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One of my favorite cars to own!

Have had few issues with this car. Really love the option of the 3rd row seats for extra passengers or an extended hatch to haul all sorts of gear for our sons' sporting events. Our sons have also appreciated the DVD player and the rear climate control, not to mention the available locations to charge their devices. My husband and I have found the front seats quite comfortable and enjoy the heated and cooled seat features. As I spend more time riding in the backseat as my teenage son practices driving, I find myself thinking the 2nd row seats are less comfortable. I cannot adjust the seat back to make the angle more comfortable, and both my sons and I would greatly appreciate those seats being heated as well since we have incredibly long, cold winters where we live. This car handles nicely in all driving conditions (and we've experienced about everything possible) and is incredibly quiet inside the cabin.

- Julie C

The Buick that keeps up with your life

This is a very reliable vehicle, I have never had any performance problems with it. I love the look of the vehicle, but the extra features are what I really love. There are multiple power jacks, so plenty of charging for devices. Three rows of seats and the back row lays flat. The center rows fold flat as well, allowing plenty of carry space. The front two seats have heating and cooling seats. There are air vents in the back center, with controls for back seat passengers. The dashboard controls are easy to access and use. There is a navigation system, but I no longer use it. Satellite radio and onstar came installed, and I do keep these available.

- Kathy L

Spacious and smooth sailing

I really needed a third row for my children but I didn't want a 'minivan' so I had to find something in between, not too big, but not too small. I love the room that they have as well as storage in the back. They really enjoy the fact that the seats in the middle recline and move forward and backward giving get the third row more leg space if needed! It has a very smooth ride on the highway which is very nice and helps the little ones rest well on long road trips and the leather seats make it easy to clean up messes. The only thing I wish I had was a sunroof!

- Ashley C

2 roles SUV spacious gray I have a TV back up camera

I really love my car it's very roomy I have 3 kids and they joy not being cramped. I do sometimes find myself being the carpool mom but I don't mind. I not sure if I may do a lot of driving but this SUV take up a lot of gas. I haven't had much car problems not on wood thank you god. Only thing I ran into was that the car was doing a lot of jerking but I found that understandable because I bought it use. It was a easy fix I got my transmission fluid fix. And now I'm dealing with a power steer issue. But I do recommend this car for nice perfect family

- Tina T

The most important thing to know about my car is that it's reliable, spacious, great on gas, and luxurious.

The things I like most about my vehicle, is that I can use the remote to start it up on cold mornings, without the worry of someone driving off with it. I love that the headlights move with my steering wheel, so I have full coverage of the road at night. I like that it has seat settings, that remember how I like my seat and steering wheel. The back seat is very spacious, perfect for my 3 children to have plenty of room. There is also radio and heating/AC control in the back, which is very nice. I also like the rear camera, used for backing up.

- Christiane C

Because of the luxury vehicle the parts and service in can be expensive.

My Buick enclave is a very nice vehicle to drive it is very roomy on the inside what I like most about it is it steering capabilities very easy to take on curves it is a great car for highway driving my son and I really enjoy driving the vehicle. You have to keep the oil changed if it will really let you know it will start running sluggish but you know it has heated seats which I enjoy in the winter time because in Illinois we have cold winters I really do not have any problems with servicing my vehicle.

- Delores G

I feel like I have world class luxury without world class cost. Easy maintenance.

What a gem of a vehicle I have found. This car packs performance is easy to maintain and gets great gas mileage! This is truly the best car I have ever owned and I owned quite a few. It has tons of cargo room so I feel like I have a mini truck once I put down the rear seats. The two middle passenger seats even have the ability to be adjusted. The one and only flaw I feel is the steering wheel projection ability. It doesn't extend as far as I'd like it to. What more can I say, I'm in love with this car.

- Hal M

Actually fits grown adults in all seats!

The Enclave has a rare tire size that makes purchasing new tires difficult and very expensive. They are prone to transmission issues. I get inconsistent gas mileage both locally and highway. It is very roomy and accommodates four adults easily and three teens in the 3rd row. The fold down seats have been a lifesaver with moving large loads! It feels very stable when driving. It's very comfortable and had plenty of cup holders throughout. This car has been great for a large family!

- Alyssa D

Luxurious family car with tons of space!

