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The Chevrolet is an exceptional vehicle that anyone would be proud of!

I love my Chevy hhr. It is a very reliable vehicle to drive. It gets good gas mileage, approximately 25 mpg. It is a smooth ride. The HHR is stylish as well. The seats are comfortable to sit in and has adequate leg room. I like that my HHR easily fits in my garage. It is big enough that I would feel protected in a car accident, unlike would be the case in a really small car. The Chevy HHR has the normal features of what you need in a vehicle. It has a good air conditioning unit and heater. It has electric windows and electric seats. It also has air bags for the driver and passenger. However, there is a button you can push to turn off the passenger airbag. The HHR has a factory stereo that has good clear sound, with the option of having onstar. I like the paint job as it is a shiny metallic dark blue. The HHR has good acceleration without having a bumpy start. It has great brakes which work really well. It has four doors and seats 4 people comfortably. It is a hatchback which makes it very easy to go grocery shopping. It is quite roomy and if more room is needed, the back seat can fold down. The HHR has a good engine; however, the battery is tricky to get to. There is a fuse panel on top, but it is doable. In summary, the HHR is a really good dependable car. Anyone would be very pleased with owning one.

- Jessica G

Great car, great gas mileage, little room.

My hhr has lasted for several years, with minimal maintenance. It is actually much roomier than expected on the inside, as long as you do not have kids in backwards facing car seats. That is a nightmare to fit into the backseat. Once my son was out of a booster, he found the back seat much more comfortable. You are not going to get 3 grown people in the back, but 3 kids fit fine, again if they are not all in car seats. If you have car seats you will get two, max, in the back. You may be able to shove a child in between them. My husband is 6' and drives the car fine, as long as the seat is all the way back. It does offer a nice recline on the passenger seat for long car rides. The seats are comfortable enough for daily use, but once you are in the car for more than about an hour, you realize what a lack of padding really is. This particular make also had several recalls, and some issues that were a recall on the same brand, that were fixed thanks to my warranty. It gets great gas mileage and has a decent back to store things in.

- Melissa W

Battery is in the back by the spare tire.

No major problems. Bought 1 set of tires, 1 battery, and have done oil changes, and replaced the 3 windshield wipers. That is it. Very comfortable, easy to drive, good on gas, just this month the a/c stopped working. Love the size of the car, the hatch door in back is great especially when shopping and loading. Both back seats fold down giving lots of room. The back has a shelf you can put in and hide things in the trunk area. After 7 years finally replaced the battery. I did not know it was in the trunk by the spare tire!

- Wendy D

Why I love my HHR ! Small on the outside, big on the inside.

The reason that I love my HHR so much is because it is extremely reliable. No matter how many miles I add onto it, she just keeps on going! The HHR also is a lot roomier than meets the eye. With the back row of seat being foldable, as well as one at a time, is a life saver! The original sound system and speakers has lasts almost 10 years with no issue and I listen to my music loud! All around fantastic car that is small on the outside and roomie on the inside. 10/10 would advise anyone to get one for themselves.

- Ashley W

An SUV shape with a sedan feel.

Most of my problems have been wear and tear. Although when those wear and tear issues have arisen, they have seemed bigger than they should be. I have also had to have expensive front end work done that the mechanic said he had seen in lots of HHRs. I did have a recall for a part that I was able to get serviced for free. Wiring for the sound system is in rough shape as only the front speakers have worked during the time I have had the vehicle.

- Justin L

The Chevrolet HHR is a gas-guzzling money-pit. Consider any other car. This car will break your bank.

I like having a car that runs. This car is too low to the ground, terrible on gas, is seemingly built out of coke cans... hail and debris easily leave dents all over the body. I have had to have the ignition replaced twice due to being stuck running with the key in it. I have had to have it fixed after snow getting jammed behind the tires. It really is the worst car I've ever owned. I suspect this is why they stopped making them in 2011.

- Sheri B


I bought the car with 40,000 miles 2 years ago and now I have 100,000 . I had a problem with the power steering, but that was on a recall. The car is very dependable with no major issues so far. I am 6 feet and would prefer more leg room and head room. Great gas mileage. Hard to get a wide and generous view in windshield because of the front mirror placement. Other than those things, I like this little car.

