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Chrysler stopped production in 2010 so there might be problems in buying parts.

My PT Cruiser runs very well, gets great gas mileage and is fun to drive. Now that I have it, I see them everywhere. I have no real complaints, just 'wishes'. I wish: 1) it was a bit roomier inside - arm rests have to up before we can fasten the seat belt buckles, if the front seats could be adjusted back more than their present limit, headroom is not that comfortable for my taller friends; 2) the power window buttons were on the doors rather than the top of the central instrument panel; and 3) it had more storage up front. Of course those are all "1st world problems". This car has a quiet ride, great radio/disc player, and good maneuverability. A rather pleasant surprise was the versatility of the storage area. The rear seat is split 70/30, with the ability to be removed entirely! I am very satisfied with my PT Cruiser.

- Karen N

The one thing most people should know about my car is that it's more versatile than it looks. It's certainly more versatile (for city things) than most SUVs.

I like that I can remove the back seats whenever I choose and replace them in the car at will. I prefer this option in a vehicle whenever I have dogs so as not to give them a height advantage by being in the back of the vehicle. My dislikes at this time are that things on my vehicle are giving out or breaking down. As they say.... They just don't make things like they used to. Otherwise I'm one of those PT Cruiser owners who still likes my vehicle. While I'd like to have a new vehicle (if I could afford it) I do not want to give up my PT Cruiser just to have a newer vehicle. I plan on keeping my PT Cruiser (if possible) when I get another vehicle. Complaints? I don't like the fact that they're no longer making the PT Cruiser.

- Cindi M

Chrysler PT Cruiser touring edition.

It is a great car, but there are a lot of issues with the wiring and the front end of the vehicle. We've had to replace the tire rod ends twice, and it wears on the tires a lot too. But other than the wiring and the front end issues, it is a very reliable car. It always starts right up, even when it is 20 below outside. It heats well, especially for a convertible. It does not have a lot of space, and the trunk is tiny, but it is a touring car, so it really does not need to have a lot of space. I would definitely buy another one, but I would buy it new instead of used, which I think is part of the problem.

- Maggie M

My fun and fantastic PT Cruiser.

My PT Cruiser has been wonderfully reliable. It now has 168, 609 miles and has received regular routine maintenance, plus one engine overhaul. The 2-door vehicle is fun to drive, the convertible top is still in great shape and has no leaks (even after all this time). I regularly receive offers from people wishing to purchase the car, but I have no plans to sell it. This little car is fun to drive and regularly finds itself prominently displayed in a community parade celebration garnering lots of attention.

- Susan C

It is a Chrysler. I love them.

It is a rough ride. Can feel every bump and dip in the road. This base model as only one key door lock. It should have one in each front door. The window switches are located in the middle of dash and only driver or a front passenger has access. They need to be on each door so as not to distract driver if someone needs their window down. Also there should be access to open gate from inside the car or also with a lift lever without having to have the key in the gate lock.

- Angela W

Deters theft, yet costs a lot of money to repair and make driveable again.

Excellent running car. Didn't like the fact that the computer chip in the ignition cannot be replaced without replacing the whole steering column. The computer chip was installed to deter theft. It worked, but it cost over 2,000 to get the steering column replaced to get the car running again. The value of the pt cruiser is not very high, so the insurance company did not want to repair it they wanted to total it out.

- Patricia G

PT Cruiser is a good economical car.

I like comfort and how much room there is in my PT Cruiser but it is still small enough to handle. There is a lot of storage room. It also gets good gas mileage. I have had no major problems with my car, just routine maintenance. The only issue is that because of the way the motor is it is very difficult to work on, you almost have to tear the whole front out to work on them and fix it. Other than that I love my car.

- Sharon C

Good for an older single person.

Very small and compact car. Its comfortable for a single person or a couple but not much room for family. Trunk space is limited. Not very good in winter when it snows, tends to fishtail a lot even when driving cautiously. The CD player stopped working shortly after we got it and the trunk needs to be manually opened but for some reason that stopped working also. I would not recommend this to a younger person.

