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Fun, exciting, and reliable!

It's AMAZING! I have the 45th edition and have had NO PROBLEMS! Scheduled maintenance is always update for the longevity and performance of my car. The message center is an awesome feature and reliable. Backup camera, holographic windshield speedometer, door panel led lights, cruise control, remote push start, automatic/manual option, Bluetooth radio, onstar hands free calling, power seats, automatic sunroof. I highly recommend this high performance vehicle BUT IT IS NOT a family vehicle. Me and my family travel a good bit and I am one of those who like to pack everything. We manage and we don't mind the tight fit but you can get a lot packed in if you know how. That's how much we love this fun and exciting car!

- Brandy H

Totally I am love with my Camaro.

My car is a stick and I absolutely love it. The seats are very comfortable for smaller people. If you are roughly six foot the back seats would not be ideal. The clutch has a lot of give when shifting but it does not take long to learn. The cup holders are annoying because the drinks are a little in the way for shifting. The trunk is very nice and easy to get the spare tire out. It has decent speakers. It is a very slick model love the body of the vehicle. Engine looks great and seems reliable.

- Jennifer P

Awesome for single people

My 2012 Camaro is really awesome. That said, It's not a family car. It's great for single or even couples with no kids, but not great for families. If you're really tall, be prepared to fold yourself into the car and you probably shouldn't offer to give a ride to more than one person as there isn't much room in the back seat. I have a V6 which is more than enough power for me as I don't race, but I can definitely get up to speed and merge on a highway no problem.

- Bethany E

Racing stripes. Lowered. Modded out.

The car has so many luxuries. You have to get the 2lt model. Has all the fancy's. Bluetooth backup camera. The leather seats. Seat warmers. Auto dimming glare. Heads-up display. Onstar turn by turn. My car has its own telephone number. Auto start. Hid headlights. If you want a car to road trip this I'd definitely a car you want to look into. It is so fast. Your 80 mph feels like 50. That is how smooth the suspension is.

- Bryan L

4+ years have gone by and I still get excited to drive my car!

I honestly love my car! I've had it a little over 4 years now and plan on keeping it until it gives me a reason not to. As long as you keep up on the maintenance you shouldn't experience any problems. The only complaints I have would be the lack of space (your backseat is pretty much useless--I use it to hold my purse and water bottles lol) and the tires are pretty pricey. Otherwise, everything else is great!

- Brittany B

Fast and furious vs. Silence of the lambs.

Leaks oil, electrical issues causes power windows to stick, transmission wears out, decrease in power - pick up lags, turn indicator is difficult to see, no back up camera, blind spots, seats are manual and not automatic, steering fluid leaks, room in the back seat is limited - head clearance is low, Bluetooth connection takes a while to connect, gas cap does not have a lock.

- Stephen S

Larger sized sports car with great response, steering and stopping capabilities. Back seats fold down for more cargo area if needed. Power seats and windows. No spare tire. Battery is in trunk where spare tire usually is kept.

The car is fast and sporty. Slightly rough ride due to low profile tires. Lots of blind spots and I don't feel as safe driving it as any of my other cars. Older technology no usb and cannot play music from my phone but can use hands free talking. No spare tire is a stress when I travel far distances but it is fun to drive. It is a 6 cylinder so fats fair gas mileage.

- Ann S

2012 Chevy black 'camaro'.

Good car it's a v6, very smooth driving, sporty car, 2 door car, black seats, good quality of car, it has OnStar feature, runs pretty fast. I will truly recommend this car. My vehicle is color black, very fancy unique color, 4 seater people car, has alarm for lock, it has a small trunk, I wouldn't change my camaro a lot of people desire or get impressed with my car.

- Sandra F

Minor changes I would make but I'll drive it till the wheels fall off.

I have never really had bad problems with my Camaro at all. It is easy to clean and maintain and I love it so much. The only thing I would consider changing is the color and get new wheels. It is a little dated cb it is a 2012 but not severely. It has Bluetooth but not for music purposes which would is available in newer models but not in my 2012.

- Hannah B

It is a sports car. Very fast and sporty. It is a mainly for two people.

