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2015 Colorado is a great truck overall.

Overall I love my truck but it does have issues that I can complain about. Overall the transmission is great. Sometimes, however, the transmission acts like it does not know what gear it wants to be in. It will either not shift as quickly as I think it should or it upshifts when it should have waited a few seconds longer. When the windows are up and I have the recirculate air button pushed there is a high pitched whistling noise that drives me nuts unless I turn the radio up to drown it out. The steering column has developed a nasty little squeak. Granted, the last two might be nitpicking since the vehicle is a couple years old. Things I do like.. The back seat has ample room for a 6'2" friend of mine. I like the space under the back seats. They also fold down so you can put things (or dogs) back there comfortably to transport them. The v6 engine has plenty of power. My truck definitely does not feel underpowered. I get 21 miles a gallon around town. The technology in it is great. I have USB ports, an auxiliary port, navigation, satellite radio, Pandora, access to the internet if I need it. A really great truck overall.

- Paul R

Nice truck overall. Love the seat warmers.

The truck is nice. We use it a lot for hauling lumber and other things. It has comfortable seating. The only problems we have had with it is the heater and radio, blinker sound. The heater fluctuates so much it is hard to get a comfortable temp. When it is below zero and extremely cold the radio shuts off and so do the blinker sounds. It has happened for 2 winters. Took it in and they couldn't find anything wrong while under warranty.

- Lori S

The best truck for your buck

Chevrolet Colorado is a hit or miss truck sometimes you have good qualities and some have and qualities, features are not in this truck and runs great at times. Performance on this vehicle I say does not have much power that come with this vehicle especially when you accelerate. This vehicle has been good but the quality of parts they put on these trucks are cheaply made and break pretty quick.

- Ray T

Great vehicle, one bad feature

The Chevy Colorado is great as an everyday vehicle with the capability to move stuff as needed. The vehicle is comfortable and easy to drive. The advanced features make it feel luxurious. The only issue is the power windows that don't roll up when you hold the button down. It goes through cycle where it just keeps going up and down for 30 seconds before it finally goes all the way up.

- Lindsey S

Good starting family vehicle.

The truck is good for a small family that is just starting out. The backseats do not offer too much leg room for older teenagers and adults. However, younger children will not have this issue. I have had issues with the driver and passenger door speakers shorting out, I do not know if that is and issue related to the Bose system or an issue across all Colorado.

- Mike L

Chevys rock fords aren't as good.

Good truck, I drive it to l. A every day it has over 100 thousand miles on it with very little maintenance. Pretty much just oil and tires. The back seat is small but the front seats are roomy. It has good power and good gas mileage. It's a safe vehicle I would know cause a lady slammed into me on the freeway and I was ok and so was my truck.

- Greg S

I love the power and the miles per gallon with the 4 cylinder engine.

This vehicle has been awesome and I have loved owning it! The LT comes with all the great features includes heated seats, Bose sound system, heads up display and navigation, hands free commands, and Bluetooth for music and any other phone capability you need. I especially love the gas mileage as it is a 4 cylinder, so I average about 25 MPG.

- David F

It's a small truck that is more functional than it looks.

I like the functionality of a truck in a smaller package. While shopping for trucks, most of what was available was full sized, and that was too big for my needs. The only thing I don't like is the transmission, I would have opted for an 8 speed for smoothness and fuel economy if it would have been available for the year that I purchased.

- Dan B

The world is round so no matter what direction I go in I always move closer to u.

I like it because it is an excellent driver and mechanically it is a better car then my last one. I need to get a lot of features and functions! The best for me to stay with the same demand of my life and the other cars do not have what it takes! The only thing that I can say is that the company has been a leader in the field!

- Mitchell L

Nice and reliable vehicle, just not comfy.

Excellent except the seats are not comfortable. Wish the rear seat would fold flat. No performance issues. It gets decent gas mileage. Love the technology. 3 free oil changes is a waste of money because I have to take the vehicle to a dealer and leave it for the day. I like the look and it handles great. . . Even in the snow.

