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No real issues and pretty happy with my cavalier.

It is very economical. It generally costs about $30 to $35 dollars to fill it from empty. I can go over a week one a tank of gas. It is a 5 speed and very easy to drive. It is only a 2 door but is very roomy in the back seat. The trunk is a very nice size so hauling bigger things is not to much of a problem. Now that it is getting colder out it heats up really quickly. My car has over 230k on it and it still runs very well with no mechanical issues. I really cannot think of anything negative about it that I do not like. I guess I would say my only complaint is the way the built the inside there really is not any storage areas and the cup holders are too close to the dash so only shorter cups will fit and they cannot be to big around. Otherwise I am pretty happy with it.

- Julie W

The absolute perfect fit for me!

I have owned my car for almost 3 years now. This car has been my absolute favorite it is small and comfortable but it can also fit 4 people comfortably. The trunk is pretty spacious I usually do not have to haul large things but if I am moving a lot of small things it works perfectly. Only issue I have had would be the check engine like tends to come on and stay on for days and no one has been able to give me a answer on why. Also sometimes when I get gas the car will take a try or two to start but always does but no one has been able to get me an answer on that as well. All in all this car has been my favorite and have had no serious issues with it. It is the perfect car for me!

- Amie R

2003 Chevy cavalier pros and cons.

The brakes are not very sensitive so I have to make sure to not be driving too close to the vehicle in front of me. There is no aux port or Bluetooth so I have to buy or make my own CDs which in recent times is inconvenient. The seats are very comfortable so long drives are not miserable. My 2003 Chevy cavalier has broken down on me a few times. I have had to fix/replace the fuel pump and shift cable as well as one more thing I cannot quite remember the name of. This car does not take up all my gas, depending on how much I drive I usually have to get gas about once a week or once every week and a half.

- Melena M

Chevrolet cavalier- small, unassuming, but lasts forever.

When I purchased the car last year it had not been taken very good care of. The paint is in need of being redone but she drives like a dream. The cloth seats do not hold stains in or the smell of my dog, she's really easy to clean inside. I get better gas mileage than some of my friends with newer vehicles. Only complaint I have is that the window controls are in the center console instead of on the door, so whenever I drive another car I always reach for the center console to control the window.

- Jessica R

My Chevy cavalier is very reliable and will always get you where you need to go.

This vehicle is very reliable. It currently has over 200 thousand miles and still runs like a champ. As long as you take care of your vehicle, it will go a long ways. The features my car currently has is the basics. Hand crank windows, CD player and cruise control. The color of my vehicle is tan, and the under body is in great condition. I would recommend a cavalier to anyone. Chevy is a great car company and they do a great job with their cars.

- Jennifer C

I would like to say I like the fact that I do not have to worry about the lights,

Since purchasing my car I have no major problems. I know many drivers have different ways of driving which impact the car life. I am a modern driver. It has been a reliability to my and the performance has not disappointed me. I have had tune ups and regular check ups each year which might be one reason for the length of time I have had it without major problems. I believe if you take care of your car on a regular basis it will take you far.

- Nita A

Blue, 2003 Chevy cavalier, very reliable, and easy to repair.

Battery went bad really fast, as well as the alternator, but I bought it used and those are the only issues I have had with it. It is been very reliable. I would recommend it as a first car for anyone on a budget. Nothing too fancy but as I said, very reliable and easy to drive. Good mileage. I have had it for 7 years now and it is the best car I have owned. The interior is very simple, and for lack of a better word 'user friendly'.

- Zack F

Dash cracking due to sun and falling apart affecting odometer, speedometer.

Because of the sun the dash has had many problems in cracking and falling apart, even with purchasing the vehicle from the Chevy dealership they would not fix of replace the dash problem this is also beginning to affect the CD player as well as the speedometer. Have also had issues with the gear shifter cable breaking and needing to be replaced, besides these problems the engine runs great and has been a very reliable vehicle.

- Benjamin M

Fun to drive, sporty car. Great mpg.

No performance problems other than wear and tear, just normal older car issues. I love the gas mileage 25 to 27 mpg city and 35 to 37 mpg highway. I have the sports, I enjoy the sunroof pretty much year round. It is a small car with mid-size car room. I feel safe and the car has the get up and go for a 4 banger 2. 2 liter engine. I was to just one outer door skin and a repaint to have it redone completely. I love this car.

- Cathy D

Only issue is the dashboard.

The only issue I am having with my car is the dash is literally cracked and broken in several places. I am told that the year the car was made they had problems with the dashboards. Otherwise it is mechanically sound and has over 230k on it. Gets great gas mileage. I do not know why they still are not making them. Maybe because they were such good cars that they weren't making enough on repairs and trade ins.

