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Rides so smooth I never want to get out

This SUV rides very smooth and the cabin noise is near zero. When passengers ride in the back seats they can hear all the conversation in the car. The engine has been very reliable never needing repairs. It's easy to get in and out of this SUV and it has great features like heated seats, heated mirrors, 1 touch driver seat memory and a great stereo. I love this SUV so much I will purchase another in the future.

- Debbie B

I think the best part about my car is how well it handles different road types.

My Acura doesn't get very many problems it's an extremely reliable car that has taken me to many places. It does great on any road including dirt roads. It has a lot of space for when I have to pack a lot of things and an extra row of seats. And it's surprisingly easy to clean out which I have had problems with in other cars. It's also easy to check the fluids in my Acura since everything is easy to find.

- Erica S

Overall a great vehicle. Handles like a SUV, drives like a sports car.

I love the Acura mdx. Favorite features include: heated seats, AWD, rear windshield wiper and sunroof. One of the best parts is that it handles like and SUV but drives like a sports car (v6). Very smooth ride! My only complaint is that my navigation screen has been out for years and it is very expensive to repair. Luckily you are able to control (somewhat) the air conditioning and heat.

- Hayley M

Spacious, comfortable, easy to drive, and easy to park.

I really like my Acura, it's spacious and fits the family and animals. Very nice leather seats, all weather mats, and a house away compartment in the back. All the back seats fold completely down. Electric driver and front passenger seats. All electric windows and doors. I don't like the fact that you can't move the middle seat to give more room for the very back seats.

- Amber O

Reliable long term car for your family

My car has over 222000 miles on it and still running great. By taking good care of it throughout its life it has really given a great performance. I love that I have room for my family and dog and still have space in the back to haul things around. The only downside is the gas mileage. Around town it really gets poor gas mileage at only 13 to 14 miles per gallon.

- Kayla S

A few problems with a used vehicle but all in all, a great buy!

I love everything about my car except the skip in the CVT transmission, some noises coming from the rear suspension and inoperable navigation system. Other than those problems on this used car, it rides smooth, has very comfortable, programmable seating (front heated leather), I love the auto-dimming rear view mirror and just everything else this car offers!

- Dedra M

Older Acura review and how I feel about the car I thought was best for my family.

I bought this car 2 years ago and I have had problems with the navigation system going off and coming on when it wants too. I have to purchase a federal warranty or some things start going wrong with the vehicle which I am not sure if its related or not. It's a gas guzzler if you drive a lot. The seat adjusters start to malfunction from time to time.

- Johanna C

Tires need a little work.

It is a good car gets me where I need to go does need a few things and then it would be even better. Needs new tire and transmission works needs cleaned out and a good wash and need a oils lid lost the oil lid to it. Need a new battery for it the battery is bad in it. Need the radio fixed it do not work and need the heat and ac fixed.

- Sara O

Leather seats, easy to drive heated seats and sunroof great for families

Very comfortable love the heated seats rides great. Hasn't given us and issues with it even being it's age it gets great gas mileage. The car is great for a small family starting out. The car drives like a dream and has upgrades like a luxury vehicle, great for travel and long trips. The leather is great to wipe down with kids

- Joy W

It does not have Bluetooth but it does have multiple ports for electronics.

The most frustrating part about this vehicle is cost of maintenance. The car drives great. There is lots of seats for a large family. The trunk space is very small if all the seats are up. But if the seats in the 3rd row are down there is more than enough space. The car sits high so it's hard to get in for the younger kids.

- Amber M

Need new car parts because my car become the junkyard.

I need new engine, breaks, radio, and oxygen sensor. I love my car because I worked very hard to get it. I put in a lot of working hours just to put in even more working to get things fixed. I just lost one of my jobs do to points I try my very best to get things done, when I take two steps forward I get knock 4 steps back.

- Dwayne G

It is a very good looking car, body style that is. It's Fun to drive it floats on the road And it is very comfortable with leather seats.

I love my MDX it rides so nice and smooth, Being a 2002 you can still smell the Leather, I have 233,000 miles on her and she just keeps going. It has to back row seating, sunroof, navigation system great Stereo system too. I could not be more happier owning the car. And everybody who has driven it wants to keep it too.

- Gilbert B

ACURA MDX 2002: Worth the Economy Cost for a SUV?

The vehicle's engine is substantially quieter than any other vehicles I have personally encountered in my lifetime. The vehicle performs and functions as expected of any other SUV models relative to its manufacturer's date. It provides a variety of storage spaces for the driver end and on the back passengers' end.