- Ash B

The seats fold down, you can fit up to five people in there, it's great on gas

I absolutely love owning a PT, this is the second one that my family has owned but the first one that I've owned. They are good on gas, amazing sound quality via the radio. One bad thing is that since it is such a small car, if something goes wrong under the hood it's hard to find someone that is willing to work on it being that it is so compact! I've had two minor problems with mine but they were an easy fix!

- Jazzica B

Better looking than it is reliable.

It is only got 26,000 miles on it (yes, a 2005), yet a shocking number of things have needed repair, at a high cost, often things that should have taken tons of mileage to get to mechanical problems. It is very annoying that way. The trunk is minuscule. And there is a terrible blind spot - a seriously dangerous design flaw. It is unusually cute, though, has a lot of power, goes fast, and it is fun to drive.

- Suzi O

Great car with some issues.

The car has been running. But I have been having issues with the air conditioner not producing cold air. We've had it fixed once but it is broken again. Besides that, the car runs amazingly well and the cruise control is a nice bonus. I would recommend this car if you are looking for something that is not too big. The back seats being removable is great for when you need to pack a lot of stuff.

- Jasmine B

Great car overall, minor problems.

My (No Suggestions) only has 50000 miles on it so it's fairly new. It has not had a lot of problems; the alternator broke and I had a problem of the engine overheating once but those were the only issues that came up. The inside is very nice and comfortable. It's a great car for short distances around town. It has a lot of space; I packed my entire dorm in it and traveled to and from school.

- Rachel T

Luv my pt. cruiser ride with the top down and turbo kicked in you�ll fall in love.

I have had a few problems where it needed to be out in the shop but they were problems that could have been avoided if I paid better attention. My pt. is a turbo and I am so excited to drive it. I can go up a steep hill at 70 mph with ease. It is also a convertible which is another exciting feature. Cruising along with the top down is an amazing feeling. Wouldn't trade my pt. for anything.

- Vicky B

Electrical issues may occur, but the vehicle is otherwise dependable.

I like my PT Cruiser, but previously drove a larger vehicle in which I felt safer. The Cruiser has had some problems. We had to replace the ignition switch and , after we did, the radio mysteriously quit working. Then, I had some engine problems. After fixing those, the horn quit working. There is also an electrical issue where one of my lights doesn't work even if we replace the bulb.

- Natalie V

My vehicle is a small, two-door, silver convertible with a roll bar.

I have never had any issues with my 2005 Chrysler PT Cruiser other than my windshield wipers that came with the car. I find that they tend to just smear the dirt everywhere across my windshield rather than cleaning it. Other than that, I truly love my car. It was given to me as a gift from my grandmother and has very low mileage and drives smoothly and is a perfect first car.

- Madeline M

The mafia mobile--retro looking vehicle.

It is a great compact SUV type of vehicle. Small enough to feel like you are driving a regular car but big enough to haul things when you need to. Retro look. I call it my mafia mobile. This is my 2nd one. Had the first one for 10 years and had no issues. Have this one for 5 years and no issues except for usual maintenance like oil changes etc. Great car. Would recommend it.

- Deb B

I love the pt it is a very reliable car.

I love my pt it drive so good it took me to many of trips. I was most reliable for me. I is so comfortable because the seat lets down and you could used it as a bed on a camping trip. The parts and labor is fair to work with. I used lucus for all of my oils so that my car can run all so smooth. I take my grandbaby on shopping trips making my whole family ok.

- Caledonia B

Always has constant issues.

Bad cylinders check engine light is constantly on. Oil light constantly on. Bar is broken. Tired always going flat. Nobody knows how to fix it. Bad mileage. Too expensive to fix it. It is the absolute worst. Do not know what to do with it. Took it to one guy and he made it worse than what it was before and now all it does is misfire everywhere.

- Melissa W

Fun to drive because of its size, big trunk, but a pain to take into the shop.

