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2012 Dodge Avenger SXT okay car

So I will start with saying I do love this car. I have had some issues with it but everyone does with cars. The seats are extremely comfy and my favorite feature is the heated seats and automatic start from my key. It has the option to put a backup camera in and a roof window but I don't have those features. The button spots are there and the camera is there just not the actual item itself. Something that has been very hard and a reason it's not the best car is because it chews up tires like crazy. I was going through 4 brand new tires every 3 months or less. It's worse on the back tires. Other avenger owners have said the same thing. Also it's not that great in the snow. I love the looks of my car and how it's sporty and the features inside because it's also XM radio, but car parts and snow safety it lacks a lot of.

- Nancy F

The 2012 Dodge Avenger: the car with the expandable trunk.

My vehicle is definitely reliable. I have owned it for 4 years and had nothing more than tune-ups and new tires put on. It is a basic model, but works for my needs. It is solid and runs like it did on day one. The seats are very comfortable. I drive long distances on a regular basis and am never uncomfortable. The back seat offers lots of legroom. The trunk is extremely roomy. The back seat folds down if I have items that may be longer. I have moved several times and the extra room has come in extremely handy. There are also plenty of cup holders. This is often an issue in vehicles. Also the middle console has a deep compartment that holds sunglass cases and other necessities.

- Emily W

Looks good, feels good, worth the effort of keeping it maintained.

This car looks slick and drives like a dream. It handles well and responds quickly. It is one of the most comfortable cars I have been in and is quite roomy (for passengers and storage!) Making it great for long trips with anyone. It does not retain heat particularly well which is bad news in winter but evens out in summer when even on a hot night it remains cool inside. The biggest problem with this car (dodges in general) is that parts are highly specific and sometimes hard to come by, and some parts under the hood are awkwardly arranged to make it harder to get to (ie the battery). Overall a reliable and comfortable car that looks great to boot.

- Lauren L

Dodge Avenger one of the best vehicles with affordable pricing and safety.

I have had my car for four years now. It is white and in very good shape. It has never had to go into the shop for mechanical repairs. I used this vehicle to Uber and riders were comfortable at all times. The driver seat has been comfortable for me on long drives. It handles well on the freeway and you just have a sense of feeling safe behind the wheel. There have been close calls being hit by others but the car handled the quick action needed to stop, or swerve to avoid an accident. Overall, this has been one of the best vehicles I have owned. My kids are learning to drive in it and I feel very safe letting them behind the wheel.

- Michelle P

2012 Dodge Avenger looks just like a charger only a tad bit smaller

I absolutely love my 2012 Dodge Avenger! Many of the pros to my avenger is the comfortable and adjustable seats, the very easy controls on steering wheel and radio column, the air conditioner is very powerful and cold, the back seats are very spacious and they even have levers to get into the trunk very quick. Fold down middle seat in the back which includes cup holders. The radio is very clearly heard through the speakers and even has some bass to it as well. The only problems I have had with my avenger so far is my trunk didn't open until I went and got latch replaced and the gas mileage is not very fair considering the size of car

- Alyssa S

My 2012 dodge avenger that I love.

I bought my dodge avenger used. I love it. Do not let the 4 cylinder engine full you, this car moves. I feel confident when driving it and love the way it looks. Being a 2012 it now has over a 100k miles on it and I have had to have some work done. The crankshaft sensor was the most recent. There was a safety recall on a restraint but the dealership got it in and out real quick. I do not know the gas mileage off the top of my head but I feel like it gets decent mileage. I wish they still made avengers as I would buy one. I like that it is smaller than the charger but beastier than the neon. I also do not like the look of the neon.

- Virginia T

2012 Dodge Avenger pros and cons.

My 2012 Dodge Avenger is very reliable. I would also say it is very low maintenance. I have had it since 2013. I haven't really needed to do any work on it other than new tires and an oil and filter change every three months. I will say that it is not very spacious at all. It seats five people. If you have two long legged people in the back seat there is not really any leg room in the back seat for anyone bother than children. If two car seats are in the back seat there is not much room for another person. So it is not really a family car. Overall good car to buy, but not really spacious.

- Jessica D

Get it checked frequently.

I have had this vehicle for almost 5 years and It's been a reliable one. I used it for road trips, going out with family, and on an everyday basis commuting. The vehicle did give me problems with the heating system. It was overheating and found out it was the thermostat. I had a new one installed but that didn't work. So I brought it to a mechanic and he did the same thing. Change the thermostat. Now the vehicle's tires have been really wiggling hard while driving and slowing down. The vehicle has been maintained whenever it is needs.

- Kristina L

My 2012 Dodge Avenger rolls on.

This vehicle has been a blessing from the lord our god! I have had no major problems with this car. It is a beautiful care as far as the design of the interior and the exterior. I purchased the vehicle used. I have replaced tires and a drivers side power window and lock switch. After almost 5 years I had to replace the battery and alternator. It rides comfortably and has excellent heat and air. The sound system includes a CD player. The trunk is large and the gas usage is not too bad. I am satisfied with my Dodge Avenger!

- Antonio H

Reliable, would buy another.

I have the cold weather pkg which includes remote start which I love living in a state that is cold 6 mo out of the year. Definitely worth the extra cost to me. It has been extremely reliable. Have had very little maintenance issues, mostly have had to replace brakes because I do a lot of stop and go driving. One thing I have noticed is that the tires seem to lose a little pressure during the cold months so have had to get tires filled a few times during winters. Overall I have been very happy with this car.

- Val M

Reliable car for singles or small families.

The vehicle is comfortable and has a lot of legroom. It has heated seats for the cold temperatures and is fairly good on gas mileage. If you have multiple children it is not the right car for you as it is difficult to fit multiple car seats. It can be a pain to put in a new battery because it is located under the engine so you have to remove the tire to do so. I keep having issues with a misfire on cylinder 6 and changing the spark plugs and ignition coil didn't help.

- Debbie D

Dependable, but needs more room

I've had my vehicle for about 7 years. It has been a very dependable car. I haven't had any major issues with it so far and it has over 100,000 miles on it. I don't particularly like the look of the outside of the car. It also doesn't have as much room as I need. If you're in the market for a normal size sedan that is dependable, I would recommend this car. Overall, I rated my car a 3, because I would like more room and a car that looks more classy on the outside.

