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Reliability is the most important thing about my colorado.

I like my 2012 Chevrolet colorado. I purchased it new and it has proven to be very reliable transportation for me as I have had no major issues a all with it. I don't get as good of gas mileage as I thought I would, however for a truck it is acceptable. I wanted a smaller truck and this model fits the bill perfectly and is surprisingly easy to handle. The body style itself is extremely pleasing to me, and I can honestly say I have not seen a better looking truck style out there. It is an extremely comfortable ride as well. I have driven this car to work 5 or 6 days a week consistently, as well as several out of state trips and I can say that it has always been more than reliable for me. Without a doubt, if given the opportunity to do it all over again, I would. I have never regretted my decision to go with the Chevrolet line of trucks.

- Regina A

If you change your own oil, you can only use synthetic motor oil.

What I like most is the fuel efficiency of the 4 cylinder engine. I also like the cab space for a compact truck. I moved from a full size truck with a v8 into the Colorado so I miss the power sometimes, but since I do not do any major hauling I smile at the fuel pumps more. I also like that regular maintenance items like oil changes, tires, and brake pads will be less expensive. I took a road trip from Tennessee to Montana in 2017 and the only real complaint was the power loss when climbing the big horn mountain ranges in Wyoming. I think the 4 speed transmission should have been a 5 speed for better gear options.

- Derek D

Beauty and reliable performance combined.

My 2012 Chevy Colorado has been very reliable. I love how it drives and rides. With over 1. 5 ton towing capacity it is quite a workhorse for it is size. It drives very well while towing, even in mountainous terrain. It is very peppy and gets great gas mileage for a truck. The cloth seats are very comfortable and are easy to clean with a damp cloth. I love the way it looks. There is not anything about it I do not like and I cannot imagine trading it in on anything else.

- Betty T

2012 Chevrolet Colorado drives smooth and sits well!

The vehicle is great, it drives really well. As far as comfortable riding, it holds 5 seats, I would say that only 4 average adults could fit comfortably but smaller people could hold all 5 I am sure. The truck holds about 17 gallons of gas that gives you about 300 miles to a tank roughly. For what I use it for it is great, not sure what anyone else would use it for but as an everyday vehicle it holds up well.

- Aaron E

Chevy Colorado 4x4 has never let my family down

I love my 2012 Chevy Colorado. I live i n very rural and desolate area in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas and the winters here are tough! My Colorado has never let me down when it came to getting me and my children to town when we needed things from town, during a snowstorm or ice storm. I feel like Chevy is a household name and they stand behind their products to make sure me and my family are safe

- Shanda J

How to handle.this kind of car / truck...this is a big truck.

The only problem that i encounter here is always poop up engine heat or engine cold', I think just need to change the thermostat, other that everything is good, not putting you down in the road..the tires , the motor , machine and everything is.okay.. good service for everyday..especially when your working place is in the mountains or high places.

- Gemma D

It has great gas mileage.

Great performance in drivability and dependability. It has room for all we need to travel with and that includes the dog. It has great gas mileage. I fill up once a week locally and I drive on average about 80 to 100 miles per day. On a 7 1/2 hour trip I fill up no more than twice one way. Comfortable on long trips and is very nice to drive.

- Mary R

Not a real truck but okay in a pinch.

There has been multiple issues timing chain failure, poor shifting, steering problems poor brake life, good fuel economy great air conditioner, very sluggish performer, the seating position is quite comfortable and it is quite roomy for a mid-sized vehicle, probably wouldn't buy another but wouldn't stop someone from doing so.

- beryl P

Colorado crew cab work truck.

I have a crew cab Colorado work truck. It's A nice little truck for getting around the city and hauling groceries or small items. I have a cover on the bed so that limits what can fit in the truck. It handles like a car but is roomy like a truck. It gets good gas mileage. For the money it is a great little truck.

- Edna P

Not bad for a 2012 Chevy Colorado.

It has plenty of legroom in both the front and back. Gets good gas mileage for a small truck. Older models can let in quite a bit of road noise which can be annoying. My 2012 does not have Bluetooth or an auxiliary cable plug. According to Kelly blue book the value has really stayed over the years.

- Chris S

Great hauling truck, for small to medium loads.

No issues or problems, great vehicle, great for hauling. It gets the job done. Seatbelts have a recall, and door locks have a recall as well. Has a strong bed for heavy loads. Back seat is small, but can still hold 4 to 5 people. I like it and will not trade it. I drive up to 300 miles per day.

- James K

Do not buy it if you are ever going to have a passenger in the back. I mean, ever!

I can load a lot in the truck bed which is great. It is a 2 door so has a small back seat which is the most uncomfortable thing I have ever sat in. My back hurt for days after. just because the back is small, doesn't mean that you should skimp on comfort. Truck are not cheap!

- Emma M

Truck buying 101. Truck has served me well.

Very reliable. Not as roomy as I would like as things in one's life changes. Be careful of the dealership you use to purchase and/or do repairs. Salesperson was very helpful but the finance guy was very hyper and made me uncomfortable so another person was brought in.

- Mary C

2012 Chevrolet Colorado truck.

My vehicle is reliable and comfortable with a good towing capacity. It is great for long road trips and gets very good gas mileage. The truck bed is long enough to handle most loads anyone would need to transport, while still allowing good towing capacity.