I love my pt cruiser because it is unique and easy to find in a crowded parking lot. It is small, and therefore nice for narrow streets and city driving. The interior has a retro vibe. However, a quirky engine layout can make repairs expensive, and with the age of the car, leaks and natural wear and tear are beginning to take their toll.

- Leah B

The PT Cruiser is a very versatile vehicle and rides like a sedan, or converts to a small SUV when needed to transport things.

I bought this car used. It was a 'have to' situation: a deer totalled my Jeep which is my favorite auto. My credit rating would only let me get something like this PT Cruiser, but it's pretty tough. I like the fact I can lay down the back seats and lower the back shelf to haul things, like I did in my Jeep. It gets good gas mileage

- Cynthia H

Overall solid vehicle for everyday.

Sometime check engine light will misfire if the gas cap is not just right. Not a lot if power and can redline when passing at interstate speeds. Lots of cargo room since the back if the car is tall. Solid gas mileage in town and highway. Comfortable interior although the window controls are in a weird spot from other vehicles.

- L S

An old cruiser - Chrysler durability and reliability gets me where I am going.

My vehicle is older and worn, showing it is age. It has paint peeling on the bumper and faded paint on the top of the car from the sun. It appears dull in color but it gets me from point A to point B and I do not have a car payment. It runs well. I did just have a brake issue but got it fixed. It has been a reliable car.

- Wilma P

It's sturdy and you feel safe both behind the wheel and as a passenger.

Our car, Appa (named after the flying bison from Avatar: The Last Airbender) is wonderful. It's a convertible so we can lower the roof when it's a nice day or night. It's an older car, so there are a few places here and there that leak water from when we go to the car wash, etc. but overall she's a sturdy, relaxing car.

- Angela D

2007 PT Cruiser. Love that it has a top that can open up.

I love my car but the check engine lite stays on all the time, its the oxygen sensor I've had it changed out so many times but the lite still stays on, they said its ok to drive the car that the computer just not accepting it, I don't know wish it would go out, makes me scared to drive long distances like out of town.

- Samantha H

Keep your car clean and healthy.

Tail light lens covers are hard to take off to replace burned out bulbs, the headlamps seem to become cloudy over time. It's been a reliable work car, it has 200, miles of wear and tear. I`ve kept records of all maintenance work done, and this car will be passed down to my nephew soon as a starter car for his first.

- Kenny M

The car have good gas mileage also it has good tires on the car.

My car is an 2005 PT Cruiser. It has a dent on the side. When it rain the water gets into the floorboards. But it's a good car it gets me from point A to point B. I have traveled in the car to Florida, Louisiana, and Mississippi. The car needs minor work done to it now. Which it'll be oil change, tune up, and etc.

- Courtney T

Chrysler PT Cruiser (2005)

It's a great car and is really easy and comfortable to drive, and does great on gas. The paint is chipping off in some spots and is starting to barely rust just a little bit in one or two places. Other than that it's a great car and hasn't had any mechanical problems since I got it almost a year ago.

- Caitlin S

Great mid sized affordable car. Can sleep in it in a pinch.

Thing is a champ. Been in some shady situations and it always comes thru. Great miles per gallon and smooth highway driving. Seems to attract deer though, as I have encountered 2 AMD escorted them to the other side unfortunately. Again it's a beast and continues to power on with minimal problems.

- Timothy R

Great maneuvering car for small spaces.

It drives great, can see well out of it but no room especially with a car seat. It has plenty of storage, easy access to get in. Handles very well on the road. Can park and back very easy. Have had problems with the fan on low. Defrosts quickly when car ices up. Great features on the inside.

- Tracy H

It is affordable and comfortable! It is big enough for tall people and priced well for a first time buyer.

I love the size of my car! It isn't small or big, it is just right. One thing I would change is the placement of the buttons for the windows. They need to go on the arm rests of the doors. Where they are located now does not make sense. I also would include air vents in the back seats.

- Christine L

Even though my car is 13 years old it still runs great.