- Autumn M

Comfortable, yet nerve-wracking and unreliable.

The cloth seats are very well made and are comfortable. However, the car engine seems to be poorly built. Every avenger I come across, including mine, has a bad ticking noise. I have had many parts in the front and back of my engine completely fail on me. I have spent about four thousand dollars into the vehicle on top of the seven thousand I already put into it to purchase it. I have only had the car a year and a half. I haven't even driven it ten thousand miles.

- Layne R

The power steering line hangs down right below the undercarriage.

Super reliable and great performance. About 22 mpg on avg. Does not have a navigation system or XM radio, but I don't care about that stuff and it does have an AUX cord. Only problem I have ever had was that the plastic undercarriage broke off from the front bumper & it pulled my power steering line under it & dragged it down the road (I was going 75 mph as well) and it punctured the line. Other than that there haven't been any issues.

- Ashley H

Dodge Avenger: my family’s overall opinion.

My Dodge Avenger drives well and is easy to maintain. The gas mileage is okay, not great. The car itself is very basic without any bells and whistles. It took me a while to get used to driving it because the body is bigger and bulkier than I was used to. It does have a blind spot on either side making it a little difficult to see behind the vehicle when backing up. My teenage drivers do not like driving it because of that reason.

- Tabatha R

Great car, reliable, drives smooth and great gas mileage.

A lot of recalls on this vehicle. Seats are not all that comfortable. Drives really well, great gas mileage. Tires are hard to find due to they are unusual size. It is very reliable and drives smoothly. Have had issues with the front end under portion that protects the front of the engine, it is so low easily hits anything low to ground and parking space bumpers. Have had to put and fixed several times due to coming loose.

- Sherry K

Family vehicle disguised as a sports car.

I have had my avenger since 2014 and absolutely love it. I am a single mom and wanted something that was reliable and attractive looking without shouting 'soccer mom'. It has some 'get up and go' to it and is extremely easy to navigate in. It has been one of the easiest vehicles to drive and I have had few to no maintenance issues with it. I would highly recommend this vehicle to someone who wants a sporty family vehicle.

- Elysia J

Affordable and reliable with nice added features.

I've noticed with this vehicle even when buying used that if taken care of well there shouldn't be any major issues, I did have issues with my power steering line and windshield wiper fluid line but that may have been due to the previous owner or because of the cold weather where I live. It drives smoothly and has a greater speaker system as well. Definitely an ideal car that is affordable but still nice looking.

- Natasha M

Maintenance and comparison.

I have had to replace the air actuator twice on this car. That has been the most annoying problem with this car. Other regular maintenance issues have been considered normal wear and tear. My only comment about performance is that I had a 2007 Dodge stratus, basically the same car just slightly older. It had a v6 and I got better gas mileage than I do with my 2012 Avenger that has a 4 cylinder! Ridiculous!

- Nate C

It�ll get you where you need to go!

I like the seats. Interior has been cool to touch even on hot days. The e-brake has gone bad. The engine runs smooth and quiet had great AC and heat. There are good safety features with it. The back is spacious. It is considered a family sports car if you are looking for something like that. It has good MPG and has gone past empty a few times and will get you to the nearest gas station in a pinch.

- Ashley H

Dodge avenger the ups and downs

The Dodge avenger has been really reliable for me. It has just enough space. But there are some blind spots like a lot of them. The windows and rear view window is quite small. It's very good on gas I put 33 in and that fills it all the way from E to full. Drives very smooth and is not good in the winter you do slide so make sure to get all season tires or winter tires for that time of the year.

- Nicole L

2012 Dodge Avenger, a roomy midsize car

This has been a decent vehicle. Really pretty trouble free. I have kept up on normal maintenance. It's very comfortable for a midsize car even for tall people. The amount of room is very deceptive. Has good drivability. Has never given me any trouble. For a tall person, like me, is a little difficult to get in, but once in has a surprising amount of leg and head room, without power seats.

- Duane H

Dodge Avenger gets two thumbs up.

This car offers a smooth comfortable ride. It has many nice features including ample trunk space, a sizeable glove box, and deep center console, as well as a smaller console space sufficient for coins and a cell phone. The gages are nicely lit and easy to see. The sound system has good audio too. I do wish it had power seats but it does not. It would also be nice if it had USB ports.

- Jean M

Easy on gas, comfortable ride for all passengers, easy to get in & out of.

I really like my car. It has great gas mileage, very comfortable, easy to get in & out of. I haven't had to do any major repairs & I have had it for 4 years. Although I do not like to drive it in snow because the rear end of the car slides it would be ok with sand bags in the trunk & it is low to the ground but overall it is been a great vehicle & I would recommend it to anyone.

- Alley A

Amazing Dodge, great for long drives and thrill seeking.

I love my Dodge because it rides smooth. Also I love it because it's spacious. I love my Dodge because its fast. I love my Dodge because it's stylish. I love my Dodge because it doesn't break down and is reliable. I love my Dodge because it has heated seats. I love my Dodge because it is very good on gas. It is also very good on long drive very comfortable and fun to pass cars.

- Courtney S

The car is overall cheaply made.

The car has no power. I constantly have issues with small things breaking. Door handles, window buttons, door trims. Now the AC/heater doesn't work only makes a clicking noise. Center console lid has also broke and does not stay in place. I recently had to change the alternator and cannot get to the battery because it is behind the front passenger tire. Really inconvenient.

- David G

Its sporty looking with a big inside, great gas mileage.

I like my Avenger. It gets good gas mileage, perfect for a single, college student with no kids. Automatic seats would be nice. The windshield wipers have a kind of their own. I paid way too much for it but it has been reliable. The oil change notification is not set for miles till change oil actually it's not car specific just a # from the factor. Constant change oil ugh.

- Ashley S

2012 Dodge Avenger minor problems.

We haven't had many problems with the car. Sometimes the buttons on the steering wheel will not change through the options like miles to empty, tire pressure, and direction. The other thing we have had is the windshield wiper fluid hose has broken, and the fluid will no longer come out. This happened at about 50, 000 miles, otherwise it is a very good car.

- Sara B

A sporty look with sedan space.

One thing I would say about my avenger, is that it does not get the best gas mileage at all when it is only a v4 engine. One thing I wish it did was have some kind of blind spot sensors as well, but it does not. The car has been pretty reliable all together though, no major breakdowns and I got it used and have put some miles on it throughout the years.

