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The family-friendly Passat.

My family has had our Passat for about 6 years now! We started off leasing it before we fell in love with it and decided to buy it. Out of all the 6 years we�ve had the car, it has only been to the shop twice. The first time was due to a technical malfunction with the car, while the second was because of the accelerator. Our Passat is comfortable and spacious, and is perfect for our 4 kids. All our kids have learned to drive with this car and all have passed their drivers test due to the cars accessibility. It is reliable and performs well, giving my family very few problems.

- Candace J

I highly recommend the Volkswagen Passat.

My 2007 Volkswagen Passat is the 4 cylinder turbo Wolfsburg edition. It has great acceleration and hugs the road when speeding through curves. It is a lot of fun to drive. I love the heated leather seats and sunroof. It has only had one major mechanical issue. There was a problem with the oil pump that resulted in the engine having to be replaced at 98,000 miles. Fortunately this was covered by the extended warranty. It now has 196,000 miles with no major issues. I love this car and would definitely buy it again!

- Melissa P

A luxury car in a station wagon shape.

Lit had a few recalls and a worn belt which is costly to repair, but it is a sturdy car otherwise and very comfortable to be in and drive. Only real issue with interior is lack of an aux. It is a simple and easy car to drive and a very smooth ride, and just has a few things that need to be taken care of in my case to have a great car.

- Autumn S

The car is basically out of whack.

The ac doesn't blow cold, it goes into the wet road mode and will not let me accelerate when the road is completely dry, it overheated when there was plenty coolant and good oil, it drives rough, brakes are bad, the passenger window will not go up sometimes, and the back driver side door will not unlock with the key fob.

- Ashanti J

Comfortable. Small. Economical.

The vehicle is very comfortable to drive. It is economical. It very smooth and easy to drive. It does have some issues with some recalls. But aside from I love it. It is not much of a family car because it is small. But it is comfortable for a single person or someone without kids. Or maybe with not that many kids.

- Rose M

Basically a good running car. Reliable and economical gas mileage.

Looks good. Has plenty of room and power. Rides smooth. Good on gas mileage. Wish that it had all wheel drive. Relatively comfortable on long trips. Tires are a little hard to get not every place stocks them and relatively more expensive. Seems like have to buy a lot of parts from Volkswagen.

- Sherry G

The one exception being a gas leak.

I most recently purchased the vehicle and can not make a full evaluation of the car. It does have 130k miles on it and I expect a few problems which is has had. All and all if the problems are limited to those I have had so far I'd say it has been a rather good experience.

- Jeff S

Passat is a sturdy family vehicle.

This car is working well for my family and has a huge trunk for a car! It handles nicely in the snow and icy conditions we get in Wisconsin. We are always happy to work with the local VW dealership for any needed repairs although it honestly has not given us any trouble.

- Sam G

drives great and has look like an expensive car.

Rides nice looks nice. Like it if it was more of SUV. Also would like it to be all wheel drive. Very comfortable and plenty of trunk space. Has a v8 engine has plenty of horsepower. Tires are hard to find sometimes not a lot of places stock the size tire required.

- Sherry G

Living the dream with a Passat.

The breaks squeaks after it rains and it burns through oil really quick but it is a really good car. I love the butt warmers during the winter time. It can nicely fit 5 people and the trunk space is nice when you need to move. It is a good car for gas mileage b.

- Jess T

It has lasted a long time with proper service calls of course.

My car has lasted me11 years and is still looking pretty good. I wish it had some of the new features like bluetooth rear cameras. I don't think I would get another volkswagen because the services are too expensive.

- Matthew H

It feels like a much more expensive car than it is

I enjoy the fit and finish of the car, it feels more expensive than it is. Performance is good, engine has a good amount of power for a car of It's class. Dislike maintenance on it, it's kind of expensive for upkeep

- Matt W

It has a 2.0L turbo which makes for a nice little family sports car

A few things I like about my 07 Volkswagen passat is, it has a decent amount of room for the family, has a very clean look. Dislikes I have are, uses a little bit of oil then normal due to poor gasket design.

- Andrew M

Both great size and warranty!

This car is a nice size for my family with a large trunk and room inside the car. But has never given me any major problems and when I had a spot of rust on it, they took care of it for free!

- Samantha G

It was way more unique than most cars back then

I fell in love with the vehicle when i first got it. It had a lot of premium features most luxury cars had. My only complaint that it hasn't so reliable as much as i want it to be

- Ziyad P

There are lots of recalls for this car, I've had at least three since owning it for exploding shrapnel airbags.

The car's alright. When in low gear the acceleration is pretty good. Unfortunately, it burns through oil and I frequently need to top off. Maintenance can be expensive for it.

- Corbin S

It requires premium gas which seems foolish since it's not a fancy car

I like my car because it runs like a champ and fits my family of 4 nicely. I don't like the color as it is the aluminum color everyone else has but it is a sturdy car for me

- Sam C

My car is my personality. Red hot, fun, and distinguishable from other cars on the road.

I love the color, heated leather seats, sunroof, and amount of trunk space. I don't like that it seems to burn oil. It is also in need of some repairs at the moment.

- Katherine D

The car is great gas saver.

Braking issues and some hits on the side of the car. The car runs great and its heat at saving gas but sometimes it does run into problems that are easy to fix.

- Tom G

It is very good and reliable car.

My VW Passat has been very reliable with very little maintenance besides the usual routine things. It is comfortable and performs very well.

- Dalton B

Gets me back and forth to work

Leather interior, nice sound system , comfortable seats and ride, 2.0 turbo, ok on gas,eat a lot of oil, and full synthetic

- Omar T

It is very safe and my family is mostly in it.

I love the all wheel drive. The 3. 6 liter engine provides a lot of power. It is also a safe vehicle for my family.

- Tyler L

It's a pleasure to drive. Looks good low maintenance

my car is reliable, has good gas mileage, drives well and is always dependable. It has lots of room for my family.

- linda m

It is comfortable and reliable.

I love my Volkswagen Passat. It handles well, is very comfortable and has never given me any problems.

- Jo G

There's a lot of space in the back seats and trunk for transporting things.

I like the space. I also like how it runs. It uses a good amount of gas.

- Taylor S

I love the space in the backseat. The defrost function does not work well at all. I also wish there was more space in the trunk. It does so well on gas.

It is a Perfect small family car. It is also a Perfect first car.

- Alexandra E

I've had my car for 4 years and I love it! I don't like the side mirrors, they are too small and also the air vents point too high for us short girls. My automatic parking brake comes on by itself when it's cold outside.

The side mirrors are too small, It's hard to merge into traffic.

- sheila s

It's been a really good car overall. Mileage not the best, also not the worst! Comfy seat for my hiney.

I love the turbo power, get up & go. Sunroof leaks:(

- Eileen N