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Nice car with slight problem.

I always liked how the Camaro looked, it is very sleek on the outside, mine is silver and the interior is as well with the black coloring. One thing is that the visibility while driving is not great. The windows are narrow and you really have to get used to it when you first start driving. The sound system is amazing, I only wish the Bluetooth had media capability but the hands free calling is a helpful feature. Thankfully there is an AUX connection so that works for music. I have run into an issue recently with the sounds system however and apparently it is common where you get a loud speaker pop when turning on the car occasionally and there is interference with the blinker which causes static to come from the sound system in rhythm with the blinker noise. Otherwise the drives smoothly and is great on road trips.

- Michaela Y

Fast, strong, and reliable car!

My Chevrolet Camaro is very reliable. I have had it for 3 years now with no issues. The ride is smooth, it can come to a complete stop almost immediately so that helps me to avoid being in car accidents during rush hour. It has a touch screen dashboard. The gear can be shifted into sports mode. The sound system is very clear and the sound can be moved to the front of the car, the back of the car, or spread out evenly. The car comes with halo lights and turns on automatically when it is dark outside and when it is raining. Overall, I think this car is extremely durable and is going to last for a very long time.

- Tyler H

Fast, sleek, comfortable, and reliable.

My Chevrolet Camaro has been a very reliable vehicle. I have owned it for over two years now, driven many long trips and I have not experienced any problems thus far. Great performance, excellent pickup, and an all around beautiful vehicle. It came with two sets of floor mats- one set carpet and the other set rubber. It features a surprisingly spacious trunk space for the size of the car. The only downside of the car that I have is that the visors do not block much sun, if any. Other than that I have nothing but positive things to say about this vehicle.

- Mini E

The sport car for a big guy.

I am a big person so I like the room it provides on the inside. The handling of the vehicle is very exceptional an fuel mileage is great. I have an ls model so no big bells and whistles but I do wish it would have better factory installed speakers. I ended up replacing them myself. I have been driving this car for 3 years in a very reasonable climate, but I do not recommend it in snow. This is not a vehicle I would service myself, I do believe it needs to be maintained by a professional. I would purchase this vehicle again.

- Terry H

Drive a Camaro, you will not be disappointed.

Love the ride, it is fast, handles great, sometimes it is hard to see out of but you make compensations, driving pleasure, performs really good. Perfection, quality, power. Precision. Pricing. Profile. Quality. Refinement. Drafting. Driver. Driving. Elegance. Emission. Engine. Engineering. Excellence. Experience. Exterior. Feature. Feeling. Form. Function. Handling. Horsepower. Incentive. Innovation. Road. Road contact. Safety. Sedan. Sophistication. Specs. Speed. Sportiness. Sportster. Standard. Style. Styling.

- Darlene C

Beautiful car, fun to drive, reliable.

I love the design and sleek look, I'm happy with the space in the rear as well as the trunk. The only thing I dislike is the outdated stereo system in place. No Bluetooth available and I had to purchase a Bluetooth adapter to keep up with these new upgraded cell phones. Other than that, I love my Camaro. It's a fun car to drive, I get so many compliments from people because of how beautiful the car is. Mileage isn't horrible since I drive a 6 cylinder engine. I might considering trading it in for a newer model.

- Jessica R

This car looks hot and moves like a race car!

The car drives great. It has great pick up. I love the body style and roominess on the inside. The trunk is not great for lots of packages or more than one suitcase. The heat is slow to get warm which is kind of annoying. This cars moves! It handles turns like a race car would. It is low to the ground but I never have any issues with that. It handles great in the rain but I do not drive it in the ice or snow. The inside is easy to clean and I think very stylish. This is my first sports car and I love it.

- Nicole M

Gas mileage, power steering, acceleration, speed, and comfort ability

The car has amazing speed, traction, and acceleration. It could have more room, but overall it is a great car the have if your into muscle. I have never rode in the back of my car but as for the front driver and passenger side of the car is pretty comfortable to me. The car rides smooth and has great power steering. Gas mileage can vary from car to car, but as for my car the gas mileage is good, it could be better but then again it could be a whole lot worse

- Logan H

The upsides and downsides to a Chevy Camaro.

The deal with the Chevy Camaros is that they are powerful cars and reliable, but on the other hand the worst thing about this car is the visibility in this car is horrible. This is something you can fix with blind spot mirrors it has definitely helped me out. Also with this car it does not like being driven in the snow that you can fix with snow tires and extra weight in the trunk. Overall this car looks great and sounds great while driving.