- Jonathan P

2012 Chevy Colorado work truck

2012 Chevy Colorado is a great truck. My specific model is a work truck model. Doesn't have all the bells and whistles of a luxury truck but it has everything needed to get you from point A to B comfortably with plenty of space to store stuff.

- Jess B

It is a dependable vehicle.

I really like having a truck because I live in a rural area and need one all the time for hauling things. I only wish I had a little bit bigger engine for more power. So far it has been a dependable vehicle.

- Rod w

Great truck for work and visiting job sites.

This vehicle is provided by the company I work for. It is very reliable and comfortable. I have driven it on many trips of four hundred miles plus with no problems at all. Even with over 250,000 miles.

- Craig B

It's a think to get me from here to there

I like it being a truck. And that it has room in the cab. I like the manual locks and windows. Wish it was manual transmission. Don't need the onstar service, wish I could've had it not installed

- B M

It is good for hauling small things.

I am not very fond of the 2012 Chevrolet Colorado and some of the reason is that is that it is a slow, stiff ride, wide turns, defected window mechanism, not good on gas.

- Alicia W

That it is safe to drive and you can carry 5 people in it.

I love how it drives and sets up high. I like that I can haul things in the bed. I like that it has a back seat for my grandkids. It is not loud and has 4 wheel drive.

- Debra T

Reliable and comfortable, all around perfect

It's a very reliable truck, the gas mileage is great. I use it to haul various items for myself and family members. There is enough room for my kids in the backseat

- Serenda L

During the winter time, it drives horrible in the snow.

Performance is really good and haven't had problems with the Colorado. During the winter, it's horrible in snow and I don't feel safe when driving.

- Jennifer L

My 2012 Chevrolet Colorado is very smooth to drive and overall I think It's such a great truck

What i dislike about my 2012 Chevrolet Colorado is that it does not have an aux cord so i always need to have a CD playing or the radio

- maria J

Good little truck can haul and does good on gas.

Little truck good gas mileage can haul a lot of little things can tow jet ski. Room for just to but that's ok. It is a stick shift.

- Dave C

GMC would not even give us a free oil change!

Everyone needs a truck for occasional hauling, but the transmission went out in it after only 4 years and we don't haul that much!

- Cathy S

It's good looking and drives great, handles well and good on gas mileage.

I love driving my truck but the paint is so thin you can't help scratching the paint. when I load and unload stuff from the back.

- Thomas M

2012 Chevy Colorado is a great little truck

Good little truck but whoever thought to make the coating of the wiring out of soybean oil should be fired. Chipmunks love it.

- Lori H

2012 Chevy Colorado great little truck.

Having problems with engine light coming on and no problem found when hooked to computer other than that it is a great truck.

- Mary S

That it does not do well in wet and cold weather conditions.

I like the fuel efficiency that it offers. I dislike the size of the vehicle. I am not too fond of the style of the vehicle.

- John H

Works perfectly for my family of 5 when we need to run errands or take trips

Not the best gas mileage but does the job. I use the backup camera religiously and am not sure i could survive without it

- Casey H

It has stick shift, roll down windows, and manual door locks.

Cheap good gas mileage haul stuff has enough power for what I need, no problems with it. Does good in the rain and snow.

- Dave C

no major work needed. only oil changes, no engine or transmissions trouble at all

smaller than a large full size truck. good looking. easy to steer and drive in town and the highway. Good gas mileage.

- Randy M

very roomy,great ride,very dependable not a single problem

never a single problem,drives great,great miles per gallon good for a four wheel drive truck.Has been trouble free

- wayne a

Great truck with power, performance and comfort

V8 engine, performance, extended cab, a lot of legroom in the front and back, smooth ride and just a great truck

- Kevin T

Its serviceable, but costly do the reairps it will need every now and then

Normal sized vehicle. But not very durable. The headlights seem go out often. There problems with AC and tires.

- David N

It is a good truck. It is sporty and has four wheel drive which is important

The Colorado is a good vehicle it does what we need it to do. . I wish it was a extended cab but it is not

- Dave A

It gets 40 mpg for highway.

Flexible economic less gas I am in love with the color capacity and it is safe for my family.

- Jacqueline G

It has the most leg room of any small truck on the market.

No I don't have any complaints . It is the best vehicle I have owned. It has room.

- Shelby G

the size is perfect for a woman. Chevy's are easy to work on and cheaper to work on

i've already had to redo the heads on this vehicle. i like the size of the truck

- pj s

Reliable, can tow decently well, gas mileage around 18-20

Dislike: tires seem to wear oddly Like: has decent power, 4wd, comfortable ride

- Jacob S

It's reliable and gets me going

It's been a reliable car. It is what I always wanted. I hope to get another

- Brit A

Versatile , great gas mileage, comfortable ride, great accessories

Love the ride, gas Milagros, ease of handling. Love having a small truck.

- James C

It's good to use for work but also can be used for fun too.

I like trucks. I like to go mudding. It's easy to customize.

- Kerrin T

It's very reliable And good on gas Let's remove things in the back of my truck opposed to if I had a car. And I always get compliments on it

It's reliable it's good on gas and it suits my needs

- Bob A