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Small car with a big car feel.

This car is a small car, with a big car feel. When I first saw it I was worried it would be too small for me, as I have trouble getting in/out of small cars. When I got in it though, I was completely surprised that it did not feel at all like a small car. I had no trouble getting in/out, as the car is not as low to the ground as other small cars I have been in. . The interior is also more spacious than it appears from the outside. I can fit four adults comfortably, and five if needed. The hatchback has plenty of storage space, with a hidden compartment above the spare tire. The back seats fold down flat so if I need to haul large items I can do so easily. The car gets outstanding gas mileage, averaging 30 miles/gallon in the city, and higher on the highway. It has a turbo engine, which allows me to increase speed quickly if necessary. I also love the OnStar capabilities, the hands-free phone option, and the ability to stream music from my smartphone through the speakers. . If you are looking for a small, fuel-efficient car with a bigger car feel and modern technology, and is very dependable, this is a great car to check out. I would buy it again for sure!

- Colleen C

Short people friendly and fast

The car is amazing, hardly any problems at 6 years. The only issue was a coolant leak most recently that was an easy hose fix. The radio can be a bit slow to connect with the mobile phone, I've found it best to wait a minute in the driveway and hit the phone button before starting a trip. The turbocharged engine is wonderful, I love being the first person at the traffic light to leave the Honda's in the dust. It's great for merging onto highways with it's quick speed. I will say it's great for smaller people at 4'11' I can reach the pedals and see out the back, however I did remove the headrests for a broader view, but no one really sits back there. The hatch feature is great, I fit an entire desk in there with the seats down. We used it to drive cross country and we did not hate each other at the end.

- Kelsey M

Chevrolet Sonic is my Supercar

I call the Sonic my super car. I travel often long distances and this car takes it all on. Most recently I lived where we have many snow storms and this car kept on the road and the traction feature came into play many times. This car is roomy and at the same time is very good on gas mileage, I love only having to fill up once a week when working local. The cruise control feature is a wonder especially for long haul trips, keeps me from having a lead foot. I have kept up with services, oil changes, tire rotations, etc and have not had any breakdowns or 'expensive' repair issues. This is a very cost effective car and most satisfied with reliability and performance.

- Chris B

2013 Chevy sonic, for the young, single person

Great on gas and love that it's compact and can for and park anywhere. I have had a few problems with it overheating though. Had the thermostat and cooling fans replaced within the first two years of buying it. It's been about two years since replacing and it's having a problem overheating again lately. Oil changes are more costly than normal too due to the kind of oil you are supposed to use in them. Recently had a baby and this car is definitely not suited for that. Front passenger seat has to be all the way up and straight up to fit in a car seat. But for a younger single person it was great. The trunk is surprisingly good sized for a smaller car.

- Katie E

Why you should invest on getting a Chevy Sonic. Great on gas!

My Chevy Sonic is an awesome little car. It has got some great features like a touch screen radio. It has a USB so you can plug in and recharge your phone if you need to. For a compact car, it is actually very spacious. The back seats are really comfortable and the trunk has a lot of space! It's a really smooth driving vehicle. It's also very good on gas. I can fill it up with roughly $30-35 and it lasts me for about a good 2 weeks. Although it runs smoothly, it doesn't really pick up speed as much as you would expect, so If you're looking for a car that picks up speed right away, then this car is not for you.

- Rosa G

2013 Chevy sonic ltz: great economic car.

Overall, my Chevy sonic has been very reliable. It receives good gas mileage, even in the city, but has enough power and stability to feel confident when merging or driving on the highway. The stereo system has plenty of power and clarity, and even allows you to select a locational concentration for the sound (i.e. Front right/left, center, rear, etc. ). My biggest complaints have to be that the turbo lag is pretty bad when trying to quickly accelerate, and the digital slip-resistant feature seems to kick in prematurely, and does not stay off upon cutting off the engine and starting.

- Thomas H

It's a very small and bare bones but overall cost effective car to own.

My vehicle is decent. I have had it for a little over 5 years and it has not had any major problems. It is a zippy little car, and fun to drive. However it is pretty featureless and relatively uncomfortable. It has crank windows which is annoying at times. I would prefer it had usb or Bluetooth hook up for my iPod but just has an aux port, and I wish it had a backup camera. Also, my husband and I are large people and it is a bit too small for us. When I am ready to buy my next vehicle it will be a larger one with more features.

- Keisha S

2013 Chevy Sonic in good condition

My 2013 Chevy Sonic is very reliable with average gas mileage for a compact car. It is big enough to fit my 6' 2 husband and luggage. It's a great car to use for a road trip as it has good gas mileage, fits in compact car parking spaces, and is comfortable. There is a slightly noticeable clunking noise coming from underneath that is an easy fix and could use an A/C tune up. It has only had 3 owners, new windshield, new back tires and WeatherTech mats. Overall, this car has always been reliable and I love to drive it.

- Rachel F

2013 Chevy sonic IT, gray.

My car has amazing gas mileage. I save so much money on gas compared to my Jeep liberty (2007). I like the digital display and the radio is a really nice feature. It's really comfortable for three or four people. The trunk is a decent size for it being a small car. The only problem I have had so far seems to be with something dealing with the electrical system. I had to get a sensory replaced that was messing with my braking system and my trunk pops open sometimes even though I am not hitting the button to open it.

- Maggie M

The sonic ltz is great for first time owners!

I love my car. It is my first vehicle and is also on the smaller side in comparison to most sedans. It's perfect for me and anyone just starting to drive because of the smaller size. I like the leather seats, digital speedometer, and it is very comfortable to drive for long periods of time. Unfortunately, it does not handle snow covered roads well. I've only recently started having mechanical issues with my car which are most likely due to old age. It is nothing outstanding just some simple repairs here and there.

- Marisa M

My Chevy is incredibly safe and reliable. My reasoning behind buying it was having survived an accident in a rental, the car was destroyed, but between the airbags, that are everywhere, and the sturdy seat belt I came out with pretty minimal injuries, it could have been so much worse.

I love that my car afforded me an opportunity to have a fully loaded vehicle at a reasonable price. I have all of the latest technology as well as other perks I'd never thought of in a car. The only complaint I have about my car so far is the amount of room inside the vehicle. When it was just myself in the car it was never an issue, with a growing family it can become cramped, especially with a car seat. That being said I didn't purchase it with the expectation of having a family so quickly afterwards.

- Kellie H

Not perfect but good for me.

I bought my vehicle used, and within the first six months I had to replace the thermostat and brake light. However, that has been the only issue I have had so far, and I am really happy with my car. It is comfortable and runs well even if the transmission is a little more sensitive than I am used to. I am thrilled that it has cruise control! However, I do find it weird that the car does not have a CD player installed, but fortunately it connects with my phone via Bluetooth without issue.

- Sarah H

Chevy sonic an awesome car.

I love the Chevy sonic. The fact that it came in a stick shift was a huge draw. The interior and the trunk are very large and spacious. The speedometer and tach are very easy to read, almost looking like a motorcycle dash. I currently do not have any problems with the vehicle. The clutch is super smooth, and I never miss a shift. The car even helps you on hills with hill assist. It applies the brake for you when you put it in gear, to allow for no roll back.

- Jordan B

Engine surge and spacious hatchback

The car runs very well and has only had minor issues with the engine surging. The check engine light has not come and there is no code present to tell why the surge is occuring. I took it a mechanic shop and they were also unable to locate the cause of the problem. On a positive note, the hatchback feature of the car is very handy to have with my two dogs. It allows them to get in and out of the car easily and provides them with plenty of room inside.

