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Beautiful little zippy car with a nice interior, makes a statement!

The car has great pickup, is quick and quiet. Gas mileage is excellent and tank size is appropriate for car. Handling is awesome, feels like I am driving a little race car. Although the car is on the smaller size, I feel safe. The features of the car are helpful-like the lights on the size mirrors to let you know someone is in your blind spot. I also have heated seats which are a must. As of now I haven't had any real cost issues with the car. Brakes are great, just maintenance is what I have been keeping up with. I am very comfortable in the car, the seats for both the driver and the passenger are nice. The back row is a little tight but perfect for my needs. I enjoy driving Acura’s and would definitely think about buying this car again in the future. I do not think I will need to think about that for a long time considering how well this car is holding up!

- Joyce Z

Acura ilx driving in affordable luxury.

I love my 2014 Acura ilx, the style and design gives the feeling and appearance of luxury at an affordable price. Its compact designs allows me to fit into the smallest parking spots, and while driving I feel like I am gliding. The steering is extremely smooth. With its Bluetooth feature it allows me to access my phone without having to actually touch my phone, whether it be to change a song, answer a call or make a call.

- Christina F

It does not need repair often, but it is expensive when they are needed.

My Acura ilx is reliable and gets decent gas mileage. All of the electronic controls work well. The seats are comfortable. I really enjoy the heat seats in the front. My model has holes in the leather seats which accumulate dirt which is impossible to clean. The trunk is a decent size. The AUX connection does not work well with my iPhone, but the Bluetooth set up is great and easy to set up.

- Judith H

Acura ILX: Compact Excellence

The Acura ILX is a very nice compact car. I have had no performance issues, but would prefer a car with more power. It gets great gas mileage, but has a smaller gas tank so you do fill up more often. I don't like that it doesn't have places to store things, like sunglasses above the rearview mirror as other models have had. The back seat is very small. The trunk is very spacious.

- Molly S

Great car. Reliable and stylish.

The Acura ilx is a very reliable car. It is the perfect size for us (just me and my husband). It is an appealing vehicle that gets a lot of compliments. It has the luxurious factor with a reasonable price tag. It drives very smoothly and has a great mpg. It has great features inside with seat warmer, Bluetooth, volume control on steering wheel and remote starter. Great car.

- Mari J

Small, packed and mighty Acura.

I would definitely say this is a smooth and comfortable and not to forget spacious car. It is also a very reliable car and would be great for a college student as well. Ability to drive from point a to infinity without the hassle or worries of breaking down. I am overall satisfied with my car. Great choice to choose Acura!!

- Melody D

The small details on the outside with its curves and smooth look.

I like the comfort and style of the car. The ease of use and accessibility of functions. The car is very reliable and easy to maintain. I like that I can get good gas mileage. I like that the car drives fast when needed and is good on curves. It is fun to drive. It holds groceries and the things I need and it is durable.

- Kathy B

Its black on black interior, back up camera, and a double portable Charger.

The vehicle drives smooth. I have never had any problems with vehicle. My favorite thing about my car is the technology it has. The car has bluetooth, double portable Charger, and backup camera. The interior is black on black, and the quality of the interior leather is awesome. I would highly recommend this car!

- Rachel P

Acura sedan positive review.

My vehicle is reliable, comfortable, fast, gets decent gas mileage. Service & required maintenance for my vehicle are relatively affordable compared to vehicles in its class. It came with top of the line features that were standard. I will most likely purchase another car by the same manufacturer in the future.

- Melissa E

Interesting why not have power seats on both sides it makes no sense to me.

Sits too low, it is not power on both sides, hard to figure out bells whistles. Windshield wipers could have more options. Do not care for all the buttons on the steering wheel it is too much. Seats are comfy. Great gas mileage. Hate key fob. Needs more knee room. Drives great. Handles well has great pick up.

- Cindy S

Smoothest drive of your life.

The ilex is the smoothest car I have driven and I had many cars throughout the years. I haven't had any major work done since I got it only the usual oil/ filters change. I drove this car from Ny to Nevada with no problem. The only upside is that is recommend to use premium gas and that can be costly.

- Danielle P

The Acura ilx is a high performance super comfortable sports car.

My vehicle performance is fantastic, such a fun car to drive. Maintenance is a bit expensive but staying on a schedule helps in preventing expensive unexpected issues. My vehicle comfort is superb, my work commute is 2 hours each way and I cannot see doing that in any other vehicle model.

- Tracy F

I've had this car for almost 5 years and I have only had to get an oil change, this car has been great.

I absolutely love this vehicle! It has gotten me from point A to point B numerous times. So for there have been no problems. Performance is great, I rarely have to fill up. It is very reliable, hints that I am traveling all the time. Very comfortable and has lots of great features

- Emily E

It's an okay luxury sedan. Probably better off getting a fully loaded Honda Accord

Love how compact it is. Small yet luxurious but sometimes I feel like I paid a little too much for what I got. Had a few problems with it after my mechanic messed up fixing something so it's now a bit loud when I drive. Not smooth when I drive over small bumps or cracked roads

- Lauren K

Amazing Acura! Must buy super affordable!

I love my car! It has leather seats and it is super comfy, easy to drive and a gas saver! I would highly recommend this make because it has yet to fail me. It is super reliable and also very fun to drive. It offers Bluetooth and an amazing speaker! Great car for anyone!

- Joy N

Great car with quality features.

Runs great and the appearance is good nice radio and. Navigation system car is fully equipped and reliable to his purchasers no issues so far quality behind warranty seats are comfortable and car is spacious for long travel and a lot of passengers greet car.

