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Best vehicle I have ever owned.

The 2016 Chevy Colorado is a very good truck. I have had it for 2 years and has been very reliable. The features are nice too. Mine came equipped with the tow package and it does a very good job with our 2000 lbs. pop up camper behind it. Fuel economy has been a blessing too especially out here in California. The down side is it does not do as well as Chevy advertises but pretty close still better than a Toyota Tacoma. I bought my truck because I like to go camping and fishing. The 6 foot bed holds quite a bit and then some on my weekend adventures. In fact we were able to fit an entire apartment in the back help out a family member go from Pasadena to Chicago.

- Michael H

The reliability is amazing, it has never left me stranded anywhere.

For starters, the trucks looks over is really nice. It has nice sleek curves and everything comes together well. The interior is amazing and I love it. The touch screen fits the dash well. The cluster looks high end in looks and in functionality. The engines reliability is amazing. It has never left me stranded anywhere. Gas consumption is really nice. It usually gets 23 to 25 on the highway which is perfect for me because I do a lot of traveling. But because I do a lot of traveling, the interior gets a little small when objects and people get in. That's the only bad thing I have to say about the Chevy Colorado.

- Albert M

The next small truck you'll fall in love with!

2016 Chevrolet Colorado z71 crew cab: spacious interior with ample room for four full sized adults. At 6’4” there is still more than enough space for a passenger behind the driver. I have had no maintenance issues with the vehicle *knock on wood* since purchasing new in 2017. The leather/sport seat material is comfortable yet durable and the heated seat activates almost immediately. If I were to note one inconvenience it is that the Bluetooth and wired connectivity for the entertainment console has moments of being temperamental. Likely a software update issue.

- Jacob E

This is a vehicle that turns heads. I am constantly approached by people to receive compliments for its sleek sporty design.

The 2016 Chevy Colorado extended cab is a great truck. I like it's size being not too big or too small makes it easy to navigate tight parking situations. Yet it's generous bed makes it great to transport large items such as furniture. Features included that I like are the built in navigation system, Bose stereo, rear backup camera, on the fly four wheel drive and comfortable leather seats. The six cylinder engine performs well. My only complaint is the wheels are somewhat noisy.

- Joseph L

Comfort & utility with minimal problems!

Comfort is very important & the seats are very comfortable, even for long trips. I have not had any problems until recently & the key gets stuck in the ignition frequently. I cannot just move the steering wheel, you have to restart the truck & move it to get the key out. Not sure why this has come up all of a sudden. The truck is very pretty.. We have the white. Since it is a utility truck it is very easy to clean since we haul dogs everyday. I am very happy with the vehicle.

- Stephanie C

It looks like a big truck but it's not. People think it's a Silverado but it's a Colorado and they freak out.

I absolutely love my truck! I didn't want a colorado at first, then I saw a Laser Blue one that looked purple in the sunlight and I fell in love ?? at first sight. Then I bought it and started driving it and fell more in love because it's not a tiny truck or a big truck, it's perfectly in the middle like a medium truck. Perfect for us girls. I put a lift, step bars and tires on it and it's even more awesome ?? I already want a new one and I've only had it a little over a year.

- Candi P

One hundred percent satisfied.

I have had not a single problem with my truck. It has only been in the shop for routine maintenance, oil changes. It handles beautifully and is comfortable to ride in. It gets great gas mileage for the type vehicle that it is, in city and on the freeway. I have taken it on longer trips and I do use it for a daily driver. The bed is plenty big for hauling furniture and other items. I will buy another.

- Lori M

2016 black Colorado rocks!

We love the ride, the comfort, the features included and everything about the vehicle. It sits higher than the old Colorado and rides smoother. The gas mileage is fantastic! It has plenty of room in the bed for storage or to use and carry things. We love the touch screen for the radio and other aspects of the car such as connecting our phones to the Bluetooth for hands free communication.

- Rebecca S

Price for what you get is good.