- Logan R

Camaro�s are affordable and looks very nice from the inside & outside

Having a Camaro is great especially in the summer! Although it is not a family car it still has enough space for yourself and three other passengers. I bought the car brand new off the lot so it hasn't given me any problems yet. The car runs perfect and it is just loud enough for you to have fun with but not enough to grab everyone's attention. It is a car that is not too expensive and it look very nice depending on how you take care of it

- Isaac Z

If it was AWD, it would be perfect

There isn't much room on the inside, upfront or in the bag. The trunk has plenty of space though. There are some blind spots, so the back up cam really does come in handy. Mine is a v6 so it does use up the gas pretty quick if I'm driving out of town. Other than those details I absolutely love my car. The radio system is Boston, and it's fantastic, no extra system needed. I enjoy the sunroof in the summer, and heated seats in the winter.

- Kayla H

The get up and go is a lifesaver.

I absolutely love my camaro! The get up and go is important when traveling in and out of busy intersections. The comfortable seats are great for long distance traveling as well. With regular maintenance I have yet to face any mechanical issues. Satellite radio keeps the ride fun every time. The fuel efficiency has been great on the wallet as well, switching from a truck was one of the best decisions financially!

- Orlando C

Camaro cargo space... say what?!

Can't think of a single problem with this car. Haven't had to do anything other than routine maintenance, oil changes only. So very dependable. Has a much larger trunk than you would expect in a sports car. And the rear seat will fold forward if you need more cargo space. Interior is roomy in the front, back seat not so much. Although I can get a full size forward facing car seat in there for my grandchild.

- Lori C

It is very reliable, has a very sporty look and is worth the value!

I have had one minor problem with my vehicle- sometimes the key gets stuck in the ignition when I turn the car off. That problem is minor as I just shift the gear and put it back into park and the problem solved itself after a couple of tries if not instantly. Other than that, I have had no problems and absolutely love the car. It is very reliable, comfortable and I appreciate the backup camera very much.

- Kia O

Great car to own. I highly recommend it.

I really like this car. It has power, it looks fantastic great sound system and lots of trunk space. The only thing I do not is the visors are so short they are useless. I live in a state where you need longer visors. The other thing I do not like is that the windows are too high up because of the air bags. I can't comfortably rest my arm on an open window, it ends up being up and at an angle.

- Pam B

The Camaro has seen a few changes since its redesign for the 2016 model year.

The Camaro has seen a few changes since its redesign for the 2016 model year. For 2017, Chevy added the high-performance ZL1 trim and offered a new performance package and some new driver assistance features, like blind spot monitoring and Teen Driver. Chevrolet added a Wi-Fi hot spot to the 2018 model and offers wireless phone charging and a new performance package with the ZL1 trim.

- Keith a

Fun & sporty accessorized with blind spots.

It is super fun, spunky and reliable. It isn't the best on gas but not the worst either. Getting in and out can be a pain sometimes because it is so low, you need a football field to open the doors and it has blind spots like no one's business. But it is a sporty car that won't break the bank. You can mod it with plenty of aftermarket parts to make it your own.

- Stephanie R

A very nice addition to your driveway or if you're into collecting sports cars.

The coupe design of the camaro makes it a really sporty car. It has classy lines. And frankly, I have received a lot of compliments on the vehicle. The interior speaks for itself and comes equipped with an OnStar system. There is a lot of legroom upfront for the average person. However, not so much leg room in the back unless you move the seat all the way up.

- Yvonne V

Dark blue speedy beautiful camaro.

It is very reliable. It goes extremely fast, so I would not recommend this car to someone who is new to sports cars. Even though this car can fit four or five people, I would only recommend that a person uses this car as a two seater because it can be very uncomfortable for people in the back, if the person in the front as tall and wants to adjust their seat.

- Kira J

Excellent power of the 2015 Chevrolet Camaro.

I love my Camaro. It has excellent power and performance. One minor issue came up shortly after purchase. My local dealership was very helpful. Problem was corrected in a timely manner and no cost to me. The only negative issue I have with my car is that it did not come with stripes. Addition of stripes would be somewhat expensive. Otherwise I am very happy.

- Sabra K

2015 Chevy Camaro: Great car for the price!

Bought the car new. Have had no problems with it, except for recently the ignition key gets stuck and is troublesome to remove from the ignition. That's the only problem I have had. Performance has been great. Very reliable vehicle. V6 engine provides good power with good gas mileage. Handles very well. I'm glad I brought it. Good value for the price .

- Donald G

The dash can display all available car performance details.

I like that it's sporty but gets good gas mileage. The seats are very comfortable for long drives. The sound system is great. It's a little small for hauling anything. It's black so it shows that it's dirty very easily. Also because it's painted black, in the sun it gets very hot very quickly. Can't leave anything that might melt such as plastics or rubbers.

- Will H

Pros and cons of a sports car.

