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It is really a fun car to drive and does very well on curves.

I bought my car used with about 70, 000 miles on it. I have been very pleased with it is performance and upkeep. I live roughly 32 miles one way from work so gas mileage is pretty important and I can usually get back and forth to work on a week's worth of gas if I do not do a lot of running around during the week. It is front wheel drive so it handles very well on the road and very well in the snow. I change my oil on a regular basis and check fluids as well. Other than regular maintenance, I have had to charge the air conditioning twice - the biggest problem seem to be is the cooling fan and it has had to be replaced every year. But we have only paid for one of them because there's a lifetime warranty on it - although it is a pain to replace. Had to recently replace the serpentine belt but According to the manual it should been replaced so you are not stranded somewhere on the side of the road if it happens to break. Replaced the head gasket because the car wasn't heating up last winter, blown head gasket. All in all, I have been very happy with my PT Cruiser and if the opportunity came available I would definitely buy another one if I could find one with low miles and it had been well taken care of with regular maintenance and upkeep.

- Linda M

2008 PT Cruiser, most owners feel a kinship with other owners.

Handles well in all conditions. Very roomy inside. With the hatchback you can put a lot of larger items in the car. It is very helpful that the back seats fold down more than one way. I really enjoy the analog clock. It is very comfortable but the road noise is quite loud. It is very irritating that it has no cruise control. With a name like pt cruiser it needs to have it. When I first purchased the car it was in the repair shop every well it seemed like. But now that almost everything has been repaired it has less problems. Now the big problem is the rust! I am hoping it will slow down a little.

- Rebecca M

No Major Complaints About My PT Cruiser

I love my little PT. I haven't had really any major problems with it. It's very reliable. It's pretty good on gas. I have just done the regular maintenance on it. It has just over 100,000 miles on it. The turning ratio could be better, as I have some difficulty in turning in a tight spot. The heater and ac work very well. The electric buttons for adjusting the driver's seat did break. The whole unit became detached. I like the way my PT looks. It does sort a little low to the ground, and I wish there was an all wheel drive option, as it doesn't seem to handle well in ice and snow.

- Linda H

Not thrilled with PT Cruiser.

I got 5 good years out of my PT Cruiser, but if given the opportunity, I wouldn't buy it again. For the past 2 years, I have had to take it in every couple of months to get problem after problem fixed. I had to open two new credit cards to help pay for these issues and still need $250 worth of work done to the brakes. I do not care as much about getting oil changes and other routine maintenance things done, but this is ridiculous. It is to the point where I have no intention of ever buying another Chrysler again.

- Karen E

Pt cruiser a car built for smaller people who drive on perfect days.

Due to the body shape the car does not perform well on windy days. A slight wind pushes the car on the road and steering becomes a chore. The cabin is a little small despite the exterior appearance. The height of the seat cushion to the ceiling of the cabin is deceptively small. A plus of the pt cruiser is the fog lights really brighten the road. The instruments on the wheel for controlling cruise control are easy to use and very accessible.

- Rick J

Cruiser great car overall but go ahead and schedule visit with the chiropractor.

Good car overall it is great on gas but yet it does lack power the car is very pretty and fit and finish seems to be good but it does have a comfort issue your back will be very unhappy sitting in the front seats of this car. The engine has over all lasted with few problems for about 140000 but now error codes are starting to occur. We over all are happy with the vehicle but the comfort level lacks something to be desired.

- Clark G

Made for 5 people but, does not fit 5 comfortably, back seat is to cramped.

It is a descent car but, not for a family of 5. The wheel bearings go bad pretty fast, along with the starter. The safety ignition switch can be faulty. I personally feel that this vehicle could have been built better, instead of worrying about the look of the car Chrysler should of put more into the quality and performance. I would not recommend this vehicle to anyone not even if I had any enemies would I recommend it.

- Zeta W

The pt cruiser is still great on the road.

My car is amazing on gas. I drive over an hour to work and I can get a full work week without having to stop for gas. It is super easy to maintain, the maintenance in my area is old $20 for an oil change and tune up. The only downside to the car is that there are no overhead lights in the car. The trunk is really spacious. There is plenty of legroom in the car. The seats are perfect for long distance trips.

- Amber J

It has style, it is easy to get in and out of, and easy to load.

I love the car, but Michigan will not let me register it or get it on the road. I moved here from Virginia in Aug. 2017, and have just managed to get a drivers license from them. I would really love to be able to drive my car! What car buyers need to know is to avoid Michigan. Since I bought the car right before I moved here, I do not have enough experience with it to tell you much about it.