I love my Buick enclave. I bought it right before traveling from Washington dc to California with my family of 5. We all fit comfortably and towed a small U-Haul trailer for 12 days. It was quiet during long highway trips and handled the rocky mountains with no problem. I have the cXML and my wife and 5yo love the running boards and entertainment system. My 17 and 24 year old's sat comfortably with their devices. I also enjoyed the tow capabilities and dual sunroofs.

- Brian C

The good and bad; Buick enclave 2011.

The car is a very good car. I love how the trunk has the push button on it to open it. It is roomy but I feel like the back of the truck should be bigger. Ours is black and I love the chrome grill in the front. One thing that I do dislike about the truck is how complicated it can be. There has been many times where we have had to get the air fixed or the lights changed and the mechanics went through hell trying to get to the problem. It is a nice car though.

- Brooke R

Analysis of a Buick enclave 2011.

The interior is cheap and easily holes can puncture in the interior. The performance is a rough ride as a passenger and driver. The gas mileage is not all that great either. The plus is if you are a passenger the DVD actually does work great. The style of the car, which is probably why my husband got it is nice, but not practical. We should have gotten a small cheap car not this one with high interest rates and poor performance for the money.

- Terri P

Buick enclave luxury SUV affordable luxury vehicle.

If you purchase a Buick enclave you are going to have is a luxury SUV. Mine has two as a captain seats. Both front seats have seven way adjustable heated leather seats. Sitting for 7 comfortably. It has Three Zone heating and cooling zone control. Premium sound. The downside is it does not get great gas mileage about 15 miles to the gallon in the city on average. I am told that is much better gas mileage than other SUVs of its size.

- Christina T

Love my Buick! Stylish and family friendly!

Love all the space, you can lay all the back seats done perfectly flat and haul lots of stuff or you put up the third row seating and seat up to 7 people. Love that it has the OnStar feature. Very comfortable and smooth ride. Also has the backup camera in the rear view mirror. Very nice vehicle, this will probably be the only type I ever buy because it is perfect for our family.

- Mo M

2011 Buick enclave problems.

Problems-replaced transmission, not a very smooth ride. . Performance- gas mileage is not as good as advertised. . Comfort- has good room and seating for 6 people. Have had many of road trips in this vehicle in the earlier stages of the cars life time. . Now that this is up in miles, would not take family on trip with this car. Not very comfortable with its reliability.

- John W

Nice and roomy, Great family sub and kids love it

The Enclave is a very nice car three row roomy and my family loves it. A great traveling vehicle and gas runs good as well. I've had it for a while and I love it. It's green with the wood grain inside, leather seating and plenty of room space. Seven seater and nice ac not to mention the cool moon rooftop and sun roof the kids love the watch the moon at night through it

- Sally E

Mixed feelings about my enclave.

I really like the look and comfort of my vehicle. The third row and captains chairs are great. I have had some reliability issues though. I have had brakes, spark plugs, radio, and engine problems. Every time I bring it in for a routine oil change there is a list of problems I need to fix. Luckily we do have an extended warranty that has covered most of our stuff.

- Holly T

The car is reliable and handles well in good weather and bad. It has luxury feel but for an SUV is not overwhelming to drive.

I enjoy the interior features and the captain seating in the back. It works well for our family of five. When we travel with all three rows in use we do not have a lot of cargo room for luggage and other storage. The car rides well for all distances and gets good gas mileage on road trips and decent gas mileage in the city. We like the leather seating also.

- Ari C

Great small SUV, but plenty of room

This vehicle is Very comfortable, after testing nine other SUVs, I knew immediately this Buick was for me. It drives beautifully without hearing all the noise outside. I love how much more room is available when the back seats are down. And when the back seats are up, I can fit another three to four people comfortably. Plus pretty good gas mileage

- Jill H

Great family car that looks and feels high end.

I love this vehicle, I love the three rows of seats yet how sleek and sharp it looks. It feel roomy inside and the trim is beautiful and tasteful. The seats are comfortable and things are very intuitive. The kids can climb in easily yet we can take it up to the mountains. It is a great all around family car that also looks high end.

