inches tall and 400 pounds. The heated, leather seats are wonderful and durable. The interior of the car is bigger than it appears and I have used it to move across the country before with plenty of room to store stuff. Great gas mileage and a great road tripping car.

- Maggie E

Light blue VW beetle 2012.

My vehicle is really visually appealing. I love the unique design and color, but it is lacking mechanically. I have had the air conditioning break down twice within my 2 years of owning it and have also experienced many issues with the gears that have yet to be checked out. The ride is very loud and bumpy due to it being so close to the ground. When I am transporting more than just myself in the car, gas mileage is terrible because it is easily weighed down.

- Mary G

Great little classic that will soon no longer be made. . .

First I love the look of the newer beetles. My car is called denim, it is light blue and has retro wheels. Very cute. It handles very well, tight turns, peppy acceleration. There is plenty of interior space and the back seats fold down for cargo space. The one negative I can describe is the front end is low and when I first bought the car I scraped the bottom of the front bumper on a steep driveway entrance. Also I wish the horn had the "old bug" sound.

- Susan C

Fun to drive, cool design.

Great performance, and reliability. Like roomy overhead, and hatch, but could use a driver side armrest, and rear seats are not conducive for other passengers. Preventive maintenance is key, but must be done at a Volkswagen dealer, as other repair businesses, are not familiar with basics, and do not have the proper equipment, i.e. , Proper wheel lug nut removal, proper filters, including the 10, 000 mile oil change filter.

- Anita H

Everyone loves my car, it super cool.

I have had and electrical issue with the door locks, the timing chain broke, and a leak in the vacuum system. It handles well and looks great. I have a lot of trouble with the low profile tires, I have a lot of flat tires. Interior is attractive, control panel is great. Although it is super annoying that any time the outside temp is 39 f or below it dings at me and changes my display to the temp.

- Missy B

I love how the car handles and drives

I really enjoy my car. The standard features work great for me AC / Heater, Heated seats, Bluetooth wireless connectivity. The size and color. I can easily park this car anywhere since I do not have parking where I live. Again the size makes it very convenient for street parking. Performance is great for what the car is. The turbo engine and manual transmission make this car fun to drive.

- Lorenzo R

Volkswagen beetle- a good car for new drivers.

I have never really experienced any majors issues with my car. Some minor issues here and there with the tired and the ac but other than that I have had no complaints. This car’s size, performance, reliability, comfort, and features have all been beneficial to me, who used this car as my first car as a new driver. I have never gotten into any accidents in this car.

- Grace S

Super fun Volkswagen beetle!

The 2012 beetle drives like a sports car, has more cargo room than you would think and so far has been totally reliable. The manual seat adjustment can be a bit of a drag for a car that otherwise has plenty of bells and whistle, such as navigation, Bluetooth connection and heated seats. Rear visibility can be a little challenging so a backup camera would be helpful.

- Jenny Q

An awesome, fun, easy to maintain car!

The only feature my car lacks is the backup camera. Other than that, it is a perfect car. The speaker system is great and I can even change the interior light color! Gas mileage is wonderful and I only have to get the oil changed every 10, 000 miles which makes it much easier to maintain. It is a fun car to drive-I only wish I had the flower vase still!

- Hayley M

My Turbo VW Beetle is an AMAZING car!

My Volkswagen Beetle is the most reliable and fun car. I have never had any issues and the car is at 75,000 miles. Even though the car is a turbo it is still great on gas. I love how the car is compact but still has room for adults in the back seats, I've fit 2, 6ft tall grown men back there. The trunk is also relatively large.

- Alexa K

VW beetle is a fun little car with great gas mileage.

I love my Volkswagen beetle! It has a ton of personality and is a fun little car to drive. It gets great gas mileage, which is important to me given I live in a city and commute 15-20 min to and from work. It can get a little pricey if service is needed since it is not domestically produced, but otherwise, I am a big fan!

- Noelle S

Love the pop of color on this vehicle!

I truly enjoy my vehicle and do not have many cons to say about my choice in purchasing it. The only issues I have ever had with the vehicle were due to age or a factory recall. My favorite part about this particular vehicle is the interior dashboard design. I love the pop of color that the red dashboard gives off!

- Jacob T

The styling on the dashboard pays homage to the VW Beetles of yore.

My car is so peppy. The pickup on it is INSANE. If you suddenly decide you want to go fast, boy, can you ever! The car handles almost like a sports car, it will FLY down the highway, and it's small and easy to park. One downfall? Because of the turbo engine, you have to use 93 Octane gasoline... but worth it!

- Nikki C

Good on gas and a small reliable car

The dashboard is very long so it makes it hard to see. Comfortable ride though! I think that the trunk could have more space, but other than that it's reliable. It is okay on gas. Fill up at least twice a week. It comes with a cute set of flowers by the steering wheel that coordinates with the color of the car

- Lee S

I love it regardless of any negatives!

