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Acura mdx - built to last, perform and exceed expectations.

This has been one of my favorite cars in my life. It has been a reliable car. Comfortable ride. Features are nice like the large screen detail, Bose stereo, leather/heated seats. The size is perfect for me - not too small and not too large. The touring edition gave me the ability of 4 wheel drive when needed. No problems that were out of the ordinary as my car aged. It still has great get up and go - the engine is in remarkable shape and at 185k miles, I would expect at least another 75k. Cannot say enough about what a wonderful car this has been for me. I bought it certified pre owned in 2009 and have never been disappointed.

- Melissa F

2006 Acura MDX a great midsize SUV that lasts!

I love this car. It has required minimal upkeep besides the regular maintenance. Now that it is more than 10 years old, we are having an issue with the fuel injector system. Also the front grill coating is beginning to peel off. But these concerns are minor at this stage. It is a great size for a medium size family. Drives great. Has just enough features to feel modern. We didn't continue enrollment with the built in navigation system since it's easier to use our phones. I really can't think of any part of the car that isn't working well after so many years.

- Teresa H

Acura mdx is comfortable & reliable, perfect for active individuals or families.

It handles very well in bad weather like snow and rain. It has had only a few minor issues maybe once a year but for the most part has been reliable as long as I have kept taking care of it and regular maintenance. It is very spacious and perfect for road trips because there are 2 rows of seats in the back that are easy to put up/ down and still have plenty of room for storage. It also has great visibility / minimal blind spots.

- Taylor R

The Acura MDX 2006 is a brownish-gray vehicle with great leather seats.

Acura MDX 2006 drives very smoothly and shifts gears very easily. The backup camera is very big and helps you to see a lot. Bluetooth is super easy to use and volume is very good in the car; it even turns it down as you come to a stop. Visibility is very easy in the car and it has a great turning radius. The seats are very comfortable leather and it has voice activated commands which are very helpful.

- Kelly M

Most reliable and roomy car

I love my car because it's very reliable. I've had it for about ten years and it still works just as well. It's smooth, comfortable, and roomy. The seat heaters are nice when it's really cold outside, but also when you just need a little extra warmth. Having seven seats has come in handy when driving my friends around. It's a perfect car for road trips, but also just to drive around town.

- Hannah W

I love the heated seats..great for my back

My car is an older model that's previously owned so it has some wear and tear. I love the space and the smoothness of the ride. The transmission tends to heat up after an hour of solid driving but, overall it's a great car for my family. There's third row seating and room in the back for luggage which makes it good for travel. I especially love the heated seats. Great for my back.

- Tuesday M

Great for room but unreliable and always breaking down

This year has transmission problems. Have had the transmission replaced twice and the transmission still overheats on long drives. The car is easy to drive and has a back up camera which makes parking a breeze. The space in the back of the trunk is large. The third row seats are cramped for leg room and the air conditioning does not reach the third row well.

- Esther D

It is very reliable. It is a great investment.

I bought my mdx from the Acura dealership as a credited used car in 2007. It only had about 47k miles on it. I still drive this vehicle everyday, everywhere and currently has over 200k miles. Still runs great, the gas mileage has degraded a bit, but for a 12 year old car it is still pretty awesome. I plan on driving it until the wheels fall off.

- Cheryl D

My 2004 Honda Pilot is gold and has been able to reliably travel long distances.

This vehicle has been a very reliable and durable one to drive for over a decade. With a family of five, driving around town to get to each commitment can be awfully stressful and worrisome. However, with my Honda Pilot, I am more confident in it is ability to safely transport everyone where they need to be in unpredictable weather conditions.

- Jordan S

Acura MDX delivers as a family car

I've owned this car for 10 years and it has been wonderful. I've had it in for regular maintenance and that's it. It's comfortable to ride in and drive. It packs in lots of kids for carpools and road trips. I love the fact that it can take 7 people. It has all of the necessary features, which are easy to use and uncomplicated.

- miss b

Great car for a road trip, load in all your gear or all your friends

I recently bought my car used. I've had to do a little work on it here and there but nothing out of the ordinary. It's a very comfortable size and I've taken a cross country road trip in it and it handled wonderfully. I really like that both back rows of seats fold down easily or you can seat as many as 7 passengers in the vehicle.

- Patrick P

The transmissions go out pretty fast.

I've had 2 Acura MDX. I have had an '04 and I currently have an '06. I have loved them both! They are perfect size for vacations, traveling for work, or just quick trips around town! They are great rides and great on gas. I can fit everything in one trip and not have to worry about squeezing everyone in around our things!

- Sally B

I have always driven a sedan, driving the Acura mdx is a pleasant surprise.

I wish that it had some sort of Bluetooth feature. I have not been able to figure out how to hook up my iPhone to the aux. I love that it is a 4-wheel drive and the rear view camera does make parallel parking a lot easier. Seats are easy to move around and collapse so there is plenty of space in the back if I need it.