- Johann M

The greatest car. It has very good gas mileage and is almost in mint condition.

It is a nice car it has over a 100,000 miles on it and it is blue, everything is still factory. It has great gas mileage in the city as well as the highway. It is very clean inside and out. Everything's up to date, recent oil change a tune up. I just took a trip to Mississippi,I didn't have any problems with it.My 2008 pt cruiser is an all around great car. I use it as a family vehicle.

- Jerry R

More mileage less money! Purchasing a p.t. cruiser will save you money and with the way gas prices are today you won't regret it!

I love my p.t. Cruiser it's very reliable and when I bought it was used but didn't have very many miles on it. The only problem I've had with it was my fuel pump needing to be replaced, which I got done and now my gas mileage is much more realistic seeing the type of car that I have. Before I would put 20 in at without going far would have to refill it but now I get much more mileage!

- Kita W

My car came with flame decals on both sides. I belong to a PT Cruiser club.

Lots of front end problems! Cvt shafts, control arms and bushings. Rides great otherwise. Could be more comfortable as far as seating. Needs lumbar support. The backseat is short on leg room. Not comfortable for anyone over 5'6". I do like the cargo space. The seats can be moved forwards or taken out to make plenty of room for equipment like camping gear etc.. Lots of headroom too.

- Deb J

My old but lovely convertible pt.

The car is a great size and is easy to drive, but not durable in the long term. After a while, the car began having issues. The air conditioning does not work, the sun blinders in the front seats are falling off, and the radio barely works. However, I love this car so much because of how easy it is to drive. I love the convertible top, this is my favorite feature about the car.

- Ellie M

The car as good and bad points but bottom line is it gets me there.

It has a really bad turning radius. The gas mileage is decent. It is big enough for both my dogs. The seats could be more comfortable and adjust better. I do not like the spare tire being under the car. With the seats down I can treat it like a truck. I have moved using it and have helped others move too. The best thing for me is it is paid off and still runs okay.

- Mary L

The perks of my family size vehicle.

When I first purchased. I was going for a car with enough room for my family and other tag along. This car was actually my second choice. Luckily my first choice car had a lot of flaws about it. So it made my option easy. Since I had this car I had no problems. Some say its fast. Its roomy. Car insurance is not so expensive. The family loves it.

- Nicole M

A stylish, fun vehicle that gets good mileage and has good storage.

I like the style of the PT Cruiser. It has a fun retro feeling interior. It also has good mileage and is perfect in size. The trunk space is nice and the back seats can fold down to accommodate more storage space. I also like how the seat belt clips are higher up so you are not digging around searching for the clip to fasten your belt.

- Ashleigh D

2008 PT Cruiser has to be one of my most reliable cars I've had yet.

I consider my car very reliable when there is an issue it is normally a pretty inexpensive price. I have over 180, 000 miles on my vehicle and it is still going strong. Tires have to be changed every few years. Love that my car has a lot of room and as long as I keep up with the little foxes then it will continue to be a great car.

- Selena B

Great little car for the money.

Honestly as a tall individual, I thought there would be limited room, but there is plenty. Parts are expensive to replace, which has been an issue. Overall a good little car for the money. The radiator goes out a lot, twice now since we bought the vehicle, granted we do live in the desert, but still it's something to watch out for.

- Michael M

Pt cruiser the good and the bad and the ups and downs.

The car has developed an issue with the coolant tank. It was leaking and now the fan is not circulating air right but these cars are supposed to be easy to fix. I like the size of the car and the shape makes is easier to find in parking lots. The inside is leather and I like the leather except when it is really hot in the summer.

- Rebecca M

Nice cars for review and the minimum maintenance that was required.

I have had some transmission problems with the shifting. I had to take it to the dealership several times. That is the only problems I have had with the pt. cruiser. My other vehicle works just fine with the normal wear and tear. I love the seats and the options that were offered when I bought the car brand new.

- Angela D

Personal use to go to doctors and do shopping when I need to.

a lot of people do not like my kind of car but it seems to be fine I like it so far all I needed was tires and breaks radio ok but would like a better one but all is good. It's not that roomie but does what I need I would of liked better if it has a sunroof but it is really nice it is black with silver chrome.

- Julie P

Attractive pt cruiser has my vote!