Love the car but has bad blind spots. Car is very low to the ground and get a lot of scratches and dings as a result. Love the body style and its sleek look. Drives very easy. Deep bucket seat make to hard to see over the steering wheel so you have to sit up in the seat. Has a decent amount of space in car and in the trunk for a two door sport vehicle.

- Sandra N

My car had orange leather seats with matching orange stripes.

I have a rs Chevy camaro I really like the car overall but there are some things I wish was better, I wish I did get a little more power by this car only being a v6 with just a little over 300 horsepower, even though that is the case it is still a pretty fast car. I also love my car because it has leather seats with a sunroof and a nice sound system.

- Brandon J

Great car all around- Chevy camaro.

The car is great because it is safe, looks good, and was inexpensive at the time of purchase. I have never had any problems with the car and it was reliably take. Me where I need to go. I would definitely recommend this vehicle to others and would most likely buy a similar brand in the future when it is time for me to purchase another vehicle.

- Tyler D

Custom paint color and a lot of upgrades. 20 inch low profiles.

Best decision I have ever made. It is so comfortable and easy to drive. It is also a lot of fun to drive. I got heated seats and a sunroof and simply could not be happier. I really love the two-tone leather seats. Only downfall so far is the tire gauge is not accurate and I randomly have a malfunction indicator light appear for no reason.

- Laura H

The shifting paddles are absolutely awesome.

This car is amazing. Speed. Looks, it has it all. I am not one to drive fast but if needed it will get it quickly. The paddles to shift manually are awesome if u need or want a little extra go power. We have not had any problems with anything pertaining to our car, it could have a bigger back seat but I am willing to deal with it as is.

- Rhonda R

Bumblebee. My car is yellow with black inset on hood.

I have a Camaro ss. This is my 3rd Camaro, I like the way it drives. Even though it is not a family car it does not feel cramped inside. There is plenty of trunk space. It is not just a go fast car. It is comfortable to drive for 4 or 5 hour trips. I get 21 miles per gallon but I do not drive in the city much I haven't had any problems.

- Kim A

Black tail fin, black stripes. Mainly white otherwise. Love my car

As soon as there is a problem I get it looked at right away and get it fixed. Wish I had back up screen in it and satellite radio. Seems like it kind of growls when you give it gas, just love that about it. Bought new tires not long ago. At times have a problem with getting key out and getting it in park good enough to get key out.

- Janice H

The car is not very jerky. It�s a good working car. Gets you from point A to B

The vehicle is a good car. The brakes of the car are reliable as well as the mileage. The car gets good gas. The car is not very jerky or anything like that. The engine of the car is good working too. As well as muffler of the car. All together, the car is a decent car. Rating a 3 or 4 for the vehicle. The car is not that bad at all

- Jenna L

Amazing Gray eye catching Coupe

No issues. Drives great. Acceleration is pretty good. Gets plenty of attention. The dual tip, dual exhaust system sounds amazing. Great sound system and even better radio display. Manual shift paddles are a great feature. OnStar and SiriusXM add to the benefits of the car. Very comfortable and enjoyable driving experience.

- Timmy K

Good Car at a fair price point

This car is very reliable and the six cylinder car performs to expectations in the USA. No need for the extra horsepower. Mine has a sunroof, which makes the car perfect in the summer. It does not need the convertible top. I also have vinyl seats, which I think are better than the leather seats, especially in the summer.

- Dave P

The millennium of Camaro’s.

Absolutely love this car, I love the take off, gas mileage is not that bad either. I think I would prefer better speakers in it verses victory speakers. Very roomy and comfy. Overall very satisfied with the room I have in the Camaro. There is Bluetooth satellite radio and the hand parked incase I want to make it a stick.

- Ashley O

My State of the art Chevy

It's a automatic smooth running car with every imaginable luxury heated seats booze stereo with CD and other capabilities. This car seats 7 passengers and has lots of room to spare.also it has a LoJack system anti theft plus GPS built in also can be remotely cut off and locked down. This car gets 30 miles per gallon .

- Carl D

Camaro review: everything you need to know about the vehicle.

I like the look and feel of the vehicle. The one downside is that it doesn't have much seats inside but if you travel with two to three people you'll be fine. The trunk space is nice and the gas mileage is normal. Overall there's nothing I would change about the vehicle, it fits everything I needed in a sports vehicle.

- Victor G

Why I love my Camaro Convertible

I love driving my car on any day when it's not raining, top down, listening to music. The MPG is good and I haven't had any issues other than standard maintenance. I also love my heated seats on cold days. The only thing I don't like are the blind spots, but since I usually have my top down, that's really not an issue

- Theresa G

The most fun car, easy, fun, sophisticated, lots of compliments.

Fantastic car to drive. Easy handling, great on curves. It's easy to maintain if you get it check when you are supposed to. Very reliable, I have had one other Camaro and it lasted 15 years. Great cars well built. The doors can be long so parking can be tricky but you learn to park so there is room for them.

