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Overall great car and really love it.

I love this car. It is very sharp looking. I love all of the features that come with the ITZ. The buttons on the doors are so nice for locking and unlocking the doors with ease. Leather heated seats, large sunroof, nice radio features. I use the Bluetooth radio all of the time. Drives very nice, always gets up to speed fast. There are just a few flaws about this car. The side detection system was very nice, when it worked. Had it taken to the shop to see what was wrong and it was $600 for the new part and labor. I never got the new part because the part is not protected from elements (rain/snow) therefore it will eventually die out again. There is also a flaw with the radio. There are issues with switching the stations, you can switch it maybe once but then after that it will not work anymore. When we took it to the shop the mechanics couldn't even find what was wrong with it. These 2 things are very easy for me to overlook. Overall love this car and was very lucky to find it.

- Stephanie G

Dig this car hands free talk, cruising to music, good gas ml, I am a cozy cruiser.

It drive a little bit like a boat but not much, it is very comfortable in seating the use of being able to use the overhead microphone for a hands free phone is awesome once you add your numbers in.. The controls on the steering wheel are awesome and being able to start the car with the fob control is great for both winter and summer, I have had problems with the ac some of the gears teeth had broken 3 times on 3 diff occasions, the performance of the engine is great it is like having a classy mellow race car..LoL..It can cruise nicely or move at a higher pace if needed. The look of the car is great esp with the right wheels and right rims..There is a wood frame on the dashboard that adds a classical look the engine has a cover that stays clean and keeps the engine cleaner as well, it has good gas mileage as well, the sound of the radio is decent and you are able to move your chair electronically which is very nice..(many options).

- Deborah S

You got to see this to believe it! Very impressed!

I purchased this car with about 43000 miles on it. After having it for 2 yrs, it's still runs great. The performance on a long stretch is really good, and it does pretty good on gas. The LTZ model I have came with leather seats that heat up, and the A/C adjust for both the driver and passenger which is awesome,,everyone doesn't have the same body temp! The radio is controllable from the steering wheel, and it has Bluetooth capabilities. It has a key fob which is convenient for getting a keyless start on the frigid days! The LTZ model has a spoiler, which gives it a more snazzy look IMO, and the tires are super cool. The trunk is HUGE, and deep which is great when traveling. The display panel inside lets you know when car needs to be serviced, including tires. So far, I have not experienced any issues with the 2013 Impala LTZ (knocking on wood). So far? Pretty good investment!

- Ola H

High performing, reliable car

I have very few performance issues with this car. it handles very well and requires very little maintenance outside of regularly scheduled ones. I love the mileage and it is still good after 110,000 miles. The trunk is wonderful and spacious and the fact that the seats fold down makes that even better. My biggest complaint about the car is the room inside. While the front seats are good, the back seat has almost no room at all. Even my youngest in her booster has issues with leg room. This makes it very difficult to take trips out of town with anyone in the backseat. They are very uncomfortable and we often have to stop to let them stretch. This one feature makes a big impact on the driving experience.

- Erin C

We love our Chevy Impala!

We had gotten into a rear end accident and our car was totaled. We bought our Impala used and just love it. It's very roomy, nicely appointed. My husband loves the v6 engine. The glovebox and center console lid are very sturdy and not cheaply made. The trunk is huge! That is so great for us as we love to travel. We also noticed how quiet and comfortable the ride is. It feels like a luxury car that costs much more. The sun roof is such a fun addition. We haven't been able to take it on a road trip yet, but my husband told me that it will get great Mileage!. We are so very happy with this purchase as we are retired and it's a perfect car for us. We highly recommend purchasing this car.

- Frances B

Dependable and reliable, worry free, Chevy impala.

I love the reliability of y Chevy impala. I just went over 100,000 miles and have not had any major issues with it. We have only had to do regular routine maintenance. The impala has a v6 which has plenty of get up and go, but is still good on gas and e85 compatibility, so I have the ability to save money. My car is very comfortable and roomy. It has plenty of legroom in the front and back for people over 6 foot tall. The car is roomy enough to seat 5 people comfortably. My car features a sunroof, and heated leather seats. It also has cruise control and buttons for the radio control in the steering wheel. I would purchase another impala in the future, I am very pleased with my vehicle.

- Amy B

Chevy Impala- great fit for a family!

I really like that the car is easy to drive. It handles well. I have not had many repairs and it has about 150,000 miles on it. Regular maintenance keeps it going for a long time. I wish that the car had all wheel or 4 wheel drive though! A nice feature about the car is that the trunk is very large. People are always surprised by how much I can fit in the trunk. Another nice feature is the cup holders in the front. The seats are comfortable and can adjust to meet your needs. I feel like I am supporting my country of origin because our Chevy's are made in the United States of America! Both my husband and I have one. We can easily put 3 kids in the back seat and they fit comfortably.

- Kristin R

My Impala was a Great, Reliable Purchase

I love this car. It's super reliable, has a ton of great trunk storage, and has decent gas mileage. It also has a very good engine and accelerates quite quickly. My Impala has 80,000 miles on it and still drives like it is brand new. It is a bit of a long car, which could be a challenge if you are used to driving smaller cars. It's also a tad bit low to the ground, which is common with cars vs trucks or vans. It drives smoothly and has no trouble with frequent five or six hour trips. I adore this car. It was a great purchase as my first independent car purchase. The parts are also super cheap because it was a widely used for a time. I haven't had to do any major repairs at all.

- Claire P

2013 Chevy impala candy paint red

I love my impala for many reasons. I like bigger body cars because I'm a bigger person and my impala fits that description very well. Also it's very comfortable in all the seats, front and back, and it drives very smooth. I always feared for my transmission because I head a lot of impalas have problems with the transmission after a short time, but mine runs perfectly still and has around 114,000 miles on it. And it looks amazing I get compliments every day on the looks and style of the car. My car has never put me on the side of the road or ever broke down on me and that's one of the most important things to me

- Dolan J

My vehicle is white. I have a sparkly license plate that I am obsessed with.

My vehicle has been pretty good, I had to get a new transmission after having it for about three years so that was pretty expensive but I think it is a great car to take on a road trip because the seats are comfortable and it is quite spacious. I also think that it does great on gas I mean it could be a bit better but overall I haven't had any problems with the gas. This car is very reliable it always gets me where I need to go and does not have many problems. The transmission was the only major thing that went wrong but everything else has been kept in really good shape.

- Hannah S

This car is the total package.

I have had my car for five years now, putting around twenty thousand miles on it each year, and I haven't had to do anything to it other than maintaining the normal things like tires and oil changes. I do not think you can ask any more of a car than that. But this car does give you more. It provides an extremely comfortable ride. The fuel mileage is better than would be expected for a car of this size. It also has plenty of power for those times when you need power. All in all I would say this is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

- Marsha L

Handles wonderfully with incredible trunk space as well.

The Impala performs nicely overall. It has great pick up and is easy to handle. The trunk is unbelievably spacious and has proved to be invaluable. The seats are very comfortable and well designed. While the trunk is wonderfully large, it can cause a problem for riders in the back seat. They have very little leg room and makes long trips with four people very hard to do. My only other complaint, believe it or not, is about the cup holders in front. They are very close together and the lids often catch on each other and open.

- Erin C

They have Bluetooth, phone access. Dual heat and air control.

