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2010 Chevrolet Camaro Transformers Edition Review

I have had no problems with the 2010 Chevy camaro since I purchased it. Mine is the Transformers edition which was a limited edition package available through the factory. The car has a 6.2 liter V8 and with a K&N cold air intake and Borla cat back exhaust, it is making over 440 horsepower. It has all of the features for 2010 like Bluetooth streaming for calls and music, navigation, digital and manual gauges and steering wheel controls. Gas mileage is about 18 to 20 mpg around town if you can control yourself with the gas pedal. The car is easily the most fun vehicle I have ever owned and gets looks everywhere I go. If you want to drive a car that gives you a true rush every time you hit the gas pedal, don't hesitate and buy the V8 Super Sport version of the Camaro.

- Steve L

The Camaro best suited for younger generation.

I own a 2010 Camaro SS with some custom modifications. It is a 6.2L V8 six speed automatic transmission. Have not had any issues with performance or speed. Handles very well in many road conditions. The Camaro is not exactly spacious when speaking of the interior. It has very little room or space for backseat passengers. Cramped space at best. Not a great fit for tall individuals either the head room is minimal as well. The gas mileage isn't the best either. In town 14 mpg 20 mpg on the highway standard features available for convenience. Love my sunroof though.

- Ida E

This is a hot sports car, and rides like a luxury car.

This car has been perfect. I have owned it for 9 years and have only needed the transmission replaced a couple of years ago. It does need a new water pump, which will be replaced in a couple of months. It has good gas mileage. It is comfortable, almost like a luxury car. Performance is amazing, fast and reliable. When people see my car, they think it is still new. The only issue is that it is hard to see over the hood and there is a blind spot on the side when pulling out backwards.


Incredible highway gas mileage when taking a road trip.

Car rides smooth great on gas comfortable seats heated seats leather seats adjustable steering wheel cruise control gets lots of compliments high performance loud muffler system dual mufflers airbags back seat goes down for more space Bluetooth compatible power steering power brakes tinted windows back up alert power locks alarm system color is white with orange stripes has USB port never ever have I had any problems with my car very reliable locking gas cap has a dash board cover.

- Joyce P

Sleek design and very fast.

It has a very smooth appearance and sleek design. It drives comfortably and is smooth on the road. The leather heated seats make the cold days more manageable. The ss is very fast, you hit the gas pedal and it has real get up and go. One problem is that it has multiple blind spots, so you really have to double check your turns and lane changes. Another problem is that the visors are very small and they do not block any sun. Overall it is a great car and my favorite.

- Angie J

If you want a sportscar, get a Camaro ss.

My Camaro ss is the perfect car for me. I dare say It's a gift from god! It is powerful, great handling, and drop dead gorgeous. It has an automatic transmission, but has paddle shifters so I can control the shifts if desired. The only flaws are limited visibility out the back and the windshield pillars can block views of cross traffic. For a performance car it gets ok mileage 15-16 in town, mid to high 20s on the highway (a 80 mph).

- Rusty K

2010 camaro, Indianapolis 500 model pace car.

My camaro is a great car for safety and reliability. However, it is not very cost efficient. It is a v8, so gas goes quickly and it takes 8 quarts of oil for an oil change. Also, you cannot use the automatic fill up with most gas nozzles due to how the gas cap on the car is configured. . My car is equipped with an auxiliary outlet, heated seats, air conditioning, and a temperature display. I also have automatic adjusting seats.

- Michaela R

The color is inferno orange which is one of a kind

The performance of a Camaro is outstanding. It corners really well and will go fast along with it. I haven't had any problems with my camaro yet and I hope it stays that way. I have almost 50,000 miles on it. The comfort is good as well. I'm a decent size guy 5-11 200 pounds. My fits comfortably in it and the seats are comfy as well. The dash radio is nice I haven't switched it out yet and I probably won't.

- Ryan B

The speed is great for you when tuned to get somewhere in a hurry.

No problem it is been great had for several months already with no issues I would not trade it for anything. The best car that I have ever owned I highly recommend a camera. They are big enough for you if you have kids the trunk is large to cannot all of your kids sports items and all of the groceries. It is cheap on gas and has the speed to get up and go when you need to.