- Maris M

It is a really high quality car. It has a lot of miles and still is dependable.

I like the color and style. I like the comfort of the interior and the ride. I like the quality of engineering. I have over 300,000 miles on my car and it is just as dependable as the day I bought it. The outside looks brand new. The inside not so much.

- Larry E

Fast loud drives nice smooth.

It is really good runs good great on gas and good for long trips if you like doing that do not. Cost that much and safe. Good for a family car of all of you need to get around. Not much more about it but a great car nonetheless a good car really comfortable.

- Jacob M

Acura Unlock Button. Check it out

I really love my car. Good on gas but the downfall is it is small. I always bump my head on the door. The recent thing I discovered is that by holding the unlock button down it rolls down the windows! It is convenient when it hot outside.

- Marissa M

It has four wheels a steering wheel I love it.

It has a brake problem. I love how easy it is to go somewhere with lots of people. We love our BMW it has 4 steady wheels. And easily open doors. Little rusty. But it still works like a charm. We use it a lot.

- A H

It's basically a civic with a different body. If you are a honda fan you'll love it

I drove a civic and then a tsx, and this is like a marriage between the two. sporty with a little bit of luxury. And enough technology to make me happy. I do wish the nav was still touch screen

- Kim H

2014 Acura ILX - Great compact entry luxury car

Bought the car brand new and no issues with it really. The interior is lacking somewhat considering the price point but the car looks great, runs well and hasn't given me any problems.

- Nikki C

This car is Good on Mileage but requires premium gas

I like the design and style of the car. I dislike the small trunk, cooler does not fit. I like the smart capabilities of the car. Wish it was a little bit bigger, taller roof.

- Lidiya k

Its safe a safe and reliable car.

I like the room and luxury of it. I feel as if it drives smooth and looks nice. I wish I had gotten the whole package though. I do not have backup camera or GPS screen.

- Dana P

Acura ILX is affordable luxury! Perfectly posh at a perfect price.

I like the way my vehicle looks both inside and out. It is sleek and sporty but still roomy enough for a car seat. It is a luxury car without the crazy price tag

- desirae b

It has a built in technology package, meaning it has advanced tech features and also a really great sound system.

I love that it has advanced features, and the style is beautiful. The only thing I would change would be the text font of the GPS and other screen navigation.

- Casey A

The best thing about this car is how smooth it runs and nice it feels riding in it.

The car has a really nice interior. Sitting inside feels extremely spacious and soft. I never fall asleep in car rides, but this car does the trick for me!

- Annie L

Great features as standard. Stylish, good service record.

I LOVE my Acura, the style, mileage and the features (which come standard). It is definitely the favorite brand. And size is just right as well.

- Linda L

It is electrical so have to be careful with going out of gas it will mess up car.

Very great car, rides smooth. It is a hybrid car so it is very good on gas. It has a touch screen radio, heated and cooling seats that I love.

- She W

The gas mileage is awesome. It does lack a little in the 'get up and go' dept.

Like the gas mileage and the smoothness of the ride. I dislike the road noise. The trunk and cargo area are roomy enough for a compact car.

- Pamela D

It is very safe since it is basically built on then frame for a Civic.

The car is low maintenance. It looks high end but is not too expensive. It could be better in snow but it does alright for a small car.

- Heather S

Fast, reliable great control and handle.

Cost is my only concern when owning a luxury vehicle, must be able to keep up with the scheduled maintenance and take care of your car.

- John W

Very sporty look on the inside and out.

I have no complaints with my crucible I love it normal wear and tear. The more you drive a car the more problems occurs over time.

- Beautiful W

The trunk is a little small and may not be able to carry large items.

I like the comfortable seats and generally smooth ride. Also, it is easy to maneuver. The road noise is a little loud.

- Eric H

The Mazda Miata has been a trustworthy car.

No complaints. This car is reliable as it gets. I am a huge fan of Acura and always will be. Glad I invested in it.

- Jason A

Amazing car and I would by the same.

no problems. is a very good and reliable car. I have it for a long time and I have never had any kind of problems.

- anna m

Its extremely comfortable

Its very comfortable heated seats sunroof it's definitely luxury. It drives well and have had few problems

- Desaree O

this car is great this car is great this car is great this car is great

this car is great this car is great this car is great this car is great this car is great this car is great.

- Breanna B

I would buy it again in new conditions.

It's a very reliable car. It has had just a few issues since I got it. But it requires constant maintenance.

- Katherine G

White, white, blacks furry,

I really love my vehicle to be completely, utterly, amazingly, productively amazing ggggg! Without a doubt

- nick N

It was one of the lesser priced Acura's but it looks sporty, leather seats, sunroof & is comfortable.

It's sporty looking. Feel like I got a lot of extras for the money paid. I feel comfortable & safe in it

- Crys P

My vehicle sucks and I need a new car.

I can afford to buy a new vehicle. Everything about my car sucks. It's falling apart because its so old.

- Christ P

It is does not have spacious trunk.

The look and style of the car. I like the compact feel & features. It is a smooth ride on the freeway.

- Lydia K

The sunroof and leather interior are nice

My car runs smooth, it's beautiful and shines bright. I love the fact that it has a rear view camera.

- Nadine G

This car is a gasoline-electric hybrid, so it uses less fossil fuels.

I drive a hybrid which I really like because I get great gas mileage and I'm helping the environment.

- nicole t

Technologically advanced.

This car is unique. It's fun to drive. And technically advanced.

- Nadia D

The style of the body is nice and clean. Looks sophisticated

The car is adequate. At times I feel like it's too small.

- Melissa P