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Honda driver goes to Acura.

I have always been a Honda fan/driver, but never wanted to put out the $ for the Acura name. After my previous car, a base-model Honda that I had bought brand new 18 years prior, finally died with 270k miles on it, I was finally in a position to afford the Acura name & knew it would be worth it. I decided to splurge on myself & do not have any regrets. I am a lifer with my cars, so I have had it now for 13 years & it does not owe me a dime. The only annoying thing is that I have to run premium gas in it & that can get expensive. I am just now starting to have issues with a few things, but I expected that. There's a problem with the steering rack & the locks go crazy while I am in the car every once in a while which freaked me out at 1st. I have no idea what causes it, but it caused me to lock my keys in the car once. Besides those things, it is been regular maintenance & replacement of parts due to standard wear & tear. I will absolutely purchase another Acura when this one finally quits on me, I am just not sure what model yet.

- Jessica L

Other than HandsFreeLink Trouble, a Good Vehicle

I bought my car pre-owned about 3 years ago and finally paid it off in February of this year. Other than the typical maintenance issues that come with wear and tear (oil changes, tire rotations, etc) the car hasn't really given me any problems until about 2 months ago when I had issues with a dead battery, after having replaced the previous battery a short time previously. After some research, it was determined that there was an issue with a parasitic drain on the battery caused by the HandsFreeLink. After disabling that feature (that was never being used) I haven't had any issues with the car since.

- Whitney S

Acura tl 2005: a reliable car.

My car is very reliable, it has 250, 000 miles on it and is running strong, had to repair transmission 2 years ago. Only bad things is that I have to pay for expensive gas and in this economy it is a lot of money to spend. And the oil is full synthetic making it more money to spend. However I love the v6 engine and it still retains a lot of its horsepower today. It is truly the most fun car I've driven. It had a revolutionary nav system which admittedly is outdated and not usable but it also has heated seats and cruise control which comes in handy for long drives and saving on gas mileage.

- Zack C

I love my 2005 Acura TL even after all these years

I love my 2005 Acura TL. It is a decently old car but it is beautiful and still runs good! I have definitely had some problems but I'm sure anyone would with a car that is almost 15 years old. I had a problem with the starter where my car would never start unless I jump started it but it got fixed! The airbag light is on also and needs to be fixed. But other than that the car is amazing. The car is fast, safe, and durable. It performs very well in the weather conditions I have driven in and held up very nicely. Bought it in 2013 and still works great. Would recommend! Love Acura!

- Olivia C

2005 Acura TL Vehicle review

Wonderful car for my first car. Incredibly reliable despite being 14 years old there has been very little issues or breakdowns. A slight issue with the Bluetooth connect caused the battery to drain while the car was off about a year ago but after removing the component and replacing it the car has had no issues starting up and runs very well. Suspension and brakes had to be replaced after a rotor locked up This car has taken me back and forth from Cincinnati upwards of twenty times over the last 2 years and I still have utter confidence in the 14 year old vehicle.

- Cameron S

Outdated features but good driving.

This car is great and mine is in good condition, but it is old and therefore does not have many of the features of newer cars. This car does not have Bluetooth or AUX capabilities and therefore is hard to listen to music from your phone in the car. It does come with a hand-free link option, which allows one to take calls from their phone safely and hands-free. It is a very smooth drive and is very quiet compared to many other cars. It has a large turning radius, which is a downside and sometimes makes parking difficult, but overall a very nice car.

- Marin M

Good budget option for luxury vehicles.

The 2005 Acura tl is a great vehicle for someone looking for luxury on a budget in 2018. With heated, leather seats, Sirius XM compatibility, and spacious area, the Acura tl is a great vehicle. Some problems I have run into are unreliable volume on the radio system, fraying of the leather seats, and the lack of a sunglass holder. Newer Acura models in 2018 will have more to offer in the way of computer technology and up-to-date features, but the 2005 is a good choice for someone shopping on a strict budget.

- Lacey B

2005 Acura is a beautiful car.

The Acura tl is a true sports sedan, albeit with front-wheel drive. The tl delivers sharp-handling, a powerful v6 engine, a fully independent suspension, and the latest active safety electronics to optimize driving dynamics. Its engine doles out abundant power, whether for backroad barnstorming or passing other vehicles on the freeway. Barnstorming is aided by great handling and powerful brakes. Freeway cruising is made pleasant by the reasonably smooth ride, through the tl is not a soft cush mobile.