- Dar B

Smooth, sleek ride at a great price. Spacious front interior and lots of power.

I love my Chevrolet Camaro convertible. It is an amazing car that is incredibly fun to drive. It has a very spacious front two seats for me being a taller guy at 6'4. That said the major downfall is the lack of backseat and trunk space. Overall the car looks like a high class ride for not costing that much.

- Luke B

The best attribute of my Camaro is the powerful engine and rapid acceleration.

My Camaro is a high performance car. It has a powerful v8 engine. It handles smoothly and is very responsive to your touch. It has a sleek and appealing exterior design it is fully loaded with power door locks and windows etc.. The interior is plush. The digital layout is easy on the eyes and easy to read.

- Albert L

Why we love our Camaro.

We haven't had any problems at all since we've gotten our car thank goodness. The performance is amazing, is drives so smoothly. The interior is really comfortable, just the middle backseat can be a little uncomfortable with the seatbelt locks. My favorite feature would be the touchscreen, Bluetooth radio.

- Emily T

The doors are outlined in blue lights

My car has 82,000 miles on it and has had no problems. It has been the best car and I plan to keep driving it. It's comfortable and reliable. Gas isn't the best, but it's a camaro, so it's not expected to get the best gas mileage. The trunk and back seat will fit way more than I thought it would.

- Lynn H

The batmobile- the car of the one and only batman.

Very reliable and no problems. There's limited space in the back but is not a problem for me, since I do not drive more than one person very often. Trunk space is good and there's Bluetooth capabilities which is nice as well. The only downside is the gas mileage but it is not a problem for me.

- Brittany B

Camaro: The Blind and the Strong

My review will be about the 1LT version of the vehicle The vehicle has really bad blind spots due to the frame near the back windows. The car is relatively comfortable and has good head space in the front, however the curve of the roof on the back makes it harder for people to sit back there.

- Andres c

Comfortable rides and performance on the road is amazing great for couples trips.

No problems so far great performance very comfortable behind the wheel haven't had any minor or major problems out of it yet Chevrolet is definitely the way to go their cars are very reliable features include touch screen push to start on your keypad traction grip for bad weather conditions.

- Michael D

Not a lot of space but plenty get up and go.

I love my 2015 Camaro. I haven't had any performance issues, and it gets pretty good gas mileage for the type of car it is. The only complaint I have is the lack of backseat space. However, this is a minimal problem. There is plenty of trunk space. The interior is also pretty comfortable.

- Amanda R

Do not get it if you need space.

There is absolutely no room in this vehicle. I bought it because I like the way the exterior looks but it is completely impractical for someone that intends to have any passengers in their car. I do love the color and the interior is black and aesthetically pleasing but that is about it.

- Nikki P

The big red hurt and the little red hurt.

I really like the car, it does what it is supposed to. I have had it for 3 years now and it gets better every year. The only bad thing is the size and room. If you are a bigger person a camaro isn't for you. Especially if you have to sit in the back seat which is pretty much imaginary.

- Keith T

A detail about the car is that it has trunk release on door.

Car has 50,000 miles no issues so far. The v 6 isn't as fast as it looks, but of course has great styling. Speaking of the styling it does affect blind spots, car has a ton of blind spots. However, the car has the best side mirrors in the world and almost make up for the blind spots.

- Mike K

Camaro is a sports car dream.

Has bad blind spots but handles like a dream. The thing I love is the convertible top. Easy to put down and up. The interior is comfortable but tight. Not so great in the snow. The Audio system is top notch with Bluetooth compatibility. Overall a very nice car and would recommend it.

- Ron M

Camaro: accept no substitute.

Not real comfortable for taller person but very nice interior, speedy, good road stability. Gas mileage sub par nice for trips. Easy to park and navigate. Color is dark green, very nice design, no oil issues, tons of power and pick up. Would consider buying again if was just us two.

- Mike M

Camaros are definitely a fun and great car to have.

My car is already starting to squeak with the brakes and it pulls to the left. It is very reliable getting me where I need to go. It can be comfortable depending on where your sitting and depending how long. It is a small car but the seat warmers are great just not for too long.

- Hannah S

Take care of your Camaro otherwise you"ll have problems

My car is a white chevrolet camaro ls. It has a 6 cylinder engine and is automatic. Problems i have with the car is that the ignition is messed up. I will park my car and try to turn my car off and the key will be stuck. Overall i like my car and that is the only problem i have

- Alexander C

It is really a great car for everyone.

Camaros are great vehicles. They look amazing and the interior is really nice. I enjoy riding in it with my friends. It is fast too. This is why camaros are great fun and I purchased mine. I have never had an issue with it not starting and I have never replaced any part of it.