I have added 2" lift in the front for custom tire and rim clearance. Hard bed cover. Chrome nerf bars. All for a better stylish look. Added K&N cold intake which takes the horsepower from 308hp. To 327hp. It gives it plenty of performance but interior noise level is quite high. Rides comfortable but not as good as 1500. Transmission has to many speeds. Makes shifting thru lower gears bad.

- Jerry R

The Chevy Colorado is the truck you need.

The Colorado is a pleasure to drive. The instrumentation and controls are top notch and where you want them to be. The dashboard functions are well-placed and convenient. The vehicle is well-made from top to bottom and I couldn't be more happy with it. The 4. 3l engine specifically has plenty of power to haul or tow anything you throw at it.

- Justen H

Great family vehicle, kids entertained with Wi-Fi, plenty of room for animals!

Comfort is great! Has enough room for my daughter and 2 pugs. Love the Wi-Fi, and pricing is awesome for it. The bed has lining so it's not too hot back there. Automatic everything! Seat adjuster works like a dream. This is definitely the best vehicle I've ever owned. I am short, some trucks are hard to get into, but this one is perfect!

- Lena T

It is dependable and powerful enough to do its job

Love the smooth quiet ride. Also love all the technology. Did not think I would like the backup camera but now can't imagine backing up without it. Dislikes include how after braking, brakes remain on and does not engage. Also because the driver window "sill" is so high it is difficult to maneuver to use ARMs or drive thru windows.

- Cathy M

Watch for stalling/vehicle shutting off. It is an emission problem.

Rides great, small in size compared to full size truck. Has backup camera and navigation that I like a lot. Had an emission problem that cost $800 to fix. Bought it used so it was out of warranty. Even though problem started before the year was up. Stalled at a stop and ran rough. Nothing found wrong till after warranty up.

- Joanne C

Best car on market, really beautiful, drives smooth.

Never really had problems with it, drives like a small car, really nice length and width, perfect transit car, too small for long road trips. . Really like Chevy cars, competitors also really do not have a car like this, it is similar to the old Ford rangers from back in the day, this is a newer modified version.

- Jess E

No storage and no steps on truck other than it is a great truck.

My truck is great, just a little problem with hesitation when you push on gas pedal, does not want to go!! Mane it is the gas other than that it has been a good truck, oh and no storage for anything so I had to get a tool chest, and I had to put steps on side as it is a little tall for some of my family members.

- Sally K

don't like everything: the truck comes standard with OnStar.

The ride is smooth and comfortable. The dash has all the buttons within reach. There is a lot of storage capacity and it gets great gas mileage. There was no major recalls on this year and it uses mid-grade gasoline. Getting in and out is not hard and it looks like a full size vehicle; not a mid-size truck.

- Diane K

But it's well worth the money. It has the smooth ride of a truck and the gas mileage of a car.

I love everything about my truck. My favorite part is the paint job it's red and it's a candy apple red and I get a lot of attention from it. I love the interior it's soft and very sharp-looking. I love the gas mileage I get out of this truck. The only thing that I dislike about the truck is my payment!

- Donald A

Great for size. Love the display and back up camera.

Very dependable great size and comfortable. The only problem I have had so fare is a oxygen sensor. Other then clear coat started peeling off on one side of truck then after that was fixed got rear ended. Not really built for bigger passengers. But love the size compared to the s-10 witch I always had.

- Gerald F

Best truck ever! Would definitely buy another one!

No problems with my pickup. I love the size of the truck, not big, not too small. I would recommend this vehicle if you are looking to downsize to a smaller truck. It gets awesome gas mileage. Very comfortable to drive! I have taken it out of state on several different occasions and it handles so well!

- Kathy S

If you don't have the doors closed right, the truck will not beep when you lock it with the fob.

It is comfortable and is a smooth ride. It has some features which are nice, like a backup camera and digital menu on the dashboard. However, the fan is LOUD, and not nearly as effective as it should be in blowing out air. Like the fan, the engine should make less noise and affect more action.

- Mathew H

Perfect horse owner vehicle.