- J W

The car is reliable and safe. Gotten into 2 accidents and no one got hurt.

Extremely reliable. I've only had the car for about 4 years now, I bought it used. The check engine light was on when bought but I haven't had many issues with it that wasn't from human error. It has power windows and the radio is fine. The seats are comfortable, soft, and dark enough so they do not stain easily for those who have children. They steering wheel is easy to grip and doesn't pull much.

- Gabrielle T

Old vehicle with low mileage.

This vehicle was my husband's grandma's vehicle. It runs well and gets me to and from destinations as needed without issue. The one thing I would say is a problem is that the road house is bad on the highway as if the door seals are bad. Also the passenger seat belt locks when trying to put it in sometimes causing the passenger to have to go without a belt. The vehicle has less than 50k miles!

- Holly M

280000 miles and still rolling!

My Chevy cavalier has been for the most part very reliable. It has 280000 miles on it now with no major repairs need. The AC has been working this entire time with only one recharge. The gas mileage has also been reliable at 28 city and 30 highway. The original radio did not have a CD player or an aux cord, so it was upgraded. The speaker did not need upgrading as the bass was good.

- Jeremy S

(Slightly) Oldie but goodie!

Purchased from rental company with 15k mileage, and now has approximately 40k. Problems and issues have been almost non-existent. Runs well from in-city driving to road trips, if not packing heavily, as it's not immensely spacious. Handling has been great, tighter and more comfortable than some newer cars with more bells and whistles. Fantastic purchase I would make again.

- J. M

everything works as it should i would drive it out of state if need be

It's the ls sport so it looks good drives well gets good mpg 2.2 L NA power when i want it when i got the gas dislikes the car is showing Its age a now 150,000 miles now still runs good but the car is starting to rust and fall apart i need something a little newer but i like the way my car feels i drive other cars and it feels numb you don't get a a lot of feedback

- matt S

My car is great for gas mileage but not quite ideal for people with kids.

I like that it's great on gas. However, it's super compact and we can't really loud much in it. Also, there isn't AC in the back so we have to use something to funnel AC from the front ro the back for our kids because we live in Arizona where it's extremely hot all the time. It gets us from A to B with good mileage and that's about the only good thing. Its reliable.

- Kaitlyn L

Bought used and love it..was very surprised to see how well this car still runs

bought it used and for the most part absolutely love it. Great mileage and smooth ride spacious. The only problem I have is what I am guessing is a starter issue but easily fixed by just pouring water onto the area. I can't directly get to it beings that it is under the motor...I know she starts right up every time though right away if I need to do the water trick

- natalie l

Good small car for anyone

This is a great little car. It has had no major problems. It does have a major design flaw, though. The dash board area has cracked in several places. (Everyone that I know who owns this car has had the same problem.) It gets good gas mileage. Another problem is insurance is more expensive for it in my state because it is classified as a sports car.

- Joan A

2 door very good in the snow, great on gas a lot of trunk space anti lock brakes

There are a couple problems, Brake and calipers. Other than that it's a great vehicle runs great and gets u from place to place very reliable vehicle. There are a couple rust spots that need to be cleaned up. Inside of the car is in great shape very clean and nice. The frame needs some work the engine is good could use an oil change and windshield fluid .

- Rachel L

White 4 door Chevy cavalier.

My car currently has ignition problems. It also has hood damage and minor rust areas. It runs good and has been a reliable car for the past 10 years. I have the oil changed every few months and the interior is in pretty good shape. The are no tears in the interior. The dash is cracked and has a small piece missing. Overall the car is in okay condition.

- Lynn S

Very little maintenance required

This car is reliable. It's a bit old so it has some issues appearance wise, namely the clear coat is peeling. However for a 4 cylinder engine it drives really well. I bought it used 2 years ago, despite normal things such as tires, brakes, and oil, I have only had to replace the idler pulley once. Give the age of the car that's not a bad deal at all.

- Alexis M

Generally good automobile.

Mechanically, there's nothing wrong with it. A little cosmetic damage but I like it. Gets me where I need to go. Hard to work on & therefore expensive, but rarely has any issues. I do not have a whole lot to say about it. It is a good car. The only thing I do not like about it is the traction control. It makes a scary noise when I have low traction.

- Anna B

Dark green. New battery and new tires. Brand new muffler. Tape deck. Four door.

The car is great. It runs fine being how old it is. There have been a couple problems along the way but the were cheap and quick fixes. As long as I get the regular check ups it should keep going for another 20 years. It is also great with gas. The one problem I have is the defroster on the back window is not working anymore. That's all through.

- Angel L

Blue Chevrolet cavalier two thousand three.