- John S

Camaro review please review and read.

Not much space but smooth ride, I love it, it's the best car ever from what I've had in the past, you should definitely buy if you love fast cars, I know I do so you should really try it out cause I love it, so go ahead and buy a Camaro, it's worth it, I love it you will too.

- Linda G

The Camaro is a beautiful car!

I really love my Camaro. It rides smoothly for a low to the ground car. It looks amazing. I've had absolutely no problems with it in the three years I've owned it. The only drawback is the small amount of back seat leg room, but we don't often have people in the back seat.

- Cathy R

You can hook up your iPod to the radio.

The trunk is too small. I don't like that the backseat only fits two people because there is no middle seat. The car is comfortable only if you're sitting in the front seat. It is not a family or child oriented car. It looks pretty, and is really meant for single people.

- Fawn J

Great vehicle for a great price

I have not had any problems with my vehicle. The seats are very comfortable, I have taken several road trips with this car. The car has great power for a V6! This vehicle is great for a single individual who doesn't want the price tag of a V8. I would highly recommend.

- Monica P

The car is a smoother ride. Amazing pick up and handling.

I have had no vehicle problems. The car is amazing. The only fall back I have is getting in-and-out of the car with the bad knee and a bad hip. Sports cars aren't for people with physical ailments. Other than that I love my car. I would definitely recommend this car.

- Nicole S

The gas mileage is pretty good compared to what some would think. $30 will go a long way.

I love how this car drives. It is an incredible feeling driving a sports car down the highway at dusk unless there is someone in front of you. I dislike the fact that the doors are so long, and it is easy to hit another person's vehicle when getting out of the car.

- Queen A

The interior of the car is very modern and accessible to the driver.

Overall it gives great performance, the only disadvantages are poor gas mileage after the years and the key ignition gets stuck up to where you have to have a trick to be able to take the key out. Comfortability I would give it a 9, and size of the vehicle a 5.

- Selene P

Remote start available and backup sensors.

Very small on the inside. Not so good with curves. Takes a lot of money to fill gas tank. Easy repair jobs. Very cheap to buy. Nice touch screen. Small trunk space. Useful backing sensors. Nice back up camera. Remote start. Bluetooth radio and satellite radio .

- Mike L

Springtime heaven in the shape of a car!

My Chevrolet Is my favorite car I have driven so far. It's a convertible with easy access power top. It is a fantastic spring time car and warms up quickly during the winter months. I haven't had any problems mechanically and would highly recommend this vehicle.

- Julie K

Economic in gas. Reliable and safe driving. No issues at all.

I've had this vehicle over 1yr. I have had no problems. I love the miles it gives me per gallon highway. Performance is great. Smooth ride and economic in gas. No issues whatsoever. No engine problems at all. Starts smooth every time. Cold a/c. Very reliable.

- Heriberto S

Fastest car out west Chevy camaro.

All black goes 0 to 60 quick.Handles the road perfectly. Nice big tires to hold the road tight.Tinted windows about 40%.I love this car it's my dream car. My sons love it loves riding in it. There friends love it when I pull up roaring. Engine is 8 cylinder.

- Prince A

Great looking muscle car with the top down

I haven't had any problems with my car. The performance of the car is great. If you are looking for a muscle car I would definitely select the Camaro. I love the touch screen radio and the convertible top. This car not only looks good but it drives good.

- Julie W

Great gas mileage, takeoff, and sound system.

My Camaro has a very good takeoff and never bogs down. The gas mileage is amazing! The speakers sound really good as well. Bass is good. Not very much room in the backseat, so it's more of a 2 person car. Overall, would recommend to anyone in a party of 2.

- Connor H

Take good care of it have it always check and clean.

I love everything in that car. No complaints or dislike it. Just a perfect car for me. The color is so nice and it is also a fast car. I feel comfortable when I am driving. I never had one before and that is a wonderful opportunity to drive a sports car.

- Anna Linda K

It has the performance chip which gives it the horsepower to get up and go.

This is my first sports car and it is amazingly comfortable. It handle beautifully on the roads and turns. Problems are you can't rotate the tires due to the rear tires being larger than the front. I love this car and would definitely buy another Camaro.

- Ann W

Amazing pros couple of cons

Amazing car all around. Plenty of blind spots wonderful car. The car has slow acceleration but once it's up in speed there's no catching up. The cost for performance upgrades is a bit high but worth it. Car has a lot of potential and will surprise you

- Michael A

You would love it but would miss out on the features in the newer models.

My car is fast, its beautiful I would say real easy on the eye. The bucket seats are so comfortable you can even get good sleep in there. I dislike it doesn't have enough interior features in its model such as no Wifi or touch screen capabilities.

