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2008 Colorado- Great midsize truck for hauling stuff!

Problems- The electrical seems to be getting faulty in the last few years. The lights on the inside of the vehicle don't always come on when you open the door and the turn signal does not always work. Performance- The truck works great and I can always get up to highway speeds easily without having to slam the gas pedal down. Reliability- My truck has been very reliable when the weather is above 20. When it gets colder than that, it has a hard time starting and staying running. I went into 'limp mode' a few times last winter and had to replace the thermometer. I've also had it not start on opening day deer season one time too- made me late to the stand. Comfort- Very comfortable front seats. Could not tell you how comfortable the back seats are, because I never sit there. Features- I feel like it has everything a 2008 vehicle should have. Some people who ride in my truck complain about the lack of an aux cord or the non-power seats, but I do not care about that stuff. It's a truck, not a luxury car.

- Kevin L

Chevrolet Colorado- the good, the bad, and the bumpy.

The Chevrolet Colorado standard cab pickup truck is a smaller sized truck in comparison to most trucks and therefore it is easy for me to handle. I will say however that unfortunately the Chevrolet Colorado standard cab pickup truck is the absolute furthest thing from a smooth ride. I mean you could be driving down a perfectly paved straight away highway and you will still be in the cab bumping all around. Thanks to would hands down be my biggest complaint.

- Amber M

A good, but not great small truck.

A decent small truck, but not a great one, which would have been the earlier s-10 model. Fair gas mileage for a 4WD. Sheet metal is too thin. My dad's old s-10 and the new Colorado sat out in the same hail storm. 1k damage to Colorado zero dollars to the s-10. Not a lot of room inside, I should have gotten the extended cab. Fairly snappy for a four cylinder.

- Dave K

The best vehicle I have owned in a while.

Good on gas I have had no issues with the trunk I have hauled wood I have hauled scrap metal and cans it has been a very reliable vehicle I couldn't ask for a better truck. And I know I said I have had no issues but I am having trouble with the tpm light thinking maybe I might have a leak at the value but other than that it has been a great truck.

- Tammy R

Good for Halloween or moving to good work vehicle.

Good on gas no problems with the engine everything seems to be working fine for 2008 good has good horsepower for what I need and it has never left me hanging. W call is has a no like tech or anything fancy like that so it is very friendly it is a good starter car for those who just need a vehicle are you set up to haul my equipment.

- Kari J

Chevrolet is the way to buy!

I own a 2008 Chevy Colorado. It has just over 200, 00 thousands miles. I have never had any issues with the engine or the transmission. The air conditioning needs to be change now every summer. The heat works perfectly. I have felt a decline in the way the truck pulls loads. I would recommend buying a Chevy to everyone.

- Timothy B

It is a piece of junk that does not have any warranty.

It has had nothing but problems since 1 year after I bought. I replaced all the bulbs twice in the first year, then the tire sensors kept going off then the CD player quit working, half of the radio is not lit up. Now the airbag module does not work which is $1500 without labor, now I have another sensor issue.

- Sandra B

I love how cold the air conditioning gets I've only had to refill it once.

Runs very well drives good excellent interior goes anywhere I need it to go excellent for hauling anything you need to haul can tow things with it including cars and motorhomes good air conditioning gets real cold comfortable seating front and rear seats are very nice if you need to haul an extra person.

- William W

I get constant use out of having a pickup truck, being able to load everything.

Besides the okay mileage ( not the best) I love having a pickup truck, spacious and plenty of room to fit all my stuff. I do have to take it in somewhat constantly for the mapping center to get realigned, there has been no other issues with it besides that. I love having a truck and being higher up.

- Rachael C

Great car. No real problems. Lots of positives.

Awesome reliance lasted very many years. No real big problems a little rust and wear and tear but that's really it. Great on gas lasts a long time on about 20 dollars a week. Good in the winter months as well. No real complaints about the truck. Def would consider getting another truck.

- Melissa F

It's a nice white looking car. Not much interesting about it. Its can get around.