- James M

Comfortable with great gas mileage.

Less than a month after I bought the car (used) the engine light went on. I took the car to a mechanic that I trust. I found out that the problem is not urgent. Then recently the airbag light started going on/off. There is a loose connection between the sensor and the computer. Otherwise. - it is a great driving car and gets great gas mileage.

- Anne D

Nice car for college student or beginners cars if you will

This car is a very reliable car that uses very minimal gas and has great mileage. It does have a few bumps and scratches but other than that works like a charm. The a/c is nice and cold and well the heater as well. It has a dark interior and dark blue outside. Looks almost black. Car has remained clean and up to date with oil changes

- Lily C

If you are looking for a quality, reliable vehicle. . . Buy something else.

The Dodge Avenger seems to have issues shifting gears although automatic. There are many electrical issues such as windows not rolling back up, wipers randomly turning themselves on for a swipe or two, wiper fluid sprayers suddenly not working. I have had to replace my battery 4 times in 3 years and replaced the alternator 3 times.

- Kai W

It's a sturdy, reliable car. And works great for a family of 4. Two car seats seat in the back nicely

I like the car but it does have a few flaws that the garage can't figure out. Sometimes when you turn the turn single on the wipers come on and that is a click/rattle noise in the steering wheel when it's warm out. Also sometimes on days it's cold the car sometimes will not start, turns on but not starts and it takes a few tries.

- Sheena N

Need a bigger vehicle. I would love to get a Dodge caravan or a SUV.

I have had to have repairs done on the car. It seems like every time I get one repair done, then there is something else. I think that I need to trade this vehicle. The car is too tight and it is not comfortable. Since I have had the car, my husband has to have carry bulky oxygen tanks and then there is no more room in the car.

- Susan M

Light grey sedan. No real interesting detail to mention in my opinion.

Had an issue with the shifter which was a pain, got it fixed for $400 later! . Not a family friendly car in my opinion with two little ones in car seats. Trunk space is nice! Other than listed above I haven't really had any real issue with the car. I do see myself upgrading to an SUV asap though because of the space it lacks.

- First L

Abs system stops working during the first year of having the car.

Abs system stopped working the first year I had the car. I did some research and a lot of people had the same problem. My mechanic told me that the abs system wasn't necessary because where I live it does not know or rain, but I still do not like the fact that the abs light is on. Besides that I am really happy with my car.

- Elvira D

It is a great daily driver or traveling car and gets great gas mileage!

I really enjoy this car and it gets great gas mileage. The only thing I would say negative about this car is that it could drive a little better in the winter. It doesn't really like driving in the snow or on ice. But other than that it is a very spacious, comfortable car that is great for traveling and just daily driving.

- Bailey S

The car is great on gas but as far as air conditioner.

The left side of my car where the air conditioner does not work properly. In the winter time, the air does not blow out hot air. The right side might have something that is stuck in the vent. Also the car makes this sound when it is on or off. The sound is like a clicking noise which comes from the air conditioner!

- Bob N

Looks beautiful on the outside but it is horrible.

This car was good at first at least a year is was good then after that so many problems starting to happen from the tired til it losing power tilt the steering stop working.. The car has great space but the chairs are not even automatic and it gets stuck sometimes. The cost and labor of this car is ridiculous.

- Mir A

Great dependable, spacious, good on gas mileage tons of trunk space.

electrical problems, but great in the snow, very dependable, has auto start so keeps it warm or cool when weather changes, great vehicle to drive and has a lot of room for passengers and big trunk space. Love the color I did have to replace the window but was semis fault but besides that overall great vehicle.

- El B

Born a Dodge baby and will die a Dodge old lady.

I bought this car in Aug. 2012 - it now has 23, 000 miles. Yep I am the typical old lady however I have gone anywhere I want, whenever I want. I have only had typical routine maintenance and enjoy getting in my car knowing I will be safe. I grew up in a Dodge family and cannot think of getting anything else.

- Pat M

Classy car ready for some road trips and good music!

I love my car and it's a great car for all seasons other than the dead of winter. In temperatures below zero, it can have a hard time starting and heating up. The radio is really good and has a crazy good bass!! There is a lot of trunk space but will always need all season tires or winter tires seasonally.

- Emmy O

There great mileage you get a lot of gas for little money.

It is a very comfortable drive and great mileage with the gas. It is reliable even though I have driven it poorly I have the years it is still doing very well and gets me where I get to go. It has comfortable seats and great and quick heat and air conditioning. The only thing I wish it had was a USB port.

- Katherine K

Very reliable Charger vs. Avenger. Which is better value for the price.

Very reliable has a lot of power good traction control factory stereo has a lot more customization that upgraded systems with good base. Very sleek body looks a lot like the Charger without the price of a Charger. I have personally drove a Charger and the Avenger the Avenger is a better car for the price.

- Misty W

Many are surprised that my car has a fairly smooth ride.

My top three dislikes about my car are the small, low horsepower engine, the size of the car (being too small), and the overall quality of the interior of the car. However, I do like the overall look of the body, the low stance that the car rides, and the decently high gas mileage. (around 27-30).

- Adriano C

Dodge avenger reliability and power.

My vehicle performs fairly well. I bought it used. It has power windows, cruise, air/heat, not many 'extras'. Engine-wise, it is quite reliable and I hope to drive it for a few more years. It is aesthetically pleasing and has power. I would definitely consider buying another dodge in the future.

- Karree P

My opinion of 2012 Dodge Avenger

The 2012 dodge avenger is a very good car, strong car. It's not as fast as you may think but it's not slow either gets up to 60 in about 8 sec. extremely roomy inside, decent on gas. Only problem I've ever had was with the throttle body it got it reprogrammed and everything has been fine since.

- Ville I

It is a smooth driving car.

I have a 2012 Dodge Avenger four doors I bought the car used. I have had no problems with it the only things that have been done to it is normal repairs oil change, breaks, tires, tune ups, it run like a dream, good on gas, great gas mileage could be more comfortable but I have no complaints.

- Shawn L

Fun car: fun to drive, smooth drive and great gas mileage.

