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Still 'On The Road Again'

I love driving this car, it has a very small blind spot which is even smaller when the mirrors are set right. The pick up when needed is very good, especially on interstate traveling. And especially on two lane roads where allowed passing is limited. I get the gas mileage that was indicated on purchase., even tho this car is nearly sixteen years old. with 3000 mile oil changes this car does not have to have oil added to date, with it currently having some over 170,000 miles on it. The positive traction is great here in the Midwest. Paint is clear, and except for the usual minor chips from gravel and debris on interstate roads there is NO peeling. I have had no problems except having to take it in for new rotors about 3 months after purchase which was covered under warranty, and a new catalytic converter at about 140,000 miles. Also the speed control switch died about that time, which may have been my fault for not turning it off in heavy traffic. All in all this car has and still serves me well.

- sharon N

Critique of the 2003 Chevrolet Impala from a devoted owner

This car is everywhere, very reliable. I don't drive much, less than 6,000 miles a year, I have less than 75,000 miles on it today. I live in a very small town in Texas and there are 4 of them. I'm retired and I'll have this car forever. It is the luxury model with leather seats, bottom warmers for the winter, a/c runs great. I did find a very good general mechanic, which is very important for older cars and getting proper parts. If you want reliability, comfort, and safety, try to find a good used one. If you have to have new, the new ones are very nice and attractive and have heard they are as reliable. My car is inexpensive, except for tires, but got to have them. It is 16 years old so the entertainment tech is basic. I have an iPhone so I can adapt. Being in a hot climate means a/c use so make sure hoses and belts are current and a/c checked every year. Have fun with your new used Impalas!

- Trisha P

Good, Dependable Family Car

This car was great when new but requires a lot of maintenance once you put over 75,000 miles on it. Having said that, I now have over 210,000 miles on it. These cars tend to have a security problem that I know other people have had as well. Occasionally, the car will not start so you have to leave the key turned on for 10 minutes then it will start. You never know why or when this will happen but it seems to happen more often when it is hot than during the cooler months. The car has continued to get good gas mileage. It is very roomy and comfortable for long trips. Trunk is very large with plenty of room when vacationing. Back seats do lay flat so you can haul longer items through the trunk. Considering it is 16 years old, it has been a good, reliable car and I would recommend it.

- Crystal G

High mile 2003 Chevy Impala runs still runs great!

We have had good luck with our Impala. We now have 323, 000 miles on it! The most important thing, as is common sense with any vehicle, is regular maintenance. Just have it checked over regularly. We have caught and repaired small issues before they got out of hand. The best part about the Impala is the engine transmission and body seem to hold up against rust. This car gets driven in snow and the unibody frame still looks in mint condition. The engines are more basic these years so when it needs something, spares are readily available and usually cheap to repair. Rides great and still gets 25+ mpg with mountain driving where I live. I will keep driving until it just cannot be repaired.

- Beth U

2003 Chevy Impala is a perfect first car for anyone

I've never encountered any problems with my car. It has nearly 130000 miles but runs perfectly fine. The biggest problem I've had with the vehicle has been a slight break and gas pedal problem which is easily fixed by turning the car off and back on again. The problem only happens when you first turn the car on, and does not affect the ability the vehicle. It's a large car, with six seats total and a very large trunk. Perfect for traveling! Never had a problem in the snow, either. It is an older car and does not have an aux or USB port, but there are ways to work around those. Overall, it's been a wonderful car.

- Grace M

It is been a very dependable, reliable car. I love the size, easy to maneuver.

I love this car. Very comfortable, easy to drive, simple to understand. I bought it used and a new engine had been installed. I have had only a few issues with diagnostic lights not wanting to go out once the issue is resolved. I also have the drivers side window that I can't/won't use, the mechanism that makes the window go up is going out and I do not want the window to get stuck in the down position. Also there is some sort of short in the fuel gauge, it ranges from full to empty, I track my fuel usage by mileage. Just a few issues but it is 15 years old, and it is been very reliable, so far.

- Joanne T

Low maintenance needed. Very spacious! Dual temp feature in the front.

I've had my Impala for almost 6 years now. I have not had any major issues that I've had to fix. The cabin noise is a little loud but not too loud that you can't have a conversation with people in the car. The truck space is one of the best things about this car. I can fit so much stuff in the trunk. Also, the back seat is very spacious which is nice for passengers. It has dual temp in the front. I wish it had a CD player but I think it was made before those became popular. One thing I wish was different is the cup holder. They are both the same size so you can't fit larger cups in them.

- Rachel M

A very comfortable vehicle.

The 2003 Chevy Impala is very comfortable, it drives and rides smooth like a car but it sides like a SUV. It is easy enough to get in and out of with plenty of legroom. I love the power assist buttons on the side of the driver's seat. It makes adjusting the seat to be comfortable for driving super easy. It is a medium size car so it is plenty roomy and the trunk has lots of space for big shopping trips. It has a CD player as well so there is a choice of music options. It is a lower shifter, not on the steering column. So if anyone has any hand issues it is easy to shift into gear.