The newer Impalas are reliable, good on gas, comfortable to ride in, and on long trips. Our little dog loves riding in it too! We have owned five Chevrolet Impalas, in the past 20 years. To me they are the best on the road. I feel safe while riding or driving. We have only had one or two minor repairs on the oldest car. We sold one of ours to my stepson, when he moved to Charleston s. C. And it started right up after hurricane flooding! If Chevrolet made a SUV that I could like, I'd buy one!

- Gloria G

I love my Chevy Impala. It is a great car to travel with family in.

My vehicle is very reliable. At times my brake light will come on, but other than that I've had no problems with the vehicle. Oil changes does this vehicle Justice. I love my sunroof and I love my tinted windows because in the summertime it keeps the cool car. I do very little maintenance oh, just the oil changes. I've traveled from state-to-state in this car with no problems at all. And me and my family enjoy road trips and this car. It's a very comfortable car to travel in.

- Christian Y

The silver Impala life is for me.

The abs on our car sometimes goes off and stalls when we turn. And even when my husband pulls out of the driveway. That is really the only thing we have a problem with. The rest of the car is very reliable and nice, the vents work perfectly with the directions that they are placed in and the car comfortably fits my size. Our daughter has the large back seat to herself which is great for a family with one child. Ours is silver which is a nice color.

- Sara H

The ABS should be recalled and chevy needs to redo the abs design make it simpler and work!

I love the dual climate control, that it is a smooth ride, and it is comfortable. I do not like the ABS system, the computer and sensor stuff, the cup holders are horrible. The model of this car has gotten smaller over the years. The Impala needs to go back to what it was 50 years ago .. American Muscle. Make dodge have a competitor. Stop making impalas wimpy cars and bring them back to what they used to be. And build them to last!

- Stephanie P

Thought the good and the bad.

The 2 biggest things I do not like about the 2013 Chevy Impala is that it is a super gas guzzler, and the body style of the car is really long/and super heavy. I do also want to mention that since it is heavy going over bumps in this car might hurt it. What goes up must come down and hit the ground. What I love about this car is that it is 110% reliable my car is at 130, 000 miles and still going. As well as it pickups up speed fast.

- Emma R

2013 Chevy Impala: my 2nd Impala that used to be my mother’s.

I do not care for the driver visibility (blind spot is larger than other cars I have driven), but I like the size of the cab. It is very roomy and comfortable, even for long-distance driving. Gas mileage could be better, but I wouldn't complain since the v6 engine has been very reliable. A common problem I have noticed with Impalas in general is the alignment; it tends to get off alignment easily. The stock sound system is awesome.

- Emily E

The dependability of the performance.

Our car is very comfortable for over the road traveling. It holds the road and is a smooth ride. The only problem we have had is the check engine light comes on when the gas cap is not on right. Our car is easy to see out of for passing and viewing the road in general. The interior is comfortable and roomy and the back seat is very comfortable for guest passengers. We get great over the road gas mileage a about 32pmg.

- Sandy M

Reliable, spacious car built for long term enjoyment.

My vehicle is extremely dependable. Due to use of synthetic oil, maintenance is less frequent than a conventional oil engine. Parts and service are reasonable priced/easy to find. Ride is smooth and reliable. The seats are very comfortable, both front and rear. The trunk is enormously spacious for a car. This car is the most reliable I've ever owned, and I have owned 8 different vehicles, ranging in make and age.

- Melissa M

It's a nice traveling car. Let's hit the road.

The car is nice. The car is made for long trips. Nice space in the back, truck space is very big. Rides very smooth. The only problem with the car is that its old and the engine had to be rebuild. And the key had to be replace so the chip can match the engine. The air conditioner and heating system works fine. Radio is good. The only thing I don't like is the fact that the seat don't adjust the right way for me.

- Cynthia C

The most interesting was downsizing into the perfect fit. I thought it was going to be impossible to fit my needs without an SUV, but this Impala proved me wrong.

A reliable car. Sporty. Comfortably seats 4 adults. Plenty of trunk space. This car has proven to be mechanically sound. Routine maintenance has kept it running with no additional problems. I was initially concerned with moving from a Trailblazer (SUV) into a mid size car.....but after transitioning, this car fits all my needs with kids, sporting equipment, reliability and economy.

- DeAnna S

Still drives smooth and fast!

I love driving this car! The ride is smooth! Gets great gas mileage for long trips it's very comfortable and roomy. The trunk reminds me of the older cars most of them had huge trunks and this one is pretty big. My daughter don't like cars but she even loves driving the Impala. Grant you it's a nice car but for the year there are very little features and that was a little disappointing.

- Maria B

I have a great efficient Impala that was a great choice.

My Chevrolet Impala is a very reliable car and is very efficient on gas. I got it used at 30000 miles back in 2014. I still drive it to this day and only takes about 20$-35$ to fill up to a full tank. I haven't had any real problems except the usual maintenance of tire rotation, air pressure check, oil change, and other matters. Overall I love my car, and it has been great to me.

- Jj D

The Chevrolet impala experience.

The 2013 Chevrolet impala is a very good car. It drives very well as long as you take care of it. The traction and grip of the tires are above average, the sound system and use interface is pretty good, kind of wish had the push start button and key fob, but it is okay. The seats are very comfortable and full of cushion. Overall, it is an above average car and very enjoyable.

- Vernon A

I have a white, 2013 Chevy Impala.

I love my car so much! I recently upgraded to this car from a much older car, This Chevy drives so smooth and easy! It has great speed and even better breaks. The one thing I don't like much is having to go get gas, it cost about $40 to fill it up all the way and lasts about a week. (Driving daily) but other than that little thing I wouldn't change my car for the world!

- Claudia B

Sleek car with all the bells and whistles.

I love all the options on the car: leather, electric and heated seats. Great boss speakers and sound system. We already have almost 175,000 miles on this car but we haven't had any major mechanical problems. The only thing is that we had many electrical problems. Nothing major except the actuators that make a lot of noise and keep clapping. Over all a great car.

- Marie L

It is good on gas and is reliable

It is a great car that is reliable and very unassuming as to the comfort and pickup, getting onto highways is a lot easier. The heat and air conditioning work really well and I like that I can turn the radio on and off through the steering wheel, I would recommend this car to anyone that is looking for a nice car that is good on gas and fits in a small space

- Sarah P

Nothing interesting about my vehicle.

The vehicle itself is ok. I have been having problems with the vehicle in the CD player has been getting stuck since I got the vehicle. The ac I have also been having problems with. It has been making clicking noises. I took it to the shop and they fixed the problem but then 1 year later I am having the same problem. Beside that, I like my 2013 Chevy Impala.

- Irma J

Chevy Impala for comfort and ease of use.

My Chevrolet Impala is a great car. Very dependable. So far there have been no problems. The only thing done for it is seasonal maintenance. It is easy to drive, all the power I need to move around in heavy traffic. My Impala has leather, heated seats. It has an electronic moonroof. It has all the bells and whistles, though I rarely use most of them.

- Janice G

Impalas are great cars to drive.

I love impalas. They drive well, and have good gas mileage. They are very durable too. However, issues like, dashboard lights coming on, abs lights, brake light indicators, and tracking control indicators soon become a pain. Parts are fairly affordable, but can get costly. Keeping up with scheduled maintenance will help tremendously in the long run.

- Jason M

The color is silver and I love my car.