- Crystal A

2010 Camaro. Best car ever owned.

Performance is great and never have had any issues at all. The car is very comfortable and rides great for a sports car. I have owned other sports cars in the past and this Camaro rides better than any that I owned in the past. I also like the 6 cylinder engine as it has plenty of power and yet gets pretty good gas mileage on the highway.

- Jason D

The most beautiful car I've ever seen.

My car is a very nice sporty car. It runs like a horse and roars like a lion. It's cherry red and it's my very best friend. Just kidding. The car has wide tires and it has a spoiler in the back. The suspension is great on the car really don't feel any bumps on the road. I take a lot of time and pride taking care of my camaro.

- Edgar R

My Camaro is the best car I could ever ask for.

I own a 2010 Chevy Camaro. My car has no problems. It is a v6 with 2 doors. It is good for having fun and having a thrilling experience. I have owned it for 2 years now and it has never let me down once. I also do uber with it. I would recommend it. But it is not good if you have a large family. It is only good for 4 people.

- Robert W

I love my 6 speed manual feature. Hard to find stick shift.

Has computer signaling problems. Constantly getting check engine light. Have always maintained required maintenance (i.e. oil changes, tire rotation, 35, 000 mile, 60, 000 mi, 100, 000, mi) just seems that something always needs to be replaced which costs more money. The Camaro itself is powerful, sturdy, beautiful ride.

- Nita L

Great car! Get performance.

I have had my 2010 camaro for almost 4 years and I have had absolutely no problems! The car has proven to be reliable and it runs just like new. However, backseat space is not the most comfortable for tall people. The exterior of the car gives the illusion that the car is spacious. However, trunk space is huge!

- Michelle M

Great vehicle well recommended

I love driving my Camaro. It comfortable for me and I live the 425 6.2L engine. Has great lines and the interior is nice. Stylish but basic. There is a little blind spot but, if you stay aware of your surroundings it is not an issue. I would most definitely purchase another one and recommend to a friend.

- Robert L

Finishing up borderlands & ending with some enter the gungeon:).

Very good, very fast and here's some more text because I needed to put more stuff in this box finishing up borderlands & ending with some enter the gungeon:) finishing up borderlands & ending with some enter the gungeon:) finishing up borderlands & ending with some enter the gungeon:).

- Jim M

2010 Camaro issue not resolved.

Timing chain repair, not covered by Chevy but a widespread problem and they know about it and will not address it. Need to compensate for faulty parts and pay for the repairs. Service bulletins are not enough, this is not satisfactory to anyone but the Chevrolet company, not putting buyers first.

- Candy R

2010 camaro rocket ship! Love this car!. I want another.

I love my camaro! Car is very fast, sleek looking and attracts attention. Timing chain replaced at 85,000. Other than that and routine maintenance, car has been sold. Long trips in this car can be somewhat uncomfortable due to the seats. They have a tendency to 'dig' into the back of your thighs.

- Tony D

the fun camaro rs for all ages

extremely reliable very fun however doesn't have enough power for what it cost/portrays. Around 45000 miles the thermostat went bad and this seems to be a recurring issue. Gas mileage is decent the manual transmission is fun and provides a level of control you don't find very much anymore.

- Ian D

The best sports car ever my Camaro.

I love my car, the only part that is somewhat annoying is the blind spots in the back side windows. The gas mileage is great. The stripes on the hood and trunk unfortunately fade in the sun even if it is kept waxed and protected. I just wish that I would have been able to garage keep it.

- Linda M

Pros and cons of owning a 2010 Chevy camaro ss.

Poor visibility when checking your blind side. The paint on mine started to look worn out, even though it's been garage kept. Not good for taking trips. Sports car so not car seat friendly. Performs very well. Very fast car. Great handling. Looks great inside. No space in the back seat.

- James R

Honest Camaro Review, Baby!

This car has a lot of power, is fun to drive and is very sporty. I regularly receive lots of compliments and questions. This is definitely a 2-seater car for sure. Bad visibility - Rear side mirrors are small and the aesthetics of the vehicle limit visibility when changing lanes.

- Cameron C

It�s sleek & sporty but is reliable. It�s a fast car, but safe & easy to drive.