Truck is neither too big, nor too small. I can take 5 people comfortably in my crew cab and have a payload of 1600 pounds. This easily handles the amount of hauling I need to do. It is easy to maneuver being the smallest of the current Chevy trucks yet is large enough on the road to be seen.

- Martha J

I like the four wheel drive option!

I live my truck! It does everything I need it to! I love the features! It is a tough machine and I use it everyday for every reason! And it always gets the job done! It is good on gas! It always cranks up! And always gets me where I am going! It is the best vehicle I have ever owned!

- Mitchell L

Chevy Colorado is fantastic.

My vehicle is very reliable, I have the z71 package and it is fantastic for off-road and poor road conditions, the gas mileage is great and it is great for towing. It is one of the easiest trucks to drive and I will buy another one once I have driven this one for many more years.

- William S

Greatness of my Chevy truck.

This is the best truck that I have ever owned. Great pick up, great gas mileage, and great suspension are all included with this new favorite of mine. The truck looks great. It is the best purchase that I have ever made for a vehicle. It will be a personal recommendation to all.

- Scott D

The app gives you info on how you've driven, & when you need service.

I love this truck. It has everything I want. It drives like a car, it has OnStar, it has a great stereo, and it tells me when I need service. It also has apple CarPlay. I have back problems and the seats are perfect. Very easy to drive and great to have a bed for stuff to move.

- Diana M

Love the interior of our truck.

We love our 2016 Chevrolet Colorado for many reasons. It looks nice, drives like a dream, good on gas too. The size is just right, we are able to drive it into our garage but large enough to haul many things that we couldn't in a car. We are planning to get a new one next year.

- Ann S

It is crimson red with matching fiberglass bed cover. Really attractive.

I really like and enjoy the truck. My only problem is when pulling our atv on a trailer, it lacks power to drive like I would like to get onto the highway. It does an ok job. Other than that I really like the truck. I have the 2wd z71 trim which makes it an attractive vehicle.

- Richard B

Chevy Colorado. What I like.

The vehicle is a nice driver. Gas mileage is good, which I like. I did have some problems with electrical sensor going off stating that stabilitrak needs servicing. Had to take it to dealer twice before the problem stopped.. Other than that the vehicle has been fun to drive.

- George O

Long paragraph about my truck.

I hate the 4 banger. The pickup is not good. I should have gotten a sunroof and a bed liner. I wish that I could afford really nice rims and ground effects. The tailgate is too big. I should have gotten the crew cab. The payments are too much. I got a truck past my budget.

- Scott W

An interesting detail about the truck is it is very convenient and spacious.

Little to no issues at all, very reliable. Only dislikes are that it only gets about 20 miles to the gallon of gas, heating/air has minor flaws & the Bluetooth screen almost always works but every once in a while it just will not turn on, or it will just do its own thing.

- Jesse K

My lovely orange Chevy pickup.

I love my truck so much it is very comfortable for both me a 5/4” women and my husband who is 6 ft tall. It start hard but once it running it smooth. It so smooth you will go faster then you should. The only thing is the lights I wish they were brighter at night.

- Julie G

Chevy Colorado are nice to drive.

Chevy Colorado is comfortable to drive as well as ride in ot. It is durable, fun to drive, stylish, nose to look at and has many safety features. Sitting up higher and being able to see above other vehicles makes it easier to drive the vehicles. The Chevy is awesome.

- Chris K

The car is good to buy because it does not take a lots of gas.

My vehicle is great and in great condition and runs great. And it is a great car to buy and it is low on gas mileage and low maintenance. And I think it is worth buying and special good for women. And it runs great and it has an easy gas line and the brakes are good.

- Ebony J

Tough and reliable compact truck.

This truck has enough space and it fits our family of 5. So dependable and comfortable. I was weary about driving a truck but this truck is so easy to drive. The turning radius is so great on this compact truck. For a petite women like me, its a comfortable ride.

- Rowena D

Dependable truck easy on fuel and comfortable on a trip.

We have had our 2016 Colorado for 2 years now had it to Florida and other various places with no problems runs good and is very dependable comfortable good gas mileage I would definitely recommend a Chevrolet Colorado if you are looking for a midsize truck.

