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It is roomier & more comfortable than similar vehicles. Lots of great features.

I personally love my vehicle, it has saved my life! With two kids, plenty of room for their car seats. There are bucket seats, and a third row as well for additional seating. It is a very spacious vehicle. After driving this vehicle, when I ride in SUV's that other members of my family have, I am thankful that I chose the Buick enclave because it is roomier and much more comfortable. The trunk is much larger than similar vehicles I have been in. My sister has a traverse and my stepmom has a Denali Acadia, and I feel the enclave is much larger. I love the back-up camera feature, and the hands free open/close of the back hatch. There is a storage compartment in the back where I can keep my ice scraper and other things that I want to store in the car, but also keep out of the way. There is also a sunroof, and the seats have many adjustment capabilities for your preference of support for your back while riding. Plus, the seats lay down for even more storage! It drives very smooth and is a quiet vehicle, which is great as well. As for the air/heat controls, the driver and passenger can set their own separate temperatures, and the back has its own temperature control panel as well. The center console and glove box are very well sized, and there is an extra storage compartment on the dash! All around, I am very pleased with this vehicle and would recommend it to anyone!

- Jessica P

Enjoyable, nice, convenient, loved, ample, value, excellent: enclave.

The Buick enclave is a reliable vehicle that starts every time you turn the key. As the owner of this car I am not inconvenienced by problems or breakdowns. I need to do my routine maintenance (oil changes, brakes, tires, rotations etc. ). The comfort of the enclave is a great experience to behold. Riding in the vehicle you can hear nothing from the outside! It is an extremely quiet ride. The seats are so very comfortable also. The lumbar support is skillfully engineered to provide a pleasant place to sit while riding. If you have long legs or have been shopping there is plenty of roomy space available. The vehicle easily seats seven people. The third row seats are easily accessible with the tilt up second row captain seats.

- Heidi P

2012 Buick enclave good and bad.

It is a great, reliable vehicle. Gets good gas mileage. 3 Row seating and easy to fold down seats for added storage space. Has a nice sound system with a nav. system. However the nav. system fails to keep up current to today's cell phone standards. We've since learned the following year it came out with a much better nav. system. We since replaced the radio system to one using autofit, which is a convoluted solution to pushing your cell phone GPS app out to the car head unit display. That cost us nearly $500 and knowing what we've learned afterward, I would not advise to do that. Just use your cell phone GPS display, it is not that much smaller.

- Doris H

Many helpful factors in choosing the Buick enclave.

The seats are heated and cooled, so you will be comfortable in any season. It has the DVD system for children in the back too. It is great for long trips. It has lumbar support for your back. It has the third row seats for extra seating too and when it is not being used they can be folded down for extra room. I have keyless start on my vehicle and it is one of the many features I love. It makes life easier having those things. I have the power liftgate and when you are bringing groceries out to put in the car it makes it easier to get them in.

- Melissa P

It's not worth all the hype. Unless they have gotten better in the past couple years but we are unhappy with ours and wish we would have went with something else.

This vehicle has a good amount of room in it which is a good thing and it gets pretty good gas mileage for a bigger SUV which is nice. Some things I don't like are that it's front wheel and not 4 or all wheel drive making it not a very good car to drive in the winter. Also we have problems with the electrical system all the time like the vents in the back blowing out hot air when the AC is on, and the AC not being very cold.

- Dana P

Beautifully made car with ample room for children, cargo, etc.

The Buick enclave I drive is perfect for those with multiple children. The captain seats and roomy space in the back is the main reason I purchased the vehicle. The interior is also one of luxury with leather seats and a wood grain steering wheel. It is also equipped with a DVD player that is perfect for long road trips with the family. All the seats in the back lay down leaving plenty of room to store or haul large items.

- Alexandria L

2012 Buick Enclave, premium package.

My 2012 Buick Enclave is extremely reliable. I have over 100,000 miles on it and the only work I have needed to do on it is regular maintenance. It is very comfortable with driver and passenger heated or cooling seats and lumbar support. The steering wheel is also easily adjusted for comfort and the owner is able to store memory of seating positions for two people with just a touch of a button.