I love my beetle! It is fast, it is dependable, it is fun to drive and it is roomy. The only downfall, when it needs any kind of work, even an oil change, it costs a lot more than other cars. I recently had my usual mechanic tell me that he wouldn't work on my bug anymore because it was too hard to work on: (.

- Jackie S

My 2012 Volkswagen beetle is the best!

I love my Volkswagen beetle, it is easy and fun to ride. My car is the turbo model and is equipped with a fender sound system and a moon room. My car is the perfect size for city life, I can get around easily and never feel like I do not have enough room. I also feel very safe and low to the ground in my car.

- Ashley P

Fun vehicle, reliable ride.

The car it is self runs great. Interior is small so it is not ideal for backseat passengers. Up keep on the vehicle can be expensive as it is an import vehicle. Gas mileage is good. I have traveled across the country in this vehicle and it has not given me issues and I was comfortable the entire time.

- Amy M

What I think about a beetle

Haven't had any problems. It's a good car I love it. I can go far without using a ton of gas which is great. I wish it would have more room to haul stuff in it. I wish the backseat would fold down and lay flat to get it out of the way. I drive it all the time and maybe spend $60 on gas in a month

- Hayley B

If you get this car get the 6 speed manual, very well worth it

Had the car for a year now and I love it! The only problem I've had was the coil packs started to go out around 45,000 thousand miles. But they are easy to replace. Performance is good and decent gas mileage for a turbocharged car, I get around 32 miles to the gallon highway, city is around 25.

- Oliver S

Excellent car, love it! Hope it lasts forever.

Comfortable ride, love the heated seats, economical, service every 10, 000 miles quiet, excellent car. Would definitely buy this model again, in fact, it is my second one. Highly disappointed they have discontinued manufacturing this model. Would have liked to buy another in the future.

- Patricia G

It is comfy and affordable!

My beetle has tons of head and legroom! Volkswagen now offers a fantastic extended warranty. The service shop is efficient, clean, and friendly. They wash my car every time I take it in for service. I love that I only have to have the engine serviced 1x a year! I get great gas mileage.

- Karen B

Love the look, but have some issues

I absolutely love the style of this vehicle. People are always impressed with inside design, and it's very sleek looking outside. However, I've had several issues with noisy windows, creaking back seats, constant 'check engine' lights, and consistent issues with connecting my phone.

- Riley H

The pros and Cons of my 2012 Beetle

Burns oil terribly! That's really my only problem. Gets good gas mileage on longer trips. It would be nice automatic headlights. It does ride ok. Wish it had more room in the back. A car seat doesn't really fit in there. Not even an infant car seat will sit back there properly...

- Annette N

My vehicle is white with black interior. It has plenty of cup holders!

My car is fun to drive and runs well. I like the style and color. I also enjoy only needing an oil change every 10, 000 miles. I did have some issues with the ac which was difficult to replace and the cost of repairing the vehicle is high compared to other types of vehicles.

- Ashley D

How I feel about my 2012 VW BEETLE

I like the sound in my car because it has Fender speakers. I like the leather interior and the way it drives/steers. The only issue I have is that the service/engine/tire lights sometimes come on when nothing is wrong and don't go off until I get it reset at the dealership

- Brooke S

Treat it with care and it won't give you problems. It's hard to judge how much space you have up front when parking. I'm either too close it too far.

I love how open and spacious my car in on the inside even though it's small on the outside. It has a lot of compartments. The only thing I don't like is how I have to press the trunk button on my key in order to open the trunk no matter what. Even if the car is unlocked.

- Hannah G

The VW Beetle is as 'cute as a bug'.

The Beetle is quick to respond even being a 4-cylinder. It can pass other cars even on the freeway. Being small, it's easy to park except for a blind spot near the back. However, it's a bit uncomfortable to get in/out. The doors are a bit large for a small car.

- Madeline G

The 2012 Volkswagen beetle and it is heated seats.

I love the smooth transition when switching gears. It is very different than the last car I had, which was a Nissan Sentra. The 2012 Volkswagen beetle includes heated seats for the driver and passenger, and it even has a sunroof. The trunk has lots of space too!

- Katie C

A classic to have in your house

It is a German car, reliable, accurate, strong, beauty, well done. I would recommend this car to everyone who wants to have the best car. High levels of performance. Gas performance. Great to travel. The design is a truly gem to have this days. Great for couples

- Bima M

Volkswagen beetle: not very durable, expensive to maintain and not worth it.

Several battery issues, even when I have gone to Volkswagen to have them repaired there are always reoccurring issues of not being able to start. Very spacious and I like the design of the interior, has Bluetooth and other features that are useful such as GPS.

- Maya J

The design in black is a head turner. I always get complimented.

I enjoy the reliability. Love the design. The car has great pick up. The interiors well designed. Love my sunroof and the gas mileage is great. For the two years I have had it it's been a great car. It has the same great performance one would expect from a VW.