- Nicole G

Safe, reasonable and reliable sedan.

My vehicle is reliable and comfortable. It is large enough to fit 4 adults comfortably with luggage. It is easy to fix and reasonably priced for repairs and insurance. I feel safe driving it, even if I have trouble finding it in parking lots sometimes because it is a popular model. I have never had any problems that weren't easy to rectify. The car performs well for my needs in the city, with limited daily highway driving. It is a simple vehicle, with limited bells and whistles, that is safe, reasonably priced and has not let me down.

- Colleen C

How great is this car?!?!?!

It's a really good car and great for a family, it will get you place from work to home to the kids after school activities and everything else. It is the perfect car for people just starting their families. I have had my car for a while now and it is still running great. It has a lot of room if you want to drive out of state to travel to different states. The sound system is great sound throughout the car is just lovely. My nieces can fall asleep in the back seat in the drop of the hat that is just how great the car is.

- Breanna D

Made for long distance driving.

I love this car. The inside is well laid out and well built. It has all the bells and whistles. It is a tough car, but the number one problem with it is electrical. The bam control is weak. The ride is great, power is good. It is made for driving long distance. Long trips are more enjoyable than local. I have a problem with the traction, locally. The seats are so comfortable I fall asleep driving any distance. It has a lot of legroom. The trunk is huge. I am telling you it is made for long distance driving.

- Ann I

Long Lasting and Reliable Chevy Impala

The car is pretty old and has been in our family for a very long time so it is starting to experience transmission issues but before we got it my mom had it and my grandma and there really were not a whole lot of issues. It has been a great family car and even with the few issues it has been having we haven't had to put a whole lot of work into it. Overall I would absolutely look at Impala's again in the future when it does come time to needing a new car as they have always been reliable

- Miranda F

Comfortable, dependable ride.

My Chevy Impala has been a wonderfully reliable car. With regular maintenance it has given me very few unexpected problems. It is a very comfortable drive, the driver's seat adjusts several ways and makes driving a pleasure. All the necessities, i.e.: cruise control, wipers, brights, are easily accessible without moving your hands too far. The heat and ac work great and have several adjustments for comfort for the driver and passenger. This is one of the best cars I have ever owned.

- Joanne B

Cali has pockmarks all over because I was in Cullman when the hailstorm hit.

Okay. Cali(my car) sat for like two years before I bought her. She's in good condition and with just a few quarks. Her fuel gauge is bust, but that does not bother me. I know that she can go 200-250 miles on a full tank and that is good enough for me. Her stereo system is half blown and uses a tape deck adapter, she does not have ac, and she occasionally has an overheating problem, but I do not care. Cali gets me from A to B reliably and that is all I need.

- Rona B

Simple, dependable, and spacious.

I have had my Chevrolet Impala for 2 years now. The car is great, lots of room, and dependable. The trunk is massive and has fit everything I have asked of it. I have had to replace the speakers and the tie rods, but both of those were expected maintenance. The car gets ok gas mileage, but I work and go to school close to my house so it is not a large issue. The car has held up without skipping a beat and I would highly recommend this car to anyone.

- Ryan R

Pros and cons of our Chevy impala.

We bought our impala used 6 months ago and have loved it. We have a sunroof, adjustable seats, power windows, and radio controls on the steering wheel. Since owning it, we have had to replace all the tires and the drivers side control arm. Our a. C. Has went out on us since. We tried fixing it but we are not sure what is wrong. Our passenger side windshield wiper motor has quit on us. Other than that it has been a great car and we love it.

- Lauren D

Love the sunroof and the bass of the car.

The car is very nice and durable. Many different small issues arise after almost 15 years. It no longer shows how much gas is in the tank. The car seat warmer for the drivers side stopped working about a little over 6 years ago. Sometimes the car no longer wants to start up right away and shakes a bit. However after so many years it is still reliable even with the small little issues which are going to happen to any car that is so old.

- Ashley T

Comfortable, reliable, classic Chevy Impala.

It is a white sedan with beige interior and fabric upholstery. It has a nice CD player, everything works nicely on it so far. I use it mostly for work and it gets great gas mileage. I have only had one issue as far as repairs: one of the wipers broke entirely off and a small part had to be replaced. I find the car very comfortable, reliable, and much more cost-effective than my other vehicle, which is an Isuzu axiom.

- Jacob S

Fun to drive impala that has been kept in the family.

Have had this vehicle in the family for almost 10 years and have never had really any problems with it. The only issue I can really complain about is when it is cold out if I turn off the heater and then go to turn it back on it makes a really loud clicking like noise that will keep going for a few minutes until it warms up again. Other than that the performance is great and I do really enjoy using this vehicle.

- Tyler C

Very nice roomy car, love to drive it places with my family.

The problems with my car, my check engine light it on and my tires are starting to get old so I am in need of new ones. The way my car rides in rough it squeaks really bad when I turn the corners. My car is really reliable it helps me get back and forth to work and to get my daughter to school and everyday places I need to go. . . Overall my car is very roomy for them in the back, I absolutely love my son roof.