Drives good but several problems broken mirror, transmission trouble muffler fell off drives okay but is very loud, blue color 4 door automatic dome light recently replaced along with headlights and tail lights, 17 mpg shakes a bit on highway but gets me from point A to point B needs spark plugs and will be changing oil again soon.

- Sara M

The sunroof is my favorite.

I do not have any issues with the over all car. It runs great and is very reliable. The seats are comfortable and I absolutely love the sunroof. There is lots of trunk space. The one thing I do not like as much is there is not a lot of space for anyone to sit in the back seat without their legs being jammed into the front seats.

- Kyra M

My overall opinion on the day to day performance of my Chevy.

Got it used. The car is in good shape and runs very well with a few minor problems that are easily fixed. Good family car. However, we live in the southeastern us and it does not have a working air conditioner. So I do not drive often in warm weather. And when I do it's either early in the morning or later in the day.

- Kimberly B

Chevy cavalier. Best car around because it just hit 100,000 miles.

This is the best car I have ever had. Minor issues but I take care of it! I'd highly recommend this car! I get the oil changed on a 3 month basis! The only bad thing with this car is that the windows do not open anymore. It is all electric so I need to buy a new battery for it in order for the windows to work again.

- Natalie E

Best running car I have had.

No problems has been a great car for me not much maintenance needed for me to do has be a great running car for me only had to do basic maintenance on it which I have been so thankful that it runs great for me has had not major work needed all the work had been done by my son not engine or /transmission work needed.


I refer to it as a 'she'. God has blessed it for me to keep her running.

Plenty of rust; needs a good paint job; windows do not go down; moonroof no longer works. It does keep on going; drives well especially on freeways. Approximately $15. Fills it up. Heater is good; air is good. Some interior damage. Missing 2 hubcaps. Fairly new catalytic converter. Muffler pipe replaced a year ago.

- Barbara H

The gas mileage is amazing as is the low amount of maintenance that is needed.

So far I have had no major issues. I love my car the sunroof is definitely a favorite feature plus bonus points I've never had a leak from it. Only down side I have found is that the seat belts sit at a very odd angle. Being a smaller female it doesn't affect me greatly but drives my boyfriend insane as he is 5'9".

- Audra R

Reliable transportation for anyone looking for a used car.

I love my Chevy cavalier. It is the most reliable, dependable car I have ever had. I keep the normal maintenance up and do the recommended up keep that is suggested to me in order to keep the car in top shape. I would recommend a Chevy cavaliers to any looking to buy a second hand car. You will not be disappointed.

- Madeline M

I have always liked Chevrolet the main thing I like is it always works.

It was a certified car most problems are from wear and tear. I get the oil changed regularly if you get a used car make sure it is certified. I got this car in 2005 and it still runs fairly well. I have a lot of miles on it over 100, 000. Went on a lot of vacations. We do not go any more the last one wore us out.

- Rebecca L

It is an okay vehicle if you do not have to do very much driving.

My car was bought used by a friend within the past year. He had bought it from an elderly woman that rarely drove the vehicle. Within the first 5 months of ownership at 70, 000 miles I had to have a major repair done on my engine. My muffler now has a hole in it and my steering is giving me some noise now.

- Angela M

Great dependable car. Would recommend this car to most people

I love my car. Chevy is the go to makers. This car has always been reliable for short distances and long scenic drives. The only problem I have with my car is this paint job. When the gloss was put on it was bubbling 2 years after it was released. Not sure but shortly after the paint started to come off.

- Candy M

Good gas mileage and around town car.

I Love the gas mileage that this older car gets. It is a bit small/tight trying to get 3 older kids in the backseat. It is shorter to the ground than I usually like. However mechanically I have had very few problems with it. The dashboard is starting to crumble, but that could be normal with its age.

- Susie A

Very comfortable and reliable.

I bought it new. It is been reliable for 15 yrs. It is the perfect ice for me. It is good for long trips. Now that I am getting older, it is tougher to get in and out of because it is lower. The seats are very comfortable. I enjoy the sunroof. I probably wouldn't go with manual windows next time.

- Linda T

Chevy cavalier is a rock star.

Runs very well but vehicle is too small. Good gas mileage and very dependable. Have had no significant mechanical issues. Some hail damage and it needs a rear panel replace due to a dent. Recently had oil changed and no issues identified. It only has 79000 miles so very low mileage for it is age.

- Stephen R

Reliable transportation, starts every time. Handles well in inclement weather.

Extremely reliable. Handles well in inclement weather. Inside noise level during highway travel is somewhat loud. Heat and AC are sufficient. Leg room in front seats is sub standard. Trunk size is small. Minimal rust spots on lower part of the body. The front and rear defrosters are adequate.

- Mary D

Saturn ion 2006! Great on gas and wonderful ride!!