- Hannah J

Comfortable Quiet Dependable Ride

I love my Enclave. Very quiet, smooth ride. Seats are comfortable for long trips. When the kids were little we used the DVD player a lot. We take a lot of long trips. No major problems until the transmission failed at 160,000 miles. It was worth it to get the transmission replaced because it's been so good to us. No other problems.

- Lisa B

Frustration with a side of comfort.

It is a nice, roomy, comfortable sports utility vehicle. My radio has some wire issues and that is frustrating. When I gas up, it takes a while for my car to start up, and that is scary. There's only 98, 000 miles on it, so dealing with fuel issues is not ok. It also takes a lot of money to fill up my car, that is frustrating, too!

- Olivia U

Family vehicle with 3rd row seat.

Luxury vehicle, smooth riding and Versatility, convenient and easy use for loading and unloading or carrying multi passengers with a 3rd row seat, do not like the floorboards or unusable moonroof in the back not good on gas but is really stable for traveling and great with kids do not like how low to the ground the front end is.

- Patricia C

Buick enclave review, best SUV on the road.

We have not had many issues with the enclave it is a very roomy vehicle and drives very nice. It is large enough for are entire family. I especially like the set of 2 bucket seats, it makes it real easy for people and our dogs to get back there. I like that it has many vents and many options for plugging in a phone.

- Linda S

Tire pressure sensors and roomy.

The sensors in the tires to tell the tire pressure go bad. Every time you hit a bump then it will tell you that your pressure is low in one of your tires when the pressure is fine. That is the only issue we have had with this vehicle. I love the bucket seats in the middle makes it easy for kids to get into the back.

- Rachel P

That it is very reliable! Besides a few non avoidable issues the car is great and you never need to worry about if you will make it to your destination. All in all just a very good vehicle!

We bought it as a family car after our youngest was born. We love having all the room for all the kids. We enjoy having the dvd player and the dual sunroofs. Only complaint is having mechanical issues multiple times with owning less than 2 years, but other then that it is a great family car and very reliable!

- Erica M

It has one of the most smoothest riding experiences of any car I have owned.

I like how spacious the vehicle is and all of the amenities that were included in the vehicle. The leather and the seat features are nice as well. The only complaint is the recent design changes they made to the enclave, which is why we decided to go with a 2017 version versus the new 2018/2019 models.

- Olivia R

The Siv has a lot of space, bucket seats.

When I first bought the 2011 Buick I like it a lot. That was what I was looking for 3 seater with bucket seats and this SUV was perfect. Since it was a used SUV the a/c gave out than I fixed it. Other things were breaking from the sides of the seats. But I kept it. I like that it has a lot of space.

- A B

Buick Enclave the SUV that fits my family

The Buick has a smooth ride and is good on gas mileage for a SUV. I really like the seating options with the buckets seats and the full three seater in the back row. The option to lay the third row seats down is a plus. The backup camera is convenient for fitting in those tight spaces when parking.

- Alicia B

It's a good SUV for family.

It has electric problems with the fuse box and airbag and also with the brakes system and what I like about the Buick is that is comfortable for long trips it drives really good and it has a DVD player that is what my kids likes and it has a back up camera the back door opens with a remote control.

- Fernandez S

My woes of our newish enclave.

The radio is going out, so that is frustrating. It has a lot of room for our growing family. I really love the captain seats in the middle, it makes it easier for the bigger kids to get in and out. It uses up a lot of gas, so that is a bummer. It costs a lot to fill it up, which is unfortunate.

- Ol U

Buick Enclave: Comfortable and roomy

I have really enjoyed my car since I purchased it last year. The only problem I have had is the water pump which was an easy fix. I have had complaints about the seats being uncomfortable but other than that it's a great car. There is plenty of room for passengers and luggage when traveling

- Pam J

Buick enclave - a true family car.

Love my Buick enclave. Love the heated seats in the cold weather. Love that I can seat 7. Love that I can tote large items (recently moved and was able to store and move many items. Love the Bluetooth access for hands-free phone calling.. Love the leather seats, central air and moon-sun roof.

- Mary Ellen S

Reliable, comfy, roomy enclave.

The enclave has been very reliable and is very comfortable & roomy. We've had very few problems with it - mainly minor items that were recall items. It is very roomy & the 3rd row seating is even very comfortable. Mileage is fairly good. It has a backup camera & warning system which we like.

