2005 Volvo S60 Owner Reviews & Problems


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Sleek, durable reliability.

My Volvo s60 has been reliable, durable throughout the years. Despite polar vortex temperatures, no problem starting. The heated seats, awesome for the cold temperatures. Known for it is safety, it lives up to it is name. Comfortable for longer trips. As miles have accumulated the suspension has been difficult, requiring a few repairs. Throughout the years, the steering has become tighter and more challenging turning into tight parking spots. As it has gotten older, the headlights have been harder to replace, possibly a defect. As it has gotten older, out of warranty repairs can get expensive. . But above all, an excellent vehicle that will give you years of reliable, durable driving pleasure.

- Maria A

Safe, reliable and powerful.

I love the power and comfort of my Volvo x60. The only drawback is the smaller leg space for people in the backseat, and the break exhaust dust on the hubcaps. But I hear that newer Volvos now have black hubcaps to prevent that now! I feel safe and it has always been reliable with basic maintenance and upkeep.

- Abby F

The volvo s60 is an awesome vehicle

My vehicle is very reliable. It has its normal problems like flats and standard upkeep but for the most part it has never let me down. I bought it from my brother for a very reasonable price. It rides smooth and all of the interior functions work fine. I love my car.

- Josh B

Volvo sedan are my favorite car.

I love my Volvo. It is a quality car, great on the highway, and fun to drive. I will buy another Volvo for my next car. I trust Volvos and I have never had a bad experience. I can't wait to get another Volvo, I may even get a Volvo tattoo one day, who knows!

- Brian Z

My Honda gets very good gas mileage for the size.

It is a very comfortable ride, good on gas and roomy.... I do not like the turning radius at all. It is hard to turn into a parking spot..

- Heather C

It is a dependable and reliable car.

I love that the car is nice and durable. We have driven it from the south to the west coast to the east coast. Still going!.

- Shan W

Has been in multiple accidents, yet no one was ever injured and it still runs.

Drives comfortably, however it is an older model, which can lead to mechanical problems with the car from time to time.

- Julia G

The Volvo is a very reliable and safe automobile.

Great car. Ac does not always work. Very safe car and is very comfortable. Very low maintenance and good gas mileage.

- Craig C

The family car that is the Volvo.

It is safe for my family. It handles very well and goes fast. It is easy to maintain in good condition.

- Amy B

I like the safety of it. One complaint is that it has had a lot of braking issues but it is also an older car.

It has a huge trunk that can fit a lot of things. It also has been ranked one of the safest cars.

- Myah D

Power: 300 HP/300 LB FT, Cost

Like: 300 HP/300 LB FT, Luxury Dislike Cost of parts

- Caden T