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I named my car Rhonda because she has the attitude of a black grandma.

My car is comfortable and spacious. I can comfortably fit five people. The trunk is also big enough that moving for college was no hassle. The gas mileage is great. The only difficulties I have with it would be the fact that it shakes when accelerating up to interstate speeds due to me needing to get the tires balanced, and it sputters when going up hills. The interior has cloth seats, which works better for me and my lifestyle. It also has automatic seats and mirrors. There is dual air-conditioning that still works. My CD drive does not work, but my Bluetooth has never shown any problems. The sound system is better than what I have heard in other cars, past ones I have owned or any of my friends'. The windows will not go down unless the driver's door is closed, but there is a sunroof that is pretty cool. The engine stalls when starting and sometimes will shut itself off. However, the ignition is designed to be when you turn the key, the car automatically starts without you having to hold it. The car runs smooth down highways and backroads alike. I have drove it down gravel for most of the time that I have had it and it is done great. Quick turns are not a problem either, though I do not suggest them because they are dangerous. Brakes work great since the brake lines were just recently replaced. Great for any type of drive or if you just need to go somewhere to sit alone for a while.

- Taylor P

2005 Chevy impala a great family vehicle or a great traveling vehicle.

I have a 2005 Chevy impala and I absolutely love it. I haven't had any issues with my vehicle since I got it. The previous owner did routine maintenance on it and I have continued to do so as it is new owner. It performs excellent and it is the perfect car for a small family. It does not have heated seats or anything fancy, but I am not really about luxury vehicles. The only time it goes to a garage is to be inspected. It is great in the winter. It is definitely a spacious car, it has six seats, and a very spacious trunk. I would recommend this vehicle for anyone with a small family looking for a spacious vehicle and a good vehicle to travel in. It is great on gas and does very well with long distance trips.

- Constance K

2005 Impala is generally reliable.

Generally reliable car with very few repairs beyond general maintenance. Only problem has been the intake manifold gasket that leaked. The problem stemmed from the coolant that Chevrolet used that wasn't compatible with the gasket material. Company was sued but no recall. After complaint dealer fixed at no cost. Found out later that company policy required use of same materials. An immediate visit to another mechanic to swap fluids resolve the problem, but this could be an issue for used vehicles. The car mechanical design is otherwise simple and can be easily worked on by backyard mechanics. This car has over 200k miles and maybe $1000 in repairs thus far.

- Scott G

The Impala boasts an impressive sound system that rivals cars 10 years newer.

Overall, the Chevy Impala is a sturdy yet refined car that is easy to maintain and cheap to repair. A quiet ride with an awesome sound system, my 2005 has lasted me thru 170, 000+ miles. Besides routine maintenance it has recurring issues regarding the solenoid in the transmission. Perhaps that is a model wide issue, but other than that it has stood up well against city driving, long trips and the occasional aggressive outburst. You cannot go to wrong with it though, with such a buttery, smooth shift through the gears, this car makes you sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

- Andrea B

Reliable and roomy, but be sure that you know how to maneuver a wider car.

My vehicle has been reliable over the years and has had very few mechanical issues for its age. Some people might appreciate the moonroof, although I haven't used it in years and forget that it's there. The trunk is pretty roomy and has a net for holding groceries. An annoying thing about my car is that warning lights keep getting stuck on, such as low tire pressure and change engine oil, after the issue has been resolved (or in some cases, when there wasn't an issue to begin with). This seems to be a common problem in Chevrolets, as it happened in my Malibu too.

- Sara D

It sometimes drips oil so I keep an extra quart in the trunk. One feature I really like is being able to check the temperature outside while driving.

My car is used for basic, everyday activities. Visiting my Mom or in-laws, going to the grocery store, appointments, meeting a friend for lunch or a movie. Round trips of 10 miles or less. It's a 4-door, roomy inside, and has a very good sized trunk. Very easy to help parents get in and out, and to put their walkers in the trunk. Even though it's mostly used around town, I average 30 mpg. The furthest I drive it is to visit my son in East Lansing, which is a 3 hour round trip. I average 33 mpg on these trips. It only has 135,000 miles on it.

- Judith S

Our chevrolet impala . A dependable vehicle with good gas mileage.

Problems with this vehicle are the windshield wipers malfunction and get stuck in an upright position when off. It has been a good running car, has almost 200,000 miles on it,power windows, locks, air conditioner, power seats all still working. . Has good mileage on road trips, about 25 miles per gallon. . Comfort is ok, not comfortable for 3 adults in back. Has fold down seat on one side in back as to haul something in trunk and through into car. Or to get in trunk from inside the car. . Has cruise control, has escape handle in trunk.

- Cathy L

Reliable car, lasts a long time.

I bought this car when I moved to Jacksonville for school. This was around 2011. It is a 2005 Chevy impala, so this thing has been around for a while. I drive it everyday for work, so after having it for a little over 7 years, this thing has gotten me through a lot and has been very reliable. Now I am having some issues with the transmission and oil leaking, but I think that has to do with how old the car is. I just have to make sure to stay on top of it, and that is really the only thing that has been kind of a troublesome thing.

- Mari S

It is a very reliable and dependable car. It is spacious, roomy and comfortable.

Love the comfortable size of four door impala, has plenty of room. A great roomy family car. Good performance, mileage and reliable for long trips. Always dependable for daily commute to work, errands or long interstate trips. After one hundred and twenty thousand miles had problems with fuel pump which is probably not uncommon with that amount of mileage on any vehicle. We have owned 4 impalas over the years and would highly recommended them to anyone. A great car you can depend on for all aspects of life.

- Rene C

Mediocre car at best. It has comfort and space going for it.

The 2005 Chevy Impala is an okay car. It has great gas mileage and is very comfortable. Has lots of leg and head room. Seats recline fully. Power windows, power brakes, and a moonroof. The ride is smooth and quiet. The issues I have with this car are the mechanics on it are difficult to follow if you are at all inclined to do any of your own repairs. The cost for repairs on this car are a lot more than I have been used to in the past. It seems as one thing then another will break or not work constantly.

- Celia C

There's plenty of legroom for growing teenagers to stretch out in the back.

My car is over 10 years old and running smoothly. At under 200, 000 miles I am confident with regular maintenance it will last many more years. I have never found myself stranded, and always know I have a dependable car with my Impala. It is showing some wear on the buttons on the steering wheel cruise buttons rubbing the black paint off, but they still function properly. I feel at ease passing it to my children as a first car knowing they will be safe. I plan to invest in another Impala at that time.