My 2008 Chrysler pt cruiser is a very attractive car and I really enjoy driving it. Plus it has been a very reliable car and really has not caused me too much trouble other than for the regular maintenance. I also consider it to be a comfortable car with a good size storage & lots of legroom.

- Karen B

Great car for the handicapped.

This is the best car I have ever owned. I have had no major problems with it. I am disabled I need a car easy to get in and out of. The pt cruiser fits the requirement perfectly. It is easy to park, get good gas miles. I honestly have no complaints every thing has been a good car for my needs.

- Nancy S

The amount of seating and cargo room comfortable seats.

Needed brakes and otherwise has been fine is very reliable safe to drive comfortable seating easy to load groceries into the vehicle and sits higher than most cars so you can see ahead for traffic jams ample seating and comfortable ride I love the construction and look of this vehicle.

- Theresa P

Despite needing repairs occasionally, has held up through a lot of miles.

I have been driving it for about 2 years, and while it has needed some repairs, I am impressed how well it has held up for as old as it is and it has survived several multi-state road trips. It is a perfect size for my needs and I find it quite fun to drive with the turbo feature.

- Eleanor P

Fun car to drive! Excellent value for your money!

The pt offers not only great gas mileage but also is very roomy for its size. It's a comfortable ride on long trips and being a hatchback plenty of room for luggage and other items. This is my second one and I am sorry they quit making them. Dollar for dollar it's a superb value.

- lynne E

It is a standard maroon colored pt cruiser.

There's been some problems with the front axle on the car including, shaking, low tires and trouble steering. There was also an issue with the battery in the beginning which lead to me having to go get the computer hooked back up because I couldn't take the battery out myself.

- Grace H

My cruiser is big enough for a shopping haul but compact enough for safe travel.

My pt cruiser has been a fun and reliable vehicle. I have driven it for 10 years and it still runs like a top. With mainly regular upkeep. I recommend it for female drivers who has room for shopping hauls but not too big to safely navigate. It is considered a crossover SUV.

- Tanya M

The car is great and built well and dependable.

Starts and runs great. I have had no problems with the car. I would buy this type of car again. The car go thru snow with no problems and the driving style is great. The car holds a great number of boxes and other packages. I believe the car is built solid and dependable.

- Mark G

Biggest smaller car around.

I really like my car. The ride is not as smooth as a larger or luxury car, but I love the roominess of it. You can fit so much in the back. The back row seats fold so easily. I love how you sit a little higher than most sedans, also. It is great on gas consumption, too.

- Nancy C

The timing belt are well known to break way before they should be.

I like the look of a pt. cruiser and that they're quite roomy. I dislike their gas mileage and I dislike that when they hit a hundred thousand miles everything in the pt. cruiser starts to break and even all mechanics have a hard time working on the pt. cruiser engine.

- Ruby S

It has gotten good gas mileage.

It is been a good vehicle. I have had issues with the brakes a couple times. It has been a durable car. I have put over 200, 000 miles on the car. I would consider buying another Chrysler in the future. The next one might be another Chrysler besides a PT Cruiser.

- Regina R

it is a good car.

The check engine light comes on a lot. Also, it takes a while for it to get up and go. However, it has been very reliable, and it has enough space, despite being a compact car. I also like that it looks different than most cars. It stands out, which I like.

- Storm P

Repairs and replacing parts tend to be more expensive than in other cars, and I'm not sure why.

It's loud inside when I drive, but nothing too ridiculous. The seats are ok in terms of comfort, I've had some problems with the air conditioning and any repairs I have to make are rather expensive. However, it has always gotten me where I need to go.

- Victoria K

Favorite car I have ever owned!

This is. My favorite vehicle we have ever owned. It is roomy and comfortable on long trips. Also, gets good gas mileage. The only issue I have with it that the wheelbase is short and it is tough to turn into a tight parking space. I would say buy one!

- Joan P

The number 1 thing to consider is the cost to repair. Can get a bit expensive as more than one thing goes out at once.

Good for carrying small loads. Good on gas. good stereo system. Good pick-up. Smooth driving. Has problems with air conditioner. Parts go/wear out at about 100,000 to 150,000. Multiple things go out at once. A bit costly to repair.

- Pat D

It starts and runs very well which is positive. It has a lot of miles.

I like the vehicle because it sits up high and I see around it well. I dislike the vehicle because it has a lot of blind spots and there is a lot of plastic in the interior which obstructs vision when making right hand turns.

- Cindy R

It's efficient and sweet. I want a car that takes me to point a to point b and efficient and it does that.