- John B

Favorite car and will definitely buy newer model

This is my favorite vehicle and will be buying another Acura once this one stops working. We've kept up to date on all recommended repairs and even at over 200k miles it's running like a champ. The one downside is that the view outside isn't as open as our Toyota, so I have to turn fully to the side to triple check for cars when backing up and changing lanes. Fits a family of 4 comfortably. The backseat is a bit small so when 3 people sit back there it's pretty squished.

- Katherine W

The front dash is crack from the sun.

The only issues that I have had with my 2005 Acura to is problems busting rims hitting log holes on the roads. We live on a deadens road so the country does not like to keep our road nice & paved, I have to request for them to come out for anything. My Acura has 285, 000 miles on it & it is great just started having the a/c not as cold as it should be. It is been kept up to date on servicing & it is not that expensive to have it done a king’s Acura dealership.

- Amber S

Acura : Reliable Car for You and Your Family

My Acura TL has been a valuable asset to me and my family for over 5 years. It is helped us move across state lines, been a reliable source to get to and from work and other extracurricular activities, and looks great being 13 years old. It has had issues in the past with starting up when it is very cold outside. I have also had to uninstall the hands-free technology because it was draining my battery.

- Melissa C

For almost 20 it's still the face of luxury.

For a 2005 model it hasn't lost its luxury. Super nice car. Drives smooth, and it's small so it handles the road well. This car will still get up and move even almost 20 years later. I get compliments everywhere I go in my car. How nice it is. It was fairly priced, and I would buy another one in a heartbeat. I would recommend any Acura brand to anyone looking for luxury and reliability.

- Krystal H

Overall all, decent 4 door sedan.

Our 2005 Acura TL has been reliable up until hitting 100K miles. We've driven this vehicle everywhere. The navigation sometimes is a hit and miss but we can't complain. It has enough power to pass on the freeways if needed. Only major problem if we can recall correctly is the hands free, Bluetooth device. It started to drain the car battery so we had to manually disconnect/disable it.

- John N

2005 acura tl with 3. 2 l high output v6 with auto stick shifter.

Silver acura tl sedan, 3. 2 l high output v6 automatic transmission that has an auto sport stick shifter, full leather interior, heated front seats, power seats, power mirrors, power doors, power windows, power sunroof, Bose stereo with compact disk player, cruise control, k&n air filter, low miles, great family car, large trunk, spare tire, 16. 7 gallon fuel tank,

- Mia S

This is one vehicle purchase I have not regret.

It has over 200,000 miles on it and still runs excellent. Love the fact it is sporty but also has room for my family. If I had to get another vehicle Acura is what I would want to get again. I bought it at q car auction and paid cash for it. Love the heated seats, sunroof, leather seats, the stereo is amazing and is one of my favorite things about my car.

- Cameron D

Acura TL 2005 was ultimately a good buy

After 10 years had to replace engine. Then, 5 years after, replaced car computer. Car is 15 yrs old and every month something comes up. Time for a newer car. It had a good run, but cost of maintenance has taken its toll. I do love the trim, which was changed by 2008. I still see many operating on the road. That tells me overall a good buy.

- Viva V

With a new transmission, this car drives like new.

I bought this car about 6 years ago with high mileage and knew it would need repairs. I have replaced the transmission within the last year and had some electrical issues. Those are the major things I have dealt with. Everything else has been minor compared to a transmission. Overall, this car has held up better and longer than I expected it to.

- Trina T

Convenient and reliable to drive.

Drives very well, smooth, fast it is a reliable car and convenient good on gas as long as you keep you the maintenance there should be no problems this car is like the luxury of a Honda car. It is comfortable spacey ac runs good hid lights are nice bright and clear. My car has been so good to me and still runs just fine.

- Michelle F

Reasons Why I Love/Hate my 2005 Acura TL

I have a lot of problems with my steering. There seems to always be a problem with my power steering tank. The heated seats in the winter are a nice added touch to the car. I also have issues with the car's AC, even with coolant I can not seems to get it cold in the car which makes it hard to drive in the summertime.

- Sophia J

Bluetooth features also the amount of space throughout the car.

Air conditioning does not work. Drives smooth with a nice pick-up. Nice plus features are seat warmers and there's a lot of space throughout the car. There's always Bluetooth for the radio where you can hook your phone up to listen to your personal music and also able to make phone calls without occupying your hands.

- Ashley P

I love how fast it is and the built and the design.

The window is broken and the struts and spark plugs are bad. But overall I love my car because it is safe and reliable. It is a good car for a family or just one single person. I honestly would recommend the car but keep up on the maintenance of the car like your supposed to and your car will be very reliable.

- Charles L

My Acura t. L review by Stevie.