- Samantha M

Good family car and good vacation car.

Not sure I do not have a good answer. It was sold to me by my parents and it runs pretty good. No major problems. I is in good shape and seems to run smoothly, I would recommend Chevrolet impalas as a good car for a family. It gets good gas mileage. It has had a few problems with the engine but we got it fixed right away. We also detail the car every year which helps keep it in good shape.

- Darcy K

2003 Chevrolet Impala; family sedan

The 2003 Chevy Impala is spacious and comfortable. However, there are some common electrical issues that I have experienced. It is a 15 year old vehicle, and I expect things to go out or need to be replaced. But there have been so many issues that have come about at what seemed like the same time. I purchased the car a year ago, with only 84k miles on it, and I'm only the second owner.

- Sharayah M

The water diverted for the a/c manifold was just replaced.

It drives good, a little low to the ground. The transmission seems to be a little finicky, the driver seat adjusts electronically. The engine has a slight wobble to it when it drives between 30 and 40 mph. Tires are good, gas gauge does not work all that well so I have to keep track of the miles I drive to know when to fill up. It has gotten me where I need to go so I cannot complain.

- Brittany D

If buy used get 3/4 mechanics to look at to make sure do not have lot of problems.

Had a lot of problems with thermostat, radiator, and water pump. Also, the neutral safety switch went out twice. Rack and pin had to be replaced as well. After that all was finally fixed it drove great and rode smooth. It was very easy to control. A decent stereo system. Taught both of my kids how to drive in that car. Would get another if I knew the problems wouldn't happen again.

- Nikki L

The Chevy Impala has been a staple, American family car for decades.

The 2003 Chevrolet Impala is a great vehicle. I am nearly passing the 200,000 mile marker, and the vehicle continues to run great. If you keep up on oil changes and tune ups, this car will last you a good long time. The gas mileage is great. The only complaint is that this year's make and model does have a tendency to rust out around the base of the doors and on the fenders.

- Zac P

Chevrolet impala drives nice.

I am happy to have the car. Just needs general up keep. Like brakes and new wipers. Has a little bit of rust that I would like to get treated. Does get good gas mileage. Does tend to burn oil. But makes a great back and forth to worth car. Is the only car I have like 6 months after purchasing. Would buy another impala as long as it was before the year 2008.

- Crystal A

My Impala gets the job done.

Problem: my ac is not working at the moment. No one seems to know what is wrong with it. Performance: overall it is okay. It takes me to work and back home. Reliability: it is the only car I have right now so I am relying on it everyday. Comfort: it is very comfortable. The seats are big and spacious. Features: wheel controls for the radio and cruise control.

- Dania G

Aerodynamic and easy to maintain.

Chevrolet is general motors product. Very dependable easy to fix and has good functionality. Front wheel drive good for traction related issues like ice or snow. Though the abs system no longer works it does not majorly affect the way it handles. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone. We've had great trips in this car and after 15 years it is still healthy.

- Joseph B

It is a very good car, if it taken care well.

When I first bought my car it needs quite a bit of fixing. The power steering was really bad, there was a dent on the side of the driver's door, and a big scratch on the hood of the car. The performance and reliability has been pretty good and consistent it gets me from home to work and back with no problems, and features inside the car more or so average.

- Jennifer A

A Recommended Best Quality Vehicle

Even though it is an older vehicle, it is still one of the most reliable vehicles I have purchased. Comfortable set up and love the space it offers. There are only a few issues with the wipers and a leak in the windshield but easy enough fixes. I have had to replace the power steering pump. But for its age, it is a great quality reliable vehicle.

- Cassandra M

Older Impalas are great cars for beginning drivers!

This is a good car for lightweight driving such as to and from work/the grocery store. It drives really well and everything, but as an older model I wouldn't trust it for cross country road trips or anything that extensive. They do get some wiring problems after a while, but most of those are minor annoyances and nothing to really worry about.

- Megan N

Car is an full size sedan with heated seats. Sliding sunroof fog lights.

Car is very reliable. I've owned it for about a year has never broken down once. Car has a lot of problems leaking power steering transmission problems. Car has plenty of power to overtake on highway. if I were to buy a new car I would definitely buy from Chevy again they are very reliable cars. they have a lot of electrical and rust problems.

- Austin K

Good performance, easy maintenance.

My Chevy Impala is the basic model with no whistles or bells. It performs well with average gas usage. It rides comfortably and is low maintenance. I would prefer the same model with more features such as a built-in compass, a better radio, electronic seat adjustments and CD player, but overall I am pleased with its performance on the road.

- Ruth Ann W

Having trouble with my car starting.

I really love my car it has never broken down and left me stranded anywhere so far but I have only had it for 2 yrs and after about 15 months it started not wanting to start unless I unhook the battery for 10 to 20 minutes then it will start right up with no problem at all but even though I still love my car it's great for my family.