- Ashley L

That it's not a car to play around with. You have to know how to handle it and how to maneuver correctly.

I love my vehicle because its an actually sports car, not just aesthetically but also performance wise. It's very freeing to just blaze through the highways. I like the way it feels behind the wheel. makes me feel, youthful, like i'm flying

- Jessica A

An overall beautiful car!!

My Camaro is the best vehicle I have ever owned. I love the way it looks, the way it handles and drives. It is made so well and is just the best I've owned. I know I will want another one at some point. I highly recommend a Camaro!

- Carol D

Fun luxury sport car with lots of horsepower!

I love the car. I find it fun to drive, no problems, reliable and pretty good gas mileage. The only drawback if for my husband, he is 6' 1'' and has trouble getting in and out of the car, but he does enjoy driving it.

- Susan S

I love the car and it is worth the money!

I currently do not have any other complaints other than the interior gets really warm in the summertime. If I could change that about the car, I do not believe that there would be anything else I could complain about.

- Alicia W

Its red and stay back and don't touch.

No problems a all and performance of the vehicle is not bad a all. Very fast don't have to worry about performance. Very comfortable but it could have been more space in the cabin. Lots of trunk space.

- Louis T

That it is fun to drive and also safe and reliable

I love everything about my Camaro. My biggest complaints is that my car lack some upgrades that I decided not to get when I bought it but for the most part my car is everything I expected it to be.

- Megan W

Fast 323 horsepower paddle shift v6

It is a 2015 camaro ls v6 automatic.the paddle shifting help get a lot more top end out of the gears and I am impressed with the 21 mpg the way I drive lol.at 323 horse for a sixer.i am impressed.

- Barrett C

Its safe and uses fuel very efficiently and i've wanted this car for a while

It's a new car and looks very good but now after two years it seems to have a few problems such as the AC breaking down or it takes a little longer to start. However these are minor overall

- Paul L

It burns a lot of fuel it is not a fuel efficient car.

The Camaro has given me few problems just your normal wear and tear. The ride is great the power of the engine is invigorating. It beautiful to look at and it seems to impress the ladies.

- John L

It's extremely fun to drive.

It's fast, reliable and stylish. It gets great gas mileage. I only need to fill up twice a month. My only problem is limited visibility to the rear. It could use a stock backup camera.

- Harvey C

It drives and performs good in and out of the city.

In short - it is the absolute best auto I have ever had. It looks and performs fantastic. i have had no issues or problems with this car. It drives great in and out of the city.

- Kathy G

You can Store more items in the back trunk by pulling the tab in the middle of the back seat and pulling the back seat down. 2015 Chevrolet Camaro Coupe.

A Favorite of mine since the 60's , I love my 2015 Chevy Camaro because it resembles the 60's Chevy Camaro. Only thing i dislike is that it loves Gasoline, a little to much.

- Wendy G

It is sporty and has enough power.

My Camaro is a six cylinder 2015 model. It drives fantastic. Gets about 22 miles to gallon of gas on the highway. Rides smooth. Has had absolutely no problems. I love it.

- Ellen C

Its beautiful. Good on gas. Drives and handles amazing. Did I mention beautiful.

I love everything about it. I have always driven a Camaro. Well almost always. My favorite car ever. There is nothing I dislike about it at all. It's just beautiful.

- Ivy T

It's so much fun to drive. No matter where you go, people look !

First of all, it's a beautiful car ! It's very comfortable. I love dressing it up with louvers, tint, and louder mufflers. I don't have any dislikes about my car.

- Angela M

The overall look and feel of the car is amazing!

Chevy camaro is the best! The Bluetooth connection, on Star, Pandora, and Sirius XX is a major plus. The cloth seats are very comfortable and you feel very safe!

- Cindy S

Good dependable car sport car gas it is pretty expensive.

There’s no problem with my Camaro I love my Camaro if I ask to get another one I will definitely will buy another one very happy no mechanical issue at all.

- William A

It has long lasting very long lasting fuel.

It is very fast and very good. It can hold many people and the fuel last very long. It is a very nice vehicle and I would recommend it since it very reliable.

- Samantha P

It is a cool car that people are impressed by. It is sporty but still practical

I like the sportiness of the vehicle. It is the Bumblebee camaro so it looks cool. It has great features. My only complaint is that there is some blind spots

- Andrew H

Chevrolet Camaros are the most amazing cars in the us.

Super reliable, and it is super fun to drive, not to mention it is a perfect car for someone who likes to drive fast and also wants a car that is practical.

- Gilbert B

It is from a great brand.

The car provides everything I need. It suits my needs and I am very comfortable with it. If it reminds in good condition it will delay my next car purchase.

- Michael M

That it has a huge amount of rust.