I love how smooth it drives and it can really get up and go. I do not like the black interior just because it really heats up during the summer. It gets great gas mileage. Does real good on long road trips with the gas mileage. I would totally buy another one if they still manufactured them.

- Lynn B

I can fit into small parking spaces.

It is a compact vehicle but it is very large inside can fit up to five people. The outside it's small enough for me to see over the hood.. it is great on gas and very rarely have engine problems. One time I had a problem with the air conditioning but it was just a lack of freon easy to fix.

- Paula F

Gas saving, Reliable Dodge Avenger

Dodge Avenger has been very reliable and gas saving. I have had the car for 7 years and hasn't broken down on me, so I would recommend a used avenger to anyone looking into a buying a used car. There is a lot of room and the trunk is spacious. R/T is a on the luxurious side but it's nice.

- Sandy L

Real sleek and it is also very dependable.

It usually takes about two minutes to make sure that the car is safe for me and the family. Then after the initial check I proceeded to starting the car and if I could or not I should change my oil it needs it because it has been on the light bulb indicating that I needed to get it done.

- Ezekiel M

Best car ever, you'll never regret it.

My car is amazing it goes super fast and has an amazing black and red interior. Before I drove an old beat up Saturn. My car now has great gas mileage on the highway. Feels good and looks good while driving it. I would recommend it to everyone. After all it was recommended to me.

- Taylor K

Good comfortable family car

Good small family car. Gets good gas mileage. I have 140,000+ miles on mine, with very minor maintenance issues. Never had a huge problem that I needed to take it in to a mechanic. We have been able to get parts at the local AutoZone and fix at home. Comfortable seating and big trunk!

- Kristen B

Great car I would highly recommend it.

Great vehicle. No problems at all. Very reliable car. Doesn't have a lot of features but it is great for comfort. I would recommend this car. I just did not like the caps that came with the tires so I put new rims and looks so much better and gives it a nice sporty look. Its awesome.

- Anita H

Dodge Avenger nice single parent car.

I love that it is good on gas! Reliable and perfect fit. And I love the satellite, the interior, with the low miles and my payments are low, gas is good on miles. Plenty of trunk space in the back, premium unleaded gas make it run great and last for a week if you feel up the tank.

- Natasha L

Easy to drive, good on gas mileage, trendy, and my dream car.

I don't really have any issues with this vehicle besides the windows getting stuck on the passenger side. Easy fix, by cleaning the mechanism in the door for the window. The drive in this care is smooth, easy to clean and keep up with. Beautiful leather interior and a sleek outside

- Ashlee S

Solid car, but no thrills!

We purchased the car in 2015, with 38000 miles. We now still have it, there is about 98000 miles. It has only needed routine maintenance, nothing major. My only complaint is that it's a base model with very few thrills. No bells and whistles. It's a solid car, just not my favorite.

- Jill B

Dodge avenger 2012 sxt review.

Once I hit 35,000 miles things started going wrong such as wheel bearings on the front, clicking noise passenger side when using heater. Rear wheel making squeaking noise. Car stereo has nothing but static. Loved the car for the first 5 years but now I am starting to not like it.

- Nancy E

Dodge Avenger has been a wonderful car

It's been a great car so far. I have approximately 110,000 miles and just a few minor things have needed repairs such as the drivers window switch and there's a knocking coming from the vents even when the vehicle is not running. It's spacious and been great on family road trips.

- Robin F

It drives smooth. It drives pretty fast. It�s easy to drive and park.

The horn in my car goes off at random times, and the breaks aren't very great. They go bad pretty easily. Also sometimes when I start driving fast the steering wheel starts shaking. There aren't very many things wrong with it but even then those couple of things drive me insane.

- Jasmine P

Dodge Avenger 2012 review!

I really love the comfortable seats in my car, they're plush and soft and I have had the car for years and they've never gotten worn down or uncomfortable. The only thing that really bugs me is the stereo system but that is an easy fix. Other than that, I absolutely love my car!

- Jennifer J

The color and size of my car is awesome.

I like my car because it is takes me from a to b, it is stylish and I love the size of it. Very spacious. I wish it performed better as far as speed and horsepower. It does not have backup camera or an infotainment screen. No sunroof or flashy rims. But it is also great on gas.

- Daniel S

A great running car and looks fairly new.

My dodge avenger is a really good running car, the inside is very nice such as the seats and it is super comfy and very spacious. The color of the car is silver. The only problem I have had with the vehicle is the passenger side window stopped working so it now won't roll down.

- Courtney C

Love my car! It is sporty yet very comfortable and roomy.

My car is four door. It still looks sporty. It is comfortable and has heated seats. It drives well and I have never had any major problems with it. I wish they still made them instead of discontinuing the car. It was very affordable. I would buy another if they still made them.

- Stephanie P

None really at this time to mention that I can recall at this time.

It is really good on pickup and it blends in nice without really standing out like most newer cars. I like how good it is on gas also. It is easy to clean it does not seem very outdated. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a better car, they won't regret the decision.

- Evan G

Steering wheel has options to change the station and also to raise up the volume

I love my car overall ! The only problem I've had with it since I got it is every time I turn on the air the front right side makes a clicking sound and they don't know what it is. Also it isn't the best on gas. But drives amazing and would recommend if it's a family car use.

- J V

Great long lasting car of the year.

No problems, great experience. I have not once had a bad experience with this car. It always gets me from point A to point B without a problem. I do not know how else to explain myself. The chairs are just so comfortable, you could just sit back and enjoy driver or passenger.

- Franc P

Beautiful car no regrets recommend it to anybody.

My car runs great it is really reliable never had a problem as long as you maintain it I get great mileages for gas I really recommend this car for anyone I few safe with my kids as of matter of fact I am thinking about upgrading to a 2018 love this model its so economical.

- Angela H

I really like the handling and performance of the car with the gas mileage

The car has some good style and power. Pretty decent on gas. The ac has always worked well. I currently have 110,000 miles and running well so far. The sound system is good as well good bass and sound if you like that. For a 4 cylinder it's quick, I've beat a few bmw 328i.

- Zachery B

The avenger review (sxt).

My car is very dependable I love the way it drive the handling is good as well. It has a wide base so it's good for the interstate route. It is also not bad in gas mileage either I mean it could be worse. Thank you for taking the time to listen and I hope this was helpful.