- Jessica S

Chevy sonic is a cute little car

A Chevy sonic is the type of car that is perfect for anyone who doesn't have kids. It's extremely difficult to install seats and out. It drives great, the gas mileage is a lifesaver. I have never paid more than $30 on gas. My car is super basic though, I literally have to roll up my windows, that is extremely annoying at times. I don't have cruise control or really anything fancy in it. But it does get me to where I need to go so I can't complain.

- Linda B

It is affordable and durable.

Great gas mileage, especially highway miles. Only had 1 repair made to it, the radiator hose got a leak. Trunk is a little to small for somethings but other than that the car is a nice size. Seats are comfortable, especially on long drives. Easy to see out of to drive, very few blind spots. Bluetooth compatibility works great, nice touch screen feature. Digital dash, easy to read. Stereo sounds great. Fun little car to drive overall.

- Chef P

Best little car I have ever owned.

I have not had any problems with this car since I bought it two and a half years ago. I was used. It has a system in it that lets me know when to change the oil (once or twice a year, so far). The size of it makes it so easy to parallel park it (something I never did in my former vehicles). It is comfortable and roomy. The instrument panel has a digital mileage readout that is very nice. A great little car. Highly recommend.

- Russell M

The perfect fit for the time of my life.

Size of the car is just right for me. Gas mileage is awesome. Has a reasonable amount of trunk space. Has a USB port in glove compartment that is useful. Tire maintenance is not so expensive. Rides comfortably enough. Quick and easy cleanup. Has Bluetooth syncing capability. Sun visors do not come down far enough to block sun. Will need to buy an extender. Has three cup holders on front console. Has adjustable steering wheel.

- Bobbie S

The Chevy Sonic is great, simple car for new drivers.

My car has been very good to me since I have bought it and I have not had any major problems. It is reliable, comfortable, and a perfect size for a student. The features are very simple, which may be a down side for some. For example, there is no cruise control and the windows are manual. Personally though, this does not affect my view of the car. I am very grateful for the lack of problems I have had for the last 6 years.

- Abby D

Chevy sonic rs is the bomb.

I have had only one somewhat recurring issue with the car. There was a radiator hose problem that split and continued to leak a little after being fixed. The dealership connected all of this under warranty. The faux leather front seats are super comfortable and the seat heater is a godsend in the winter. Love the sport pedals and sunroof. This car was not on my list when buying, but I love everything about it.

- Robert L

Car runs very smoothly and perfect for a small family.

Since I got my car in 2014 the first year I had and issue with the gas pump, my car wouldn't start so I had to fix that, then I had and issue with the ac unit which ended up being a recall on the car so they fixed it at no charge, besides those problems the car is very good on gas and so far is running smoothly, I have a kid now so I love how it has a child lock button from inside the car, very convenient.

- Esther B

Great gas mileage in a great small vehicle.

I love my 2013 Chevy sonic. It is a manual and the first manual I have ever driven regularly. It gets great gas mileage; between 35-38 mpg usually. I have had no problems out of it for the past 5 years other than a sensor that was covered under warranty. My only complaint is that it can be slow on take off especially with the air conditioning on. It is also a bit small for a family of 4.

- Marie E

Great first car for teenagers and single families. Gas mileage is golden

It had a few recalls. The windows are not automatic, very small and compact. Not a family friendly car. Great gas mileage and single family/ first car for teenagers. The battery has had to be replaced more often than expected. Headlights last a while then they went out on my car specifically I have had to replace them every year since. Great trunk space. Not made well for tall people.

- Jessica C

The sonic has more legroom than the Aveo that I previously owned.

My newer 2013 sonic is excellent on gas mileage. It is Bluetooth compatible, and the are some apps that are on the touch screen. It also has OnStar enabled. Which helps you when you have a problem. I had to purchase it due to that my last car which was a 2009 Aveo. Which was totaled by a tree during a rainstorm. But I am happy with the way the car handles while I am driving it.

- Brian D

It is the perfect car if you have no kids but is also still a great car if you have a kid. I still have more than enough room for groceries, bags, car seat, etc.

So far I am very pleased overall with my Chevy Sonic. It has great mileage and handles the road well. It suits my basic needs for a great price and I even have a touch screen for my radio and such. My only complaint is that it is a little small for my growing family. I wish I had a little bit more legroom for those sitting in the backseat as well as more trunk space.

- Janelle B

Sonic's dangerous blind spots.

The Sonic Hatchback is really good on gas. It is small, but with the back seats folded down, it will still hold a ton of groceries. A major disadvantage is that it has enormous blind spots. They make backing up extremely dangerous. You really cannot see a thing. I am on the short side, but my husband is tall, and we both have the same problem with the blind spots.

- Ann H

2013 sonic, my favorite car so far!

I love my car! It has awesome gas mileage and is the most reliable car I have ever had. After three years I finally had to change the breaks and my driver window was stuck. All we had to do was clean the contact points and it worked again. This vehicle has fully adjustable seats and steering wheel, so although I am short(5'0) I am able to drive very comfortably.

- Jeni H

The Chevy sonic is the best!

I have never had any problems with my car. There have been a few recalls but keeping up with regular maintenance has helped my car be in great condition after 5 years. The car gets usual wear and tear from being used but otherwise I love it. The one thing that I do not like is that it is a base model with no bells and whistles. However I couldn’t be happier.

- Dana P

A few thoughts on our sonic.

Thought it would do better on gas mileage. It has a very spacious trunk. Small backseat isn't good for passengers. It has a lot of blind spots, interstate travel can be troublesome. It's supposed to have a good safety rating, (knock on wood) I haven't had to put that to the test. I've had the car for only about 10 months but overall it's a good car for us.

- Andrea C

2013 Chevy sonic quick review.

Had the car for about 4 years now and performance has been decreasing. Still under 100k mile warranty and the dealer shop has done a pretty good job fixing the issues. Great gas mileage still and great sound system. Seats my family of 4 pretty comfortably. Would recommend to anyone looking for a good looking car with great mpg, and won't break the bank.

- Clay H

Decent car that is reliable

It's a decent little car get me to work and back. The only repairs I have done are changing the water pump and heater hose. It has 78,000 miles on it and still runs great. I get a decent mpg on it about 350 miles from full. The basic model don't have very many features manual windows and a basic stereo. It has automatic transmission with a manual mode.

- Trevor L

My tiny, but mighty safe and spacious sonic.

This car has been reliable from day 1. It is been a long distance commuter car, short distance commute, and the road trip car. It handles amazing on all roadways and in all weather conditions. This vehicle truly feels safe. Very few problems. Mostly routine maintenance at over 103k. Has so much cargo space when you utilize the folding. Seat features.

- Kelly R

An interesting detail is how spacious it is and how much room it has

It is a nice vehicle. My dad mostly drives it but he has had it for many years and it still runs like it was new! Very spacious and comfortable. It is a very nice red color and it has a somewhat unique experience compared to a lot of other cars on the market. It has a great brake system and it has great possibilities for technology like Sirius radio.

- Bart S

Do Not Fall for the Cute Looks

This car is small. My walker does not even fit in the trunk. It get good mileage. I have spent $1400 on engine repairs. There are a little over 98000 miles. I would not recommend this car to anybody. It does ride rough. The windows manually roll up. It is hard to find windshield blades for it because they have to be 2 different sizes.

- Janice G

Chevy sonic great car at a great price.