- Michael D

Great smooth quiet ride. Very good gas mileage. Price for a great value.

Had to replace the catalytic converter at 11, 300 miles call it a abnormality? Then had to return vehicle twice for a rattling noise which turned out to be a ratchet socket left on the from I beam. Other than that the vehicle has been totally problem free.

- Jerry P

Very pleased with Colorado.

In general very pleased with vehicle. Size, power and appearance are a good fit for me. Bought new and dealer was great to work with. Minor intermittent problem with navigation. Wish CD player was an option. Gas mileage is great - well above advertised.

- James W

The 2016 Chevy Colorado reliability.

The transmission slips when on an incline/decline for prolonged period of time. The cab, although the crew can model, is relatively small. Other than that the vehicle is exactly what I wanted. Handles well in all weather situations.

- Steve Y

how well it handles. on the accelerator. has a lot of get up and go

best truck I ever owned. great ride, good handling, power when you need it. good looking. good deal. heavy payload, NAV. great sound system. lane change warning. 308 horsepower. love the wheels, get a lot of compliments.

- Ricky B

My truck is not as big as a full size truck but I feel it performs equally as well.

The truck is very stylish. I like the way it rides. The gas mileage is good for a 4 wheel drive six cylinder. The back end of the truck rides up a little high making it hard to see out the back but I would buy it again.

- Randy N

How great it rides for a truck. It feels very comfortable on the highway and local roads. It's very, very quite as well. No wind or road noise.

I love the ride, It's as smooth as any SUV on the market. I love the features as well, I have all the latest features, and the price is cheaper then many new cars and SUVs. I know this will outlast most of them.

- patrick k

My Chevy Colorado is lifted on big tires and appears to be a full size truck without all the hassle of their size.

My vehicle is a dealer modified black Chevy Colorado Z71 purchased new in 2016. It has a 6' suspension lift, 35's on aftermarket 18" black rims, cold air intake, aftermarket Mopar exhaust, and black step bars.

- Blake M

It delivers all of your BASIC pickup needs at a very affordable price.

It delivers all the utilitarian needs for which I bought the truck. The Colorado has also been reliable and the dealer service department easy to work with. It is very 'plain jane' but that is what I wanted.

- Dennis B

It has Android Auto and it fits 5 people comfortably although it's a pickup truck.

I like the convenience of having a pickup truck that is not too big. It is a stylish and comfortable. My favorite thing is probably Android Auto support. My least favorite thing is probably not great mileage.

- Ernesto L

Safety in a medium size pickup truck!

We love the gas mileage at 33 mpg. It's a four wheel drive. We use for travel and it's comfort is very good. Plus it has a back camera for backing up which is really convenient. No complaints at all so far.

- Gary G

The truck is a quality made vehicle. The entertainment system is great!

The main thing I have found I do not like is the rear view mirror does not adjust with the range I need. I love the interior, it is spacious and comfortable. I also love the a/c, It's almost too cold.

- chrissy s

It's an automatic with heated seats and it connects to Google or Pandora for music and directions.

I hate having to pay for the navigation system (On-Star). I love the size of the truck -- not too small and not too big. I have no complaints; however, I should have purchased it with more upgrades.

- Diane B

It is very dependable and reliable.

I like the fuel efficiency. It has been very reliable as well. I like that it has all of the benefits of a truck without having to upgrade to a more expensive larger model. No complaints so far.

- Margaret D

get great gas mileage while also being handy and useful as a truck.

I love it. does everything that i need it to do. the only thing is that the ride isn't the smoothest. and the shifting can be rough at times but those are more like observations than dislikes.

- Kyle G

The way it feels to drive feels really good and smooth

The ride is super smooth! All the packages the truck includes makes it feel like a luxury vehicle. I only dislike the amount of storage in the back of the truck. Everything else is amazing

- Ryan N

My vehicle is pretty good. I'm short and there is a couple of blind spots and it's hard to see over the frontend

My truck is great for the most part. The only thing I do not like is that when you accelerate slowly it tends to jerk a little. If you keep a steady faster speed it doesn't do it.

