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Highs and Lows of an Acura MDX

I absolutely love my Acura MDX. It has been a great car that has helped me travel back and forth to Iowa the past 5 years. It also has helped me travel all over the state of IL during my masters. It has almost 200,000 miles on it and also does well in the snow. I love the heated seats, height of the SUV and it has very small blind spots compared to the newer MDX models. The car was previously owned and something that has been apparent is the amount of rust under the hood. The car has had many electrical problems and recently became stuck in Park. There was a significant amount of rust on a part that helps the gear shifter but it was fixed. Overall, it has been a reliable car for all the miles it has been put through!

- Casey C

Spacious, strong, & sleek.

This car was handed down to me from my mother, and for 16 years old, being used a regularly as it has, it is still incredibly dependable. It is comfortable, and very spacious-- which was great for my mom as she hauled a bunch of kids around to soccer tournaments for years, and is great for me now as a college student who has to move around semi-regularly. It is an SUV, so the mileage is not very good (15-16 mpg), but it is a fair trade-off for how much it can carry.

- Alexa R

2003 Acura MDX - Still Happy and still reliable!

I really enjoy my Acura MDX as a busy mother of two. The spacious back seat is perfect for the kids and the huge trunk space is wonderful for everything we need for sports! We also love that we can easily pop up the third row so we can accommodate our kids' friends as well. Our MDX is a 2003, so we are sure to keep up with regular maintenance, but for the most part it is a great car and has been reliable for our family.

- Courtney P

A dependable and long-living car.

My vehicle has lasted a really long time. It has problems here and there but no more than any other vehicle. Our mechanic tells us that it is worth it to keep fixing it when things go wrong because if we take care of it, we can make it last a very long time. It is very reliable. I wish it got more mpg but that is just because it is over 10 years old. I have driven it for 4 years but before that it was my mom's car.

- Annie J

One of its highlights is functionality it is got the option of a third row.

My vehicle has proved to be in excellent condition despite its years. It is over 100k miles and I have had very little repairs needed. Few small issues with hoses, but overall the make and model are of amazing quality. I have also noticed that the body is very well built. I once hit a pole and it literally did no damage to my vehicle aside from a few scratches whilst the pole was bent and damaged.

- Iris G

Reliable, Comfortable and Quality Over the Years

This car has lasted since 2003 and continues to deliver. It is reliable and is great for long trips. I have found the car to be comfortable and excellent with space - we really appreciate the third row seating when a large group of people are trying to get somewhere. We have also found the storage space to be outstanding when trying to transport large items. We love our car!

- Mary P

Roomy vehicle, be wary of transmission issues.

Transmission issue very costly. High miles but very reliable. Is currently burning oil and reason is unknown. Makes weird whining noise when starting it in the cold. Love the roominess, like a minivan without being a minivan. Great sound system. Uses a very high volume of gas so very costly to drive unless on a mostly highway driven drive.

- Sara B


Very reliable! I have had this car for 8 years and bought it used. It has over 200,000 miles but still drives smooth! The interior has held up in perfect condition as well! Very spacious with a third row seat that can be put down for more trunk space. Lots of legroom. Air vents in the back seats. Touch screen navigation and a sunroof!

- Carson M

Comfortable family truck.

My truck is still running strong 16 years later and doesn't have any serious problems being that I have taken care of my car. My windshield has a minor crack and that's it. My truck is a nice size for a family. Its 3 rows that fits my two kids comfortably, it has a DVD player so when we take family vacations they can watch TV.

- Niya C

It has all the technology needed to get around comfortably.

I love my mdx. It has plenty of room with the third row seating so I can fit 7 people comfortably. The navigation and backup camera are great too and one of my favorite features is when parallel parking and putting the car in reverse the side mirrors automatically tilt down so you can see the curb and not scratch your wheels.

- Audrey L

It is comfortable, easy to drive and reliable.

I love that it is spacious and comfortable and had luxurious amenities. It fits my family of five well and has power to tow which is important to us. I like the way it looks and it is reliable. I don't like how long the computer console takes to start up and that I can't change the temperature when the backup camera is on.

- Sheri S

Reliable and withstanding.

My Acura is a solid, reliable car that has been in my family for years. It was my mother's before mine and it still runs smoothly, nearly 16 years later. The brakes are extremely worn and the interior engine is rough, but it is nothing that a little hands-on maintenance cannot fix, even for inexperienced car owners.

- Megan J

Acura mdx 2003 is a family friendly dependable SUV for 15 years.