- Leigh S

Very dependable and reliable. Good gas mileage, great for long distance trips.

So far we have had very few problems with it. We used to have it in a garage, but after we moved it was sitting outside. This is when we found out about a manufacturing flaw where when it rains hard it leaks inside the passenger side of the car and floods the floor boards. It is an easy fix, so easy that we just ordered the part off of Amazon and my 74 year old mother fixed it. Other than that, typical maintenance. Little expensive, but the cost depends on where you live.

- Stacy H

Review of 2005 Chevy Impala!

It runs well. However, as a thirteen year old vehicle is has some problems. The CD player has a difficult time ejecting CD's. I had a tire blow out on me in the driveway without any outside hazards causing the damage. I am not a fan of the blinkers. They are not yellow and visible enough to indicate a lane change effectively. I feel like if it was yellow it would be more visible to other drivers and create a safer environment for me as the driver and for other drivers.

- Jay B

Impala traction system has issues.

My car is reliable and is in good shape. I am used to driving an SUV, so I have found it difficult to get used to how low the car is to the ground. It is more difficult to get out of since you kind of have to pull yourself out of the car. I do like my leather seats and my moon roof. The car does have consistent issues with the traction system. I was told by previous owner that the wiring messes up frequently for the traction system, requiring a visit to the mechanic.

- Laura R

Old 2005 car and still pretty reliable.

I actually really like my Impala and the feel of the car as it drives. My one drawback as the car is getting older is that this model is known for having issues with its hud. It is something relatively minor but it's just a bit annoying to deal with. My needle for my fuel gauge moved outside its range and no longer moves so I have to keep track of miles per trip for upkeep. My car holds about 14 gal and gets about 23 mpg. Its running old but still pretty reliable.

- Charles W

Great car with not many problems. A reliable source of transportation.

There is a few dents but not bad ones. The frame is not bent or anything. The service light is on from the air brake system being out. . Got one rim that is not the same as the others. The interior is leather and good. The ac and heat work great. The ac is a little loud when it blows. In all it's a great car with not many problems. At the moment I am getting the power steering worked on because there is a leak but I am getting that fixed tomorrow.

- Christopher K

it's safe, it has a really roomy trunk & you can fit 3 car seats in the back w/o a problem

It has a very roomy trunk, it's a big care which makes it safe, it seats 5 people comfortably, it can hold 3 car seats in the backseat, it's a 4-door. The only complaints I have are because of age. Things are starting to fall apart like the windows don't roll up/down anymore, I'll sometimes lose power steering for a moment. Those are expensive to fix but other than that it's a great car. If it were any better it would be a truck haha!

- Kathy A

Chevy classic 2005 is an excellent college car because it is cheap and reliable.

This car's main benefits are that it is an inexpensive vehicle. However, that means the plastic on the interior is cheap and everything about it is cheap. It has been quite reliable so far, and it is a great college car for sure. It has no special features, but is quite functional. I have never had a reason to doubt that it would get me from place to place safely, but it is not a strong car for going in the snow.

- Adrian C

Don't buy it. You'll pay a fortune to keep it running. I may never buy another Chevy.

Our vehicle is comfortable and roomy. Unfortunately, we have had to do repair after repair since the day we bought it. I like the way it "floats" and feels nice to ride in. I dislike the comfort level of the backseat. It has a good-sized backseat, which was part of why we bought it (we have a family of 4 full-sized people!). But when I actually sit in the backseat, the back and rear supports are horrible.

- Kerry H

Chevy Impala: American power and reliability.

My car looks great, nice aerodynamic design, silver, with unique tail lights. It is a big roomy sedan, which I love. It take corners easily and accelerates easily. It runs wonderful even with 180, 000 miles on it and the engine has been incredibly reliable the whole time I have owned. I only love that it is American made but performs better than a lot of American cars. It also gets pretty good gas mileage.

- Dominique N

My first Chevy and I am not even mad!

I bought it used, but it has been taken care of. It is extremely comfortable to drive. The seats feel just like sitting IN a recliner. I recently had to put in a new ignition switch and battery and it is running like a champ now. It gets excellent gas mileage, has a fantastic stereo and speaker system, and it is very insulated - zero road noise. It is just a great vehicle. Very sturdy. Very roomy.

- Dee B

5 Star Car: My Chevy Impala

I am the second owner, I bought it when it was 10 years old with only 21,000 miles on it. The first owner kept it presteen as have I. I bought it for carrying the mail because of the double bench seats. My only annoyance with it is when you turn the windshield heaters on to clear the ice all of it runs down onto the wipers and refreezes; and with most impalas the brakes are always squeaky.

- Chrys L

Overall great commuting car.

Overall a great car that I have enjoyed driving. It is getting to the point, however. Where it will not last too much longer. My main issues with it are sensor problems. Different sensors frequently come on (abs, check engine, etc.) when there is no underlying issue. I have had the sensors fixed, only for the lights to come back on a few weeks later. This has been my biggest issue.

- Christy O

A very good basic car with good gas mileage on trips. Plenty of room.

Had to replace the transmission at 95, 000 miles. Get good gas mileage, 30+ mpg on highway with air conditioning running. Plenty of room inside the car and a large trunk. Good traction in snow with front wheel drive. Am radio is not working on very hot days. The cloth seats are wearing very well. The seats are comfortable on lengthy trips. 13 year old car and no rust on the body.

- Warren P

A solid car that has a lot of charm.

Gets decent gas mileage but can feel that its going through it quickly. Engine light is very finicky, got it fixed about a month ago and it's already on again. Asked the mechanic and he said there isn't anything else wrong. Stereo is great, heater works well and fast. Turning radius is definitely something that takes getting used to, but once you got it down it's easy peasy.

- Lucas B

Chevy Impalas are amazing cars.

Great car runs great but has an unknown ticking that always happens from inside the dashboard when starting the car I have taken my car into the shop and nobody knows what is causing the clicking or where it is coming from and it will stop for a little bit but eventually will start again but other than that it is been a great car with hardly any issues or major problems.

- Keeley G

Chevy Impala is a very reliable vehicle.

Performs very well. This is an old car and still runs and drives well. Features a sunroof, CD player, adjustable power seats, power windows. The only issue that I have encountered is the window design. It does not seem to want to stay on the track properly. Very dependable and reliable. Chevrolet is definitely the way to go when purchasing or leasing a vehicle.