I find that when I drive my car it has very good gas mileage it stays in line very good tires gas you can't help the prices of gasoline but a fill up runs about thirty dollars very affordable. It has enough room for six people very roomy. It is a silver very expensive. Looking car. I really love this car would not trade it for the world.

- Eva F

Classy comfortable reliable car.

Drives smooth. Little Mileage paint not faded no repairs maintenance affordable easy meals to see being seatbelts comfortable if needed in emergency. The emergency on star. Reassuring to clean looks love the car like the looks on it paint no chip tinted windows air bags leather interior cost. New smooth ride accessories nice.

- Dennis S

There isn't a lot of room in the back seat.

My car drives and rides well. It would be much better if there was more room in the back seat. I love that the trunk is so spacious, but think some of that space could have been reduced to allow for more leg room in the back seat. It's difficult to put a rear facing car seat in the back and have someone sit back there as well.

- Laura A

Reliable, easy to handle, and spacious!

I love the size and the way it handles. It easily holds 5 people. The back seat is comfortable for 3 average sized adults for those times we have needed it. The trunk is huge and has helped move multiple children to and from college and eventually into apartments. It is very reliable and has all of the features that I need.

- Lisa S

Impala is the perfect size and power.

I wish it had leather seats as they are so much easier to keep clean. Also, the seat belt restraints should be black so as not to show dirt. I love all the warning features in the dash, such as time to change the oil or ice is a possibility. I have done nothing to it but routine maintenance and it is still going strong.

- Karen C

I love my car and it keeps me happy.

I have a black Chevy impala. It is a 4 door sedan and it is a sharp good looking car. It has cloth interior and is fully loaded. I keep up on the maintenance of it which in return does not give me much of an issue with things breaking. It is a good and dependable car that I am happy with my decision on purchasing it.

- Jamey D

Reliable, dependable, spacious.

It is comfortable and reliable, but not luxury. Shorts in the headlights and taillights almost monthly. Has options to be eco friendly, easy handling, lots of trunk space, leather interior. Has the ability for back seats to be laid down completely for easy storage. Has been very reliable with minimal issues honestly.

- Ashley D

Very comfortable and quite reliable so far! It has great space, and trunk space!

Overall, our Chevy Impala, it runs pretty decent. We have a the traction control sensor malfunction a lot. When it does, for example when backing in our driveway a an angle, or the wheel turned or not, it almost acts like it grabs and jerks. Other than that, as long as it is maintained, it seems to do quite well.

- Jennifer C

This car is very reliable, we actually have had 3 Impalas and would buy another in a heartbeat.

I Love my car, it has a V8 engine that sounds awesome. The adjustable seats are also heated and very comfortable on long trips. The Bose speakers deliver great sound. There is lots of storage and cup holders. We have not had problems with this car and it has over 125,000 miles and is still running perfectly.

- Terri B

2013 Impala is a Great Car

My 2013 Chevy Impala is a great family car. It has been very dependable. The only major issue with this car was a timing chain issue that had to be repaired but the issue was discovered by the dealership computer before it broke down. This happened shortly before 100,000 miles so it was covered under warranty.

- Anita J

My fast, reliable, Chevy.

My Chevy is a very comfortable car, gets good gas mileage, and has a V-6 slant in it. There is not much in the way of problems. Just really hard not to gun it. My car has power steering, power brakes cruise control and a back up camera. It is a 4 door and has plenty of room for us big guys to sit comfortably

- Russell Y

Chevy Impala. Lots of trunk space!!

My car gets excellent gas mileage. One of my only issues is the light beige cloth seats. They are hard to keep clean. The trunk holds much more than you think it would. I have hauled lumber in this car! The Chevy emblem fell off after a few washes which is annoying other than that I would recommend this car.

- Christy M

Gas mileage is not the best, but it is reasonable.

Very good performance and reliability. Comfortable, and low maintenance costs. There are no problems with the vehicle and it is very durable. Features are lane warning systems and crash alerts. It is a very comfortable car to drive and will last a very long time given it is taken care of on a regular basis.

- Michael M

Impala cons for daily use.

The car is very comfortable but the is expensive to fill up. Can be up. To $60 every 3 to 4 days and I only use it to go from and to work. Also is very bulky and parking or turning can be very difficult. Also does not have Bluetooth and instead an AUX cable and it can be very inconvenient when driving.

- Crystal B

It is dependable and fast. It saved my life in an automobile accident.

It love the car. It is dependable and can get up to speed easily on highways. That is why I chose this vehicle to begin with. So far, I have never had issues with repairs, etc. The only thing I do not like about this car, is that it did not come with backup cameras that I could certainly benefit from.

- Cathleen S

The highlight of my vehicle is that the roof has a sunroof. It runs.

I have no vehicle problems my boyfriend is a mechanic. Before he maintenance my vehicle I needed oil, tires, transmission fluid, and a lot more 'tune up' help. Everything is now good and my car is running better than ever. He also put tent on the vehicle and it looks better than if anyone else did it.

- Ashleigh R

Life with a Chevy impala!

My 2013 Chevy impala is a gray running car most things are an easy fix as far as price but things always seems to be in hard to reach places cause it to be more labor than normal. It is very good on gas and it is a very comfortable ride. It is an all around good car very spacious back seat and trunk.

- Amy L

Impalas are very reliable as long as you keep the maintenance up.

My 2nd impala. They are very reliable. I am over my mileage for this model. As long as you keep the maintenance up they will run for years. Ac just went out. 1st major repair. Have to have ac in this Texas heat. So I guess I'll get it repaired since the car is still in excellent running condition.

- Michelle H

Buyer beware. Is a beautiful car. Not good mileage. Would not buy this again.

The car is perfect. Just enough room to feel like a queen. Not great on gas mileage. Car parts are cheap to buy. Pretty much easy to install most car parts. We got this car with low mileage, but we are finding out that it most likely was in an accident and could of had a salable title at one time.

- Bonnie J

It's a nice, luxurious feeling car for a decent price.

It has most of the bells and whistles you would want in a car. Axillary plug, electric windows, and as many airbags as you could ever need. It has a spacious trunk and leather seats. I haven't found anything too problematic with the car except the noose the heater started making after my wreck.

- Fallon D

It's an all around great vehicle

It is a really nice reliable vehicle. I got it used and I haven't had any problems with it. I like that it is roomy and functional, I can carry my work stuff in my car and not worry about paperwork getting messed up. The truck is very spacious as well great for hauling groceries, and for trips

- Nicole F

Good car. Runs well. Buy if you want a car to keep for It's lifetime.

I like that thus far there have been very few surprises in regards to maintenance/breakdowns. The car runs well and has decent gas mileage. My only complaints would be the length of the car and the fact that problems manifest in weird ways that give very little indication of the real problem.

- Juliana H

The newest car my family has ever owned.

There is no problems with this vehicle it rides and runs smoothly when we got it 3 months ago it had brand new tires out it never been wrecked According to carfax it is the best cars that me and my wife have ever had it runs great no leaks the windshield is not cracked like our last vehicle.

- Raleigh G

Impala? It is mostly good! It is a nice driving, well designed, comfortable car.

My Chevy Impala has been very reliable and mostly trouble free. My only complaint so far, is the fact that the "check engine" light stays on. I have taken it to a garage to be sure the light is not indicating anything wrong with the engine, and thankfully, each time the engine has been fine.