As the vehicle gets older you will have problems with the fuel and will have to use 89 for gas or else the fuel light will come on in the car and cause the engine light to come on as well. Additionally, you have to get new tires very often. The vehicle sits low and it is hard to see out of the back of the car when backing up.

- Tyler G

Very reliable first new car purchase.

Heater blend door, other than that my car has been a very reliable, always dependable small family car for my family and I and resourceful with gas to and from work. I purchased my car in 2011 and up until now have only had to replace the battery and a few bulbs. It has not ever left me stranded or on the side of the road.

- Marie G

Chevy Camaro convertible. Fun to drive and dependable.

None. The car is going on 7 years old with 52k miles. The only thing I have done was oil changes and tires. I used to like Fords because I had one that last 10 years but I think l now I might ne a Chevy fan. The features are good except for the seat. It already has a rip in it. They should make the fabric thicker.

- Jeff G

Best car I have ever owned.

It is fast. It is the most fun of any car I have ever driven. It looks sleek and fast, too. Inside interior is roomy and comfy even for a sports car. Only bad thing is not enough drink and or cup holders. The only thing I have done extra on the car is tinted the windows. Best car ever and I give it a 10 out of 10.

- Tamara S

My Camaro is fun to drive.

I really enjoy my Camaro and plan on driving it as long as I can. After the 5 year mark I did have an issue with the compressor and my a/c. At the 6+ year mark I had a coolant leak. Those have been the only issues I have experience and I have now owned my car for almost 7 years and plan on keeping it.

- Nikki L

Red candy paint, rims are red, horsepower is 0k, could.

My car is fast, clean the color is apple red. The rim are on 20 inch, the horsepower is pretty good the fastest car on the block. There is only a few seat space in the car. My rims are colored read. I am working on getting a stereo in my cars, so my car can be loud around the block.

- Julius H

The space ship with small windows.

The Camaro has blind spots. The transmission stopped working 50k miles in and the ac no longer works. The back seat is extremely small with no space for passengers and the trunk is very small and ineffectual. The tires being different sizes do not allow for rotation of the wheels.

- Rhonda B

Camaro 2012 child friendly.

My car is a pretty incredible car. The best thing is that I can fit a car seat in the back even if it is a two door she fits comfortable in her seat. It is also not to bad on gas. It is very comfortable. Haven't had any problems with it. It is always been a very easy car for me.

- Jade L

When people would ask on weather i would recommend my car i would tell them to do their research. For a sports car and how it drives was really good and worth it. Too many problems when it comes to how it was built. I would say Manual over automatic was best.

Greatly love my car design and look. I feel improvements could have been made when it comes to the radio could have been a touch screen. There were lots of issues I've had with the transmission.If it wasn't for issues I've had with transmission i would have given it 5 stars.

- mayra a

It is a great car as long as you know how to drive it.

As far as problems I have just about the same as any car after 6 years. Nothing majorly I could think of other than the ac going out. The front seats are extremely comfortable and a lot of space. Not so much in the back, very snug if there’s more than 3 people in the car.

- Sarah H

Camaro life second to none.

My camera is amazing. I love my car better than my husband sometimes lol. It has caused me no problems. I love the way it handles. It is comfortable to ride in. As long as proper maintenance is performed your car should last. I use it for work and long distance trips.

- Amy L

Description in details of my car.

The car is still very neat and and gives a good performance. The brakes are intact and the interior is still very neat. No scratch and no bumps. The car is two door and all the features are in place. Their is not a tape disk available but there is an auxiliary cord.

- Sara O

I love my 2012 Chevy camaro!

I love this car! It is an manual 6 speed Chevrolet camaro 1ls. I love the way the exterior and interior look. The only thing is that it is not very good at handling in the snow which is tricky. I have been in several accidents trying to drive it in very light snow.

- Stephanie L

Great comfort. Very stylish. Excellent gas mileage.

Love this car! It is stylish and provides excellent comfort for the driver. It is not what I would consider a family car. I have 2 preteens and the back seat just does not provide enough room. I bet they will not miss me driving it when they acquire their license.