- Susan C

Our six year old Enclave looks great today but continues to function well.

My Enclave is incredibly good looking and remains current in appearance even though it is 6 years old. The only concern we have had is with the power steering which was easily repaired. The area in back is very spacious and allows us to carry many items for my wife’s antique business. We have had no problems starting our vehicle even though it sits outside in Minnesota winters.

- Gary B

The Buick enclave is a very reliable and comfortable vehicle.

I have not found anything wrong with it yet. It performs very well, especially with the new tires we just got. It has always started for me and runs very smoothly. It has heated seats, that work very well for people with hip or back problems. It also has a backup camera in the rearview mirror, which has been great, a new feature for me, but like it very much.

- Carrie L

My vehicle is very safe, I bought it for that reason.

I love my Buick it is a really good reliable car. It is dependable and I don't really have problems with it. Compared to some of my of others cars that I had this car is awesome! The only dislike is that the tires get low frequently. But I think that has to do more with the bumpy roads than anything else. I do not think that has to do with the car.

- Victoria F

Enclave: Dependable, Comfortable and Attractive

My 2012 Enclave is very comfortable and pleasant to drive and to be a passenger. We have not had any problems with operation of the vehicle. One thing that doesn't work well is one of the daytime running lights. It has a mind of its own and doesn't always work. I have seen other Enclaves on the road with the same problem. I would buy it again.

- Karen L

Great three row comfortable family car.

I love the heated leather seats in the front. Great for winter. I wish they had cooling seats in the front. I have had my car for 5 years and I have not had any major problems. It has 3 rows and very spacious. The kids have plenty of room to themselves. The 2nd row has TV'S that's great for on the road trips or stuck in 5 o'clock traffic.

- Ashley H

Our enclave is the best vehicle we have ever owned.

My enclave is so similar to the models that followed the next 6 years that no one knows it is that old. It only gets about 19 miles per gallon but has a lot of zip when you step on the accelerator. The only problem we had is with the power steering. It is the best car we have owned in the 46 years that my wife and I have been married.

- Gary B

Buick enclave fit for a family.

The Buick enclave has been a great dependable vehicle with room for my family including three teenagers. The seats are plush comfortable and roomy. It performance and handling is comparable with any vehicle in its class and the controls are well designed and ergonomic. The fuel mileage is decent and it has room for family and luggage.

- William G

It has a lot of interesting details.

The 2012 Buick enclave is very reliable, comfortable and has many features. It drives smoothly, has navigation system, leather seatings, and is able to accommodate up to eight passengers. Also it has keyless power steering four wheel drive. It is a lovely vehicle to go road trips on. It has a six cylinder but is great on gasoline.

- Micky G

Lots of space. I do wish it had better gas mileage, though.

I love all the room the enclave has. We bought it specifically for our growing family. We bought it used and have owned it for about a year and have had no major issues. We perform regular maintenance on our vehicle. The enclave is also very comfortable as far as seating and driving. It is the nicest vehicle I have ever owned!

- Aubrey B

I really love this Buick enclave SUV!

Problems with the front lights burning out. Has to go to shop, tire removed, inner cowling removed to get to any of the bulbs. $1. 89 bulb, $110. 00 bill. Runs good, but wish it came in a v8! Lots of nice options. Humongous cargo space when all the seats are down, I have fit 8 foot doors in and easily closed the door.

- Marian A

Great family car unless you have small babies and toddlers

Had a hard time fitting in multiple car seats for my small children. There is a lack of entertainment features in the rear and the temperature knob is too easily turned if someone brushes past it. There is not enough space between rows for a convertible car seat and it is impossible to fit 2 fitting rear facing

- April T

Buick Enclave! Smooth ride and modern

Absolutely love my Buick Enclave the 3rd row seating is extremely spacious and super easy getting the kids in and out of. Rides really well on the road and doesn't feel like you're drive a boat around. Stylish and practical which are a big plus especially for someone who wasn't a big minivan type of person.

- Andrea D

Sporty look, fun to drive!

Transmission problems, some recalls from manufacturer, but other than that it's a great fun vehicle to drive and travel in. It has lots of safety features also. So I am always confident when my family is in my vehicle. Great on gas, has lots of features to make driving easier such as radio controls etc.