- Jan R

Very spacious car, nice car to ride on your vacation.

Very reliable, good on gas, great performance, very comfortable great room, big truck, very cool air, no problems at all, love it, great radio, sounds are great, very smooth and clean, sunroof gives just the right touch, lovely on the highway, very good engine, very quiet engine runs great.

- Carla R

Great space. For white sedan.

My car is very reliable and dependable, it has electric drive seat. It is why it is a full-size sedan as electric windows and it also has power locks and type that I had to ask pour it is why it is a full-size sedan as electric windows and it also has power locks and type that I had to ask.

- Melanie S

Chevy impala! Great car love it!

It is a great vehicle. Runs good. It is got leather seats, seat warmers, on star service, AUX hook up, automatic seat movers. Auto lights, spacious trunk and back seats. Nice size vehicle, Bluetooth, Cruise control. Drivers side window is auto down but not auto up and only on drivers side.

- Hunter S

Chevy impala pros and cons.

Actuators in heater clack. Sounds like a woodpecker gone nuts. Sometimes drains battery. Cost too much to fix, so just living with the noise. Not constant noise, but enough to be annoying. Car us roomy and comfortable. Good for long drives. Mileage is ok. About 20 average city and highway.

- Amy S

Love the keyless entry and also overall size of vehicle.

I have no mechanical problems nor have I had any with my vehicle. I love the size and the fact it's a four door. Do not like the fact that the backseats do not lie flat. Also do not like the fact that the head rest are too tall on back seat and also on front seats and cannot adjust lower.

- Sylvia H

What they use when they build it, to make sure your getting a strong car.

I like that it drives pretty good, and the parts are not high priced.It has great fuel mileage and it takes regular gas.I dislike the what they build the car with, you hit something and the car is all the way messed up.It's not build like the older model Impalas, they are a lot stronger.

- james r

Chevrolet Impalas are great family cars.

My vehicle is great. It has plenty of room and a good size trunk. It is quiet and accelerates fast. The speakers are great and provide good quality sound. The interior is very comfortable. The design of the car is sleek and looks really good. I recommend my car to families with children.

- Amy T

my car gets me to where I need to go and back. It a nice white car

the transmission is going bad and the driver door doesn't shut good. But it is a reliable car it gets me to where I need to go. I also can go on long trips with it and it's enough room for me and my daughter. It does have a hard time reversing. Its clean and gets a wash every other week

- candace M

It's your party ask daddy for me

This would be perfect for first time driver. To and from very reliable. Clean all over. Covered parking is where it has been stored. Regular maintenance performed on time. Nice stereo systems, tinted windows and sunroof. Brand new tires I have all the paperwork. Call before 10pm. Thanks

- Tracy H

Others should know that the car is comfortable and quiet.

I have only had the vehicle less than 2 months but so far it has been a pleasure to drive. I particularly like the remote starting and the bluetooth hands free telephone capability. My only complaint is the gas mileage but I knew it would not be as good as the compact car I traded in.

- William L

Very dependable and reliable

I have no problems with my 2013 Chevrolet Impala. The car is very dependable and reliable no complaints at all. I highly recommend this vehicle to anyone that's searching for a good car. It's a older model but for the year it's in a good running condition no service problems at all.

- Angie R

Excellent ride, great mileage.

It gives a nice quiet ride. The average gas mileage I get is 22 in city, and 29/30 on highway. I drive 10 hrs to visit family, and this car gives a nice comfortable ride. I have had the car since it was 1 year old, and I will keep this car forever!! Or until it does not ride anymore.

- Carol M

My pretty grey Impala with a little rust.

My car is really good on gas, it is a pretty grey color and it is easy to drive. It is not very good in the snow though. I love having a car with no car payments and a husband that knows how to do work on it like change the oil and brakes. It is a very nice size and is easy to park.

- Cindy A

2013 Chevy Impala highlights.

My 2013 Chevrolet Impala has worked very well for me so far!! The only issue that I have really had with it is the traction control system and other Stabil Trak related issues. Other than that, it drives very smooth and I get very good gas mileage. It is a very sturdy, reliable car!

- Shannon F

You can remote start the car making it a nice option when it is too hot in the afternoon, and too cold in the mornings.

I like the way you can start the vehicle from outside the car. Makes it nice for hot summer after work to enter a cool car and cold winter mornings to enter a warm car. I also like the gas mileage. I don't care for the size of the backseat but the trunk helps with that complaint.

- Tanya S

The car offers a smooth drive, with moonroof,

The engine is powerful, it has dual exhaust, moonroof, leather seats, electric everything. The downside is that it didn't come with backup camera, and the side mirrors are too small and narrow. The ride is smooth, and maneuvers great. I added tint to all glass and looks very cool.

- Isabel F

Long, hard working, and reliable.

It has been very reliable. Everything from the engine down to the seat warmers. It was a great buy at the time. It has lasted longer than expected. Even the speakers have lasted, and I love loud music. It has convinced me to consider buying another Chevy impala in the near future.

- Stephen B

Fits me perfectly, My Impala

I love my Chevy Impala. It rides really well and the gas mileage is awesome. Mines have leather seating with heated seats which is perfect for the winter time. The inside is sleek but sporty making it comfortable for a male or female. Driving is great since it's reliable and fast.

- Someone T

I do not know just how to put these things into words.

Well I like the sun roof and the adjustability of the driver seat and the fact that I can let down the back seats it lets me use the trunk if I have something like a picture mine has a smooth ride I do not like the fact it does not block noise I do like that I can use bluetooth.

- Len B

I really love the speed and the amazing power Chevy has.

My vehicle runs great it is one of the best cars ever the body work is amazing the speed is great the inside is beautiful it is really a dependable car I really think the should really make a more cars from Chevy because those guys does a wonderful job with getting the job done.

- Elizabeth H

The only good things are good gas mileage, fair Bose stereo, and a sunroof.

I am 6'2" tall. There's no room in my cabin to be comfortable. Cars are too small inside for me. I would prefer a 1969 Chevy Impala or a 1969 Plymouth road runner. Not only were they fast, but they had a lot of room inside, and they were good looking! All cars look alike today.

- Rich S

Overall really like this car, looks nice and handles well.

The only problems I have with my vehicle is the headrest are too high making it hard to see over them. I wish the back seats would lay flat to give me more trunk space. I love the size and the way the car handles. Love the fact it has keyless entry. Wish trunk was a bit larger.

- Sylvia W

Chevy impalas are a economical and dependable vehicle to own

It's reliable and hardly costs me much in repairs. I've had impala vehicles for years and as long as they were maintained they were great cars. The cost to maintain the Chevrolet Impalas I have owned has been very reasonable. Mine is also very economical on gas mileage as well.

- Mary S

I love that it uses an AUX cord, rather than Bluetooth, for music.

I love it! Only complaint (minor inconvenience really) is that the hands free calling does not recognize contact names, just phone numbers; you can't say "call john doe", you have to say "call (555) 555-5555". Basically, if you do not have the number memorized, you are screwed.

- Mary T

The power of the car was a selling point for me

the interior in very roomy and it's comfortable for 5 to ride in. The care is very gutsy lots of get up and go when needed. Has all the amenities that I need. Leather interior for longer wear, easy to drive, good vision from all sides of the car on board computer is a big help

- barbara G

The best car I have ever owned.