- Lorraine J

The most important thing about this car is that it's dependable for long stretches and it just keeps going.

I've had my Chevy HHR for about 5 years now and it's been pretty reliable. I've had no major breakdowns and really have only had to put in $800 in repairs in those five years. I just had to replace the wheel bearings because they failed, but that's really been the only major issue with this car. I love the space it offers and I love that it's pretty economic when it comes to gas mileage.

- Shaun K

The car I like. I like to drive my car everyday. And go fishing in my car.

Well when I saw the hhr I knew that I want that car ok I have been driving a chevy ever seen I was a teenager and the price was right, so when you see a car you like no matter chevy or Honda if you like it and the price is right you will. Buy it ok. So when you go car shopping look for a good car that is going to last long enough so you can pay it off ok.

- Jose G

I do not have any problem with my HHR Chevrolet truck and I plan on keeping.

I love driving my HHR Chevrolet truck and I am not having any problems I other than I looking to drive a wheelchair access van because I am not able to walk because of my dependent to an wheelchair. I will be the new owner in January of 2020 and cannot wait for the more money that I will have to spend and share with the organization that I am with.

- Clem W

The info button tells me low gas, mileage, tire pressure in each tire, temp.

I have been having transmission potential issues. I do not like the style of the car. It does not get as good of gas mileage as I thought. It seems like a good car for 200k miles probably. It is very computer oriented. So I couldn't even open the trunk to jump the battery when it died. It would be nice if they had a key option as well.

- Brittany W

My 2010 Chevrolet HHR is red and is a very good first car to have.

It is in need of someone who can really fix it up. A great project piece. I am constantly getting it fixed and the leather interior needs to be replaced. It is not the best car in the world, but it has been with me for nearly 10 years. It is traveled to north Carolina and back with me and before it was mine it was my mother’s.

- Jessica M

I do like how you have a lot of room in this car, better for those that must ride in the back seat. Also your able to haul small items, and not need a truck.

It has a leak in the heater that keeps the floor board on the passenger side wet most of the time. Can't use the air conditioner at all, in the summer, when it's hot. And the shape of the car isn't very well designed, so there's not much air flow through the windows. There okay cars, but I don't think I would buy another one.

- Ivy D

The hhr is a good car especially when you go on a long drive.

It is a reliable vehicle. The hhr has room that 4 people can sit comfortably without anybody aggravating each other and the gas mileage is great. It gets up and goes when you stomp it. The only problem that I have had is the check engine light comes on even when you have it tested and after awhile the speakers go out on it.

- Amelia L

I recommend my Chevy hhr for anybody looking for a dependable, spacious vehicle.

My Chevy hhr is a very spacious and reliable vehicle. I get very good gas mileage and I almost never have any trouble with the engine or any other equipment that the car possesses. I can seat up to five people, including myself, and the trunk area is very suitable for large amounts of luggage or groceries.

- Carson W

Great value for the price.

For being eight years old, the HHR has its standard wear and tear issues. The worst since I purchased it was a gas line leak. Otherwise, I love having a hatchback with a fair amount of storage space that still gets good gas mileage. It is comfortable to drive, especially for a short person like myself.

- Andrea C

Smaller version SUV. Great miles per gallon and great sleek look as an SUV.

This car has great mileage per gallon, the performance is great. A small SUV that is good for when you want to move small items. Great seating capacity able to hold 5 passengers comfortably. Easy to maneuver. The pricing is not as high as a larger SUV and you get the same values from this vehicle.

- Jackie S

Great car if you have children!

Love the room I have for my child, but having problems with my 02 sensor. Other than that lots of storage space in the trunk, back seat and up front. I love how my seat can inflate or deflate to make me more comfortable while I drive as well. Other than my mechanical problems it is a great car.

- Kari B

The her driver. It has been dependable to drive just uncomfortable.