- Denise L

Colorado runs quiet well and dependable

Love the smooth ride. Has been dependable. Runs well in all weather conditions. It runs quiet and peaceful and handles smooth around the corners I have been pleased with the results of the vehicle since I bought it from the dealership. Seems to be a good dependable car and I will buy another one when the time is right

- Terry A

Family vehicle with off-road ability.

Excellent vehicle power, class, and luxury. The transmission is amazing and the power ratio is excellent for the vehicle. The additional items make this vehicle a daily driver as well as a off road vehicle. This also serves me as a family vehicle with the crew cab option. Comfort vehicle to travel on long trips.

- Tony H

The vehicle has blind spots

It is nice looking and comfortable. I don't like that it does not have heat/air conditioning in the back seat. It also has blind spots and is a little high off the ground..meaning hard to get in and out and hard to see over the front. Could use a camera in the front much like the one in the rear.

- Jo M

Great truck and high technology

Comfortable and have GPS plus safe drive. Sound is very good. Lot of space in the back trunk. Seats are comfortable. Also can set it up Wi-Fi plus save lot of gas not bad for highway. You need to check out of those truck and test it ! Also it have information for app to download to unlock truck

- Norma O

My Chevy Silverado! I love the color and style.

My Chevy Silverado is my favorite because it get me to wherever I need to go; especially in the winter months. It never breaks down. It is very reliable. My only disappointment is the price of gas. I love the horsepower of the engine. I feel safer on the road, as compared to smaller vehicles.

- Andrea S

I love the safeguard on the seats it really helps keep things clean.

I love my truck. It's the best truck I've ever owned. The heated sets are great for the cold days. Drives and handles great. For having a small farm I didn't need a big truck so it was the right size. Great on gas and the blue booth to my phone helps with long road trails so I am hands free.

- Abigail S

Great truck, now part of the family.

Smooth, reliable drive. Good gas mileage for a truck, about 22 mpg, and has a very nice entertainment display. Worth every penny. The crew cab is rooney and can easily fit 3 people. I've taken on vacation, up to 12 hour drives, with no issues. Still runs as good as the day I bought it.

- David C

Double cab truck is very nice to have. Makes it easier for transport for people

We bought our vehicle almost two years ago. We really needed a truck due to doing a lot of construction on our home. The truck runs very well and no issues so far. We have a double cab truck and it helps when having multiple people in the car. Easy to get in and out of. Very reliable.

- Heather B

It's a very useful, beautiful, nice car

It is a very useful car. You can drive easily, doesn't have much fuel consumption but you have a very good performance on the road, freeways, nice for work and traveling long distances. I love this car also for it's design and way everything is distributed makes it the perfect car.

- Juan A

You can put it 4 wheel drive up to 45 miles per hour.

The Chevy Colorado 4 wheel drive pickup truck solves all your needs. It will take care of you in the snow and ice and take care of you no matter how hot the summer is. It gets 24 to 25 miles per gallon and up to 30 on the freeway. And it so comfortable with heated seats.

- Daniel S

Dependable Truck with Great Pickup, Hauling and Comfortability

I like the gas mileage, the ride, the towing and hauling capacity and the sound system. I don't like that the truck has a rough idle sometimes nor the fact that the GPS costs over $100 to update. No other complaints, the truck is overall a great investment for my family.


Chevy Colorado the best of the best.

My Colorado has had minimal problems. There were a couple recalls but that is to be expected with any vehicle. The Colorado runs amazingly and rides smoothly. Comfortable seating with heated seats. I highly recommend this vehicle to everyone. You cannot go wrong with it.

- Sharon R

It has great fuel mileage.

It is the best vehicle I have ever had. It gets great fuel mileage and is very dependable. I love the safety features on this truck and would buy another vehicle from Chevrolet. If you want a good dependable vehicle with great fuel mileage, I recommend a Chevy Colorado.

- Holly C

2015 Grey Chevy Silverado 2WD LT

This vehicle runs very smoothly. The Bluetooth interface with this truck does seem to be a bit janky, but other than that, it is a very nice truck. It is somewhat small as well, so if you need a lot of room in your truck/truck bed, you might want to look elsewhere.

- Beau G

Interesting detail: I love the style and look of it. When I need it to be a city truck it blends in and looks really nice and sharp, when I need it to be a country truck, it looks rough and edgy covered in mud and carries a heavy load.