The only complaint I have about my vehicle is that there is almost no trunk space for groceries. I do however love the fact that the back seats can fold down to provide more space for the trunk. I also like that my toddler can still sit in his car seat while I fold down the other seat.

- Alyshah G

My PT Cruiser is Awesome!

I bought my PT Cruiser brand new in 2005. I've always kept good maintenance on it. It hasn't had any issues in the 13 years I've had it. PT Cruisers have a unique look of their own, and spacious interior. I love my PT Cruiser, and will most likely hold on to this car for a lot longer.

- Leticia C

It's a dependable vehicle with good gas mileage that one can feel comfortable driving.

The only trouble I've ever really had was my car is overheating but I lived in Florida so that was my fault. It's a great car I bought it with 30,000 miles on it it now has 90,000 miles on it and I haven't had to do a lot of Maintenance gets good gas mileage and I love the style

- Chris C

It's a small car that doesn't feel small. It packs a major punch with the turbo engine.

I drive a 2005 PT Cruiser with a turbo engine. I adore the size and shape of the car, as well as the kick the turbo engine give the car. It's horrible on gas mileage, which sucks. I also wish I had a newer model - my only audio options are cd and radio. No bluetooth or aux port.

- Nicole R

Overheating repairs...to the shop or not

The put cruiser is a large but yet compact vehicle. It does require tender love and care as does any vehicle. But make sure if you're ever having overheating issue and have to change out the waterpump just go ahead make plans to put it in the shop for the techs to work on.

- Angela K

I don't care that it looks like it's an old hunk of junk at this point (it is 13 years old after all) but it is super comfortable to sit in, drive, and to get in and out of.

It's very comfortable to drive. A lot of cars feel like you are sitting on the ground when you get in them; in the cruiser you are elevated. It feels very safe and you have a good point of view from the height, but it is still pretty small and will fit well in most places.

- mary J

It is good on gas and is a nice riding car.

Love the car it is a 2005 pt cruiser 12000 only bad thing in the vehicle is the engine the timing chain goes in it and the engine dome mine just went 2 weeks ago and it cost 4k to fix it but other then the engine I love the car it is great it is comfortable good on gas.

- Glen G

It does use premium gas (sometimes I use mid grade). That is at least 30 cents more per gallon.

It is a turbo and a convertible! I love it! It has more power than a regular cruiser. I do have to get midgrade or premium gas though. Bad! It's very pretty and comfortable. It has many options. I receive many compliments on what a nice car it is. Quite unusual.

- Marcia P

Pt cruiser convertible - fun little car, especially in the summer.

Bought it used, had to get new tires, and needs new brakes. Seems like too many things needing repaired. We like it because it is a convertible, the trunk is very small and awkward. We will probably trade it in for something a little roomier and with more trunk space.

- Heidi M

Title: old faithful. A reliable car - my PT Cruiser.

I have an older car. I do not love it but I love that I do not have a car payment. The paint is peeling and the roof's paint has faded. Luckily, I haven't had any problems with the car. I do regular maintenance as needed and my car gets me from point A to point B.

- Wilma G

Service review for 2005 PT Cruiser.

Way too small. No room for child’s seat in the back. Very small trunk. I never had any mechanical problems. Very reliable car as far as mechanical, but the heater and radio did not work well. Finish on the car did not stay shiny like the salesman said it would.

- Bonita G

Economical but stylish vehicle.

It is been very reliable. Though the air conditioner did have to be replace after about ten years. The only thing I do not like about it is that it is not as safe as it could be. Otherwise, it is great on gas and affordable. Plus, it is easy to maneuver.

- kris R

Reliability, Great on gas. Roomy in back sporty, dependable

My 2005 OR Cruiser has been very reliable. My family and I travel from Coachella Valley To Los Angeles very often no problems. Tires and brakes were the only thing we have replaced. Heard a lot of issues with these models. Thank God we haven't had any

- Jasmine M

Folding seats that make room inside for moving stuff.