It is cramped for bigger sized people. You can't put the drivers seat back far enough for tall people. If the battery dies or u lose power the key locks in steering column u cant open the hatch to get to the battery. Not a well thought out layout. It has had front end problems from the start.

- Nikki L

Reliable & safe it has never let me down. Lots of cargo space & nice features.

It is a very sturdy, reliable car. Repair is affordable & easy. I feel safe in it & it has enough space for 4 people & their stuff. I use it to go to work, school, travel. It has great safety features, looks nice, and keeps me safe when I am in it. I have had it for 8 years.

- Sara S

Nice little family or business car.

Great vehicle very reliable. Has a lot of great space and comfort and has good gas mileage. It does have problems with the door handles and also does have issues with rust by the license plate. Other than that a good family car. It does have some blind spots but you get used to them.

- Sarah S

My HHR is a great car to drive and own.

It's a great car that has great gas mileage and fun to drive. Chevrolet makes long lasting cars and this is why we always buy Chevy. After a lot of miles my little car is still great. My husband bought an HHR first for his work and I liked it so much that I asked for one for myself.

- Irma C

HHR it has it is pros and cons.

It is good on gas and ride smooth I have had many repairs over the years. It had problems we with hub bearing and sway bar links also had problems with foot pedal sensor. It's good on the road and pretty reliable other than that it would be a good car to purchase in future.

- Yolanda M

Runs great. Handles well. Good on gas.

Nice compact car with enough room for the things and people I use it for. Reminds me of the old "woody" station wagons from the 50's. Fun to drive and easy to handle. Unfortunately Chevrolet has stopped making this model which is to bad because this is a neat little car.

- Karen Z

Heavy duty shelves in the trunk make clean up easy and have extra compartments.

Front and rear seats are uncomfortable. Nice trunk features. Runs great for an older vehicle. There is not a lot of sitting space and leg room. It is small enough for easy parallel parking. Great pick up. I like the automatic light sensors. Overall good car.

- Leslie G

Easy to drive, easy to love.

It's a great size -- plenty of cargo space but still easy to maneuver and park. Not a lot of bells & whistles, but that's fine with me. The only thing I dislike is that Chevy discontinued the HHR and I won't be able to buy another when this one gives out.

- Jacqueline D

Very reliable. We bought it used with 50000 miles it now has 110,000 as long as you do the oil changes on a regular basis NO problems

Our car gives a very comfortable ride. The air conditioner is amazing. Cools almost immediately after it is turned on. Same with the heater works great. The high roof is ideal for our taller friends. Love this car. So sorry they no longer make this model.

- suzette c

I have never had a car with heated seats.

I have had problems with the car starting up specially after putting gas in it. I also have problems with it shutting off while sitting still. The brake indicator light comes on from time to time and the tire pressure light comes on and off continuously.

- De Rancher T

My Chevy her, amazing storage space!

My Chevy her is a great family car! It has plenty of room in the backseat as well as room in the hatch for storage. It is also very good on gas mileage!! I really like that the back seat fold down as well to add extra storage space when we are traveling!

- Eternity M

Dependable and gas mileage is awesome.

Good gas mileage. Dislike to many maintenance issues. Good for hauling items. Great room space. Like its comfortability. The amount of passengers it carries is great. The design is great. Mainly maintenance issues and repairs is my only dislike.

- Jackie S

My reliable 2010 Chevrolet.

I drive the car everywhere, the only things I have changed on this car have been brakes and a wheel bearing, I have driven thousands of miles on this car, it never lets me down and it is amazing on gas. Very comfy and roomy for long road trips.

- Erik S

I take great care of her.

I like the look of the car and how easy it is to drive. I like that it is easy to park and that it is paid for.... I dislike that Chevrolet has discontinued making them.... Again, I dislike that Chevrolet has discontinued making them..

- Alma R

That it is a work horse if you keep up with the required maintenance.

I like the fact that there is a cargo area in the car. It has 4 doors that allow me to easily secure my grandchildren in their car seats. This car is 8 years old and still in the road. I dislike the fact that I cannot buy a new car.

- Linda D

I can fit a lot into it. There is so much space for passengers as well as stuff.

