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Chevrolets are reliable and durable.

My Chevrolet is very reliable vehicle. While I do love it is durability and extended back the size of the pickup is a little awkward but after driving it for a bit it can becomes easier. I haven't had any trouble with the engine or any other parts but have heard many others complain. Some other things that make the truck simple but easy is its manual rollup windows and door locking. The seats are fairly simple as well and the only shortcoming is its limited seating of 3 and if you fill it up get ready to be comfortable with your passenger because they'll be right up against you. The gas mileage is another thing to keep in mind, in my home state of washington it costs around $80 dollars to fill the tank but can run on the tank for almost 3 weeks on a busy schedule. Color can be another factor in your choice, my Chevy is white and while it looks nice it does take a lot of effort to maintain its shine and glory as using it for its intended purpose of moving loads of debris and other waste leaves marks. The airflow and conditioning is also excellent, compared to my friend's and family's cars my pickup truck is praised for it is fast working and effective air conditioning giving me the edge when it comes to summer time travel. I cannot give any recommendations on it is long distance travel as I personally stay close to home but it does get me around and makes me proud to be a owner of such a beautiful truck. Trucks are not for everyone and this one takes a while to get comfortable with so if you like a good simple and reliable truck a Chevy would fit your needs.

- Osman L

My reliable Chevy Silverado truck.

Our 2006 light gray Silverado is a four wheel drive pickup truck. It has a back seat but not four doors. There is a door for the back but it folds up with the front door if you know what I mean. We bought the truck when it was one year old. It has been a great truck for us. We drove it 90 miles daily to work several years. Now we use it daily still since we are retired. It has 150, 000+ miles on it. We have never had to do anything major to it. We just had brakes, tires, and the usual wear and tear repairs. I am not certain of the gas mileage but I would say we get around 16-17 which is good for an older, high mileage truck. If I were looking to buy a new truck, this is exactly what I would buy again. The truck is great for hauling.

- Wanda S

2006 Chevy crew cab good for the family and the haul.

This pickup has been a strong running pickup. It has performed well under heavy loads hauling a travel trailer quite often. It gets decent gas mileage when not pulling a trailer and average gas mileage with the trailer. Its roomy and comfortable in the interior with a bench seat in the front that has a flip down console. The only problem that we have had with the vehicle is that it is notorious for getting in exhaust manifold leak and the exhaust manifold bolts often break off when trying to remove them to fix the leak. Overall this is a very functional and family friendly vehicle that has lots of utilitarian uses as well.

- Kara K

Great utility truck year-round.

I love this vehicle. It has a lot of power. Great in long trips. It is true a vehicle whose primary purpose is for individuals who work outside. I haven't had major problems with the vehicle. It has been dependable and awesome to use in heavy duty jobs. My husband and I have a fertilization and snow removal company. For the job that we are required to do, this vehicle are been helpful in transporting materials that we need in the job all year round. The only downside to this vehicle is the fuel type and the cost of fuel used in it. But overall it performs beautifully.

- Roxanne H

2006 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD Diesel LT1

This truck is extremely reliable. In the 13 months I have owned it, I have had zero issues. It is also a very comfortable vehicle to drive. I have taken numerous longer drives in it and have never felt like I need to step out and take a break. It has the cloth seats and I did swap out the jump seat for the center console. Everything also continues to work without any aftermarket parts and the vehicle is 13 years old. GM built an awesome truck.

- Nic R

Amazing truck that will run forever

It has been a great truck. I have almost 300,000 miles on it and it has the original drivetrain. I've only had to do basic maintenance to it. The 6.0 Chevy motor appears to be almost indestructible. Given I have been pretty hard on it and worked it quite hard, yet it is still held up and I never plan to sell it. Thank you Chevy for making such a great product

- Grant K

Chevrolet Silverado 2500hd. The most dependable truck in its class.

Good vehicle always dependable as long as you do you do the care of the vehicle. Never really had a problem with the truck always been dependable takes me anywhere I want to go haven't had no major problems I have only more than one Chevy truck in my life and they've always been dependable truck and always been my favorite.

- Patricia A

A great pick up! Running strong!

Has been a great work horse. Looks good and has been great. No major issues besides the normal wear and tear. Has approx. 200k on it now and still running great, motor and trans are both still going strong. I have replaces smaller things such as the brakes, radiator, fuel pump, shocks, front end parts etc..

- Ben A

The very reliable and trusting pickup.

This pickup is now 12 years old I have had very little problems with it mostly wear and tear parts are slowly starting to need replaced. Battery’s, light bulbs, shocks common parts that after this long is expected. There is never a doubt in my mind that it will not make it on a trip always very reliable.