I really like my Chevy sonic. I have had very little issues with the car that needed serious labor intense work. The also that I have put into the car has mainly been for maintenance (tires, brakes etc.). The car gets good gas mileage and I drove it across country. The only thing I find odd is that the passenger side does not have an armrest.

- Tyler D

Personal opinion on vehicle

My car is very comfortable with plenty of space on the inside. I've had very little mechanical issues with the vehicle. The gas mileage for the vehicle is great as well. It's been perfect for long road trips, camping, or taking my dog for a hike. Care for this vehicle is simple. Keeping up with standard maintenance helps the vehicle last.

- Brittany H

Comfortable, high end features, and easy on gas.

The Chevy sonic is very reliable. It's not fast. It is comfortable drive for the driver. The back is small. It has a big trunk. It drives smooth and hands bumps well. It also gets great gas mileage. It was a fairly cheap car at CarMax. It is very easy to park due to its size. It is a subcompact vehicle so its light and low to the ground.

- Evan T

Its best feature is the gas mileage, no other car has been better.

Been a good car all in all. It is especially good on gas mileage. Lots of room in the car and also in the trunk. One thing I do not like is the driver window, it always rolls down to far and it is hard to stop it where I want. It handles well in the snow and rain as long as there is good tires on it. It is easy to get in and out of also.

- Tiffany H

Has needed quite a bit of work.

I like my car because it is easy on gas and equipped with modern features. I have had a few problems with it, the engine has needed some work twice and now I have a leak on the bottom of the transmission. I also have had to make repairs to the exhaust. A friend of mine purchased the same type of car and she has had no problem with hers.

- Lisa B

Comfortable, economic car for families or individuals.

Great gas mileage, comfortable, and easy to drive. Love the features. Bluetooth, and touch screen display are nice. Great for families. Only problem is the back seat is too small for some infant car seats. Trunk is also spacious which really helps, however there is not a trunk popper button inside the car. I also love the remote start.

- Nikki S

It is a good car, it will get you from A to B.

My 2013 Chevy sonic has problems such as the engine light comes on every once in awhile, when we first bought the car there was an electrical problem. The inside lights and outside lights would flicker, the radio wouldn't work and the car wouldn't want to start. There was also a time when there was a leak that we couldn't figure out.

- Morgan S

First car review. Great little first car!!

This was my first car and I had very little requirements for looking for a car. Right now, the sensor for the gas tank is messed up but it is 6 years old. It shows my gas light on even though I know there is plenty of gas in the tank. Other than that it drives very well. It has great base for music. Very comfy to drive as well.

- Sarah C

Spectacular and stupendous Sonic.

I have had no problems with my Chevrolet Sonic. Over the past 5 years that I have had the car I have encountered very few problems related to the way the vehicle runs. I have needed to replace things like tires and other mechanical parts but nothing related to the engine. It runs well and is a very reliable and sturdy vehicle.

- Diane D

My car is my baby I'd be lost without it

This car is the best great on gas drives smoothly and I love the features however being a mom of three boys it could have been a bit bigger in the back seats. It seems a little crowded with all the car seats. I love the trunk space as well. My favorite part about this car is the door handles in the back seat very different.

- Lisa G

Best economical car for price.

The Chevrolet Sonic is a great car it handles well on the highway. My Sonic came with a turbo so even better, it does very good on gas, I get about 40 mpg. Very comfortable with great features like Bluetooth, CD player, XM radio, OnStar, and plenty of room inside car. I love my Sonic and will definitely buy another one.

- Irving P

It is a compact car and I love that fact.

My vehicle is a great reliable car, it runs great, everything works. It is small enough to fit in small spaces if needed to park. It has all leather seats, heated seats as well. The only problem is the sensors go out a lot and the lighting never changes from day to night so I cannot see the speed or the time some days.

- Serena P

Greatest little car! Good value and long lasting ownership.

Sonic drives very well for a smaller vehicle and ltz model has great pickup. With added warranty maintenance program I have not paid for an oil change since I bought it. Minimum replacement parts like brake pads, wipers, tires and lights. Great gas mileage with comfortable seating. You can always count on your sonic.

- Emerson H

The Pleasure of Driving My Chevy Sonic

My car has knee airbags. It is very comfortable. The doors sound firm and unusually solid for a small car. I enjoy the peppy engine, lots of power which enhances safety driving through intersections. The tight turning radius makes handling a breeze. This car is truly a pleasure to drive. It exceeds my expectations.

- Becky G

2013 Chevy Sonic LT review

Good on gas just the right size for me and my 3 boys. We use it to run errands all day go to work but only drive it to the train station then catch the train to work. I would recommend it to anyone. It only fits 5 passengers including the driver. It's very techy it has a touch screen s speakers are loud and clear.

- Mele H

Comfortable and Functional

My car functions very well. I live in an area which requires a vehicle that functions well on icy roads, so I was nervous about not having four wheel drive, but the all wheel drive works very well. It's large enough for my needs and I have had no issues with it, although I don't have a need to drive very often.

- Miranda N

I love the controls for the radio, volume and phone right on the steering wheel.

My Chevy Sonic has been a wonderful car. The only complaint I have its it's getting outdated with new models out. That isn't really a legitimate complaint though. My car gets great gas mileage. It's the perfect size for me and I love the style! It has a sporty look and handles well in all weather conditions.

- Tara E

Chevy Sonic owner's review.

It's a great car with a lot of power. However I have been experiencing what appears to be a common problem. A knocking and sputtering at stops during cold weather. Other than that there are great features such as the heated seats and Bluetooth radio. The stock speakers are so loud! It's great on gas and oil!

- Rain D

Chevy sonic works like a dream.

I love how roomy my car feels on the inside and it is orange which is my favorite color. I haven't had any issues with transmission or expensive fixes and I have had it since 2014. The only thing is it is a little low to the ground so it is easy for it to hit the road or curb when coming off of a driveway.

- Elizabeth M

A Chevy sonic in 250 characters are slightly more

My Chevrolet sonic back, has four wheels, satellite radio, comfy seats, and has a lot of storage in the back. You can fit a family in this car comfortably. From what Chris windows, and who boy let me tell you about those! They make the windows go up, but then they also make the windows go down as well!

- Bob L

It is small and easy to maneuver in traffic.

Keep having problems with engine light coming on-it is an emission problem- for the past two years I have had to get it fixed so I could get my inspection sticker - it has cost me about a thousand dollars since it is not covered under warranty- but when it runs with no problems- I enjoy driving the car.

- Linda M

Great affordable economy/family car

The 2013 Chevy sonic is an affordable economy car, which would be a great family car as well. The only problem that I have with this vehicle is the interior space is limited. Other than space, it is quite comfortable. It is a very reliable vehicle, as long as you maintain it as you should any vehicle.

- Tyler M

An interesting detail about the car is it�s a gas saver.

Vehicle problems is it's just a bit too small but it's perfect for a teenager. When you get a family you kind of want something bigger but other than that it's great. It runs very well, very little to no problems with this vehicle. It's very comfortable, fell in love with it from the very first sight.

- Cynthia F

It�s bigger on the inside with Some engine problems(probably my fault though)

My engine gas line gets whacked pretty easy; I have to pump the gas to turn the car on right now. But it's amazing otherwise especially in comfort. It's bigger on the inside; and the sound system is legit. I love the hatchback and that the seats fold. It's the perfect size for a couples trip anywhere

- Nicole R

in general a nice small fuel efficient car.