- Amber E

Multiple features of Buick enclave.

I love the various features and highly recommend upgrading. I enjoy the AWD, towing, space, seating, heated/cooled seats, DVD player, navigation system, bucket seating, zoned heating and cooling. It gets decent mileage for the type of vehicle. The back seats quickly convert up and down when needed.

- Tracy T

My car is very spacious and comfortable.

There are no problems with my vehicle. The cars performance is good. The car is very reliable. The car is very comfortable. The car has very good features. My favorite thing is the XM radio and heated seats. The trunk space is very good. The car rides very smooth even over bumps and train tracks.

- Alexandra R

Spacious and luxurious SUV.

It is very spacious, it has nice interior, the double moon roof is a very nice feature. The third row is spacious and has a good amount of legroom. I have had very few problems with the vehicle. As long as you keep up with routine maintenance. I would recommend this for families with children.

- Emily R

Great vehicle for a family car.

The car rides really smoothly. The gas mileage is not as promised. I am not pleased with that. The climate controls are great for driver and passenger. The passengers in the back have the ability to control their own climate as well. I feel safe in the car and the back up camera really helps!

- Stephanie N

Great SUV to buy, roomy and drives well.

Vehicle is very comfortable to drive very roomy. You ride very high and are able to see everything. Wish the gas mileage was much better. The car is a seven seater, so when I have the grandkids car makes for very comfortable ride. The car is very reliable, and works well for long rides.

- Tom G

The spacious third row is what sold us!

The 2012 Buick enclave is the perfect family car providing style with a spacious third row! Everything from car seats to beach days are easy and yet it is not a minivan! a 50, 000 miles, we have had minimal maintenance issues with the vehicle as well. I would highly recommend.

- Katie T

Room for Plenty and comfortable travel

I love that my Buick has "bucket seats" in the middle so that my children are not sitting right next to each other. Also, there is room for people to cut through the 2 bucket seats to sit in the very back. I love that the back row folds down leaving lots of room for stuff.

- Krystie H

Room for multiple car seats.

This car is great for growing families. We are able to fit two infant car seats in the middle row which is why we bought it. It's a great size and there is a ton of room inside. I do feel a bit like a grandma driving it but it is reliable, comfortable and meets our needs.

- Cody S

I love my 2012 Buick enclave.

I love the comfort level. I have back and neck issues and the leather seats make it very comfortable. The Bluetooth and navigation is easy to use. It also has on star safety features. I especially love the third row seating with all the space I do a lot and need the room.

- Kara M

It is a beautiful car. It has a leather interior and it is so easy to keep clean.

It does not get good gas mileage so whenever I am on the road going to the store I have to be careful because of the gas. The wheels are supposed to be strong but they are not because my four wheel drive barely works. Overall I need a new car but I do not have the money.

- Haley F

Beautiful and luxurious ride.

I like everything about it except it is hard to see in the rear and backing out. There are some limitations on the sides to see and blind spots. I love the comfort of it and we have a DVD player which we use for family members roomy for travel - luggage and passengers.

- Shirley G

I was locked out a trip so I had to contact gm and they could unlock.

Great looking SUV, it is great on gas and comfy ride, and you can put the seat up and seat seven to eight people, it is great on a long trip, we go to Florida in winter and gets very good gas mileage, we did have new tires on it so it is already to go on a long trip.

- Charles R

For such a big SUV this gets great gas mileage on the highway.

No complaints yet and I have had her for six years. It is very roomy and lots of space on the inside for traveling. It gets good gas mileage out on the highway. The technology is out of date but that is my fault. And it is the only reason I will trade her soon.

- sidney s

It has a nice riding experience. Very smooth and quiet.

My Buick enclave is very comfortable. However, I have not been please with the quality of the vehicle. Both front seats plastic at the bottom are broken. I have already had one seat repaired but it broke again. Other items on the vehicle have just fallen off.

- Lisa G

Nice size for the money spent

I really like my SUV. I do not like the fact that the fog light doesn't work. I have had it serviced several times and it's like there is a shortage in the light. The seat belt in the far back row got stuck and had to be serviced. This is a good family vehicle.

