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I like the console - the layout looks futuristic.

I really like my 2012 Chevrolet volt. It has been reliable and I like the features. I like the features of remote start, automatic windows rolled down when button pushed to let hot air out in the summer. I like the sleek look. Someone told me it looks fast sitting still. It is design is great. I am 54 years old and the only problem I can suggest is that the car sits low to the ground for better energy consumption. As I get older it seems harder to get in and out being the car is lower to the ground. Otherwise I love not having to fill up with gas every week. The volt is the car of even more future technology. I have "knock on wood", not had any problems with my volt.

- Laura A

It is one of few that is truly all electric and of those few it has an on-board generator that powers the batteries with gas. So, unlike Tesla, it is good for around town and still functional on longer trips as a traditional, gas-powered vehicle.

I like that it has a fully electric motor and an on-board generator for when your battery dies. I am 6' 8" and the driver's cockpit is bigger than my Ford F250; more legroom. Great gas mileage, heated seats, dependable, digital speedometer, tire pressure gauges, modern interior design and the overall look of the exterior. I also like the hatchback because I have a dog. I have had problems with the keyless entry not responding or locking me out but other than that it is the best car I have ever owned.

- Steven F

2012 overall Chevrolet volt review.

The Chevy volt is a very reliable car. I have never experienced a break down. It is a compact car but is very spacious inside which makes for a comfortable travel experience. The car is half electric and half gas so it is very eco friendly for buyers who live in cities and are driving short distances each day. However, the car is fuel efficient as well if you are taking longer trips. My only concern with this car is that it is very low to the ground which is concerning in the winter.

- Tess R

Love this fuel efficient car, and would buy it again in a heartbeat

This car has been highly reliable, and gets amazing gas mileage! The seats are comfortable and there is plenty of room, even for my 6 foot husband. It has good power, you don't really realize that you're driving an electric hybrid. It takes a bit of getting used to looking out the back hatch...there's kind of an odd blind-spot toward the bottom.

- Julie N

This car sucks your wallet dry

My car doesn't hold a charge the check engine light wont go off taken it to the shops and they say there is nothing coming up I have had my car since 12/17 and already had 4 recalls on it the air bag sensor is going nuts the charger that comes with the car doesn't work totally not worth 22k dollars save your money don't buy this Vehicle

- Candace R

It's an EV and doesn't usually use any gas at all. Therefore it's inherently better than anything that doesn't have a plug and also is more functional than a short range EV for being an only car for a family.

It's an EV with a range extender built in, so yeah it's amazing. I do 90% or so of driving only as electric and only need to buy gas every other month. The only complaint I have is that there's only 4 seats. Chevy already fixed this in 2017 but I can't afford a newer car so I'm stuck with my family that fills up the car already.

- Hiram O

The Chevy Volt is a versatile vehicle that can handle any challenge on the road or with weather.

I like the gas mileage that the car has without the electric component but its only better when charged. The car is very spacious and is easily convertible to make more storage room in the back. I dislike how low the car is to the ground but it handles very well regardless in off road situations.

- Adam C

It's better for the environment than a normal car.

I love my Chevy Volt first and foremost because it is better for the environment. I am passionate about reducing my use of gas/oil because the process of obtaining and refining this natural resource is horrible for the planet. The car drives really well and I also love the display and features.

- Laura B

Chevy volt is the best car I ever had!

I love my Chevy volt. I rarely use even a sip of gas since my daily commute is within the electric range. It has plenty of power and has been totally reliable. The air conditioner cools fine but the heater is not as effective as I would like, but overall the best car I have ever had.

- Teresa W

Volts are awesome for people with battery anxiety.

The battery is not as big as the newer volts, so I do not get as much out of a charge as I'd like. It is also premium has, which I hate. The positives are that I love that I only gas up once a month, but I also only drive about 100 miles a month. So it is good for my driving.

- Cassandra L

2012 Chevy volt great vehicle.

My Chevy volt has been great. No issues to date and we've had if for over 4 years. Very comfortable, runs on electricity for 30 miles then 250 plus miles on gas. Only take 12 gallons to fill. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone. I am looking to purchase a new one soon.