- Vickie M

It's an ok kind of truck. It's only a 4 cylinder.

I was used to driving my Jeep. Switching to the Colorado was very difficult for me. 1. The Colorado has no pick up and go. It's only a 4 cylinder. But it is a very smooth ride.

- Leah P

Dependable transportation

Dependable. Smaller than the full size pickup but with enough room in bed and in crew cab version enough room for 4-5 adults. Complaint on GM - never have onboard navigation.

- James G

I love my car but I would like to buy a modern one

I love my car but I would like a modern one I love my car but I would like a modern one I love my car but I would like a modern one I love my car but I would like a modern one

- Christopher a

2016 Chevy Colorado 4x4 review

There's GPS and a little screen inside for pandora and phone calls. There are heated seats and the ride is nice. 4x4 makes gas not last very long so I don't recommend that

- Leanne B

Efficient small pickup for daily use

Good fuel economy, pretty good looks. The interior is kind of cheap, but comfortable. Fit and finish is a little below average, some squeaks and rattles for a car so new

- Raul V

It's very safe to drive. Chevrolets have some of the highest safety ratings. It's not too big and it's easy to drive.

It is very comfortable and fun to drive. It has lots of room in the cab. It looks great. I like having a truck with a bed so I can haul feed for my alpacas and goats.

- Deanne E

Very functional. Can haul and tow.

It's a midsize truck with plenty of room and towing power for what I need. Not so big it's hard to drive or park. Perfect size. Plenty of extras for a great price!

- Jim F

Safety, security, room, AMAZING. I hope I drive it til the wheels fall off!

I purchased my Colorado from Dan Cummins in Paris, KY in 2016. I have never had a problem out of it and it has been the best vehicle I've ever owned!

- Tabitha T

For a big truck it is a comfortable ride!

Just like to drive my truck. It sets up a little high & for a short person like me that is great! Plus it has sirius/xm radio which keeps me company.

- Christopher B

It is my car and I enjoy driving it. Not too big, not too small.

Love the way it feels, great interior, and rides like a cloud. I love the ability to store things in the back and not scratch the bed of the truck.

- Cody A

4 cylinder motor is perfect for average usage. Don't need a 6 cylinder

Reliable, four cylinder motor is more than enough for average truck everyday usage. Able to haul what I need. Yet still get amazing fuel mileage

- Yael J

It is a small compact truck easy to drive. Love the four doors.

It has starting problems, there is very little room, I like the look it has on it. I like that it has 4 doors. I also like that it drives easy.

- Becky A

Good truck, except for electrical.

Electrical problems- it started having issues at 19, 000 miles. It affects the performance of the vehicle and the entertainment, I. E. Stereo.

- Crystal H

It's a truck. It can take curbs and small/medium road debris relatively easily.

So far, I have no problems with the truck. It's relatively gas efficient in my opinion, and runs very smoothly. Helped me during the flood.

- Jorge M

How nice it drives and how roomy it is.

Love this car, drives so nice, turns nice, is very comfortable and lots of room. Good gas mileage. Have plenty of room in back for hauling.

- Mary D

It gets excellent gas mileage. It has a wonderful reputation for dependability.

I like my vehicle very much. It is a midsize pickup. It gets excellent gas mileage. I have no complains. It is just the right size for me.

- Gary D

Paid for., but it is well worth it.

It safe, dependable and stylish. Truck good. Nice grey color. Solid, round tires with a good radio and backup camera. Seats are nice also.

- Gary M

Chevy Colorado 2016 Very reliable!

Colorados are extremely reliable trucks. Mid size so it's easy to drive but still have the ability to use the bed for outdoor activities

- Kevin B

It gets great gas mileage for a smaller truck.

It is the perfect vehicle for me & my needs. It is the perfect size, gets great gas mileage and handles really well for a truck.

- Heidi A

Chevrolet hit a home run as far as I am concerned. Awesome truck.