- Megan A

Accommodates 7 passengers.

I love the size of my vehicle. It has three rows of seating can accommodate seven passengers. Maintenance is not too expensive. It has leather seats third row folds down for more trunk space. Power seats and windows. . In my opinion it should do better on has mileage but it is a great car to have.

- Paris W

Acuras are a wonderful and reliable car

My Acura is the most reliable car I have ever owned. It has not had any recurring issues just general maintenance. It is very comfortable. Nice leather interior. I love the large back window. It also has a great turning radius and the drive is smooth. I would definitely buy another Acura

- Robyn L

Comfortably sits 5 people, of if needed a third row is an option.

Vehicle has about 165,000 miles on it and it still runs really well. I haven't had to do very much work on it except wear and tear. Repairs can be a bit costly on this vehicle. But as long as I keep doing regular upkeep it should last a bit longer. It a great car for a family.

- Jamie M

Perfect dependable vehicle for those with kids and have a lot of running around to do!

I love that it can accommodate me and my family, although it's not a new vehicle, it runs so smooth. It's very sturdy and dependable, especially through the snow in the winter. It's the perfect vehicle for me! No complaints at all, I do plan on purchasing a newer version.

- Ashely D

An average car, comfortable for within the city drives.

It is comfortable enough for drives within the city. But we had faced problems with long drives, specially on the mountain regions. Brakes work fine, drive feels comfortable. Also since it is a 2006 model, the tires give a little problem. But overall a good vehicle.

- Kalpana R

A loyal car to get you through

I honestly have not endured any major issues with my car. I think that if anything it has been a car I am able to rely on. I have had many cars in the past, and this one is by far the best. Although it does consume a lot of gas! I personally do not mind that.

- Kimberly C

Great car. Smart but for the family life.

It's. Great car just when ur transmission goes out if u have an automatic it's really expensive to fix and u can't use any regular fluids all have to be special and super expensive. Overall it's a great car to and it holds its value blue book wise very well

- Script S

It is great and very reliable. It does decently on gas for a large SUV

I have not vehicle problems with this car just normal maintenance and upkeep. It is really reliable comfort is great and it offers leather interior and heated seats. The navigation system works great and able to control the heat from the navigation system

- April E

Vehicle is an electrical nightmare

Bought the vehicle pre-owned wasn't taken care of properly every seal on the thing leaks and it's electrical engineering nightmare oxygen sensor goes wrong everything else in the car seems to fail throws every light possible for a simple oxygen sensor

- Chris F

Acura MDX is a great full-sized SUV!

Love the size and the space but it is hard to fit an adult in the third row. It is a comfortable five seater with lots of cargo space but using it as a seven seater can be a pain. It handles and drives well but consumes a lot of gas.

- Diane R

The dependability and craftsmanship of this car are unsurpassed.

I have 208,000 on this truck and have been driving it since 2011 with no issues. This is the most dependable car I have ever had. Not to mention the luxury is amazing especially since I travel 40 miles one way to work each day.

- Debbie K

Overall good care besides a few minor flaws

Overall it is a decent vehicle. However i have had some things wrong with it. Mainly sensors and the mpg is considerably lower then I would prefer but besides those things it is a very nice mid sized SUV.

- Kayla K

Built to last life unexpected road trips!

Smooth riding. Comfortable seating. Dependable and trustworthy! Sleek style for an SUV. Very comfort for all passengers! Using a lot of fuel. Very easy to drive! Size of carriage is perfect for an SUV!

- Rose Anne F

Even though it has over 200,000 miles on it, it still drives very well!

I love how much room I have! Even though it has several miles on it, it still drives very well! I also love all the extra features (seat warming, climate controlled, back seat air, navigation system).

- karen m

as long as the vehicle is taken care of it has a long lifespan and can put on a lot of miles

I like the space in my vehicle I also like the navigation screen and the ride is very smooth I do not like that the seats crack because they're leather and we live in Florida where it is very hot

- Ashley T

It has third row seating my whole family loves it.

I love the Acura mdx it is dependable reliable and very comfortable. We bought it used but it is a really ice ride. Smooth driving to be a all wheel drive not load like some of the others.

- Christie H

It is very reliable and very comfortable to drive.

I love the safety features of the vehicle including the back up camera. I like the space between the front and second row. I like the drive but I do wish the road noise wasn't so loud.

- Jennifer S

2006 ACURA MDX review comfort and dependability

Acura makes the most reliable car in the industry. Along with comfort and 3rd row seating, this car can be taken on long road trips and you never have to be concerned with breakdowns.

- Jackie B

It is all wheel drive and specifically made to drive in snow.

I love it. It is reliable and runs well even for being old. It is comfortable. I love that it is reliable and safe during times of snow since I have to be at work no matter what.

