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Work truck/everyday user, dream truck of the 2000s built like a old work truck

This is my ideal truck/everyday vehicle. I got the truck needing some work but with low miles for the year (65k). The work for me was simple being a mechanic by trade, mostly exterior rust (rockers, bumpers, brake lines etc). My company is only a half mile drive so mileage everyday is no issue. I use it for everything from work, hauling firewood, towing my boats, pulling trees down, letting others use it to get to work in snow and ice, and my everyday things. The drivetrain is what I got it for, a true workhorse. The only thing I would say bad about owning a 2500hd is don't expect good fuel mileage, but loaded totally full pulling anything to just me driving everyday it gets exactly the same mpg.

- Chad M

A Great Heavy Duty Chevy Truck

It runs great, and has been very reliable. The seats are comfortable and it has dual heat and AC which is extremely nice since my husband and I like it set at different temperatures. It has 4 doors which is easier to load up the kids. It has an 8 foot bed which is great for hauling things. It does great on towing our camper. It has tinted windows that are dark, which is great on a sunny day but is very hard to see out of at night. It has manual windows and doors locks, I would prefer automatic. One problem is the brake lights came on and something will need to be replaced.

- Julia M

Great truck with a few flaws but overall good

My truck is old but reliable. There are some minor defects and problems. Wheel wells are rusted a bit. The engine runs strong but the transmission is starting to slip. I have a 6 inch lift and bigger tires on it currently. The lift is a bit of a pain at times. I can pull pretty much anything I want. I usually pull a car trailer. Overall it is a great truck.

- Kyle H

Just a good old truck and I would buy another one but make it newer.

My is a truck and I use it for work and haul stuff and love to drive very comfort nice and has a big gas tank on it so don't have to stop for gas as often when driving on the road it is a four door truck so don't have to get out and let someone else in good legroom in the back the set goes down to make a bed so if you are traveling you can sleep.

- Victoria L

Best family truck around!

This truck has been extremely reliable, comfortable and practical for our family! We have the crew cab which is fantastic! We can fit two car seats and another adult in the back seat with no problem! We tow a boat with no issues. We have transported loads of grave, bark, and dirt very easily! This is an all around great truck!

- Ashleigh G

Chevrolet Silverado 2500.

It is a great vehicle. It has a lot of room very spacious. It runs great and we have never had a problem with it. The leather is great quality and just an overall great vehicle. It is a great family car but also it has a lot of power to pull a boat or heavy duty. Trailer.

- Steph L

Subs, no rust, very reliable.

Too many miles, loud, it is a gas guzzler. But very healthy and reliable. Taken quite a few long road trips in it and it is never failed me. No rust at all. Heated leather seats with subs in the back, aftermarket radio as well. Plenty of room and good for going mudding.

- Liz J

Duramax diesel cannot be beat.

I love my Silverado! It is comfortable to ride in. The diesel motor can not be beat for working. It gets good fuel mileage on trips. The only think I have trouble with is the service 4wd keeps coming on for no reason. Other than that I am very happy with my purchase.

- Denise N

Chevy does not make them like they used to

idiot lights stay on, check brake system, check tire pressure, check airbag... spent $2000 when I bought it to fix it and I still have on the idiot lights on, the body rusting away, doors lock by themselves, trailer brake system plug in fell off back of truck

- penny D

Great truck for road trips.

It is big enough to take longer family trips with 2 small children. Having enough room allows for us to reach in the back to help the kids. We have room ourselves to move in the front. The seats are comfortable and spacious council has room to store things.

- Jessica B

Our chevy went 132,000 before brake pads and rotors wore out!

I love the Duramax engine! It has been reliable, and allows me to pick up and GO when needed. Fast acceleration! I love the style, and have had to do very little repairs. I do wished we would have gotten a crew cab instead of an extended cab.

- Ileen M

My trucks name is Bertha and she runs strong. It has a tow package and it's ready to travel.

I like that I lifted my truck and installed big tires. I like that I coated my truck bed to keep it in good condition. Both my back windows stopped working and the headliner is falling down.

- David B

Love my 2004 Chevrolet Silverado.

Bought this truck brand new, have put 280, 000 miles in it in 14 years. It has never given us a bit of trouble. We have always have food left go with Chevy/gm vehicles.

- Paula F

It is diesel so you have to make sure that the correct fuel gets put in.

It is amazing in every way possible. Runs and drives great, and is incredibly comfortable. Has the power to haul just about anything anyone would want to tow.

- Sam D

It is a 4 door truck so it is easy to get in and out of.

I have no problem with my truck. It drives good just put 4 new tires on it very comfort nice and space for A long ride I keep it to haul stuff live my truck.

- Vicky R

It is a great truck, it gets me from point A to B and looks nice.

2004 is an older, but the dash has cracked there is a decent amount of wear and tear on it. About what I would expect for the year not better or worse.

- Bryan B

The vehicle is versatile.

It is an older heavy duty truck that I can haul or tow whatever I want without worry. It has plenty of power. The only downfall is fuel mileage.

- Jim W

It pulls anything you hook up to it like it isn't even back there

I absolutely love my truck! It pulls any trailer I hook up to great! The ac works perfectly and I love having the vents in the back for my son!

- Chyanne W

It's been reliable. Good for what we use it for, which is hauling. Just Need more room

We have a single cab, wish I had more space. No cup holders, which sucks. It did good hauling for a while, ended up having to replaced pcm.

- Heather D

That it's very dependable and I've had it for over 4 years

I really like my truck, it's gets pretty good gas mileage. My truck is really dependable. I've owned it for 4 years with very little issues

- Colton B

My vehicle is a very reliable vehicle, though it does have a few problems, it's been great for me and my family

2004 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD Problems: Air doesn't work, needs O2 sensor replaced Performance: Good Reliability: Good Comfort: Good

- Brandi K

It is ready to go when you are.

It has lasted well, start and runs good, lots of room, does okay on gas, like the way it rides and drives, pulls anything I want it to.

- John G

Pretty much the truck is great and runs amazing.

The vehicle runs next to perfect the only thing that it has wrong with it is bad electronics. It's got 175k miles and no problems.

- Aaron S

It uses a lot of gas which is very expensive at the moment.

It is convenient when i need to move or tow something but is a huge gas guzzler and i prefer to drive a smaller vehicle.

- Maureen G

Great for towing or moving things

Heavy duty. Has issues with thermostat, water pump & dashboard console. Have rebuilt engine with over 400 miles.

- Tara X

Nun its big a lot of room fun to ride in.

No not at the moment jus need sum tires. It's a great truck. Rides good. Good air and heat.

- Bobby T

I love it because after all these years it still runs good. It has some dents and bruises but overall it has been a jewel in our family.

After 14 years we still drive it daily and take it on trips, etc. It is our main vehicle.

- Claudette E

dependable, stylish, rough & tough. It is the best vehicle I have ever owned.

Chevrolet is the most reliable and dependable vehicle on the market hands down.

- Dawn m

It is well cared for has had regular oil changes and tons of power

It has the ability to tow a fifth wheel camper with ease

- Greg P

Has lots of miles but in great shape

Great truck wouldn't trade it for any other.

- Lisa T