My vehicle is a nice reliable car, comfy seating plenty of legroom.. Back windows go all the way down. Spacious trunk and great radio and USB adaptor!! Plenty of compartments for drinks, sunglasses pretty much anything you need to have while driving.. Great on gas and low mileage as well.

- Jennifer C

Front bumper is tied up because it hangs!

My car has window cranks & am/FM stereo, its four door but one doesn't work, it's very reliable at least so far! Has a/c & heater w/defrost & their are leaks in our floor boards but nice & clean, great on gasoline just depends if you travel up hills a lot or not on how well the gas does!

- Lindsey P

2003 Chevrolet cavalier good reliable car.

This is a nice car it was a cheap car but its good on gas and the parts are very cheap. I didn't pay much for it you can find parts very easy. Its roomy it's a automatic but they make standards also. This is a good car for anyone even with a family small. Or large family it don't matter.

- James B

Dark green Chevy Cav. Reliable

I have not had any problems with my car. Smooth ride, strong engine. The seats are comfortable. They sit lower to the ground. The paint is peeling some from the sun here by the ocean. Also on top of dashboard is starting to crack. Outside of that it has been amd is a very reliable car.

- Mary Ann V

Heated seats in the winter

It's run down, grey leather seats that are too hot. My side door won't open at all the cable has been cut in half. The air conditioning fan or motor won't stay on. You have to bang it underneath the passenger floorboard. The hood got slammed shut too. Wouldn't open for a couple months.

- Katie H

My silver Chevrolet cavalier!

It is not a very reliable vehicle. I have had several issues with it lately actually. It is a 2003 Chevrolet cavalier. It is a two door vehicle. It is silver. It gets very good gas mileage though. However, lately I struggle to keep any gas in it! I have owned it for several years now.

- Danielle M

Its a 2 door, with a really nice sunroof.

It's a good car. Runs great. Recently the switch for the window control broke. But it was an easy fix. The motor in our sunroof stopped working and the sunroof now wont close all the way and water leaks into our car really bad. But other than that no problems, or big ones at least.

- Morgan T

Why I like my used Chevy cavalier.

My car is old and needs some maintenance. I've only had it a sort time but it has been very reliable. Very comfortable seating. Seems safe. Only problem I have found, or not found is the transmission dipstick. Car runs sound a smooth. I've heard finding parts may be a problem. Idk.

- Debi H

A sporty fun to drive car, dependable, with great gas mileage.

There has really been no significant problems with the car, it drives well, gets great gas mileage, is comfortable although it has fairly stiff suspension, the features are pretty standard, but it is peppy for a four cylinder car, all in all it is fun to drive and very dependable.

- Allen P

It'll get you from point A to point B.

Just normal wear and tear from age. Brakes are loud when you first get going than they seem to get quieter, but they grab pretty well. The glove compartment can't shut. The inside body has cracks in the dashboard. Shocks need replaced. The oxygen converter should also be replaced.

- Kristin H

I don't know all of it but it's a good car.

It needs brakes o2 sensor thermostat shocks struts paint windshield washer fluid body work it needs TLC tires rims new speakers radio it just really need a few items done to it let's not forget rotors it's a good car and works great in the snow it also it good on mileage and gas.

- Robin L

Affordable and efficient. Cheap to maintain for the life of the vehicle.

It's a smaller vehicle but it runs great even after 16 years. Window switched are located below the shifter on center console which is weird sometimes off putting but you can get used to it. Parts are always available and relatively inexpensive. Great with gas econ as well

- Jeff howard J

Very good car. Fuel saver

Bought this car in 2005. It has been a great car and nothing really wrong with it besides the normal upkeep. It has 222000 miles on it and had to replace the clutch and slave cylinder once. It's very easy on fuel and great for highway mileage. Highly recommend this vehicle

- Christopher I

Comforting, all manual window, and lock on door

The car is great it gets me from point a to point b but my radio doesn't play discs so that's a bummer. The features are very comforting like the seats are soft like quilt like material. The windows the doors the locks are all manual which is kind of annoying but it's okay

- Arie M

Great vehicle with low miles.

Low miles, great gas mileage, and midsize compact car. Great trunk space. It is red. Low maintenance. Smooth ride. Has a great stereo. Great car in general. Runs like a champ. Great air conditioning and heating system. Very reliable. A little small, but not bad on space.

- Melissa T

My check engine light is always on. I don't like the design of the car.

My check engine light is always on. Has good gas mileage. I worry about not starting everyday. The color is matte grey, which I don't like. I don't like the design of the car. It's not that spacious, especially when putting groceries in it. The heat and ac work great.

- Britney K

Great car for the simple minded.

Car is a simple sedan, I have an older model but it has held up great with minimal maintenance such as oil changes, tires, tune up etc additionally is great on gas and mileage. My model is very basic as it does not have electrical windows nonetheless I love it.