My impala lets is the best car I have ever owned. Comfortable, dependable. I have only owned Chevrolet impala's in my car buying career. I would highly recommend any Chevrolet product. We have had 4 Chevrolets since our marriage 16 years ago. I will never own any other brand.

- Greg K

In love with my 2013 Impala

Never had any major inconveniences or issues with the vehicle. Drives and rides very well especially in winter with feet of snow. Not loud or noisy and It gets a lot of compliments. I always wanted that type of vehicle and was happy with my purchase when I finally bought one.

- Angelina C

Pleasure to own and drive!!

My car is very comfortable to ride in. It has lots of great features. I love the color, red. It has fairly good gas mileage and driving it is a pleasure! It is easy to have it serviced. My son helps me with that. It holds 5 people very comfortably. The trunk is very spacious.

- Catherine T

Most spacious car ever for the size.

We bought this car when we had one child and it was perfect! The amount of space it has it incredible. We had more room than what we needed and even with two children now we still have plenty of room. We haven't had any problems with it outside of normal routine maintenance.

- Stephanie D

2013 Chevy Impala. Great overall performance and smooth ride.

My car is a great over the road car. It has a smooth ride. Comfortable interior, and good performance. I get good over the road mileage at 32 mpg. . I have not had a breakdown since I purchased it in 2014. I have driven it cross country 3 times round trip. I am very pleased.

- Sandy M

2013 Chevrolet Impala model

The car has been pretty reliable since I bought it, comfortable ride with good sound system, easy to use controls without looking for them. Ride is steady, good gas mileage, have had no problems with vehicle. Only wish it would have had a sunroof and a eight cylinder engine.

- Terry R

Pros and cons of what I drive.

The headrest gets in my way when I turn my head to look out the back. I hit my head on the roof when I get in. Driver's compartment feels a bit small. It gets great gas mileage. I do not have a GPS in this car, wish I did. I am very comfortable driving this car. It suits me.

- Merry K

All about my red hot impala!

It's a great car, handles well, it is excellent in all weather conditions, the air conditioning is the best of any vehicle I have ever owned, the interior is extremely comfortable with great leg and head space. The trunk is ridiculously spacious and opens to the interior.

- Julie M

Great Chevrolet 2013 impala

It's very reliable it starts up easily and runs really good. The tires are not noisy and neither is the road sound. It has some really good features like power locks auto start on key and good working brakes. Seats are somewhat comfortable seem kind of thin on door sides.

- Stephanie A

Review of 2013 Chevy Impala.

This vehicle has very good gas mileage, takes no more than thirty dollars to fill up the tank and I can travel several states for work without running out of fuel, easy to drive, quiet engine, good air conditioner and heater, lots of space but appears to be the opposite.

- Holly B

If you need a car that's dependable and great on gas look no further.

I haven't had any problems. I've I need to do was change the brakes and keep the oil changes up to date. The car performs great and is super reliable. It's so comfortable to drive. I travel out of town a lot and rarely to need to stop for gas and or to stretch my legs.

- Don N

Chevy Impala the king of dependability.

I think it is a very lovely vehicle. It has plenty of space in the trunk. Has the latest technology. Bluetooth compatible and a very dependable engine. Never had any issues with the sunroof leaking. No problems thus far with this vehicle and it has been very reliable.

- Roderick H

Chevy Impala: stylish and practical!

It is a great car. Very reliable. This car does have a weird issue with the steering wheel and leaving the keys in the ignition. It can cause the car to not start, but there is a fix for this on YouTube. It is a really good car for the price and it looks nice as well.

- Hob G

Luxury, auto start, sunroof, electric seats, tint windows.

I have had no issues, I have had it 5 years and maintenance is all I have had do. I do that faithfully. Oil change every three months. Drives well in the snow. I have traveled and slept in it, there is plenty of back sit storage and trunk storage. Great gas mileage.

- Mary A

200, 000+ miles still runs like new.

200, 000+ miles and still running like new, easy to drive classy and excellent on gas. Practical and almost no repairs needed since I have had it! Recommend this car to anyone newer to drive since it is pretty easy to drive, also came with an awesome radio system.

- Lucinda W

what a car it is an amazing car. It is very fast and the ride is awesome

my impala is fast. I really like how comfortable it is. I haven't had any problems so far. There is so much room even in the trunk. I love the style and how the car looks. If it was up to me I would have bought it a long time ago. I think everyone will love it.

- shannon N

It�s an ok car, but could be better

My main issue is that I always have issues. I've gotten my brakes done one the car at least 3 times and am in need of it again. I have issues with the steering wheel, traction control. Basically everything. The car is spacious though but very low to the ground.

- Lexus M

2013 Impala is an Outstanding Ride

I haven't had any issues with my Impala. Absolutely love it! I have more than 145,000 miles on it, I maintenance my vehicle as required and as needed. The ride is smooth, exterior noise minimal and when I am not driving I often am comfortable enough to nap!

- Nicole B

2013 Chevy Impala quarks and issues.

This year is very bad on gas. We have a 2004 Impala that gets way better gas mileage. It also does not seem as roomy. The windshield also seems to just stay hazy no matter how much cleaning is done to it. The doors shut very hard if you do not hold onto them.

- Mary A

Passes all inspections and licenses.

I haven't had any problems with my car. the features is electric seat on driver side, automatic trunk opener, electrical door opener, dashboard operational functions. easy driving, windshield wipers, air condition, bucket seats. 4 door sedan, large trunk.

- Deborah M

Turning radius is worse than our minivan.

Almost 60, 000 miles and no issues yet. When I bought the car used the tires the previous owner had on it were horrible in snow and ice. I bought a set of all season tires and now the ride is much better. Have recommended and will recommend this car to all.

- Aaron H

My 2013 Impala runs better than the brand new Impala.

The car only had 74k miles on it when I first bought it. The tires and the battery hasn't given me any problems. There aren't any leaks or rattling going on. It has a big engine for power and speed. Plus lots of trunk space for my days in Sam's or Costco.

- Ashleigh H

Great value for cost involved in upkeep.

We have over 214 thousand miles on car at this time. This car is daily driver for my wife to travel to and back from work. I follow manufacturer's guide for maintenance on car. Have not had any quality issues with car. Still using daily with no problems.

- Richard B

Impala ltz heavy driver review.

The car has Horrible mpg. Also the electronics fail a lot. But the car has great comfort and also has great ride quality and power. Acceleration from the tar off and whenever needed in clutch moment is very reliable and strong. Need to make it hybrid.

- David R

NICE design. The exterior design is really sharp. It's a nice looking car.

The car seems to require more maintenance than my other car. Different things, like the heater fans, first one side and then the other a month later. Gets good mileage and bad good engine reliability. Comfortable seating for four. Nice exterior design.

- Nick N

Positive things about my 2013 Chevrolet impala. Love the spoiler and

The car is great. I love the sunroof. The heated leather seats, and power driver's seat. Non glare mirror at night. Powerful heat and air. Very roomy trunk space. Love the automatic headlights, makes it so much easier when it gets dark outside.

- Beth M

It is legendary and powerful.

I like my car because it is powerful, luxurious and comfortable. It is a very dependable car for traveling and getting around on my daily commute. The maintenance is affordable and parts are easy to find. I would recommend this car to everyone.