Transmission blows at 180k besides that car runs fine. Lots of nifty features easy to fix by yourself but sadly no engine swaps if you ever wanted to do that. The comfort is good always felt that. Reliability may have battery issues I personally don't have a lot of problems but I see this usually with reviews.

- Steven G

The gas mileage is great and the performance. This vehicle is great.

I love this car because it has been so good for me and I do not know what I would do if it was a little bit more expensive but it is so good I just do not want to get my car and I do not want it to get old. I just want to make sure it last me by doing the routine maintenance on it i. E. Oil changes etc.

- Eric C

Windows go down on its own

It's really on how you take care of your car. You have to treat your vehicle as if it yourself. But my car is very reliable. I like how my windows can go down on its own. Drives smooth. I just bought brakes for them and total it was like 50$ , I have to buy shocks for them and that will cost about 138

- Mean L

Best car I have ever owned!

Comfort, reliability, and styling. Best driving car I have ever owned, the over all styling is still very modern for the age of the car. It is beautiful and comfortable. I have always wanted one of these cars and now have one! I cannot wait to take this car on road trips to visit friends and family.

- Brandy A

The 2005 Acura tl is one of the most reliable vehicles I have owned.

Vehicle is reliable, comfortable, and stylish. Just the right amount of power. No major mechanical problems, pretty low maintenance. Has all the necessary accessories, Bluetooth and great Bose speaker system, heated seats and mirrors. If you perform proper maintenance the vehicle will run forever!

- Charlotte H

I have enjoyed my Acura tl, it has been one of the best cars.

My car is very dependable, comfortable and nice, it is somewhat sporty but yet luxurious. It gets great gas mileage, never had any major mechanical problems once I have had it. Definitely worth the price. The one major downfall of this vehicle is the navigation system display has stopped working.

- Lisa P

Car works great with minor issues

The car generally runs very smoothly. It accelerates very quickly and the breaks work excellently. The cruise control button does not work anymore which is a bit annoying but I can overlook. There is a problem though that makes me go through tires very quickly. Other than that the car runs great.

- Abigail O

Smooth shifting transmission.

Comfortable ride. It has a great stereo system, along with satellite radio, which sounds great as well. Has really nice horsepower, and with very smooth acceleration as well. The city mpg could be better, but is not terrible. I like the charcoal paint, and does look best with tinted windows.

- Ron H

2005 Acura still rolling strong.

Car still drives well with over 290k miles. The ac and radio no longer work. I like driving this car better than my new car because its heavier and drives more like a sports car. The leather on the seats is also torn up. Performance is still top notch. I drive it on the highway and its smooth.

- Sara V

10 Year old car working hard for hard working family.

The passenger window does not roll down. The ac was broken but recently fixed. It is got a lot of miles on it but it is still been pretty reliable. It is our only vehicle for our family with 2 kids in car seats and 2 adults who work full time. We would like to update within the next few years.

- Cece G

Old reliable-broken but reliable.

Right now my car is very old and has a few mechanical issue, however, it is very reliable, still runs good even though it is in bad shape. Any other vehicle would have gave out on me but because of the great quality of the car it is still kicking. It is a very reliable car despite the issues.

- L B

The 317,000 mile Acura tl.

Acura tl is comfortable, gauges are easy to understand. Performance is good, transmission is smooth, hp is adequate. Gas mileage is decent. Room for 5, trunk is good size. Visibility is excellent. Ride is good, but road noise is an issue. Car if maintained can exceed 300,000 miles.

- Jeff M

2085 Acura tl: oldie but goodie.

I love my car, even though it is old it has lots of luxury features including a navigation system, heated seats, sunroof and moonroof. It's getting dependable. The only thing I do not like it that it gets very cranky in cold weather and will not start sometimes even with a new battery.

- Robinson L

A very good car and his features.

Acura tl is a good car, one of the problems with Acura is the gas does not last very much, but is fast and reliable. It has heater in the seats, they are reclinable. The ac is good, the seats are leather which I personally like and is comfortable but it does not have many problems.

- Nicole V

Acura’s are Honda's that are made to last forever!

I love my Acura it is been the best vehicle I have owed to date. Performance is amazing and the mileage has been awesome for my daily commutes. I will forever be an Acura (Honda) buyer. I have not had any problems mechanically with my automobile as it is kept very well maintenance.

- A M

My vehicle is very clean inside and out. I take pride in my toys.

Since I've had my Acura I've had no issues. I've had my car for a year so far and have put 16000 miles on it. It's very reliable so far as I had an old BMW before that had a lot of issues. The only thing I had to add to it was a Bluetooth radio so I can listen to my Apple Music!