- Michelle K

OnStar, backup camera, three row seating, storage compartments in trunk

This car is amazing. So much space and your not cramped. I love my backup camera and OnStar. I love how the seats fold down in the back to carry bigger things. And when I go camping I put a queen air up mattress back there with no issues. It rides very smoothly and glides over bumps.

- Brittany J

2011 Buick enclave with backup camera and auto adjust memory seat.

I have only had my Buick enclave for a few months but I love. The back seat fold down to make a bigger trunk if needed. The back up camera is pretty wide view. The only thing I would change is that all back seats should be stow and go. Including the to captain seats in the middle.

- Mandy B

Love my Buick Enclave so much.

I own a Buick Enclave. I love the size of my car, it is very roomy and it gets great miles to the gallon. It is very quiet and has a very smooth ride. It has separate temperature controls for the driver, passenger and the rear seats. I would definitely buy this car again.

- Crystal C

My Buick is the one car I gave bought all on my own.

It's a comfortable car with great gas mileage lots if room has dual temperature controls and heated seats with 2 DVD players in back its cheap to fill the t tank and lots of room for storage with enough room for 7 people with driver good sound on speakers drives awesome.

- Cary G

Wonderful SUV with loaded options.

Very reliable vehicle, it has all the comfortable luxury that a SUV should have. I am very pleased with this SUV, I don't regret this purchase. My vehicle is fully loaded.. DVD, navigation, dual sunroofs, heated seats, leather, remote start. Everything one should want.

- Ashley F

Even though it is a 2011 model it still has a beautiful body style.

Have not had many problems with my vehicle. Have had the ac worked on but nothing other than routine maintenance. The features that I like most about the enclave are the backup camera, cruise control, automatic lift gate, and adjustable seats for luggage space.

- Judy H

My Buick enclave is just what I need to carry my 3 boys from sport to sport!

I love my Buick enclave. It is spacious and helps me travel with 3 boys in tow. It is spacious inside and for carrying gear! It gets good gas mileage and drives smooth! I feel safe with my family in this trusted vehicle and would purchase another Buick enclave!

- Emily G

Great vehicle for larger families.

My enclave is a great family car. It seats 7 so it is great for hauling kids and their gear. The hatch opens with a push of a button for loading. I am not thrilled about the heat. It does not seem to fully warm up inside the vehicle, but otherwise it is great!

- Kris T

My review on my amazing Buick!

I really like the vehicle I have, it is good on gas mileage, tech system is really cool. I also like the wheels are rims on this car. I think the driving on it is really well, nothing has ever broken on it or really needed to be seriously serviced. I love it.

- Sierra K

The good and bad, ups and downs.

It's the FWD model. Not too good going uphill or in snow and ice. Other than that it's a great vehicle. Good on gas and handles like a car. Does not feel like an SUV. 3 rows gets the job done with the children and traveling. Leather interior. Bose speakers.

- Andre D

Best vehicle we have ever owned.

Great performance and reliability. Beautiful vehicle. For comfort and safety. This is our go to vehicle for road trips. Spacious room for your suitcases and goodies you buy. If I had to I would get another Buick enclave. Great in all weather conditions.

- Peggy S

I love the comfortable seats, sunroof and rear moon roof.

Very comfortable vehicle. Has a lot of great features including DVD player, sunroof, rear seat moonroof, heated seats and mirrors, Bluetooth, etc. the only problem I have experienced with the car is the air conditioner system failing more than twice.

- Jamie H

It is a very comfortable and luxurious family car.

I love the leather seats and that it rides very smooth. I also like that there is a third row that is very easy to fold up and down when it is not needed. I love the captains chairs in the back seat so that my children don't touch each other.

- Jennifer L

What I like about my 2011 Buick enclave.

Great visibility from all directions (front, back, and sides, including corners aka possible blind spots). Very smooth ride even if it is over uneven terrain or tiny debris in the road. Sound system is great and climate system is adequate.

- Paul P

It is a pleasure to drive and ride in it.

I have had to put a new windshield in, new tires, and have light replaced but that is normal wear. The vehicle drives really nice and smooth. I have a backup mirror which I love but there are blind spots that do pose problems at times.

- Valerie O

People should know of the smooth ride. Kids are always falling asleep when I have to drive them.