- Christopher W

Chevy Impala with tinted windows, heated leather seats, Bose speakers, and sunroof.

My 2013 Chevy Impala is very comfortable, has plenty of space, and a very smooth ride. I love my heated leather seats, remote start, Bose speakers, and sunroof. I have not had any major problems with the car in the 4 years that I have had it.

- Jenneatta M

Great gas mileage lots of power when you need it it is also comfortable for an adult to sit in the back seats.

It gets great gas mileage, it very comfortable to ride in and roomy in the back seat. It has get up and go when you need it. The trunk space is big enough to fit at least 4 bodies. Lol Haven't found anything I don't like about my car.

- Fay W

It is very good on gas mileage in city and also traveling.

It's very comfortable to ride in on long trips. It has automatic and heated front seats, cruise control, and the moonroof is a nice bonus. It also gets exceptional gas mileage which comes in handy since we live in a rural area.

- Lori H

You want reliable Chevy is the way to go!

Chevy is well know for reliability, and it stands up to it! Super fast picks up speed very well. The only real issue is that it is really heavy and the shape of it I can not stand! Ugh I do not like the long nose of the car.

- Emma R

It's a boat of a car, but it's a pretty standard, reliable american car

I like that my car is reliable. There have been very few breakdowns and I overall can count on the car very well. I don't like that when I bought it I was given an unoriginal and dingy battery, but I have a good battery now.

- Juliana D

Has one of the highest safety standard ratings out there

I absolutely love my car. It has all the features that I want. Navigation is definitely a plus. It has cloth seats like I prefer. It has stereo controls on the steering wheel. One option that I wish I had Is a sunroof.

- Sara D

The satellite radio is a perfect addition that allows for sufficient music choices while traveling long distances.

There is a clicking noise in the front end of vehicle that signals A/C system needs to be repaired. There is an issue when turning left and the wheel and axle churn abruptly stopping further movement for a split second.

- Gabrielle H

It is a reliable car no mechanical problems in 110k miles.

It's kind of long which makes parking hard, but the long wheel base makes bumps better. It drives very well, little vibration, responsive steering and brakes. Its too low to see through SUVs and trucks on the highway.

- David P

Safety First! Front and side airbags as well as good seat belts are very important.

I love the front and side curtain airbags. I love the heated leather seats during the winter. The trunk space is awesome for a car. I don't like the cup holders in the back seat, no cup or bottle ever stays in it.

- Christie G

Its Black limited (LTZ) Impala Push To Start Keyless entry

Its reliable stylish and has nice power and speed. Always a comfortable ride very little maintenance. Check the tires and keep your oil and fluids changed and you will have one of the best cars you've ever had!!

- Geo B

Fast car, never breaks down.

Runs great even after 150,000 miles. Great car for a small family. Or student who needs something reliable for going back and forth. Blind spots are a little tricky but other than that it's a 10/10 vehicle.

- Shannah B

Full size feel without the too big feel. Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cakehole.

Love the size and the feel of it. It also is the main car in one of my favorite shows Supernatural. The only complaint is that it's a little difficult to look out the behind the drivers side while driving.

- Melissa M

It is reliable, easy to handle, and fits with my lifestyle.

The best thing is that it is just the right size for me. It has good pickup, plenty of trunk room, and a comfortable interior. The only minor complaint is that there are no cup holders in the back seat.

- Barbara M

Impala a reliable full size sedan.

The Impala is a roomy full size sedan. It had great power on the V-6 configuration. The gas mileage is not as good as a 4 cylinder but that is too be expected from a bigger engine. It's a smooth ride.

- James K

Impala: A Great Family Car

I love my Impala. It's a spacious car. I can fit 3 car seats across the back seat. There's plenty of storage space in the trunk. It accelerates well. I have had minimal maintenance issues with it.

- Rebecca G

Style, comfort, ride and power

The car has not had any major issues. Only recently have the actuators for the A/C have gone out. This seems to be a known issue that has not been issued as a recall or service bulletin

- Shaun H

Try it out with a heavy winter coat and hat.

Like the quality and craftsmanship and dependability. I don't like the accessibility it is hard to get in and out of my little Alfa Romeo sports car was easier to get in and out of.

- Steve D

Practical, spacious and reliable yet sporty and fun to drive!

I like the fast acceleration and smooth handling on the highway. I do wish it got better gas mileage esp. in town. I also wish it had better traction in snow, and wet and icy roads.

- LaRae L

impala is a spacious and comfortable ride

The vehicle has been very dependable. It has a comfortable ride and actually gets very good gas mileage. It's one downfall for me is it does does a couple of vision blind spots.

- dally K

Car does well in highway driving and has excellent power.

The gas mileage on the highway is excellent for a car this size. Ride is very comfortable. Has power to drive safely in traffic. Mileage inside the city is less than exciting.

- Dale R

It gets great gas mileage. It has great power, get up and go.

It is a silver 2013 Chevy. Impala. I like how it drives. I also think the seating is really comfortable. It is stylish, has a spoiler. I do not dislike anything about my car.

- Becky H




It is lasted 300,000 miles.

I like how roomy it is. The trunk is huge. It drives smoothly and has safety features. I dislike that it is a bit dated. (I wish it had rear camera and Bluetooth radio.).

- Melody W

It has a large trunk and is a reliable car, and we haven't had to get a lot of repairs.

It has a roomy trunk so we are able to transport all of our luggage. It is reliable and we have only had two sets of tires in more than 100,000 miles. No complaints.

- Sandra C

Good price for the value.

I don't really know how to put it.. I like the color the way it rides and my bluetooth connection to my phone.. I cannot really think of a reason why I do not like it.

- Tia M

I think I would say that it is a nice roomy family car.

My car is a white I'd say midsize sedan Chevy impala and I actually quite like it. I like the amount of space it provides. I wish the mileage was a bit better though.

- Autumn M

I love it more than I love most people

I love my car. I love the color I picked, I love how it drives, I love that it's comfortable. I take very good care of it and it basically still looks new 5 years on.

- Mal N

The comfort, low maintenance durable car. affordable

It is very comfortable. It has a cd player and it is the right size for me, it let's me know the tire pressure, my oil usage and how long before I need an oil change

- Genia K

It is my lifeline, without it I would not be able to meet the needs of my family.

Point a to point b that is okay gets me from point a to point b the vehicles okay the car dependable miles per gallon to color the ride just like the cars good car.

- Wayne C

That it is a safe reliable car.

I love the overall size of my Impala. The trunk is very large which is nice. I feel my car is safe. I do not think there is enough room in the interior of the car.

- Kerrie K

Nothing the car is fine no problems with the car at all.

Gets me from point A to B what I dislike is that it is not a new car off the lot. I would like a new unused car with less mileage less work to done on a new car.

- Stephanie D

Most importantly, the car is perfect for me.

One thing I like about my car is that it is fast. I also like the way I fit inside it. A minor issue I have with the car is the fact that it is not remote start.

- Alicia W

This version of it may be older, but it's comfortable.

I dislike that it's so long. I do like that it's very comfortable to be in in long drives. Somewhat good on gas, so that's a plus especially when up and about.

- Maria V

The smooth ride you feel when driving. It's comfortable and doesn't make you feel like you're in a larger vehicle.

I like the luxury and comfort of the interior. I like the feel of the vehicle when it drives. The size makes me feel more comfortable in case of an accident.