Sensor went out that regulated temperature for the radiator went out. Started driving rough after 1 month ownerships. Oil light sensor malfunction. Otherwise a comfortable small vehicle. The hatchback seats fold down easily. Seats are comfortable and the mylink Bluetooth system is convenient to have.

- Rebekah J

Good little car. Minimal issue

I have had this car for about three years. I haven't had too many issues. Mostly the thermostat. The car's heat can be burning hot sometimes, and the air conditioner has gone out multiple times. The fan gets extremely loud as well. Mostly all parts under the hood are plastic and easily breakable.

- Ali W

The leather seats which were very comfy.

I love this car it rides smooth shifts easy. Rides like a Cadillac a very large car of the day. Was considered a luxury car of that time in history. Had all of the bells and whistles as they were called. Electric seats that were leather. Power windows. Air conditioning also witch was high priced.

- Robert S

The good and bad of my vehicle

Its is small in size. No latch to open truck have to open with key. I love my satellite radio and the blind side mirror. The trunk is a good size. The gas tank not very big seems like I am always putting gas in. It does handle good. I like the cruise control just wished that I had heated seats

- Elizabeth F

I like that the seat goes back far for people with long legs.

It's a great little car the only major problem I have is that it has some blind spots while driving and looking out the side mirrors. Also I don't like the fact the gas cap is on the passenger side of the car. Also I think the windshield wipers don't go fast enough if it's raining really hard.

- Joyce D

Good car value for the price.

I haven't had any issues with the car outside of just wear and tear maintenance. Very good quality for the price point. The car is a little small but still has a good amount of interior room. The Bluetooth connectivity is good. The car does not have to many fancy features but it is solid.

- Tyler S

It's reliable, good car if you have older children or are single.

The vehicle runs great, haven't really had an major problems just normal maintenance, it is quite small so if you're looking to have a vehicle with space this one lacks, but if you have more than one child especially if you have one or more in car seats it is kind of difficult but manageable.

- Amy N

The color of it is inferno orange and love it

I loved the car when I got it 3 years ago I've done some stuff to it tune intake lowering springs exhaust and wheels really like the car but the mpg has gone downhill ever since I got it I did get 35 mpg now I only get about 20-25 mpg other than that it's been a great car for everything I do.

- Christopher W

My car is silver and compact 2013 sonic Chevy.

I love my car but there are a couple minor problems that I wish could be better. For one there are three cup holds and no middle cubby. I think it would be better with more space. The blinders that block the sun don't really help because they are so short. But other than that I love my car.

- Heather S

Easily fits in small spaces

The color is very unique (orange) and I love the size. It's rare that I have trouble being able to fit or park. I dislike how low the rain guard is on the front because it hits speed bumps often. But I love the bluetooth capability and listening to music, and overall it's a fun car to drive

- Liz B

Has no center console but plenty of spaces to charge your phone.

Had small problems over 2. 5 years but no big fixes as of yet. Car is really good on gas and has been low maintenance. Tires are reasonable price when have to be replaced. The trunk is big for the size of the car. Do not like the plastic piece in the front as it does not stay on properly.

- Lynn H

Car is great for low car payment.

This car is great on gas, low cost car, love it. Had no problems just brakes. I wish I had power windows. Very nice car. What else? This survey sucks, I have a low car payment. New tires which did not cost much I have no warranty on it. Color is grey I don't like having no 4 wheel drive.

- Barb S

Touchscreen radio and syncs with Bluetooth if you have a compatible phone.

The car is a turbo hatchback which is a really weird concept for me. It was running great the first year or so that I bought it, but after a year and a half it keeps running into various issues. It will probably turn out to be a car to last until it gives up within six months to a year.

- Amanda D

No major issues, reliable vehicle.

Needs regular temp gauge replacements. I've replaced mine 3 times in 5 yrs. Haven't had any other major issues with it. Otherwise, it drives nice, even in the snow. . . It's also great for road trips! Have driven it across country and back at least 6 times in the 5 years i've owned it.

- Hope D

Great little car, great gas mileage.

My sonic is a great little car. Good. On gas mileage, easy to drive. Mine is a four door hatchback, great for groceries, golf clubs. Winter tires allow great driving in winter as well. Not as smooth riding as a larger vehicle, but better than other smaller cars I have had. I love it.

- Sharon E

The 2013 Chevy sonic is a small size sedan that gets pretty good mpg.

The thermostat in the car has gone out 4 times which causes the radiator fans to stay running and the ac to not work. I've also had many problems with other parts including the coil pack, evap system, and the vacuum lines. Along with this I've also had issues with the ac and heater.

- Devin B

Fun, dependable Sonic is easy to drive.

My Sonic is dependable, fun to drive, and gets good gas mileage. It is the perfect vehicle for me to travel around town running errands or picking up kids. It is my favorite color blue. We haven't had many problems with as we keep it well maintained and we recently bought new tires.

- Sue B

Chevy Sonic: a commuters dream

Great commuter car, great gas mileage and very reliable. Vehicle is very low maintenance and inexpensive to fix problems. Has great comfort for the driver and front passenger. Back seats are very uncomfortable due to no leg room. Spacious trunk with a quick engine. Highly recommend

- Dylan C

Great car, good looking great on gas, good size.

It is a great car no real problems I love it, it is just the right size it is a 4 door, and roomy it is really good on gas, I would buy another one that is for sure. It is very comfortable Chevy is a diehard car that is for sure. I think it is a really nice looking car as well,

- Sheila T

It's a nice car to travel to work or local destination

It's not fast. It's not good on gas mileage. It is quiet inside. There is enough room for 5 people and truck space is good. Do maintenance and the car will last several years. It's a good town car or going to work car. It's travels well and has a nice interior and sound systems

- Scott M

Chevy sonic - roomy and comfortable.

I really enjoy this vehicle. I think that it drives really smooth and it is easy to handle. It has good gas mileage. The car was worth the cost of the vehicle. I like the Bluetooth connectability. The touchpad console is a nice feature. The front seat is roomy and comfortable.

- Erin S

My car has great gas mileage there is also a surprisingly large trunk.

Because it is small, it gets pushed around a lot by the wind. There is a lack of space in backseat but if you only have children that is fine. There is also only one arm rest up front for the driver's seat and there is no compartment in the center console only two cup holders.

- Lauren R

Reliability and quality review.

The heat in Arizona and the plastic parts on the vehicle don't get along. Since I purchased the vehicle I've had to replace the intake every year because of cracking. Thankful I will say the engine has been very reliable. The quality is cheap but the price is pretty cheap too.

- Michael S

Reliable vehicle when needed.

My car has been extremely comfortable and is very reliable. It is constantly stored in my garage when I am not using it. I do regular maintenance which helps to keep my car running like it should. I also replace the tires as needed. My only wish is that it was all wheel drive.

- Tammy S

Love the hands free phone..

I use my Chevy Sonic to travel to work. It's great on gas. Has plenty of room for a compact car. It's my daily driver and I have taken it on short trips. So far so good I haven't had any trouble yet! Knock on wood. Would purchase this car again as my Daily driving automobile.

- Diane A

Everything is just great nice car to get your daughter or son.

I live how cute it looks and I also love how it runs and sounds when I step on it sounds like a truck or something lol I feel like I can out run others with it with my turbo what I do not like is that it does not gain the speed I want as quick as I want but I still love it?.

- Cassandra G

This car has Bluetooth, and an auxiliary outlet, and a USB port.

I love this car very much, it is extremely good on gas especially in this economy. It is small on the outside but has space on the inside, it is size is convenient when trying to find parking. Everything runs good and you get your money’s worth. Easy to steer and maneuver.