- Tamara T

Can be difficult to exit if there are any physical problems with legs or hips.

The blind spots in this vehicle can be challenging at first, but the way the side view mirrors work makes it much easier. It is a well made and reliable vehicle that has a lot of get up and go. It is 6 years old and we still get looks, whistles and compliments.

- Karen P

My great commuter car overall.

It is a reliable commuter car does well on gas is safe and a great size it gets me where I need to go while also adding comfort for long drives despite its compact size and that is why I think my car is not only reliable but a great car to have in general.

- Yapa G

Comfy, smooth and you are in full control.

No problems whatsoever, the performance is great, smooth rides, great working engine. Seats are very comfy and car is perfect for any driving occasion. V6 model has great gas mileage. Favorite feature is the heads up display and hidden rear view camera.

- Alejandro A

Driving a Camaro is sure to turn heads

I love driving my Camaro because of everything from the comfortable ride, to the good sound system. The one thing I do not like is how the seating is, it is difficult to see the front of the car which can make things like parking difficult

- Austin S

Straight piping it, makes it sound totally awesome.

Love my Camaro. 0-60 in 5 7 seconds. Runs like a dream. Only problem I have is the antenna is loose, so when it rains really bad, it leaks through the hole for the antenna and water gets inside it. Other than that, I am in love with it.

- Abigail L

It has a lot of power even though it is just the V-6 version.

I love that is a Camaro because I always wanted that car growing up. It is a sporty car without being too expensive to afford. I also love that it is relatively small, and it isn't hard to fit into parking spots or most anywhere.

- Jas G

You can easily go way too fast without even realizing it.

I love the interior of the car with red and black leather seating. The car can start off pretty fast, it also has a feature that it can detect if someone is behind me when I back up and I can see the back through a screen.

- Amber K

Maintain your car and the car will take care of you.

When I turn on my a/c or heater it makes a squeaky noise. Drives well I feel safe in my car because of its size and how bulky it is. Maintenance is expensive but what is can you expect when you purchase a sports car.

- Kimberly M

It is very sporty and will go fast.

The only problem that I have had with it is the engine messed up for a little while. I took it to the dealership and they fixed it and it has been fine since then. The car rides really good.

- Robert P

The pros and cons of an RS camaro

I enjoy having a sports car. I love how you can also drive it manual because it runs great and fast. It does waste a little more gas than a usual small Honda but, it is well worth it.

- guadalupe G

It is not but for racing for It does not have a v8 engine so it does not have the power to reach top speed

It is a very nice looking car and has a smooth trade for the most part but you can feel all of the heavy bumps which makes it feel like it needs to be fixed every time I hit something

- Michael H

The beauty is in the well designed car, the speed and agility would persuade.

My vehicle is fast, reliable and appealing to the eye. It is a sports car, nice look to it. Black with red stripes, leather seats, premium wheels. Great engine, very powerful!

- Whitney A

It has a sleek design and rides smooth.

I like it because it's fast and has power. I don't like the fact that it sits too close to the ground and the smallest thing on the ground hits the undercarriage.

- Janice B

It is reliable and fast. It is good on gas considering it is an 8 cylinder muscle car.

It is a beautiful car. The engineers at chevy did a great job. Love it. It is sleek. Fast. Has great performance. Looks incredible, and is a great drive.

- Jean C

A chevrolet Camaro is a very reliable car that will not let you down.

I love my vehicle because it is very reliable. I have never had a problem starting or driving my car. The looks of my car are also very aesthetically pleasing.

- Omar G

Just the speed because you better pull over and let me through or be left in my dust.

I live how it rides, drives, and feels. I have had many vehicles in the past but this is my favorite I have ever had. Sleek and fast and all pleasure.

- Tamara S

Camaro's are a nice balance of everyday drivability and fun.

Beautiful car with decent amount of technology in the interior without it being overwhelming. Decent gas mileage for a v8 and plenty of power.

- Fernando A

It is a Camaro that is black In color

Love my car, it is great. It performs amazingly. I can add many extras to it. It is comfortable to ride in and it is relatively cheap on gas.