- Jessica S

Reliable, comfortable Impala

This car is extremely reliable. It always starts up regardless of outside temperature. I do have to let the car sit for a few minutes( since it's an older make) before I leave. The car is also pretty comfortable and has a lot of space. The main issue I'm having at the moment is with the air conditioning since it's not blowing that much cold air at the moment.

- Christina M

My vehicle is a maroon Chevy impala. The year is 2005, and looks just as new.

It is a great car to drive through harsh winters. It is always comfortable, and holds a lot of people. I have had issues and every few months, typically the issues deal with the coolant pump or tires. My radio has been broken for a few months as well, but is not a huge issue for me. It is almost always reliable and when a problem arises I notice before hand.

- Taylor P

The car is good to drive from one place to the other place.

It is a good car for a person to drive. It is a good first car for someone to have. It is drive good in all the conditions that it might be. It can seat up to 5 people in the car. It gets up to good gas mileage. It has a good warranty information. The condition of the car is in good condition. The inside of the car is in good condition as well.

- Tim M

Chevy Impala is a great, safe and performing vehicle!!

Very comfortable, drives smooth, little bit of problems with electrical. The model is very nice looking. Overall I think it's a great looking and performing, and comfortable to drive! I also think it's a very safe vehicle for adults and children as well. I think it's a great car to buy and its a Chevy and there motors last a long time!!

- Stacy R

This suburban is in great condition and runs great.

The suburban truck is quite old, it runs great, it does not have any problems so it is in good condition. The leather seats are getting torn with time though. It is great for the snow time and it is very spacious. It is a maroon color and the leather seats are a beige color. There is some rust but that is because of how old it is.

- Michel R

The Impala: as good as the animal.

This car is very comfortable to drive but is built very low and scrapes if you are not careful. The traction system is broken and power steering has a leak. The low gas light comes on early and will stay on for a few small trips which is nice. Most problems with the car come from being older in age but overall it is a good car.

- Grace S

Love my tinted windows. Love my radio. Love my speakers.

It drives alright it is a good car. I just need to get a couple things fixed on it other than that it is a pretty good vehicle. The shocks are really bad I need new brake pads it all goes out really fast needs an oil change. The window in the back broke had to get it fixed and it does not even have the warmers on it anymore.

- Norma P

05 Chevy impala that has over 250,000 miles that has some problems.

My car has problems with headlights wiring. It needs an oil change. It needs struts. It needs brakes. It need new tires. It needs a heater core. It also needs a door actuator. It also runs very rough. My car has a salvage title. The outside of my car has scratches in the front and back. It has over 250,000 miles on it.

- Stephanie A

2005 Chevrolet Impala's are great long lasting vehicles

Great gas mileage. Put over 200,000 miles on the motor and transmission, and she still ran like a champ. The only issue I had was with the security system. Sometimes the computer wouldn't recognize the key so the car wouldn't start. I would have to sit with the key in the on position for 20 mins before it would start.

- Kierstin B

The highlight about it is the coziness and trunk space.

My 2005 Chevrolet Impalas cozy to me, when you drive a car everyday it becomes comfortable. It has not given up on me so far and it's just a hand me down. Sometimes if it doesn't start I have to press the gas to get it starts but no other problems. With my 4 month old going in to it I feel its very family friendly.

- Sarah D

My vehicle is kind of a dump but still runs so I am not complaining.

The performance is pretty good, a bit rusty, the transmission is starting to act up, just had to put a new starter in, it takes me where I need to go but I don't think it will last much longer. Over 200,000 miles. I love the seats they are pretty comfortable. Very smooth driving car when it wants to work properly.

- Hannah T

Chevy not starting due to anti theft module.

A lot of unfixable issues with the impala including ignition cylinder setting up anti theft system so you cannot start the car. They never figured out how to fix it and never did a recall. They really should have. Many other issues as well and now they are going to stop making them instead of fixing the problem.

- Julie L

Used Chevy Impala performance and care.

I drive a 2005 Chevy Impala that I bought used. It does well on gas mileage, and is very comfortable for personal space. It has high miles (243, 821)but is easily maintained with regular routine changes. Haven't had any major mechanical problems, although had an issue with the passenger window going off track.

- Bernadette B

My 2005 Chevy Impala has served me well

I purchased the vehicle brand new. Overall I like the car but I have had issues with the instrument panel, i.e the odometer and gauges requiring repair, the windshield wipers breaking and air-conditioning not working. Overall the car has served me well for the past 13 years without major mechanical problems

- Katrina H

Exterior could use work, but Chevy is great overall!

I like my car but I think it could be improved by increasing the comfortability. They could have made the outside stronger because despite environmental factors, I took care of my vehicle but it still rusted easy. Over all the Impala is a nice car to drive, and I would recommend Chevy to anyone that asks.

- Jennifer R

Why you should consider a Chevy impala.

I've owned my impala for four years and it runs good haven't had it let me down I am not afraid to take it anywhere it's good on gas mileage roomy can comfortably fit 5 persons in it for a road trip. I would gladly buy this car all over again I can honestly say I did not get hurt I only gave 3500. 00.

- Robin F

Roomy Chevy impala that fits a family of 6.

I really like the amount of room in this car. We have a family of 6 and can all fit. Also has nice trunk space. I do not recall any major issues with the car. Probably due to the age of the car the transmission needs to be looked at as it kind of jumps every once in a while. Over all I love this car.

- Jenny D

All black 05 Chevrolet impala with tinted windows and a subwoofer system.

Poorly designed mechanics on radiator and hose connecting to reservoir, not great on gas but not terrible. Aluminum frame makes car very light and it has a lot of 'pick up'. Very nice interior and overall design. Decent amount of space in trunk and rear seats. Comfortable seating and updated stereo.

- Kathleen F

My Chevrolet Impala ls base sedan.

It has tilt wheel, cruise control, dual heating control, am/FM CD/cassette radio, power locks, power steering, anti-lock brakes, power windows, air conditioning, doors lock automatic once you put it in gear, front and rear defrost, panel that tells you when to change oil or if there is a door open.

- Jane M

It only has so many miles, so it does not have a lot of wear and tear.

It is a very reliable car, the only problem is that it needs a couple things worked on because it is an older car. It does not have many miles on it either. I can take us a long trip and not have to worry about it breaking down. It is more than just a town car because it can travel so many miles.

- Zac H

It's a good car clean title. Need heat fix and ac.