The car can fit 3 car seats into he back, which I find to be really great. I like how there is memory for automatic seat adjustments, that can be programmed for each driver. I do find that this model regularly has transmission issues after 15+ years. It has a spacious trunk and the interior features are nice.

- Elizabeth N

Awesome and reliable transportation for its age.

I have never had very many large issues related to the performance of the Acura, until last week. The vehicle was showing signs that the alternator was going out so, I replaced it. Only to have a mechanic put a detector on the computer and that is when I was told the problem runs deeper than the alternator.

- Penny C

Has third row seating which is great.

It's very expensive to get fixed but other than that it's a very reliable car. The navigation is kind of hard to understand but once u get the hang of it its great. And there are a lot of buttons. Also I can never figure out how to get the seat memories to work. Where it automatically adjusts to the driver.

- Shea L

The vehicle has some issues but it�s a good reliable car that I love.

We've had to replace the transmission twice, the brakes aren't too good, the steering wheel airbag had to be replaced as well. The car also doesn't have great gas mileage but it's a reliable car, it's a good size and I like that it has a TV In the back. It's a good family car, and good for road trips

- Trillium B

Performance and low maintenance are the key.

Great cars should be high performance. In addition, emphasis should be placed on customer service as well as name brand recognition. In addition, my performance is based a great automobile that has very little in terms of maintenance. The reliability is close to 100 percent with proper oil changes.

- Louis A

Great but with some issues.

Great vehicle but has issues with the o2 sensors. Check engine light stays on even though we've had it checked and nothing is actually wrong. Lots of space, great for transporting kids and groceries. Interior is great. Like that it tells you approximately how many miles of gas you have to use.

- Megan C

Love how there is 7 seats and it is spacious and roomy.

It is a good car. But it is pretty vintage when it comes to the navigation system. Screen is black and grey which is a downside compared to other newer models. Not to fond of my car color which is solar green, which looks grey on most days. The grey interior gets worn out pretty easily.

- Michelle D

This car gets good gas mileage.

My vehicle has 3 row seating, DVD player, CD player, and cassette player, comfort to drive, heated seats, automatic, 4 door, leather seats. Drives great good gas mileage. Not auto lock. I would recommend that you buy a Acura the look is great and the car is comfortable to drive.

- Carolyn C

Thus has been one great car. I live it!

Has 302,000 miles on it! And going strong. I love this car. It is a great car. I really love the third row pull up seating. It is extremely reliable and trustworthy. We purchased this acura mdx from mike hale acura in salt lake city, utah, and were happy with our purchase.

- Dana D

Reliable car with room for the whole family.

Very reliable vehicle. It has fairly high mileage (180k), but still runs great. We have had very few problems, aside from general maintenance issues and have taken the car on long outings. I especially appreciate how roomy it is for our family of four and two dogs.

- Renee R

Driving long distances. I've driven my car cross country 2 times.

Car is very expensive to run due to gas prices. Repairs at the acura dealership are extremely high too. Engine runs very hot once car reaches certain miles. I've had many electrical problems that acura couldn't seem to address. Oil changes are on the high side too.

- Kathleen L

Mdx has good handling movement. Easy to drive for beginner driver as well.

It is very firm and strong car. I like the movement when I control car. It is fun to drive mdx. Handling is very good. Compare to other SUV car mdx is not too wide at the front from the handle which helps beginner driver to handle big car. I like it very much.

- Han C

Really reliable and luxury.

Acura mdx is a very reliable car I have had it for many years will purchase a newer Acura in the future. Only had to change the battery windshield wipers and a few fuses for the heating seats. The new models have a lot of upgrades that are in very luxurious cars.

- Nicki M

It is a very comfortable ride.

I like that it has all the features I need and then some. It runs really well, and it is very reliable. The only thing I do not like about it is the fact that it does not have an auxiliary port since it is an older model, so I had to get a cassette adapter.

- Abbie K

Mdx... What a car, fun to drive super safe.

Very few problems, super comfy, reliable, wish it had built in nav and sat radio, great tire wear, auto windows, door locks seats, heated seats, all wheel Dr, easy in and out of care, great visibility through all windows, no real blind spots, auto mirrors.

- Raphael F

Acura MDX had stood the test of time

My Acura MDX is currently 15 years old and for a car at such an age, it is running quite well. I have recently had to replace spark plugs and taillights, with fuel injectors needing to be replaced soon. It gets OK mileage, hovering around 13 city.