- Pink F

Comfort and luxury within reach.

Plush and comfortable throughout. Leather, heated seats, backup cameras, smooth ride overall. Currently has some issue possibly with bearings in the steering column makes a thumping/rattling noise. Been told by two different mechanics it is not a safety issue.

- Cam D

The vehicle is worth the money. It is spacious and have a very comfortable ride.

The vehicle has a very comfortable ride. Spacious, comfortable seats. Good for families with young children. Paint on panel buttons begin to chip away very fast. The tail lights of vehicle need to be changed often. The A/C starts to have issues after 3 years.

- susan m

2012 Buick enclave fuel injection problems.

Love my Buick but have had a couple problems with the fuel injection. It started about 6 years after I bought it. Took a few times at the dealership to figure out what exactly was going on. Thankfully it was all covered under my warranty thru the dealership.

- Tara M

Comfortable, lots of space, and smooth.

It is got lots of room, comfortable seats, drives pretty smoothly. It comes in lots of colors and road trips are comfortable in this one. Features Bluetooth and other features found in newer cars. Steering is pretty good, and overall handles pretty good.

- Tammy J

You never forget to turn on your headlights.

I love the heated seats in the winter and the cool seats in the summer. I also like the fact that the air conditioner has controls in the back seat and vents in the back to control the air flow. The lights being automatic are also a big plus in my mind.

- Kimberly M

It is the most comfortable and convenient vehicle I have ever owned.

It is the perfect vehicle for a four person family. It is incredibly comfortable, with perfect seats and a comfortable, smooth ride. The TV is ideal for the two boys to watch movies while we travel, and the storage is great for luggage.

- Robin W

Buick Enclave 2012 is very gorgeous vehicle

Our buick is very show stopping it has leather heated seats, wood paneling, and all the gadgets that a family needs (besides entertainment package which would have been nice) I love the back up camera and the vehicle runs very smooth.

- erika m

It's a very safe family friendly SUV, with a roomy interior

I like that is meets high safety standards and it is a great family vehicle. I like the smooth ride and how roomy it is inside. I wish the cup holders in the middle row accommodated the bigger reusable cups people are now using

- Ellen S

The Enclave is comfortable and easy to navigate, although turning and blind spots can be a bit tricky.

My vehicle drives well and is very comfortable. What I don't like about it is that it feels a bit bulky to turn. This particular car also has to be brought into the shop frequently because the seat heaters keep breaking down.

- Hana C

The tires are big. If you are small, call for help with changing the tire.

Very comfortable, roomy SUV. Rides great. Elegant yet sporty also with all the chrome and dual exhaust. Great features. Roomy & comfortable. Lots of storage. We love it & look forward to many years of driving pleasure.

- Monica W

It is a safe and comfortable car.

Live it but it is beginning to fall apart on the inside cosmetic wise. I love the heated seats and all the automatic seats windows and DVD player. I do not like the cheap plastic that it is made with on the inside.

- Jess P

Very comfortable seats in the front.

The seat warmers are the best. I love the feel and drive of the vehicle. I wish it had one more seat, to be an 8 seater. I also wish it had more storage.once you put a stroller in the back there is no more room

- Julie D

Great, reliable vehicle that travels well.

The Buick Enclave is a great vehicle to drive. It handles well in all situations, especially in snow and icy roads. It's a comfortable ride and is nice to have 3rd row for seating or additional storage.

- Nicole O

My Buick enclave is very comfortable and easy to drive.

My Buick enclave is very comfortable, has a smooth ride, a great amount of space, and a great stereo system. My Buick enclave does not get very good gas mileage and the brakes seem kind of soft/squishy.

- Michelle L

That that car is extremely big on the inside and can easily fit seven people.

I love this car. It has plenty of room for my entire family. It does not get the best gas mileage but the trade off is worth it. I am a little worried about how it will drive when the miles get higher.

- Tay C

It is pricey but I believe it is a very good car. ect

it is a luxury car that is very reliable. I like that it has 3 rows that was important to me and my family. My only complaint would be that the opening in the back of the car is a little narrow.