I get great fuel mileage. 27 mph highway, 18 mpg town. The truck is stylish and attractive. The truck is not too large or small.

- Kenneth F

The key sticks in the ignition.

I like that it is a smaller truck. Its versatile for having passengers and I can use it for hunting. It gets good gas mileage.

- Courtney B

It has good gas mileage. It does good in a city or highway.

It has good gas mileage. It's just the right size for a family. It has a nice size bed. There not a lot of thing on the dash.

- Jamie M

Drives very smooth. It looks really nice.

Drives very smooth, it has heated seats and a sensor that lets you see behind you when backing up. It has 4 wheel drive also.

- Cindy H

It has heated seats and is automatic

It is a very nice truck. It just seems a little too big and too much for me, since I am short. It is a little too high too.

- Jeffrey m

It is Burnt Orange and not many on the road like mine

It is a Diesel engine so it's really good on Fuel and four doors and very roomy. It's very quiet and it's very comfortable

- Beverly W

It's versatile and still has power for a 4 cylinder

It's a smaller truck than I've bought in the past but it's all I need. I like that it sits as high as the regular trucks.

- Socorro F

Great power for going up hills and onto highways.

The truck has power so going up hills and getting on highways are a breeze. Drives smooths. Great gas saving for a truck.

- Ashley N

It is a wonderful mid size truck with room for family and cargo.

I love this truck. It has plenty of room for my family to ride and it's not overwhelmingly large. I have no complaints.

- Stephanie T

Looks better then the early models.

don't like where the 4-wheel drive knob is. Rides stiff. Sometimes when you slow down and step back on gas it stutters.

- Pat L

It is really good on gas.

I like that it gets relatively good gas mileage and is nice and compact for a pickup truck. I wish it could tow more.

- Kate B

Drawbacks of Chevy Colorado.

Slow start upon acceleration starting out. Seats are hard, not comfortable for long rides. Everything else seems ok.

- Heather S

It has very good tires that help save gas and have good traction.

I like the usb ports everywhere. It has a Bluetooth radio. It has nice speakers, good tires. I also like the color.

- Chris M

Hands free just talk in truck.

We love the GPS and text free. I hate how you have to take it to dealer to fix transmission. Love the heated seat.

- Heather L

It is up to date with technology, and it had an extended cab which is very comfortable

It's a great pickup, love the size, not too large. Drives very well and is rather good in fuel. Comfortable ride

- Sonya N

I have a fast and modern Chevrolet car

I have a fast and modern Chevrolet car, but I would like to have a bigger one with less miles and more luxurious

- Troy G

Chevrolet Colorado needs parts reman.

A good work truck, but problems out of the front end. Chevrolet cannot even get parts for a 2 year old vehicle.

- Kyle C

Awesome vehicle Chevy Colorado.

Love it have not had any problems, love hands free and Bluetooth integration. And apple carplay. Great vehicle.

- Sam B

Its a Chevy it's a truck has 4 wheel drive great in snow.

Need dual exhaust for better performance. Rides great, rear seats should be able to be removed, extended cab.

- Jonathan B

It is very quiet and very comfortable! It has a great ac!

It is very quiet, almost no road noise! Seats are very comfortable. I wish the back seat would lay down flat.

- Stephanie C

The speakers are the best part.

The vehicle is great. It rides smooth and has a great motor. The speakers are great and they have great bass.

- Lane B

Reliable, ok on gas, decent performance.

Very comfortable truck. Ok on gas. Smooth ride, decent offroad. Never any problems with 60k on the engine.

- Justin D

it has a quiet comfortable smooth ride with good sound acoustics

quiet smooth ride, great gas mileage good hauling capacity, spacious cab, good viability , no blind spots.

- gerard p

I think the interesting detail is the roll bar

The only problem is that the tires are noisy.Really like the way it looks and handles.Stylish,good on fuel

- Scott S

It is reliable but there is an issue transmission on inclines and declines.

I love the handling ability in rough weather. Hauling capacity is notable. I dislike the size of the cab.