- Heather D

Chevrolet cavalier, it is a great car.

Performs well, but the windows and mirrors are manually operated. The seats are very comfortable, something that nearly everyone who rides in my car comments on. CD player can be fickle, mine stopped working entirely, but radio and cassette player work great.

- Laura D

Capable vehicle for around town driving.

We bought it used. We enjoy this capable sedan. However there are problems with the fuel injector. It has been replaced yet if you do not give it a moment to start it will not. So, you must turn the key and wait. It can be frustrating when you are in a hurry.

- Marie-louise P

Cute little car great for one person.

I've had this car for 5 years its still in awesome condition. Has less than 100, 000 miles on it. Great first car, 2 door, automatic windows, new brakes. Small good for one person, needs oil change and some new tires. It has a decent radio no major problems.

- Samantha E

Good older car with little troubles

It is a older car so it has its problems but overall it still runs good. It has a oil leak and needs a tune up. But it has been a good car. I bought it from a elderly lady who could no longer drive. It has low mileage. Chevys for the most part are good cars.

- Melissa C

The most important thing others should know about my car is that I love it. My car is reliable and sturdy

I like that my vehicle is reliable and has lasted for so many years with few problems. I dislike my vehicle is only two doors because it is hard to fit in tight parking spaces. The doors are heavy and make it difficult to get in and out if someone is close

- Jacqueline P

Is a sporty car and rides smooth and is reliable in all conditions.

Great car in great shape and have had it for a long time. 2 door and rides smooth. Do not like that it makes noises when driving. Would recommend this car to anyone. Sometimes engine light comes on when gas door is someone open and not completely closed.

- Sam E

My reliable Chevy cavalier.

I have no vehicle problems. My car has never let me down. It always gets me where I need to be safely. During snow storms it never gets me stuck. It just keeps going on and on. Care and repairs have been reasonable considering she is fifteen years old.

- Jane C

It gets me from point a to point b every time with little problem

It's a clunker for sure, but i absolutely love it. I bought it for 500 bucks with 175k miles on it over 2 years ago and it's still trucking along at 201k miles. Only minor issues i have had to fix. Solid strong dependable car.

- Jonathon C

Decent car. Not very appealing to the eyes, but does what it needs to do.

My car is very smooth driving car. It is not the most flattering to the eyes, but it gets the job done. The cavalier sips gas instead of chugs it as well, saving money in the gas department. Not many issues with my car at all.

- Jen A

Reliable and Speedy Race Car

no issues with performance, body is rusting but was bought that way. good gas mileage. no cruise control and no AUX port but can use cigarette lighter port for an adapter. comes with CD player. automatic locks and windows.

- Taylor B

All fluids have been changed as per recommendations and Will go another 100,000

This particular Carlos has the very small 2.2 engine and is surprisingly very quick. The best part is the gas mileage and the little amount of money to film. Runs great and Justin passed 100,000 mi. Still going strong

- Robert C

It gets good gas mileage and still runs after 160,000 miles.

I dislike the seats because they are uncomfortable when traveling long distances. I do like that even as old as it is, it still gets really good gas mileage. I also like that I haven't had to do much maintenance on it.

- Karen B




It's great on gas and reliable.

With the Chevy cavalier I've experienced it to be a pretty decent reliable car. The only problems I've had with it is the underneath rusting out an parts needing to be welded. Also the key gets stuck in the ignition.

- Destiny W

I think others should be aware that the back windows don't always work well. Sometimes if you let them down too long they won't roll back up and u have to play with them to get them to work.

I have a blue cavalier. I like that it is easy to maneuver. However I dislike that I don't have a backup camera and the air conditioning takes a while to get going also the mirrors are not very mobile

- Jordan S

That it is really good on gas. I also enjoy the fact that it is a 5-speed.

It's used and not in the best condition. The motor runs well though and it has a manual transmission that doesn't have any problems. It gets up to 33 mpg which is the main reason I decided to buy it.

- Jonathan G

Extraordinary transportation

I love Cavaliers. This is the third one that I have ever owned. They are very dependable and reliable. I have never had any problem with any of them and they are very cheap on gas. The only thing in

- April A

It's tough and reliable, as are most Cavaliers. I wouldn't have had it any other way.

It's reliable. I bought it used at 30,000 miles and I've put 75,000 on it. It runs smooth and the biggest issue I've had is needing to replace the exhaust, but that is Winter use for you.

- Greg M

It is reliable and no-frills. Less bells and whistles means less repairs or mysterious things malfunctioning.

I like that it is a Chevy and for an older car has only needed basic maintenance. It runs well in all types of weather. It is compact and simple, which I like, Good gas mileage too.