I love how much space I have for moving/transporting things. I have fit everything from a bike to a bookshelf to an armoire in it. I also like that it gets good gas mileage. I dislike how small the windshield and windows are.

- Britni S

Hhr are pretty good cars/vans. The air conditioner is messed up on about 75% of all models they leak in the floor boards both sides.

Hhrs they run pretty good. They are roomier than most cars. The air conditioner is messed up on 75% of most hhr. Doing a oil change is kinda hard to get the filter out and in. Other then that they are pretty easy to work on.

- Tony D

It has a good amount of room

I like that it is big enough for a family but is not a minivan. I like that the air conditioner works well. I like that it has decent trunk space. I don't like that the windscreen is short and hard to see lights out of.

- Catherine H

Stereo speakers don't work properly, excellent sporty vehicle

Seats lay down so wonderful for hauling things, sporty inside and out, stereo speakers don't always work properly. Lightweight, so highways wind blows car easily, better in town vehicle, perfect camping vehicle

- Jolene J

My reliable car. That takes me to happiness.

I love my car, it drives great, good on gas. Fits five comfortably. Haven't had any major issues, thank god. Do not like the fact that there is lots of plastic on the body of the car but besides that I love my car.

- Linda D

It has electrical issues and it can be dangerous in the snow.

Not reliable for the winter in the north no traction in the snow. Electrical issue on left side headlight and tail lights go out often. Traction light constantly stay on. Great on gas. And a comfortable ride.

- Deborah C

The love hate relationship.

My vehicle is not very reliable in ways like the turn signal lever stopped connecting to the turn light. Sometimes my windows do not roll down or up. There are blind spots are. Are very distracting.

- Emma B

It's reliable and durable

I like that it gets me where I need to be with little to no maintenance. I like my gas E85 is cheaper than regular gas. I hate how hard it is to change light bulbs especially the headlights.

- Tamara J

It's a compact car but needs work done to it

My car needs brakes pads sensor light on needs a back windshield wiper and it makes a weird noise when I put it in reverse to back up I think something under my car on the driver side

- Jackie W

The Chevy HHR is a great vehicle!

I've had no real problems with it and only maintenance needs has been the routine things like tires and oil changes. It's a great model, they should have never stopped making them.

- Jonathan K

Very poor quality for a chevrolet

I have had several issues with brakes, tire rod and now the check engine light is on the car shakes from the engine when stopped and the speaker wires short out when it rains.

- Ashley A

Trouble with the wheel bearings and brakes is a ongoing issue with this car

The car is dependable overall. I have a few problems with the car. The brakes have given me a lot of problems and the wheel bearings need to be replaced all of the time

- Kim k

I have never had anything go bad on it. I do general regular maintenance and it has never let me down

I love the distinct look and color, very easy to find in a parking lot. It has pep and great gas mileage. It holds a lot of stuff since the seats can all fold down

- Kara G

It's great for getting around town, running errands, dependable and reliable.

I like the ease of driving, the mph, the size. I dislike the way it handles in the ice and snow which, given I live in North Dakota, is a bit of an issue.

- Anita C

It is a reliable car that gets you through all bad road conditions.

It's a good heavy car, easy to handle. Very good on slippery Minnesota roads in the winter. It has a lot of room for hauling items. Lots of foot room too.

- Cis R

So far a reliable vehicle and good on gas

I've only had this car about 14 months. The only problem I've found so far is with the anti lock brakes warning light coming on and off for no reason

- Toni F

It is a great ride for an old gal.

Bought this used 8 years ago - love it - no problems. I follow guidelines for oil changes & maintenance recommendations and have had no issues with it.

- Joyce L

It is a small but yet still a really roomy car inside

It is definitely not the most powerful and fast car but it gets up and goes. The way it steers is really nice. I like how nice it is for being a 2010

- Kyle E

Great gas mileage and lots of space

I love how much space it has. The gas mileage is really great too and it drive well. The only issues with were some recalls that had to be performed.

- Jamie G

It is safe. It comes with side airbags.