I love my Chevrolet Colorado. I have the LT model (luxury Trim) and it offers a lot of neat features including: Lane departure, collision alert, the full leather seats throughout, heated seats, its the perfect mid size truck. I would definitely buy it all over again.

- Josh H

2015 Chevrolet Colorado four wheel drive.

The air conditioning condenser had to be replaced. Otherwise, I have had no mechanical failures. The truck is very solid. Comfortable to drive. The cabin is very quiet so external noises are never an issue. Fuel mileage is about what you would expect for a truck.

- Mike H

Chevy Colorado z71 are great.

Drives and rides great. Would highly recommend to anyone. Good gas mileage. Plenty of room. Great for long trips. Not a full size truck but it's great. Detailed like almost a full size truck. They are dependable highly recommend to anyone who purchase it truck.

- Chris H

I love the color of the vehicle and the plain look.

Expense and ease of maintaining and repairing the vehicle, things are great as long as the vehicle runs without to much up keep, no problems so far seems to perform as expected, do not like talking about a vehicle, it is just about the time it starts acting up.

- Tim A

The color is a dark green and always getting compliments on it.

Nice ride for small truck gas mileage is really good for a truck easy for the wife to get into the styling is better than in the past with the Colorados always getting compliments on how the truck looks has pretty good performance from the v6 that is in it.

- James C

2015 Chevrolet Colorado lt.

Has good performance, 305 horsepower v six engine, very comfortable, drives good, very reliable, has plenty of room, seats 5 people, gets good gas mileage, has Bluetooth and nice sounding Bose sound system, 17 inch wheels, towing package and backup camera.

- Norman W

I love it and great on gas.

I love it, its great on gas and lots of room for people and lots of storage room I never had any issues, I would recommended for the gas prices and it drives very nice, I never had any problems outside of just normal routine things u need done, I love it.

- Samantha L

New Chevy Colorado, great truck great price.

Really enjoy my truck it gets about 26 miles per gallon on the highway and 18 around town. It is a four door and loaded with all options. It is roomy and comfortable. Handles great and has plenty of pick up and power.

- Ron B

The wanna be truck that you don't want to have to haul stuff in the rain with

I call it the ''wanna be truck." It lacks good pickup for someone who likes to put the pedal to the metal and go. I prefer an SUV for the ENCLOSED cargo area, although a truck is nice for hauling lumber or furniture.

- shelley m

Truck with plenty of space and loaded with comfort.

The Colorado has a great smooth ride. There is plenty of space inside the cab, comfortable seats, and heating and cooling work really well. The bed has a lot of space to load things around.

- Rick T

Chevy Colorado work truck.

I love the look and feel of my truck. I have had issues with a gurgling sound when accelerating. Still waiting for a resolution. Was told a couple years ago that gm was working on it.

- Stacey V

it has a great design, a good and efficient engine

I like my car because is easy to handle This car has a great design and good comfort, the problem using this type of automobile is the numbers of passengers that I could take

- Steven F

Get a lot of good comments on how the truck looks.

Paint is easy to chip off with just a little effort. The back seat area is not designed well. My prior 2007 Colorado you could fold up the seats and have a lot more storage.

- Dan W

The dashboard will crack easily in high temperature conditions.

I dislike the interior interface of the radio and AC controls. I like the MPG and towing capacity of the vehicle. I also like the compact size compared to competitors.

- Tim B

It is a Chevy and it gives you the big truck feel.

Should have gotten the 4 wheel drive but choose not to because of mild winter and with 4 wheel you basically have two transmissions that you have to worry about.

- Jim C

Beast of the Cars and my life

This vehicle that I have has been with me through storms and on many trails that were super rocky. Even some car crashes. Very dependable and super strong beast.

- Aditya A

It's one of the best pickups I've ever owned.The cruise control is very accurate.

It's an lt model with leather interior and pretty much all the bells and whistles. It runs good gets decent gas mileage. And is comfortable on a long trip.

