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Middle of the road sedan; perfect for an economy car

The timing belt needs to be replaced every 40-60,000 miles in order to ensure the engine does not die, the PCV system needs to be replaced around the same interval as well. These two repairs are very expensive, especially if you have to do them at the same time. The performance is exceptional, especially considering the small size of the engine and decent fuel economy. It handles (steering) quite well too, and there is very minimal road noise even at highway speeds. It is quite a comfortable vehicle to ride in, however the maintenance expenses and me choosing to use premium gas makes cost of ownership higher than I would like.

- Carter C

Reliable, well built car with quirky parts

My Volvo ha does quite nicely, it had a few things to fix being a used vehicle but nothing major. Parts are the major headache with getting it fixed unless you have someone who will take parts you purchased. It rides very smoothly, turns very smoothly. The on wheel controls are a godsend. You can control the radio, cruise control, and other things. It has plenty of space for even a large man like myself and several other people. And excellent gas mileage drove 450 miles from MD to Ohio on a tank of gas

- Anthony R

Personal review on Volvo s60 year 2004.

Interior cream leather is extremely comfortable with heated seats. Sun roof is lovely. Wish there was a bit more room in the backseat area but the car rides great. Gas mileage is not awful, but does require/prefer premium fuel. I have had to replace the throttle positioning sensor which was inexpensive but when that went wrong, the car was not driveable. Overall I love the car, love Volvo. They make very strong and reliable vehicles. My s60 currently had over 172, 000 miles and is running like a champ.

- Tina P

Will run forever with little upkeep.

Excellent performance. . . One of best brands built runs for many more than average cars not unusual for Volvo to have well over 300, 000 miles on it. . Solid quiet engine powerful engine good gas mileage incredibly comfortable drive. . . The car of the e intelligent free thinker that's outside of the box drive these cars. . . Subtle simple style understated luxury. One of top cars on the road proud to drive and 'proud to be seen driving reeks of understated success.

- Stephen M

When I first bought car I travel nonstop up and down the state of Florida.

It is a reliable car until maintenance issues starts kicking in. I had my car for 9 years in may and issues did not erupt until about 4 years ago with about 78k miles. The struts and rotors have been replace at least three times. There have been two leaks with reservoir power steering. My only issue with my car is when I accelerate at a certain speed the steering wheel shakes which I was told the axles are worn.

- Tiff T

Nice, comfortable Volvo, needs to be taken into shop.

My car is grey, it has heated leather seats. My battery is in the trunk and it is sometimes a pain. I think my transmission is going out so it keeps stalling on me, but other than that it is reliable. It is very comfortable to sit in and drive. It has a sunroof, witch is really nice. The back seat is a bit small so when my friends sit in the car it is a bit hard to fit them in there.

- Rebecca M

I enjoy the heated seats which was a luxury addition, especially in 2004.

I am the third owner of this vehicle and do not know much on it's history. However, this car has been great. The main issue is the rubber holding the metal frame onto the front windshield has deteriorated due to weathering causing it to be held down by gorilla tape. It is fairly good in the snow and is an overall really safe car.

- Maggie M

2004 Volvo s60 navy blue with perfect running engine!

The engine runs great, I have some problem with the right front door and right front window. The door does not open from the inside anymore, and the window seems to be out of the mechanism, so that we cannot open the window. It has electrical seats in the front and every window is electrical as well. The a/c works perfectly.

- Matteo C

Old reliable the car that never stops

It's getting older so it has a few problems. Parts for Volvo's are a bit expensive but I'm happy with the way my car runs. I have tons of miles on it and it's still ready for more. I've taken good care of the car since I had it so the interior is still in great condition. It's a very reliable car nothing to special.

- Adam F

It's a great car it was a used purchase an has kept me safe 155k and counting.

Well it's a Volvo so it is a bit expensive to fix but it rides well, good mileage and has not given me any problems. I provide routine maintenance as told an am happy with the Volvo. I have had issues with tires but that a brand issue not the car. I also find it interesting that the battery is in the trunk.