I need a oil change and tune up but it run good I go 2500 miles on it I had it for 2 years it run good. I need to get a new window motor its my every day car I drive it every where I need 3 new tires I got a short it one of my lights. I need to get the heat fix and the ac I need a heater core.

- Cd D

Good car after 130,00 miles.

My car had problems with head gaskets and needed a new radiator all after 130,000 miles also at 145,000 miles the fuel pressure regulator went out and the security is also a problem sometimes computer has to be relearned once in awhile besides that it has been a good car before 130,000 miles.

- Dave W

It is a gold Chevy Impala that has damage to the passenger driver and back door.

I was in a wreck a year ago and I have not been able to get my car fixed yet. Everything runs fine on my car. Everything under the hood is new. Maintenance is very easy to keep up with. I do my own oil changes and I check my own fluids. Besides the damage from my wreck I am happy with my car.

- Tiffany S

It has a traction system.

I have not had many problems with this car. It is very reliable and is very comfortable and has both a cassette and CD player and a radio that has 6 am programmable and 12 FM programmable features. The drivers side has an electric seat adjuster. It is very spacious and can seat six people.

- Marilyn B

It has a great sound system in it.

Transmission slips, no muffler on it, the dashboard is loose, the color is not what I want, it leaks oil and I cannot find, it burns gas and is slippery in the snow, needs work on it, tie rods, ball joints, struts, shocks, tires, body work, needs to be repainted, and front end alignment.

- Robert L

That it uses a little oil , so should check at least weekly.

It rides good and sound system is good but it about ends there. This has been a lemon of a used car since I bought it just first one thing and then something else going wrong. But I guess I should know that it is just an old used car and when you get them you don't know what to expect.

- Huie B

Chevy Impala good reliable car.

This car has been very reliable and I have only had a few minor problems since I have owned it. It is very dependable and is good on gas. I have replaced the wheel hub assembly on both the front and back. The radio has been going in and out recently. Other than that no major issues.

- Sheri E

White Chevy impala named robin.

My vehicle is white with tan leather and three sea turtle decals on the back. It runs okay but the gas mileage is not the best. I know that we can make it work but I am scared to drive it to work and back. It will be okay though. We can do this. We can do this no matter whatever.

- Catherine R

I have put many miles on my car and feel like it is just getting tired.

I love my car but it has minor issues every now and again. I think they mostly come from an accident I was in a couple of years ago. There is a sound we cannot figure out but we have not used all our options to try and figure it out. But I am positive it is from the accident.

- Jennifer W

Why I like my caravan if it is older.

My car is a little older but drives well except for small skip in running and it has been taken good care of. The tires are about ready for another change but I do them one at a time. The paint job is holding well but it does have one dent. The inside could use some fixin up.

- Jeff W

Love/hate relationship with my car.

There is an issue with the oil pan, making it hard for me to drive my car for too long. It leaks because of this. We need $700 to replace it, so we're thinking about getting a whole new car. I love my car though, it is comfortably sized and it runs well besides the oil pan!

- Stephanie R

Good car overall. My favorite.

Runs really well. Be sure to keep up with the maintenance on the car to ensure that your car is running in top shape. Do not use 87 gas. I would suggest using only premium grade gas. This has been my favorite car. I will definitely be upgrading when my pockets allow me to.

- Shes T

Chevy impala is a great car.

It is a good size and runs great, it is comfortable and easy to load and unload, large trunk, drives nice, easy stop good mileage on gas, great on the highway, runs smooth, easy to work on, great price, love the cruise control specially on long trips, all around great car.

- Josie G

Once a police vehicle so there’s a button that let’s the vehicle go incognito.

Problems with the abs and brakes in general, however gets from point A to point B every time. Very comfortable to ride in. The interior is kind of ugly because it is all navy blue and the seats are not leather but that is not too important when it comes to functionality.

- Victoria S

2005 Chevy Impala. Is a sound and relaxing car.

I feel that the 2005 Chevy Impala is a good running automobile the only negative thing I feel is the tires wear out fast and uneven and the radio antenna is in a horrible place and they should relocate it otherwise it is a good reliable car and I would buy another one.

- David M

The best car in its class and year in my opinion.

It is a very reliable car. I have 150k+ miles on it, and the car still runs like a beast. I have minor coolant issues, but they were very inexpensive fixes. I love how roomy the car is also. The car has tons of space. There’s nothing I would change about this car.

- Norman M

It is white which is a cool color for the heat we have had this summer.

It is a used vehicle and it has been reliable for me, it is what I could afford at the time I bought it, has little issues but nothing major, comfortable car, good on gas, power windows, power locks, cloth interior, 4 door, ac works great, very comfortable driving.

- Virginia L

My vehicle has leather seats and a sunroof so I love it.

My Chevrolet Impala is one the best cars on the market. I bought it from a dealership a couple years ago and it has been great ever since. An Impala is definitely the way to go. I highly recommend if buying a car. It only gets better with time. I hope this helped!

- Terrence D

Chevrolet makes good, reliable cars.

My car is an older model with low miles, drives great, handles great, very reliable. The seats are very plush and comfortable making for a smooth relaxing ride. No problems with the ac or heat, making for a pleasurable ride in any season or any type of weather.

- Betty A

This is a 2005 Chevrolet Impala with black painting.

I have not had any issues with this car at all. The only issues I have had with this car are the maintenance issues of any car or truck when putting miles on the motor. The car is very reliable on gas and gets you where you need to go. Acceleration is awesome.

- Isaiah G

People for some reason thinks its a cop car.

My car has been reliable so far and very comfortable so much leg room, its very spacious not only the driver, passenger and back seats but also the trunk has a lot of room. I would buy another Chevy if this one goes. It's a smooth drive to where I need to go.

- Sav M

My Impala will get you there

I have not had many problems with my car. When purchased it had about 117000 miles amd so far I have had to replace two tires, and few oil changes, brakes and that's it. My car has took me Memphis, Atlanta amd Bloomington for work with no problems besides gas

- Joetta K

Big car services at smaller car cost.

Size, comfort. 125, 000 miles, no major repairs. Good reliability. Good size and comfort. Plenty of luggage space. Good crash safety. After accident repairs economically. Good mileage for a v8 engine. Onstar works as advertised with good emergency services.

- Mark W

White four door sedan with new motor. Heat and air works great.

