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Volkswagen Passat - good car for daily commute - reliable - good value.

The vehicle is reliable and comfortable to drive in. The trunk is smaller than I would prefer. Back seat space is enough for two people not three practically. The value of the car has maintained well as I do not have to replace parts often. The engine is slightly less sensitive than I prefer. After my first 1000 miles I am convinced this was by far the best car for the money. The r-line styling stands out and looks so much better than the competition. Quick off the line with a little lag when accelerating around 60 but brakes are very strong. Steers flat with little lean - this may be to the credit of the standard 19" wheels.

- Richard E

Classy small car with lots of zip!

I love my VW Passat. It is a small car, but it has a deep trunk and very comfortable seating. Although small, the car has a lot of zip, and can easily stand its own when driven in heavy traffic. Parking is easy due to its smaller size. It's a very comfortable and stylish ride. The design of the car feels much roomier on the inside than it appears in the exterior. I also enjoy the sunroof and the radio has great sound. I would buy another Passat, and recommend one to anyone in the market for a new car. This is the second one we have owned, and we do plan on purchasing another.

- Christie M

2005 VW passat turbo charged!

I have a VW passat. I can honestly say it is the best car I have owned. It can be on the expensive side to repair because it is a foreign car. Most of my issues are simply wear and tear. My engine has 215000 miles on it and rides amazingly well. It seats 5 comfortably. The rear seats have a section that pull out for cup holders. Also has a phone charge port in the back. The front features a CD player. Drivers side seat lifts.

- Christine S

My Volkswagen is a greenish grey color with dark tinted windows.

My car is a 2005 so that is pretty old. Being a college student I do not drive my car very often because everything need to get to is within walking distance on my campus. My car has had issues into past that my dad has helped fix such as the interior decor was coming off, the window buttons do not work, some doors do not lock and things tend to rattle somewhere inside.

- Lillian D

You should always make sure that you keep up on the maintenance for the transmission. There's no way to check the fluid, and it's a little expensive to have the transmission serviced.

I like the Passat because it gets great gas mileage. It isn't as comfortable as my Envoy, but I like the fact that it's smaller and easier to drive around town. We did have to replace the transmission, shortly after buying it (used). Apparently, VW's have a weak spot in the transmission. Other than that, it seems to be running great.

- Jessica T

Great for a 2005, want newer model.

I enjoy my car because of the leather interior that is easy to clean. It does get very hot in the summer though because it is black. I like having control over the seat warmer temperature. Although in recent times, since it has made many trips to and from Colorado and Iowa, it has gotten some stalking problems.

- Nina V

The in's and outs of ownership over one year.

Rack and pinion failure around 150k miles. Various issues involving abs communication with abs module. 2.8l 30 valve fairly reliable engine. Recall on seat warmers. 4 wheel drive system very touchy on snow during acceleration with traction control not enabled (traction control disabled by abs system issues).

- Fred G

Great acceleration for a VW.

Biggest issue has been car coils to spark plugs. All went bad at about the same time. $80 each. Many rubber hoses need to be replaced. Car has fantastic acceleration. Ill by another passat soon. I love it. Has multi disc CD player in trunk that died twice and blew a radiator hose on the way back from Vegas.

- Brent N

I do like having a moonroof and that it gets me from point A to point B.

I bought my vehicle used. Didn't know it had an oil leak and I continue to get it fixed and it is on problem after the next. I am done putting lots of money into it just making sure I add in oil and water when needed. I plan on keeping it just a little longer (2 years tops) and get another vehicle.

- Michelle K

I wish I owned a 2019 car!

I love my car it is great running, low mileage, needs Freon though,, would buy another Volkswagen, however its expensive to repair and maintain, have no more to say but wish it was a new Volkswagen, love them, can't afford a new Volkswagen, unless it is a gift from. Volkswagen.

- Edna Y

Good car for the most part.

Car runs great. Has excellent pick up. Definitely feel safe driving it. Handles very well at high speeds and corners well too. Gas mileage could be better, and found a lot of moisture gets in somehow, even with all the windows up, and sunroof closed.

- Laurie L


It has a long lasting diesel engine, meaning less repairs. It gets 39 or 40 mpg and has needed only minor maintenance and no major repairs. My only complaint is sometimes the right front door lock does not unlock, but a reset gets it working again.

- michele B

The AWD wagon is one of the most overlooked but extremely convenient vehicles on the market.

It's a wagon so I love the space to carry cargo and the fact that it is AWD. I very much dislike the tiptronic automatic transmission. Overall I'm pleased with how the car looks even being 13 years old.

- Ryan R

It is great on gas and has high safety.

I love the leather interior in the car. It gets get gas mileage. Do not love that parts can be very costly for this car. Love the sunroof in this car as well, like how it opens by turning a knob.

- Victoria H

I like that it is good on gas. I also, like that even though it is old, the style still looks good. I don't like that I have problems with lights going on when there is nothing wrong.

Others should know that even though the lights that read STOP CHECK OIL PRESSURE! There is nothing wrong with the oil pressure, I have had it checked.

- Norma G

It does not use a lot of gas.

I like that it is easy to drive and does not use a lot of gas. I do not like that it is somewhat small and the seats are uncomfortable.

- Jennifer B

It is trustworthy if it is in good condition.

It has its usual problems for the age of the car but I like the size and style. The truck size works for my lifestyle of kids and dogs.

- Rachel S

It is excellent on gas but it needs premium.

It is really good on gas. It is reliable and roomy. I do not like the fact that it is an older model. It has a lot of miles on it too.

- Samantha D

it gets about 42 miles per gallon, the best was 45 miles per gallon

i love the diesel engine, i love how it handles on the road. i love the 42 miles per gallon. I dislike electrical door lock problems.

- joan m

The needs to get fix the muffler because it makes a loud noise.

Waste to much gas and need to fix something’s like the muffler brakes and do some tune ups and need to fix the passenger window.

- Maria V

That it drives well with little work done and it's good on gas.

I like that it has needed very little maintenance. like that it drives well. I don't like that the driver side mirror is gone.

- Michael B

It is perfect for dad's with their kids

I like that I can speed up quickly when necessary which is good for defensive driving and that it has plenty of space.

- Tsanito L

They should know that the sunroof leaks and the motor in the driver's seat malfunctions.

I dislike the fact that the motor in the driver's seat stopped working. I dislike the fact that the sunroof leaks.

- Leah S

Good highway mile per gallon.

It gets great mile per gallon on the highway. Lot of room in the back for storage space. Has good pick up and go.

- David L

Check brake pads and make sure you change the oil.

It is very dependable. It is luxurious for it is age. It has very comfortable seats and the sunroof is nice.

- Ben H

It gets GREAT gas mileage! And is very efficient in hauling cargo.

I like the size of the interior and the great fuel mileage. I have no dislikes or complaints.

- Scott C

It's a big and comfortable car

I like the size and the comfort but don't like the age of the vehicle

- Rachel J

volkswagen passat wagon is perfect, comfortable, reliable, safe

i like the size, the 4motion, reliability, and it still smells new!

- tre t

It's nice and compact. It is easy to steer and doesn't use doesn't use a lot of gas. It is an older model and the seats are a little uncomfortable.

It is easy to maneuver and it doesn't use a lot of gas.

- Jennifer B