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The car can be modded fairly easily.

The gas mileage is not as good as it could be also the car is fairly comfortable and drives very smooth. The car rarely has issues and those are easily fixed by taking it to an auto shop. The car has heated seats which are amazing in winter because it allows me to stay warm and keeps my legs from going numb.

- Zach K

The Volvo s60 is a comfortable and reliable car.

The seats are really nice and comfortable. For long drives it is the car that I choose out of all the cars that I could drive. Its an older model that does not have a lot of automation but it has everything that you really need. It is also really reliable and trustworthy.

- Heath H

Easy to handle and responds to you style.

The car is reliable and easy to drive in the city or on open roads. This car is great on gas and has a great pick up when needed. I have had very good gas miles with this car and is a great car to drive on the open road, it responds to you command quickly and easily.

- Jackie P

Trusted, reliable, great brand, well cared for s60.

As it ages little aesthetic things are going wrong. I feel safe n my car and still love look of it. Maintaining the car is expensive though. It makes a funny sound when I turn the ignition off. Yet it still looks very good for the age of it. Still love my car.

- Sylvia R

It is very safe! Has duel and side airbags.

The memory for the seats, up to three. Smooth drive on Hawaii's bumpy roads. The premium sounds are definitely a plus. The ac blows very cold even though the car is older. How easy it is to drive is a major plus. Great family car.

- Jessica C

Others should know that my car has been very dependable and reliable

Great, reliable safe gas efficient automobile, comfortable leather heated seats , air conditioning. This vehicle can switch to a manual transmission to automatic with wet conditions driving feature

- Duane W

The car has great speed to be small and compact.

I like the size of the car. Nice small compact car. I love the color and interior. The features are awesome. I dislike how the wiring has been set up. Sometimes so many cords cause confusion.

- Ro W

It still runs after all the miles.

The car has lasted many years and miles and is still going. The body type and trip is sleek and sporty looking. The interior, especially the leather, has held up really well.

- Daniel B

It is an old car but generally runs well for having so many miles on it

The only thing wrong is that it is old and expensive to fix. I have to pay extra for filter changes because it takes a special part to remove.

- Nicole W

She has power -- turbocharged oomph! And she's very safe. Provides great traction in poor weather.

My Volvo S60 has been extremely reliable and gutsy. It's a pleasure to drive. My only complaint is that the headrests are uncomfortable.

- Lisa M

Reliable engine and transmission. Prone to electronic and suspension issues. Can be expensive to fix.

Good vehicle, except for electronic issues and a suspension that wears out quite easily. I've replaced the entire front end suspension.

- Colby M

It is reliable and gets me where I want to go. It transports a 3 year old..

It is old and needs a paint job! But runs well! It is also worn out upholstery on the inside! Love the color of blue that it is!.

- Bobbi R

Volvo's are great car but they are very very expensive to repair

At first it was great it had a sunroof heated seats but in a matter of six months the breaks the rotors and the struts went out

- Samann B

It leaks oils and needs about a quart a week put in it.

It has a lot of features of newer vehicles even though it's older. I get great gas mileage. The trunk space is good as well.

- Abby N

Volvos are known for longevity; traveling 300-400 thousand miles.

My volvo does not require ongoing repairs. Good for long trips with minimal gas usage. Very sturdy and safe. No complaints.

- Barbara S

You have to push a button to put it in 'park.'.

The maintenance is expensive.. The safety is valued.. Brand is well known.. The car is well built.. Parts are expensive.?.

- Sylvia R

The mirror to look at yourself on the passenger side is broken.

I like that is it is fast. It is good on gas. Breaks down sometimes. Window fell into door of car. Lots of legroom.

- Chandler L

It is very dependable and drives anywhere. I like that there are many volvos on the road..

Good gas mileage. Dependable and starts all of the time. Good looking and easy to care for. Too small inside.

- David B

The gas mileage is great. The design of the vehicle is very stylish.

I love everything about my volvo. The gas mileage is fantastic and it is a perfect size for me.

- Hannah W