- Elizabeth D

Acura MDX Fully Loaded SUV

I love the Acura MDX. It has third row seating. When not using it folds down. It has a backup camera. Power everything. Leather seats. Heated front seats. Very comfortable. DVD player for back seats that my kids love and makes rides a lot easier.

- Kelly W

It has been extremely dependable.

I like that the vehicle is well built, and so far extremely dependable. Design and technology has appeared to be somewhat timeless. I dislike the high price of replacement items such as the cargo cover and navigation disc.

- Roosevelt B

very durable vehicle and big enough for bigger families

I like that it has enough room for our family. I like that it has over 200,000 miles on it and it still going pretty strong. The only thing I dislike about it really is the color of it.

- Samantha C

That the Acura mdx saves on a lot of gas.

I love this vehicle, because it saves me on gas and it has a very low mileage. The only issue that I have with it is that there are a few wear and tear on it because it is pre-owned.

- Sandra J

It has third row seating for a midsize SUV.

Replaced transmission a 150000 miles, abs light on and problem need to replace abs pump motor a 130000, oxygen sensors replaced a 140000. It is roomy. It is convenient.

- Jose N

Great vehicle and longevity for it is price.

Car leaks a lot of cooling agents and stains the concrete in our garage. But the car works perfectly fine, although the seats are not the most comfortable.

- Primus I

Extremely comfortable luxury vehicle.

It's a great luxury vehicle. It gets great gas mileage and handles well in all weather situations. The comfort of the roomy interior is top notch.

- Amelia W

2003 Acura Mdx reviews today

My mdx is black with tan leather seats. 3Rd row nice for bigger families. Problems weird noises from the undercarriage. But a really nice ride

- mike v

Very dependable, it has lasted more than 15 years--engine, exterior, and interior.

This vehicle was made with quality. Nothing about it screams cheap, or corners that were cut. Very spacious inside, and materials wear well.

- Jordan M

It is safe for me to drive on the highway in windy conditions.

I feel very safe in it because of the visa feature. It also have a very homey interior. I feel as though I could live in my vehicle.

- Bree T

There is lots of room. Option of 7 seats or put 5 down and have lots of room to pack your things.

While I do love my car, it is old. There is always plenty of room with the option of 7 seats or put down 5 seats for storage space.

- kim h

Great mileage. And spacious.

mileage can be better there is always a engine issue every 3 months. There needs more pace for passengers. to small a truck space.

- David A

She goes fast when I am behind the wheel.

It is very dependable. It is a comfortable vehicle. Would rather have tan interior instead of black. A little too much road noise.

- Michelle H

It has third row seating! People always ask me about that because they didn't know there is extra seating the int back where the seats fold up and down.

My Acura is very dependable. It is a car that other people like and make comments about it. It works well for me and my family.

- Diane F

We like or vehicle cause of the space

It's roomy seats 7. Has leather seats and they heated. The color is very different. We like it very much and it has a sunroof

- James D

Overall comfort and how easy it is to drive. You feel very safe driving the car.

I like how comfortable the ride is. I like the amount of cargo space. It also has a third row seat which gets used enough.

- Barbara C

The fast damaged Acura mdx

The car has some problems with the brakes and the windshield is cracked but overall it's a nice fast car

- Brianna S

Reliable and comfortable!

It is a very reliable and comfortable car to drive it is by far my favorite vehicle I have ever owned.

- Halie B

Acura mix's are great SUVs that can fit your whole family.

Getting older, need to buy newer model. Starting to not be as reliable. Some problems with the engine.

- Jennifer J

That it's not a taxi and treat it well my kids are in it

I need more room and it has some get up and go it was given to me. But time for a change

- Crystal S

Reliability is the most important thing

Have had this vehicle for 10+years. Absolutely reliable & very comfortable to drive.

- R R

It is very dependable. I have no problems at all with it. Just have routine maintenance.

It is very comfortable. It has great back support. It is almost maintenance free.

- Linda W

That the transmission type it uses is no longer sold.

I dislike that it is worn down. Considering its age it has a lot of problems.

- Teriyonne S

the car have extra seats and nice radio system also have a roof window

my car is safe has more room and never have a serious problem with the car

- Oussama E

Y can used any activity, on the road, it's fun in long trips.

I like that is spacious, has a good motor, i dont like its not new model

- Maria G

My vehicle is really comfortable I love it. My car is really safe is drive. It is really fast when I need to be somewhere.

My car is fast on bypasses and you can get to work in a hurry.

- Cole S

It is well worth the price to drive a luxury SUV.

I love my vehicle and it looks, drives and lots of space

- Maureen R