- John P

It looks like a brand new car as it's been well taken care of.

It's a decent size care with room for five adults comfortably. It rides like a luxury car (smooth). It gets good gas mileage. It has a very stylish design.

- Christine B

The seats are roomy and have plenty of room in the front and back.

I really love how easy maintenance my car is for oil changes and every day maintenance. My only complaint is that I wish the seats would adjust a little more.

- Kim S

The 2013 Chevy Impala is a reliable vehicle with a great stereo system.

It is a great vehicle, I just wish it got better gas mileage. Other than that, it is a great car! It has a fantastic ac which is great for California summers.

- Katherine C

Comfortable roomy, great gas mileage.

Good on gas; I keep it maintained. And it is comfortable. I love it. I do not hesitate about going on trips, our greyhound s go with us comfortable big trunk.

- Mary P

It is a great minim SUV. It has room to go shopping, but yet a great size car.

I would like to have heated seats and gps in the vehicle. I also dislike that it does not have all wheel drive- 2 wheel is not great in the winter. Horrible.

- Jessica B

Dependable, big trunk, heat & air-conditioning work wonderfully.

We love our Chevy although, the back seat could be just a bit bigger so then we can fit both car seats in the back and an adult could also fit in the back.

- Hayley B

This is by far the best automobile that we as a family have ever had it is also the newest car we have ever had and we only have 10 months of payments

We just bought this vehicle less than a week ago so far I love it it gets good gas mileage it a much smoother ride than the other one that we have owned .

- Raleigh D

It is reliable and safe. Also th technology is up to date.

It is a very reliable vehicle, comfortable and has the appropriate amount of technology with lane assist and warning features. Very safe automobile.

- Michael M

It is a great car to own and drive.

I like everything about it. Pretty. Has all the gadgets.. Easy to drive and handle. I like the color of it. It is red.. Chevrolet is a great name!!.

- Cathy T

It is a pretty, good, and spacious family vehicle.

I like that it is roomy inside and spacious. I like the outside design. I like the speed it can reach. I dislike how much mileage it gets per tank.

- sammy n

It's very big and roomy, Super nice color.

Great comfortable car, easy to get in and out of, lots of room. The nice color which is bright red. It's the top of the line model. great mileage.

- wayne s

It is hard to keep clean, show dirt easily also it drives pretty well.

I love the size, it drives really well and is pretty good on gas has keyless entry which I love. Do not like color (black) hard to keep clean.

- Sylvia W

That it is dependable, reliable transportation. This car will not let you down.

I like that it is good, reliable transportation. It is roomy, comfortable to drive and easy to drive. There is really nothing that I dislike.

- Lisa J

The cr v is very reliable.

It is a nice car and smooth ride. I prefer SUVs because they have better visibility. It is a comfortable car, but I just do not prefer them.

- Jane D

Comfortable.. Please let us know you want a specific amount of words.

Comfortable easy to drive, dependable. Great to long trips. Not big enough. Was too expensive. That is all I have to say about my vehicle.

- Peter S

i would recommend purchase of this product as it is an excellent car and very dependable

this vehicle has been very reliable, low maintenance, fuel mileage is around 30 mpg. ride is not as smooth as I would like but acceptable

- dallas b

Well made car, currently almost 200,00 miles and going strong.

Roomy, great pick up, great quality for price. Durable. Like sunroof and spoiler. Cd player broke early on and too expensive to replace.

- Lynn W

It has a lot of features that you need to look at before you drive it.

The great mileage and spacious trunk and interior. Maintenance has been fairly easy and cheap. We can easily fit 5 people in the car.

- Kira A

That you'll be replacing wheel bearings a lot if you purchase this vehicle.

I've had a lot of problems with this vehicle, sensors, wheel bearings, etc. It's reliable for the most part, but repairs are costly.

- Sunny G

I would say that it is a smooth ride. It is very comfortable and gets great gas mileage.

I love that it is a smooth ride. It's also very fast. However I don't like the tractor stabilizer issue that I keep having with it.

- Tony m

We have gotten very good gas mileage and it has been dependable.

I dislike the rear view. I like the comfort of ride. It is noisier than the buick we previously had or a cadillac that we rented.

- kathy w

It is a very dependable car. Gas mileage is pretty good.

just really like it. Have not had any problems with it. Would buy another Chevrolet Impala when I need to purchase another car

- Phyllis K

I do not know what they would want to know.

Everything works great. Nice ride. Has all the bells and whistles I wanted. Only problem is I have had to put 2 batteries in it.

- Cheryl A

2013 Chevrolet Impala Review

2013 impala's are good reliable vehicles. Great on gas. I've only had one issue which is the brake cable needing to be replaced.

- Brittany A

It saves money on gas and it had good mileage.

I love everything about my vehicle. It has good miles. It gets me from point a to point. My vehicle also saves me money on gas.

- Jasmine R

It is good on gas and has not given me any problems since I bought it.

It is reliable and good on gas. It is roomie enough for my family of four. I do not like that the rear seats do not fold down.

- Terence L

It is reliable, it will get you where your need to go and more.

No problem with my car. It is in perfect condition. It has never given me a problem ever. I keep maintains every other month.

- Melanie S

It is dependable, reliable, and functions well.

Only thing I dislike is trunk size. I do enjoy the radio, the steering and maneuverability, and gas mileage of the vehicle.

- Trevor T

2013 Chevy Impala - Awesome!

I love my impala. It is roomy, has just the right amount of get up and go. It is good on gas mileage and it looks nice.

- Rex H

I don't know what this question is asking.

There is nothing special that I can think of concerning the Chevrolet Impala. That is all I have to say about the topic.

- Mike D

it makes a weird knocking noise. the dash has to be removed fix it

minimal maintenance is required. it has given me no real problems. it is dependable. it is good on GAS. it has power.

- maria e

I LOVE my Impala,and I will get another one if it quits.

2013 Chevy Impala. WILL say that I LOVE my Impala,I have had no major problems with it,other than normal wear and tear.

- Dawn B

The air conditioner works really well. So you may need a sweater or jacket.

I have no complaints about my car. I love my car. I love the way it rides. I love the amount of horsepower it contains.

- Richard L

it is very Spacious, has a lot of trunk space and back seat space

The car makes a consistent ticking noise for 1 minute every time you start the car. Also does not come with Bluetooth.

- Alexaus B

It's a car I can trust and depend on.

I will tell them it's a very comfortable car with great features and quality its good on gas and drives very smoothly.

- Janice D

Perfect for family of four

I bought my Impala new and I love it. The only issue I have had with it was my a/c. It's spacious for my family of 4.

- Pam R

Impala details and review.

has some problems with air in the tires deflating and making loud noises, but otherwise no other significant problems

- alex e

Keep jumper cables in the backseat, not the trunk.

I like that it is a smooth ride and reliable. I dislike how hard it is to access the trunk when the battery is dead.

- Jessica M

It rides and handles like the expensive luxury cars do

I'm a big person and I fit in it very comfortable. Handles very nicely and has plenty of power for highway driving.

- Brent T

The horsepower. It picks up speed pretty quickly.

I like speed and durability. Wish it was a little better on gas. I really do not have any complaints about the car.

- Thomas T

Custom, reliable, stylish, lovely color, appears brand new, envious.

Vehicle is very reliable, performance is 10 out of 10, very comfortable with leather interior and custom upgrades.