It is white four door sedan. With heat and air-conditioning. Factory tinted windows. It has a new motor. Four new tires and chrome wheels. It rides smooth plenty of legroom. Drives like a dream handles good. New front in alignment. Brake job and tune-up.

- Terri G

Strong, reliable transportation with easy maintenance.

My vehicle is very reliable. It drives well in town and on the highway. It is easy to maintain. There have only been a few things we have had to spend money on over the many years we have had it. Even though it is an older car, I am very pleased with it.

- Jodi J

My car specifically, has a nice smooth ride.

My vehicle is a reliable, 2005 Chevrolet Impala. It has a few minor cosmetic issues, including a scratched door and cracked fender. But has a nice green coat of paint. The brakes and transmission are new and were recently installed under warranty.

- Levi H

Has been reliable with no major problems

As I have only owned my vehicle for about 6 months, I haven't experienced any major problems with it. I have had to put new brakes and tires on it. It is quite comfortable to drive and ride in. So far, it has been a pretty reliability vehicle.

- Linda B

Older but reliable Impala.

Pretty reliable. Has had a few issues but mostly just regular maintenance. Has about 115, 000 miles on it. A few rust spots but overall has withstood several winters. Heating control has broken, and the drivers side now blows only cold air.

- Brittany W

Awesome Car! Three car seats can fit across in the back seat!

I really enjoy the vehicle! It is great on gas and rides smooth and comfortable. I have leather seats and they are very comfy for long trips and every day driving. I also have the seat heaters, which is a big plus in the Winter!

- Barbara W

For the size of the car, the gas mileage is good.

It is actually a 2005 Pontiac Bonneville which you did not have listed, so Impala was the closest I could fine. I like the car size, 4 doors, and trunk size. Some dislike of the bucket seat not being more adjustable.

- BJ G

It's a very nice, big vehicle that is perfect for a family, but is a little difficult to parallel park due to the size.

I love that my car is hard working and is reliable. I also am very happy that it is large, giving me lots of room when I need to move things. However, my car is getting older and I know I'll need to replace it soon.

- Melanie P

Great performance with good looks too!

This car has a sporty feel and has good get up and go. I have not had any major problems with it, only regular maintenance. I have driven this car cross country numerous times and it is still in good running shape.

- Joy P

It's a smooth drive even for how old it is. To fix it is not expensive.

The windshield wipers don't work correctly, for the different intervals they stop while they are straight up rather than going back down. The gauges for the temperature and speedometer don't work from time to time.

- Makayla C

That my car is very reliable on both the highway and in the city.

Very comfortable to drive in, reliable car, the only problem that the car as, is a leak from the roof that leaks down onto the floor. This leak does cause a puddle to form at the bottom of the floor in the back.

- Max S

It has been wrecked and had front end replaced by previous owners. Still a good car though

My car was used when I got it, but it still runs pretty fair and gets me and my family where we need to go. I would not mind a newer one my has a lot of miles but it still runs and that's all I need for now.

- Brandy J

Car might not be the best, but it benefits me just fine.

Car is only to drive to and from work. The air conditioner does not work, wheel is hard to turn due to the power steering. The car can get a full tank with $40 minimum and I take it out of town with it.

- Anna D

Keep the oil and antifreeze changed and use distilled water to dilute antifreeze.

Great car have had very little problems I have 2 Chevy impala's and I would get another one. The only thing I must say keep the antifreeze changed and don't use chlorinated water use distilled water.

- David W

2005 Chevrolet impala. Red. Four door. With sunroof. V6

Have trouble with the electronics in the vehicle. Sunroof stopped working completely after opening and closing itself for 2 weeks, and passenger window stopped rolling down completely as well.

- Chassity E

My car is reliable on long trips and has decent gas mileage.

My car is very reliable. It is comfortable and roomy. It has seat belts for six passengers. It has a loose exhaust which runs a little loud, but does not affect the performance of the car.

- Mirissa H

My car's gas gauge does not work. I have to use my trip taker to gauge when I need to refill my tank.

It was not my first choice for a car but my husband's preference and I don't like that I cannot see well behind me when I turn my head. I can't wait to replace it with a car of my choice.

- Tina H

The car does not have a smooth drive.

I like the gas mileage of my vehicle and it is effective in getting me where I need to go. I like the low maintenance and low cost of repairs. I do not like the drive of the vehicle.

- Meg G

It's a pretty good car to get to point a to point b. It just needs some work

The passenger window doesn't go down is one problem, sometimes it doesn't crank until you try the second time. Other then that it's a pretty good car to get to point a to point b.

- Cassie M

My vehicle is a 2005 Chevy Impala.

My vehicle is a 2015 Chevrolet Impala. It is royal blue, has very little but some rust. The transmission is starting to go out and also need a new driver's side wheel bearing.


It has held up very well.

Gas mileage is pretty bad. Love the comfort of the vehicle. This car has been quite faithful with few major mechanical problems. I did have to replace the transmission in 2014.

- Catherine M

I keep having computer issues that makes my car stop driving or lose speed.

I seem to keep having issues with the car. As soon as one thing is fixed, something else is wrong. I can barely afford the upkeep of it. I like it because it has not failed me.

- Leslie B

Great family car, reliable great in snow.

I love: child lock on doors and windows, that the seatbelts are easy to close and hard for toddlers to reach, the huge trunk is great for the large hauls of supposed I carry.

- Amber A

Pretty good car, runs fairly well.

Fairly reliable, almost 200, 000 miles so it is having some small problems here and there. Overall a decent car, it is bigger than a lot of other sedans which is pretty nice.

- Alex M

That it is like a truck when it comes to all that you can put in it and it is extremely reliable.

I like that it is an Impala and that it has a sunroof and a very roomy trunk. I don't like that it only has five seats instead of 6 and that the gas mileage isn't that great.

- Rachel M

That the base model is more than enough for most people.

Comfortability, dependable, cost efficient, easy on fuel. Great for long trips with plenty of room for traveling. Repair parts are affordable for the lower income family.

- Selena R

One of the best cars I've ever owned

Vehicle life is outstanding. Minor difficulties with me Switching gears. Transmission shifts hard. Miles per gallon is excellent. This vehicle is very roomy and reliable

- Jonathan J

Comfortable and reliable. Has never broken down on me in the many years I've owned it.

It's reliable for long distance and remedial travel such as commuting to work, school, and back home. Super comfortable with tons of space and an enormous trunk space.