- Justine M

It's is an older car and some parts may need to be fixed.

I like that even after how old it is, it still runs better than most cars. I don't like that it doesn't have the same features as newer cars. Overall though I really like this car.

- Breanna N

It doesn't go very far, because I have not really much to do, but I want to keep it as long as possible.

I love Cavaliers and this is my 3rd one. Have had good service with it. My dislikes are repeating trouble with power windows and a muffler bracket that has broken several times.

- Linda Y

It is a really good car and it runs really smooth when you drive.

The thing that I dislike about my car is the way it looks I still need to work and get things fixed like my tires my engine my car is really starting to get old so I need another.

- Brittany I

It takes care of my needs because I have taken care of it.

I like that my car has always been reliable. It always given it the basic maintenance and kept all repairs done as quickly as possible. I plan on keeping it as long as I can.

- Cynthia B

The important thing to know is that it is a reliable driver from point a to point b.

The biggest complaint I have is rust. It does get me from point a to point b, and that's the biggest thing I can ask for from a vehicle. I wish it wasn't such a rust bucket.

- Zachary M

The car is small and has a great get up and go.

I love the gas mileage it has for a full tank of gas. The size of the car is just right. The color of the car is my favorite. I do not like how my clear coat is coming off.

- Kelli H

That it still gets good gas mileage I haven't had to put much extra maintenance.

The seats are uncomfortable. The knob for the ac/heater has broken off. The gas pump sensor is broken. The tailpipe rattles. It is no longer worth the money to put into it.

- Karen B

It is a good size with a spacious trunk still running good and it has 90,000 miles on it but a good running cute car

I like the size of my vehicle and the color. However, it is getting old and the body is starting to rust which I dislike. It rides nice and is cheap to repair when needed.

- Kim W

I love my chevy cavalier because it runs and doesn't let me down.

Gets me from place to place and definitely is very reliable. Rarely ever have any problems with it. I would rate at 10/10. The power windows and locks are nice as well

- Sam D

It's an older car, so a lot of the mechanical problems come from that. Watch out for rust in the wheels and frame.

It's a good solid car. I've had problems with the wheels and tires, but everything under the hood works great considering its age. I do with it had four doors, though.

- Jessica P

It's not the best looking but gets us to and from.

My car drives crappy in bad weather. It's 2 door very uncomfortable with two small kids under 4. It's not very roomy but we got what we can afford. It's good on gas.

- Jessica N

It needs the least maintenance. I am happy with it.

It is a very sturdy vehicle. It takes me places that I intend to. It gives fairly good mileage. Despite it not being new in design, the drive is quite enjoyable.

- ranendra g

Its size because it's not too big and not too small and a decent family car.

I like the size of the car, but seems like everyone I get the window motors go out. It seems to be pretty reliable so far though. Except for the window motors.

- Sam M

It reminds me of my first car, which was a geo metro lsi, which I absolutely loved and I miss.

I love how small my car is. It runs really well, and I've not had any problems with it. The only complaint would be that there are no power locks or windows.

- deanna s

That it is reliable and easy to take care of problems on your own.

It is 15 years old but has maintained. I do have a problem with the AC unit where it only works with the car moving. I've had to replace the engine as well

- Wendy F

03 chevy cav good car for the price

good strong car may be on the older side but still running like a top no rust problems or electronic problems just an all around good car for a low price

- Alex M

It is white and I keep it very clean.

It's a car to get me around but wont be relying on it forever. I enjoy that I do have a car to get me around and allow me to do the things I need to do.

- Julia B

Its old but paid for. Great gas mileage and dependable.

Great vehicle it is a good gas saver and cheap to use. We all like driving it around. A small vehicle but I can get in and out of tight places easier.

- Cynthia H

Gas mileage is great , all that was added was a cold air intake

No problems, runs great for the year of the car , I get great gas mileage, very nice road trip car everything works , oil changes every 3000 miles

- Terrance P

It gets good gas mileage.

I like that my car has not had to have too many major repairs and as old as it is it still runs good. I dislike that it has so many miles on it.

- Bonnie P

The air conditioning only works if the car is moving

I have a 2 year old and it is a 2 door car. It makes it difficult to get him in and out of the car comfortably. It does have good gas mileage.

- Sara S

Chevy Cavalier 2003 great car!

Overall it's a very practical and reliable car. I've only had very minor issues with it and it's been super easy finding parts for it to fix.

- Jayna K

I have taken care of her and she has taken care of me throughout the years.

I love my car because I've had it forever. The only complaint I have is that she has recently been needing more work. But she is pretty old.

- Alicia M

I love the sunroof and the radio the factory radio is amazing I would not trade.

I love my car I have had it for awhile I have not put it in the shop but one time. I would tell anyone that they would want to buy this car.