- Ashley G

The Chevrolet sonic 2013 is by far the best vehicle I have ever owned.

There's nothing really I dislike about my vehicle. I love it I have had no problems with it at all. Very trustworthy and reliable. Great on gas. The mileage is amazing and I absolutely love how it runs. I have had it almost 2 years and it has been great for me all this time.

- Misty R

Chevy sonic. . . Not so super, but practical.

It is very compact. It gets great gas mileage but has no get up and go. I have had multiple recalls one in particular that was very dangerous. For being small it is fairly comfortable. Only the driver has two armrests and many times the passenger will share with the driver.

- Rachel W

Affordable, Reliable, Efficient

The vehicle is reliable and efficient. It has a lot of trunk room but not much room in the backseat. It's probably best for short drives in the city and easy commutes on relatively flat land. I have had trouble with remote start feature, but recently it corrected itself.

- Ronnie K

That it's a nice little dependable car to get you where you need to go. It's pretty trustworthy.

I like the smooth ride of my car and that there is enough room in it for about 4 people. It has really good gas mileage. I'm needing new tires however because it slides in the rain and the windshield wiper is broken and I need a new thermostat. Overall, I do like my car.

- Jessica D

Lightweight great gas saver

My vehicle has no problems I'm concerned with. It is very reliable great on gas holds the road in rain. Small but still roomy enough. Very comfortable on long trips. Has a great body and interior is superb. It has bucket seats in front and regular utility seat in back

- Julie P

It is a cost effective reliable car. It has minimal problems and does not break the bank when filling the gas tank. The trunk is also bigger than it looks.

I like that I can connect my phone to have hands free for answering my phone and the ability to answer it or change radio stations without taking my hands off the wheel. It is also a fuel efficient car. I don't like that I don't have a camera to help me park my car.

- Lisa B

Comfortable, handles well, and fits a decent cargo.

The car handles really well and has held up well in extreme weather from snow storms in Michigan to rain storms in Florida during hurricane season. There is a decent amount of cargo space, but it is small. You can fit 5 people in the car, but it can be a tight fit.

- Paula M

The biggest highlight is gas mileage.

No major vehicle problems has been very reliable. Just needed to change brakes and tires so far. It is a small car but works well for my son and I on a daily basis. It is small but comfortable. The gas mileage is good. I feel more safe in the Cruz verse the sonic.

- Jaime W

It is more reliable, longer lasting, easier to maintain, and just better than the Ford Focus.

The Sonic is small, but still feels roomy. Although it is light, it does not feel as light as some competitors' models (like the Ford Focus). It gets good gas mileage, even in town. It has a small engine but still has plenty of pep. Maintenance is relatively easy.

- Megan T

Sonic ltz is the best choice.

Chevy sonic is sporty and cute with fold down back seats that give you extra room. Great gas mileage and fun to drive. Recommend the fully loaded version with leather seats, heated seats, and stereo. The hatchback makes it roomy. Bluetooth system is really nice.

- Danielle K

The Chevy sonic - a great little ride that gets great gas mileage.

The Chevy sonic is a great little car. It gets great gas mileage, 30 miles city driving and nearly 40 miles per gallon while driving on the highway. It is comfortable and rides nicely. Electronic dashboard gives it a futuristic feel. It also has a roomy trunk.

- Michael C

Feels like a minivan that can fit anywhere.

A lot of problems with the shift handle getting stuck. But besides that is it is not too bad, decent gas mileage. The car feels bigger than it is once you are inside there is a lot of legroom. Great for road trips. Comfortable seats and great air ventilation.

- Adrian D

Control at your fingertips

This car provides plenty of room for myself and all the necessary things I carry. The trunk actually holds a lot more than I expected. I feel comfortable in it, and I love that it has Bluetooth, and I can control the phone and radio through my steering wheel.

- Christine S

2013 Chevy sonic ltz. Heated seats. Leather seat. Auto starter.

Really easy on gas 4 doors dose really good in the snow auto starter heated seats easy to fix cheap to fix ltz model leather seats I just love this car and I would own another one if I could find this same car brand new the back seats lay down for more room.

- Crystal C

My vehicle is a 2013 Chevy sonic lt sedan with gunmetal grey.

It is a lemon, many issues with the engine and the tubes, replaced practically the entire engine within the first year of ownership, other than that it is a pretty good car, sound system is fantastic and it drives pretty good, and it is very fuel efficient.

- Luke M

Its small and looks like a spark.

Its has 4 cylinders gas it's good for 20 dollars you can fill it up and its automatic and standard drives smooth too I love it and it's easy for a teenager to drive it if you if they are starting to drive my daughter loves it when she drives it to school.

- Monica R

Chevrolet Sonic is not worth the money

There has been Lot of maintenance needed and the car is only 5 years old and things inside the vehicle fall apart very easily. I would never buy this vehicle again or recommended it to anyone. The only good thing about it is that it gets good gas mileage

- Jack K

Get your tires rotated often.

I love that it is small and a very comfortable vehicle. It drives very smoothly. It was great while I was in college and it was just me, but now that I have a family it is too small and very hard to get car seats to fit and to get my child in and out of.

- Kaitlyn N

Shaped like a friend, perfect for me

I really love this car. It's the perfect shape for someone who isn't great at parking and it fits well on narrow roads. The UI was difficult for me to figure out along with configuring the Bluetooth but once I got it started it hasn't troubled me since.

- Sarah H

The Chevy sonic that I have is 2013. It sits four passengers comfortably.

This is my second car the first car I bought had a lot of problems. We stuck with the same company. The Chevy sonic is a small car I like it because it feels comfortable for me not to big not too small just right. It drives smooth fits four comfortably.

- Vanessa E

Small and compact but very spacious. Lots of backseat room and truck space.

Love my vehicle. It is compact and easy to handle. I got it in orange so it stands out. The seats aren't that comfy for long car rides but overall it's a great car. There was issues with the ac for a bit there but I got it fixed after multiple attempts.

- Jessica S

Great extras not great performance.

It inconsistently requires less or more power to speed up. Not a smooth ride. It does have great features like bluetooth, but the music part and my WAZE app doesn't seem to sync with it. There are also power doors and before I broke it, remote ignition.


Its descent but I can use a better one

It has 98,000 miles the car has had some strange issues in the past one was something with a plug in the emissions that I had fixed. Now there's some sort of fuel problem I got to work on it is saying it runs rich but it goes through gas twice as fast.


Car so cute you will want to pinch it!

Compact car. Comfortable ride and easy driving. I've had issues with the thermostat and had to replace it. My locks have a mind of their own and will randomly lock when the doors are opened or shut and have locked my keys in the car BC of this reason.

- Andrea F

Small and compact yet had plenty of room inside the car and the trunk !

Only issue that I had was the coil pack in the 3rd cylinder burnt out ! Great on gas only takes 25$ to fill up and it is a while before the gas needed refilling..radio is relatively loud and the take off is great just watch your speed she's a turbo!!

- Candy M

Great daily driver, slightly unreliable.

The sonic drives and handles like a great car. The overall reliability in parts is a bit lacking and we had troubles with the transmission and thermostat failed in the closed position the first year we've owned it. But it is a great daly city driver.

- Crystal W

The Chevy sonic is a sassy looking car with great gas mileage.

I love the style of the body. The rear door handles are very different. I like the hatchback. Just the right amount of room for my needs. For a small car on the outside, it is actually quite roomy on the inside. Also the gas mileage is good.