- Nate K

Sleek affordable sports car.

Acura is all about luxury. I love my little sport car, it is quick and very reliable. I have had it since 2005 and use it as my commuter. Easy to maintain and very affordable to fix. Still looks pretty sharp and I always get compliments on it. I would definitely buy another.

- Kimberly M

Great features of the Acura TL

Great performance and very luxurious. Has power and option to put from automatic to manual. But gas is more because having to use 91 grade. Love the navigation feature and Bluetooth/ hands free feature. Comes with Bose speakers that has great sound. Would buy again.

- Melissa M

Acura's are spacious and good on gas.

Have not had any major problem as long as you keep up regular maintenance the car can last for 10 years plus it is great on gas as all the modern conveniences easy to read dashboard would definitely consider purchasing another earlier or later model enjoy the drive.

- Cheryl M

Fully loaded. Run excellent. Body in a good shape . Handle very good on the road.

Nice running car with power and navigation it runs forever had no problem with it but replace tires, oil, and brakes powerful and easy for gas mileage. It has everything you need as a nice car the color is red just a beautiful metallic red the inside is roomy.

- Tony N

Quick, agile, more than enough Horsepower, which can easily be tuned for more.

I'm the 2nd owner. No major problems, transmission was replaced by original owner AFTER 100K miles. I currently have over 200k on it. Navigation screen goes blank out but that is a common easy fix and it deals with the navigation CD system being in the trunk.

- Philip J

Rides nice, plenty of room, seats are comfortable,

I have an Acura tl 2005 considered a luxury vehicles that leather seats heated front seats touch screen navigation Sirius XM radio and not to mention that the car will get up and move. The four doors makes it a lot easier to get my son in and out of the car.

- Shannon F

Acura tl. The car for anyone.

Very reliable. Good gas mileage. Looks very nice. Have never had any major problems with it. A lot of room inside. Bigger than most other sedans. Very spacious. Very powerful engine. Repairs and maintenance are very economical. Perfect vehicle for anyone.

- Ruben M

It has a spare tire hidden under the flooring of the trunk which is very useful.

I do like that it is very new and easy to use. It has many accommodations and is sleek and comfortable. One thing i do not like is how it drives at times. It takes longer to go faster and it is harder to break and the transition is not always too smooth.

- Jade A

Super reliable and easy driving

My car is very nice and runs very smoothly. Because the last owner took such good care of it, i can not tell that it is 13 years old. The only complaint is that the gas mileage is around 17 mpg and I am constantly filling up with gas.

- Chad S

Modern styling in the Acura tl.

Love the smoothness and handling and the models lines which look current event today. I find it is lacking features such as backup camera which would be helpful in every situation also do not like sedans as much as a sub these days.

- Susan C

It is a very dependable car. I have many miles on it without hardly any problems

I like that it has been a very durable car without many mechanical problems. I like that it is luxurious for a decent price and it is safe. My only dislike would be the cost of replacing parts, it is higher for these types of cars.

- Scott S

Love this car- even with outdated features

The seats are very comfy. I love that it is a V6. The features are a bit dated at this point, being a 2005 car. The only problem I have had is with the driver side door locking. I have spent way too much on it.

- Michelle K

Dependable, high quality, fashionable and affordable

I bought this car brand new 12 years ago. its' my 2nd Acura and is very dependable and performs above average. Never have had a problem; I have kept it maintained according to the manual.

- Holly D

Relatively maintenance free car,.

I do not like the gas mileage. I like the design, the comfortable seat, the wood panel design on the dashboard, relatively maintenance free, drivable for several hundred thousand miles.

- Mitch M

It's fun. I love driving it. One of my most favorite cars I've owned. I haven't had any problems with it

I dislike the interior color. It gets dirty very easy. I've also heard the dash cracks. Hasn't yet but I've been reading about it online. I don't like that I have to use premium gas

- Laura G

reliable for 150,000 miles

getting ready to replace.getting older and things starting not to work. really like it for first 8 years. comfortable reliable, now need a car with the new safety features

- Tom C

This car is good on gas. And it has a lot of space.

I like that it is good on gas. Its fast and efficient. I like the size for it. I dislike the amount of breakdowns it has had in the last year. But it is an old model.

- Jessica C

It is speedy and nice all in 1.

I love the car itself! I personally gave it a 4 because it is a 2005 and it could use an update. Newer models are way nicer. Personally I'd stick with Acura for life.

- Brooklyn G

Amazingly reliable and stylish look!

I have been extremely satisfied with both my Ford and Acura, both vehicles have been extremely reliable and no mechanical problems beside routine maintenance.