- Samantha T

I like the buttons, seats, logos, and trunk.

The gas mileage could be a little better, and I don't really like how the seats in the back of my vehicle feel. I really love the way my car drives, and how fast she can go when I need to drive fast. A cool thing about my car is that it has an automatic seat, and that I have a little lighter for my cigarette that comes with the car.

- Abigail K

I love that the vehicle is very spacious

I guess I don't have too much of a problem with the vehicle it's just that its older and shakes a lot. The style is kind of for older people. I do love all the space it has inside for my kids. That's a plus. Overall it has lasted a long time given its age. I would prefer something more modern. It is also kind of huge.

- Krystal C

My chevy Impala I have found to be reliable, safe, and overall a great car at a reasonable cost.And pretty decent on gas for a midsize.

I love my vehicle.The car is very spacy and comfortable.And she hasn't failed me yet.The Impala is a reliable, safe, and overall a great car at a reasonable cost. Thanks Chevy! If you want a great car at a great price, the Impala is the best car ever! When she finally gives out on me I'll probably buy another chevy.

- Jessica B

Solid and dependable mechanically. Car will run forever if you treat it right.

Brake issues with the brake master cylinder and replacing the brake booster is difficult and tedious. Expensive to replace tie rods and to align. The steering pump is located on the back of the engine and to check you must roll the engine forward to check fluid level and to fill. Headlights seem to be a little dim.

- Brian J

Regular car but no aux cord

It doesn't have an aux cord or cassette slot where I could use an aux adapter so I have to listen to the radio. It drives well but it's just what you would expect from a car from that year. There are no astounding technological advances or anything to set it apart from the competition. It's just a regular old car.

- Ivana M

Mid sized sedan with room for the whole family.

Our car is very reliable. It does okay on gas, not the worst but not the best. Leather seats are easy to clean with kids and a dog. Lots and lots of leg room for everyone and lots of trunk space. There was one previous owner that kept the car very clean. The air conditioner blows cold and the heater blows hot.

- Kayla W

The Impala - A Durable Tank

Overall, I'm quite pleased with my 2003 Chevrolet Impala. For a high mileage vehicle, it still runs very good and seems to be reliable. I maintain it regularly, and have only had issues with the transmission when I purchased it (around 130k miles). I've driven 40k miles on it since then and am quite pleased.

- Ryan E

Stylish, comfortable, dependable...

I have owned my car for over 10 years without any major issues with it is performance. I am very comfortable knowing that as long as I keep up with servicing and maintenance that if need be, I can service my car, put a thousand mile road trip on it and be secure with it is performance. Very dependable car!

- Ayesha D

Purchasing a used Chevy Impala ls was the best movie haves made to date!

The only problems I have had with this vehicle are the windshield washer fluid pump went out and the blower mower for heat send to be going out lately. I was not the first owner of this vehicle, I bought it used from a dealership. I did put newer tires on it, and rider only recall was an ignition issue.

- Shannon D

It's An Ok Vehicle For A Commuter

The car is good performance wise, but it drinks gas. I travel often for work and leisure and it get me there sometimes it has issues. I had an 2003 Taurus and it would easily do 150-200 more miles per tank. It constantly needs some part or another due to computer. Overall it's good to me and my family.

- Seven D

It has a great running motor Sunroof A/C blows very good Great CD Player

I must say my vehicle is very reliable. I've had my vehicle for about 8 years total. I've had some motor work done to it 2 months ago. It gets me to point a to b. Air blows very good. This vehicle gives me a smooth ride. Also I've recently drove it out of town to Texas last month without any problems.

- Cord W

Uses a lot of gas but a very trusty vehicle.

Aside from the fact that this car drinks a lot of gas, I love it. It's a spacious trusty vehicle. It's a great choice for a first car in my opinion. The speaker system is a tad old but that's easily fixable. It is easy to get parts for this car if necessary. So far I haven't had any problems with it.

- Robin W

Chevy Impala is very spacious.

I love the Chevy Impala. It was my first brand new car. Has lots if room, and it still shines like brand new. I learned to drive on a Chevy Impala, and my daughter learned how to drive on my car. We have used it for many family vacations throughout the years, since it has so much room for everyone.

- Marianne L

My vehicle is very zippy and practical.

The only problems I have experienced other than the recalls that Chevrolet had issued for the car, is the typical spots of rusting every single car of this model has and the ABS system. It drives well, maintains well and is a great vehicle, even without me fixing the ABS issue. It is too expensive.

- Faith S

Old reliable. Gets me where I'm going.

My car has a few issues going on the body control module is a big issue keeps the battery light on. The car a/c doesn't work. Comfort is ok but could use more room it get me from point a to point b. Just a standard sedan that seats five but middle console raises to make another seat for one more.

- Judy S

This is a few small things I'd like to point out with my Impala.

Most of my issues with this car are coming from the transmission, it'll randomly jolt the car as it shifts gears. The handling is amazing on this Impala, considering the car has been mistreated in its life I would recommend anyone to go with an Impala as long you stay on top of the upkeep.