The pt cruiser has room and the seats fold down in the back so it makes a lot of space to transport things such as furniture or a bike. It is easy to drive and parallel park. I like the touring but the limited one was nicer inside with leather seats.

- Marcell U

I love the convertible part.

I totally love this car. Unless it is raining outside I drive with the top down. The only thing that I did not like about this was the radio. I have replaced it with a Bluetooth enabled device. Other than that, I will probably drive it until it dies.

- Douglas P

The PT Cruiser is very good on gas and that helps when you have a long commute to work everyday

I like this car because it is very roomy on the inside. I like this car because it's easy on gas. Lastly, I like this car because it can get me from point A to point B. The only thing I dislike is the fact that it's low to the ground.

- sandra j

This car is very reliable. I had problems with a fan yet the car was not overheating , even on out of town trips.

It is VERY reliable. Recently I was having problems with the air conditioner and when I took it in I found that a cooling fan had not been operating properly, however the car wasn't overheating even with out of town trips.

- Tim B

The mileage in my car is very low, 40,000-ish, for it's age.

I don't like not having a resettable trip mileage thingy. I don't like that the taillight assembly is flimsy, difficult to remove, and replace bulbs. I love that it's a cute looking car and easy to drive around town.

- Barb m

This just isn't good car it is poorly made. I wish i had bought another car with better ac.

Wont start until the engine is completely cold other than that the ac is weak but it's an ok car. I bought it from original owners my parent. They took good care of. Now it hit 100000 miles ant falling apart

- Carla A

The vehicle I have is always clean. You are not allowed to eat in my car.

What I like about my car, is that it is compact, great on gas mileage, and fits me just right.. What I do not like about it, is that it is already 13 years old and I have to keep taking it in for repairs..

- Molly R

At the time of purchasing it was incredibly overpriced and not worth as much as it was bought for at all. Over time it also got increasingly worse in performance and now runs terribly and even has random bouts of giving out.

At this point in time its a seemingly complete budget choice and if you can find one for a good price maybe it's the best choice but if there is any other option that is more cost efficient to go for it.

- Bobby R

Review of My PT- Cruiser. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

My car is very reliable, however, it does burn oil though. The handling is a little bad and the air conditioning doesn't work. But overall my car is fairly comfortable and I am used to how it drives.

- Tyler S

That it is a stick-shift so you have to know how to drive it.

I paid a reasonable price for my vehicle. I like that it is small, easy to handle, and that I only have to fill it up once a month with gas. I don't really dislike it....I'm satisfied with it.

- Rachel B

Convertible top motor went out to costly to repair.

My car is a stick shift, it only has not quite 60, 000 miles. I love it main problem, linkage on transmission and motor on convertible top no longer works and to costly for me to get repaired.

- Judith S

Its well maintained, and very dependable.

I like my car because its dependable. My car was free as a gift from my brother. My car has space for my dogs and a roof rack for when I go camping. There is nothing I dislike about my car.

- Rachel H

that it is a very economical car and small enough to go on small roads and large enough to be comfortable

I love the ole timey look and also how easy it is to get in and out of since I have problems with bad knees. The back does seem to get dirty easy. Must be the way it is designed

- lois s

Spacious PT Cruiser is amazingly comfortable

I bought this car used and the only problem with it is the dash light is out. Other Than that the car runs smoothly and I love the space you get in it for being a Car.

- Emily P

It has manual transmission and gets good gas mileage.

I like the space and how I can fold the seats down. I do not like that the AC is not cold enough and that it only does 22 mpg. I would like a more economical car.

- Marcell U

That is a good car to drive, & they stop making this model.

I love my car, no complaints, the only thing I am afraid of when it snows here, I will be very nervous when it does start to snows, I do not do well in the snow.

- Melody B

Lots of interior room and decent gas mileage.

Like the style and body shape, it is not too big or too small. Comfortable ride and lots of legroom in front. . Heats works good in winter and has heated seats.

- Barbara M

The watts link wears out quickly and cruise control stops working.