I think the car we got drives okay. Took awhile at first to get things for it to help with the car and its accessories. Has its issues, but nothing too bad or stopping it from working. I like it. I think it's a good car and feels nice to be in as well. Just have to get used to it now.

- Christopher L

08' Chevy Colorado experience.

Have had issues with tie rods a lot. Issues with a fuse for the ac / heat that melts it self. TPM system went out replaced the sensors several times and the truck just does not reconnect with them. Have had issues with it keeping an alignment and eating through tires left and right.

- Manny R

I guess I am a Chevy man now. Haha.

The quality is pretty good. Nothing feels cheaply made and nothing easily breaks. My truck is 10 years old and has never left me stranded and has always started. Parts are cheap and easy to find. I was a Toyota guy, but after this truck, I will buy Chevy again.

- Kyle C

Chevy will always be my go-to Vehicle.

I bought my truck used, and it wasn't in great shape cosmetically, but it still runs like a champ. I've always preferred Chevys for a reason. My truck is reliable, durable, and still gets decent gas mileage.

- Aime B

The reliability is great and there has been a minimum of maintenance needed. Ones like it have gone at least 280k miles based on sales ads while researching the purchase.

I like that it has 4wd. I like that it sits high enough to see clearly. I like that it doesn't have creature comforts in excess. I dislike the complexity of repairs compared to other vehicles.

- nik B

It's very versatile, plenty of room inside and great for hauling/ towing.

I really like the room of this midsize crew cab truck. 5 cylinder 3.7l engine delivers good performance and fuel mileage is pretty good. Goes great in the snow, very reliable vehicle so far.

- Richard H

It is very easy to drive and operate. It is easy on gas.

I love having a truck to be able to haul something. I love having air conditioning after 8 years of not having it. I have plenty of room inside to carry passengers.

- Sarah J

It gets me to and from work.

I love the convenience of using the bed of the truck for moving things. The has mileage on it is good. What I don't like is my transmission is going bad.

- Chris L

It is a small pickup truck, that can carry a few items around town.

It is very dependable and drives smoothly. It is about nine years old. I dislike the color of my truck. I have no real complaints about the vehicle.

- August J

Its a truck that can be driven like a car.

I do not really dislike anything about it. I like the style, the hauling and the horsepower. Maybe I just dislike the fuel efficiency.

- Marcos C

It does not get the best gas mileage for a small/compact truck. I use to get the same or better mileage with my fullsize truck.

I think it should get better gas mileage considering it has a 5 cylinder motor. It does ride pretty nice for a 4 wheel drive truck.

- kevin M

It looks good and is very reliable.

I like the comfort and ride quality of the vehicle. I dislike all the electrical issues the truck has. Not expensive to maintain.

- Casey J

That it rides smoother than most trucks.

It it spacious without being too large. It's comfortable. It rides smoother than most trucks. I've had no mechanical issues.

- Karen L

It's a very good truck it drives nice.

The ac is going out of it but can be fixed had not had time to fix it have work and school and not paying someone to do it.

- Amie M

It's a great car and for a truck great on gas.

I have no complaints about my car and I love everything about it otherwise I would trade it in for something I did like.

- Cynthia A

My truck is bright pretty blue.

I recently replaced the battery in my truck. The 3rd setting of the A/C doesn't work, but the rest do.

- Katie M

Move out the way cause she coming through. She tougher than she looks.

My pickup truck is the perfect size for me. It's not too big or too small and not bad on gas.

- Tanya H

It fits 6 people and it has enough room for an entire family. It's also reliable.

I love this vehicle. The only problem I have is that it's starting to show wear.

- Sal R

It runs very good. It's a good quality of a truck.

It's a great car that lasts a very long time. It is very good quality.

- Janean B

The quality of the make and size

I like the size. I like the color. I dislike the suicide doors.

- Annie E

Decent gas mileage for a truck ,4 wheel drive is good in snow

No complaints,dependable and does what I need it to do

- Richard P

Low maintenance cost good gas mileage comfortable for fore people on long trips

Gas mileage. The right size. Low maintenance cost.

- Thomas B

It gets great gas mileage

I have no complaint it's been all I expected it be

- Calvin K