- Robert W

It's a Good car for being old

The car security light is my main complaint. When this comes on I have to wait 10 mins before I can even start my car. I like the car itself as in it runs good and gets me where I need to go. The gas mileage is good also. It's just an old car with not as many features as the newer ones

- Katie B

All the problems with Impalas.

Have a lot of problems with it. Thermostat, alternator and radiator all need fixed within thirty days. Neutral safety switch went out twice. Also transmission had to be replaced. The wiring for the stereo caused problems as well. Had problems with the cruise control and fuses blowing.

- Erica L

It has a push cigarette lighter you don't see them in the newer cars

I have not had any problems with it. Performance is fine. It is a reliable car. It is very comfortable. It has a large trunk space. It is very roomy inside. I like that it has cloth seats it's easier to clean. I like that it fits seven people. It ride's comfortable on long trips.

- Rosemary B

Trunk opens inside the car.

Very hard on gas. A little too low to the ground. Not as comfortable as I thought it should be but it always get me where I need to go. I do like the sunroof and the trunk is very large. I can open the trunk from inside the car. It has power windows and door locks which I like.

- Patricia S

Security system malfunction.

Security system malfunction, will prevent car from starting, if the security light flashes on the dash you will have to google the 2 ways to rest the system and wait 10 to 20 minutes to start the car, each time it does not start, you have to rest the wait clock and start over.

- Dustin K

The impala: a non-'car person' view!

The impala is very comfortable. Good air conditioning. The engine is very fast. It does use quite a bit of gas very quickly so gas mileage is bad. The displays are very easy to read. I have only had little repairs in the 5 years I've owned it. The engine seems high performing.

- Fox K

The Chevy Impala is a low maintenance car.

The Chevy Impala is a very practical car. It is extremely user friendly. It has a very smooth ride. The seats are very comfortable. The gas mileage is good. My car is 15 years old and I have never had a problem. All it requires is general. Maintenance. The mileage is 130, 000.

- Darlene B

A efficient car for all to drive.

I love the vehicle because it is very comfortable and it has features that are common but make it more convenient to drive. The only problem is the exhaust manifold is prone to rust and therefore the tail pipe cannot be hooked back up to it without significant work and cost.

- Mike W

I love the spacious back seat.

It is spacious. It has a big back seat. Gas mileage is okay. It is not great but it is not the worst either. It is a good point a to point b car. I love the way it kind of sits up on the road while driving. Sitting in the backseat during a long car ride is not bad either.

- Lisa G

Rides smooth and lovely car.

Car rides smooth and nice. Enough space to fit 6 people. Car has enough space for camping.Mpg is very lovely. It has power windows. Tires are nice and reliable. I have had this car for four years now. The problems I had with the car is the head gaskets and wheel bearings.

- Nana P

How to successfully make your vehicle last.

My 2003 Chevrolet Impala is a great vehicle. Through the years it has been very dependable and has performed as well as advertised. I have had no major issues since date of purchase. I have found that keeping up with my vehicles maintenance has extended its motors life.

- Jaime G

She runs fine for how many miles she has.

Wear and tear problems nothing major. No cruze, driver side window does not roll down, fan does not go on high but heating and cooling still works. She gets me from point A to point B. May need brake pads here soon. Shakes sometimes, security system is something else.

- Lily S

This vehicle is very spacious!

The only problem I have ever had with my car is the air conditioning going out a couple of times. But I love the space it has, the ability to carry 6 people with the extra seat in the front middle, and the interior is really nice and strong when I bring my pets along!

- Karielle P

Gas mileage is not as great as anticipated but still a good commuter car

The car drives very smoothly and handles great. My car has a slight issue with the gas gauge, meaning it will remain on F for awhile and once it finally budges you really see how much gas you have used. Otherwise a great car. Perfect for getting to college and back!

- Kirsten M

Great Family Car, Smooth Ride & Comfortable

Love the spaciousness and the easy drive. Very reliable, decent gas mileage. Only issues I've had are there are no air vents in backseat so gets warmer back there for passengers, and the cruise control sometimes is a little iffy to use. Great family vehicle overall.

- Cameron D

It is not grandma's car. It has giddy up go. I love my car.

No problems thus far, just normal wear and tear. Drives smooth, good on gas, and is good in the winter. Always starts even in below temps. It is a four door, rear defroster. Headlights can be turned off, instead of continuous running. Does not need special gas.

- Kitty G

great Mileage for the age

I love my Impala, but it has no air Conditioning and the drivers side power window doesn't work. it has a silly security issue that is sometimes a pain but ti get all of them working it is 1200 dollars and i do not have the $$ to do that. otherwise I love it

- william G

A great older car, loaded with may comfort extras.

I bought my car used. It is loaded. Leather heated seats. Sun roof. It is built like a tank. The seats are made for comfort. A great stereo system. I bout it with 40, 000 miles on it. I garage it so the body is in great condition. Has lots of storage space.

- Maureen L

Good 2003 Chevrolet Impala.

