2009 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD Owner Reviews & Problems


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I have had this truck for 2 years and plan on having it for 10 more years.

I like Chevy products especially trucks. I have a 4 door crew cab. Power dependability do not have trouble with motor or transmission. I have it lifted with a 6 inch lift and the sound system is custom. Parts are easy to change and auto zone has all the parts need for gm. I have had Ford and Dodge trucks before and fell Chevy is more dependable. It could use better seats. The lights and flares are easy accessible and parts are easy to come by.

- Dominic D

A dependable pickup truck.

My husband and I love our Chevrolet Duramax diesel. It is extremely dependable. It is a heavy duty truck with lots of room inside. I also feel very safe when I drive this truck. It is a large vehicle and very heavy duty. It was worth every penny!! We have not had any trouble with our truck but to add to that we always maintain it. Oil changes, inspections, tire rotations etc. . . Are very important!!

- Elizabeth A

It's got the power to do anything I will ever need it to do.

After 9 years the paint job is like new, there is absolutely no rust. It has been a very dependable truck. The only repair I have had to make is to replace the fuel sending unit. The rest has been basic maintenance. If I could change anything it would be the ride. It does ride like a HD truck.

- Walt B

The back up sensors are the best tool to have for such a large truck.

Love this truck. It holds up very well. Love the back up sensors and the mirrors that rotate in. Great for carrying items but also large enough for a lot of people. Big truck but easy to drive. Love the hard top on the cab so stuff can be left and not get wet. Easy towing hook ups.

- Caitlin S

Best brand vehicle on the market!! Hands down.

Everything about this Chevy truck is great except there is a problem with the check engine light coming on. The check has been checked out entirely and there’s no problems. We have owned 3 of these a 2001 a 2002 and this one and never any issues. Would t buy any brand but Chevy.

- Sue M

I love my Chevy Silverado!

My truck is very dependable and versatile. My truck has just over 100,000 miles and to-date I have never had any major mechanical issue. It drives well and is very comfortable. We now live on a farm and my intent is to drive the truck for at least another 100,000 miles.

- James J

I love my pickup truck I recommend this vehicle to everyone!

There are no problems with the truck I absolutely love it! I love the way the cab is set up and I love the power the 6.6l diesel has! I recommend this pickup to anyone and everyone. I also love the nice heated leather seats they are very comfortable.

- Eric R

We absolutely love the color.

I like our chevrolet silverado because it is a dependable vehicle, great gas mileage plus can use e85 flex fuel in it. It also offers a lot of room for my children. Dislike that the cruise control kicks down to much and get less gas mileage.

- Christie S

It's very reliable, haven't had any major problems with it!

My pickup is reliable,comfortable, and I enjoy the power it has when pulling trailers! The only thing I don't like about my pickup is the gas it uses, I only get 11 miles per gallon!

- Brett C

Dependable and no major issues.

Dependable, reliable. Not the greatest gas mileage after the lift kit. Looks great. Normal problems such as replaced battery, tires etc.. No major problems, knock on wood.

- Jason G

This is the truck for you if you want power and towing capabilities.

It is an awesome pick up, it pulls my horse trailer very well. The four wheel drive will always get me where I need to go. The Duramax engine has all the power I need.

- Rhonda H

Vehicle was used for over the road trucking. A very reliable truck.

It was used for over the road trucking before being retired for a daily use vehicle. We've replaced the motor, transmission and brakes. I love this vehicle.

- Gina L

It is very reliable and family friendly.

Strong engine able to pull a 36 foot trailer.... Good looking silver gray with great appointments.. Reliable. I have had very few problems with this.

- Angela P

It's a large vehicle, it is 4WD, useful when towing.

I like that it has room for the entire family, there are 6 of us, and my husband also uses it for his work as a landscaper. Uses a ton of gas

- Ashley A

Its reliable, powerful and goes anywhere.

I really like the turbo Its very reliable makes me feel safe the leather trim is nice good for towing and pulling very durable.

- Rachel D

Overall I give the truck an a because of the capability and the comfort.

The gas mileage is my only complaint about my truck. The towing capacity is amazing I can pull anything I want no problem.

- Michael E

She is very reliable, and can pull everything we need it to.

It is very specious. I can use it to move stuff. It is tough enough to pull a trailer, camper and the pontoon boat.

- Tina a

It has a lot of power and it does amazing in the winter time.

It has enough space for the whole family to fit. I have complaints except it is expensive on fuel

- Bryan L