- Lorraine M

Good gas mileage and has a small tank, so you can go forever for pretty cheap.

I love the gas mileage and the compact body that make it easy to park and turn anywhere. The seats are not super comfortable though, and I wish there were heated seats. The windows are also not very tinted and it gets very hot in the summer.

- Anne S

The car is a small SUV with a hatchback and easily get equipment for handicap people in and out of the car

Car has been very reliable. Have had the car since January and haven't had any problems and haven't even needed an oil change yet. Car has heated leather seats, bluetooth and a hatchback, which makes it very easy to load an unload items

- Valerie L

It is a budget type car but it gets great mileage. It is a decent sized compact car.

I like the gas mileage that my car uses which is very low. I dislike the electrical issues that i have been having. For example the steering wheel buttons stopped working. I also dislike the take off speed it has because It's too slow.

- Mariella G

The gas mileage is the single most important thing. I'm averaging 36.2 mpg on combined highway/town driving, just normal commuting back and forth to work.

I love the gas mileage! It has good interior space for a compact car. It handles easily. I love that it's a 4-door, as my last car wasn't. The 6-speed is fun. It's a bit gutless on hills, though - I wouldn't mind a bit more power.

- Beth D

It is above the 100,000 mile mark and it is still going strong.

I have no complaints about my vehicle. It is fairly reliable and I haven't need to do much maintenance. For me a vehicle is just something to get from place a to b. As long as it keeps going I will be happier with it.

- Stephen g

It's great to have a smaller car at times for gas mileage, etc, but it is definitely not a family car

I hate that it is as small as it is. I have been hit so many times because people don't see me in it. It's cramped inside. I thought there was a little bit more room but my daughter who's 4 seems cramped in the back seat

- Ashley T

It's economical on gas and small and compact for an individual.

I'm a short person so to me my car is perfect! It's small and compact and I can see through the side windows well. It's not long so it makes parking easy. It's also very economical when it comes to gas which is a plus!

- Raisa R

The handles for the back doors are on the top kind of, not in the normal place you'd expect door handles to be.

I dislike how small the back is. I feel as if passengers are uncomfortable and have little room. I like how small it is otherwise, I feel I can move quickly and also parking is nice. The seats are very comfortable.

- Nicole C

Great mileage. A mere $22 fills the tank completely.

Small and economical. So easy to park in really tight spaces. Comfortably seats 5. Driver seat sits a little kid for my preference. No thing a medium pillow wont handle. Oil changes are. Simple. Perfect car for me.

- Suzanne G

I love how it looks so tiny on the outside but there is so much room inside

This car is pretty good, the only issue I had was with a recall on an item for the engine. It performs good. Very reliable. And the inside is nice! Comfortable seats, good radio system. Has Bluetooth connection.

- Lexi T

It is comfortable with great gas mileage and quite reliable.

I like the price and the gas mileage and the comfort of the car. For the price it is a great little reliable vehicle. Of course I would like it to be a little larger and have a little more storage capacity.

- Martha B

It is dependable and affordable.

I like the slim shape and size of my vehicle. I do not like how small the back seats feel with kids car seats in it. I also do not like the issues we've been having lately with the ac randomly not working.

- Jennifer T

Great value for the price.

I am the second owner of this vehicle it does still have mfg. warranty but the vehicle has poor driving performance has been in the shop more that 5 time for engine problems its not a good vehicle to have.

- Cindy Q

Reliable, affordable, and full of features that make it seem more expensive than it is.

The car has been very reliable, especially considering I bought it new and several years old. The gas mileage is good and parts are easy/inexpensive to find when necessary. The ride could be smoother.

- Christina P

Great for in town driving or for trips

I love the size of the Sonic. It's small enough to park easily, but large enough cargo space for small trips. It has great gas mileage (45 mph freeway) and can zip around pretty easily. I love it!

- Briana B

Autostart in the winter...brilliant!

Love the extras. Heated leather seats, automatic starter and keyless entry. Very comfortable ride and economical. Not an actual problem but I would have liked a heated steering wheel as well.

- Elise S

It has a lot of room in the trunk and back seats.

It has a lot of issues. Has the check engine light after 6 months of purchase. Fixed the problem 3 times and check engine light came on. Car does not want to start after gasoline is put in.

- Emily R

A compact family hatchback.

My sonic is great! It drives with pep, is super dependable, and is full of safety features. I wish the back seat was larger for my kids, but I enjoy the great gas mileage of a compact car.

- Shelly K

The gas mileage is awesome and it does not take much money to fill it up.

I like the gas mileage the car gets, how small it is but still enough room for a small family. I do not like the fact that the door locks are clicking and will just about to lock you out.

- Crystal S

2013 Chevy Sonic is a great car!

I've owned my chevy sonic for a little over 6 months now. It's been reliable and I really like the look of it. I would recommend it if you're looking for an affordable and reliable car.

- Thomas B

Its gets great gas mileage.

Its comfortable, spacious, good on gas and looks good. I don't really have any complaints except the dash is really long and the windshield is at a odd slant that reflects everything.

- Jen H

The hatchback looks cool and it's a fun, easy drive.

I like the size and look of the hatchback. I also like how easy it is to drive. I dislike the reliability of the car. I've had the same problem with the same OEM part multiple times.

- Nicolas N

The sonic is a good little car

I have been pretty happy with the Sonic. There were some minor mechanical problems when I first got it, but they were covered under warranty. No problems in the several years since.

- David L

Great Gas Mileage!! Seriously though - great gas mileage!

We love that it is a hatchback. We are able to fold the seats down and have a flat surface to transport stuff. We love that we can mount a roof rack on it to transport our kayaks.

- Molliford P

Not worth it the time and money!

The car has already been recalled, the plastic around the windows is peeling, the mileage is nowhere near what they claimed and will less than 60,000 miles the fuel filter went out.

- Carolyn L

It's a compact car with good gas mileage that easily fits 4 adults

It's a compact car with good gas mileage. It doesn't have a lot of bells and whistles which some would be nice but it gets me where I need to go. It easy and comfortable to drive.

- Tracy A

That it is an economical car that the maintenance is low along with decent gas mileage

My Chevy sonic is a tank. I use it mainly for highway travel and it's been great. Maintenance is low and has over 120k miles for a 5 year old car. Great gas mileage for the year.

- andrew p

Small but mighty. Chevy Sonic all the way

This may be a small compact car, but she is mighty. I've driven my Sonic from coast to coast and she never had a problems. Take care of your car and she'll take care of you.

- Sarah P

That it is custom and unlike anyone else's sonic.

I love my vehicle. No dislikes. It gets me where I need to go, it is cute and unique. The inside dash is custom so nobody else has the same color interior and seats as I do.

- Casey C

It is small, which is both good and bad. It is more affordable and easier to park, but you give up passenger comfort at times.

I like the fuel efficiency and the small size makes it easier to park. It also has OnStar which makes me feel safer. I don't like that the small amount of passenger space.

- Brandi P

The gas mileage and quality of the car are what make it a good buy.

My Chevy sonic is a good reliable vehicle. It is good on gas and has all the bells and whistles that modern cars have. Chevy builds cars to last and that is why I buy them.

- Jeremiah S

It will turn into a lemon after 80k miles. Many engine issues

This vehicle ran fine until it hit around 80k. The car turned into a complete lemon. I do enjoy the big center dash screen/media display for radio and Bluetooth interface

- Kurt H

It's great for small families. It did have a problem with the engine for a while and had to be fixed 3 times right off the lot.