The aor keeps blowing from everywhere, I have to fill the tank every other day, but the gas is cheaper, I wish the radio had Bluetooth connection, it is smaller than truck, it would be better with more room in the back, but other than that it's a good car.

- Chelsea V

Trusty Old Impala with no Issues

This car has never failed us. 200,000 miles and has only ever needed routine maintenance. Such a great car! This is the only car I have had that hasn't had issues. The only trouble we have is the pain worse faster than the car. Started with the clear coat.

- Brittany R

Chevy Impala review. A good car for a reasonable price

The impala is good on gas and comfortable to drive. With normal upkeep there have been no major problems with the car. The only complaint I have is the seat belt is hard to adjust to a comfortable setting and the headlight lens have become foggy.

- Nancy F

Lots of extras in this Chevrolet.

When it was new it had all the bells and whistles. Electric seats, nice radio, CD, tape player, leather interior, rear window defogger, fog lights. It has everything that was available at the time but heated seats and mirrors.

- Michele B

Chevy Impala a comfortable ride.

The car performs very well and gets great gas mileage. We have had very few problems with the car as we keep up with the required general maintenance. The Chevy Impala is a comfortable car, especially when you take long trips.

- Sue M

Will always recommend this car.

I've hardly ever had problems with this car. It's been extremely reliable, has great get up and go and can take me anywhere I desire. It has gone on many trips and never let me down. This is a great all around car.

- Sarah R

2003 Chevy Impala - still ticking in 2018!

Although my car is 15 years old, it has been well maintained and runs well. Occasionally has minor problems with hoses and fluids leaking, but these are easily fixed. Both front and back seats are comfortable.

- Cathy Z

Excellent gas mileage, smooth and comfortable ride.

This particular model of Impala, is very reliable and has smooth comfortable ride. As for the mileage, this model has very good gas mileage. I have experience very little problems with this particular model.

- Shawn K

Although my car is 15 years old, it continues to run really good.

I like that my car runs really good considering it is over 15 years old. I like that is it also economical and I have had minor problems. So far I have no complaints. My car has been really good to me.

- Laura N

200,000 miles and still going strong.

I love my car. It has close to 200,000 miles on it. So far the only repairs I have had to do are regular maintenance. Tires, brakes, oil change and whatnot. I would definitely buy another one.

- Diana M

Others should know that the car runs great. It rarely ever has issues, it is an overall smooth ride.

I like that it is reliable. I have had it for the past 4 years and it has rarely had problems that would cost me a lot of money. One thing I dislike is the seats could be more comfortable.

- Tanner J

Great speed, comfortable driving

Pick up is excellent, pretty good on gas, did have some transmission problems after having it a few years. Although it's a big problem, it was the only one. Great handling. Good family car

- Diana E

It is dependable and reliable. Decent space and drives well.

It is starting to age a bit, plus our family is growing so we are in the market for something bigger. We are enjoying the fact that right now we don't have a payment on that car though.

- Carla L

Its dependable. Its clean and smells good.

Car has a lot of mileage. Too much parts that need to be fix. It didn't pass smog. But overall it's a good car. It takes me from a to b. Its free from my son so I need to cherish it.

- Maria Z

Transmission is halfway dead but other than that works well.

The problems with my vehicle is that the transmission slipped and it is half way out.It drives nice and smooth,has comfortable seats.The air conditioner works tremendously well

- breanna F

Reliable, comfortable, functional, great miles per gallon.

Our family Chevrolet Impala has been a fairly reliable car. There have been some minor issues with certain lights on the dashboard lighting up when there are no actual issues.

- Melanie E

The heating and air functions. The miles on it and also the oil changing.

I like it have an electric thing to pull the seat up close. It is a little bigger. I do not like that the gas needle is not right and you are not sure how much gas is in it.

- Emma J

My car is very reliable and gets good gas mileage. Rusty but trusty.

I've had this car for 15 years. I've hardly had any problems with it. The only thing wrong with it is the rust and the front headlight and hood where my husband hit a deer.

- Jennifer B

That It's old and doesn't always start the first try but if it does it will get you where you want to go

I like that it still runs and gets me where i'm going. I don't like how many repairs i have done and still need to do. There are lights always on the dash that i can't fix.

- Sarah G

The Car That Is Too Long and Leaky

Check engine light always come on and off. Coolant and oil both leak slowly. Car is comfortable but also too long. Would like either a truck like a tacoma or a compact car

- Travis W

My Impala is a four door that has light red coloring with leather interior.

I have had my Chevy Impala for over 5 years now. It has always been reliable and consistent. I haven't had any major issues with it mechanically and it drives quite well.

- Ryan A

My car is very quick a big engine when I go the speed limit it feels as if you're speeding

Doing a tune up on it at the end of this week drives and rides smooth lots of room inside a six foot plus could fit comfortable in the back seat a very large trunk

- Paul C

Traction control goes on/off while driving makes braking hard when not needed.