- James g

Next time I'll buy a Honda or Toyota! I just do not see a value in this car

To be honest, it's the cheapest thing ever. Like the Kmart of cars! Generic and a billion of them out there, so be prepared to lose it in a parking lot now and then

- Robin G

She's got over 100.000 miles and still going, she's old but tough.

I love that she's lasted me this long. As long as I keep up with regular maintenance, it still runs pretty good. The only thing I have to fix on her is tire struts.

- esmeralda d

It's a very reliable and comfortable car.

This car runs really great for Its age and has great mileage as well. It is very comfortable and easily gets me from point A to point B and everywhere in between.

- Nicole D

GM opinions always vary from car to car and day to day

This is a decent family car, but has usual problems with being an old car, little squeaks and rattles but been reliable about 2 years, no major mechanical issues.

- Jonathan S

My car is almost 16 years old and it stills runs very good. Very few issues.

When I purchase my car it was used, but it excellent condition. It has had very few problems. It has great features including heated leather seats and a moonroof.

- Chuck P

My car is dependable, it lets me know when it needs to be maintenanced.

My vehicle is very dependable, I also have a Jeep, but I love my Chevy. It hasn't given me to many problems, and when there are problems, they are far in between.

- Dana H

It is reliable and does not burn a lot of gas.

I do not like that sometimes it stalls. I do not like that it sometimes will not start for no reason. It is a reliable car that does not give me a lot of trouble.

- Veta B

It helps me get around the city faster and keeps my kids out the cold.

Hi my vehicle horn does not work the odometer doesn't work the rear view mirror broke the its rust all around my car I have a gas leak and transmission leakage.

- Sandra S

I don't like Chevy products.

Not comfortable, not much legroom, needs repaired often, poor gas mileage, has lasted for 7 years. Starts almost every time. Runs poorly in really hot weather.

- Deborah A

It a mid size sedan it a 3.8 v6 four door It has a airbag and a amplifier

Moves good through all weather And I've had it for three year it take to work back and forth At sometimes there would be hiccups along the way here and there

- stephen h

It is a trooper and can handle well.

Feels sturdy, plenty of room. Only downside is the dash is too slanted for fuzzy dice on the rearview mirror. Pretty powerful first car even for a 3. 4 ohv.

- Michael R

The transmission will probably eventually go out on it.

I like the size and comfort of this car. I had an Impala previously and it seems the transmission goes out eventually. They look nice and are a smooth ride.

- Latricia S

It has a lot of room and a whole lot of trunk space!

It is big enough to fit all 5 of my family members without being squished. It has a huge trunk! I like that it has a plug in the back to charge electronics.

- Natasha H

It has decent gas mileage, which makes it better than other vehicles.

I like the size of the car. It has a lot of blind spots. I have a hard time backing up, because the back end of the car is higher, making it hard to see.

- Karen S

It's a very good car for a first car for somebody.

My car gets really good gas mileage which is nice. It also has a lot of safety features which I appreciate because I do have children. My car isn't white.

- Joelle T

the audio system is one of the best factory systems I've heard

It's a four door car with power windows a/c blows perfectly very spacious in the trunk as well as the inside. The motor runs smooth and quiet like a baby

- Jowuan G

Very comfortable. Roomy trunk. Great condition!

We sometimes have problems with the alternator. Or the engine overheating. Or not keeping on top of the oil change. It's very comfortable and reliable.

- Nicole E

until now it's been reliable with 165,000 miles on it. comfort is good,

never broke down, gas mileage pretty good, comfortable. What I dislike is suddenly the car would not start and now can't figure out what's wrong with it

- sheila m

Have always in mind oil change, and good amount of gasoline at all time.

I like about my car that is reliable, the maintenance is cheap, gas is relatively cheap as well. I do not have any complain with my car at this moment.

- Karla M

That it is a durable car.

I have 376, 000 miles on my car and it is still running great. I have had no problems besides a little jerk or slip if I take off too fast from a stop.

- Rebecca V

It has been a fantastic car, I have had it for 5+ years and put over 150,000 miles on it with minimal breakdowns/mechanical issues. I have only had to repair maybe 3 or 4 things in the time I have had it.

I like my car because it is reliable and has had few problems since I got it. My only complaint is that it is an older car and it has very high miles.

- Cassie N

They should know that it is a decent driving car. It has close to 150,000 miles on it and still has no major issues. Knock on wood. LOL.

I like mostly that I just have one to drive. The color is nice, but I really don't love the model. I'm a Chevy fan, but not of that year of Impalas.

- Amy A

It doesn't usually have any dry spots on it after a car wash

I love the size of my gas tank and the gas mileage on it. The car has lasted me about 6 years and it's still a car that I never want to get rid of.

- Nikki C

It's a great car. Very dependable.

My Chevy Impala is amazing. . Has great gas mileage. Never had any problems with it. Good motor. Body is in perfect condition. As is the interior.

- Jessica J

Impala - nice color, on its last leg

My car has been less than reliable. Had to replace the transmission and multiple other parts over the years. Gas mileage is decent around 28 mpg.

- Patty Q

The transmission jerks when you are stuck in heavy traffic.

I love the size-it feels safe. I like the way it stays on the road in winter. I do not like the transmission jerking when the engine gets warm.

- Judy W

It is good with mileage and gas usage.

It is starting to need a lot of work, sometimes it will not start and I have to wait 10 to 20 minutes. It has to do with the anti theft system.

- Darlene M

That my car's been dependable up at needed a lots of repairs and it's time to get a new one.

I like the fact that it's very dependable. So like that's cheap operate. But there's only one door lock on the driver side I do not like that.

- Rick N

05 Chevy Impala great car.

Haven't had any problems out of the vehicle. Very reliable car. 15 gal tank a lot of room in the car, 5 seater. Great first car in my opinion.

- Logan D

It's a very dependable car with ample room for six people.

I like the space of the vehicle on the inside there is room for six people which is also nice. The exterior is a nice design simple and sleek.

- Sarah K

It's still reliable after 10 years of owning it I guess I'd say.

That it still works. It gets me where I need to go. It's ok on gas. I don't like the repairs it will have to have soon because of the expense.

- Tara S

It's a cute car, nice color for it. People think it's a cop car a lot of the time.

It's not trustworthy. Electrical problems and the transmission is going out. I have a big dent in the driver door that wasn't done by me.