I like the large trunk space it has for a smaller car, the gas mileage, USB ports, and the Bluetooth. I Dislike how small the interior is and how easily the seats stain.

- Miranda H

Great gas mileage and very stylish.

Great gas mileage. Super cute! Actually has more room than expected. Seats fold down. I got the fully loaded version and I highly recommend. Very comfortable and sporty.

- Dv K

It has a lot of electronic features, which can be great until something stops working.

It is small and convenient for everyday driving. Great on gas mileage. The thing I dislike about the car is how easy it is to get an error that kicks out the auto start.

- Katy L

It gets fairly good gas mileage and has a roomy interior

I like that it gets a fairly decent gas mileage. I don't like how the parking lights go on automatically no matter how light it is. I'm not a fan of the rough shifting.

- Kim J

That it is a solid a to b car.

I like that it is good on gas, and has a turbocharger to help get it going. I dislike that it has parts that are known by the manufacturer to have a high failure rate.

- Ken E

It does not have head lite covers.

It has fast acceleration because of the turbo. Equipped with satellite radio and locate. My car gets about 35 mpg. It has a 4 cylinder engine and 35,000 miles on it.

- Philli n

I believe one of the most important things about my car is the gas I love that it's good on gas

I love my car my car is nice and compact, it is good on gas and it's an Apple red the trunk fit everything really well and it drives really well on the highway

- Ayashia B

good ride, runs smoothly all the time

I like how it rides smoothly, good gas mileage,safe, comfortable. I dislike that the power windows have the power switch no longer working, been fixed 4 times.

- Carolann B

a gas saver that's fun to drive

Loved everything about the car. great gas mileage. very comfortable. lots of room with seats down for bigger items. looks great. fun to drive. and affordable.

- Cristian C

Great gas mileage and a very comfortable ride.

I love our sonic! Great gas mileage, quiet ride, Bluetooth for hands free phone use. The car feels bigger on the inside than it looks like from the outside.

- Shawn C

It's a fun car to drive and get great fuel mileage.

I love the fuel mileage, quietness, and overall appearance. I don't like the strange windshield wiper sizes. Other than that I like the car the way it is.

- Jon B

Not worth the money. My car has had too many issues.

It's had many problems since of bought it, even though I do regular maintenance. Check engine light comes on once a year. I love the stereo system though.

- Alek R

It is very safe, of course! And plenty of room as well!

I really like the look and feel of this vehicle. It is perfect for me and my daughter! I have had a few problems with the water reservoir leaking a bit.

- Madison H

It's cute, but there's not too much room. The trunk is a good size but not much leg room in the back seat.

I don't have any issues with the vehicle itself. The issue is more with the fact that it was the base model. This decision was for financial reasons.

- Alyssa K

It is affordable but small, not a car for families.

Good gas mileage and affordable however the shifter is cheaply made and breaks easily. No recall even though it should be considered a safety issue.

- Caycie S

The fact that it does not have four wheel drive and will be difficult in the snow. But it is a car that is easy to drive otherwise.

I like it because it is small and I can navigate easily and it rides smooth. I do not like it in the winter time because it is terrible in the snow.

- Kourtney R

It is reliable and cheap. The Chevy sonic is a good choice for small families and single people.

My car is a decent but boring sedan. I haven't had many issues with it. It does have an AC issue that cost a bit to fix but besides that it's fine.


It is a good car as long as maintenance is kept up to date otherwise it is great.

The car is very good on gas, and is a cool looking little car, but it is too small for the tall people in my family, and has enormous blind spots.

- Anke H

It is got a lot of nice interior features.

Honestly it is too small for our family. It has been easy to service and reliable though! We just want something with more room and cargo space.

- Karin K

Good, reliable car for the money.

We have no problems with it, runs well. Nothing I really dislike about it, very versatile. It is a good vehicle, gets us around with no issues.

- Joanne P

It is a great car with great gas mileage and a comfortable drive.

I like having four doors. I like that the gas mileage is very good. I do not like how my AC goes in and out after being fixed numerous times.

- Kimberly L

It does not accelerate quickly onto the freeway. You need to take this into account as you merge onto the road.

I like the fact it gets pretty good gas mileage. It does take a distance to get up to freeway speed, but has proven to be a reliable vehicle.

- Mike V

The gas mileage is not what you would expect from a small car.

I like the size, and the hatchback gives me a lot of room. I don't like the gas mileage, it's not nearly as good as I expected it would be.

- Linda c

that it's a good car and it's good on gas and i would buy Chevy the next time i buy another car, and it's a good looking car

I love my car, it never gives me any trouble and it's really good on gas, and it's a nice looking car i think Chevy is a really great brand.

- sheila c

It is a great little car, but difficult to stay cool with the A/C.

I like the size of the vehicle. It runs well and great on gas. The down side is it is hard to cool down the car as it is only a 4 cylinder.

- Tiffany B

It is so very dependable. If you need it, the vehicle will always perform.

I love the sporty look. I love the mileage it receives. I love the service I receive from Chevrolet. I don't have any complaints with it.

- Eddie F

Handles poorly in bad weather.

Like the gas mileage. Do not like the size (too small). Like the amenities (SiriusXM, Bluetooth). Do not like how it handles in weather.

- Trent P

Great fuel economy so it is great for long trips.

I live the fuel economy. It is also low maintenance. It is also a good car for small family. There are no dislike overall love my car.

- Catherine O

Small, but spacious and reliable car!

I love this car! I haven't had any issues with it, and despite how small it looks, it's actually perfect for myself and my little boy.

- Kaleigh P

Love my little hamster car!

It looks small from the outside, but is actually very spacious and comfortable. It drives very well and gets pretty good gas mileage.

- Leila J

It's easy to drive,I like the size,I like the inside

I like the size and that It's easy to get in and out of parking spots.I dislike that I have no cargo net. But over a like the car.

- Janet W

It is an easy to drive, reliable car.

I like that it has good gas mileage. I like the color.. It is reliable.... I do not like is that I just needed to buy new tires..

- Sue T

It fits in every parking space

Low gas mileage, issues with the dashboard lights dimming, bad dealership. I feel like the car was given more that it should have

- Ali T

This has been a great economical car.

I love my Sonic. It has been a good car for the money. I have had no problems with it, and it has run well and been reliable.

- Christine S

Good gas mileage on the highway and in town even with the air conditioning on.

I've had it two years and I've had to make about 2000$ worth of repairs on it already. Decent gas mileage and good size though.

- Cassandra S

Great cargo area, with nice convenient area for grocery bags.

I like the fuel economy, the size of the car. Also like the interior style. I do not like that the power windows keep breaking.

- Carol F

That I plan on keeping it until the transmission or engine is on its last leg.

I like the fuel economy and it has a nice sleek appearance.. I really dislike the interior size. The car is way too small..

- Marcia A

It's safe and has lots of airbags.

I like the gas mileage it gets. I like the interior. I like the sound system. My only dislike is not a big enough gas tank.

- Ashley H

It is awesome on gas and cleans easily.

I like that my car is very good on gas. I dislike that it is not very fast. I like that it is compact and can fit anywhere.

- Bailey W

Chevy Sonic in short is a decent car to own

Thermostat housing goes bad at about 60,000 miles on a lot of them. It has been reliable other than that, good gas mileage

- Zach S

Very economical & is sporty with style.

Love my Sonic, it offers good driving performance, is a comfortable ride, handles great on the road, and is good on gas.

- Pam C

Good safety rating for a car that size, but there are some big blind spots.