- Jonathan L

Overall a good vehicle but definitely not a gas saver.

Gas mileage is very poor., also can only use grade 93. No major mechanical problems so that is a plus. Air conditioner could be better but it does the job. No Bluetooth or aux cord hook up, only radio and CD player. Seats get very hot in the summertime, definitely needs shade or some kind of shelter.

- Jacqueline R

Loving my Acura mdx. What a great ride.

Mdx is very comfy. Love how it handles the road. Only problem I have is sometime the sec system goes off by itself. It is very roomy. Gets great gas mileage. I love the sunroof. It also has a navigation screen. It has 3rd seating but I haven't used it I like having the extra storage in the hatch.

- Melinda S

Family Vehicle that has been there since Day 1

Plenty of room for seven. Lots of cargo space with the third row that folds down. Handles well on all terrains. New transmission at 125,000 miles. Still runs great with over 300,000 miles on it currently. Minor repairs needed over the years but nothing serious. All around fantastic family car.

- Stephanie V

Reliable, smooth, and roomy family SUV

It is a very reliable car. Very few problems. It drives smoothly. It has great gas mileage for an SUV. It's very roomy for my growing family of 4. We've taken it on many out of state trips with no problems. The only recent & ongoing problem I've had is the A.C. Other than that, it's perfect!

- Anna L

This car is wonderful and roomy

I got my car for a really good deal. My biggest issue is that the AC was replace less than a year ago and it doesnt work again. I get approximately 18 mpg in city. The seats lay flat so I can sleep in the back of my car or haul things. I also love that there is 2 hidden seats in the trunk.

- LauraJean W

Buying guide for 2002 Acura mdx

For a seventeen year old car can't really complain much about it. Only major repair was transmission rebuilt other than that car was performing well for all this years just remember to check the fluids from time to time and fill them if necessary.I'm really happy with this car.

- Daniel K

2002 Acura mdx AWD navigation.

Luxurious, roomy, and reliable. Some suspension problems is all I've had with mine. Leather interior and heated seats. Third row seating. AWD. Navigation. Can use climate controls in back seat also. Great gas mileage for an SUV. I would buy another one, it's been good to me.

- Kylie M

The best SUV in its class. Highly recommended.

Navigation code system no longer functions properly and to get the code has been difficult. Other than that we love our mdx. It's a very reliable vehicle with lots of features such as 3rd row seating and the sunroof. The gas mileage is great and the 4x4 drive is awesome.

- Jonathan C

Comfy and good at doing its job.

Sometimes it waste a lot of gas and the speed could be better but it gets me to where I need to be so that is a good thing I guess. Interior of it is ok not too stylish but that is fine. Mileage is fine as well I do not really have that much of a problem with this car.

- Riley C

Mdx Acura made by Honda 2002.

It is a great running car and it has over 250 thousand miles on it, the only problem I have had is the power steering other than that it's a great car it is very dependable, it is also a 4 wheel drive 6 speed automatic. I highly recommend this car you can fit 9 people.

- Howard T

It is comfortable and a lot is space.

The seats are comfortable they are nice and it has a lot of space. I also like taking it out for trips with my family since we can take a lot of people. Also I just like how it runs it runs smoothly and the speed is also nice. There is really nothing bad about it.

- Kevin O

Lay middle seats down to have room to haul things very back seats to close.

Like the space that is inside very dependable vehicle has been a great vehicle only thing is trying to get the code of the dash to fix the check engine light to turn off on dash don't put the bright lights in it that the vehicle calls for cause they to bright.

- Pam E

Excellent long term family vehicle.

It has been great vehicle which now has over 230k miles. Starting to have transmission issues, but understandable at mileage. Still has a very quiet and smooth ride. The main drawback is relatively poor gas mileage and requires higher priced premium gas.

- Greg A

My Acura has not failed me and continues to perform at its finest.

I am pleased with the performance of my vehicle. Being a high mileage car, it is silent and has not given me any major problems. Aside from it is usual oil changes and such my car has been nothing but reliable. It is comfortable and may I add spacious.

- Anais R

I always say this car was ahead of its time

I am sure when this car first came out it was amazing. Now that it is over 10 years old I have many issues the AC does not work. I have had many things under the hood need to be replaced. But all in all this car gets me to and from safely

- Tiffany W

It's a great car if you what to hold on to it for a long time and it has a bonus third seat so it will carry 7.

