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My royal regal by Buick. Simple the best for the buck.

Our Buick regal has over 200, 000 miles. It has been totally reliable without any major problems. We have owned regals twice before this. We have had great vehicles in all three. Has a nice smooth comfortable ride. When we originally bought it - like new but a couple of years ago, it was absolutely beautiful. Still is but it looks like a well worn but loved vehicle. The time will come that we will need to trade her off and I know I will have tears. Have always felt in control of car and safe driving it.

- Dorothy R

2001 Buick regal after 200, 000.

My vehicle has over 200, 000 miles. It is reliable and used to be really good on gas mileage but here recently it is been going down hill. My electrical is going my I. E my headlights randomly turn off, windows will not roll down or up, or sometimes they'll roll down by themselves. There's multiple leaks like my oil and coolant. But other than the problems, it still gets from point A to point B and that is all I need right now.

- Alexis M

A beautiful, classic car that is reliable. The seats are very comfortable.

The interior lacks cup holders. They are awkward and poorly located. There really is not any a/c to the back seat. It gets very hot in back. It's really not a car seat friendly car. The mechanical repairs are pricey. It does not block out the outside sound very well. The center console is cumbersome. It does not take bumps very well. It does not take right turns very well. You really have to slow down allot.

- Abigail M

2001 Buick Regal has been a very dependable car

My 2001 Buick Regal has been an extremely dependable car. Very low maintenance. I purchased it when it was 2 years old. Gas mileage is okay but the good part is that it has stayed the same throughout the whole time I've owned it. Very comfortable ride. My one complaint is the body and trim. It doesn't hold up as well as the car holds up mechanically.

- Darlene E

My Buick (Christine). Reliable, power and comfort.

Very reliable, have had no major problems. Has a very quick pickup. Only thing I do not like is the heavy trunk lid. I have had Buicks for the past 15 yrs. It has never left me stranded, nor given me problems while on the road. My goal as far as cars go, I will stick to the Buick line.

- Esther A

I love my sunroof and the stock stereo system and the great gas mileage.

The AC has gone out. The motor in the sunroof needs to be replaced. Windows have quit working needing new motors. It's great on gas. Comfortable ride. Affordable. Reliable. Has over 250,000 miles on it. Has large trunk and very roomy on the inside. Cruise control doesn't work anymore.

- Austin W

Buick Regal, smooth ride, fun to drive.

I bought my Buick Regal used. I had a problem with a wheel bearing I had to have replaced and an oil leak I had to have fixed. Other than that, it's been very reliable. Gets around good on snow and ice, has a nice smooth ride, comfortable leather seats and is fun to drive.

- Bill G

Good motor, but buy something new!

Runs hot often while parked and cannot seem to be fixed. We've fixed the water pump, thermostat, houses and all. Nothing worked. The cluster panel is half out so the ga needle does not work. Tried to change the fuses on it but it still does not work. Burns a lot of gas also.

- Bonita F

Amazing heat and great gas mileage.

Only issue I have had with this car is the window regulators went out and some of my windows don't work any longer, love the seat warmers, they get very warm also heat works amazing my two year old loves it and sun roof, nice smooth ride. Great on gas. Very nice car.

- Destiny H

Reliable, inexpensive transportation. You could spend a lot more, but if you like to save money, this is a good car to have.

It's a midsize luxury car, very dependable transportation. I like the leather interior and the smooth ride, also like the way it handles on the highway. Have had some problems with the electronics, which I gather is typical of this vehicle.

- Bill G

As long as you maintain this car, it runs efficiently.

The air conditioner works very well, keeping me cool on a hot summer's day. The car is fairly easy to operate. I do not like how difficult it is to work on by myself: to change spark plugs I have to remove an engine covering.

- Matthew B

It needs a little more fixing than I can afford.

I have leather seats power windows power seats very old looking. Brakes and rotors not good tends to overheats oil leaks leather has rip's in it two of the windows do not roll down dents and scratches but very reliable.

- Ashleigh N

Older car, good vehicle!!

It has been a good car. It is not something I would have chosen for myself. When my mom was unable to, drive anymore, I was given her car to be able to take care of her. I am ready to trade it in come sprung time.

- Cindy M

The Buick regal is a very comfortable vehicle and very reliable.

My vehicle is very reliable. I have had some issues along the way but it is getting to be an older vehicle. My vehicle is extremely comfortable. The seats are very comfortable and it comfortable to drive.

- Bailey S

That it is a sturdy car despite its many problems.

i like the car because it is still running. It has many miles on it but i still plan on using it for a while. that being said, it is a piece junk. It has many problems but thankfully all are manageable.

- Emily D

My is old but it works great the engine is like new. It's a good car to save gas.

I like that my vehicle is simple and I can use it to get around but it is an old vehicle. The fabric seats are not fun it requires a lot of cleaning and it traps smells easier.

- Val A

It's the therapy car. It cost less than a counselor.

Buick makes great and reliable cars. I have had this great gas mileage car for 14 years and It's paid for. "Lucy" gets me from point a to point b and back just fine.

- Chris S

Fantastic car really reliable.

2001 Buick regal is an amazing car I have had mine for over 5 years got it with 200, 000 miles and now I have 290, 000 miles on the car and it is still going strong.

- Kyle P

There is a trick to getting the key out of the ignition.

I like the style of the car. it is a comfortable, smooth ride. It does have a few minor problems, but nothing that affects it's driveability or safety.

- Anne S

It is a luxury vehicle, top in it is class.

I like all of the added features, moonroof, large trunk space, leather seats, etc. I dislike the paint job. The clear coat is fading and peeling.

- Pamela C

Really good cruiser and highway vehicle

It is really nice love the tinted windows motorized mears the 3.8 l motor really gets up and goes when floor in it and really comfy ride.

- Vincent B

A lot of mechanical problems with the Ford fiesta.

We got scammed car has too many costly issues. Dev. fees over $500 and nearly 2 grand in repair cost to get it legal for dev. too much.

- David G

It is comfortable for long rides, it dependable and doesn't use very much gas.

My Buick is a nice model, good shape and low miles for its year. It's comfortable, the only thing I would change would be the color.

- Joy R

Average amount of space and easy to maintain

I love my car its fit me and gets me were I need to go. It doesn't really give my any problems I hardly ever have to work on it.

- Tamia H

It needs a lot of work, on the engine and the body.

I love the way it runs. I love the stereo system. I don't like the way it's starting to nickel and dine me to death.

- Patty f

It is good on gas and the ac blows really cold. It also has a large trunk

I like that it has a good amount of space and the ac works good. I do not like how the radiator is easy to crack.

- Amie W

It's old and is in need of repairs, but still runs well.

It's time to replace it. It still runs well, but several items don't work any more. Repair bills are costly.

- Paul Z

Old and reliable but it will not last forever. Still needs some work.

It's a reliable vehicle but there have been a few issues and repairs that I had to make.

- Jake T

That it is mine and I love it even if it is a little bit older.

I don't like that it is old. But it is a comfortable and reliable car.

- Laura E