- Pam M

Just sort of average: average car to drive.

I like this car for just being a vehicle to get me place to place. However, being the year it is, this car's paint has started to come off. Other than that, what I dislike: the knobs of the volume and switching stations is very sticky because of the coating they used. No USB port for charging your phone.

- Daniel L

I would highly recommend Volvo s60.

Even though my car is 15 years old, is rides smoothly and rarely has problems. A downside to this car is that it does not ride smoothly in the snow and living in the north east, that is something to consider when purchasing this vehicle. Overall, I like my Volvo s60 and would recommend it to others.

- Erin P

Be aware of who you deal with.

I have had nothing but problems with my Volvo. I bought it used and nothing has been right with it since then. I honestly can't put all Volvos down, this was my first. Just be careful with who you deal with and I mean car lots. Make sure to checkout everything before purchasing a vehicle.

- Alice B

Experiencing Volvo and its pros and cons.

I love the safety features. U have gotten in a fender bender and there was no damage done to my car or the other. Its comfortable. It has had transmission issues that we have had to get serviced a few times. It's a small car on the inside to where it isn't comfortable for everyone to sit.

- Sky D

It needs a lot of work done to it.

It's fine just needs a lot of fixing up and it's turning radius sucks. The transmission sucks and needed to be replaced and the tires always have to be replaced more than usually. Oh the alignment always goes out. I uses a lot of gas too. Oh and it heating seats don't always work.

- Page J

Volvos are great vehicles but not the cheapest to maintain

Very comfortable, stylish, reliable, durable. Not the cheapest to fix, but doesn't need fixing often. Would like to keep it till I can no longer drive but it needs some pretty major repairs, ie ASB fail & dash cluster FAIL. No time or space to do work myself & keep forever.

- Brendan D

Volvo ( 2004 ) S60 Smooth and comfortable ride for short or long trips

I have had this car ( Volvo ) for over 6 months now and so far had no problems. The safest car on the road compared to any others out there. Has excellent fuel mileage, handles and performs with ease. The interior has easy access to all the functions for easy to operate.

- Dennis T

Very low miles, clean easy r. To maintain.

Vehicle is all power with moonroof had some problems with abs but fixed not to costly other than that mo real problems very reliable, leather seats very comfortable riding handle well very happy with it purchased used. Very clean vehicle handles well easy to maintain.

- Pamela F

Easy to maintain, comfortable and reliable to drive for long term.

The car has very comfortable seats for long trips. Has had very few major repairs, mainly preventive maintenance and still has hot heater, ice cold ac and same power and still good gas mileage for its age. Would upgrade to a newer model with no regrets.

- Sabrina R

The color which is blue shows the lines of the car really good!

We have problem with the right front window and the right door. It seems the window is not in the mechanism anymore and the door does not open. The performance are still really good for a 14 year old car. My Volvo is really comfortable to drive.

- Matteo C

Keep it running not let it set long the turbo gas backs up an when it starts.

Transmission slipped a little, it is a turbo an it really performs well being one of the safest cars on the road. Very comfortable seats adjust well the interior design makes it sporty the sound system is incredible greatly bass acoustic.

- Norman R

the most important thing is that the car is reliable.

I like how safe and comfortable the car is to ride in. My only complaint about the car is the cost to maintain it. Also not many people are certified to work on volvos so it is limited to whom you can take it to for service.

- jesse d

Reliable used car, runs smoothly

I purchased my car used (with 145,000 miles) and it's run smoothly for almost two years now. It's been in the shop only once, for a fairly minor issue, and even though it's getting old, it's been quite reliable for me.

- Lauren J

Watch out for electrical problems at the 100,000 mile mark. Like all european cars, expect to pay a lot of money in parts and repairs if something needs to get fixed.