Love the room-fits 7 with room to spare. The ride is very smooth! The flip up back hatch opens automatically with button on key fob. You can also start the car with a button on the key fob to warm it up in cold weather. No complaints!

- Kathy K

Family of five fits well!

It has low miles on it. Third row seating, power windows in front and middle, also cup holders for everyone, two bucket seats and bench in back. Also has room for a stroller and the back seats fold down. Family of 5 and fits us well.

- Lyndz T

Looks very nice and fancy on both outside and inside.

It drives very smooth for the most part. Only thing I dislike is I bought it and the windshield wipers only work on one speed. Also the wipers are very hard to change it took 3 of us to get them on! Very reliable car though.

- Megan B

Be aware of the large crossbars. I feel they are quite dangerous.

My car is great. Fits my family and our pats comfortably. The seats are comfortable. My only issue is that the cross bars are huge. I have narrowly missed several accidents due to them blocking my field of vision.

- Kris H

2011 Buick Enclave CXL drives like a dream

My Buick enclave cxl is a dream to drive. It hasn't given me any major problems. Only minor like break changes, And routine maintenance . My 2011 drives like a newer model vehicle. Looks like a newer model also.

- Pamela E

Comfort is very important, the driver's seat, passengers seating, and the ride itself.

I love the space and comfort. I wish it had more accessories such as GPS. I would have liked to have more of a choice in colors. Don't quite like the set-up of the cup holders. Needs electrical outlet also.

- brenda b

That the sunroof has a darkening screen so if you open the sunroof make sure you close it when you are done driving.

I like that it's fully loaded with heated seats and a sunroof. I like that I can remote start it from inside my workplace. The only thing I do t like is that it doesn't have as much room as my van .

- Stephanie B

It is a Nice Looking Car and is very dependable. Nice Ride!

The Buick Enclave is a nice family car with 3 row seating. dvd players for the grand kids to watch movie. 3rd row seating folds down for a larger space for groceries and packages. Excellent car!

- Lila H

Flexibility combines with luxury.

The Enclave combines luxury with flexibility. It provides hauling capacity, seating for at least 7, and is great looking. The number on Enclaves one sees on the road speaks to Its popularity.

- Ronald C

Spacious enough for family or for shopping - Handles nicely

Love the room for people or cargo, handles nice with a smooth ride ~ Hate the constant dinging when passenger doesn't have seatbelt on, hate the squealing of the clips when brakes are replaced

- Kim K

Great safety features. It also has the most comfortable seats.

My Buick Enclave is the most safe and comfortable vehicle I have ever driven or the pleasure of riding in. We took it from Utah to Wisconsin and back again with no problems or issues.

- Peggy E

The third row for a large family and enough space to put our dog.

I like to size, the comfort of the seats and the interior look. I also like the 3 rows of seating with the captains chairs. I don't like that they don't last more than 200,000 miles.

- Rebecca Z

It is great. There is plenty of space and great for a family.

I love the captain seats. It allows me to put two car seats in it. And the back has plenty of room for everything kid related. I hate that a lot of the sensors seem to be going out.

- Michelle D

Yes, we drive a Buick.. It's not just for old people. ;)

I love the third row of seats, dual sunroof, and front seats that are heated and ventilated. It was important for us to have the option of the third row and plenty of trunk space.

- Molly B

It is the perfect family car.

I love having three row seating. I have three kids and it makes being in the car more comfortable. I dislike cleaning out the car. The very back seat can be a challenge to clean.

- Jennifer M

Very roomy and easy to drive.

Overall I love my Buick enclave. It is comfortable and easy to drive. We bought it for the third row seating and option of extra storage area. So far it has been very reliable.

- Allison B

It runs great, but maintenance is really important.

I love how smooth it rides. There is plenty of room. I dislike that we just recently bought it and had to replace the water heater and it had issues with the air conditioning.

- Paula S

It has 3rd row seating and captains chairs in the second row.

I like that my car is a crossover SUV because it drives more like a sedan but is the size of a midsize SUV. I like the features on the car. It has been a great family car.

- KK H

It is so beautiful and fun!.

I love my Buick enclave! I love the space it provides without being too oversized and bulky. My only minor complaint would be that the second row of seats does not recline.