- Charles C

Starter replacement. Battery replacement. Transmission fluid flush.

Engine compartments are very different. No keyhole to unlock the trunk. Passenger door no access with a key. Access code to access radio is annoying.

- Julian J

That it is a family car and that should explain the mess it is in:].

I dislike that it is an older vehicle. Lots of work has been put in it to keep it functional. What I like is that upkeep is not a financial hardship.

- Cynthia M

It is very comfortable and handles great at any speed.

It is well built with great options and good reliability. If it was AWD I'd say it was the perfect car. It also has great mph and plenty of power.

- Bryan B

The Acura is more than a vehicle to get from point A to B - it is comfortable.

The car drives very smooth, the sound system is great, and it even has a built in GPS. My only complaint is that the GPS does tend to get me lost.

- Anita R

The most important thing to know about my vehicle is that it is reliable.

Why I like my vehicle- looks good, comfortable to drive, horsepower is good. Does not look outdated. Has heated seats... Dislikes- getting old..

- Charlotte H

Well built and reliable! A vehicle that you can depend upon.

Comfortable sport luxury vehicle. Sporty and enjoyable to drive without sacrificing comfort and features. Also has proven to be very reliable.

- Adam k

The best of the best, stylish and fun!

Best car I have ever owned, maintenance on the car is expensive but only minor repairs I had to do! Car runs great for being an older model.

- Julie G

It runs as well as it should and is also a pretty attractive looking car.

I like that my car is pretty spacious on the inside and I like the stereo and dashboard. I don't like that my cruise control doesn't work.

- Abby D

It drives really smoothly.

I like that there is a lot of room in general throughout the car. I dislike the way the stereo is setup. But I love how smooth it drives.

- Fatima D

The space in the car is great, the gas does get expensive. The seats are very nice. The car does need a lot of maintenance.

I enjoy the comfy seats, the space in the car is great. The sunrooms is awesome. I do not enjoy having to put the most expensive gas.

- Jazmyne Z

that it's a high end car and it's very safe. buy it!

it's very fast, safe, reliable. it's nice black color. it's getting a little old and needs more attention, but still a great car.

- alina f

The thing others should know about my car is that its very reliable.

I like that my car is reliable. Even though it is an older model I have not had many issues or had to pay a lot in maintenance.

- Nicole M

Reliable 2005 Acura TL best car ever.

My Acura TL is the most reliable car I've ever owned. It's 13 years old and still just as reliable as the day I bought it.

- Heather H

My car saves on gas. Only need $20 dollars to full the tank.

I actually have no complaints about my vehicle. I love it! Love how it runs and really love how it saves me money on gas.

- Kira K

It is very reliable and still nice to drive.

I dislike that it is old. I dislike that it is a 4 door car. I like that it is very reliable and the maintenance is low.

- Monica S

If your looking for a nice vehicle

Acura TL. Pretty fare conditions. Runs great. Music system included. New parts under the hood. Just replaced brakes.

- Anthony S

It has a much wider stance than other cars in Its class.

My acura tl is fun to drive. It handles very well. It has above average acceleration. It is very roomy inside.

- Jim K

With nearly forty thousand miles. Zero issues.

I love my acura tl very much. It is awesome and my family lives it. The qualities are awesome and it drives well.

- Sherry M

Acura although not a high quality luxury car it is a great car and very comfortable in and out.

I love it's acceleration and stability. It's a great quality car nice quality interior and amazing to drive.

- Vic C

It is sporty. It is reliable. My husband loves this car. It is silver.

I love the reliability and sporty look. I dislike the way it handles. I dislike comfort of this vehicle.

- Kari L

That's it's very reliable and it's the best car I've had

Nice car I love it and I want it in a newer model the car is reliable and fast and strong and good sound

- James S

Speed and drives great I absolutely love it

It drive real smooth and picks up speed real quick I would highly recommend this vehicle to any family

- Sarah B

It rides low so snow is hard to drive in.

I like that it has enough room for my family. I love the power. I dislike that it take top grade gas.

- Jonathan Yoder Y

The seats fold so it makes more room.

It is a solid car, reliable, but the paint is poor. The maintenance cost is high as is the gas cost.

- Stephen D

It's is dangerous swerve gotta stay alert. Must be on the watch for the lights are not the brightest. Yikes beware of intense high velocity.

Goes quite fast for old model, smile good pricing. great gas mileage. Outstanding longevity.

- Alexander S

That I will not have it for very much later. Time for a new car.

I dislike it because It's old and It's bad for the environment. I'm looking to change this.

- Chris L