It's perfect for my commute. I do love the big trunk for groceries, but the back seat is not user friendly. No leg room.

- Andrea C

I love my sonic! It's a super easy car to drive to and fro work, school, errands such as grocery shopping, and even travelling to see my in-laws, and they live in the country. Yes, that means driving on a dirt road to reach their house. It's perfect!

Be good to your sonic (check oil, rotate tires, you know, the basics to taking care of cars) and she'll be good to you.

- Tyra R

a lot of people have had trouble with the motors also.

After 3 yrs I had to put a new motor in it. Other than that it is ok but kind of to small. It is also very good on gas.

- Sarah W

I am not really sure. I guess that it gets you to where you need to go safely.

My vehicle is good. It gets me where I need to go. The only thing I do not like about it is that it acts up sometimes.

- Hannah C

Great little car for everyone.

I love my car, it's been very reliable over the years. It's the perfect size and I can pretty much put anything in it.

- Erin C

If you like music the speakers have a nice sound.

I love that my chevrolet sonic has bluetooth. I love that my car has four doors. I love that my car is easy to drive.

- ernestine a

It is roomy with a large trunk for a small car.

Reliable. Awful in the winter. Good highway gas mileage. Horrible in town gas mileage. Comfortable. Low maintenance.

- Christine H

The Chevy sonic is a very dependable vehicle that is rare IN today's vehicles.

The Chevy sonic is a little car but still big enough for a few kids, gets great gas mileage and is very dependable.

- Jennifer P

It has held up very well over the forty thousand miles that I've put on it, and the gas mileage has stayed pretty consistent

It has good gas mileage. It does not have any problems getting up to highway speeds. I enjoy the odometer display.

- Kevin E

The one most important thing others should know about my car is that it saves on gas.

I had some issues with the automatic crank system shortly after i got it, other than that it has been really good

- Doe J

It is a really good car. It is dependable.

I love the size of it. The only things I do not like about it is that it has no power windows or cruise control.

- Connie M

It is a very reliable, dependable, and reasonably priced vehicle.

I like that it has good mileage. I like the size of the vehicle. I like the overall performance of the vehicle.

- Brandon S

Reliable car. . . Good gas mileage. . . Fun to drive.

This vehicle is very reliable and it drives very well. It is also very good on gas. I absolutely love this car!

- Tina T

Cheap on gas Small yet roomy and comfortable

Has been very reliable with very minimum problems since purchase. Gets excellent gas mileage and drives smooth

- Andrea G

It gets 22 miles to the gallon. Even better on the highway!.

I love the size. I like the interior design of the car. I love how much money I save with gas using 5his car.

- Rosa G

Great gas mileage and room.

Great gas mileage and gets up to speed quickly for a little car. And has a lot of room for the size. Love it!

- Dv K

It is very compact and I recommend the model that is not run down.

I hate that it is a manual. I love that it is great on gas. I hate how small it is. I like the trunk space.

- Miranda B

That it drives good and gets good gas mileage.

I like that it is an automatic. I dislike that jet does not inside cat avow when backup lights do not work.

- Sherry G

We have onstar so it is easy to trace if stolen.

Fuel economy. Comfortable ride. The driver seat can be raised or lowered to accommodate height of driver.

- Kathleen D

Not a car I would recommend on buying. Very small for a family

Breaks down out of nowhere while going 55+ mph. Good with car accidents. Does tend to lose cool air fast.

- Terra H

Great car to save money on gas.

Good on gas. Drives good. Have had issues with the air conditioning and also with fuel injection system.

- Joann R

Runs great! No major repairs needed so far.

I like that it is small compact and good gas mileage. I dislike lack of space for carrying larger loads.

- Nancy B

I've had the car since 2013 and it has never let me down!

I absolutely love this car. It has great gas mileage,it is super reliable, and it handles well in snow.

- Nikole W

It's great except because of the electronic part on the gas tank, I'm not able to start the car with the push of a button outside the car anymore

I like the way it drives. It's great on gas. It's comfortable. It has an issue with an electronic part.

- Lillian J

It has great gas mileage.

Compact, hatchback, sunroof, keyless start, heated seats, turbo, comfortable seats, comfortable drive.

- Frances M

That it is great on gas. And it's rides really smooth

I love that my car is small. I like that color and the radio. I hate that the battery dies once a year

- LaClecia C

That it is good on gas mileage for the model year.

Like the gas mileage. Would rather it be all wheel drive. Like the remote start and keyless entry.

- Andrew B

It has plenty of space for the size of the car.

I like that it is small. It is easy to drive but doesn't drive as smooth as I would like it to.

- Heather B

It is reliable, no recalls, no issues with repairs. Never had to stop driving it because of a needed repair.

Nothing to dislike, runs great and has good mileage. No service issues or mechanical troubles.

- Kathie L

Comfortable. Reliable. Fun to drive. Issues with windshield cleaner. Issue with shorts in wiring system

It's a fun car for everyday use. I wouldn't take it on road trips. It's small but comfortable

- Tony C

It has a high safety rating for this vehicle. It comes with dual airbags.

It was a good value. It is good on gas and it gets me where I need to go without any issues.

- alyssa U

That it is a small good car that gets good gas mileage even if its a ugly color.

Its a ugly bright orange color which i don't like about it. Other then that i like the car.

- Taylor W

The gas mileage and comfort of a small car. Easy to drive

Love the gas mileage and comfort for a small car. Love the trunk space Love the hatchback

- Ron N

It's fun to drive. I have needed a new car for quite a while.

Like it very much. Just the right size and great on gas. I have no complaints so far.

- Rafael D

It has good gas gas mileage. You will need to get winter tires for when it snows.

I like the size and gas mileage. I do not like the mechanical problems it sometimes has

- Lindsay B

It's reliable and dependable.

It has had a lot of recalls. It has good gas mileage. Haven't had to do much work on it

- Laura N

It is an economical vehicle that gets 40+ mpg highway.

Love the gas mileage. Love the Turbo eco engine. Love the safety. No complaints.

- Tracey M

Great car for everyday and long vacations, just watch the turbo because it sometimes runs lean.

Love the gas mileage, but the turbo needs some more work to transition smoother.

- C G

It's old and it is now to small for my growing family. I really like the headlights and handles but I need something new.

It's a Chevy so it's not that powerful and it's a nice car for a single person.

- Sarita G

It is a one owner with only 26k miles.

I like it because it has low miles, , looks new and is very fun to drive.

- Barbara W

I love it, it's the right size for me. Easy on gas

It has multiple airbags, great safety features. great gas mileage

- Lovey W

It is a great value for the money. Good gas mileage and few issues

I love that I have had few issues. Dislike a recall that occurred

- Kat B

.It gets pretty good gas mileage most of the time.

It is a small car. It has plenty of room for one or two people.

- Heather C

Good gas mileage and lots of room

Love the room and the gas mileage no dislikes no complaints

- Ron B

My Sonic is a sedan and not the hatchback kind. It is very good on gas mileage. I really like how it is easy and cheap to fix maintenance wise.

The one most important thing about my car is the gas mileage.

- Angela G

It is fuel efficient if you want to be slow.

It's the bomb and I am a fan and i recommend it to all.

- First name A

It is relatively cheap to maintain

It runs well. Smooth to drive and is quite good on gas

- K P

I like the compact body of the vehicle but it still has plenty of room. The back seats however is a little tight for taller people. Has been a good commuter and good with gas mileage.

Great car that can be used as a commuter for people.

- Ashley A