- Jessica P

Our Buick Enclave 2012 is a great family car!

Our Buick Enclave is a perfect family car, it's big and seats 7 people. It's comfortable and easy to get toddlers in and out. I've had very minimal problems with it. It drives very smooth.

- Jaclyn J

Older but solid and well appointed Good luxury to price ratio.

Well appointed, small 3rd row, lacks adequate Bluetooth interface. Good handling, auto locks and rear hatch are handy, if 3rd row folded good storage space. Mileage is not up to specs.

- Alan F

Comfortable family size vehicle

There was an engine issue while it was still under warranty, therefore, it was fixed. However, we haven't had any issues since. Drives well and is comfortable. Lots of storage space.

- Emily E

How nicely it drives. It is so quiet and smooth riding.

I like that it drives smooth and it is very quiet when it drives. It has plenty of room for my family to grow. The only thing I don't like is that I wish it got better gas mileage.

- Randa C

It has a very comfortable ride, and is extremely nice to travel in..

It has an extremely nice ride. Has plenty of room (head, body, and leg) for both myself and my spouse. It is a very comfortable vehicle to travel in. It's nearly paid for completely.

- Steve o

It has a very smooth ride, great for long distance traveling and looks great.

I like the style, comfort of the seats, the 3 row seating, the storage space in back. Vehicle is very efficient in that maintenance costs are reasonable and it takes regular gas.

- Pat S

Buick bonuses, they never stop!

There aren't really any problems with my vehicle. It gets great gas mileage, is super roomy, fits all, of my belongings, groceries, and kids! I love it so much. Very reliable.

- Veronica B

It's a comfortable ride and it is safe. The gas mileage is pretty good.

I love the way it looks. I also enjoy the way it rides. It has very little road noise.There is plenty of room in it, but I wish I had purchased one with a full back seat.

- karen d

It is a very comfortable ride

It is a smooth ride. It has plenty of cargo room. It looks sporty. It gets good mileage. It has been low maintenance costs. I have no complaints at all with the car

- Robert T

It handles very well in all conditions and is easy to drive.

It handles great in the snow and ice. The third row is nice but does not accommodate adults in 3rd row. It only allows for one forward facing car seat in the 3rd row.

- Nicole O

An excellent alternative to a van. Looks nice and has lots of space.

An excellent alternative to a van. Lots of space and performs well. Does have a weird issue that the manufacturer is aware of and will take care of it when needed.

- Stephanie R

The Buick Enclave is luxuriously comfortable without sacrificing style.

I love my Buick Enclave. It rides so smoothly, and all of the seats are comfortable, not just the front seats. It has been very reliable and rarely requires repair.

- Angela S

It is reliable and roomy and flexible.

It is a nice looking vehicle with a lot of good features. I love the heated seats. It is roomy. But it is not a smooth riding vehicle. It is a little to big for me.

- Sherry B

Great Family Vehicle because of the bucket/captain seats in the middle row

it is a great family vehicle, with 3 kids and the bucket seats in the middle it is easy for all of them to get and get buckled and still leave room for their stuff

- Kelli S

My grand daughter absolutely loves the DVD player.

It hesitates at take off and after a certain speed on the road. Comfort level 100%. The reliability is not 100% as it has let me down after having it 2 weeks.

- Kathy H

Gas mileage isn't the best but the comfort makes up for it

I love the heated/cooled seats! They come in great, esp for me during the winter. It also have enough room for my 3 kids and husband to easily be comfortable.

- Stephanie H

Great looking and great handling in wind storm and snow.

Great on gas lot of room seats up to seven people great ride lots of good comfy seats and very good in winter goes threw a lot of snow with all wheel drive.

- Charles S

Bad blind spots. Frequent A/C problems. Several minor problems that dealer can't seem to repair.

I love the leather seats and amount of seating. I hate the blind spots in the rear when backing up...backup camera is not sufficient to help this problem.

- Laurie F

There is plenty of room for people, but it also has plenty of storage.

The enclave is a great vehicle. It rides very smoothly, you can fit plenty of people in it (including four car seats!), and it handles incredibly well.

