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High mileage Volvo: best performance I have seen with a higher mileage vehicle.

My Volvo is extremely reliable and comfortable. Even at over 150,000 miles on the vehicle it still rides, steers, and stops smoothly. Because this vehicle is a Volvo it does have a higher cost for gas and oil changes. The garages have to have the correct tools to work on Volvo's.

- Jess M

It's a beautiful, dependable, comfortable safe car good for any car buyer

Most dependable car I have ever owned. Great interior very comfortable during long drives. Works great in snow and always gets good gas mileage. I bought it used and put around 30000 miles on it. I plan on keeping it till it hits the 250k mile range which I know it will.

- Michael O

The battery is in the trunk of the car.

This is a well made car very dependable but expensive to work on! The performance is amazing as well as the comfort and ride! Not a big car but plenty of room on the inside and in the trunk! It's a really a good looking luxury style car with a reasonable price!

- Shelly S

Average girl's take on an average looking car.

It is really safe and pretty good on gas mileage. It is very reliable and if something needs repaired it does not cost an arm and a leg. Very comfortable to drive in over long distances and the controls on the inside of the car are not confusing whatsoever.

- Elizabeth M

It is old enough to have problems but it is safe.

I like that it is small and does not burn through gas or oil too quickly. It is also very safe. It is old enough to have semi-frequent problems so that is irritating. It also has normal wear and tear. I do not like that parts cost so much due to the make.

- Claudia H

Safe and reliable vehicle for high mileage drivers.

It is dependable vehicle to commute 60 miles a day. I feel it is a reliable and safe car. It has luxury features and is very comfortable to drive I wish it was a newer model.

- Peggy W

The car goes really fast and it has a sunroof.

Everything is perfect except for the car shape and turning radius. It's hard to see the end of the car in the side view mirrors. The wheel does not turn very much either.

- Lauren M

Incredibly reliable and dependable.

It is incredibly reliable and has not needed much maintenance at all. When it does need maintenance it can be difficult to get parts that are not upwards of $1000.

- Jen N

Good gas mileage. ..and affordable

I love my old car, Volvo S60 turbo 2006.. Its fast and it has a good gas mileage. . I have this car for 4 years now and still run good and in good shape...

- Anre R

It is not that expensive to maintain. It has always been a pleasure to drive.

Although twelve years old exterior is in very good condition. All power,great stereo. Auto sunroof. Five cylinder motor has very good performance.

- Vincent A

Drives really smooth making it easy to commute to and from places.

It is a very fast and nice looking car that is very fun to drive. The only problem I have with the car is that it has a terrible turning radius.

- Kyle G

Its very fuel efficient and handles well.

It has constant cooling issues. The hood latch gets stuck all of the time. Power seats and windows quit working and work again without notice.

- Daniel P

It's fun and reliable. Driving in a snow or rainstorm is just as fun as a long, dry road.

This vehicle is fast, sleek, has a sunroof, a good sound system, good gas mileage, and just looks fun flying down the road.

- Jacob N

It's safe for the kids and whole family, the safety features are all over the car!

It's a mom-mobile, but I love it. It's unassuming-- looks nice, and it's drives smoothly. It's not too bad on gas.

- jennifer c

The focus is sturdy mechanically and hard to kill.

I like how inexpensive the gas is for it. I also like how nice it is. I just wish it was a little bigger.

- Chelsea B

Great car very good pick up and performs well

Great performance and reliable, I have only one complaint the plastic housing around the seat is cracking

- Phillip P

Safety. The Volvo offers safety features when it comes to it's driver and passengers.

Very dependable and reliable. I feel very secure in my Volvo. They offer fantastic customer service.

- Yolanda E

Love the leather interior. Comfortable front seats. Wish I had heated seats. Have had an issue with the ignition breaking. Overall a nice car.

The car is small, great for a single person or couple, but not a lot of legroom in the back seat.

- Hannah F

Sporty- fun to drive . Gets good mileage .

I like that my car runs well. I like that I do not have that much repairs needed. I love my car.

- Linda S