I like the look of it. I like all the room it has when you told the seats down. I don't like the rattle in the back because the watts link wore out to quickly!

- Stephanie M

They last a long time with no major problems. This is my 2nd PT Cruiser.

I like the size of it because it is like a mini usb as far as hauling things. Lots of room. I dislike the manual door locks. Yes, it is a basic model.

- Debbie B

That it is a lot of fun to drive and has great get up and go.

It is a standard shift and is a lot of fun to drive. It goes around curves beautifully and has a lot of get up and go. I just wish it had a cd player.

- Dorothy W

Fun to drive there are no more words to relate to this vehicle.

Fairly comfortable. It's a convertible that makes it fun. Reliability is ok. There have been some electrical problems but we tend to work around them.

- Abbe R

A fun vehicle to drive in the summer.

It's fun and easy to drive. Visibility when backing out is not good. Convertible is fun and easy to convert. Low to the ground can cause problems.

- Dianne L

The Pt Cruiser is a very safe and reliable vehicle with many amenities.

I love the small compact size of my car it helps saves fuel. Though inside my car it is actually very roomy. The ride is also surprisingly smooth.

- Lucy C

The most important thing is that its a blue convertible.

Love that it is a convertible and its small and agile. I love the blue color. I wish it was never and didn't have problems of an older car.

- Kim B

Nothing else is really that important.

I do not think there are any problems I just want a new car. It does need work done for the or conditioning but other than that it is fine.

- Carol T

The most problems I have after years of use is the computer tends to malfunction.

It is a very reliable and gas efficient. The motor mounts tend to have an issue and once you fix the factory standard it is fine afterward.

- Viktor K

roomy, with fold down back seat to make a large carrying area.

four cylinder, has good mileage. but not as good as my standard transmission did. I guess I just wish it were a standard, not an automatic.

- vivian b

It' a safe car. It's well designed. Does well on gas mileage.

I like the design of the car. The way the interior looks. Dislike how the tow front seats are, making it harder to see when backing out.

- Caitlin C

Old-fashioned car style that runs well.

Runs well, but has a hard time going up roads. Functions work properly if well managed. An old-fashioned design that isn't seen as much.

- Irene Y

There's not much to know. It is reliable and gets us were we need to go.

Gets me and my family to point A to point B. It is pretty reliable for the most part. We usually don't have any issues with driving it.

- Jeffrey A

It's very reliable but a pain to fix if something does go wrong.

My PT Cruiser has given me no problem since I've got it mice got to my wires rewired everything and it rain like new I love my PT.

- Anne L

The plastic dipstick handle can break off , so be gentle with it.

It has retro styling that I like. I do wish it had a stick shift. the rear wheel drive is tricky in bad weather. It handles well.

- Dwight G

Overheating issue with air conditioning on.

Drives very comfortably. Has a problem with overheating when using the air conditioning in very hot weather. Gets good mileage.

- Geoff W

It's a no frills basic transportation car. Doesn't cost much but it is reliable.

Not a good engine/transmission match-up. Terrible sight lines makes it hard to see out of. Harsh ride from minimal suspension.

- Michael G

It is a older car and needs minor things to be worked on like oil change.

It runs good just need minor fixing like timing belt and tune up. I got car for 500 dollars and it only needs one thing fixed.

- Jasmine R

Last many years and very cost effective.

The cruiser drives well.. This little car is good on gas.. Sadly, it is getting older, but it is still pleasant to the eye..

- Judy C

Good gas mileage great around town car.

Its a standard get around town type of car. Standard amenities, good on gas mileage. Relatively no major maintenance issues.

- Elizabeth O

Rides wellington any road.

It is s cute convertible coupe. It is small and good on gas. Also, since they are no longer made makes it a little special.

- Lisa W

Fun and exciting to drive daily.

My cat is great. Only problem I have is the heated seats quit working. It drives great and it is fun when the top is down.