- Michael W

Dodge Avenger is a great vehicle. I would recommend this car to anyone.

I have not had any performance issues with my Dodge Avenger. I can rely on this vehicle to get me anywhere I need to go. This vehicle is comfortable no matter if you are in the driver's seat of front passenger or back seat. It has remote start which is great in the winter.

- Alina V

This car has a compartment on back seat so that you have access to the trunk.

This is an ok car, I haven't had any problems with it aside from the radio not working like it should. It is really good on gas, it took me a while to see that the best way to save gas was and as long as you are not using it on the freeway daily there should be no problem.

- Leslie B

Good car be careful the heating fails.

Heating stops working a few years in. Good for 3 people but any more it seems small. Trunk space is great. 4cylindar a bit slow wish I got the 6. Very reliable. Only problem I have had is the heat and it cost way to much to fix. Other than that no problems with the car.

- Jen C

Basic model. The lighted cup holders in the center console.

Really have no problems. Very reliable, it's the basic model. Is really good on gas mileage. Ac power windows power locks power trunk lock. Front wheel drive. Air bags front and side curtain. 4 cyl engine rear window defrost. Lighted cup holders. Manual seats no power.

- Vernon W

This car overall is an attractive car with a nice interior however it is not a g

If you want an appealing looking vehicle this is one to get, the interior is red and black the car is similar to a Dodge Challenger except a smaller version, these cars are not very good in the winter on snow or ice the back end likes to wobble. It is a reliable car.

- Rebecca H

2012 Dodge Avenger is a delight.

My 2012 Dodge Avenger is very reliable; I especially love the pick up it has! Maintenance has been minimal and what does need to be fixed has been very reasonable in cost to repair. I've also been impressed with the gas mileage and have gotten 28 mpg on the highway.

- Sue C

My vehicle is very reliable. I love when you rev the engine how it sounds.

So far I have had no problems with the car, it is by far my favorite car I have driven. The performance is amazing and it is super reliable. It's comfortable and easily controllable. Some features that this car has are aux, rear wheel drive, and fast response time.

- alexis S

Overall great car- safe and reliable.

My car does well overall. I have problems driving up hills- especially up mountain roads. I get pretty good gas mileage. I feel that it is a safe car. I plan to use it as my future family car. It has been reliable for the past few years that my family has had it.

- Megan W

Great to drive. Fast enough for my taste. Though would not mind a 6 cylinder.

I actually have never had an issue with my car. drives great. Pretty good gas mileage and love the look. Keep your regular maintenance up and will not have issues. The car even reminds you! Lots of trunk space! Very comfortable and fits a family of 5 with ease.

- Christine L

Things I like about my vehicle would be the size, color and window tint. I wish my car had more advanced features such as heated seats, touch screen radio etc. I also like how quiet my car rides and the sleekness in the appearance.

Sometimes when you are driving my car with the air conditioner on, it will make a weird clicking noise where the glovebox is for about 30 seconds and then it stops. It only happens when the AC is on but don't worry, the car isn't going to explode or anything.

- Hannah K

The vehicle is silver, four door automatic.

I haven't had any major problems with my vehicle. The car rides smooth, good mileage. I like the fact that the vehicle lets me know when my tires are low on air and when my car needs a oil change. I can control the radio and other features on the steer wheel.

- Tiffany F

Personal reasons on Dodge avenger

Just wish I had a car with a little more technology. Like satellite radio, back up camera, etc. comfort is fine. Reliability hasn't really been and issue. Changing the oil myself is really easy. The cost of things like tires has been a pain. Easy simple car.

- Tom S

If you are looking for a reliable car, this gets the job done.

At 90k miles and being the second owner, I have not had much trouble with it outside of normal wear & tear. It rides smooth, has never broke down on me. I just wish it were a v6. The one downside to the vehicle is the lack of visibility in all four corners.

- Kalihib L

Blind spot danger for the 2012 Dodge Avenger

The engine has given me no problems at all. It has been a really good car. My only complaint is there is a horrible blind spot on the side on both sides of the car. Backing up becomes a real problem. All you can do sometimes is cross your fingers or pray.

- Michelle G

Sleek smooth body and drives well.

The Dodge Avenger is a great car as long as the vehicle is maintained and inspected on the regular. It is great on gas and really rides well overall. The only complaint I would have is that it could have had more upgraded features to meet with the times.

- Jason V

Affordable, reliable, spacious, sporty. My Dodge Avenger.

I love my Dodge Avenger. It is comfortable on long trips and gets great gas mileage. It handles great in bad weather, drives great, has that sporty look I like. It has a great look and features at an affordable price. There is also plenty of trunk space.

- Rachel F

It is sleek and looks very professional.

While it is a comfortable car, some of the parts feel cheaply made and will not last long if one uses the car very often. The mileage is good, but could be better under some circumstances. It is very spacious inside and can comfortably fit a family of 5.

- Felipe Z

My favorite detail about my car is the ac/heat system.

My 2012 Dodge Avenger is fast and keep up car. I barely have any issues with and it can get up and go with any weather. My only issue I had was the charging system due to a low battery,. I have had my car for almost 6 months and I completely enjoy it.

- Jennifer K

It�s great to love my ride

My Avenger has been very reliable it's smooth ride you practically can't feel it on it hasn't broken down on me yet I've had for 7 years It has given me a few problems since I have it but I have been able look at and fix the problem it's a great car.

- Maria C

Great value car for its worth and price.

My car is very good on gas mileage which is great with the way gas prices fluctuate. My car has been very dependable. Dodge service is good whenever I need to take it in. Long as you keep oil changed and up to date this car will keep going and going.

- Nicole E

Great Gas Saver. It's a good for a young person going to school or to start off with

The car I have is reliable it gets me to where I have to go. It's really great on gas. So far I haven't had any major problems it. As long as I keep the oil change and tires rotated its fine. It's easy to keep clean bc the inside has leather in it.

- Ashley S

2012 Dodge Avenger power windows, power locks, keyless entry,

My car has been very reliable since I first bought 3 years ago. I've only had to do routine maintenance and my husband changed the condenser when the air quit working. We've drove it several hours away multiple times with no issue.

- Aimee B

Economical compact yet comfortable car.

I love my car it is great on gas. It is a reliable car. Very few problems. I like be all the features and design. The only issue I take is it is a bit small but even so I am still comfortable. It is easy to drive and looks great.