- Erika L

The second row seats don't slide as easy when you are accessing the third row.

Like have the extra space. Like having captain seats in second row for the kids. Like having the heated seats. Dislike that the darts don't slide easy

- Michelle J

I have nothing to add or say about this question. I have nothing to add or say about this question. I have nothing to add or say about this question.

I have nothing to add or say about this question. I have nothing to add or say about this question. I have nothing to add or say about this question.

- Chris F

It's Luxurious for a good price! Looks more expensive than it is!

I love the way my can looks! Interior is lovely. I wish it had better get up and go. I look forward to driving it, I've always wanted an Enclave!

- Gail N

It is reliable, easy to drive and comfortable for long road trips.

The Buick enclave has been, hands down, the best vehicle we have ever purchased. It has a lot of room, a smooth ride, and great dependability.

- Tina S

Great gas mileage for our frequent road trips.

Currently the ac is not working, speakers go in and out and water leaks from bottom corner of both front doors. The rest we love the car!

- Ashley F

It does have a wire harness problem where the wiring comes thru the firewall.

It has decent gas mileage and very nice interior. And our children like the DVD player. And the 3rd row seat comes in handy sometimes.

- Tracy H

It feels luxury but didn't cost it.

Great family car. Plenty of room for kids and their friends. I have had it for 6 years now and haven't had one issue. No complaints.

- Roxanne M

It's very stylish and I have not had any issues with my vehicle since I bought it new.

I have no complaints about my vehicle. I love the style and look of my vehicle along with the amount of space I have in my vehicle.

- Karen T

A great car for traveling.

It is a very comfortable and dependable vehicle. We get very good gas mileage on the vehicle considering the fact that it is an SUV.

- Leo L

Offers a great ride, features and lots of room.

I love the ride and features I do not like low MPG or the fact of the plastic components of the seats that do not hold up and crack.

- Kathy F

Buick Enclave SUV review.

The Enclave is a roomy , comfortable SUV and has been most reliable and cost effective. Overall the performance has been excellent.

- Robert B

This vehicle is very luxurious, best vehicle I've ever owned

I dislike that the Bluetooth connection will not connect and play music from my phone to the car but like everything else about it

- Mark F

Roomy SUV for my active sports family

It is a reliable car. It has a lot of room. The third row can fit two adults and a kid easily. Plenty of room with 3rd row down.

- Carrie P

It drives smooth. It has great gas mileage.

Like - it is roomy. It drives smoothly. Dislike - it is a little large so I sometimes have difficulty parking it on the street.

- Ann J

It's the greatest car you will ever want in life .

I love my car it's very shiny . It has to ya , leather seats and the exterior is amazing. I try not to flash my car everyday

- Cal C

The car drives very smoothly and is very spacious.

I like the drive of the car. The car is very roomy. The car sparkles when cleaned. There is nothing I dislike about the car.

- Kevin S

It's very comfortable. I love driving it.

My car is big but doesn't feel like a tank. I enjoy driving it and have had no issues with breakdowns or needed maintenance.

- M N

Very comfortable ride with good gas mileage.

Smooth comfortable ride in a roomy vehicle. Enough space for 7 to be comfortable. This is a sharp vehicle that turns heads!

- Sandy S

My car is great and a fun ride for an SUV

I like my car. It's comfortable, safe and sizeable without feeling bulky or heavy, The mileage per gallon is pretty good.

- Mike L

Great on gas and a lot of room to put things

A great sub comfort drive and great on gas and very roomy I would buy another one next year when I get another vehicle

- Charlie G

Timing chains are known to go in the car resulting in forking out thousands you might not have

I bought the car with high miles. I should've known better. The engine blew a month later. It was an additional $3500

- Jenn B

It has been great on mileage. No hail damage.

The back seats do not move like I thought they would. The DVD player stopped working within six months of purchase.

- Cecilia C

it has been very dependable so far no problems yet for me.

it drives good. it runs good. no problems with it text. and it has all they options on it. i really like it so far.

- richard N

Safety and dependable and comfort.

Love the room and comfort. Love the style and the. Versatility of the vehicle and that it. Can haul lots of stuff.