I like that it is cheap on gas.. I hate that it is hard to see out.. I hate that the front seats do not recline very much.. I hate the size of the trunk.

- Deborah D

It is a good representation of me. Looks good but very dependable.

Its jazzy. I love putting the top down. It has good pick up and go. The side vision not the best even with mirrors there are significant blind spots.

- Helen A

It is really fast when I press the gas down.

The performance on the car is really great there is nothing wrong with the car a all. It is American made so it will hopefully last for a long time.

- Andrew E

Smooth drive followed by a well crafted body.

Very reliable as long as its maintained regularly and driven with care. Though gas consumption is a little high, it's a great vehicle for a couple.

- Danny F

Its reasonably priced and feels very sporty and powerful.

Excellent car, reasonably priced, powerful. A few annoying rattles that dealership claims they don't hear. Might be a problem with the dealership.

- Kenny M

It has a spacious front seating area and a lot of trunk space but the back passenger section is rather small.

Our car is black with a black leather interior. It runs pretty smoothly and has good gas mileage. So far, we haven't run into any issues with it.

- Jonathan S

It is gorgeous, it makes me feel pretty!

I love the way it looks. I love the way it handles. I love that everyone notices it. I dislike the blind spots, but you do get used to them.

- Shelli M

Requires mid grade gas, regular oil changes, and maintenance so the car will last long.

My vehicle is a silver 2015 Chevy camaro. I like that it is built well, visually appealing, and reliable. I don't like how much gas it uses.

- Rachel T

They should realize it is difficult to see the side and rear view mirrors.

I like the interior, and ride of the vehicle. I wish it had more room. I like it is acceleration. I also like the exterior of the vehicle.

- Ryan R

It is very sporty. The gas mileage is average. There is no room for a car seat.

I love my Camaro for the speed. It is silver with black racing stripes. The only complaint I can think of is the blind spots on each side.

- Lisa A

The Camaro has Great mileage

The camaro we own is great for getting around town. It has great mileage and reliability. It's the perfect car for long distance driving.

- Miranda F

The style and power it has makes it appealing.

Like that it is a sport car and love the power it has. It is fun to drive. Like that it is a convertible. There is nothing to dislike!.

- Shelley Y

Durable fun to drive sports car.

I have not had any problems with my Camaro. It is a 2015 that I have put over 100, 000 miles on and it is a reliable fun to drive car.

- Chris E

The should know that my car is stylish and really fast

I like the color, the speed and the style. I like the fact that it's a stick shift and I like the smooth transition between gears.

- Kim P

It has a very bad blind spot that can make merging dangerous at certain angles.

I love the shape and color of the car. I dislike the blind spot in the rear window. I wish it had a navigation screen and sunroof.

- David J

This is a Fun car to drive!!

I love how smooth it drives. The sound of exhaust should be louder stock since it's a sports car. The styling of it is beautiful!

- Ron R

My Chevrolet Camaro. The most favorite car I've ever owned.

No problems with my Camaro. It accelerates very well. It is a pleasure to drive. The overall performance makes it fun to drive

- Robert S

If you like a powerful car and the attention you get from this type of car, this one's for you.

My car is sporty and a convertible. It draws attention in a positive way as well as negative. I love the powerful engine too.

- Jeremy F

Very good on gas and reliable. The Bluetooth is worthless with a convertible.

Hard to see out of. Rough riding. Road noise. The trunk is too small. The seats do not recline backwards. Very rough riding.

- Deborah D

It is awesome and very fun to drive.

Convertible top. Red. And spotless. I love to drive it and feel the wind in my hair. It is very comfortable for two people.

- Julie G

Love the sporty look and appeal.

I enjoy my vehicle it is sporty, but not good in the winter. There is not much room but it is not meant to be a family car.

- Shell Y

Be careful driving in the rain, due to the light body it can get out of control.

This vehicle is great on gas. It also has a lot of power for only being a v6. I love the sleek design and the smooth ride.

- Chuck E

Vision poor handling is superb.

Bad vision. Bad blind spots. Performs outstanding. Handles like a true sports car. The convertible top is easy off and on.

- Ron G

That it is a great car that runs great

I really love the way it runs and just how safe I feel in it. The interior is amazing and all in all, it is a perfect car.

- juan B

Unexpected performances!!

I'm not really a big fan of Chevrolet because it is an American car but so far I haven't had any issues with it runs well

- Shonae L

ii is very expensive and very very fast on the road,

I buyed chevrolet for over 40 years and doesn't problems. I like my yellow Camaro e will buy an new Camaro in this year.

- Hans Michael S

That the performance of the car is awesome.

I like the style and performance of the car. I do not like that it is too compact from the passengers in the back.