- Tiffany T

I have problems with the paint. The sun has bleached spots and it's starting to look as though the paint is peeling.

It seems like a dependable vehicle that typically has very few problems as long as routine maintenance is done. I am a big fan of the safety features, and I feel good about driving it with my child as a passenger.

- Liz D

It's a white car with silver rims

it was my first car that I bought on my own, so I love it! it runs well and its horrible on gas, just last week I had a little accident with a curb so the front bumper kind of messed up but that's pretty much it

- Elwin R

Maintain the vehicle and it'll continue to be a vehicle you can depend on.

I really like the size of it and it's ability to accelerate quickly. It has really great gas mileage, which allows for fewer gas stops on long road trips. So far it has been a really enjoyable and reliable car.

- Dani m

It is a decent American made car, that works for small families.

I like that is provides a decent amount of space for a smallish car. It has decent gas mileage, but I could do with better. It has done well so far. Like most vehicles, it has its small quirks and downsides.

- Emily M

Original tires did not last. Belts on tires broke after 20,000 miles. Tires soft for handling. I replaced with Michelins after I lost the 2nd set of soft Goodyears!

I have over 126,000 miles on it and I just replaced the brakes, struts and a front wheel bearing. I think that's reasonable maintenance! Happy with this.It looks very sporty for someone my age. fun to drive.

- Chris B

It runs good on gas. Can usually fill up once a week for about 30.

Overheats a lot. Sometimes have knocking sound from dashboard. Sometimes check engine light will come on because of air condition. And engine located behind front tire so usually costly to have it checked.

- Courtney W



- carlton s

Dodge Avenger smooth ride.

Drives well and handles well despite the weather. Not great on gas mileage and has a loud clicking noise when the engine turns on, but that is just my car. Nice interior and is very easy to maintain.

- Riley B

It is very powerful but still gets great gas mileage.

I love the way it looks. It is sporty and sophisticated. It gets great gas mileage. I don't like the windows in the back seat. when they are rolled down it makes a very loud noise in the car.

- Kristi H

It's a sleek and beautiful car

I love the color and style of my vehicle. The interior is also nice. I wish it had more get-up-and-go but I think maybe a tune-up would correct that. Overall I am very happy with my vehicle.

- Valerie N

Runs very well and lot of miles per gallon of gas and use regular gas

Very nice body style,really comfortable to drive easy handling and good on gas, has very large trunk space and seats 6 people comfortably very nice factory sound system, and very good price.

- Robert S

Nice ride for the most part.

It is a nice, smooth, comfortable ride. Very sporty look for a 4 cylinder. Dislikes - the heat does not work well and the visibility is not good around the four corners of the windows.

- Caleb L

That there is no window wipers for the back window.

I like the gas mileage my vehicle gets. The interior of the car. The only complaint I have is that the heat on the passenger's side of the car does not work, it blows out cold air.

- Gretchen I

It's good on gas. It's reliable. Has a nice sporty look

I like that it is good on gas. It is a bit small for a family of 4. I have a 4 cylinder wish it was a 6. Was perfect for me when I bought it but it's getting to small for my family

- Jen C

After I had signed, I found out that parts are expensive to replace with this vehicle. So my insurance cost went up.

It's a used vehicle with only two previous owners. No accidents reported. It's in great condition, I just wish the mileage was a little better. That's why I gave it four stars.

- Alex R

It is a luxury vehicle that you can add amenities to

I would have to say it is to roomy for me if you have a family though this car is for you. It doesn't have all the luxuries that most vehicles have. It does have electric seat.

- Katherine D

Great gas mileage. 25/26 miles a gallon or more.

Great gas mileage. No driving problems with car as long as it is maintained as scheduled. I drove a lot so I have high mileage on miles driven but very dependable. Smooth ride.

- Carol K

Living in Louisiana, the AIR-CONDITIONING is by far my favorite aspect of the car.

My Dodge Avenger is the best car that I've ever owned. It drives so smooth and the sound system is awesome! The seats are very comfortable it's like you just melt into them.

- Kelly J

Routine upkeep can be a pain.

The battery and alternator are in the tire wells. Make changing them a pain. Issues with the power window on the drivers side. Recently updates the radio, was a quick change.

- Zane D

Car looks sweet with a spoiler.

I bought the car with the understanding that a Dodge does not have a lot breakdowns. However, it seems like every time I turn around, I'm taking it to the shop for repairs.

- Candace S

I did not have to replace my battery for 6 years.

I like my car because it has been consistently reliable, it drives well, it is affordable to maintain. The only downside to my car is that it did not come with any upgrades.

- Erin S

It's not a great vehicle to drive in the winter time.

I love the size of my vehicle. I love that it has a good amount of space. I don't like that it's a somewhat light vehicle. It makes it difficult to drive in the winter.


It's a decent vehicle by Dodge. It's not an exotic car so repairs aren't as expensive.

I bought it used. The car wasn't as fuel efficient as I would have liked it to be. There's no bluetooth in the vehicle so I can't stream music from my iPhone to my car.

- Jodi A

It has really bad blind spots that make it terrifying to drive.

It is a nice car, but the blind spots are overwhelming and annoying. I don't really like driving it as much as our other vehicles, but it's better than nothing.

- Ethen J

It is a dependable car and smooth ride. It has enough pep when needed but gets good gas mileage as well.

Has run well for a long time. I don't like the hail damage it got a few months ago, but otherwise has held up well. I like the color (black) and the handling.

- Roy S

I truly think it's really weird that the battery for the car is located in the left firewall area

There's a blind spot when your trying to back your car up otherwise I Love My Car it's dependability is awesome it's just an all around good driving car to OWN

- Mary D

It drives wonderfully and is powerful.

I love the color and size and that it is friendly on gas. It drives smoothly and is reliable and sturdy. I dislike that it requires a lot of maintenance.

- Brittany D

That my car is actually a 6 speed.

I like the fact that after it clocks out it still continues to push itself. Could be a little more space in the inside. And, the outside looks the best.

- Tariq D

the best dependable car ever

my avenger has been a very reliable vehicle. I have 52000 miles and still have the original brakes and tires. the vehicle also gets great gas mileage

- Martin E

It's been extremely reliable. The only trouble have been things like brakes and tires.