Bad wheel bearing, broken trailing arm, doesn't start every time, windows wont stay on track. Exhaust is always loud and fixing hasn't worked, gas mileage stinks.

- Jennifer G

It's just not for us anymore, it has a crack on the windshield but that's about all that is wrong with it other than no AC. new brakes, tires, transmission, and sway bars.

The trunk of impalas are known for getting stuck. Ours got stuck on a road trip when we needed a spare out of the trunk & we had to drill through the key fob

- Katie S

good on gas. runs well. comfortable ride. heavy sturdy car.

Dislike the fact that it is a car. I have medical issues that make it hard to get in and out of the vehicle. I owned a truck previously and loved it more.

- christine w

It gets great gas mileage and is so comfortable to travel in style.

No complaints at all. I love my car. It looks great. It has a lot of room so it is great to travel in comfort. It gets great gas mileage. I love my car.

- Maureen r

That sometimes it takes a while to start

I really like the size of the car and that it's comfortable. I dislike that the air conditioner doesn't work and it has a defect where the car won't start

- Cristina M

My car gets really good mileage.

I dislike that my car is old and falling apart with only 145,000 miles on it. I dislike the color. I like the way the seats move and the dual heating/ac.

- Ann-marie H

Great gas mileage for the size of car.

I like that it is very dependable. It gets very good gas mileage. I do not like that it has transmission problems. It has a lot of room which is nice.

- Dustin K

What I love about my car is the gas mileage. It is awesome.

It is really good on gas. I like being able to travel a long distance and know that my gas mileage will be good. I also like that it is smooth riding.

- Amber R

It's incredibly reliable. Has a pretty good sound system. Still able to fit 5 adults unlike most new cars

Has great speed and pickup. Doesn't look dated when tough though it is 15 years old. Virtually no maintenance done since the car was bought brand new

- Jenna S

Smooth ride. Easy to drive. Great storage.

I like that my car is pretty old and has not had any real problems. I like that it runs quietly especially for it is age. I like that it feels heavy.

- Amy U

It is very spacious. If you have kids in car seats, this is a car you could use.

I love the space that is inside the vehicle. Definitely enough room for 3 kids. The trunk is HUGE. Great on gas. Easy to fix problems if they arise.

- Wanda J

It's a workhorse. It runs for a long time with minimal mechanical issues.

I like my car. It's reliable and good on road trips. I wish there was more room in the backseat for passengers but otherwise it's been a good car.

- Nettie S

It is a good reliable car that gets me where I need to go!

It is a reliable car. It was given to me by my parents so it has been in our family for several years. It is in good condition. No complaints.

- Justin G

It runs and drives great, but it doesn't get the best gas mileage.

I liked it fine, until I was hit in a parking lot. What I don't like about it is it sits too low to the ground. I like a truck much better.


It is very good gas mileage.

It is good on gas. It is not good because every now and again you have to have it in the shop because it runs hot. The parts are easy to buy.

- Monica S

It is a great car for families.

It needs work done to it. I like the style of it. It leaks when it rains, and needs work. Its sunroof doesn't open. It has a nice big trunk.

- Jenna D

Good car but bad security key fob

Security key issues. Car will not start. Have to reset computer to get it to turn over Its good in the snow. Good in rain. Good gas mileage

- Felicia M

Why I think this is the best car I've owned.

It's a great car, gets good mileage, drives smoothly, and it's fairly quiet. if there's something id have to change it would be the color.

- robert w

It's a really good car and it needs work done to it.

The impala needs a bunch more work done to them. And Jeep liberty needs front end I can get the parts for 300 right out the road from me.

- Adam N

It runs and will get you there slowly but surely it will.

Likes it runs and gets me from point A to point B. Dislike has a lot of mechanical problems. Seems to have electrical problems, dislike.

- Jerod W

The most important thing someone should know about my vehicle is that it's not worth stealing.

I like the gas mileage and it's easy to work on. I dislike a few things about it. The ac doesn't work and inside is getting sun rotted.

- Steven R

It is my only means of transportation.

Need new battery, tires, oil change, tune up, front and rear end alignment, just changed water pump. I need more money for all of this.

- Sherry R

It gets you from A to B and will run for years

It's a running vehicle, the windows have a problem with the motors going out. but it's easy to work on and hasn't had any major issues

- Jason A

Affordable, comfortable, and convenient.

I love the ride, gas mileage is decent, solid car overall for the money. I do not like how my back window fogs up so badly overnight.

- J P

My car is very dependable.

I do not like the color it requires a lot of upkeep such as washing and waxing. Other than that I actually have no other complaints.

- A T

It has loads of space inside.

I am very much a Chevy fan and I love my car, style, smooth ride and the way it look, there is not nothing I dislike about it.

- Larry L

Powerful Engine Meets Decent Gas Mileage

Mostly very reliable car with a really nice body design. Gets decent gas mileage for having such a large and powerful engine.

- Derek B

Lots of legroom; great for someone who has kids.

It has great gas mileage, lots of legroom and tons of storage in the trunk. So far, I haven't had any major problems with it.