- Steve Y

It's really comfortable to ride in and gets really good gas mileage.

It rides really well. Has good gas mileage. The only complaint is the back seat isn't quite roomy enough.

- Christina C

Sharp ride handles greatly.

General maintenance tire wear and tear oil changes windshield wipers lots of gas signal fluids coolants.

- Mike P

my car is a good and fast Chevrolet brand,

my car is a good and fast Chevrolet brand, but I would like a more modern one so that my family is happy

- Roger D

Comfort and quiet, smoothness of ride.

Like -comfort, nice ride, body style, visibility. Dislike - shifting pattern of automatic transmission.

- Jerry P

Love this truck. American made!

Not the gas mileage rated by the factory but still gets about 25 on the streets and 27 mpg on freeway.

- Matthew R

The back seat is a little small. The truck isn't very roomy inside. Towing capacity is limited.

Its smaller truck for people that are concerned about fuel economy and don't need a full sized truck.

- Brandon B

Very good vehicle like the body style

Problem with computer to be fixed under warranty all else is very nice reliable and would buy another

- Paul S

Nothing get what you like for you and your needs the Colorado fits my style.

I have not had any problems with my truck. If I had to I would buy another one because it is so nice.

- Michelle B

Truck is awesome and it turns heads

Truck is great smooth ride no issues lots of room and big back seat. Tow package works as it should.


It's a very reliable vehicle and I enjoy driving it very much.

I have no dislikes for this vehicle. It gets great gas mileage. it fits my personality very well.

- Gary N

It is very dependable and the best value in its class.

I like everything about truck,have had no mechanical problems.Wish I had a few more accessories.

- Anthony P

The Colorado has great gas mileage.

Has great gas mileage. The truck can pull a trailer with no problem. Also has comfortable seats.

- Cheaney V

great navigation system and radio system.

love the mileage. love the seating room. color is great. does have blind spots that i dislike.

- Bryan A

it rides smooth like a car even though It's a truck

i like it has all the bells and whistles. heated seated, everything power, onstar, xm radio,

- courtney J

It is clean and works well.

Works well, but the interior feels a little cheap. No padding center console or doors.

- J D

Very reliable and sturdy. Seems to drive very smooth

I love the truck. Only complaint would be that without step rails it's hard to get in.

- Ilicia B

The truck is bluetooth capable. There is also a backup camera that helps when I hook up trailers

I like the gas mileage for the truck. It is Bluetooth capable. I like it is crew cab

- Scott L

awesome truck best in class so special the truck is fun

great truck fun to drive no complaints the truck is very comfortable

- jason t

It is a good mid size truck. It gets good mileage.

I like my truck. It is a good mid size truck. It gets good mileage.

- marcie f

It's very reliable and safe for my child. Drives smooth

Has great durability. Feels safe to drive with. Very realizable.

- Roy B

its new and sporty and fast and good on gas has a lot of room in the box and roomy on inside

no complaints love the way it drives and it has a backup camera

- liz w

That it's super cool and blue, my favorite color.

I love my truck. It is fun to drive. It gets good gas mileage.

- Cliff V

It has Great gas mileage and handles very nice.

Nice big seats. Great gas mileage.love the look of the rims.

- Patrick L

don't overfill the tank it will vapor lock

i love it. It's easy to drive. The truck is great on gas.

- ben c

It's great off road and great for work

It's great off road , lot of space , the volume is great

- Melo J

It has built in GPS and is not very good on gas for a truck

Suspension seems wobbly and the seats are hard to clean

- Leanne B

it's a great truck and its looks great

i like the gas mileage i get and the truck looks great

- donald d

comfortable to drive even long distances and good to the eye

transmission sometimes choppy usually at lower speeds

- casey s

It's awesome. i would recommend it

i love it. best truck i've ever had. so glad i got it

- phoebe t

I love my car but I would like a more modern one

I love my car but I would like a more modern one

- Aaron C

Small, efficient, not a gas guzzler

Light Truck for easy driving. Best Truck

- j h