It is very comfortable and has a lot of room. It seems durable. We haven't had problems with it since we got it. It is a little slow taking off

- Tyson T

Blind spots galore but good on gas.

It is beautiful and quite sporty. It is good on gasoline, but has many "blind spots". Backing is especially difficult as the seats are quite high.

- Chuck H

It is a good fit for me and my children it drives smooth and it saves me on gas.

I do not have any problems with my car I am loving it except one lol minor thing my window go up and down when it want but everything is perfect.

- Constance L

Dodge review for 2012 avenger

Easy riding not many issues other than your normal wear and tear. It does rust easily so I would a rust proofing coating to make it last longer

- Mike G

It runs well on over 100,000 miles. The body is still in good shape after 6 years.

I do not currently have any complaints about my car. It runs great, gets me to where I need to go. I've already put over 100,000 miles on it.

- Jenn I

It's got a lot of miles on it and it's still going strong!

It's black so it gets really dirty. The GPS and radio freezes all the time. A light is out in the dashboard. It squeaks when I go over bumps.

- Alyssa D

It handles great, has great speed and good on gas.

I love my car, it has a big motor. It's comfortable and I like to drive it. It has lots of room in the inside and the trunk has lots of room.

- Terrie W

It's american made! It's good on gas, and dependable.

I like that it's roomy without being a large vehicle. It's decent on gas. And it is stylish. I hate that it has a lot of issues and recalls.

- krystal B

It has a very large space. People feel comfortable when they are in my car.

I really love my avenger. It has a touch screen. I have not had any problems with my car. Every person that has ride with me loved my car.

- Miriam R

It's not able to fit 3 car seats in the back seat, so this car isn't ideal for families with more than 2 toddlers

I have not had any problems with my car. It's perfect for me. It does take a little while to get up hills, but other than that, I love it.

- Tan L

The Dodge Avenger is an extremely reliable vehicle that will not disappoint.

It gets pretty decent gas mileage. I love the way it handles. I have also never had any issues with it and I've owned it for over 5 years.


It does not much gas and I haven't had to replace any big parts.

I like that it does not use that much gas and that it has enough space to sit 5 people comfortably. I dislike how the front design looks.

- Jeni R

It is a very solid and safe car to have. According to the insurance agent it is built "like a tank".

It has plenty of room and is very comfortable for a larger person. While the trunk is large the odd shape limits what you can put in it.

- Tracy C

Low cost of keeping up and good on gas.

I like the Dodge Avenger because it gets good gas mileage and is pleasant to drive, it has low maintenance and it has nice body style.

- Robert S

It's beautiful..and well worth the money.

I adore the comfort of my vehicle. The appearance is very nice. It is a very dependable car. I plan on my next car being a newer year.

- Darra B

The car is bright red and has 44, 000 miles on it.

I like how nice the interior of the car is because it is very luxury. Drives very smooth. Great gas mileage and I love the color red.

- Kale M

For a 4 cylinder vehicle, it has decent amount of speed.

Wear and tear are the typical problems in a vehicle so that's mainly what I've had so far. The performance of the car is excellent.

- Brittany P

Dependable and long lasting. I have had to have few repairs done and this has saved me money

I like the gas mileage of the vehicle. It is dependable and I have had it for a few years. I do not like the power of the vehicle.

- Jessica R

Nothing really. . . Drives good.

to small for a family. Not enough room if u have more than one child. Trunk space is nice, not enough room for a soluble stroller.

- Shane K

That it is an Efficient car and good for saving money.

I like that it is good on gas mileage, but it's not fast. Also cheaper to repair than other cars. I like the color and interior.

- Sean H

There is a recall on that vehicle.

Vehicle runs well really only issue with it was the gas pump. Windows do not open (front windows) very comfortable drives well.

- Silvia V

What you didn't know about

i own a 2012 dodge avenger 4 cyl vehicle. This car works perfect. I love the interior and exterior, ansd it has good seats too.

- nicholas L

I really don't know, maybe that it is a nice driving car and looks good, and is fairly good on gas.

I love the name as I love Marvel's Avengers ! It runs wonderfully, good on gas. The only thing I do wish it had more room !

- Mary W

It's reliable. I feel safe transporting my young daughter in it.

It's very dependable and efficient with gas. I have not had to do any major work. I would like to have a backup camera in it.

- Alexandrea H

Doesn't waste a lot of gas

Runs really smoothly...doesn't waste much gas wich i love because i'm a mom so i drive a lot really nice from the inside also

- Angelica O

GREAT cost efficient and versatile sedan for business or family

I like that it is sporty but family. Great gas mileage. It meets all of my needs perfectly. I enjoy driving it long distance

- Cindy D

It's great for long highway journeys.

It has an aux cord. It's an up to date model. The car is very spacious and roomy and seats a family of 5 very comfortable.

- Jarvis C

Overall, my Dodge Avenger runs and looks very good.

I like the way my vehicle looks. The vehicle works very good. The only complaint I have it that it feels a little cramped.

- Holly R

It is completely to drive or ride in.

Rides well when on long car trips. Great car for anyone looking for a average size car. Reliable in all kinds of weather.

- Stephanie E

It looks good and has several bells and whistles. I really love the heated seats

The only thing I don't like about my car is that is has lots of blind spots so it's hard to see out. I love it otherwise.

- kelle T

I love my car I only wish it did cost as much

I do not have any problems with my car. I love my car. I love my car I don't have anything negative to say about my car

- James W

It has been a very reliable car and handling of it but it uses so much gas.

The problem I have is it uses to much gas per mile, but it is very reliable and it is a very comfortable car to drive.

- Nathaniel S

Dodge Avenger 2012 Silver and reliable

A gas guzzler and very low to the ground. Also noisy. But very reliable. Works very well and i'm never scared to drive

- Delanie B

Dodge avenger storage space

The dodge avenger has been amazing so far. For being a 4 door car it has tons of storage. It's never left me stranded

- Leighann H

One of the most reliable cars out.

Too small. Hard ride. No options. Wrong color. . Poor handling. Great engine. Great gas mileage. Very reliable. Safe.

- Carl M

I love the radio and the speakers

Drives fast looks good moves quick great on gas and the tires turn the corner with no problem. The radio is awesome

- Tyrell S

I think the most important thing about my car is that it gets great gas mileage.