The engine once overheated due to the water pump and thermostat. That is the only issue I've had with it thus far. It does well in mild snow despite what people may expect. It's quite reliable as I've made several long drives with it. However, the back seats are basically useless.

- Amanda P

That it is awesome! Camaros are the coolest muscle car around!

I like the looks of my car. The exterior appeal of it is what really sold me on getting the car. The front seats are also very roomy and offer tons of leg room which is a huge plus. The only downfall is the few mechanical issues I have had with the vehicle since I purchased it.

- William B

Great car - blinker problems.

My seats are very comfortable! However, my right blinker tends to have problems and that caused me to take my car to the shop. While it was there they claimed the wiring of my blinker broke the wiring in my radio so now the whole thing is black constantly. I love it otherwise!

- Rose C

Camaro comfort, I love it a lot.

I like this car because it is appealing to the eye. There are really no problems except that it is kinda hard to see over the dash if you are short. I think this car is super comfortable though and I would recommend it to anyone who was wondering what car they should get.

- Nathan M

Camaro: should I or should I not.

In long story short, my camaro is a beast of a car. It has lasted me 9 years so far and it will continue to last for a while. I would also personally get a newer model compared to my 2010 model. One thing I do not like about it is that the gas mileage is really mediocre.

- Robert P

Amazing car for single couple.

There has not been any complications with the vehicle. It is a great vehicle for a single couple. If you have young kids then it probably will not suit you. Aside from that it is a great car. The gas is great, the ride is smooth. Everything about this is pretty great.

- Cassandra M

2010 Camaro ss review from my point.

I love the hp, the stability, the feeling when behind the wheel, the interior, ss come standard leather, the heated seats is good in the winter, I haven't come up with any problems yet, I maintain the vehicle very well, reliability I can count on it a hundred percent.

- Steven M

Not worth the money for you purchase.

The clutch gets more difficult to use after a few thousand miles. The shocks on it wear out very fast. Also, the front end of the vehicle gets banged up on every small bump or incline. The inside of it also can get very loud making it hard to talk or listen to music.

- John S

Great and economical car!

I love my car, besides the fact that it is a popular brand of vehicle, it is a great car to travel in. We have been on several trips and the gas mileage is great! It is comfortable and we have been able to take 2 sets of golf clubs with us when we travel anywhere.

- Margaret D

The sports car everyone wants!

I've loved this car since the day I got it!! It's the most beautiful car out there! It couldn't be an easier car to work on yourself either!! Made so anyone can figure it out! It's timeless as well hit 10 years old today and still has the presence of a new car

- Zachary G

My Chevy Camaro is the best car I have ever owned.

My car is so easy to drive even though it is a stick shift. It is comfortable and actually has a lot of space in the back seat and trunk. Super easy on gas and does not take a lot to fill it up. The radio gets a lot of channels without a lot of interruptions.

- Desire M

My car is considered a muscle car. It is a 6.2 L V8 and 500 horsepower.

My car is a Camaro SS2, it has a 6.2 L V8. I love it, but it doesn't get good gas mileage. It has not had any mechanical problems. It is very fun to drive with a lot of power. In snowy weather it can be a bit tricky, so it is best to garage it during winter.

- Jamie G

Gas it's good on gas if you do not speed everyday.

I love this car. If your a single person or are a couple you should buy this car. Best of it. . Is when you dive it around town or next to a school everyone will look at your car and say wow look at the car. Looks good. . Plus Camaro's never lose its value.

- Kelvin V

Mid life crisis. The grandkids always tell us they like the car.

I love the speed and the handling only thing I do not like is the blind spot in the back and side I love the color and the stripe and the headlights and tail lights and the leather package not hot at all and tells you when there is something wrong with it.

- Lisa C

The ss camaro gets the job done!

Nice engine for the size and price. The backseat is not as spacious, but can comfortably seat at least two people. The car can fit a total of four people and the trunk has nice room. The features, such as OnStar and lighting on the doors are a nice bonus.

- Elena R

I love my Camaro. My favorite of the pony cars.

Has amazing performance even for an automatic. Will get up and go no matter what gear you are in. I have had zero issues with it with 102k+ miles on it and counting. It's the most comfortable Camaro I've ever owned and the cabin easily cools and warms.