- Miranda M

She gets good gas mileage, is sporty, and has a lot of trunk space.

It's been a very reliable vehicle, and is wearing well. My only complaint is lack of head room, and tiny cup holders that nothing fits in.

- Samantha L

She is the best car for me. She can and will never be replicated

I love that it gets me where I need to be. I love that the air is cold and heat works. I love the color and that she fits my personality.

- Jackie Y

2003 Chevy cavalier: a great starter car for the young driver.

Mirrors and windows are manual, which can be frustrating, but overall the car drives well, has excellent brakes and comfortable seats.

- Candice D

Even tho it is an older car it still doesn't have 100000.

I like that It has cruise control and it is easy to drive. That it is easy to get repair work done and so far has not cost that much.

- Delenia H

The most reliable car I've ever owned and still gets fantastic gas mileage.

I love my car. The only thing that makes me sad is that Chevy discontinued the car. But it runs as well today as the day I bought it.

- Amanda N

It's a crappy car, it's definitely a pocket pig.

I like that it's easy on gas, radio works, heater/ac works. I don't like how hard it is on gas or how it goes through tires so fast!

- Lindsey M

The Ford taurus is very dependable.

It is a very reliable car. It is very easy to drive. It gets good gas mileage. It is very to park. It has just the features I want.

- May S

Saves on gas. Built to last. Great to enjoy music in.

It's old and used so it isn't the best shape, but gas mileage is very awesome! It's small, very easy to use and cheap on parts.

- Melinda D

It is dependable and gets great gas mileage on short and long trips.

I love the dependability of the vehicle. It is comfortable and provides enough room for my needs. It gets great gas mileage.

- Spring B

it's paid for! LOL ok... and the tires are old

it's reliable and inexpensive to operate. However the seats could be higher quality and it needs to be more fuel efficient

- Brian E

It has two doors so sometimes space can be limited. Especially if your traveling

I dislike that it only has 2 doors. I like the silver color. The air conditioning could be better and I need more space.

- Brenna G

It is a great car still runs once all fixed up she will last forever.

It is a great car however the water housing pump is cracked needs breaks and new headlights and the body is sad looking.

- Amanda B

The car is important itself.

Only two doors. Not enough trunk space. Also has mechanical issues including no driver window and a cracked windshield.

- Danielle C

It is fuel efficient and I also like the unique color.

Good car. Gets me where I need to go. Like any car after few years it becomes run down. Cost a lot to fix. Expensive.

- Jess S

It is and has been paid for many years. Cost benefit of keeping it is phenomenal. But it too will soon have to go.

Like the vehicle for Its economy. Hate it for having all the normal problems of a GM product. It has served well.

- Harold C

lasts a long time and still going strong

love having a convertible. but since it is so old it is hard to get service and parts. it also breaks down often.

- mary L

Gas pedal stays at 55 mph good without much work from your foot

It's good on gas, handles the road good. I really don't like the color but it hasn't needed to much in fixing costs

- Trudy R

Not much. Its reliable enough and gets the job done.

There are a few problems right now. The windows go out after a while and stop working. The car last a while though.

- Shakira M

It's a good car for fuel mileage. It will last you a long time also if you keep up on the regular maintenance.

It is a very good running car. I had to put a starter and new battery in it. Otherwise it's a very reliable car!

- Raymond S

It gets good gas mileage and the back seats fold down you can store a lot in it for long trips.

I love the size and reliability. It gets good gas mileage. I don't like the color or that it only has 2 doors.

- Amber P

It is roomy to put about 50 medium sized boxes in the back seat and the trunk.

It is economical sporty and roomy I also have not had any major problems with it. It is been an excellent car.

- Joanna C

When it hits about 100, 000 miles, the paint starts to "fade" on the top.

The window motors stopped working around 80, 000 miles, 2 out of 4. Reliable and a very simple car growing up.

- Otto S

It's been reliable, the gas mileage is pretty good around town and on the highway. It's small so it fits in inconvenient parking spots.

Its red but only a two door. I like the color the two doors is a little inconvenient. I need a new paint job.

- Bambi C

Fun sporty car that's good on gas and has been very low maintenance

Very reliable, never had any major problems with it. Just regular maintenance. It's good on gas and sporty

- Marche C

My cheap and black cavalier

It is a very cheap and reliable car. Has had a few problems as any 15 year old car would have. Easy on gas

- Josh B

I don't like driving this car a lot. I would like a cuter car.

My check engine light is always on. It's not good looking on appearance. Has great speed and gas mileage.

- Britney K

Its reliable, safe, and gets you where you need to go.

It is small. Gets good gas mileage. No problems with the engine. Still like new and has low miles still.