- Cindy G

Dependability. Reliability.

It rides smooth, easy to get in and out, just an all around comfy vehicle and dependable. I really love the convenience of the hatch back and able to haul things.

- Robin E

My car has many new technological gadgets. It has a rear-view camera.

Love the roomy interior,. I love the leather seat and heated seats. I also love that it is so o very easy to steer. It does not tire my arms. Love the color too.

- Jerry U

Classy, smooth SUV big enough for the family too!

Only issue is one of lights went out near headlight and really expensive to replace and not needed. Other than that only other issue was water pump went out

- Jaime M

It seats a lot of people.

Very reliable. Love the captain's chairs and the third row in the back. My only complaint is that it has limited clearance. It sits very low to the ground.

- Katie G

Sleek design, top performer,

The Buick Enclave is a comfortable SUV with plenty of legroom, easy access in and out, it has a very nice ride that you would expect in a luxury vehicle.

- David D

I love that it has two sunroofs, and it's every luxurious.

I love everything about my car except for the fact that the battery keeps dying. The air conditioning stopped working on one side only. Not sure why.

- Monique C

it's extremely comfortable, durable and handles well on the road.

I love the smooth ride and comfort of the vehicle. I love the heated seats and the third row seating. I don't like the expensive cost of repairs.

- nicole s

That I own it and it's all mine. I love my truck.

I like the heated seats. Seat memory and the room. The carpet color I do not really like.It is light colored and with kids it shows everything.

- Cassie S

Engine is the most import part of your car.

I like the smoothness and the air conditioning of my vehicle, but I do not like the road grip of it. And also the suspension is not that good.

- Saif M

It's superior in luxury, safety and comfort. You'll never find another like it.

It's a very nice vehicle. Very comfortable, looks great. Very roomy. The seats fold down for more space. I just wish it was better on gas.

- Billie H

The comfort and spaciousness.

I love the heated and cooled seats. I love the leather. I love how it drives in the snow. I dislike that there is no wireless connectivity.

- Darrel A

It has great space for children and it great for traveling.

I like that it is spacious and has captain seats for my children. I do not like that it wastes so much gas. It is very reliable and safe.

- Krystal C

My car is always well maintained with oil changes and tire rotation promptly.

My car is a sparkling red and I love it It is an SUV and I love being up higher while driving. It has full size tires for a smooth ride.

- Susan H

The Buick Enclave is a Crossover SUV, and the perfect size for a family.

I really like my Buick Enclave. It has the sturdiness of an SUV but the luxury of a sedan. I have been very satisfied with my vehicle.

- KayKay H

Most comfortable vehicle you will ever drive!

Love this vehicle...luxury. The most comfortable vehicle I've ever had. Has all the bells & whistles. Only thing missing is a sun roof.

- Barb K

That it is a very safe and comfortable car.

I love how safe my Enclave is and how much room it has. I have two kids so It's nice to have the extra room. I also love how it drives.

- Kristen M

Buick Enclave gives Cadillac quality with a family style,

I like the very comfortable ride. The only drawback is that the pillar on the right edge of the windshield causes a major blind spot.

- Lisa H

A good size car and reliable.

Like the gas mileage for a mid sized vehicle,. I do not dislike anything about this vehicle. I have no complaints about the vehicle.

- Jerome H

It is great for a family vehicle.

I like the space of the interior. I do not like the fuel economy. I like how smooth it rides, and the back up camera on the mirror.

- Christina B




It rides very well and is very comfortable. I plan to buy another enclave in the future.

My enclave rides great. It has been reliable. I did have to replace the throttle body sensor but that's the only problem I've had.

- Carol R

Nice looking vehicle but not economical

I like the Enclave for the comfort of driving with lots of room. Gas mileage is not the best . Have had issues with maintenance

- David L

What I like about my Buick.

I like the roominess of the inside, rides very comfortable, easy to get in and out, I like the cool seats and the backup camera.

- Patty W

Very comfortable with a smooth ride for six people. great gas mileage.

My vehicle has a very smooth ride, 3 seats that comfortable seats 6 people. The rear window is to narrow, difficult to look out.

- Char S

It handles great on snow and ice. Great family vehicle.

I love that the seats can fold down and is roomy for my 3 children. It is very accessible to car seats as well. No complaints!