It's a short and economic car that takes me from point a to point b. I like the size so It's easy to park and has more than enough room for me and the wife. I could use more power but that's the trade off for what I like

- Chad K

It is good on fuel and pretty reliable.

I think the seats are uncomfortable! It rides ok and is pretty good on fuel. I love the look of it. Have problems with the heating and air almost every year. It runs quiet and pretty smooth for the most part.

- Carolyn J

Reliable gas efficient car.

The pt. cruiser is incredibly efficient when it comes to gas cost. I bought my pt. cruiser used about 7 years after its initial release. It has its usual maintenance problems but has been known to overheat.

- Jenna G

The parts and labor are expensive!

It has been a reliable car. . . Lots of body damage though. The back seats fold down and I love that! Great family of 2-4 car. Not super fast, parts and labor are very expensive. Overall decent(ugly) car.

- Katrina T

It is pretty high on the safety standards and it is very reliable.

My car is spacious for Its size . It is very easy to handle and has a lot of window room. It has a great trunk that can fit more than expected and is surprisingly comfortable. I call it small but mighty.

- May A

One thing people should know about my car, is that it is great on gas.

I love my car because it is cheap on gas. I love that it drives pretty smooth. I do not like the fact that I do not have a lot of trunk space. I do like the fact it is affordable to maintain the car.

- Raquel M

That I would like to keep it forever since they don't make this car anymore.

It's a ten year old car and I have had very few repair issues.I only have had the regular maintenance issues. It is a comfortable car to drive especially on long road trips. It has a cute body style.

- Deborah W

It seems safe and tends to get really good mileage

For the most part, I really my car,,, it's not too small and not too big,, I bought it second hand a couple years ago and haven't had too many problems with it,,, I'm hoping that holds out.


It actually gets pretty good gas mileage,,, and it appears to be a fairly safe vehicle

I really like it and if it was available in a new version I would look into buying it new. I bought it second hand a couple years ago and really haven't had many problems with it at all.

- Bernice V

My car is really awesome.

I love that it is small, but still has a lot of space on the inside. I also like the unique look it has. I do dislike that it is kind of slow to get going, but that is not a huge deal.

- Storm P

This car gets great gas mileage.

In the 6 years we have owned this car it was been very reliable with little problems. It is small but enough space for our small family. The gas mileage is decent. It looks cute.

- Jennifer F

It is a nice basic car but it is not very fancy.

It is smooth riding, it look very attractive and it is wonderful on gas. This is the newest vehicle I have ever owned and it is ice not to have to drive around in junk.

- Lorraine S

They don't make the PT Cruiser anymore, it was discontinued after the 2010 model year. It has limited space to do engine repairs because of the hood and front design.

It has lots of room inside for hauling with the hatchback. It drives well on all types of roads. I wish it got better gas mileage around town and on the highways.

- Tom M

It is affordable and very well designed.

I love the body style of my car and the way it handles. Additionally, I have not had to spend an enormous amount of money to keep to keep it safe and on the road.

- Tanya T

It saves on gas. . And the size is great as well its a good car.

I love my car. . It has a window problem and the blinker doesn't want to stay on but other from that I absolutely love my car even the color and it save on gas.

- Kathleen M

Safe and reliable. Gets good mileage.

It is 10 years old so now it needs a lot of maintenance. Just replaced the whole exhaust system. don't drive very far each day but needs new tires constantly.

- Amy G

The maintenance needed because of it going through wheel bearings and tie rods as quickly as it does.

It's great on gas. It has much more room than you would expect. I hate that it goes through tie rods and wheel bearings so quickly, no matter what you do.

- Emily P

Has a lot of room, comfortable, smooth ride.

I like the vehicle. There are no complaints. It had no problems. I think it is great. I drive it every single day. I paid for it so I do not have payments.

- Erica T

I think other know about out pt cruiser is they are good on gas.

My pt cruiser is paid for and I love the color which is red. I wish my car was had more feature it is the base model. This is my second pt cruiser.

- Lydia C

Its small but powerful and it's a very great vehicle for someone who has a family.

I like my vehicle because its very spacious to be a small vehicle. I love the speakers and the radio on the vehicle. I love how the vehicle drives.

- Valerie L

The air conditioner doesn't work at all. So you have to have the windows down

It's white but not bright white. The air conditioning doesn't work at all. It works great for flower delivery and it gets from point a to point b

- Julia C

PT-Cruisers are incredibly easy to drive, but are not worth the money in repairs.