- jessica r

My 2005 Chevrolet Impala has great dependable gas mileage

I love my 2005 Chevy Impala it has so much room and very dependable, and great gas mileage. Other routine maintenance it's a great car

- Carrie W

Good car, but no bluetooth

My car is great, it works well. Just needs Regular maintenance. It does not have a tape player or bluetooth just a CD player and radio

- Dorthea F

Very reliable and a great car for someone who is looking to keep the same car for a while

It's an extremely reliable car that Has lasted me really well. It's comfortable on the inside and I really love how it drives overall.

- Kirsten B

It was free in the Divorce! I will always take care of this car forever.

It is very reliable, sit comfortably and I can fit my 3 grandkids in the back seat very well. No complaints at all. Great gas mileage.

- Kim G

It is the perfect size for safety.

I really have no complaints except that the paint peeled off the spoiler. I like the size and the way it feels when I drive, smooth.

- Kimberly K

It was bought with 500 miles on it. . Original owner returned as lemon.

It. Has overall been a very reliable car. Has hard shifting problem, . Undercarriage rust. Radio replaced for security lockout issue.

- Tammy H

It gets me to work and back.

The door locks only are on the drivers side door. The car needed a more powerful air conditioner. Also, could have been built better.

- Rick N

It is dependable. Cars do not take care of themselves, need regular maintenance.

It handles wonderfully with plenty of power. I feel safe and comfortable in this car. It gets good gas mileage and it is dependable.

- Denise C

It saves me a lot of gas because use it for 40 miles a day.

I love my vehicle, It is a four doors car.Simple, but it takes me to places. It saves me gas. I dislike that it is not really fast.

- Ricardo C

Safe, bland, but fairly reliable transportation.

Smooth and comfortable overall. Fairly decent MPG for size. Room for five. Good size trunk. Consumable parts wear out too quickly.

- Roy H

That my car keeps going down the road safely. But I want to travel for miles without any break downs too

I like the fact that my car is cheap on gas. I also like it's durability. I dislike that the drivers side is the only key entry.

- Cheryl N

Very large and roomy for space

Runs good, but it is a luxury car so the problem I am having is that you really need to kick its ass sometimes to get it to move

- tori l

I believe it to be very safe.

My car is reliable good on gas if it is kept up with on maintenance. It is very comfortable and smooth ride and family-friendly.

- Jessica M

Do your research on the car and the type of engine it has. I found out after speaking with another person about the same model car as mine that the engine in mine has more problems than the other type of engine.

Had a lot of maintenance work on it. Had something to do with the brake system. Could not locate the wires connected to fix it.

- julie d

It is a very good vehicle, but use the trip meter to keep track of when to get gas!

It is a very nice vehicle. The problem is the gas gauge is broken and I don't have money to fix it. Other than that I love it.

- Amy G

Impalas are a great starter car

Good car main issues are the fuel pump and tires. They go through tires really quickly. And the traction control have issues.

- Mariah H

The most important thing others should know about my car is how reliable it is.

My car has been a great to travel in on numerous family vacations over the past 13 years but the sunroof leaks when it rains.

- Theresa J

Low maintenance and very dependable

Runs and rides great. Big enough to have my grandchildren in and not be cramped. Has great pick up and very good gas mileage

- Nancy B

how great it runs and drives.how good it looks.how comfortable

I have been a chevrolet man since before driving..the car is very comfortable and easy to drive.love the color and interior

- David K

It ran good but is getting old and tired. Great stereo system.

It has worked well for a number of years. I now am looking at replacing it with something newer. I really liked this car.

- Jana N

Treat it well and take care of it.

Great for traveling. Mileage not so much. Plenty if room to feel safe. Tranny issues right now which make things costly.

- Lori S

comfortable full size sedan at a small price. great value for the money

though an older car, the comfort is exceptional. These cars are known to run for a long time and get to a high mileage.


It does have problems under the hood often.

It is an older car and doesn't work as well as it once did. It no longer rides smoothly and the brakes are always iffy.

- Madison S

It is reliable and efficient. I can always depend on it to get me places.

Great mileage and sunroof for luxury sport vehicles and great appearance which is the way I feel proud to drive my car.

- Bart F

This car has a huge trunk, which is why my daughters and I.

Purchased the car with 3500 miles, and now have 60000. Very little maintenance. Love my car. It fulfills all my needs.

- Julie Y

Feel safe on the toad; stores a lot of stuff too.

I love that my car is reliable. It has over 265,000 miles on it. I wish it were a little higher off the ground though.

- Shelly G

I love Chevrolet very reliable

I really don't have any problems with my car very reliable, I had if for about 6 months. It get me from point a to b.

- Joi S

They are really reliable vehicles.

They have transmission problems and a lot of computer system problems. Also traction is always off for some reason.

- Colander H

It is a very clean car in the inside.

The check engine light stays on. It just got a used motor put in. It got over a 100 something thousand miles on it.

- Antonio E

Chevy runs for life and impalas r good model.

Chevys r always reliable as long as u keep up on maintenance this impala just has a lot of miles and is worn out.

- Zachary W

A 2005 Chevy Impala in great condition.

I have a pretty decent vehicle. The only problem I have ever had out of it was flat tires and a bad window motor.

- James C

It's very dependable and still drives great for its age and mileage.

It's getting older and has a lot of miles. What I like about it is it rides smoothly. It's been a dependable car.

- Amber R

Great reliability decent performance

Minor engine problems after 150000 miles but the car has been reliable as a daily commuter and it is good on gas

- Charlie W



- Elvia A

Handles well & get decent mileage for its size.

Large Size, smooth ride, quite engine, dual temperature setting (driver & passenger) no rear window wiper blade.

- Bill T

It lasts a very long time. High mileage but still reliable.

It runs good and has extended miles. I don't like all the plastic clips on the vehicle. Parts are easy to find.

- Kevin M

Very good quality and comfort for a car

It's a very good and reliable car, I would recommend this car make to anyone. Good quality and comfortable ride

- Bethany C

Sporty bit reliable with great gas mileage.

My vehicle was great but been lately been giving me problems but overall is a great vehicle with low gasoline.

- Bart F

It handles well and is paid for!

I like the performance of my Chevy Impala. It gets good gas mileage. It travels well and is a smooth ride.

- Linda M

It's safe, reliable, great on gas and affordable for your wallet.

I like how quiet it is. It's easy on gas. I hate how the trunk can only be unlocked wirelessly with the key.

- Matthew J

No air conditioning.. Good car, my mechanic said this car can go for miles..

High miles, thankfully it keeps going.... Knock on wood no major repairs, but air conditioning not working..