- Brittany T

Reliable and dependable car

It's a really good reliable car. However, it makes a scraping sound underneath when you make a really sharp turn.

- Shadra B

it has an issue with the actuators. all 3. it is a clicking noise. models 2007 -2013. save some cash. do it yourself. it's easy

i hate the actuator issue. I love that it is good on GAS and low maintenance. I love how good it's been to me.

- guadalupe v

It is dependable and a great reliable car.

It does not have any special features such as Bluetooth, touchscreen. Makes a loud noise when starting the car.

- Alexis B

it goes really fast and it's amazing on gas and it's fun

literally nothing everything is really great only have a problem with the right tire sensor but fixed it myself

- Livia W

Its reliable and gets good gas mileage.

Its reliable, easy maintenance, get great gas mileage plenty of trunk space and is a great car for long travel.

- Melanie B

It has been very dependable with over 220, 000 miles.

Do not like the color, love the mileage it gets. It gets sand in the doors and creaks a lot, needing lubricate.

- Jennifer M

My car does not have a/c so it gets very hot there the summer time.

Is good on gas, I love how it tells me what the wrong with it. And I hate that my a/c does not work in my car.

- Sharon T

It is good for mileage gas wise and I haven't had any problems.

Good on gas. Good on mileage. Have not had any problems with the vehicle. Live the hands free calling feature.

- connie c

It drives nice has a excellent body

it's a excellent car, I do not have any problems out of it. It's reliable easy to handle has a roomy interior

- Veronica R

It gets good gas mileage and is a compact car so it fits well in small parking spaces.

I would like no headrests blocking my view out the back window. It gets good gas mileage for a compact car.

- Mary V

The handling in this car is amazing!.

I love how quickly my car accelerates. It is very comfortable. Impalas have weird shifting issues, though.

- Jeanette K

It's reliable and comfy also parts are easy to find

I like how reliable and comfortable this car is to ride. I also like the fact that parts are easy to find.

- Marvelia B

It gets me around. American made.

Its American made. Good gas mileage. Parts easy to find. It has issues. Breaks down lot. Replacing parts.

- Stefanie C

The great ride is what others should know about the impala.

I like the car because of its great ride. I like the car it is good on gas. I like the size of the car.

- david a

It has great highway mileage. For performance, I would not take a four cylinder over the six cylinder.

Reliable. Has never left me stranded on the road, but I also stick to the factory maintenance schedule.

- Jake N

It drives very well on highways, you get the best out of every gallon.

I love the performance and how it drives. The interior is nice also. Don't spend too much money on gas.

- Víctor P

Chevrolet is a good car. It rides good. It runs good. Haven't had any problems on it.

It rides good I like it have no complaints.the color is not my favorite but they made one or 2 colors.

- Mary E

That it's a great car for a family.

I like that it's a spacious car. I like that it's very economical. And I really love the gas mileage.

- Elba A

Very comfortable to sit in on long trips and has great gas mileage

It feels like a luxury car but at a reasonable price. Love driving this car and it's very comfortable

- Jack B

It is mechanically sound and dependable and handles wells in good weather,.

I like the gas mileage but the radio stinks and it does not handle at all well in the winter weather.


It's such a great car. Buy one now

it's such a great car. it's really really good. it's very reliable and drives really easy. so great.

- dalton G

This car has lots of room in it and also has a very large trunk.

I like my car because it is the right size for my 3 grandchildren to fit in. It drives really well.

- Diane R

I like to buy American owned cars. I feel it helps our economy.

It's a nice comfortable car. It gets good gas mileage for a large car. I feel safe driving it.

- Michael C

Have not had any major problems. It has an excellent air conditioner The back seat folds down so that if you need to haul something that is longer than the trunk itself, you are able to carry something longer

It's good on gas. It has heated seats. It has a premium sound system. I dislike the 17" wheels

- Gordon B

it looks sporty and runs great

the size of the car all the gadgets come with it and the the radio tell u the name and artist

- bobby P

Great pick up. handles very well. Good gas mileage.

I had a 2002 Impala. I loved it so much that I get a 2013 Impala. It's a former police car.

- Stephen A

It does its job. It's reliable. It's roomy and has a large trunk.

I like the size and the size of the trunk. I dislike the gas mileage. I like its reliability.

- Kathryn S

Like most cars, it has factory defects. However, with a little research online, they can be fixed easily.

It gets me from A to B with good gas mileage. The parts are inexpensive and easy to install.

- Jo P

great car good performance good mileage

It's handles great and handles awesome. the only complaint is the traction control stinks.

- Larry n

I love the heating and cooling system as they work great, I love the huge trunk and the smoothe drive the car has.

The safety ratings and testimony of persons who have been in accidents driving this car.

- Deb J

It is a very reliable car and a very good car for a family

It is very good on gas. I have not had any major problems with it. Love my silver color.

- Sheena A

I would recommend this car highly. We get 33 mpg in the city.

I love the gas mileage and the room. I love the way it handles. I have no complaints.

- Jeannette S

Chevrolet cars are reliable and seem to last a long time.

It has a lot of room. It doesn't need to be repaired too often. It gets good mileage.

- Megan M

run good and it looks good comes in different colors

it is very smooth not bumpy going down the road like that the door is not too heavy

- michele h

it's very reliable and get you where you need to go and make getting their great

it handles great has all the features to make driving fun and lots of get up and go

- Larry E

Easy to drive. Comfortable to ride in. Also, it is a safe car.

I love the car but I wish the ride was a little smoother. Like the power it has.

- Joanne K

Large and spacious and has a v8 motor. Dark Interior

Love it drives smooth and is very spacious and comfortable. Trips are wonderful

- Ginette G

It is supercharged and looks quite nice. It's fun to drive.

Actually my car is not on the list. I like my current car. It drives nice.

- Shawn P

the car is a gas guzzler and the mileage for gas is low

love the color but have had some maintenance problems that were expensive

- gloria s

great long lasting cars with great power

I love impalas. i have had 2 now. they last long and are good on gas

- David E

The car is large enough to hold five adults and has a very comfortable ride.

Good dependable vehicle. Great gas mileage and can carry 5 passengers.

- Tim M

It drives nice and is a great car.

The car is comfortable . It rides nice. It gets good gas mileage.

- jackie C

I have had it for 5 years and it hasn't needed any mechanical or electrical repairs.

It is reliable. I don't like it because I need a something bigger.

- Shelia F

how it likes to just take off and go so you have to handle it right

love the seats wish this mold would have had the backup camera

- Andrea M

I like the fuel mileage because I travel over 2 hours for school. I also like the interior of the car and the exterior of the car.

Its reliable, roomy on the inside and gets good fuel mileage.

- Anna K

It's a good car long distance driving good on gas.

The abs is always a problem and there is no fix for it.

- Jessica O

I keep it in good shape and take care of it.

I love Chevy brands and there is nothing I don't like

- Regina S

i like the design it very smooth to drive it has many features

its features, like music can handle through steering

- navneet K

dependable, solid , good gas mileage on the highway

good gas mileage dependable. Roomy trunk. On star.

- Kaye S

It's a great car however I've had problems with electrical stuff like the windows,radio, and an annoying ticking noise... The burn lots of gas with the V6 too!

Be ready to make repairs if it's older than a 2014

- Rachel H