It is very dependable. I do not like the space. It is not very roomy. I do not like the inconvenience of changing a headlight. It should be simpler.

- Barbara B

It's a terrific vehicle, but they stopped producing them!

It has the right amount of cargo space for my needs, and is very easy to drive. I wouldn't mind having more insulation to block more road noise.

- Jacqueline H

It gets good gas mileage.

I like that my car gets good gas mileage. It has been a reliable car. Only thing I don't like is that the color is gold and I'm tired of gold.

- Danielle P

The HHR has a very different look on the outside than any other car I've seen.

I love my car, it's very clean and reliable. The only problem I have found in it, is that the door handles on the inside, tend to break a lot.

- Cory M

This car has huge blind spots, and it's kind of a pain to change headlights. I recommend taking it to a mechanic for that.

I like the size of the vehicle and all of the features, but I don't like the huge blind spots and the fact that my rear speakers don't work.

- Theresa M

They are very nice vehicles.

I like the room in it very spacious. I like the steering it got good controls. I also like the fuel consumption it gets good gas mileage.

- Reuben S

the car is comfortable it is to drive and ride in it!!.

I like the legroom, and the fifth door, and all of it gets good gas mileage, nice air and heat, can't really say anything else about it.

- Candy P

It drives comfortably, not too big, not to small.

Like high, stiffer seats, tinted windows, storage space, fuel economy. Dislike low ceiling to windshield, radio antenna in windshield.

- Louise G

The car is a great drive and I have had no problems.

My car seems pretty old but the make and model just seem to suit me. It has a lot of personality. Sometimes though it shows its age.

- Mali C

A dependable and reliable car.

I've had no problems at all with this car. It gets great gas mileage and has been more dependable than any vehicle I've ever owned.

- James D

Great fuel mileage, sporty and roomy.

My Chevrolet HHR black and so stylish. I feel it's comfortable and roomy ride, great fuel mileage and sporty all at the same time.

- Sandra r

The HHR is a great family car and also great for hauling light loads.

Our HHR handles well and I have yet to find anything that I would complain about except the sound system. It is rather lackluster.

- Mark G

2010 HHR a great vehicle with a classic look.

The hhr is a spacious vehicle with lots of cargo room. Great for road trips. Decent gas mileage. Classic looks and a decent price.

- Gary H

The mighty bonnie and clyde mobile

have had just the typical regular required maintenance such as tires and changing oil and wipers but nothing out of the ordinary.

- jamie b

It is been a great vehicle. Really good on gas.

It is been a good vehicle. Love the way it drives. It is really good on gas and drives smoothly. It has a sunroof and satellite.

- Susie B

It is reliable and runs well.

Runs well, but tends to have issues with the front end. Often needs realignment. Decent gas mileage. 250k miles and still going.

- Dj S

Handles great, runs really well.

I love my car, it is super dependable and gets good mileage. The only thing I do not like is too much plastic in the interior.

- Anna G

2010 Chevrolet HHR review

I enjoy my HHR. However, I have had some problems with it. The power steering had to be repaired, and my speakers went out.

- Turner S

Just an ok car. There are better ones out there.

There are many blind spots when driving. Interior seems cramped. Rear defroster went out almost immediately after purchase.

- Chris R

family car with out the minivan size.

great size for our family of 4. spacious but not to big. over 125,000 miles and still going strong with minimal repairs.


It looks a lot like a pt cruiser but I think there's more room.

I like the room it has inside, how it drives, and its good on gas; less than $40 to fill up. I do not have any complaints.

- Rebecca O

It is a very affordable to drive car which is very important in this day and age.

Great drive, and gas mileage. Comfortable and stylish also. Best car I have had yet. Very happy with Chevrolet purchase.

- Jamie M

Too Noisy, but great for family trips

Lots of road noise when driving. other then that it is a pretty good car we have taken it several times on family trips

- michele e

It is very comfortable, and reasonable on gas.

I think that there are a number of blind spots. I also dislike the front window. I wish there was a wider wheelbase.

- Jordan w

It is my car. It may not be the best, but it's mine.