- Melissa T

It's easy to work on if it has a problem.

I love that it has air-conditioning. It runs good. Easy to maintain. Nothing I don't like about my car.

- Tessa C

The Chevrolet cavalier is very good on gas.

It's a decent car. It gets me were I need to go I don't really experience mechanical problems with it.

- Bailey O

runs good.last a good long time.

I like chevy cavaliers. They are easy to fix. They last for a long time. I'm going to get another one.

- heidi h

The motor 2.2L has 50,000 less miles than the car has on it.

I have a 2003 Chevrolet Cavalier. I love it. Runs great at 250,000 miles, great gas mileage. 35 hwy.

- Deborah C

Good on gas reliable comfortable ride mid size car

no complainants. it is reliable. good on gas. hardly had to put money into it and bought it used.

- Jessie H

It's versatile, well built, runs good, & stands with time.

I love that it's blue. I love that it's sturdy and well built. I love the versatility of it.

- Heather O

this car has great gas mileage in the city and on the highway

love the gas mileage love how it handles needs a little more leg room love the silver color

- Caryn G

My car gets 28-30 miles per gallon.

It has great gas mileage. It is pretty dependable. I wish it was newer and had new tires.

- Dawn D

It's great on gas and a very dependable car

My car gets me where I need to go but I don't like the fact that It's two doors anymore

- Bridget S

The recalls and what mileage, i should prepare for repairs.

I like the color. I like having a reliable vehicle. Gas on it is pretty reasonable.

- Jennifer F

It is good on gas and it is really roomy. It's also easy to drive.

My car is just dated. The dashboard is all cracked and the speakers are going bad.

- Leanne F

I love it as much as any other car have ever had in my life.

I'm getting read to turn the odometer over 200,000 miles with no engine problems.

- Ron H

My car is fairly dependable, but I hope it dies soon so I can get a new one.

It's an old car with no special features. I have no hubcaps. The car is white.

- Suzanne M

Reliable for basic needs, good first car for younger people

It works well. It is not my favorite,because it is too small. I need a new one

- Elyse M

It's old it is a beater but I love the car

I like it a lot but it is very small not a whole lot of room for everything

- Debbie J

They should know my car is very dependable. It starts right off every time I start it.

I like that it is very dependable. I like that it gets great gas mileage.

- Michelle W

It's a beast on wheels!!!!

My window on the driver side doesn't roll down. My car is a pretty blue.

- Stephanie L

How well the car drives and minimal maintenance needed to keep the car operational.

It drives well. No major issues and cheap on gas. Lasted me many years.

- Maryellen H

Old but works. Have had minor issues. No accidents.

Reliable. Has lasted for over 10 years. No power locks or windows.

- Jay V

Very reliable,a/c heater works great,radio has excellent reception it isn't a fast moving 0-80 in 1 minute type of car but reliable & convenient easy on gas but moves slow somewhat

The car does not go into 2nd or 3rd because shifter cable is broke

- Lindsey P

it gets me to and from work and I get all my errands done and gets good gas mileage

It still runs good but does have a few issues coming from the age.

- Mona B

reliability is outstanding

i love the miles to gallon it gets the safety it offers my family

- lori S

It shakes a little when stopped and feels like It's going to turn off.

It's old. Cloth seats very hot. It uses more gas than it should.

- Angel B

It runs very good. I have had it about 3 years and very little mantants on it. very good on gas. I would buy a the same model again.

Very good gas miles. Very dependable. hardly put in money in it.

- Rhonda I

The bumper is duct taped on. Also its very low to the ground so we can drive through mud

My car is red and the bumper is falling off. It pretty reliable.

- Hannah M

driven hard and holds up well only minor repairs so far

had it for 15 years and only minor repairs rides a little rough

- Robert M

The car is small but reliable, not recommended for someone over 6 foot.

It is too small because I am 6-5. It is a reliable car though.

- Timothy E

I love how durable It is and how long it had lasted. I don't like how this model always has issues with AC. The mileage is great.

It's old but solid! Rough around the edges but always reliable.

- Alejandro H

It gets very good gas mileage, at 34 miles highway

I like the size of my car, the gas mileage I get and It's cute.

- vickie k

I don't have any complaints about my car. It runs well to get me from place to place. I've only had to do minor work to maintain the car.

People should know that my car is a nice light pink color.

- branden e

The car runs good. The body is rusting a little bit. The gas mileage is good.

It is a good running car and gets good gas mileage.

- Tammy H

I like it cause it is small,and good on gas ,and dependable.I really don't have any dislikes.

That it's good on gas.and that it starts every time

- Mary R

It's darkly colored so i guess it doesn't get dirty looking as fast as others?

It's a sturdy car gets me were i need to go so eh.

- crystal h