- Donna R

Always has regular oil changes. Gets pretty good gas mileage. Rotates tires regularly.

Great running car, low maintenance. Don't want to think about buying another. Has over 230,000 miles on it!

- Lisa S

It acts up more often than not.

Our security feature comes on every once in awhile.The speedometer is broken. The gas gauge is also broken.

- Madison M

It has low miles and satellite radio.

I like the gas mileage. The car is comfortable to drive. I love to eat it drives. It is a beautiful color.

- Shannon G

Engine is great and stability when driving it.

Larger than I am used to. Not real good gas mileage, but not horrible. But I am thankful I have a car. Ty.

- Marie P

It is a good reliable and safe family car. We have had it for over ten years.

I love the gas mileage. I love the dependability. I don't like how it rusts so easily. I like e the color.

- Dale A

Great car to drive. Everything is getting fixed

It has brand new tires. New mass air flow system. Heat works. Air works. Needs a tune up. Good city car.

- Breanna C

It is a very big, roomie car.

It is a very roomie car. It gets okay gas mileage. It runs well for the most part. It is a little rusty.

- Mackenzie F

It is a dependable car. It has a lot of room.

I like that it fits my size. It gets good gas mileage considering its size. It is too low to the ground.

- Jackie B

I take very good care of it.

There's not a lot of maintenance needed to be done. Rides really good on gas. It's also very spacious.

- Ashley S

It's still ticking after all these years of use and was a great car for years.

Easy to handle, comfortable ride, safety are good points. Getting more expensive to keep on the road.

- Donna C

How reliable of a car it is and how great the gas mileage is

My 2005 Chevy Impala gets great gas mileage. and is very comfortable it is a great and reliable car

- Timothy A

Good mileage, dependable.

It drives smoothly, cold air, warm heat, it seats 5, and good on gas. It has power windows and locks

- Marie F

It's just a plain, decent daily driver. Basic transportation.

Smooth ride, reliable engine. Adequate performance and mpg. Economical for its size. Roomy trunk.

- Roy H

She has hit 4 deer, a very large tree branch, and been completely run off the road yet is still running

I like how strong it is, how it has held up over the years. I dislike how low to the ground it is

- Megan G

The car runs relatively smooth. Although the brakes are definitely in need of fixing

It's a pretty good car. (Used) I've had it for 4 years and it runs pretty well for the most part.

- Miguel S

It's a great car It's great on gas. It takes me where I want to go.

I like the way it drives It's not bad on gas .It gets me where I want to go. I have no complaints

- Mary Ann G

It must be have regular maintenance and upkeep. Car will drive different of maintenance is not maintained.

With regular maintenance car is very dependable. Car is roomy and has a HUGE trunk which I love.

- Kathy M

Comfortable. Pretty. Can seat five people. Good on gas.

I am handicapped and this is the only car i can get into. It's pretty and its comfortable.

- Carol L

It. Is. An. Alright. Car. Very. Roomy. For. A. Bigger. Family.

The. Car. Is. Very. Roomy. You. Can. Fit. 2. Car seats. And. A. Booster. Seat. No. Problem.

- Michael H

It is a Classic but dealers refer to it as a Malibu.

It has been a great car. The gas mileage is great. Parts are getting hard to find.


It is quiet and rides really well. It's a pretty shade of red.

I like that it gets good gas mileage, it runs well, and best of all, it is paid for.

- Linda B

I like it a lot though it needs work. It is paid for.

The gas mileage I like. Dependable starts every time. I don't like the looks of it.

- Robert R

It has good tires and runs good and chevy impala is a great brand. Chevy is number 1 in ohio. Better than ford

Its old but runs good. I like the brand. I like the color. It is leather interior

- Gretchen M

My car is dependable and gets you where you want to go.

My car is dependable. It gets me where I want to go. I do not have any dislikes.

- Nick S

It has a big trunk so you could fit u know necessary things in it.

I like Chevy....I love the color it's in....it's very reliable....and it's big

- Sean R

It will get you from point A to point B without breaking down.

The car drives nice but I go through a quart of oil in between oil changes.

- James K

It isn't good for traveling or long distance car rides.

Not sturdily made, many blind spots, it drives well but is not good on gas.

- mikayla M

No complaints. It's an older car and looking to get a newer one. But I love how much trunk space it has and how roomy it is on the inside.

My car specifically has over 200,000 miles and the engine is going out.

- Samantha A

the car is a 2005 impala with low miles it has nice space for seating

I like that .my car has low miles. i wish it had bluetooth capabilities

- josh t


like style..love color love heated seats dislike it takes so much gas

- barb k

It is a very dependable and powerful car.

I like the dependability. I like how it handles. I like the brand.

- dawn M

My impala has had Transmission issues over the years and I have had to have a whole new transmission put in once.

Other than the transmission the car has run great and been reliable.

- Lori C

It's just reliable transportation, nothing fancy. It just gets the job done.

It's just a means of transportation. It's old and has lot of miles.

- Lisa M

It gets good gas mileage and it is a good family car, lots of trunk space. We have traveled over 1,200 miles with 2 adults and 4 kids

My car has been a Great car. I really don't have any complaints

- Karline W

It is easy to drive. It is very comfortable. Everything works. It has a lot of miles. It doesn't go great in the snow or on off roads.

It is great for trips where you want to be comfortable riding.

- Miranda S

Great size for family of four, has ample trunk space, great acceleration, nice features

Roomy, accelerates well, features. Dislike repair frequency

- Julie M

It is a good gas mileage vehicle.

It is pretty good on gas. It isn't all that but it works.

- Janna t

It's very reliable and easy to drive, makes for great trips

It's a great car no complaints It gets great gas mileage

- Robert R

It is decent on gas and roomy enough for a family.

It is decent on gas. It is roomy. I dislike the lights.

- Mike C

It is an older car but has been a good one. The transmission is messed up. There was a recall on the ignition a few years ago. Needs a thermostat.

It is fourteen years old and still kicking. Good car.

- Akh H

My Chevy Impala is a good, reliable car. It's nothing flashy, but it gets me where I need to go and the insurance on it is very affordable.

Chevy Impalas are reliable and affordable vehicles.

- Lisa H

Car still runs great for a 13 year old vehicle

Very roomy vehicle. Handles very well in snow

- William S


itis cheap,ransom,aint needed maney repairs

- delbert T

The gas is cheaper now that I have it.

I like that it is better mileage on gas.

- crystal K