- Johanna R

It is a beetle, a nice reliable beetle.

It has the turbo but it is also an automatic trans so she tends to kick hard, on top of that you have 0 power until you build boost in the turbo, so if you are going to get one of these I'd suggest getting the manual other then that it is a top notch ride.

- Jeremy C

VW vehicles have always been safer vehicles,

It's small and dependable. Great for getting to work and running errands. Not exactly the best to drive people around in as it is cramped but it gets the job done. Some problems include: A musty odor may be noted from the heating, ventilation and AC unit

- imani C

Good quality, low gas mileage

The vehicle does not have good gas mileage. It is very reliable. Although it is a coup, it is a comfortable car. I have had some problems with the engine in the past but they seem to have gotten better when I began to consistently get my car serviced.

- Hannah D

Sporty and even cuter car.

It is too small at times but other than that. At times I have needed more space for shopping or talking m y daughter and her teenage friends around town. Another drawback has been that labor and parts too expensive when any problems arise. I love it.

- Tara W

Small, fast and easy to drive

As of today I do not have any real complaints about my VW Beetle. I would however only recommend it to an experienced driver. It has many blind spots and the tires don't always do well in the rain. Other than those issues it is a great car.

- Regina S

It is so cute! I love my car. I wish I could keep it forever, but I need a bigger car.

I have had my windshield crack 2 times since I've owned it. I do a lot of highway driving, but I feel like the shape of the front end makes it more susceptible to damage on the window. I haven't been thrilled with the service from VW.

- Kelli G

The stock materials are cheap and there are no resources for fixing things yourself, you have to take it to a dealership.

It's cute and compact and drives great most of the time. Every once in a while I'll get some error with the sensors that's expensive to fix. I have less than 30k miles on it and I've spent $900 on repairs just this year.

- Keily H

Volkswagen Beetles have wonderful gas mileage and handle great in snow and on dry roads.

I love my Volkswagen Beetle! I love how the seats feel. I also love the great gas mileage. It's perfect for short trips and long ones too. It handles amazingly! I don't think I can come up with one single complaint!

- Wendy M

dependable and reliable. It always starts and runs great.

My beetle has the larger tires so it sits up higher off the ground. It has had only routine maintenance since purchase. It has navigation system and a satellite radio. It is very comfortable to ride in. Smooth ride.

- Jackie M

The most important thing others should know about my car is that it's great and it works really well and I've never had a problem with it.

I love the style and the color of my car. I think it's really cute and fits my style. There's nothing I dislike about my car. It gets me from point A to point B without any problems.

- Ella P

It is very small but I love beetles from the 1960s and 1970s so this is more affordable and easier to find parts for without having to have a vintage car.

I love the look of the car. I don't like how small it is but of course it is a small car so that is expected. I like the gas mileage compared to the suv I previously owned.

- Allison H

Great vehicle for someone without children.

It is reliable. All of the pieces and parts seem to be of excellent quality. It is very fuel efficient. Handles extremely arctic road conditions like a champ.

- Celeste B

It's fun to drive and it looks as cute as possible for a car.

I love my Volkwagen beetle. It is comfortable enough for a tall person, like me (6'7") and is very fun to drive around in on hot days with the top down.

- Ben S

The 2012 Volkswagen Beetle is an easy to drive car and very reliable

I love that my Beetle is small but has plenty of storage space. The car runs well and is fairly simple to maintain. The car is extremely reliable.

- Amber W

The vw beetle is very fun to drive.

I love the speed and fun of driving the beetle, but really hate the poor gas mileage. It is nowhere what I would expect of a compact car.

- Susan J

Volkswagen Beetles are Great Cars

So far I've had no problems with my car. It's really good on gas and my professional oil changes last almost a year between changes.

- Dominique H

Fun to drive. Gas mileage is not what it was supposed to be.

Love the car. Hate the gas mileage. . Very fun to drive. Not sure what else to add except that I would purchase a new beetle again.

- Susan J

It's fun! I love that people are always asking about it and telling me how cute it is

I love the fact that my car is unique. I even have white wall tires! MY only complaint is that VWs are notoriously hard to work on

- Lezlie S

Volkswagen Beetle is fun to drive

Very reliable, only 4 passenger, fun to drive, handles well, good mileage, average visibility, back seat is tight for adults

- Ann S

A great care that gets good gas mileage and is very comfortable to drive

great handling, good gas mileage, comfortable, fun to drive, minimal maintenance cost - oil change every 8000 miles

- Jade W

Easy to drive. Very solid ride.

It is a convertible. Very good on gas. Dislike how low the seats are. Sometimes seats are hard to move.

- Kathryn K

Change the window motor as soon as it starts acting up! Otherwise, she's a fun little car

She's a quick and nimble turbo. She has some glitches, however, involving her door locks and windows.

- Nadine A

Love my 2012 Volkswagen beetle.

- Kate E