- Janessa D

Built for durability the Chevrolet Camaro beautiful.

Very good car had a few problems with the transmission sadly although overall I believe it was a good purchase and would recommend to others.

- Connor V

The blind spot is larger than most vehicles.

I like how my car looks. I think the horsepower fits me and the way I drive. I am comfortable with the fuel economy of my car as well.

- Jordan T

One interesting details about my vehicle is the key to start the vehicle.

No problems with my vehicle is saves on gas and is very sporty and definitely reliable. My vehicle is small it is a convertible.

- Chester Bingley C

I love almost everything about this car.

I love almost everything about this car. It's very nice and I feel comfortable with my car and the gas mileage is good.

- Victoria B

It goes pretty fast! And I like to race, I like being 1st.

I love that it has a lot of pep. Hate that I have to use premium gas. It gets great mileage too, and it's fun to drive!

- Pam C

It is a fast car to drive but can be expensive.

I like how fast the car is. I like how nice of a car it is. I do not like how expensive it is to fill the tank of gas.

- Anna A

It's a black sauna sports car in Florida.

Its a sports car so its not practice for a short mom getting 3 kids in and out of the tiny short hot black sportster.

- Holly D

I like the way it handles around curves

I love my car I have no issues with handling or performance the gas mileage is pretty good to I can't find any flaws

- Ang C

The mileage is the most important since saving money is important.

I like the style. The color resembles a popular car from the movie Transformers. The car is also very attractive.

- Mike W

I believe that the most important thing to know is the gas efficiency on the car is pretty good for a sports car

I like my car, its just the amount of money that is required to put in for the car. especially newer year models

- janetzy b

There are huge blind spots.

Like the sporty body hate the blind spots and the small windows no trunk space there is also not much leg room.

- RHonda B

it is black with a red racing stripe and great sound system. it is comfortable to drive and my wife loves it. i have a updated stereo system with bose speakers.

i drive a chevy camaro ss. it is black with a red racing stripe. i am bose speakers. it has a rear camera.

- John M

It has a large engine and it drives very fast.

My car is a black camaro. It is sleek and fast. I love how it drives; however, it does have some blind spots.

- Matt C

Reliable. Safe airbags. Good gas mileage.

Gets good gas mileage. Good riding. Good looking has many features navigation has Bluetooth syncing roof.

- James Z

Camaro-fun vehicle to drive.

Our Camaro is very reliable, and easy to drive. It is not as great on gas mileage but is fun to drive.

- Karen G

It has saved me money since I have had it.

I like the sports car look. Dislike the amount of space inside of it and the gas mileage that it gets.

- Walt P

The periodical check engine light.

The check engine light comes on periodically but the diagnostics cannot find the cause of the problem.

- Heather P

LOVE IT! great car that hold up well throughout the years

I love my car. It was my first car that i received at 16 and has help up very well through the years.

- lauren h

Extremely reliable and there is no better car then a Chevy

It has been the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned. Gas mileage is good. The car is beautiful.

- Eric H

The paint job is amazing! It is red with black pinstripes!

I have no complaints. I love my vehicle. It drives really well. I love the color.

- Carrie C

It drives very fast and efficiently. Very comfortable to drive and sit in

I love it. It Looks great Runs great Fast It is a super package sports care

- Sharon C

It's mine and people should not ask to drive it because i will say no

it's a super comfortable and good on gas.it's also very good looking

- Zack N

It's fast and a very reliable car, however it is small.

I love my car. It's sleek and turns heads everywhere I go.

- Savannah C

Fun - convertible, seats fit your body

Comfortable, enjoyable to drive, sporty, good gas mileage

- Pam l

It goes really fast and is a pretty dark blue color that drives smooth but I wish it wasn't so low to the ground.

I like that it goes fast , drives smooth, and is pretty.

- Sherron P

It is a quality vehicle with lots of features and power.

IT looks great. It has a lot of power. No complaints.

- Dee P

It has 2 different size tires front and back and if convertible the trunk space is not a lot

Speed looks and handling. Sometimes dislike comfort

- Cherry B