- Diana H

never getting another vehicle

we love the vehicle great for a family of 5 no problems found good for travels very spacious and good gas mileage

- Patrick B

Luxury and beauty. This candy red luxury beauty has many features.

It has luxury as well as comfort. Dependable with. Plenty of room. Smooth driving. Minor repair and good mileage.

- Muriel H

The gas tank takes 25 gallons to fill.

I like the leather interior and the sirius radio and the four captains chairs. I have no complaints or dislikes.

- Bridgette p

Comfortable and versatile for families. Love having it

I like that it has pilot seats on the 2nd row. It looks nice on the inside and has a 3rd row, which we wanted.

- Michelle C

It's not an old Buick. My Grandfather used to to always drive Buicks.

It fits a lot of people, but it's not a minivan. It's a nice looking vehicle. Not enough inside compartments.

- She B

Over all the car rates at a 6 for getting me around but a 5 for being raggedy.

Uses too much gas. Engine is always filling up. The windshield wipers are always getting stuck to the window.

- Courtney G

It has plenty of power. The cabin space is large as is the trunk.

The car drives easy. Also the car has enough room for all of my kids. It is a large car and easy to get in.

- Jessica O

Review of Buick Enclave 2012

Love my vehicle, however does have RPM surging that we can't seem to figure out resolution for on occasion.

- sarah a

Spacious vehicle, terrible gas mileage

The car was great in the beginning. The parts didn't last long and I was replacing parts with in 50,000.

- Damon E

My 2012 Buick Enclave is responsible for my daily transportation

I've had it for a couple years. It gets the job done. It has a pretty nice interior and it handles well.

- Ian C

Determined I was not going to settle for anything else but an Enclave.

I love everything about the Buick enclave. I've had several friends & family purchase one because of me

- KiEnya E

It has electrical problems that cause a lot of time and energy to fix.

It is extremely comfortable. It drives quietly. I have lots of room. But lots of electrical problems.

- Charla M

Great American made family vehicle with plenty of room for up to 7

Comfortable for up to 7 people. Storage and roof rack help with large groups. Good family vehicle.

- Betty P

it's a great car, I love the captain seats so it's easy to get into the third seat.

Great vehicle for family. Does very well on long road trips. There is room for everything!

- michelle s

The airbags are amazing. It is such a smooth ride.

I like everything about my car. It is so roomy. I drive it every day and have no problems.

- Tasha R

Dependability, affordable well known and luxury very nice

Very dependable and very smooth ride! Has all of the bells and whistles of a luxury car

- June M

It drives smooth. It is spacious. It is a quiet drive. I wish the middle seats were electric, but I don't have any other complaints.

How smooth of a drive it is and I love how quiet it is when you're on the highway.

- Jordan S

Plenty of room when traveling with a family.

Overall it's a good vehicle. Has a few bugs in it, issues with traction control.

- Margie B

It is a great vehicle and gets me to and from work.

Nothing it is a great vehicle enough room for my daycare children to ride in

- Mindy S

Very roomy car that seats up to seven people. It is a very quiet ride. Your position and I am I can see where you're going very easily in traffic.

Seats 7 people. Have to get used to backing up and watch out for people.

- Tom G

built to last and very solid and a very quiet smooth rider ready for a major road trip

love it took a few long trips in it no issues at all and very comfortable

- dick t

It's a smooth driving vehicle.

Love how smoothly it drives. Very comfortable, no maintenance issues.

- Jenni n

It is not that bad in fuel economy. Very reliable for the road

love it. is big, not noisy. I do not like that is a little expensive

- maria l

It is more comfortable and quieter than most others.

The car is quite driving, but I wish it got better gas mileage.

- Mary C

Luxury vehicle, better than you think you know about Buick

Love the ride and space to carry people. Hate the gas mileage

- Stuart S

it has a lot of room in back......is easy to drive and has very comfortable seating

driver seat adjusts up or down easy to drive

- rita m

It makes an awesome road trip vehicle. Comfortable and rides well

Rides good. Comfortable. Safe. Decent gas mileage.

- Kimberly L

The gas mileage is greats

smooth running engine. Comfort, reliabil

- Sue K