- James T

My Camaro is 4-passenger convertible with a sunroof and vinyl seats.

I love the handling and the acceleration of the vehicle. It's great for suburban and highways. The blind spot and the comfort level could be better, but that's the price of a sports car, I suppose. It's not for everyone, but it's a great convertible.

- Jonathan D

Its got a manual and 6 speed conversion on the steering wheel.

I like the style and look. I don't like the fact that I get 18 mpg. don't like the cost of insurance. I don't like the expense of upkeep and maintenance. I do like the attention I get in the bumblebee paint scheme.

- Debbie T

Large trunk, sporty style, good gas mileage. The car is affordable.

I love how fast it can go. The sunroof is amazing as well as the heated seats. What I dislike about my vehicle is that it has many blind spots. I also do not like that I have to be aware of not scrapping my car.

- Samantha O

Chevy reinvented the Camaro and it worked.

in Germany I had a '71 Camaro and loved it. When this Model was re-released again I just had to have one because they made it look so cool. I love this one too. Nothing to dislike. No complaints either.

- brigitte F

Hot and Fast 2010 Camaro.

This is a very reliable car. It rides like a luxury car but is a sports car. It is very comfortable for the front seat riders. I have only had the transmission replaced since I have owned it.


It gets great gas mileage.

The burnt orange color is awesome. Sparks fly out of the exhaust when the motor idles down sounds unlike anything. The 427 under the hood is perfect for speed. The car handles like a dream.

- Wendy J

It's feels like you're in a spaceship, the engine is nice and it drives great.

I love my vehicle because the engine is incredible, it's a fast car, the color is a deep orange and it's amazing. I love two door cars and I wouldn't trade in my car for anything else.

- Sire D

The security is great, so if u get it as in the theft aspect. U deserve it!

I love everything about my vehicle...from the speed, interior, exterior, radio, and nav system..I love n hate the security features, but it's only for ur safety or prevention of smtg.

- Sharonica G

Tight handling of the cars performance. . Fady and very reliable!

I love my Camaro ss! Great performance and does get good miles to the gallon. Heated seats and lumbar for my back. Sunroof which is great! Fast as a get out! Just a great car to have!

- Melinda K

It is not for sale, they can go buy their own and experience it.

Fast and sporty can out run most cars. Nice looking and great color hides dirt well. Fuel efficient nice stereo, drives smooth and paid for with own money truly a darn great car.

- Sherry T

It is very fast. Sometimes I am driving and I do not realized how fast I am going. I will be going 10 mph over the speed limit and not realize it.

I love that it gets good gas mileage. I like the fact that it is smaller and lower to the ground than a truck. I dislike that the blind-spots are bigger than normal sized cars.

- Lynley F

Great performance and reliable.

Very good performance car. Runs great with no issues so far. Very comfortable as well. Great for a person looking for a sports car and gets decent gas mileage for a v8.

- Israel A

The model is very nice and it drives nicely, also it is sustainable and reliable.

I like the model color and style and the inside interior is comfy. There's nothing I dislike. I like the brand. I also like that I have had little maintenance problems.

- Buddy D

2010 Chevy Camaro at its finest.

Amazing car with excellent performance. The 2010 Camaro is comfortable due to its size. Unlike the newer year versions of this car it has adequate space in the back.

- Dina B

Wonderful car. Only routine maintenance needed

Love the car. Have not had any problems out of it but just routine maintenance and tires. I bought it new and it has been a great car. Chevy is a great brand

- Paula B

Still great at 8 years old!

Even at 8 years old, my Camaro still gets great mileage (23 mpg on average), performs surprisingly well in snow, and is just generally a fun car to drive.

- David R

The car is very safe for beginners.

I love how you can find parts very easily on stores. The car is very safe and resistant. I do hate that I do have to repair the car quite frequently.

- Audel R

I Like The Design Of My Car

It's Not A Bad Car I Just Feel Like I Want A New Car Seeing All These New Cars Come Out And I Want It To Be Up To Date With Things I Use On A Daily

- Jeffrey W

Not the best with gas mileage but I have never found a sports car that is.