- Tiffany T

nice gas mileage drives really nice and smooth air bags are both sides

i love it but the head gasket blew out rides really nice has airbags on both driver and passenger front seats good on gas

- heathere a

It gets great gas mileage

Best car I have ever owned. It has plenty of room. I gets great gas mileage. I cannot a new car that measures up to this.

- Robert P

The car is dependable and will last for as long as you are willing to do necessary maintenance

Overall is a good car, it's decently fast and has okay gas mileage, it's been dependable and gets me where I need to go

- Eric S

It uses a lot of gas and it is cold in the winter and hot in the summer.

I do not like the low gas mileage. I do not like the trunk. I do not like that it is hard to clean between the seats.

- Shirley B

It's not fast but good on the highway.

It is saves me gas money. The color of my car. . It has a nice radio in it. All my kids can ride with no problem.

- Robert J

Great! Economical and enjoyable!

I have owned it for a long time with no major problems. Reliable, dependable and economical for a full size car.

- Norris L

It looks nice, runs fantastic.

I do not dislike anything about my vehicle. Runs good and gets me where I need to go. Would recommend to others.

- Kaitlyn R

It has power and easy to keep up.

It is safe during the bad weather like snow you can use it as a deliver or truck a time (not hauling a trailer).

- Teresa B

It is a hybrid and can get up to 55 mpg.

It is a very reliable car and works well for me. It was purchased second hand from my neighbor who passed away.

- Winnie D

It's a good car. Even though it's older, it's still very reliable. We haven't had many issues with it as of late.

As with any car, I would definitely suggest getting regular tune ups done on your car to keep it running well.

- Cana S

Nothing more than a phillips head screwdriver needed for maintaining the interior.

it is very comfy and will last forever if taken care of. Easy maintenance makes travelling very easy as well.

- derek f

You can see the horn because the bumper is missing

It has a broken bumper, transmission problems, the engine knocks, but it gets me from A to B its an okay car

- Nicole K

it has seen It's better days

it has served me well for over 12 years it is red and has a spoiler it is getting rusty but I still love it

- Helen p

It runs very smooth.I have kept up the maintenance on it.

I really love my vehicle. I haven't had any problems out of it. It runs great. It is the best one I've had.

- Beth H

Not a nice car but it's not to bad

This car is literally the exact same car as the Monte Carlo and I blew up my first Monte Carlo in one day

- Rex W

It has very good gas mileage.

I like the size. I like the price. I don't really like the color. I do not like that it has gotten old.

- Craig H

I don't have to walk ,and i love chevys

It's a good highway runner i hate that's starting to rust and the gas mileage is a little not so great

- William m

It drives well. and has lasted 15 years with very little trouble

I loved it. It's getting old now and I am having to spend on some repairs but it's still a good car

- Diana m

It might be 15 years old, but is low on miles. You take care of your car, it will take care of you.

Reliable and convenient. Handles well in the snow. V6 a plus for the power. Great gas mileage!

- Marsha F

This car handles well and is a great ride. It gets excellent gas mileage.

Problems with power steering leaks. This seems to be an issue with Impalas not just mine.

- Cindy D

My car is my life line. It is how I get to and from work. I also need it to get my kids where they need to be.

I love that my car is cute. It is fast. I don't like that it is older but I will make do.

- Mummer C

It is the cheapest way to safely get to work.

It is old. It is missing features found in most new cars (bluetooth, keyless ignition)

- Nathaniel K

It is overall been a good car to use. It runs good.

It runs pretty good. No major expenses. I put rust proofing around the doors.

- Darcey K

Right now my baby isn't running but I still love her. She's roomy and a pretty gold color. But unfortunately someone hit her and she's got a bad back end.

She's a good car with some problems. As soon as she's fixed it all be okay.

- Jessica S

It gets me where i need to go. It is still in good shape.

It's good on gas and still runs. What i dislike is that it needs repairs.

- Melinda M

I like it cause its free. I dislike it cause there's a lot of problems. And a lot of mileage

Clean and smells good. Its dependable. Runs good and its under my name.

- Maria Z

they run great and when you want to get on the freeway you can do it really fast

it has been a really great car. Has high mileage now but keeps on going

- carrie b

Although it is considered old, it runs very good and is very reliable

Very reliable, good gas mileage, few repairs, inexpensive to operate

- Bob S

switch in car needs replacing passenger headlight plug has short in it

car can be hard to steer car gets bad gas mileage car rides smooth

- Jeffrey K

That it is comfortable to ride in.

Like - So comfortable to ride in. Dislike - bad gas mileage.

- Mary J

I love the style and durability, but the clearcoat is peeling and there are electronic issues that are creeping up on her.

It is stylish and very comfortable, with a good reputation.

- Deborah H

It is reliable and has good speakers. However the oil sensor is broken. It also died on me one time. Overall good car.

That it is fast and can out race most other vehicles.

- Patrick D

Don't ever buy a Chevy. Crap

It's a crap car, that constantly breaks down

- Cori T