- Alexander G

Great electric car with backup gas option when needed.

Drives great. Good pickup and handling. All the buttons on the dashboard look the same so it is difficult to find the button you want while driving. Very economical especially if you do not drive long distances much. Bucket seats in the back can be inconvenient at times.

- Jessica W

For a daily commuter, you can't be the ease of operation and fuel cost savings

I love being able to charge my car up at home but still have gas to go a little farther if need be. It's comfortable to drive and almost silent. I love what I save in fuel costs but I don't love that it requires premium gasoline. That's my only major complaint

- Matt C

For short travel days it uses no gas.

I love that I so rarely need to put gas in the car. Most of my days I use no gas at all, yet I have a gas tank that will kick in after 45 miles. The only dislike is that the navigation system requires annual updates, rather than syncing with my cell phone.

- Barry D

Great EV: For now and For future

A great electric vehicle (in fact, plug-in hybrid). Had it for 5 years by now, total gas used 198 gallons only. Having a small internal engine on board (full mileage 300 miles) is the most essential point in my mind. 50 miles is sufficient for daily use

- rong w

Chevy volt; wonderful car.

It is the absolute best car I have ever driven. The car is extremely reliable. Overall a wonderful car. No complaints from me. As I drive it more and more I find myself loving it more and more. The car was the best decision I have made in a long time.

- Nicholas H

Electric plug in with a gas back up if needed

I love my Volt! I have almost 100k miles on and only use about 36 gallons of gas a year. The cost of ownership is so low. I love not spending time getting gas and getting my oil changed. Having an electric vehicle gives me more time in life.

- Jessi L

Functional, if not exciting, plug-in hybrid.

I really like the quieter ride and of course the fuel economy can't be beat. But it's less than ideal for longer trips or cold weather. It's got more than enough room for my needs, but still is small enough to be maneuverable in tight spaces.

- Glenn S

It's a great car. Gets great gas mileage when running on fuel bx battery.

I love everything about my Volt. I do wish it had a bigger battery so I'd get more battery mileage than gas, but I drive a lot. Have only had a couple issues with charging, but they were fixed pretty quickly once they got the right parts.

- julie a

It runs 100% on electric until the electric is 100% dead then gasoline takes over

In the long run the vehicle will save you a ton of money. It only cost about $1 per day to charge the vehicle and as long as you stay within the range you will never use gasoline. On the downside repairs can be expensive.

- Keith S

That it is environmentally friendly.

I love that I can plug in my car for driving around town but can use gas on long road trips. I also like that the backseat has bucket seats instead of a bench and the trunk is large.

- Bonnie F

That it is great on gas. It has good range for daily commuting.

I love the electric propulsion. I enjoy the comfort and convenience of driving electric. I also enjoy the styling of the car. Saving money on gas is a plus.

- Daniel F

Works well and is use able does not have any issues yet been running real good.

No problems with the car it runs good and smooth like it's supposed to and I had this car for a very long time and wouldn't give it up.

- Ashanti D

Gas and electric hybrid!!

I haven't bought gas in months. I have never gotten an oil change. It is small and compact, yet still large on the inside.

- James S

You have the option between two different types of fuel.

I enjoy the vehicle because it is a hybrid car that is fuel efficient. I like that I can choose between gas or electric.

- Jacob P

you won't need to buy gas if you drive 35 miles or less per day

we don't buy gas often. oil changes only every 2 years. the seats could be more plush

- Norman S

It gets great gas mileage and is environmentally friendly.

I like the hybrid aspect of it. I like the way it handles and the stereo system.

- Merle M

Electric engine with automatic gas back up! Mileage is awesome.

Live the look and gas/electric feature. It is a little too small for my liking.

- Deb R

love the look. not ideal for a family of 4. great for a single person or with 1 child. not super comfortable for trips. great for around town.

great compact car and great on gas mileage. perfect for the single person

- tisha v