- Thomas L

Decent quality but could use a few tweeks

No major issues, pickup could be better, sometimes it waits a bit before it speeds up after trumping on the gas pedal. Also, gas mileage could be better

- Joe D

It is a very reliable vehicle and the 4-wheel drive works like a charm!

Very comfortable ride, very reliable, no problems, gas mileage is decent for a truck. The only thing I do not like is it shifts a lot!

- Lisa J

It is comfortable ride and is smooth ride not as rough as some trucks

It is a comfortable ride. Easy on gas. Drives great in snow. Has high clearance. The back seat is a little tight for taller people.

- Rachel p

It's practical and very versatile. Pretty much can get any job done and is comfortable.

It's a light pickup truck with lots of power and functionality. The only thing I dislike is the number of recalls there has been

- Rolland G

The gas mileage is not that great.

I love how smooth it rides. I dislike the gas mileage. I like how it comfortably seats my family and I. And the back up camera.

- Shawn R

It is like driving a Full size truck for mid size cost

Well built truck that drives well and is a joy to drive. However, the engine seems a little small for the size of the truck.

- Todd J

Chevrolet is an awesome company

It's very comfortable vehicle.. I like its driving technologies and it a pick up. You can load materials on back. I love it.

- Desta B

Good gas mileage, sharp truck, roomy interior, capable

I like the look of it, it is a comfortable ride. I do not like the transmission. It also has some steering issues.

- TOm R

this vehicle is excellent your comfort is super good

This vehicle is excellent, its comfort is super good and its capacity is excellent, that's why I like it a lot

- frank f

Best Truck I have ever had

I have had no issues with my vehicle.I love everything about it. I am so glad I went with the Chevy Colorado.

- kaytlyn s

The Colorado Chevrolet is worth the money. We've never had any issues with it in 3 years.

We love our Chevy truck. Well built and dependable. Has many extras that we were aware of when we bought it.

- Lisa K

It's dependable, is quality made by a good company and is reliable.

I like the style of the vehicle. I like the company who makes the vehicle. I would prefer a bigger vehicle.

- Chad V

It incorporates a lot of technology.

My truck is tough, sturdily built, and reliable. However, I dislike that the seat material is not sturdier.

- Jamie K

That it mines and I like and I offer a ride or services if needed

Great ride, roomy, decent on gas, fits in my garage. Not enough bells & whistles. Wish it was free

- Larry D

That it got a backseat. Has OnStar.

Got Sirius radio. It a truck. It got usb plugs in. I don't remember anything else about the truck.

- Amanda A

Plenty of room in a small truck.

I love my truck, second one I own. I like the size of the bed and the roominess of the back seat.

- Jen M

There has been an issue with the truck cutting off sometime.

I have no complaints about my vehicle. I love my truck. It is the truck I have dreamed of.

- Tonya L

it's very roomy. Drives nice, but wastes a lot of gas.

Makes sloshing noises when heat is on. So far dealership has not been able to fix problem.

- David A

i like the styling and power and functionality. I don't like the interior storage....or lack thereof.

This truck lacks interior storage. There is little or no room to store much at all

- dave b

Can easily be towed and only weighs 2 tons.. Nice to have a 4x4 for off roading while touring the country

Great power 4x4 works nicely beautiful Air dam on front inhibits much off roading

- Tony P

it is expensive. gas mileage is better good. nice color.

pick up truck. it is too big. comfortable ride. Nice looking truck.

- linda t

Drives well. Have not had service issues with care

Great vehicle. handles well and have had no issues since purchasing.

- Ann M

I get great gas mileage, it is comfortable for long trips.

I love my truck!! No dislikes except wish i would have bought an 4x4

- yvette s

If you take care of it, it will take care of you.

It is a smooth ride. Easy to drive. Not the best on gas mileage.

- Brian P

The ride is very smooth, interior ha everything at an easy reach

Lots of power, comfortable interior, decent gas, sharp looking

- Joe W

If you ride in or possibly drive my vehicle to need to treat it better than you would treat your own.

The right size truck for me. Good gas mileage. Sporty look.

- Mark D

that it feels it is made for you and that you feel safe

it has everything i want in a car. I always feel safe

- Kathy M

It is a good driving truck

It drives good. It rides good Has plenty of power.

- Norm M