Engine is reliable but I've had a lot of electrical problems. Dad is doesn't work and I've had lots of battery problems. Nothing major has ever broken on the motor but I've had tons of little things go wrong.

- Dale C

Really well used and loved Volvo the needs work

My vehicle is actually really an awful car. It's a manual engine, which means great gas mileage . But has over 250,000 miles on it. The back paneling is peeling off. Needs an alignment

- Charlie S

Reliable, safe, and good looking. I have friends who have been in accidents in a VOLVO and have walked out without a scratch.

I love my Volvo, I've had it for 15 years. It is reliable and very good looking even after all these years. I get compliments on it and people do not believe it is 15 years old.

- Sharon C

Volvo is a good reliable car.

The inside is very nice. Has a lot of miles on it but still runs good. Love the sunroof. This car holds up good in an accident. Very expensive to maintain and fix though.

- Faith F

Gas mileage is awesome. The maintenance is very low an easy to maintain..

I love the sporty feeling of the car. The interior design is very modern. An the vehicle has the best safety features.the midsize convenience gives plenty of room...

- Norman A

Premium gas and synthetic oil only.

The reliability is good and it is a really good gas saver. It's a luxury car. It has a very high performance and hasn't let me down yet. Checking oil often is a must.

- Breanna P

Volvos are dependable and enjoyable to drive.

I have owned my volvo for 10 years and have no significant problems needing repair. It is enjoyable to drive handles well and and gets decent gas mileage,

- Laura U

I have had it for several years and it has never broken down -- unlike some cars that I have had in the past.

It is very dependable. It is good on gas. It is nice-looking. It is paid off. I dislike that it is a little hard to get into now that I am older.

- Mary K

It is solidly built and comfortable.

I love how reliable my car is. It has been a wonderful purchase. The only thing I do not like are that the bumper molding fade in the weather.

- Marcia J

Get a Volvo if you want a long lasting, dependable car.

Although parts can be rather expensive, , I love the sportiness of my car. It's a very dependable car and still has a lot of miles to go!

- Kim S

Has excellent steering capabilities for sharp turns. Not many electronics.

I like the safety, reliability and seat comfort. I dislike that I have to use premium gas, and that the repairs can be really expensive.

- Eleni G

If the car is not thrashed from the beginning, it's a great car. Just not meant for me

Needs new suspension. Brakes need to be done again. Needs an alignment. Did the clutch 2 months after getting it. Super problematic.

- Dylan C

When you mash the gas this car has a lot of get up and go.

I like that it is a turbo. I like that it is great on gas. I hate that it cost so much to repair when something goes wrong with it.

- Jerry N

It is reliable I have had very few issues with it.

I love the horsepower that it has while not being a sports car. I do not like the cup holders and the lack of legroom in the back.

- Brian H

It is very reliable and safe.

I like that it is reliable and gets good gas mileage. I dislike the bulky body and it does not speed up quickly.

- Elizabeth M

A safe reliable car that will get you around without too much gas

It runs pretty well and is safe, but it is old. It doesn't have modern features. It's also expensive to repair.

- Sara J

The metal exterior is very strong, so it should hold up during a collision.

I like the look of the car, but dislike that I have needed to spend so much money for repairs

- Lynn N

Electronic system is a little sub par with accuracy.

Efficient gas mileage. Great handling and acceleration. Easy maintenance and vein dependable.

- Jaryd D

It is six cylinder. It goes fast. It needs to be maintained to run well.

It needs a lot of work done on it. I have to put premium gas in it. I don't like that

- Jimmy W

My car is very reliable and low maintenance.

My volvo is reliable. It is pretty. It is in good shape. It is low maintenance. Yay!

- Jennifer M

It has a great engine, that gets great gas mileage with a surprising amount of power

Pros: Good gas mileage. Stylish look, rides good. Cons: Goes through headlights

- John B

It is very dependable. Irt always starts when I need it and has never broken down.

It is dependable. It looks good. Is good on gas.

- Andy B