It is an incredibly easy car to drive, but it breaks very easily and the frame dents easily (allowing you to total your car with a slight tap)

- Wren R

It has very good gas mileage.

It is a gas saver and has good gas mileage. It is spacious. It is runs good. It has a pull down back seat to make my trunk have more room.

- Faye B

It will be good to you and last long as long as you up keep the maintenance.

It's a gas saver and compact. It also fits in easily to parking spaces and has good trunk space for my children's double stroller.

- Evelyn A

Comfortable for families or multiple passengers.

I like that my vehicle is compact.. I like that my vehicle is comfortable.. There is nothing that I dislike about my vehicle.

- Carol R

It is costly to repair it.

I like the color. Front seat inside comfort is good. Love my stereo system. Overall size is good. The performance is decent.

- Pat D

It is a great family car.

It is easy to driving and it has good control and handling. I have no problems right now. The radio is ok right now.

- Mark G

It is dependable. I get decent gas mileage and it also holds a lot which is part of its versatility. The rear door opens up very high which makes it difficult to close for a short person.

I like that it is versatile. I also like the seat position for the driver. I like the size of the vehicle as well.

- Jane D

Love my Pt Cruiser! It's a great car!

It is a stealth truck. Remove the seats and you gotta truck that no one asks to borrow. I love the retro styling

- James B

It's easy to get in and out. Last car was so low to the ground it was really hard to climb out of.

I love the bright blue color. I love the fact that I can get in and out without having to pull up or drop down.

- cartha h

The fuel efficiency is the most important thing one should know.

The vehicle is a convertible. The performance is very good. There is no such thing that I dislike about my car.

- royceton v

Has a lot of miles and gone everywhere. IT's very reliable and very good on gas,.. EASY TO MAINTAIN.

Great little car, it has gone beyond the average miles. Good ride with added extras. Cheap vehicles to drive.

- Gerald G

It is excellent on gas and rides good

I like it because it is very roomy. I don't really like the body style and don't care for the color dark blue

- Wanda S

That it gets about 20 miles per gallon. Also seats fold down for more room

The car is reliable. I use it as a daily driver. It is very spacious and has plenty of room in the interior.

- Justin D

A pleasant ride no matter if it's city or country roads ....great on gas

I like the size, it's good on gas, the driving is,awesome the city is too. Great car to zip around town in!

- Melissa N

Profile of the car, good price, good storage/room.

Fits my personal style. I like the compactness without being short, height wise. Good price for my budget.

- Amber m

it doesn't breakdown too often and my car is already 10 yrs. old

I like it because it's wide, higher than a regular car and still short enough to find parking spaces.

- teresa w

That it's mine, it reflects my personality

I like the vintage feel and look of the car. I also like the gas mileage and the hatchback feature.

- Jennifer R

The Petite PT Cruiser ...

It has a lot of problems that have to keep getting fixed over and over again. Costs a lot of money..

- Jenn M

Don't buy a PT Cruiser. It's a bad type of car that will only bring you debt.

I dislike that it malfunctions all the time. I have to take it to the mechanic's almost every month.

- Jami S

We can fit a piece of furniture in it like a dresser

I love how it's compact but has a lot of room! Excellent on gas and very comfortable to drive.

- Sandra C

It's in great shape, body wise and service wise, making it easy on the wallet.

Has a retro look. It's in great shape. Gets poor gas mileage. Has no cruise control.

- Chris A

They sadly stopped making it in 2010 and this is disappointing

Has a lot of miles. Low mpg rating. Good trunk space. I don't owe anything on it.

- Melissa R

It is awesome on safety. I once was a rollover and it maintained its structural integrity.

I feel very safe in my car. It easy to maintain. I wish it had better mpg.

- Dorothy A

They should know that it's reliable. Also that it runs very well and long

I like how compact it is. But don't like that it has maintenance issues

- Hector V

Great on gas and is a fun car to drive. Handles the road & curves well and is great in rain and snow.

Has a great turn ratio. Large cargo area. Great on gas. No dislikes.

- Lisa S

Paint is fading and it looks bad. Clear coat is coming off.

I like the ride..Seems a little hard on gas...Wish it had gps..

- Chris W

it is used as a work vehicle mainly and to transport me to work at night.

since was bought used there are issues that need repaired

- Valrie P

It's comfortable, I love the color, bright blue. It is easy to get in and out of.

Love my PT but wish it had come with cruise control

- vickie h