- Mike J

Very good and reliable vehicle. What else can be said, after all it is a Chevy!

One of the best trucks I have ever owned. I have about 275,000 miles on this truck and no major issues. Had replace front hubs on both sides and the fuel filter housing. Fuel filter housing was my fault for over tightening the filter, and the hubs were just normal wear and tear.

- Ricky G

Cab size is incredible for crew cab.

It's a Chevy. Really not much to say. Very reliable. Are the words I would use. Only a few maintenance issues here and there. But normal wear and tear. The bigger tires make it lousy on gas. But has enough power to pull just about anything. And its versatile in many situations.

- John T

Chevy Diesel 2500HD performance.

She is a diesel, runs very clean, the towing complexity is amazing. I was able to load a 4500 pound vehicle on a flatbed car trailer and my mpg only dropped by one gallon. I have not had any major mechanical problems with it only one hose and a serpentine belt all easy stuff.

- RHonda D

Love the reliability and comfort of the vehicle.

Very reliable. Very comfortable and roomy. Gets up and goes quick. Not all that great on gas of course considering it is a diesel. Features are very much old school such as locks, windows, stereo are all manual which is a major bummer. All in all for reliability it is great!

- Jay S

My truck even as old as it is ...IS AMAZING ! LOVE MY CHEVY ! Would highly recommend to anyone that can get in it !

I love my raised chevy 4 door 2500HD Truck but the alignment is always off due to something about needing a bar underneath carriage to keep it in alignment and this bar was not installed when we bought off lot. So that is my only frustration with this truck.

- Margaret M

Great gas mileage, more room inside, great for hauling and pulling.

The Silverado 2500 is a very well made truck. It is great for hauling just about anything and can pull a large boat. The leg room in the front and back are adequate for a large or tall person. The gas mileage is great. It gets 21 miles to the gallon.

- Suzanne L

It's dependable and paid for.

It is a good dependable truck. However, it is getting older and I drive over 20,000 miles a year. It does everything that I need it to do. I wish it had power seats.

- Dustin K

Over 200,000 miles and still going good!

Bought it new drive it daily has over 200,000 miles no problems at all. Love it!!! Use it on the farm so it doesn't look the best but cannot part with it!

- Cathy M

I'm keeping it as long as I can. It is the type of vehicle that was built to last.

I wish diesel was cheaper than gas, like it used to be. I love that my truck can tow anything. It is a well built truck that everyone loves.

- Lisa c

It is powerful for its age.

I love the size. I love the full size bed. I do not like that it does not have an extended cab. I love how it keeps running no matter what.

- Jenny S

It is very affordable and heavy duty. It is a diesel but gets great mileage.

It is large and heavy duty. It can be used for hauling trailers etc. . It gets great gas mileage and is a very dependable vehicle.

- Elizabeth A A

It is a nice smooth ride for being a work truck. Holds everything I need, including people and supplies. Powerful.

Love that it has 4 doors. The extra long bed is perfect for construction needs. It's great at pulling work trailer.


A review of power and towing

Very powerful to pull my camper and do many other chores around my farmstead. I like the four wheel drive feature.

- Corey F

Very powerful and handles well.

I live my truck because its a beast. Very tough. Will go through any snow. Will haul anything. Will pull anything.

- Stacey M

My Chevy Silverado 2500 had is the best vehicle I have ever owned.

Best vehicle I've ever owned. Very low maintenance. Will buy a Chevy again. Very dependable vehicle. Great truck.

- James W

It's now a total rust bucket

Rusting and many parts starting g to fail, the underside is rusting bad and transmission already went two times

- Scott A

Great truck to haul furniture, groceries etc. I love the size of the truck & the engine keeps going. I don't like that it doesn't have an extended cab.

It has a good engine that keeps on going. Feel safe in it. Love having a full size bed to transport big items.

- Genny S

Best truck on the market today.

My Duramax is an awesome vehicle. It has plenty of room and horse power it is definitely a all out workhorse.

- Hunter M

It's so heavy truck that does not stop on a dime.

Great looking and running truck. We get lots of compliments. It's heavy duty and runs great. No complaints.

- Amy R

It is a unicorn, diesel motor with low miles that has been well taken care of, most importantly, it's paid for.

Engine is absolutely bulletproof, but the interior plastics are getting a little annoying.

- Steven C

It's has been extremely low maintenance vehicle and I will by a Chevy again.

Best vehicle I've ever owned. Extremely dependable. Will buy a Chevy again.

- Coby W

It is exactly like I want it

It is set up like I like it. I love the look. It is dependable.

- Jeremy C