Bought this Camaro right around Christmas 2009 we drive it every day never had any kind of major problem amazing vehicle I love it.

- Timothy H

2010 v8 burnt orange Chevy Camaro

Performance is superb. It's always fun to put your foot down (responsibly of course). And the gas mileage isn't terrible either.

- Ryan K

It is pretty, Its powerful.

I feel safe because it is a large heavy car. Downside is low gas mileage. I love the leather seats and led lights in the doors.

- Rebecca H

Does have blind spot backing up.

A/C has always had problems, no device outlet. Has power, fun to drive and sturdy body. Love six speed manual transmission.

- Nita L

It has the highest crash safety test rating in its class.

It is synergy green metallic. I love how it looks and drives. I don't like...there's nothing I don't like about my Camaro.

- Amy R

High performance muscle car.

Very dependable, low maintenance, very well manufactured by a very dependable and trustworthy united states based company.

- Earl W

It has all of the new and latest features that I can afford

I love my car and take care of it because I really need it due to my medical condition and I use it for almost Everything

- Jay H

It's a manual but drives real well when you get the hang of it.

I love the manual ability I have over it. It runs well and smooth. Only complaint is that the gas consumption is high.

- Caleb R

The gas mileage is the most important things.

It is bad in the snow. I like that it is sporty fast and cool. I wish it was better on gas. I like the stereo system.

- Caroline H

It runs fast and it has a hemi in it so don't get behind me

I don't have any complaints as of yet runs smoothly and very dependable I wouldn't trade it for nothing in the world

- Xavier W

It is reliable even with high mileage!.

I like that its sporty and fast, good gas mileage for a sports car. Bad visibility while driving and high insuranc2.

- Melissa M

Great on gas. Easy to drive.

I have no complaints. Love this car. Its small easy to drive. Great on gas. Easy for a short person to see out of.

- Gabi D

The sports car craze surprised us.

It gets much better gas mileage for a sports car than i ever thought! Not the biggest trunk or back seat though.

- kristen b

Fun to drive, fast good mileage.

I love how it drives gas mileage the look of the car. . It's fun. Red leather interior, light up accent panels.

- Melissa N

I have a 2010 camaro it's got a big engine the 6.0 rear wheel drive. It's supercharged with red and white stripes

It gets me where I need to go and I don't have to worry about breaking down on the side of the road anywhere

- Cody G

Chevrolet Camaro in green.

Fantastic awesome wonderful economical beautiful design easy to use drives sage and beautiful, my best ride.

- Tolu A

That it is a powerful and fast car, a muscular car.

I like the look of the Camaro. I also like the speed and power. I do not like how it handles in the snow.

- Jay B

Sports car about 180 on the dash with 310 HP. All black with grey stripe. Cloth interior.

Very safe to drive. Stable oil changes and routine maintenance is affordable. About 21 mpg on highway.

- Scottie C

its fast and responsive,,

i like everything about it except for the size inside but I will deal with that since its so cool

- t s

it never goes out of style.

i like the style, i like who it drives. i don't really have any complaints about it.

- alicia D

I like how it goes fast. It's loud and red. The only complaint, we'll not really complaint is the has it waste. It gets a little expensive.

It can be standard or automatic. The shifting gears are on the steering wheel.

- Grecia M

It is a lot of fun. Its peppy It's paid for. I find it hard to write so much when you asked for one thing

I love how sporty it is. I like the pick up. It's fun to drive. Looks great

- Joe B

If you want to ride in comfort and style, go with a camaro.

Love the sporty style and the dependability. There's nothing i don't like.

- Lisa L

It performs as expected and worth the price

I love the sporty design and the exceptional handling when taking turns

- Adam C

It has blind spots. It's hard to see when trying to back out of places.

I love my car. It is fully loaded. It's a V6. Wish I had a V8.

- Carol C

It's fast looks great a timeless car

It's A Camaro American horsepower It's yellow It's very fast

- steve B

The car has a very bad blind spot, so be careful when changing lanes.

great color. love the speed. sporty. can use too much gas.

- Max F


It's fast, runs good. It doesn't break down bhehejidkd

- Nymere D

it is a chevy and fun to have

great car and fun to drive, no complaints

- bill j