- Nancy M

White v6 Camaro. Stick shift

It is fast for a v6. Stick shift. Only problem is evap trouble. Fixed that runs great. Its white. Black interior.

- Jamie M

Dependable reliable trust my car will get where I need to go.

My car is very dependable, have not had any problems with it I fully recommend this car to any one so that is it.

- Kelly M

The most interesting detail of this car is the amount of gas used. It's a 3.6 V6 engine and for a sports car it has exceptional street and highway mileage.

I really love this car great V6 that's exceptional on gas. The only problem was purge valve in which GM covered.

- Latonya S

Camaro convertible es 2015

Love the handling and the look of the Camaro convertible es. Has a problem with blind spots Overall a great car

- Ron G

They it can go really fast.

I like the sportiness and the look of the car. However, I hate the inside space. There is not enough leg space.

- Heather R

It gets pretty good mileage.

I love the sleekness and the comfort. I?M not a fan of the lack of navigation system and how low the seats are.

- A M

Its very efficient on gas.

Its comfortable, easy to drive, and reliable. I do not like the limited view from how slender the windows are.

- Sharon M

The size of the car is very small from the space of the trunk to the seats in the back

There have been no problems with it, the car gets good gas mileage and has a large fuel tank for smaller car.

- Tyler R

Consumes a lot of fuel to operate

I like how it handles and it's sport look. I don't like how it burns a lot of gas but it's still dependable

- Terry R

Everyone should have one sometime in their life.

No complaints. It's American.. Perdy color, runs great. Very comfortable easy to work on for oil changes.

- Sue W

Fast, safe, smooth, fun, amazing.

It is a fast. The ride is super smooth. It is a gorgeous car. The car handles amazing and is super safe.

- Megan G

it great for someone that is small framed. they shouldn't have kids because it compact

its too small for more than 2 people to sit in. I'm sick of shifting gears and its too low to the ground

- Tara S

The Camaro has blind spots behind the driver seat so be careful

Great performance and great gas mileage. The 3.7L engine has a lot more power than you expect. It's fast

- Cam W

It's cool.It's sporty.It's a very good maintenance car

It's very sporty and easy to control.nothing like a fast easy to control car with good maintenance

- chris M

it's overall performance. and how fun it is to drive

love the performance and handling dislike layout and location of some items in the interior

- David p

I love the cockpit of my Camaro. I am very comfortable with the seating and dash setup. It drives nicely and takes turns well. The extra features are nice, for example, heated seats. It is also very sleek and attractive. My only complaint is the very small trunk, but somewhat expected for a sports car.

It has been very dependable. I have had no mechanical issues since buying it 3 years ago.

- Dena W

fast and nice riding car. responds quickly. nice gas mileage

Like that is is a fast car and responds quickly when needed. No dislikes or complaints

- Kristy R

You don't have to get the v8 to have a fast car the v6 is fast

I love the power and acceleration even for the v6. It also has pretty fair gas mileage

- Christopher E

what I like most are the horsepower and performance that the

It is very good vehicle, it moves very well although it is not very good family car

- Walter N

It is a high performance sports car it has power speed. It is a beautiful car to look at.

I like the look and feel of the performance. I like the power of the car and speed

- Algis L

It is a great car, and everyone should have one like it.

I like everything about it. It is a perfect car. I would never want anything else.

- Tito G

Great looks with great gas mileage. Affordable sports car.

Great looking sporty car. Unique style and rides beautifully on the open road.

- Maryann S

its beautiful and drives so well and the color is great

i like everything about it and how it drives and looks its great and sporty

- lonnie g

It's a great car it has air. Conditioner and it's hot red

I Love it . Rides great it's fast and it's a nice car it's good on gas

- Diane T

I love it I received in high school. works fine for anything. I love it.

It is super effective and efficient for getting around fast and safely.

- Stephanie V

The feeling of the speed, and space you have inside it.

It is very comfortable, I like the design of it, and how fast it goes.

- Juan R

My car is very comfortable to drive and it has plenty of power.

It's fast. It's comfortable. I enjoy it. It's a bit of a gas hog.

- Frank D

The most important thing others should know about a Chevrolet Camaro is that they are great on gas.

I love the style of the car, the way it drives, and the color.

- Kristen J

it is has been a good car so far for me

the olney complaints i have is the the sun viser is to sammil

- james j

Te comfortably the beauty and the low price

yes i love it is my favorite car is comfortable and beauty

- Riodah H

Fast. Sporty. Convertible. Leather interior HUD. Red

Sport car convertible 325hp. Fully equipped HUD red

- Frank L

Safe, comfortable,Big,Tall,Fast,Enough seats,Fun to drive,

Cool,simple,easy,comfortable ,convenient,Warm,Big,

- Brain O

very fast and handles great

beautiful styling very fast and handles very well

- david b