- Karissa M

This is a very accessible vehicle for everyone.

I like the climate control. I like the noise control. I disliked that the sound system seemed weaker than my previous vehicle.

- Brandy H

A common problem is a part in the air conditioner will malfunction.

Love the third row seating. Love the bucket seats in the middle. Love the smooth ride. The gas mileage is moderate to okay.

- Daniel D

It has everything I want and need in a vehicle except good gas mileage.

Seats fold down to carry large objects. Good sound system. Not a lot of outside noise. Rides very nice. Good quality.

- Barbara B

It rides smooth It's a roomy 7 passenger vehicle rear view camera

Love my SUV; It's easy to get in & out of! Only dislike the Buick made so that the vehicle rolls back when on an incline


Should know how low it sits to the ground and the fact that it can be a gas guzzler

Love the style and look of the vehicle. Love the size not too big and not too small. Wish there was better gas mileage

- Kristen H

The comfort and safety of the vehicle and the way that it can be predictable but it's also fun.

I like the comfort. The safety is also good. I don't like how large it is at times, but it's also one of the perks.

- Laura S

It drives like a car, but looks like an SUV.

Reliable car with no issues. Great capacity to hold a lot of cargo and people. Especially love the third row seat.

- Lynne M

The brakes consistently have gone out

Our buick has had multiple problems with the brakes and some of the tires. It has been reliable for the most part

- Joel B

Buick car the best in the world

The buick enclave is the best vehicle I could have. I HAVE NO PROBLEM AT ALL.THIS IS MY 3RD BUICK AND I LOVE THEM

- Nora G

Buick Enclave Safety and Comfort.

Safety! One the most comfortable vehicles I have ever driven or rode in. Large capacity to haul large items in.

- Jim S

Buick's aren't just for old people!

I like that the seats are comfortable. I love how much space it has. I love the dual sunroofs. No complaints!

- Linea O

Comfortable family vehicle

The Enclave is a comfortable family vehicle for long trips and around town. I have had few problems so far.

- Tiffany H

Gas mileage isn't great on this car

gas mileage isn't as good as i would like. It is handy for hauling things. I like the style of the car.

- Linda z

It looks and rides great.

I love the look, the feel, the convenience, heated seats, etc. There is nothing I dislike about my car.

- Judy L

Uses a lot of gas and does not pick up speed that well.

I like the interior. I wish it was a bit more roomier. I like the radio. Trunk needs to be bigger.

- Jennifer S

It is durable and runs well

I like the how it looks and runs. Only problem with it was caused by a mechanic, not the makers.

- Jennifer H

the only complaint that I have about my buick is the fact that the air conditioning seems to be harder to fix than I initially anticipated

the most important thing that others should know about my car is that it is all computerized.

- laquandra t

car, gives a smooth road ride

Roomy, seats adjustable, color good, good legroom, many good extras - seat heating, etc...

- kathy B

it's a buick.best car ever made.

good dependable car. lots of power,and capacity for cargo and 6 passengers. smooth ride.

- ron P

I would say upgrade your DVD player. I didn't and mine only works as it wants.

I love how smooth riding it is. Its very spacious. Also, everything is automatic.

- Ashley T

I haven't had any issues with it really since I bought it

I like that it is luxury and I don't like how big of a vehicle it is.

- Debbie c

I like driving it, handles well, wish it had a little more room.

my buick has a great ride, very smooth. Pretty good gas mileage.

- Karen M

It rides smoothly. It has plenty of space. The features are great.

The Buick Enclave is comfortable and has room for my family of five

- July G

Luxury vehicle that is great

Love it. The only thing I don't like is the gas and cost to buy

- Harold E

I like the safety features.

I like everything about my vehicle. I dislike nothing.

- Julia C

That I love it. It's got a lot of neat gadgets!Heat and air in Rear seat; third bench that can be used, etc,etc

I Don't like that the passenger seat doesn't recline!

- Diane M

the safety problem and the quality of the car. People should feel comfortable

good look and quality, comfortable feeling in the car

- zeo y

smooth ride,safe and relaxing.

I love it.I had it for 7 years, no problem,like new

- victor O

Buick are overpriced due to the issues they have

It's ok but it gives me some issues at times.

- Janelle M