I really enjoy my car. I get great gas mileage, its comfortable, and its smooth on the road. I have no complaints.

- Adrianna G

It handles well in all situations.

I live the way my car looks, it has great pick up. It has good gas mileage. It is extremely comfortable to drive.

- Steven B

It is almost completely loaded!

I love how slick this vehicle is. It is so fun to drive. I like that it has a bunch of different options as well.

- Bree F

Black Dodge Avenger 2012 .

Compact, good on gas, could have a better interior, for better comfort. Reliable, and isn't that bad in the snow.

- Brittnee S

I would want people to know that my car is reliable and dependable.

I like that my car is reliable and gets me where I need to go. I dislike the fact that it is not very luxurious.

- Kevin F

Very good fuel economy and comfortable car to drive around the country.

The Dodge Avenger is a very reliable car with good safety specs and lots of room to long travels for the family.

- Matt M

The touchscreen is great.

Some part are cheaply made and cheap plastic. Performance can be better. Reliability is okay but can be better.

- Gwendolyn L

Reliable! Smooth ride I've not had a lot of issues until recently at 96,000 miles I had to replace the alternator than front brakes, rotors, calipers, and a wheel bearing.

I live the car but as the miles add up more and more is breaking and I have to replace a lot of thing recently.

- Brenda H

It's a great family car but it can go fast but its reliable for long distance and good on gas.

I love how it fits me and my family. It's good in gas. Also i have had no. Mechanical problems with it at all.

- Jay R

It has a lot of space and great gas mileage!

I love the space and style of the car. I also love the gas mileage! I dislike the plastic bumpers and fenders.

- Brittany y

Diesel is so great as a fuel choice.

Feels like it is made cheap. Shakes when I drive, even after wheel alignment. Everything it breaking already.

- Jason H

Its dependable and perfect for a whole family.

I like everything about my Dodge avenger. No complaints at all. It is the most amazing car I have ever owned.

- Emily R

2012 Dodge Avenger overall good car

2012 Dodge Avenger has electrical problems brake problems I like the car it rides smooth even in bad weather

- Beatrice R

Great condition low mileage Dodge.

Car runs great and has low mileage. It has not had any problems since I got it recently replaced the tires.

- Raquel D

It's a great car an I love it.

Great gas mileage an dependable, runs great body style perfect for a family, I have no complaints at all.

- James M

Smooth on road family car

Too small in shop a lot a lot of money to replace everything new engine alternator new breaks windshield

- Alicia M

The car is great. Comfortable sporty look. It is also spacious great trunk space. I haven't had many issues with it over the years

It's a dodge so easy to find places to repair and it does not cost and arm and a leg if you need to do so

- Cassandra K

It gets me to where I need to go.

The a/c unit in the car is broken and its common in Dodge vehicles so I will not ever get a Dodge again.

- Emily B

it's a very good car a never breaks also it has black seats that don't get dirty

it's very fast and white and a four door and it has a great radio and four doors and a big trunk as well

- edward l

Good on gas, good highway mileage.

Mid size, 6 cylinder, lots of room, big tires, rims, not good in snow, fast, good on gas, good speakers,

- Lian N

Low maintenance, rides smooth has lots of cargo space and passengers rides good.

No complaining. It's a good practical car. Styling is not so good. Good on gas. Have only little power.

- Joseph H

Looks good and is pretty cheap to repair problems.

Front end shakes a lot. Doesn't handle turns very well. Fairly dependable and decent on gas mileage p

- Kathryn H

All around great value for a mid sized sedan. Wish they still made them.

The hands free is my favorite. The vents for AC could be lowered, but overall I love my car.

- Patricia W

it seems to have a lot of electrical issues unfortunately. real upset

i like the body. has a lot of electrical issues, ok gas mileage. pretty reliable so far

- jen m

Traction control is automatically on when you start the car.

I like the style of the car. I also like the gas mileage. I dislike lack of speed .

- Katelyn A

sporty and fun. Super comfortable and people love the design.

Love my Dodge Avenger, never any issues and very sporty. Would def buy another one.

- Tawnie S

it runs smoothly, you will not have a rough ride

i love my vehicle. great on gas, and it runs smoothly. I love the features it has.

- monica C

Good gas mileage i use it for work everyday and only fill it once a week

My car is really good on gas, it has been very reliable and i have no complaints

- Jennifer O

well maintained, good gas mileage and in top shape for the taking care of. A few little scratches but nothing major.

It has good gas mileage, easy to drive, and comfortable to drive and ride in.

- Sandra s

It is a reliable car. It is easy to maintain. You would love it.

It is a reliable car. It is easy to fix and upkeep. It has good gas mileage.

- Sharon H

I like the ride and drive of the vehicle. It is a little low to the ground and headlights from other vehicles in my rear view mirror. It is comfortable and roomy.

It is well taken care of. Maintenance has been done in a timely manner.

- Kathi K

That the is very smooth when going for long ride!!

I love that it fits me. I love that its stylish. I love that it's mine.

- Andrea H

American made and very reliable for all the high mileage that it has

My car has been very reliable for me and has gotten over 200K miles.

- George K

This has been a very reliable car. It has a lot of power and handles well. It is comfortable to drive, and has many great features like upgraded radio and sound system and sunroof.

This is a nice, reliable car that performs well. I love this car!

- Ryan G

It was a great value for the price.

It has always been a reliable car. Turned out to be a good value.

- Ben D

it is very well maintained, and cared for...It runs great, and I have every receipt for the oil changes and all other work that has been done on it

gets me where I need to go, has seat warmer great looking car

- Alice H

It makes noise that you can not fix no matter what

Do not like that the brakes make noise no matter what we do!!!

- Carole V

That it is good on gas and that it is a decent car for all weather types including snow

Nice Reliable car that is good on gas and is low maintenance.

- Wes K

IT'S HERS That's all there is tell you or anyone!

driver side left foot rest is too short on the heel section

- Don c

I like the color. I like the size. It feels comfortable.

It drive smooth. It has good gas mileage. You can go fast.

- hannah w

My car is spacious inside. It looks really nice and it rides well. I wish it had speakers in the backseat and air vents, tho

I love that my dodge avenger is great on gas mileage

- Teresa M

Feels like a sports car but billed for a sedan.

- Angel R