Has comfortable heated seats with personal adjustment and nearly 280,000 miles on the odometer while still going strong. the paint is being to fade and I wish it got better gas mileage.

- Janet M

It is a safe car...it was highly rated when I bought it.

I love my vehicle...it is the right size for my family and parents. It has nice cargo area. Dislikes include lower gas mileage and the fact I had to replace the transmission.

- Kenny B

Best high class vehicle for average middle class!

Really love it! Only problem I have had with it is the navigation screen backlight is going out. It has all the extras like a high dollar vehicle at a reasonable price!

- Maegen Marie J

My vehicle gets me point A to point B. Although it is not the greatest on gas.

A burn is on the navigation screen from it getting to hot. It has a problem shifting between 2nd and 3rd gear. 17 miles to the gallon. Not eco friendly.

- Madison D

I love how comfortable the seats are.

I love the size. I love the comfort. I love my heated seats. I feel protected in the vehicle. The only thing I do not like is the burgundy/red color.

- Teresa D

It is comfortable and easy to drive.

Love that it is heavy and sturdy and can fit lots of friends. Also love its dependable and sharp looking!.. Very happy with this vehicle.

- Pam K

Cuts off while driving. And will start again.

Being my vehicle is used. I have tons of maintenance to getting in good running order and being on a budget it is very hard financially.

- Michelle H

It's built to last. It's a 17 year old car and has held up very well.

It's older but runs well. Starting to show age in terms of maintenance. Not liking the maintenance costs and gas mileage is decreasing.

- Kem Q

It has lasted forever; repairs are cheaper than a new car payment.

It is very old so it has old car problems; seems as though it will never die; ac not great anymore; plenty of space; towing capacity.

- Melanie G

Very reliable with as many miles it has, over 220,��� on it.

I love driving it. It's really comfortable. The only thing that I dislike is the price to replace parts are so expensive.

- Kelly N

it's a great value for the money. Acura cars are built to last.

it's a great SUV, stylish & functional. Acura is a great car maker. clean look & sporty for the price it's a great value.

- Kristine H

It is a safe and well made car.

Generally, the car drives well. It is a well made vehicle and comfortable to drive. It does not get great gas mileage.

- Sarah P

Others should know that this car is amazing and great.

This car is a very good one to use because it has more than five seats, seven to be exact, and is very useful.

- Dephaine P

Lasted well for a long time.

Seats are no longer comfortable. Transmission is broken. Constantly has other issues. It is an old car though.

- Madison S

I love the seats and the space.

It is very comfortable and there's a lot of space in the back and I love the seats because they are leather,

- Kevin O

Ac is dying out Well the vents are breaking too. Maybe replace soon

It's ok. Roomy Lasts long Soon to last long You only live once so get what you want and have no regrets

- Sambo I

The car has good mileage.

I love the size and all the extras it has with it. I do not love how hard it is to get in and out of it.

- Kimberly S

Good on gas, it's reliable and seats 7 people pretty comfortably

I like that it seats 7, pretty good on gas. Dislike that it's old. But I like not having a car payment

- Myrna G

It is very reliable, my car drives well and gets good mileage.

The vehicle is ok, just showing it is age. The technical stuff is does not have is my biggest dislike.

- Kathleen M

Very reliable, very rarely have anything go wrong and have 187,000 on it.

Dislike the gas mileage. Love the room. Love having a third row. Dislike that it requires premium gas.

- Diana B

It's a very spacious car that is very reliable to drive.

Its an old car that my mother had used before. It has only broken down once. It has 170k miles on it.

- Brian K

It's very dependable. It's never had any form of serious issue with anything more than minor care.

The car works like a horse. The power steering fluid ends to leak. The seating is very comfortable/

- Richard R

It is a very reliable vehicle and I will always look at Honda/Acura first.

This is a very reliable car. Regular maintenance is all it needs. I have had no major issues.

- Tonia G

last long time with not too many problems

It's old but still runs.got a lot of miles on it and relatively low maintenance

- jason S

AWD is great in the winter time

All wheel drive, can tow trailer with it, comfortable and has good acceleration

- Mike S

it is expensive but in this day and age you get what you pay for

It' gives a smooth ride, has comfortable seating, and lots of room.

- marcia w

Its very old and used so just know that very much>

It's been good to me for awhile I love it it gets me from a to b

- Damien S

For a six cylinder gas consumption is very reasonable and therefore affordable.

Not too small. Very convenient for travelling with baggage.

- Raikh R