I have had my vehicle for seven years. The only problems I have had with it have been taken care of through recalls.

- Robert R

It has a lot of interior room. Plenty of trunk space and lots of legroom.

I like the large size of the interior. It also has nice gas mileage. The seats are roomy and comfortable to sit in.

- Valerie H

It gets good gas mileage and is easy to drive and park.

I like that it gets good gas mileage. It handles great and has a lot of cargo room. Drawbacks are it only seats 5.

- Toni B

Great on gas and comfortable to drive.

It's a fun car to drive, reliable and great on gas. Other than routine care it requires very little maintenance.

- Irma C

Hhr not a very reliable well put together car have had more issues than good.

My radio shorts out when it rains I have had numerous issues with my front end now my check engine light is on.

- Ashley A

Chevy 2010 HHR is probably the best car I've ever owned

This car gets me from point A to point B without any problems, I've even driven across the country with it

- Nini L

I drive a 2010 Chevrolet her that averages about 30 miles to the gallon.

I love gas mileage. It has plenty of room. Car drives wonderful. No complaints really, wish it was newer.

- Summer J

I don't know. I don't drive it my husband does. As I said, it is very comfortable and roomy.

Nothing either way. It's just not the vehicle I would like. It is very comfortable and roomy though.

- Susan A

Gas mileage great smoke free clean on inside few scratches outside light work well

Good car clean smoke free nice on inside great on gas does need a alignment steering wheel looked at

- Shannon A

it's very dependable and reliable and will get you to where you need to go and back

i love my vehicle. it's very dependable and i've had it a long time and it's still in great shape

- p k

These cars are like a rock!

The smallness and yet roominess. The reliability. I just wish I had found one in charcoal grey!

- Rachelle R

There are no important things to know, I don't know that much about the car myself.

It is easy to drive, park and get around No dislikes so far I wish gas prices were lower

- Rosalee A

love it, It's a great car that seats 5 people and is great for when you go shopping

4 doors with a hatchback but the size of a SUV. drives well, very smooth. sits 5 adults

- Roberta P

That it is not a gas guzzler.

it is extremely economical and good on gas. It is easy to maneuver and get around town.

- bertha P

i absolutely love this vehicle. it handles well and gas mileage is good also. the only problems i've had is with service lights coming on. i had the dealer check it and everything was ok so i guess no problems so far.

this vehicle is absolutely perfect for shopping, taking kids everywhere or road trips.

- Rachel B

Great in winter. Fun to drive and dependable.

It is good on gas and I like that.... I like it very much.. It is fun to drive.

- Rod A

It's flex fuel vehicle, roomy interior but compact look.

Great fuel mileage, smooth comfortable ride, stylish exterior and interior.

- Sandra L

It drives really smooth and it is cute

I love that it is a compact car. I like small vehicles and Chevrolet.

- Cathy S

The gas mileage is great and the car is very comfortable

I love that all my dogs fit in this car and it gets great gas mileage

- Karen C

its okay, I live the color and inside size of it very quaint and roomy

that it is roomy and quaint and nice to drive and smooth as well

- kimberly s

Sometimes it is too small for my needs. I can get quite a bit of supplies in it. it's helped me move several times.

Handles nicely. it is a good compact suv and is comfortable.

- james d

Only problem is the heater vents blow too far up under the dash instead of blowing on your feet. The Fob for the car has worn out where we cannot use it to lock the doors, we must manually lock them. That makes it where I cannot use the auto start on the fob either. I like the ride, can pack a lot into it. We do a lot of traveling with it. Have pulled a u-haul trailer with it to move children. I like it because it's smaller and good on gas mileage.

Handles well on the highways and back roads and pulls well.

- dee m

Stereo & Rotors replaced often

Rotary go out often because tires are too small. Radio too

- Margaret m

There are a couple of blind spots since I'm short. The gas mileage is great and it's a comfortable drive/ride. I would recommend this car to any one

It's been well maintained and had all recalls fixed

- patti c

It's very dependable and roomy.

My vehicle is very dependable. It works great.

- penny S