- Giniann F

I love the smooth wheel handle

It's lasted me a long while. I love how it fits the kids and I. It's reliable. I've had this car for a few years now and even though I've had it crashed into it still works great

- Ashley D

Acura has great safety features

My Acura has all wheel drive so I like the safety of my vehicle. The Acura is also a very comfortable vehicle in which to travel. I like the sleek look of the car, as well.

- MaryAnn N

The car is very reliable if you do the required maintenance.

Second one I have owned. Very reliable vehicle and can hold 7 passengers or a lot of cargo. Only bad is that it needs premium gas and the gas mileage is not the best.

- tony l

That it has longevity as far as the miles it can take and will go the distance.

I like the size and room we have for transporting things. I love the reliability. I like the 2 programs attached to the driver's seat. Would like better gas mileage.

- Deby D

It is a reliable and runs very well. It gives us no trouble within the 11 years that we own it so far.

We had it for more than 10 years with almost 200K miles on it and so far no problems. It runs well. We only do the routine basic oil change on it and that's all.

- cindy n

This car is very reliable and offers lots of extras.

I love the leather interior and gps system also the back up camera. I do wish the cash mileage was a little better but it is not to bad for a large suv.

- April R

It is a wonderful vehicle that will get you from point A to B without any issues.

I love how it handles in the snow. I love that it has room for more than 3 kids. I like that it is reliable. I don't like all the recalls for it.

- Alice D

Comfortable and a lot of room. . Smooth ride.

Very comfortable easy ride. Has GPS and DVD player. Has options for comfort or sports ride. 3rd row seating and push button truck open and close.

- Whit H

Acura makes a good vehicle.

Can have engine failure issues, my Acura currently has low compression in the 5th chamber. Other than that the vehicle has held up really well.

- Shane M

It has a third row and can seat 7 people.

Can fit 7 people. Bad fuel economy. Plenty of space for golf clubs. Not very expensive to maintain. Heated seats. Good during the winter.

- Bobby F

Great, reliable car + comfortable!

The vehicle performs great and is a great overall car. The only downside is the amount of gas it uses which is expected with an SUV.

- Pavan S

Heated seat and sound system

None problems with it it runs good just regular oil change and breaks and pads have owned it for 4 year but sometimes rear end noise

- Vic N

Respect your car & take good care of it - for maintenance.

Just bought this car; no problems yet; spent 5 months searching for the this car; only got a new car because I totaled my last one.

- Ali S

Spacious vehicle for all your needs.

Although the gas mileage per gallon is not the best, it does not burn a lot of gas. The car drives smooth and is spacious.

- Kimberly H

It is very reliable and is a good family car.

Not many problems to speak of. Bought the car new in 2006 and have never had any major problems. Very good purchase.

- John M

Stops on a dime and tops out at 114 mph. It has very poor gas mileage

Like the ride. Love the performance brakes we put on. Really am dissatisfied in the fuel mileage. Interior is nice

- Julie W

It has third row seating and both back rows fold down for extra cargo space

I love that it has third row seating. I like that it has gps and a backup camera. I don't dislike anything.

- Amy W

It is a hybrid and travels great.

I love its spaciousness, I hate its gas consumption. I love it is gas mileage. I hate that it is so bulky.

- Brian S

It helps me get around everywhere.

I love the 3rd row feature. I love the color of the car. I love the DVD player in the car for the kids.

- Lindsey C

This is by far the best car my family has ever owned ty.

Love our car to death. The only thing that we don't like about it is there is a system called the VSA.

- Dustin C

It will get you from one place to another with luxury.

It is a nice ride. It is older so it has some quirks. It is leather so it gets hot.

- Alice D

It is the perfect size for anyone.

I love it. It's the perfect size. My only complaint is I wish I had a newer model.

- Jordan T

It is nice looking and has been very reliable. I like to drive it as it is also very comfortable and suits my short frame.

Low miles and runs great. Has not been wrecked and is well taken care of.

- melody j

The car gets very high mileage and very low maintenance

Very reliable dependable long lasting vehicle not really great on gas

- Robert D

It's very good for road trips. It is a family vehicle.

I love how my vehicle looks and rides. It is very comfortable.

- Sof F

I like the comfort, reliability and size of the vehicle. I do wish it did not require premium grade gasoline. I have no true complaints about this vehicle. It has been solid and fairly cost free in terms of repairs despite the high mileage.

This is a quality vehicle that is worth the purchase price.

- Linda E

Excellent safety rating in this particular model year.

3 useable row seating. Handles well. Stylish. Lots of room

- Deb H

It's well built and drives nicely. I find it reliable.

Like the size. Drives nicely. Pretty good on gas mileage.

- Donna M

Feels safe inside because it sits high

It is dependable. I have Very few repairs

- Ter b