- Kathy K

nothing as it is no longer made

it sits higher than a sedan, don't like the paint job, notice a lot of the pts are faded. looks different than most cars

- sharon M

It's up to date on maintenance.

It drives good. Its compact so parking is easy. It gets decent mileage. My husband hates it so I know he wont drive it.

- Susan M

Overall it has been reliable.

It is reliable, it is going on gas, it has good speakers, it is roomy enough for my whole family, it is a popular car.

- Jane V

My car drives great and has plenty of room for passengers despite It's small look

My vehicle drives very nicely. It is cute and spacious. However my horn doesn't work and my locks aren't functioning.

- morgan u

It is got a lot of room. Fold down seats in back.

I have had no issues. I like the roominess, I can move my whole house in a day. Gets great mileage. Love my car!

- Patricia L

It is pretty high quality.

It is got plenty of room, but the gas mileage is not great. Haven't had any major issues with it so far though.

- John M

It really is not a great car.

My car is bright blue. I hate the turn radius, gas mileage, exceleration, and probably more. I do like the size

- Christina C

It's super cute and easy to drive!

I like that it runs fairly smoothly, the interior is nice, and it's easy to drive. I dislike the color of it.

- Alexus M

That it 'saves you on gas.

My pt has decent gas mileage. It is small enough to fit into most everywhere and I love the vintage styling.

- Kate C

It's easy to maneuver, and when the battery isn't dead, it runs great.

The battery dies often, despite all the precautions I take. There's also no aux port, which is upsetting.

- Keeaira B

Looks great from the outside.

Not a comfortable ride for a 5'9 driver. I get back aches with long drives. My Mother loved her PT Cruiser.

- Becky K

It's a convertible, so it's a 'fun' car to drive. It's small and compact and easy to drive. I don't like how the bumper is so low and can easily get caught on cement blockers at the end of parking spots. I don't like the issues with the gas gauge.

It's a little scary to drive sometimes, because it's old and rickety, but it's reliable and easy to drive.

- Micaela W

No power. It shakes when in park. Travels well on gas and perfect for 1 owner.

Shakes when in park. No power. Ac problems. Does well on gas and travels nice. Great for 1 person owner.

- Monica H

PT Cruiser, really Good car, confort

No problems, good car, is really reliable car, I have for years , still runs, I will highly recommend

- Miguel E

Manual transmission. Have periodic false engine warning lights that go away when you restart the car.

Fun to drive, good gas mileage, lots of cargo space. Dislike overall reliability and poor paint job.

- Richard F

Gets u to and from work. Good gas mileage

It's a good vehicle. Seems like there's always something wrong with it though. Cherelet is better

- Brandon H

It is a manual transmission, so I consider that a theft deterrent!

My car is fun to drive. But I miss a big trunk/hatch. And I wish it got better gas mileage.

- Sandy B

It's a convertible and it's blue. It drives well...

I like that my cat is a convertible. I don't like that I always have to put air in my toes.

- Tina H

It's a driver and it runs stick shift

It's currently waiting to be fixed, It's a neat little car thats gets me from a to b

- arisha f

Easy to drive, road control. Hasmore room inside than expected.

Drives smoothly. It has very good gas mileage and has lots of storage room in back.

- Ginny C

Easy to drive long distances

Grate gas mileage. Sits higher than regular car.i can see out windows clearly.

- Mark M

Back seat is quite small. Had a lot of trouble with shifting cable. Gas mileage isn't very good for a small car.

Not the best but certainly not bad. Compact car. Fairly good car for price.

- Isaiah D

Don't buy a Chrysler! Too much maintenance and not dependable

It is too small for my family. It constantly breaks down. Small trunk

- Katrina W

I like the functionality of it being small but with enough flat storage space and shelf to make turning it from a family vehicle to a run quick deliveries for my business

It would not have lasted as long if my husband wasn't a mechanic.

- Ashley W

the parts are hard to find as due to age they may be discontinued and have to search for parts in online shops

convertible, fun to drive, good gas mileage, easy maintenance

- nancy c